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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ i'm paying money for dirty people to raise 2-year-olds. >> a sexual assault in a crowded discount store. the victim too young to imagine. a convicted sex offender not monitored. >> disgusting, disturbing and
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down right frightening. this convicted sex offender caught in the act of raping a toddler in plain sight in an east bay store aisle. what kind of monster would do this and why was he out on the streets to begin with? >> reporter: the parents are keeping a closer eye on the 1-year-old daughter. they are more cautious after hearing union city police arr t arrested a convicted sex offender for raping a 2-year-old girl in this dollar tree store. >> i wanted to cry. >> reporter: the 2-year-old girl was shopping with her aunt and grandmother. the suspect grabbed her. >> that is why i hold my daughter tightly. i get mad at her, stay next to me because there are dirty,
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disgusting people out here. >> reporter: the grandmother found the sex offender in the aisle pinning the child on the floor sexually assaulting her. >> reporter: these men tackled him. >> i looked at the baby and the lady asking me to help so i tackled the guy, sat on him and called 911. >> reporter: many are questioning why a convicted sex offender is walking the street. >> they are going to go to jail, have food, water, taxpayer dollars. i'm paying money for dirty people to rape 2-year-olds. >> george spoke with the b.a.r.t. police officer who played a key role in holding the suspect down waiting for police. he told george that he felt sorry for the victim's family. the officer is glad the man was
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caught and was able to make the arrest. the true heroes are the witnesses that tackled that man to the ground. the big question is how a convicted sex offender went about life undetected. >> reporter: eugene ramos was charged with an attack of a 7-year-old girl in hayward in 2003. he was sentenced to a four-year term. according to records we obtained, he was paroled in september 2006 and discharged from the system three years later. according to this woman, the problem is monitoring sex predators. >> when you have younger parole officers watching these guys, they don't understand the extent
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of planning and premeditation. >> reporter: she says california's system to monitor sexual offenders is flawed especially because the state is broke. >> the law is great but if it is unfunded it is something we can't do anything about. >> reporter: there is megan's law but many of the people who should be watched don't have an address. >> a lot of sex offenders register homeless and nobody is keeping an eye on them. >> reporter: there is no test to give people to see if they will reoffend. the state needs more money to protect people from those who do decide to reoffend. >> megan's isn't
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perfect. this picture shows parts of the bay area. not all offenders register. some offenders are never caught. >> it is a good website. scary as it sounds, sexual predators are out there monitoring you, listening in on you and you don't even know it. >> it is freaky enough to think they can see my son. it can let a lot of intruders into your life. >> chances are you have the $100 high tech device that makes it possible. how they are doing it and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. with the bitter cold on hold, the big weather story tonight, rain. there is more on the way. jeff ranieri has important news about your morning commute. >> we have been tracking this storm for four days. it has pushed to the south,
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impacting the bay area. we have had .10 to .25 inches. still tracking some moderate to light rainfall here in the north bay across the highway 101 corridor. we are tracking some heavier rainfall about to move into downtown san francisco that will continue over the next half hour. to the east bay, moderate showers to walnut creek and danville. the interesting thing about this systm orstemm t has mainly stayed to the north of i the soh bay with slow overall movement. what will this mean for your morning commute? 5:00 a.m. showers possible for the north bay and peninsula. more on this in a bit. new at 11:00 -- >> it is a sad, shocking thing. >> killed on his 3rd birthday, his parents are in jail. the tragic shooting of the boy
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who turned 3 today. his parents are behind bars charged with child endangerment resulting in death. they were supposed to have a birthday party on saturday, instead they are planning their funeral. he was in his parents bedroom when the gun went off. the boy's paternal grandmother was in the living room at the time. his parents came home a short time later. >> you don't expect to hear something like that. especially being a kid. he was very young. he hadn't had a chance of life yet to be here and live to be our age. >> police say jayon's mom bought the gun. carr has been arrested on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.
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former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle gets another day in court. mehserle was convicted for manslaughter for the killing of b.a.r.t. rider oscar grant. he was sentenced to two years in that case, the minimum allowed. the prosecutor's office filed papers against posting bail. meg whitman may side step an academic event. she will not attend the january event held by the uc berkeley institute of government studies. the event is self-indulgent by self-important scholars. whitman and their camp would have to explain their $180 million los to jerry brown. m > good evening.
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jeffi' ranieri. we are tracking a storm rig ig w thwi thethainfll across the bay area. for this weekend, a second storm is ngvelopi. i'll have details on this and when the heaviest rain is expected coming up. >> thank you, jeff. >> what are you willing to pay for that perfect smile? today the fda has a warping for you. a popular treatment used by millions of americans and millions of americans with a fat lip. >> if you see an individual driving through the neighborhood and they are viewing a monitor of some sort that should raise hair on your neck. >> the $100 device that allows sex predators inside your home. what you can do to protect yourself. >> lebron james. taking heat. lebron makes a comeback, but not all the action on coula. ♪ i ain't got no time for a nap, oh no, no ♪
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invisalign. teeth straightening trays work like braces but they are invisible. the fda said there is possible allergic reaction to the trays. the company did acknowledge a small percentage of their patients experience the reaction. a bay area pop warner cheer squad qualified for the national championships in florida next week. it is a dream come true for 17 young girls from the san francisco bay view district. it is going to take a lot more than a cheer for the dream to become a reality. >> reporter: the san francisco brown bombers pop warner dance teams are bursting with pride. under the watchful eye of volunteer coaches, the junior midgets are perfecting dance
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halls, across the hall the junior pee wees practice their routine. this is about more than cheering. >> definitely keeping them out of trouble, in a safe environment. not only do we practice here, we have them come over on the weekends and practice. >> reporter: 13-year-old fantasy decor knows this family is important. and the rewards are pouring in. >> against two other teams and they announce your place. >> reporter: these girls practice for an hour and a half five days a week. now it is off to the nationals. an honor with the challenge. the bombers need to head to florida monday. the choreography is set. the funding isn't. >> for a lot of these girls it is their first time out of the
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community, being able to board a plane, all the way to orlando, florida. >> reporter: the cost $1,300 a piece. the bombers are hoping donations will help send 17 girls and six coaches on the trip of a life time. >> please help. >> reporter: with days left this team isn't giving up. in san francisco, jean elly, nbc bay area news. one of the bay area's most respected and revered charities hit hard times of its own. glide memorial is using laughter in its own recovery. glide's annual fund-raiser was tonight. >> we have had to let go some 25 staff members. yes. because we could not meet their,
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you know, doing what we needed to do. so we've lost. what we'll try to do is recover. >> robin williams is a last-minute addition to the lineup. organizers are hoping his star power will help them raise $800,000 tonight. you probably have one in your home. baby monitors. they are designed to watch over babies. they are watching you. as vicki wynn, shows us it can provide an undercover look inside your home. >> it doesn't take long for a clear picture to emerge. ten minutes into our ride, we could see rooms, cribs, beds and plenty more than that. we bought a basic baby monitor for $99, mounted it on our dash board and hit the road. parked across the street
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hundreds of feet away. we had a perfect view. >> does that look like your house and your crib. >> yes. >> what do you think? >> it is concerning. >> reporter: this father has a newborn inside and is stunned his monitor can be used as a spy cam. >> it gives you a window into the home. >> reporter: this dad says he is not surprised because monitor use a basic frequency and it isn't encrypted the manual states it uses public airwaves to transmit signals that may be picked up by other receivers. >> you probably knew it was out there. now you are seeing it, it is reality hitting home. >> reporter: it is not just what you can see, it is also what you can hear that worries security experts. >> i never even thought about the audio part. that really freaks me out, that people can listen in on my conferences.
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it is freaky enough to think they can see my son. it can let a lot of intruders into your life. >> those are the type of things we call intel, burglars might be using to determine when someone may or may not be in the home. >> reporter: other bad guys, too. >> we are talking about burglars, but there are people with motivations such as your sex offenders that might be targeting children. >> reporter: to the safety of your little one to the security of your home, parents shouldn't panic, but they need to know, someone else could be watching and listening. a message these parents won't forget. >> it is going to make me think. >> in this day and age you have to be aware of everyone and everything. >> reporter: here is how you minimize your risk. unplug it or turn it off when you are not using it. not just the receiver, but the monitor with the camera.
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make sure the camera is pointed only at the baby's crib or bed not a wide shot of the room. it is a holiday show you've got to see for yourself. take a look at the colorful drag queens on ice show at union square. fans had the chance to skate alongside those performers at the ice rink. the proceeds will go to boys and girls club of san francisco. i heard disco. i would have loved it. >> jeff, let's talk about it. the skating might be iffy if it is raining. >> water could melt ice. be careful in the next couple of days. there will be breaks of sunshine. will be followed by periods of rain. in the past 12 hours, impressive with the system we have been watching.
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martinez picking up .07 inches. this was a north bay peninsula and inland based system. in the south bay you have seen little to nothing at this point. mainly dry throughout a good portion of the south bay. as we take you in closer, we loop this over the past few hours, you can see a few returns out here into portions of livermore. most of the consistent rainfall through san francisco and the north bay. it started raining 2:00, 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in the north bay. showers moderate. still raining here across highway 101. that is where the slickest commute will be for the morning. also expect showers to linger here through the morning with heavier pockets about to move in. dry from danville to livermore. we are looking at scattered showers. temperatures upper 40s to 50. feels mild after the low 30s we
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had on monday and tuesday. so for tomorrow we keep scattered showers in the forecast. unfortunately, we have weekend rain in the mix. that weekend rain coming from this storm system, 549 miles out. it is very finicky when it moves in. that timing is likely to change. sunday night looks like heaviest rainfall. for tomorrow, scattered showers. that lingers into saturday at this point. most rainfall expected in the north bay, .25 to .5 inches. trace amounts for the south bay and the east bay. upper 30s to near 40 for tonight. 45 in gill roy and 46 in redwood city. for tomorrow, temperatures not too bad. 60 in morgan hill, 59 in san jose. 57 in fremont, 57 in san mateo, 56 in san francisco, 57 in
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richmond and also looking at the mid to upper 50s as we transition into the north bay. that is where it will be the slickest as you head out in the morning hours. on our seven-day forecast, for a holiday parade expect showers in the morning. mother nature is on our side. >> wear a santa hat and your hair will be fine. >> i got to write that down. >> thanks, jeff. forget the it i it is the new adult beverage with a chocolate twist. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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according to them he was priority number one for the giant after juan uribe skipped town. now the priority is a reality. they signed miguel tejada and wasted no time introducing him to the media. the only misstep was wearing the blue tie to his press conference. he was saying all the right things. he is 36 years old. he has plenty left to give and the opportunity to play for a contender. >> i'm going to be in the same uniform with a championship team. i want to play here. in the bay area. there is nothing to wait for.
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>> the holiday cheer, well, it was being spread to a's doing their elf impression. they hosted over 200 elementary school kids at the holiday party at the oakland zoo. each child got his or her own holiday gift. in case you did not know, hockey is a big deal in canada. when a star player asked to be traded out of the city in that hockey capital of the world is a villain. dany heatley. suck it up, princess. classy, guys, way to go. more where that came from. heatley heard the boos in his first return since his trade 15 months ago. second period, sharks the man advantage. justin brawn. he gets his first goal of his career.
11:30 pm
heatley with the assist. he was very active. heatley and the sharks get the last laugh. they win 4-0. remember when the warriors were undefeated at home? not so much. trying to hold their own against the suns. in the fourth, the warriors has trailed. darrell wright hits the three. the warriors within three. can they pull off the comeback? no. jason rifdson putting things away. suns hold on 107-101. the warriors lost 7 of #. all eyes on cleveland when lebron james made his first appearance since taking his talents to south beach. james had a season high 38 points wrapped up in three quarters of play because it was such a blowout. the heat silenced the crowd
11:31 pm
beatdown style winning 118-90. the poor cleveland fans. >> that is the way to make people be quiet. >> showing them how it is done. >> exacy.istl >> back in a moment with a final check of the forecast. for a limited time, smartphones talk free. share minutes for free when you add a smartphone to a family shareplan. and now, buy an lg vortex and get one free.
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we are tracking rainfall in the north bay. where the wettest commute is tomorrow morning if you are heading to san francisco or the east bay, those roadways will be slick. in san francisco some heavy rainfall about to move in over the next hour. a quick look at the seven-day forecast, chance of rain friday, saturday, the next big system comes sunday night into monday morning. >> thanks, jeff. >> what are you bringing to the parade? >> santa hat. >> santa hat. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> good night.


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