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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  November 26, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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analysts wondering whether black friday looked any brighter this year than in years past. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live in san francisco. tracy, what was it like for you out there today? >> reporter: well, let me put it this way, kris. there was a woman on the escalator in front of me. she took a look around, then turned to her frernd, and said, "this is madness." i am inclined to agree with her. now, the shoppers who successfully navigate d -- shoppers were in search of a good deal. good enough to justify joining the throngs of people venturing into san francisco's union square on black friday. if the scene out on the streets seemed chaotic, take a look at what it was like inside. at macy's the sale signs are everywhere for black friday. 20% off and sometimes more. shoppers squeezed onto the escalateors and waited in long lines to get to the cash register. >> macy's gives you an extra 15%. but i mean, they're killing you for 15%. it's not worth it. >> reporter: what shoppers
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called scary, traumatic, and overwhelming retailers described as promising, hopeful, and a possible sign of an economic rebound. after enduring the blackest of fridays over the last few years. >> i think we're very optimistic and we feel very good about what's happening in the store today. and i think it's going to be a great holiday season. >> reporter: while it may not have been a leisurely shopping experience, was it a valuable shopping experience? some shoppers say they had to work pretty hard to find significant bargains to make this day worth it. >> it's supposed to be $90 and it was only $45. >> reporter: now, i think the shoppers who successfully navigated their way through the crowds today might want to rename it black and blue friday. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, tracy. thousands of shoppers in the south bay did their best to boost the economy. the doors at the best buy store opened at 5:00 this morning. people lined up for deals on
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plasma tvs, laptops, and more. our own bob redell staked out the crowd to find out whether the deals were worth the wait. >> i was here yesterday evening. >> reporter: let's do the math here. yesterday evening being around what time, 10:00? >> 10:00. >> reporter: so you waited in line, let me do the math, seven snowshowers. >> yeah. >> reporter: so you made about 100 bucks an hour? >> that's true. >> reporter: and it's worth it for you? >> definitely. >> san jose police were there for security. they say they thought it looked like there were fewer people out this morning than last year. but other folks say it just looked like there are fewer people because there are more stores open, so the crowd is spread out. i guess we'll find out if that's true when we get those all-important retail numbers. if you're one of those people who like to sleep in and wait for the online deals, early signs are that you might be in luck. the national retail federation estimates that cyber monday deals will be much more aggressive this year. the group finds 88% of retailers will have a special promotion
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for cyber monday this year, which is 16% more than in 2007. there's also a chance many online deals will pop up for just about an hour or so. so if you are shopping online, you'll have to monitor those bsites closely to take full advantage of the deals. and if black friday and cyber monday aren't enough, this year there is a new twist with small business saturday. american express is spearheading the movement to get people to shop local mom-and-pop shops tomorrow and not just the big box stores. there are an estimated 28 million small businesses in the u.s. san francisco's union square wasn't just filled with shoppers today. it was also a popular spot with people with a message. nbc bay area's joe rizoto jr. shows us the mix that showed up. >> reporter: they came, they saw, they shopped. they jammed union square like a stocking full of gifts. the massive shoppers met big
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dollar signs for stores and for others an audience. >> we call it black friday. it's almost like the super bowl, for street performers, it's the super bowl, because we know this is a big day. >> reporter: free enterprise was blowing up on every corner. everyone hoping to make a little extra silver for the holidays. it was a prime spot for anyone looking for an ear. >> you know, heavier crowds and very nice day today. so they could watch my protests of the other populations and other planets in outer space. >> reporter: for san francisco's perennial protester frank chu to the traditional anti-fur demonstrators. >> compassion is the fashion. >> reporter: everyone had a message. >> we do this traditionally. traditionally, every year. and because there are so many shoppers it's a great time to inform them, you know. and especially tell them that there's nothing eco about fur either. >> reporter: women in black marched union square, protesting
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israel's occupation of the palestinian territories, while pro-israel supporters waved flags and protested them. >> we are here once again to counter-protest people who do not believe israel has a right to exist. >> reporter: the scene made for one giant stew of holiday chaos. the shoppers shopped. the protesters protested. and thanksgiving was nothing more than a fridge full of leftovers. maybe it's a good thing a day after -- >> don't buy fur. >> reporter: only comes once a year. joe risotto jr., nbc news. and to the weather now. as you probably well know and maybe have been complaining about, it was especially chilly this thanksgiving. and now you can prepare to add rain to that mix. meteorologist jennifer handler is here with the details. >> you're right. a lot of complaints about how cold it's been, especially coming from me, and now we're looking at the rain that's going to move into the area. let's look outside. isn't this beautiful?
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looking from san bruno mountain as we look over toward the bay bridge. and tonight we're watching those clouds roll in and also some rain is coming in as well. big trough is setting up yet again. we saw this last time with that colder air coming in. creating some snow into the mountains. so what's going to happen tonight? the clouds are coming in, moving from north to south, and we're heading to downtown san jose for the tree lighting. it looks great out there right now. we see mainly cloudy skies without the rain. then snow levels are going to drop to about 2,500 feet. tomorrow we'll see a mix of things happening. some rain, snow in the mountains, and clearing out late. and then on sunday clearing and cool yet again for another dry and chilly night. so here's the setup. for tonight the big trough drops in. big cold front moves across the area. we'll see that rain following in behind it with the snow in the mountains. and then things will begin to clear out. let's take a look at the current satellite and radar so you can look both at the clouds and at the rain as it's continuing to move down to the south at a
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pretty good clip. already coming into marin. so if you're driving along 101 tonight, if you're especially heading right around cloverdale or hillsburg, you might be running into some rain showers. the rain so far has been very light, and once that cold air moves in behind it, that's where you're going to see those snow levels dropping to about 2,500 feet. so for tomorrow you might see some white, white caps around our local mountains as all that rain begins to turn to snow with that colder air. right now we are sitting in the 50s and the 60s in gilroy. 53 degrees in fairfield. 52 in novato. hanging out in 50s and the 40s for the last couple of days and coming up with the seven-day forecast we'll see just how cold it's going to get behind this cold front. >> all right. thank you very much, jen. we'll check in with you again in just a little bit. don't drink and drive. it sounds like more people are getting that message this year. the chp is out in force this weekend. they've arrested fewer people
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than last year, though not many fewer. 45 people were arrested at 12 chp command areas between 6:00 wednesday night and 6:00 thursday night. last year 47 people were busted. the best news so far, though, is that no one has died in a drunk driving crash on our local roadways. the heightened alert will end sunday night. a pedestrian tress passion on the caltrain tracks was hit by a train this morning. the fatal accident happened about 10:00 this morning on the tracks between the broadway and the burlingame stations. that crossing has bells, lights, and crossing arms. now, this is the tenth fatality along caltrain rights of way this year. children and family were evacuated from the south bay museum this afternoon after a gas leak scare. firefighters forced out more than 1,500 visitors and staff members at the children's discovery museum of san jose after reports of a smelly guess in two different areas of the museum. a hazardous materials team figured out that the smell was coming from a cleaning agent
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that got into the ventilation system. we're told that no one got sick from that smell and that everyone was allowed back in for more fun within about an hour's time. well, it turns out enhanced security isn't bogging down airports this holiday weekend but it is behind major delays at the dmv. the department of motor vehicles says that it is about two weeks behind schedule in processing licensing applications statewide and that's because it's taking employees more time to process new licenses. the new licenses include some images that can only be seen with uv light and licenses for people under 21 are laid out vertically instead of horizontally. the dmv processes about 38,000 license applications every single day. still ahead at 6:00, travelers, you should listen up. we'll explain the new study finding some dangerous effects from jet lag. and we'll take you inside a mexican drug tunnel as border police uncover a complex operation between mexico and san diego. and if you need a little
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help with your holiday shopping, we have some high-tech apps helping you find the best deals in town and keeping you within your budget. plus, 3-d is not just for your tv and movie viewing. how technology can help you keep the weight off. andore rain for us. more snow for the mountains. we'll talk about justowe long this rain is going to stick around this weekend. plus, we have live coverage of the lighting of the tree at san jose's christmas in the park. it's dark now, but it will be lit soon. weigebllacle r bhtk. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
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don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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a south bay organization that's raised millions of dollars for aids and hiv programs is shutting its doors. the silicon valley aids leadership center will close down by the end of the year because of a loss of corporate sponsorships. the board of directors decided
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to liquidate assets and give the money to other agencies fighting the aids virus. the group put on the silicon valley walk for aids for the past 21 years. and topping our health watch tonight, 3-d, not just for movies anymore. there is a medical device that takes pictures of your body in 3-d to help track your weight loss after lap band surgery. dr. bruce hensel from our los angeles station explains how it works. >> i have lost a total of 130 pounds. did most of that in nine months and maintained it for a year and a half. >> reporter: before the surgery and the weight loss, seth stepped into this photo booth to get a true 3-d picture of his body. >> advanced technology in 3-d body scanning. >> reporter: inside the dark booth the patient stands, grips the handles, and pushes a button. that triggers the flash of dozen of cameras. >> the white lights just pop, pop, pop, pop, and all the cameras take pictures of every part of the person's body. >> reporter: less than a minute later, a 3-d image is captured. repeated over time, it helps
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patients and doctors see how and where the body changes. >> so you can see that this person, the flesh colored is their current body and the shaded gray area is where they were. >> i lost an inch and a quarterly off of my wrist. i've lost 18 inches off of my waist. i've lost six inches off of my arms. that's miraculous. >> the psychological impact, i think, offers the greatest advantage to the white light scanner. >> the advantage, it keeps seth going. >> it really does give you the incentive to keep walking, keep doing your exertion, keep going to the gym. >> reporter: with all that seth's determined to lose 30 more pounds and get to his goal. >> i think that would work. well, someone's going to have a very happy holiday season. a lottery ticket sold in daly city at the manila oriental market is a multimillion-dollar winner. it hasn't been claimed yet. so if you have one in your pocket, fish it out and check the numbers. 15, 22, 41, 43, 44, and the
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meganumber is 14. if you're too busy with all of your holiday shopping to claim that money, you do have 180 days after the drawing to do it. now to a holiday tradition in the south bay. right now people are getting ready to light the tree at christmas in the park. always a beautiful sight to see. mike inouye down there to help flip the switch. the tree is about 50 feet tall. it's a white fir and it was cut from a tree farm in the mount shasta area, northern california. now, cutting the tree allows room for five more trees to grow, before you feel too bad for that one. the tree is lit up this year with more than 18,000 l.e.d. lights. and this means that it glows just as brightly as in years past. maybe even a little more so. and then it saves energy at the same time. and the crowd goes wild! >> and the crowd does go wild. by the way, the tree is
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programmed by computer, and the lights are coordinated and synchronized with music to create almost a new light show every time you watch it from a different angle. it incorporates toy boxes, and there are kiosks from different donation areas. you can donate for toys for tots down there, also give food to second harvest food bank, and of course that's a good time of year to do that. beautiful. again, 18,000 l.e.d. lights. so not just beautiful, but not terrible for the environment because it is saving quite a bit of energy. see the happy crowd out there? they are bundled up because it is downright cold out there. good thing this is not happening tomorrow because by tomorrow we should have a little bit of rain. we'll check in with jen hill on that in just a little bit. again, christmas in the park, downtown san jose. if you don't live in san jose, it's definitely worth a drive to check it out. san francisco's newest piece of architecture is also its tastiest. chefs at the fairmont hotel today put the finishing touches on the massive gingerbread house
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they built. the 22-foot confection is made up of 5,500 pieces of gingerbread. 850 pounds of icing and 425 pounds of candy. the downstairs has room for children to write letters to santa. upstairs it is furnished in a victorian style with a working chimney. >> i thought being new to the area to try to make it more authentically local. so we decided to take it to make it really feel like a home. more like santa's home, i guess, so to speak. >> the fairmont says that the building is the largest gingerbread house in all of california. chefs even have spare parts set aside just in case the people who are seeing it lean in for a nibble. i can't imagine that damp weather is very good for gingerbread architecture, jen. good thing they're not doing this tomorrow, huh? >> yeah. >> you're a nibbler. >> yeah. i'm the first one talking about, oh, really in sorry. >> it would still be worth it, though. >> well, it's true. we're talking about this rain coming our way, and it looks like it's coming in earlier than
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originally predicted. see that rain coming in right now to the north bay, into marin, looking at the rain in cloverdale, about to head toward heelsburg, down to santa rosa, bodega bay as well. it wasn't a warm day at all. we had set some record low temperatures. heard from harvie in los gatos one of our weather spotters. low of 29 and a high of 57. but a low of 29 in los gatos. it's cold. right now our temperatures are in the 50s across the area. we're seeing those closed roll in. there was a lot of sunshine which made it feel not quite as cold but now the clouds are coming in bringing in the rain as well. here are our weather headlines. this is what we can expect for tonight. the rain coming in. snow levels are dropping. in fact, looking at that snow level to drop to about 2,500 feet. so by tomorrow might see some snow on our local mountaintops. we're going to start out with some rain on saturday. some rain continuing through the day. and those will be some rain showers. snow showers above 2,500 feet. and also like last week might hear a few booms of thunder out
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there in the distance. thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow. not a lot of them. and then sunday things will clear out. so a little bit of rain to contend with tonight and for tomorrow. and if you want to do outdoor activities looks like sunday would be the best day for it. there's that rain coming in already to marin. you'll see it turn to snow at the higher elevations. we throw in the clouds and you can see the bay area's completely enshrouded in the clouds. and then we of course have this big trough set up. that big trough with it, colder air coming in with swinging and behind it we'll definitely feel that again. late tomorrow into sunday. but thankfully not quite as cold as the last one that went through the area. looking at our computer models here, we're going to go through our timeline. we're using futurecast to show where we're expecting the rain to fall. obviously, coming into the north bay for tonight and then as we slip through the evening hours right around 3:00 a.m. all the way into the east bay, into the south bay as well. along with the peninsula. and then tomorrow we still hold on to a few showers here and there as that colder air slips in. that's where we see that best chance for some snow showers. so as we come up, we will notice
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that the colder air will be coming in tomorrow and then on sunday things will begin to clear out. coming up we'll look at the seven-day forecast and with that seven-day forecast it's going to remain a little bit unsettled all the way through next week. so we're kind of enter morgue more of that fall-like pattern with sun and rain. but it's been looking really good for the mountains with a lot of snow. >> no kidding. i would assume so because the rain that makes us complain of course makes for lots of snow in the sierra. yeah, snowboarders and skiers are giddy as kids on christmas morning these days. resorts around the sierra are reporting conditions like they'd normally see in the middle of winter and the best early skiing that they've seen in decades. throngs of holiday skiers. at squaw valley twice the number of visitors that they had last year. >> this is amazing. first time ever downhill but never anything like this before. and this is the first day out. all this is brand new. the equipment's in good shape.
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>> at kirkwood they had their snowiest november in 30 years and at alpine meadow the biggest november in their history. and as jen said the sierra will get about another eight inches of snow this weekend. we may even getting a dusting around here so we don't have to make the drive. still ahead at 6:00, not even the secret service could stop president obama from suffering an injury today. the incident that forced the president to get stitches. and it's black friday, but some stores you might not expect are trying to get into the action. and the holidays mean big business for the box office. coming up, we'll take a look at the movies expected to draw plenty of people to theaters this weekend.l ht rigk. bac op we'lbe right back.
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a lot of people the weekend after thanksgiving, it's a very good time to go to the movies. and this year there is a little something for everyone. reporter cary berglund from our nbc station in los angeles has a preview. >> reporter: admittedly, going to the movies over thanksgiving weekend is more about escaping reality than any other time of the year. we take our kids to get them out from under, and disney is traditionally there to oblige. this year with "tangled." >> are you coming, blondie? >> whoo-hoo! >> reporter: and what disney says is their last animated fairy tale was reworked to make sure it was as fun for little boys as it was for little girls. after "the princess and the frog" lopsidedly toward the girls that the boys ran for cover. rapunzel was rewritten to beef up the prince's role, renamed "tangled," and fingers crossed the studio will live happily ever after. >> she loves disney characters. she loves princesses.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: really? i couldn't tell. rapunzel and friends aren't the only ones out there o'vying for your kids' attention. "megamind" is still after several weeks in theaters in the top five at the box office. and they also enjoy a weekend treat. call it a holiday bumpkin pie. >> i love you, random citizen. >> reporter: but this weekend, no matter your age or gender, there is a studio release aimed at you. it has never been more obvious that we are no longer part of a demographic but a target. and every film hitting theaters right now is after one, but clearly not all of us. >> i'm going to kill them all. >> reporter: teenage boys usually the most sought-after audience is being served up the rock this weekend with "faster." the title and the star say it all. >> i love the rock. so i would say yes, i am the demo for that. >> you are the demo. >> yeah. >> it was made specifically for you? >> yes. >> reporter: "harry potter's" box office spell is not broken yet.
6:26 pm
breaking its own opening weekend record, it is expected the wizards will continue their success with the teen to 20s crowd through this weekend. >> i love you. >> reporter: and for the football widows this year jake gyllenhaal is dessert. "love and other drugs" is a romantic drama that is designed to be, ander, it is sexist, but that's what targeting an audience is all about. it's expected to be the ladies' choice. >> that one is a must. must see. >> really? >> yes. >> why? >> because it's romantic. it's funny. and it's real. >> and it's got jake gyllenhaal in it. >> yeah. and lucy maybe. yeah. >> reporter: but wait, there's more for the ladies for their weekend with the girls. "burlesque." despite its at best lukewarm reviews, it has enough glitter and promotion that it just might bum. and grind its way to respectable dollars. >> why "burlesque"? >> i love christina aguilera. >> i want to see "burlesque." with christina. i love her. >> reporter: and the high-minded
6:27 pm
haven't been forgotten. or at least they benefit from this awards season release time. "the king's speech" is being delivered now. don't expect it to rally the troops just yet. it's colin firth in his more personally favored dramatic turn despite his fans' greater appreciation for his romantic comedy role. >> well, there you go. plenty of options for everybody. too bad we're not supposed to go see them all together like a family. still ahead at 6:00, border police take down a drug smuggling ring, but it's what they found deep underground that's raising eyebrows. and not your typical black friday. the type of stores now trying to edge in on the busiest shopping day of the season. from pickup to stitched up. the friendly game that left the president with a fat lip today. and the situation between north korea and south korea intensifies. how people in the bay area are reacting. we're back in two minutes.
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that does not bring out the holiday spirit. black friday bringing out the emotions in some shoppers. this was the scene near orlando where one per person deals on tvs almost got violent. luckily, though, one shopper gave up the extra set and cooler heads prevailed. these days the word "bargain" is key, and that's what brings people out on black friday. but if you are looking for a real deal, you might want to leave the malls and head to the thrift stores. toni guinyard from our los angeles station shows us how the real bargain hunters work. >> reporter: they're the usual sounds you hear on black friday as merchants sell and shoppers buy. but the prices -- and the location of this store are not what you might expect.
6:31 pm
this is the salvation army thrift store. >> our special doorbuster deal goes all day. it's 50% off everything in the store. >> reporter: combine 50% off already discounted prices with fixed incomes and a lagging economy and it's a deal too tempting for some shoppers to ignore. >> i am not going to the mall. >> why come here? >> well, half off. it's already a bargain. >> what i do is, like i did today, i brought a bag of stuff to donate, put it in the back, and then came in the front to buy a few things. >> reporter: things with familiar designer labels. a burberry sports coat. a brooks brother jacket. a ralph lauren polo dress. >> well, hem. you know, salvation is the place to go first before anything else. >> why is that? >> because you find a lot of sentimental things and a lot of paintings that are very unique and oftentimes even original. >> reporter: but you must have time and patience to search for the treasures.
6:32 pm
>> prices are good. >> how much are you paying for that oven? >> maybe 70 bucks. >> where would you find another oven for 70 bucks? >> not around here. >> they can find virtually anything that you can find in the malls. it's just been gently used in most cases. >> reporter: gently worn, but a perfect fit when you're on a tight budget. >> and that was toni guinyard reporting. tensions continue to escalate on the korean peninsula, where war maneuvers by both the north and the south have everyone on edge. today as a u.s. official toured an island not far from north korea's missile attack tuesday, people heard what they said sounded like another artillery strike. officials say the explosion was inside the north korean border and could be a signal for the u.s. to not get too close. >> we in the united nations command will investigate this completely and call on north korea to stop any future attacks. >> the u.s. and south korea are planning to send north korea some signals of their own. more displays of military might over the next few days. and the bay area is of course
6:33 pm
home to tens of thousands of american -- rather korean immigrants. the escalating situation in korea has people with ties to the region very worried tonight. as nbc bay area's jodi hernandez reports, they are watching those developments very closely. >> oh, yeah. i've been thinking about it a lot. but there's nothing we can do, though. like you just have to like bear through it, i guess. >> reporter: sam yu and her mother are doing their best to focus on their business. berkeley's kim chi garden restaurant. the growing tensions in korea where the rest of their family lives has them on edge. >> the island that was attacked is like 35 miles away from the capital, which is where my family is. so i guess it's really scary. >> reporter: pastor ernest kim of berkeley's korean presbyterian church has been praying war doesn't erupt. he too has family in south korea. >> the south is kind of in a difficult situation because how much do we retaliate?
6:34 pm
because if we do too much perhaps china wouldn't just sit still. they would come and help the north. >> reporter: in neighboring oakland people gathered at koreatown are trying to digest north korea's attack on civilians. like the sizzling korean barbecue, emotions are hot as people imagine the worst. >> all they do is say our mother country is going to, you know, burn. and so it's very saddening for me to hear that as well. >> reporter: yu and her parents plan to travel to south korea for the holidays in just a few weeks to join their loved ones living in fear. >> they just said that they don't know what's going to happen. everyone's so confused on what should they do and how should they prepare? >> reporter: for now korean community members are getting comfort by coming together, hoping tensions ease soon. in the east bay jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> some people tell nbc bay area that they are trying to convince family members to travel to the
6:35 pm
bay area and stay here until things settle down back at home. the president of the united states is doing what a lot of 40-something weekend warriors are doing over this holiday weekend. he's nursing a sports injury. the president took an elbow to the mouth on the basketball court during a game with friends and family. he needed 12 stitches to fix it. we've heard before that the president plays a pretty mean game of pickup ball. no one's saying whose elbow it was that knocked the president in the mouth. an elderly veteran is under arrest for threatening to kill the president, meantime. 78-year-old michael steven bowden, who served in the navy and is also a former new york city police officer and firefighter, told a veterans hospital nurse in south carolina that he wanted to kill the president. he later said the same thing to cia agents, who showed up at his home to question him. bowden was deemed mentally unstable with suicidal tendencies, and his son says that that threat was just a cry for help. >> the only way he was going to
6:36 pm
get the help that he needed was to act out. because if he didn't act out they were going to pass him by for another month. >> bowden is behind bars, awaiting psychiatric evaluation. well, they are the few and the proud. the marines are the military's biggest opponents to lifting a ban on gay troops. most serving in the armed forces have no objections to repealing don't ask, don't tell, according to a survey just finished by the pentagon. resistance was strongest, though, among marines, whose leader commandant james amos says that the ban should not be lifted in war time. the senate is reconsidering don't ask, don't tell during the lame duck session in december. officials say the latest drug tunnel they have found between mexico and san diego is one of the most sophisticated ever, running the length of four football fields between a kitchen in tijuana and two industrial warehouses in san diego. nbc bay area's gene cubbison has
6:37 pm
more. >> reporter: on thanksgiving day the tunnel task force received information that a semi tractor-trailer would come to one of these warehouses and pick up a load of narcotics. based on this information and our overall investigation, we initiated surveillances on several warehouses in this general area. >> reporter: and bingo. they got the right place. >> this tunnel is constructed in the same manner as previous tunnels we've found in o'tay mesa. >> reporter: a staging point coming through a half-mile long tunnel as deep as 60 feet starting at a house in tijuana. it's one of the most sophisticated authorities have ever seen, with electricity and wooden flooring that supports a rail car line. the combined haul of dope from the truck, the warehouse, and ranch in mexico, about 22 tons. worth up to $22 million wholesale and up to nine figures in street retail. >> you are talking about this tunnel stopping approximately 16
6:38 pm
or 17 million illegal marijuana joints from coming into the united states. it's just one seizure. >> this portion of the tunnel has not been here for too awfully long. >> reporter: two u.s. citizens were arrested on this side of the border. seven suspects are in custody in mexico. more leads are being followed. >> this is not obviously a mom-and-pop operation. this is a major, significant drug cartel working here. and that's a huge investment in building and constructing these tunnels as well. >> reporter: now, the tunnels split off to a second exit point on this side of the border at a warehouse just a couple of blocks from here. but it had not yet been put into use. authorities tell us they busted 75 of these tunnels along the u.s.-mexico border in just the last four years. reporting from san diego, i'm gene cubbison for nbc bay area news. and the federal government is warning commercial landlords that they need to make sure they are not renting their warehouses out to tunnel builders. still ahead tonight at 6:00, a very sweet battle is brewing between two major candy
6:39 pm
companies. the accusations that have both sides duking it out in court. and the health problems from jet lag. the surprising new study on long-term effects. and rain is moving toward the area tonight, and also some snow moving toward the mountains. how is this going to affect your weekend forecast? that's coming up after the break.
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jet lag can rob you of precious vacation time, but more than just annoying, it turns out that jet lag can also be dangerous. uc berkeley researchers studied hamsters on the equivalent of a flight from new york to paris. after the hamsters went back to normal schedules, they reportedly had difficulties learning and remembering simple tasks, and they even had fewer brain cells. so if you want to avoid jet lag, researchers suggest allowing one day of recovery for every one hour time zone shift. and don't act like a hamster.
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bitter, but not sweet. that is the relationship between candy rivals hershey and mars. no visions of sugar plums will be dancing in the heads of corporate attorneys, who are headed to court over trademark issues. the suit filed by he had shi says that mars packaging of a peanut butter chocolate candy mimics the reese's label. >> no love lost there. >> chocolate can't be happy. >> maybe they should have a little chocolate, right? >> yes, yes. >> i'm hungry. >> i know. >> so let's talk about the warriors. >> how about -- yes, the warriors are getting some good news. some much-needed good news right now. it just keeps getting better for david lee. he could give the warriors a boost by the end of this holiday weekend. plus, one day after thanksgiving the bears put up a turkey of a score in the first half. you're not going to believe it. and it wasn't looking good for unfeated auburn against alabama. that is, until after halftime. we've got the highlights coming up in sports. and coming up, look at
6:43 pm
downtown san jose. no rain there yet. everybody out there enjoying the beautiful festivities. but rain is on the way. your forecast is coming up. ed
6:44 pm
the holiday shopping season is in full swing, as we've mentioned already, and with stores fighting hard for your business, keeping track of where the best deals are and staying on your budget is a major undertaking. but there are some apps and website that's can really help.
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just today ebay launched its own app to make it easier for you to make sure that you are getting the best deal in town. ebay's iphone app lets you scan bar codes at the store and then find out whether you could buy it cheaper on ebay. it was good news for ebay. the online auction site's stock ended the day 34 cents per share higher than it started. and jen hill is here with a little bit of weather. and you know, the folks in the sierra have got to be very happy, but the people who are just heading there now are going to be bumming. >> i know, you're looking at the weather, you're like i really want to be up there. and it is a little hard to get up there right now. the reason, the snow levels are dropping. another winter storm warning is in effect for the area. and speaking of the area, take a look at the north bay. right now some rain coming into marin. coming right now through cloverdale, through heelsburg, and eventually we're going to see some more rain coming on shore. and it was not warm. a lot of record lows. almaden valley started at 30 degrees today.
6:47 pm
his high today was only 53 degrees. we see a lot of 50s right now. and the temperature map. not a warm night. then we're going to throw the rain in on top of all that. here are the headlines. this is what we can expect for tonight. rain coming in through the area. and then we'll notice that rain sticking around for much of the day tomorrow. heaviest rain in the morning. then we'll see those showers dwindling in the afternoon. and also when that snow levels dropped to about 2,500 feet, some of our local mountains may see a little dusting of snow on there. then on sunday things are going to cool down and get chilly yet again and kind of clear out. so let's take a look at the radar. just looking at the rain right now as it continues to move on shore. originally the forecast called for the rain to come in tomorrow morning but as you can see this rainfall is really cooking through already. a big trough there. and behind all of that, this is tonight into tomorrow, we'll see some colder air coming in. but you can see this forecast model, the forecast model calls for the rain to go throughout the entire day tomorrow. let's take a broader look at
6:48 pm
things. we have the satellite here, we have the radar so we can see the rain, and then the snow falling at the higher elevations. another winter storm warning in effect for the sierra nevada, expecting up to eight inches of snow with this system. locally expect about 1/3 to a half inch of rain in some spots. northern areas will see the most amount of rain. you can see just this huge storm in context here. big low set up here. the big trough setting in. and we're getting all this weather moving right toward us. that's where we're getting the rain and the snow at the higher elevations. we use a true view skyview futurecast product and you can see the rain coming in tonight. this is 8:00. as we put things into motion to 10:00, that rain continues to move down to the south. this is 3:00 a.m. very early on saturday morning. rain moving to the east bay, down to the south bay. showers become more spotty in the morning in the north and then throughout the day we'll see scattered showers moving through as the temperatures stay nice and chilly as we get into sunday. so rain tonight, rain for sunday, and then we'll see things clearing out for sunday afternoon.
6:49 pm
now, as we take a look at the snowfall here, we can see lots of snow falling in the sierra nevada. nothing really local. if we see any snow at all locally, it will just be a dusting. here are tonight's forecast lows. not quite record-setting like they were last night, but definitely on the cool side. for noon tomorrow just looking at temperatures again. the 40s and 50s. normally this time of year we would see forecast highs in the 60s. that's not going to happen. forecast highs only in the 50s. those rain showers moving through the area on saturday, then clearing out again on sunday. and it looks like we will see clearing skies on sunday lasting all the way through wednesday. and then we're going to set up again for another series of weather fronts moving through the area. but i think a lot of people are tired of all of this cold weather. and i wish i could say boy, it's going to warm up. but looks like we're going to stay cool throughout the forecast here. >> well, let's just give them something else to talk about. let's talk about the warriors. >> there you go. how's that? the warriors hoping they can heat up a little bit. they need some help, and it's on the way. the warriors' holiday road trip
6:50 pm
enters phase 2 tonight as the team tips off in memphis after four straight losses, golden state now finds itself below .500. keith smart's crew just needs to survive four more quarters because reinforcements are on the way. and they're coming in the form of david lee. after being cleared to begin light workouts yesterday for the first time since an infection in his elbow led to a pair of surgeries, today the big man was given the go ahead to join the team. lee flew to minnesota today where he will go through another workout this evening before the rest of the warriors arrive from memphis. his status for tomorrow's tilt against the timberwolves will be a game time decision, but let's just say he likely didn't fly all the way out there just to sit on the bench. they're undefeat nod more but the stanford men's basketball team is still playing down in southern california. last night the cardinal fell to murray state in the 76 classic. tonight they've got another shot this time against tulsa in the consolation bracket. meanwhile, in florida cal is facing notre dame. it was a very, very ugly game,
6:51 pm
especially in the first half. the bears scored, get this, five points. in 20 minutes. five points, yes. second half, the bears finally finding the bottom of the net. that's the rebound. the irish lead cut to 10. five minutes later it's ben hamsburg, yep, the younger brother of tyler. cal fell 57-44. but you know, kudos for scoring 44 points after just 5 in the first half. this is their first loss of the young season. the raiders' game against the dolphins at the coliseum this sunday may be blacked out locally, but that is not an indication of the state of the team's season. oakland still has plenty to play for this year. the team just one game out of first in the division. and the playoffs are still very much a possibility. and the players know it. >> the best teams always play the best football from thanksgiving on out. and this is where we're at. but pedal to the metal and keep pushing forward. >> it's getting to that point where you're playing for
6:52 pm
something. you know, you're trying to get your rhythm. now, all the games you play mean something. >> reporter: one more game to go and so much at stake for both the stanford and cal football teams. tomorrow the seventh-ranked cardinal try to keep their rose bowl hopes alive. while the bears need a win over washington in order to become bowl eligible. but the college football party really beginning today. and what a game we had courtesy of auburn and alabama as the second-ranked tigers had to work pretty hard to stay undefeated. first quarter this is trouble for auburn. greg mc'll roy to darius hanks. it's the third td of the quarter. baylor up 21-0. seriously? they would go up 24-0. but in the second half it's the tigers' show. fourth quarter cam newton completing the comeback. the score. seven yards. 28-27 tigers up. auburn would keep their national title hopes alive. elsewhere in the top 25
6:53 pm
today number 16 nebraska continuing to roll as the huskers met colorado. both teams' final big 12 regular season game. colorado to the pac-10, the huskers to the big 10. 17-3 nebraska. they go on to win 45-17. they also take the big 12 north division. they'll play in the championship game next week. fresh off a little payback in the form of a home win over the blackhawks on wednesday night. tonight the sharks are back on the ice and back on the road. san jose will go for its second win in a row against vancouver. we'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00. and with thanksgiving out of the way we can start thinking of a winter wonderland. rarely, though, does a baseball stadium come to mind. take a look. the home of the indians in cleveland. yes, this is progressive field. it's been transformed thanks to snow machines, a little bit of ice. people with ice skate, snow tube, and wind their way through a maze. the team says it's a first of
6:54 pm
its kind event. kind of a cool way to use their large stadium. fill it with snow. >> i still can't ifivee n thtrs gfi five in the first quarter. i played high school basketball. i think i scored five points. we'll be right back.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. the first family welcomed their christmas tree to the white house this afternoon. first lady michelle obama along with the first daughters greeted
6:57 pm
the douglas fir as it arrived by horse and carriage. the tree is 20 years old and 19 1/2 feet tall. it came from a farm in pennsylvania. the tree will stand in the white house blue room. volunteers will spend this weekend decorating it. of course president obama will be icing his lip. coming up tonight at 11:00, distracted for just a moment, and that split second is all that thief needs to take advantage of holiday shoppers. tonight at 11:00, real women learning the lesson of a lifetime, and their mistake could keep you safe this holiday season. tonight at 11:00, after the movie of the week. >> we want to thank you for watching nbc bay area. next news is tonight at 11:00. i'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early at 7:00. have a great night, and happy post-thanksgiving.
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