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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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little chunk of change. i'm bob redell. i'm explain coming up. and today is world aids day. a look at what a number of bay area charities are doing and we'll tell you where this actress is going to be to raise awareness of the issue. from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. straight up 5:00. i want to check in with rob. he has your hour-by bone chilling-hour forecast this morning. >> a whopping 2 to 3 degrees warmer. you can really notice the difference. maybe not. right now 32 degrees in san jose. cold enough for a little patchy frost out by livermore but here's the deal. the afternoon will be a little warmer. we have high pressure moving in so that means some of our afternoon temperatures may get close to 60 for a brief time today. dry for now. we do have rain in your forecast as well.
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we'll walk you through the timing of this pattern change coming up. >> a look at the bay bridge, chilly heading over the water. also very sparsely populated. there's still a piece of lumber as you're heading towards treasure island. no lanes reported block. travel times throughout the east bay approaching the toll plaza, westbound at the east shore freeway as well as highway 24 close to the limit. 880 coming through oakland a little slowing the last couple of minutes. i'll double check that. bickering in congress is now costing millions of people their jobless benefits just days before the holidays. kris sanchez joins us live in our newsroom with a look at why jobless benefits are running out and how it will affect a lot of people who are out of work in the bay area, kris. >> reporter: good morning, brent. many experts say we will see an immediate impact. for many californians out of work, that $300 weekly check isn't exactly making them rich,
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it is just keeping the lights on at home and food on the table. in california, 554,000 people will be cut off of their jobless benefits by the end of the year. going forward, newly unemployed people will only get 26 weeks of benefits maximum. nationwide more than 1.6 million people will lose benefits by christmas and nearly two million more by new year's day. the failed bill that would have extended the benefits not just for californians but people across the country had a $12 billion price tag. republicans say it was really time to put that money into creating jobs instead of helping the jobless but 33 different economists, including five nobel prize winners signed a statement calling for the benefits to be extended for a year. they say because those unemployment dollars help drive the local economies across the country, because people who are out of work tend to spend every dollar that they get. that's pumping cash into local
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businesses. families who are already dealing with unemployment are bracing themselves. so are the aid agencies that for many are a last-ditch effort to save themselves from disaster. they expect many people who are on the brink may be pushed over the edge without these benefits. a crime-fighting tool or an invasion of your privacy? license played readers are coming to east palo alto. police hope to install plate readers inside two of their patrol cars by the end of the year. they are high speed cameras with scanners designed to pick out stolen and wanted cars. they'll automatically scan all cars near the patrol car. while officers say it will help crack down on the number of stolen cars, some are not happy about the readers. others say it's a good idea. >> they need to do their job and do research on people versus sitting here counting every single car and pulling them over
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and hope they get a lead. >> i think it's a good idea. on my street there's been like six break-ins and cars stolen too so it's a great idea to find stolen cars and get some crime off the streets. >> police say the license plate readers will help in making a dent in the number of stolen cars. car theft is up 13% from a year ago. marijuana is helping one california county close its budget gap and save jobs. seven jobs in the mendocino county sheriff's department were saved yesterday due largely to money seized from illegal pot farms. the more than $250,000 was collected from marijuana busts. the sheriff's office is using that money to offset the cost of overtime. county officials say fees collected from illegal -- from legal marijuana, such as medical marijuana co-opes could also help balance the budget sglchblgt move it or lose it. parents can now take schools to court if they don't offer enough
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physical education. state law says elementary schools must offer at least 200 minutes of pe every 10 days. in high school the number increases to 400 minutes. new this morning, it is world aids day and oakland and san francisco are two of the many cities around the world lighting up buildings in red. the national coalition of 100 black women will also give out rapid hiv testing tonight at 5:00 in oakland. that event will be held at the allen temple baptist church family life center. hollywood star sharon stone will be in san francisco today to raise awareness for hiv and aids. the oscar-nominated actress will also discuss her humanitarian work with malaria in africa and women's right in asia. the event is free and open to the public at 5:45 tonight on the usf main campus. nearly 2300 bay area taxpayers will collect almost
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$700,000 in undelivered refund checks this year. in san francisco, eligible taxpayers are entitled to around $1,256 each. in san mateo county, it's about $1,275. most checks go undelivered because taxpayers move away and don't update their addresses. statewide, 112,000 taxpayers are eligible for merely $1500 each. to find out if you have unclaimed refunds, go to tom sinkovitz is going to share a little holiday spirit in san francisco today. he will host the lighting of the ritz carlton christmas tree at 6:00 and he'll be joined by christmas choirs and musicians. as always, a child gets to throw the switch through the greater bay area make-a-wish foundation. union square will mark the start of hannukah this evening. it starts at sundown tonight at and first candle of the menorah in the square will be lit at 5:00 this evening.
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this is a video of a menorah-lighting ceremony a few years ago. a new candle will then be lit every night until december 8th. there's nothing like cozying up to a warm fire on a cold winter today, but today your holiday hearth if you light it could get you in trouble. bob redell will tell you why investigators may be knocking on your door if they see smoke coming from your chimney. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it feels freezing out here. today is the first spare the air day of the winter season which means you're not allowed to burn anything in your fireplace, whether that's wood, manufactured fire logs, any sort of solid fuel. if you do, you do run the risk of getting caught by the bay area air quality management district. believe it or not, the agency does send out inspectors throughout the day and evening on these spare the air days looking for smoke coming out of the chimneys in any of the homes here in the nine-county area. the first offense you get off with a warning.
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the second is a $400 fine. then the fines go up after that. now, you are exempt from this rule if your fireplace or stove is your only, our primary source of heat for your home. now, the district called for a spare the air day because today's weather conditions are more conducive to trapping smoke and soot on the ground. what we're going to be experiencing and are experiencing is a temp inversion where warmer air is up top, colder air below. combine that with light winds and it's hard for small particulate matter like smoke to escape. it just pools around our neighborhoods and gets into our lungs. there are 1.4 million fireplaces and wood stoves in the bay area. they contribute about a third of the harmful soot that is found in the air in the wintertime making it the leading cause of pollution this time of the year. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. the time is 5:08. we want to check in with mike inouye and take a look at the morning commute. >> now bob is talking about
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spare the air. we encourage folks to use mass transit, although it doesn't help as much as stopping those fires. so we're looking at caltrain which will take you from san francisco down to gilroy in the early morning hours and more frequently during the day between san jose and the city. no delays reported along this peninsula ride. you can join up in millbrae with the bart system taking you to the east bay so a nice smooth flow. crossing the bay across the water we're looking at the san mateo bridge with no delays. things are picking up now around the bay. back to you. >> sounds good. let's check in with rob for a look at our forecast. we're all saying how chilly it is. >> still cold and a little foggy in a few spots. mike has been watching that for you around concord and up towards the north bay where, yes, it's cold again. low 30s. in fact 28 in novato. 38 in san jose. 40s around hayward and san francisco. most places maybe two or three degrees warmer this morning.
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as you just heard our bob redell report this morning, the first wintertime spare the air alert. this is for any wood burning or fire logs in fireplaces. that is due to the inversion set up over the bay area this morning. no rain to talk about today. most of that is north of ukiah and should day there during the afternoon. late tomorrow and friday, that's when the rain will start to drop to the south. look at our afternoon highs today, not that bad. low 60s for areas across san jose. across the north bay temperatures mid to upper 50s. a quick check of your seven-day forecast will show the best chance of rain will come in late thursday night into friday and a few more showers to kick off the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, bob. temperatures are down but the surf is up. that means the annual maverick surf competition could happen at any moment. >> the famous surf contest could happen any time between today and february 28th. the newly named jays big maverick invitational is known for 20 to 40-foot waves.
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the event only takes place when there are ideal conditions for big waves usually caused by storm swells. the time now 5:10. coming up, the little car maker that is beating all the big guys to the punch. we will tell you which electric car could be on the market soon and it's somewhat affordable. plus there's an app for that. the app that helps you count calories simply by looking at the food. and bay area kids gearing up for a trip to the pop warner super bowl. we'll tell you who is headed east to play the best of the best. a live look outside overlooking san jose. cold start to the day once again. grab something warm before you head out the door. 5:11. reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with scott mcgrew, and traffic with mike inouye. ♪
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good morning, everybody. welcome back. a live look outside oracle arena this morning and it is a cold one no matter where you are in the bay area. rob will be along in a couple of minutes to talk about it. believe it or not, we're 2 degrees warmer today but it's still cold. a car theft has turned into
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a dog napping case that's getting attention statewide. a shasta county couple was in southern california this week for a prestigious dog show. they had left their two akitas and two corgies outside a bellflower motel monday night when someone stole the van with the dogs inside. the couple say the champion pets are worth almost half a million dollars. even more, they're family. the couple is offering a reward for the safe return of the dogs, no questions asked. the california dungeons crab season. the season ends june 20th. now, the crab season for central california which includes the bay area actually kicked off november 15th. it ends july 15th. crabbers expect large hauls because crab populations appear to be on the rebound after a downturn between 2006 and 2009. a car that you've probably
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never heard of is about to set the record as the first all-electric car to be sold in the u.s. for under $100,000. the two-seater will go 100 miles per charge and at $33,000 is about $70,000 less than the only other option on the road, the tesla roadster. but with the nissan lease and chevy volt coming around the corner, experts advice consumers to take a wait and see approach. >> consumers might want to wait a few years to increase their options. we're expecting them from all major car makers in the next two or three years. >> representatives of wego says it will set itself apart with service. customers get the ceo's cell phone number. >> didn't we used to have one called the yugo? >> yeah, it didn't go so well.
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maybe the wego will help. scott is here. everything the critics on the cable news show has said about t.a.r.p. is wrong. it turns out it wasn't that expensive after all. >> isn't that amazing. all of the political unrest, t.a.r.p., everybody screaming and yelling about it. the total cost of the bailout got a downward estimate jyet again. it turns out saving the banks and aig and maybe even the economy as a whole wasn't very expensive. the congressional budget office now says it was $25 billion. that's less than even the obama administration had estimated. the cbo is non-partisan, by the way. they're largely trusted to get the numbers right. $25 billion. how much is that? if you took all the harry potter movies, all of them together. it's about five times what all the harry potter movies earned at the box office. $25 billion would buy three next generation aircraft carriers.
5:18 am
you'd have some money left over to buy planes. roughly a third of what america paid for the apollo moon project, adjusted for inflation, of course, and 1/40 the cost of the war on terror. whether or not you believe the t.a.r.p. was a good thing, a bad thing, a constitutional thing, that's one argument. whether it was expensive, the argument is turning out $25 billion for the federal government -- >> that's a new round of medal of honor or call of duty. if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a new app might be worth a thousand calories. a new app lets users take a picture of their food and they see how many calories it has. the software analyzes the color and shape of the food and calculates the number of calories. it can recognize more than 100,000 types of food. it can't tell portion sizes.
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it can't tell between big, normal and small helpings. a free trial version of that app will be released to smartphone users in japan in january. two university students in new york city are spinning their way into history. the students organized the largest simultaneous dradle spin. last night they set a new record of 618 simultaneously spinning dradles. in addition to setting a new world record, the event is a scholarship fund-raising event. look how excited they are. the record comes ahead of hannukah, the jewish festival of lights. hannukah begins tonight. several bay area kids are gearing up for a trip to the national pop warner championships. the bears are just one of a handful of squads headed to orlando, florida. thousands of teams compete each year and less than a dozen end up making it to the championship in each age division. the bears are the first campbell
5:20 am
pop warner team. across the bay the oakland dynamites are also going. they got a donation from the big raiders. linebacker sam williams, his tackling the odds foundation presented a check today and that money will help them make the trip there. it is donated by players from the oakland raiders and will help them get to florida. this is their first trip in the organization's 44-year history. in the south bay the morgan hill raiders will play in the midget division. those players are 13 to 15 years old. they won the peninsula championship a couple of weeks ago giving morgan hill its first title in 38 years. they will now represent the west coast in florida. coming up a little later in the newscast, we'll meet the morgan hill raiders. they have got the whole team. they came in. i saw them a few minutes ago. they'll be in studio to talk about their trip coming up, so congratulations to all those bay area. >> i think we could have some future hall of famers in house. >> if you watch thee kids and
5:21 am
these teams, you'll see them go on to major division 1 college. >> we're cheering them on. it's 5:20, we want to check the morning commute with mike. >> we're looking at the raiders coming in and they're not raiderraikids, they're tall guys. the commute is starting to build up through berkeley. we're starting to see the volume increase. good news, they cleared the lumber from the upper deck. no problems heading over to the city approaching 24, 580 and 880 through oakland. nice easy drive. 680 and 24, no slowing either. antioch is 65 right now but in 15 minutes you'll see the speed dip. in livermore, you might find some fog but no major slowing. rob has an update on that fog coming up. you may see an unusual sight on the commute this morning. we'll tell you where you can find a bus stop that will help you kill a little time while you wait for your ride. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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good chilly morning to you. it's 5:24 right now. we've got 40s at least in san francisco. that's the warmest spot i'm seeing around the bay area right now. san jose again waking up to the 30s. 38 degrees. same story around oakland this morning, light winds. clear skies have helped to allow patches of fog to form in a few spots. we're seeing that around
5:25 am
livermore and concord. due to the light winds and temperature inversion, we have our first wintertime spare the air alert. you'll notice the haze in the skies as you wake up and the sun starts to come up. the worst of the air quality will be in the north bay valleys. we'll see high clouds drifting in but most of the shower chances should be north of santa rosa. later on tomorrow, that's when we'll see chances of rain increasing around the rest of the bay area. today 50s and 60s. so the afternoon a bit warm, especially areas south of san jose will finally see numbers closer to 60 for the afternoon. then late tomorrow into friday, this is when we'll see a chance of raindroping in on us. we'll see temperatures a little more mild. then thursday into friday plan on a little more rain. upper 50s toward san francisco, patchy fog and some chilly temperatures around concord and fairfield this morning but not too bad for the afternoon. 50s across the north bay. areas north of lakeport, a few
5:26 am
showers today and our best bet for rain looks like friday into early saturday and a few outside chance showers will call it sunday into monday. but the wetter part of the weekend looks to be saturday. >> i keep looking on that sunday rain for that parade. thank you very much. in san francisco you can get your game on as you wait for the bus. yahoo! set up a series of 20 72-inch screens at muni bus stops. after you type in your neighborhood, you choose one of four games to play. you get points based on how well you do and the winning neighborhood gets tickets to an okay go concert. people say it's fun if a little hard to master. >> it's also -- if you don't tell them how to do it, then i guess it's kind of beside the point. >> it provide you a bit more information about bus times while you are playing, maybe indicated to you that your bus is here so you don't miss it while you are playing, you'd be
5:27 am
fine. >> i wonder how many people will miss the bus. it will last through january 28th. >> i'm going to catch the next one. i'm about to get to the new level. the time now is 5:27. a san francisco giant is signing autographs today. we will tell you where you can find the national league championship series mvp today. pretty cool. plus the giants get a new shortstop. we'll take a look at the familiar face that will be playing for the orange and black next season. and we'll take a look at oakland's new bid to try to keep the as in town. a live report on that coming up next. and a live look outside this morning. another chilly start to the day across the bay area. we'll tell you why you can't burn a fire in the fireplace today. hey, you got groceries!
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new this morning, police in the south bay are giving the gift of a second chance. a get out of jail free card that might save you. >> reporter: will the oakland as soon be playing ball over at jack london square? we'll tell you about the plan, who likes it, who doesn't and how you can weigh in on it tonight. a live look outside this morning. it is a chilly start to december. yes, it's finally december. wednesday, december 1st, "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. the time now is 5:30, i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check in with rob mayeda for a look at the forecast. it's actually a little warmer today, rob. >> we're just getting used to it. that's what is really going on.
5:31 am
still 30s around the bay area. oakland, 38 degrees, light winds, maybe a little patchy fog. 50s to near 60 in some of the warmer places today but beginning tomorrow and heading to friday we'll have to watch out for a chance of rain. we'll talk about those changes in your forecast in a few minutes. oakland is making another pitch to keep the as in the east bay. christie smith is live in jack london square with a look at the new plans for a stadium near one of the city's busiest hubs. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it would be called victory court ballpark right in the neighborhood of jack london square where we are and it would have retail and housing, a lot of good stuff for people here in oakland. but even people who want the oakland as to stay the oakland as have some serious questions about what's going on here and how this 39,000-seat ballpark would really work.
5:32 am
the location we're talking about is between 4th street and 'em baker dare owe off interstate 880 with traffic, noise and pollution. those are the questions that neighbors are bringing up now. incoming mayor jean quan has thrown her support behind it saying it really fits into the overall redevelopment. tonight the city is taking public comment on the environmental impact report. they have let major league baseball know what they're doing. the city has been negotiating with a committee appointed by major league baseball over where whether the as should stay in oakland or move down the road to san jose. team owners have been looking at san jose and city here in oakland is going ahead, they say, because the league wants a new stadium in a place for the as by opening day 2015, so this is the first step. the public gets a look at what the city is talking about. the meeting is tonight over at city hall at 6:00.
5:33 am
reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." special honors are being handed out later today for several employees of the fairfield police department. a number of officers will receive distinguished service medals for their response to a deadly fire in april in which four children were killed. other honors include special recognition of newly hired employees, reinstatements, promotions and more. that ceremony is 3:30 this afternoon. an east bay man jailed for three and a half years while awaiting trial for a crime he says he did not commit will have to wait even longer. a hearing to discuss dna evidence in the case was supposed to happen yesterday, but it was postponed until january 18th. dwayne ewing was arrested in 2006 and a year later charged with a 1994 kidnap and rape case that happened in the oakland hills. detectives say a condom found at the crime scene links ewing to the crime. however, louise small says her
5:34 am
son could have been at the crime scene 16 years ago with his girlfriend. small's nephew is charged with being an accomplice to the crime. california's new attorney general-elect, kamala harris, is getting specific about her plans to reduce crime. during her victory party late last night in san francisco, harris said the state must close the revolving prison door. california may have to spend millions of dollars to ship thousands of inmates from overcrowded state prisons to private institutions. harris says it's time for a new plan. she points to the success of the foundation that teaches felons job skills so they can escape a life of crime. >> this is a system that can be fixed and it will be my mission to do that work. >> harris says she does have a transition team in place. she plans to hit the ground running. she would not say who she thinks should take her place as san francisco district attorney. this holiday season people with misdemeanor warrants in the south bay are getting the gift
5:35 am
of a second chance. today through the end of the month people with nonviolent misdemeanors and traffic warrants can opt for court dates instead of being booked into the county jail. people can go to any santa clara law enforcement agency to get their warrant citations, which will require a promise to appear in court date. operation second chance is directed towards all misdemeanor warrants no matter what the bail is including those no sight, no release, no walk over and no bail. a student caravan will make a stop at congressman jerry mcnurney's office today. they are trying to urge him to pass the dream act. it would create a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants if they serve in the military or get a college degree. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid say they will make the dream act a priority. the warriors are off today. after the beating they took from the spurs.
5:36 am
the spurs are the best team in the nba plus it's hard to win when tim duncan is on his game. he had a triple-double, 15 points, 18 rebounds and 11 assists. the spurs won it 118-98. the warriors host phoenix tomorrow. a former oakland athletic is headed across the bay. the giants have signed former mvp miguel tejada. he'll join the san francisco giants. he gets a contract worth $6.5 million. tejada will fill the spot that shortstop juan uribe left when he signed with the los angeles dodgers on monday. there's an additional reason to go to fisherman's wharf today. cody ross will hand out autographed balls at the cost plus world market on taylor street. the first 300 people who bring a minimum of five non-perishable food donations get an autographed ball of the all of the food will be donated to the san francisco food bank. a reminder, you can also
5:37 am
help us end hunger by heading to your neighborhood safeway. donate a bag of food to the food banks in the bay area. that food drive runs through december. good morning. 5:36. you guys, we just got this into the traffic center. there's a disabled big rig reported getting into san francisco at a major interchange. rob is not the problem, this is the issue right here. a disabled big rig right at 101 northbound at northbound 280. it is reportedly in that middle lane. we'll watch for the activity and chp once they arrive on scene but no slowing observed the last couple of minutes so we'll keep watching this. this is again in the middle lane at that interchange. over on the other side of the bay we're looking at 880 as traffic flow increases through the area, past the coliseum on the northbound side. that's what the taillights but no major issues or slowing showing up although speeds may dip down for some portions of oakland getting into downtown. antioch, things are on schedule for the slowdown there as we see
5:38 am
the speed dip down to 32. hillcrest down towards about horizon things start to clear because of the volume of traffic. and slowing here through livermore for the same reason. we have heavier volume of traffic but also, rob, as you were telling me there might be fog there. but sunol shows a nice clear view but we cannot see the incline heading over to fremont so you're probably right about that area as well. >> the weekend forecast is a little wishy-washy. let's look at san francisco. 44 degrees, calm winds. that's as warm as it gets this morning. it's another chilly start. we've got 38 degrees right now in san jose, oakland also 38 degrees. low 30s out towards livermore. as mike pointed out, tri-valley, concord headed up to novato and napa and santa rosa looking at patchy fog. we do have some clouds spilling across the north bay but in terms of rain-producing clouds, most of that is mendocino county northward.
5:39 am
some rain may spill into northern sonoma county the rest of the afternoon. but the best chances for rain will hold off until late tomorrow. you can see this line of showers approaching with the futurecast heading into friday. i bet some of this will stick around for the first half of the weekend and widely scattered showers sunday and monday as most of that precipitation heads to our south. around the bay area, i know it's a chilly start to the morning but the afternoon should be a little more pleasant. we should see numbers closer to 60 around san jose, upper 50s with the extra cloud cover coming in around places like lakeport so our best chances for rain looks to be lace thursday into friday. a few showers saturday and widely scattered showers sunday into monday of next week. back to you. the time now 5:39. it may be chilly outside, but that won't stop the bay area from issuing a spare the air warning today. we'll tell you what you need to be aware of. plus the white house is getting ready to issue its plan to pull the nation out of debt. we'll take you live to
5:40 am
washington for the details. and a bay area pop warner team is gearing up for its version of the super bowl. they do need your help to get there. we'll talk to some of the players coming up live in studio. let's take a live look outside this morning. a chilly start to the day once again across the bay area. bundle up as you head out the door. 5:40 right now. reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with scott mcgrew and traffic with mike inouye. ♪
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leftover desserts, bodroo now. and hurry beforehe interns getere. thanks but i already have some yummy black fort cake black forest cake?
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♪ so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? y yoplait light. i've lost weight. [ female anc ] with 3licious flavors aroundoriech. plait. it is so good. good wednesday morning to you. 1st day of december. look at this san francisco icon, cold there and everywhere across the bay. never too cold for ice cream, though. 5:42 right now. are you willing to pay higher taxes to keep america
5:43 am
from going even further into the red? this morning the obama administration is talking about what we need to do to pay off what america owes. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., this morning to break down the plan. >> reporter: so we've got two issues here, taxes and debt. it appears that they are linked. president obama says if we allow those tax breaks to continue for everyone, including the wealthy, we're going to add $700 billion to the national debt. he's now appointed a team to work with republicans here on capitol hill to try to come to some sort of quick compromise about what to do regarding these taxes that expire, these breaks that expire at the end of the year. now, regarding debt, the debt commission, the deficit commission is scheduled to report today. we've already gotten early word of what they have been discussing. some controversial things that polls show americans may not go for, like rolling back the increases on social security, raising the retirement age to 68
5:44 am
or 69, increasing the gas tax by 15 cents, and in exchange for lower tax brackets, limiting the tax credits and deductions that you can take on your tax return. now, because this plan is so controversial, they're not going to take a vote on it today. the debt commission is going to discuss it. they're putting that vote off for another two days, hopefully to get some finality on that by friday. brent. >> thank you, tracie. also new this morning, video of a candlelight vigil in oregon. hundreds of people gathered in corvallis to show their support for the islamic community. the vigil was for people of all faiths. they showed up to denounce a fire bombing that happened at the center earlier this week. it is the same temple that 19-year-old mohammed auosman muhammed occasionally attended.
5:45 am
the message of violence will not be tolerated. secretary of state hillary clinton is in kazakhstan. it is the first top level meeting of the 56-nation group in 11 years. the summit comes on the heels of the wikileaks release of more than a quarter million military files. they include comments from many world leaders, many who are expected to be at this meeting. the time now is 5:45. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're going to take a look at traffic and weather in less than two minutes. but first there will be no chestnuts roasting on an open fire anywhere in the bay area today. in fact there shouldn't be any open fires at all. bob redell has a look at the winter's first spare the air day. >> reporter: good morning, laura. unless that fireplace or
5:46 am
wood-bushiwood wood-burning stove is your only source of heat, they are for bidding anyone to light their fireplace. with the interesting weather we've got going on today they did declare this being a spare the air day. coming up i'll tell you what happens if you do choose to throw a match into your fireplace, what kind of fine you could be facing. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." good morning, folks. it's 5:46, approaching the 6:00 hour. we're seeing a lot more folks on the road and we also see this big rig still in a bad situation right here northbound 101 at the 280 interchange. big rig reported in the middle lane. sounds like the freeway service patrol will be able to handle it or at least they're heading out to help out with the situation.
5:47 am
we see unusual slowing on 280 at the extension through the area, probably unrelated but that's what's popped up over the last ten minutes. also getting in over from oakland, we're looking at a heavier volume of traffic across the bay bridge. the upper deck shows a steady flow of lights coming in from oakland. no major issues, but there is heavier flow and that means the toll plaza lights probably on in about a half an hour from now. rob, it looks clear but we do have that spare the air alert. >> we've got light winds this morning. you can see the mirror-like reflection across the bay. we call it a temperature inversion which means the coldest temperatures are right down near the water or ground level but higher up in the hills we're seeing 40s and that acts like a lid and traps the smoke. still kind of chilly, though. 32 degrees in fairfield, 38 in san jose and oakland. 40s this morning around san francisco. mike has been watching this very closely. visibilities along your highway
5:48 am
101 commute are down to a quarter mile so that will cause you to hit the breaks at a few spots. the same story east of sacramento and heading out towards stockton this morning. now, you can see here on the satellite/radar view, we to have some rain on the north coast. some of that will try to spill south but should stay to the north of santa rosa today. so your hour-by-hour forecast around lunchtime starting to get to the 50s around noon. san jose south getting close to 60. showers for the far north bay today. a quick check coming up of your seven-day forecast, we'll show you the best chance of rain is friday into saturday. then a few widely scattered showers and we'll keep our fingers crossed for a dry sunday morning as the san jose holiday parade gets under way. back to you. >> we'll keep the umbrellas handy, just in case. from man made disaster to celebrity train wrecks, we now know what you were searching for. >> scott mcgrew has the story. >> yahoo! has released its most list of most searched for terms in 2010.
5:49 am
the top spot was the bp oil spill. the most searched for term this year, followed by the world cup. remember the vuvuzela. for all the interest, do you even remember who won this? in third place was singer miley cyrus and the rest of the list is pretty much other celebrities. we're getting the numbers back on monday's online sales. the so-called cyber monday where online stores give discounts, sales were up 31% for that day compared to the previous friday. this, according to core metrics. got the most visits followed by walmart. cyber monday is totally made up. a lady came up with the word to describe this tendency for people to come back to work after thanksgiving and use work computers to shop, but these days we have computers at home, we don't even shop much from work anymore. but stores online have lowered those prices. it's become sort of self-fulfilling. back to you.
5:50 am
>> kind of interesting. a live look outside this morning of the white house. >> look at the big red ribbon. today is actually world aids day this morning and they placed that big red ribbon on the front of the white house. of course several events happening across san francisco today as well. >> yeah. san francisco city hall, the empire state building, the eiffel tower, all around the world they are getting ready to commemorate world aids today. kris sanchez is joining us with a look at the fight against hiv and aids. she's in our newsroom. kris. >> reporter: good morning, brent. well, no longer is contracting hiv or aids a death sentence but obviously it is far from gone from our world. aids infection rates are down by 20% around the world, but even with that decline, 60 million people have been infected since the epidemic began and more than 30 million people have died of hiv-related causes. but as prevention has stemmed
5:51 am
the spread of the virus and medical advances have made living it with more manageable, the united nations warns of a new surge in the aids epidemic and this is concerning because it's among young people in the u.s. and european nations like britain and germany. today is world aids day, so talking about the virus obviously will go viral with many high-profile celebrities staging their digital deaths to raise awareness. if you log on to twitter or facebook, you won't see postings from some people. they are signing off and will not sign on until the keep a child alive charity raises a million dollars. obviously children who are left orphaned around the world by the aids epidemic one of the big talkers today. we'll tell you a little more about some of the events happening around the bay area for world aids day in just a little bit. laura. >> thank you very much, kris. it's 5:51 right now. time is running out for some home tax credits. you have the rest of december to
5:52 am
take advantage of tax credits for energy-saving home improvements. the credits include installing wood or pellet stoves, energy efficient furnaces, water heaters and air conditioning systems, insulating roofs, windows and doors and walls and ceiling insulation. there's a full list available at the credit covers 30% of the cost up to $1500. hot toys of the holiday season is a tiny its squishy toy called the squinky but it's made by a firm with only 16 employees to its name. they're in minnesota and made by beep toys. the company created the squishy things just this summer and never realized how big they would become. there are hundreds of characters with a thousand more being added soon. among them, disney princesses, barbies and hello kitty. plus come springtime, the boys will get their own version.
5:53 am
stores across the country are reporting sellouts. a box costs just $10. by next spring, they'll be sold in 52 countries. let's take a look at your weather here this morning. we're seeing another cool start in a few spots. some low 30s once again this morning as we're seeing a little patchy fog in a few areas as well. look at fairfield, 32 degrees. leave it or not, that's a little better than yesterday. we were in the upper 20s at this time. 38 in san jose, 44 san francisco and 38 in oakland. the main concern of the morning, which our own mike inouye has been watching closely, some patchy dense fog. same thing as you get into sacramento and stockton to the east. we do have visibilities in a few spots at a quarter mile or less. you can see mere mainly clear skies. the rain-producing clouds off the north coast but that will
5:54 am
drop our way mainly thursday and friday. hour-by-hour your forecast and futurecast, notice the system stalls and weakens by the time it gets to the bay area. i do think we'll see some rain but not a whole lot, especially compared to other systems we've had so far this fall. upper 50s across the north bay. quick check of your seven-day forecast will show you that our best chance for rain will be friday into saturday and now partly cloudy, just a few widely scattered showers to our south for the end of the weekend. brent. >> thanks. the raiders are headed to the super bowl. not the oakland raiders but the morgan hill raiders. they are headed to the pop warner national playoff that's in orlando, florida. they're going for the first time in 38 years and they are here in studio today. we've got some of the players. there they are, wave to the camera, guys. congratulations, because they leave tomorrow morning for eight days of playoff action in little league version of the super bowl. the head coach is with us as
5:55 am
well. who's this young map and the great-looking trophy? >> this is josh ariza, our starting offensive guard and middle line backer. >> awesome, very cool. this is what you got for winning when you won the peninsula championship, right? >> yes, sir. >> very good, awesome. so you're going to head off and compete against some very tough competition because now we open it up to the entire country, eight regions are there. when's your first game? >> the first game is saturday the 4th at 3:00 eastern time. we found out yesterday we'll open up with wialuka, hawaii, on espn 3, televised. it's a nice draw and so it's interesting. >> so you're heading off for eight days and it's right smack in the middle of the school year. the way pop warner sets it up, the kids don't miss class. they still have to study on the road. >> absolutely. each kid had an independent study packet that we had to get for them. they all had to get signed off
5:56 am
by their teachers. we have planned study halls each day and they will be banging the books because a lot of them are coming back to finals. >> are you excited to go? this is pretty cool. >> yes, sir. >> have you ever experienced anything like this before? >> no, sir. >> this is like big-time. i know there are college football players that don't get to do as much as what you guys are doing traveling across the country. >> yes, sir. >> is your team good? are you ready? >> yes, sir. >> what makes you good? what is it about this team that makes you successful, do you think? >> sticking together as family and stuff, just working hard, practicing. >> i know some of the kids have been around, they played -- because this is the midget division so 13 to 15-year-olds, but some of them have been playing since 8 years old. some of them have been playing together for a while so you get some cohesiveness going there. >> absolutely. we're a big believer in the family atmosphere and the chemistry demonstrated by doing everything together, whether it's study hall in florida or practicing in morgan hill in the
5:57 am
weather. it doesn't matter. all the boys have bought into that concept and i think that's one of the reasons we're sitting where we're sitting. >> awesome. well, congratulations to all you guys. congratulations to all the guys sitting over there. good luck as you make your trip over there. again, this does take some money to get there. we've talked about some of the other teams getting some funds. they do need some money. you can donate to the morgan hill raiders. sent it to the morgan hill pop warner, you see the address on the screen and that will help them. it's eight days worth so there's hotel, airfare, meals, the whole deal. they have been trying to get some of that raised already but need a little more. so thanks and good luck to the team once again. a big announcement involving another kind of football is coming up in about an hour. we'll find out where it could be billions of dollars to the united states. back with more news in a minute.
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