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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2010 7:00am-11:00am PST

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does this now make that much more likely? >> actually, i think the decision is not a bad decision. the first thing is that the mandate is not essential. that was principally a benefit for insurance companies. it's absolutely not essential. because we have done something like that. >> you mean compelling people to buy health insurance? >> you don't have to do that in order to make universal health care. in massachusetts, under mitt romney, under their mandate, there's 4% that aren't affected. this is an important point. the judge limited his decision to this particular clause, he did not declare the bill unconstitutional, just this piece of the bill and he
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specifically said in his decision that this doesn't apply to the entire bill. i know the administration had a lot of heartburn over this. this may be a good thing, because this very conservative judge said that the severability, the bill as a whole could go forward. there's no chance that this is going to the supreme court without a lot of process. >> thank you very much. now to hollywood, the 68 annual golden globe nominations were announced this morning. lee cowan is live in los angeles with more. lee, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. it was the drama about a stuttering king george vi that earned the most nominations this morning but up against pretty stiff competition from both a swan and a fighter. >> qualifications. >> reporter: "the king's speech" already one of the critics' choices led the golden globes with seven nominations including a best drama and for its cast,
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including colin firth as the stuttering monarch, king george vi. >> destroyed the happiness for my family. >> reporter: just behind it with six nominations, it was a tie between the boxing drama "the fighter" with four acting nods including christian bale and mark wahlberg up against the tale of the founding of facebook "the social network" the director and cast, including jesse aisenberg, also scored big. right now? >> reporter: nicole kidman earned a nod for her role as a grieving mother in "the rabbit hole." >> he's god after all. why didn't he just make another angel? hmm? >> reporter: and natalie portman claimed a spot for best actress as a ballerina dancing her way into madness in "the black swan," also up for best drama. on a lighter note, johnny depp picked up two nominations for his roles in both "alice in wonderland." >> if i know you anywhere, aid
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know him anywhere. >> reporter: as well as a nod for his role in "the tourist," where angelina jolie claimed a spot for best actress. >> maybe we can find you another. >> reporter: both annette beck and julianne moore nominated together for their roles in the comedy about a lesbian family in "the kids are all right." on the television side, "mad men" once again walked away with a nod for best tv series up and up against "the good wife" "dexter," and "boardwalk empire." "30 nod" for tina fey and alec baldwin or actor and actress. bell look to the golden globes for a predictor of the oscars, turn outs it is not a very good indication what happens. in the last 60 years only one movie given a golden globe for best picture won oscar for best picture. wait and see what happens this year. >> i should have known that. i didn't, lee cowan. i thought it was a predictor. >> i guess not that often. >> a check of the rest of the morning's top stories, ann is
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over it news desk, good morning to you. >> good morning to both of you and all of you this morning. in the news, last night, republican party chairman michael steele made a surprise announcement saying he will seek re-election despite recent reports saying he would resign. steele has weathered controversy for spending nearly $2,000 in party funds at a los angeles strip club and for reportedly using nearly $19,000 of the committee's money to redecorate his office. 6 report. walgreen's are warning that hackers are using customer e-mail accounts to prompt customers for information. security experts suggest that using a different password for each of your own online accounts would make things safer. yahoo! is preparing to lay off as many as 5% of its workforce beginning today, cutting as many as 700 employees. the search engine has been struggling with sluggish growth and disappointing ad very much new. if you braved the winter chill last night, you might have seen a spectacular show up
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above. the annual meteor shower peak overnight with a rain ball of falling stars in white, yellow, blue, red and green. up to 60 meteors an hour rained down for star gazers. a cold hit and are run that flattened a poorly placed snowman and left one bus driver out of a job in illinois. in this youtube video, the car steers around a snowman the middle of the road and moments later, a bus veers to the left side of the road and takes the snowman down. after meeting with transit officials, the driver abruptly resign bud now the group has popped up on facebook calling for the bus driver to be he reinstated. as for the snowman, he had a meltdown. it is now 7:19 pacific time. now to matt and meredith. >> move that bus. >> no melting down where al is this morning. he is up in dunkirk, new york, where it is frigid. al, good morning again.
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>> good morning, matt, meredith about 50 miles southwest of buffalo, lake-effect snow, big factor today, all around all five great lakes, however, you go out west, they have got a mess to talk about in the pacific northwest. we are talking about rain and snow, look at this system on shore, bringing with it rain and mountain snows, rainfall amounts a half an inch to an inch of rain along the coast but the snow, we are talking anywhere from one to nine inches of snow, some areas of the upper elevations picking up a foot of snow or more. back the rest of the country, plenty of sunshine in the southeast but record lows. the sunshine will be around the plains but brutally cold, w here's a viewve or the b oa. the clouds are going by and raindrops, mainly light rain at times, but we will see more
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substantial rhine dropping in through the afternoon. locally breezy at times and temperatures mid- to upper 50s heading up into the north bay. temperatures in the mid 50s and today a rainy, cool day. tomorrow we should catch a break from the rain into thursday afternoon and more rain spills in on friday. and that's your latest weather, meredith? >> al, thank you very much. and just ahead why bernie madoff says that he will not attend his son, mark's, funeral. and why madoff's heartbroken wife is so angry at him, blaming him for his son's
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santa rosaa towards petaluma, light rain approaching the golden gealt brimming and pockets of rain towards areas south of san jose. this is the way the day will go. clouds and rain off and on through the day and temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s. tomorrow we have catch a short break. the rain will spill in by thursday. friday and saturday heavy rain at times and gusty for the weekend. 7:27 and more news after the break.
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good news for redwood city schools. the district got $1.6 million in federal money to hire 20 teachers for the rest of the year. district leaders are fighting over how the teachers should be used. the union wants them to get their own classrooms and the district wants them to assist student who is need additional instruction. they will take up the issue in a closed session tomorrow. more local news in 30 minutes. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's the 14th day of december 2010. and the thermometer tells us it is 20 degrees out on the plaza, but you know what? throw that out the window because there's wind out there as well, it feels a lot colder as it does in many parts of the country on this tuesday morning. that didn't stop these folks from gathering out on our plaza. we'll get out there in a little while and say hi. meanwhile i'm matt lauer alongside meredith viera. john boehner who is known to
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get emotional cried several times during an interview on 60 minutes. would his peers get a different reaction if boehner was a woman? how powerful can 140 characters be? more than 1,000 tweets are sent every second, some funny, some mundane, some can actually change the world. coming up the co-founder of twitter will reveal the most powerful tweets of 2010. let's begin this half hour with new details of the details of bernie madoff's son mark. >> reporter: according to his lawyer, bernie madoff decided not to attend the funeral out of respect for his family that shunned him. now bernie madoff's own grandkids may pay for his
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mistakes. at the madoff's connecticut estate, the family gathered monday, no comment, as relatives came down the long winding driveway. as they grieve mark's suicide, apparently depressed over the criminal investigation and lawsuits against him, his father bernie madoff has made a decision behind bars, he won't attend his son's funeral, out of his daughter-in-law and his grandchildren's privacy. it's not even clear if bernie madoff would even be welcome at the funeral. mark cut ties with his father since the story broke in 2008. ruth reportedly blames their convict husband for their son's death. sk sk . >> she claims that bernie madoff has blood on his hands, she calls him an s.o.b. and that he
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has totally ruined their family and the death of their son was the final straw. >> reporter: mark madoff pled poverty to friends, but in reality, he was still living a lavish life. his compound in connecticut, worth $2.3 million. his ocean front estate in nantucket seen here is worth $17 million. and the manhattan apartment where he hanged himself with a doing leash is worth $6 million. and now victims seek pay back for his admitted scam. his wife and young children as young as 2 years old may be on the hook for tens of millions. >> the victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scheme want their money back. and one of the things they have tried to do is to go after mark madoff's children seeking money they got through allegedly the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. so this litigation is going to go on. >> reporter: and federal investigators haven't ruled out criminal charges either.
7:34 am
officials still want to know what the sons knew about the ponzi scheme and whether they were involved. >> andrew is now the sole surviving son and if the u.s. attorney had intended to bring charges against the sons, it will all fall on andrew now. >> reporter: both mark and andrew madoff have denied any knowledge or involvement in the ponzi scheme from the very start and law enforcement sources say two years later, there's still not enough evidence to charge either one of them. by the way, the family still hasn't claimed mark's body from the medical examiner here in new york city and there's no word yet on funeral plans either. a contributing editor for "vanity fair" who has written about bernie madoff and the sons mark and an dprdrew. you wrote a piece about mark and andrew and you talked a lot of friends and colleagues and
7:35 am
acquaintances, what was your reaction to the news? >> i was shocked along with everybody else. i guess i would have assumed that he passed the worst of it already, that the epicenter of the story had moved on. everybody thought they were going to get indicted right off the bat, that the case against them was just so obvious and it didn't happen. and one would have thought that maybe he had reached a different kind of equilibrium in his life, but obviously that wasn't true. >> he took his life on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest, what did you make of that? >> i don't think he was making a particular point by picking that date, i think that it was just a reminder that the case was never going to go away for him. on the second anniversary there were legal consequences because the trustee had a deadline for filing actions by the second anniversary and so there was a flurry of activity around then and then there were the usual newspaper stories two years in,
7:36 am
including stories about him and supposedly one of the things he was concerned about was a story in the "wall street journal." >> that came out the day that he killed himself? >> the morning of his suicide. and the story in the journal had nothing new about him and nothing incriminating about him, but it was just a reminder that he was always going to be under this shadow, he would never be able to escape it and maybe just he was finally overwhelmed by that. >> he sent out some e-mails right before he took his own wife, one to his wife stephanie who was in florida with their other child. he wrote, i love you, please send someone to take care of nick, their 3-year-old son who was sleeping in his room when he killed himself. and he wrote nobody wants to believe the truth, please take care of my family. what was the truth as he saw it? >> the truth as he saw it was that he was entirely innocent of all of this. he said that nobody believed him. he really didn't make much of a defense in a way.
7:37 am
he just kind of disappeared. when i tried to interview him, of course, he wouldn't talk to me. his brother wouldn't talk to me either. but his brother sort of made himself available through surrogates. he got his case out there. i think that the two madoff brothers reacted very differently to this. andy madoff, the younger brother sort of went on with his life, he had already separated himself from his father even before all of this exploded. and mark didn't do that. it all kind of coiled up within him. >> you said he had read articles about what happened. >> that was the image of him sort of huddled over his computer, finding whatever sort of story he could on this, never really getting away from it. i think that andy madoff had a little bit more perspective on things, andy had other businesses, and he had had cancer. andy sort of knew what problems were even before all this happened. he was in a sense conditioned. >> do you think andy will
7:38 am
reconnect with his mother ruth who has now said she blames bernie for mark's death? >> i really don't know what the dynamics are in this family. >> he said nobody believed him. did you believe him at the end? >> i sort of did believe him, the more that i learned about the case and the more that i spoke to people that knew him, the more impressed i was, even people who had grievances against him and had every reason to revent simsent him, they sti of invited them into their lives. this is not something you do to a co-conspirator. "today's" weather is brought to you by advil, make the switch of advil now.
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>> and while we are talking about a lot of cold air, lake-effect snows around the great lakes, freezing conditions down in florida, out to the west, temperatures not too bad, especially for folks in the southwest where we're seeing 82 degrees in palm springs, and phoenix 78, lubbock, texas 73. 67 in denver. we're talking temps ten to 20 degrees above normal. and as we look around the rest of the country, those record lows around florida, the mess in the pacific northwest with lots of rain and mountain snow, high pressure dominating around the great lakes and so we will continue to see cold air across the great lakes. we have rain. you don't have to bundle up that much. you can see the rain along highway 101. catching a brief break in the
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foothills south of san jose. look at the moisture across the bay areament rain at times and breezy. highs in the mid 50s and by this time tomorrow morning, it is showers should be shutting down and dry in the middle of the week. more rain for friday. >> with this crazy weather going on all across the country, you want to make sure you check in at least once a day on the weather channel on cable or online. julian assange is expected to appear in a british court in relation to the charges he's facing in sweden. overnight assange released his first statement since his arrest last week. peter alexander has details on that. >> reporter: julian assange's hearing is expected to start a short time from now. his lawyer will ask to have bail set for his release. his mother came all the way from australia meeting with her son behind bars and releasing this
7:41 am
statement on his behalf saying, quote, eremain true to the ideas i have expressed. if anything this process has increased my determination that they there true and correct. and we're learning new details this morning about assange himself from what seems like an unlikely source. julian assange arrived in court this morning in the back of this prison van, his mother speaking in his defense. >> as a mother, i'm asking the world to stand up for my brave son. >> reporter: he is the mysterious hacker at the heart of an international storm. but before the scandal exploded, assange was reportedly also a single man looking for love online. the profile of the then-36-year-old going by the name harry harrison, he writes, i am danger and describes himself as passionate and often pig headed activist intellectual seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy. that he's looking for a spirited
7:42 am
nonconformist. he says do not write to me if you're timid, write to me if you're brave. ok cupid says it has existed for several years, last updated in december 2006, the same month wikileaks published its first document. now assange faces possible extradition to sweden where he's a wanted man, on allegations of sexual misconduct with two women he met at the stockholm wikileaks. >> all that's talked about has happened just because one apartment in this triangle was julian assange. >> reporter: an aspiring investigatedive journalist at oxford university, isabel spent three days with assange this fall. she describes his spark and magnetic personality. >> funny, intelligent, you know, and loose and not at all like
7:43 am
this kind of rigid media persona when you're interviewing him. >> reporter: this weekend swedish television aired a new documentary on the wikileaks affair, interviewing the controversial founder shortly before his arrest. >> i have a second message, and that is reset examples. if you engage in unjust behavior, it will be found out, it will be revealed and you will suffer the consequences. >> reporter: and if the judge sets bail at today's hearing, julian assange could actually walk out of this courtroom as a free man. the british prime minister today alerted government workers to be on the lookout in case internet activists assange supporters try to hack into government websites today. still ahead on this tuesday morning, how you can look like kate middleton, but first these messages. ♪
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you know, in 2010, twitter became one of the go-to social net working sites for everyone from celebrities to politicians and millions of people. >> the most powerful tweets of 2010. good morning to u you. we're talking billions of tweets. how do you narrow it down to the ten most powerful? >> you print them out and you read them all. >> you wouwe put a group togeth we found thousands of tweets and we tried to carry a nice cross section of tweets that showed the power of the network at work and sort of the power of humanity. >> let's go through a few of them quickly, at number six, you've got the royal family's tweet announcing prince william and kate middleton's engagement. they tweeted, the prince of
7:48 am
wales is delighted to announce prince william's engagement to kate middleton. >> i think all that anybody could talk about was that engagement. i think it's still going on. >> number four tweet came in the wake of the gulf oil spill. based on bp's public image problem, the tweet read, catastrophe is a strong word, let's call it a whoopsie daysy. >> it was just very interesting that a parody account became this voice of this whole thing. >> we're going to move all the way to number one, your most powerful tweet from 2010 comes from this young lady to my left. while covering the earthquake in haiti, ann tweeted this message to the u.s. airports, find a way
7:49 am
to let doctor s without borders into haiti. >> so many people retweeted this message out and they made sure that the u.s. air force know it. >> one tweet can get retweeted so many times that ann was able to sort of virtually wave in that doctors without borders plane and get them landed within an hour. first of all that's a big honor. congratulations. and how many billions of tweets you do expect this year? >> many, many. >> start reading now. >> thank you very much, we appreciate it. and still ahead t crying game, the double standard when it comes to men, women and tears. but first these messages. you see the big turkey for thanksgiving? ♪ [ grandma ] okay. ♪ ah. then we will all do it together. treats. teets...teets...teets... yeah.
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>> per good morning. your time is 7:56. let's check the morning commute. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza with plenty of cars and expect delays if you are heading there this morning. now we will take a look at the forecast with rob. it's wet out there. >> it is. you were out in that earlier this morning. san jose off to the west towards cupertino with light rain. this is the way the day will go. rain off and on and pick up in intenseit across the south bay. plan on temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. good news wednesday into thursday and more rain thursday into friday. plan on a soggy and windy
7:57 am
weekend. the weekendai r rain could be locally heavy at times. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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>> 7:58 and developing news, a bay area soldier has been killed in afghanistan sunday in the kandahar province. he was from redwood city.
7:59 am
derek was 21 years old and killed with explosives packed in a mipy bus blew up in a nato base. he was a member of the 101st airborne division in ft. campbell, kentucky. more local news in about 30 empties from no. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, the 14th of december, 2010. and our friends on the plaza, huddling together for warmth, it is a bitter cold, windy morning here in manhattan. and outside on the plaza, i'm meredith viera along with matt lauer. just ahead in this half hour, the interesting fashion statement being made by kate middleton for her new engagement photos, she didn't wear clothes by her designers, she picked them out of her own close set. >> imagine. holidays a great time to save on
8:01 am
books. we have a light saber. she was coming after you and i saved your life. of course i gave it right back to her. talk about giving the gift of food, the holidays fast approaching. we have some great ideas, the best part about it, you don't have to make it yourself and you don't even have to mail it, the companies do that for you. >> i still have not done my shopping. >> you got to get to it. also it is a big morning in hollywood as the golden globe nominations are out, we will have complete coverage of this year's nominee. >> that woman just cut you in half with her light saber, bad news for you. let's go inside and get a check of the morning's top news stories. as you have been reporting, president obama said the nation has lost a true giant of foreign policy. richard holbrooke, the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan died last night after a
8:02 am
weekend surgery for a torn ao a aorta. ending the war in bosnia to his efforts to end the war in afghanistan. he was 69 years old. the last week of fall is off to a brutal start in the midwest where waist deep snow has stranded drivers and closed schools. in washington state a driver had to be be rescued from a pond swollen by heavy rain and the combination of broken water mains and freezing terms leave a family wait forgive their home to outlaw out. a suit claims that sexual assault in the military is nearly twice as common as in civilian life, but that much of it is not reported or prostituted. the democrats health care overhaul suffered it's first major set back on monday. a federal judge ruled it is
8:03 am
unconstitutional for the government to require americans to carry health insurance, however the judge refused to block the law from going into effect while it is being appealed in the u.s. supreme court. the compromise bill extending tax cuts and long-term unemployment benefits could win final senate approval as early as today. it passed a test vote on monday by a margin of 83-15. house democrats are still demanding changes. one of the most incredible streaks in all of sports came to an end last night when minnesota vikings quarterback brett favre did not start in 281 seasons. the new york jets assistant coach who hit a miami dolphins player sunday has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season and fined $25,000. the nfl will not seek any further disciplinary action. and a rare appearance by former first lady nancy reagan. she unveiled the design for a
8:04 am
new first class forever stamp marking next year's centennial of her husband, ronald reagan's birth. it is now three minutes after the hour, let's go now to al for the weather. "today's" weather is brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry with five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores. and good morning, everybody. it is brutally cold here in dunkirk, new york, about 15 degrees, a windchill of 3 below and what's causing the lake-effect snow in the great lakes, right now the water temperature as the cold air comes across, it sucks up moisture and as it comes back over the land and the moisture cools, it falls in the form of snow, lake-effect snow. let's take a look and show you what we have got going on right now. a rough day all along the great lakes, our pick city today, philadelphia, pennsylvania, only
8:05 am
29 degrees, variably cloudy and cold today. as we check out the rest of the country, we'll show youtrong weather coming into the pacific northwest. a lot of rain, mountain snows. here in the east, we have got the lake-effect snow to deal with. gulf coast not too bad, plenty of sunshine, but record lows in florida today with temperatures dropping back down below freezing throughout much of central and northern florida, look for plenty of sunshine and warmer conditions in the and here is what is happening now in san jose. sewe have rain moving back in. you can see the cell there moving through downtown san jose. we have a lod have a lot of clo there. for the south bay, the rain will increase. by this time tomorrow morning, showers should be clearing and enjoy that break. we have more rain coming in thursday night into friday. heff yeah rain at times.
8:06 am
>> and that's your latest weather. just want to tell you it is will's 10th birthday over there. happy birthday, will. when we come back, kate's chic style statement. - did dad go to jared for the pandora bracelet like we told him? - i can't tell. - oh, honey. - he totally went to jared. female announcer: celebrate life's unforgettable moments with pandora, now at jared.
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back now at 8:08. with kate middleton's flair for fashion. fashionista's everywhere are looking for inspiration. >> reporter: very few women are lucky enough to land a prince. kate middleton is at the top of that very glamorous list. what they lack in likeness, they make up for in attention to detail. her clothes, her hair, sensible and stylish. elegant and at least some of it surprisingly accessible. for the engagement the future princess didn't turn to designers, she went to her closet. this dress was off the rack from
8:10 am
the british store reece. kate bought it two years ago, the blouse, from a store called whistles. >> she's going for something that any girl in london or anywhere would have access. >> reporter: not like princess diana. more like michelle obama and j. crew and talbot. kate gives herred ed admirers a within reach. the new york salon sees a steady stream of wannabes. >> her style is simple, she's classy and beautiful. so i was going for a look like that. >> reporter: to be fair, it may not be as easy for everybody. >> i've got a little length in the back. >> reporter: those looking to buy the kate middleton look are very good for business. knock off of the ring has sold out everywhere and the british
8:11 am
brand lucky enough to get a nod in these photos are -- >> i can definitely see people going and seeking those items. >> reporter: at reece, the dress will go on sale again in january, but kate wears a lot of their clothes, quite a bit for the copy kate to choose from. >> she's a good customer, how she wears her coats, her dresses. she comes into our stores and she even knows some of our staff personally. >> reporter: and now so do i. for someone who's going to be a kate middleton wannabe, they might want to buy that coat? >> i think so. >> reporter: i got the coat, i need to work on the hair a little bit. but i figure by april, i'm going to be a dead ringer. >> you don't have to take after anybody, you are one of a kind, stephanie gosk. i however wou-- first of all, w
8:12 am
grade do you give kate for the clothing she has selected and the hair cut. >> it's got to be an a-plus. the idea that sh girl went into her wardrobe, the shirt that she wore was two years old and that's going to come out again, they're going to call it the kate shirt from whistle's. and if you can't get it in the store, you can get it online. this is a chance we're all going to be able to have that kate look. but the idea that she dip into the mall store brands, but also has that princessy moment, is fabulous, modern and absolutely right because the public is lapping this up. >> what about her hairstyle? >> i think her hair is classic and beautiful, i think it's hard to look classic and beautiful, it's supershiny and just very
8:13 am
natural looking and modern. >> she also looks great in an up do as well. >> do you think she's going to make the mark on fashion that diana did? >> we're desperate for someone back in eveningland to make a m. we loved it the first time, and we're going to love it again. and i think everyone's a little bit nervous that she's going to be turning into this iconic figure and there's going to be a huge amount of pressure. but she can do it that in a michelle obama way. >> when you say michelle obama, that's exactly who i thought of, who went to the j. crew look and the talbots instead of doing the high end. >> she wears fabulous clothes too. but fashion doesn't stop and end on the high streets. it's both ends and what makes a great closet. >> and i think it's more of who she is. >> i think she's just more from that middle class and she's not flashy and again, she's
8:14 am
superclassic and approachable. and i think that's what appeals to so many people is that, i mean look at her in that white coat. she's just so elegant and eagle. and i think that's very hard to pull off and be modern. >> and it's not just the clothes and the hair that people are copying, it's the ring as well, that was originally diana's so it's been copied for years. >> when that ring was given to princess diana it was $100,000. >> is it more attainable for the average person? >> definitely. and i think that's why so many people are coming in wanting to look like her and i think women have looked like that for a long time. it's just that classic, long layered flowing hair, that has the round brush at the bottom, it just very approachable. it's not too trendy, yet i think it's hard to pull off that look
8:15 am
and look interesting. >> it's hard to pull it off if you're my age, but if you're in your 20s. i don't know about the older women. >> i would go a little bit shorter, but just the framing around the face, you can be pretty much any age. >> i'm getting the white dress. and up next, hasty mail order gift ideas that will get there in time for christmas, believe it or not. but first these messages. ♪ express yourself
8:16 am
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♪electronic santa song "today's" holiday gift guide is brought to you by target. expect more, pay less. this morning this morning on today's hole day gift guide mail-order gifts from bunt cakes, and we have last-minute gifts that will please your food lover and save you a trip to the mailbox. good to see you. happy holiday. >> happy holidays. >> we have 11 days to go until christmas. can you still order and get it delivered? >> one of the best things about food is it's usually shipped
8:19 am
overnight so, some of the things you might need 48 hours notice, but if you do it today, you're totally fine. >> we have an entire table filled with great gift ideas. let's start with the savory items. why do you like these? >> delicious, delicious. these are artisinal made the ç old-fashioned way salomi. they're located in the ferly building in san francisco. they're, like, $35, $45 per package. they're aged. they're delicious. that's vermont smoke ask cured. they've beck making meat like this for 45 years. they have a pepperoni that's not like anything you have ever had before. it's made with corn cob and meet ball. >> i love chicken pot pie. >> chicken pot pies all natural all organic ingredients.
8:20 am
it's a great thing to send to a family. >> they have single serving or larger ones. >> package or two or a bigger one for $30. >> what is this bacon jam? >> this is delicious. >> you really think so? >> just you try it. it's very good quality bacon that is cooked. it's then thrown in with spices and onions. cooked for hours. you would put it on a hamburger. you would put it with egg. it's really interesting. you know, a great -- use it instead of making bacon for a blt. it's a lot less work. >> baked goods. >> this is like the one stop shop. zimmerman's is famous for their coffee cake. i like their over the moon pie. great for a family as well. >> they can ship this and it's not going to break apart. >> they come in wooden boxes. very sturdy. packaged very well. i love their spanish elephant ears. they're doused in olive oil with, like, anise and sugar and very good. >> for people with food allergies, have you some products that are gluten-free?
8:21 am
>> food allergy is a huge trend now. gluten-free, and dairy free. have you to like licorice. you need to give them 48 hours notice for them to ship it. they do loefz. everything baked goods if you can't eat wheat or eggs, can you get it from here where. >> pecan pie is from the good company. >> their pecan pie is also -- they've been doing it since the 1980s because people love it so much. it comes in a wooden box. >> popcorn lovers you have 479 degree popcorn. what's that about? >> it is çó479. this is a cordon bleu graduate that discovered 479 is the best temperature to make popcorn. it comes in flavors like black truffle. also good carmel. it's these buttery carmels that come in sea salt and they have nice messages wrapped around them. >> for health lovers, you have some mix your own gran oela. you can customize that. >> you go on site.
8:22 am
75 different things you can add. they've got one for you. >> and, finally, pickles by mail order and sometimes pickles and bloody mary mix. >> fabulous company. two brothers. they do everything the way their great grandmother did, and also root, which is a really cool drink. it's from the 1700s. >> these are great ideas. these really are. you can order them now and get them to your people in time for the holidays. that's great. elizabeth, thank you very much. let's go over to meredith. >> all right, matt. thank you very much. there is a new wrinkle in the debate over whether it's okay for men to cry. essentially powerful men in public forums. this after john boehner, the next house speaker teared up during "the 60 minutes" interview. mike tiabi has more. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says she doesn't cry over politics, but she can't say the same about the surprisingly emotional man who is replacing her. john boeh to be the most powerful figure
8:23 am
in the house of representatives often cries over pending legislation. >> put it at the top of our list. it's provided for the safety and security of the american people. >> reporter: and he told "60 minutes" even the thought of talking to school children gets him all emotional. >> making sure that these kids have a shot at the american dream, like i did. it's important. >> reporter: on abc's "the view" they had a field day with it. >> they call him the weeper of the house. >> this guy has an >> every time he talks about anything that's not taxes, he cries. >> he gets away with it, barbara said, in a way that his predecessor, the outgoing speaker, would not. >> if you were to see nancy pelosi all these past years crying, what would you say? >> well, they might have said when some said when hillary clinton appeared to cry in a difficult moment during the new hampshire primary in 2008. the tears showed she was too
8:24 am
weak for the tough stuff. but others said it humanized her. of course, her husband's frequent emoting during his presidency was seen by many as humanizing him, and george bush's supporters saw his public tears the same way. the old 1980s song by the cure -- ♪ boys don't cry >> reporter: may now be pretty much out of date. tom lutz, an expert on crying, says what matters now for men is why they're tearing up and when. >> your kind of sense of a person's general sincerity is going to determine how you read their çtears. your sense of what -- whether the circumstance warrants it. >> reporter: crying publicly might have sunk a do youer -- and it won't win you fans if you are a governor cheating on his wife or televangelist cheating on god. >> i have sinned, my lord. >> manly tears are no longer
8:25 am
shot whether it's glen beck regularly opening up on fox news, athletes tearing up over a loss or win, and, remember that reality show with jason meznik crying constantly over which love interest to choose? and more pole tigs than you company count giving vent to their not feminine side, but human side. >> well, president obama has also been known to shed a public tear. most notably after his grandmother died at the he wanted of the campaign. it seems like in this new era it is all right to cry, at least for the men. meredith. >> do you shed a tear? >> absolutely. every day i come here. >> all right. t erha y . just ahead, the golden globe nominations after your local news. after your local news. ju
8:26 am
good morning it is 8:26 now. plenty of people are trying to make their way into san francisco today. live look at 880. slow drive there. wet start to your day today. >> very light in the newsroom. san francisco and oakland light rain falling. scattered showers and this is going to be the trend of the day. you see the clouds over the bay
8:27 am
area, rain off and on. winter storm warning. should drop choloser to 5,000 feet. for the south bay, plan on the rain increasing as we head towards the evening commute. seven day forecast will show you that we will catch a break. timeow 8:27 more news after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
a blue out is expect the at an east bay school board meeting tonight. they plan to dress in blue to rally tonight and protect jobs and students in schools safe. the rally is designed to express anger in the rising cost of health care. the district's future cuts would make it impossible to provide safe and clean classrooms. tonight's meeting is at 7:30. more local news sin 30 minutes.
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's the 14th day of december, 2010. and it's cold outside. that's ann curry, that's ricky duvet, the very funny man. >> we have collected $18 million
8:31 am
in gifts this year. so thanks to everyone here. >> the golden globes are all the talk of hollywood this morning. we're going to have coverage of the nominations. also coming up this morning, we're going to be talking about our steals and deals, and we have got some ideas about hot fashions for as much as 85% off. >> that sounds good. and we have got a question for you, will it be aida, patrick or freed rick. anybody's guess as to who's going to come out first. the host joins us this morning from burbank. allison, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, everyone. you look chilly. >> a little brisk here. that's right. we know fredo and patrick are already finalists because they have lost the highest percentage of weight.
8:32 am
43, fredo is 12 to 16 years older than the remaining contestants. how is that going to work out? >> i know, i think fredo, if anyone can overcome it, it's fredo, he's certainly had his eye on the prize from day one and he knew how to play the game and work hard and get him all the way to the end. no question, no vote, he is in the finals and he did it himself. he busted his butt and he's not doing it for the money, he's doing it because he wants to win that bad. >> he was the heaviest contesta contestant, will that work to his advantage. >> he ee's young, he's fightingr it. he has been doing this for his family. he said from the beginning, his beautiful kids need him to be healthy so he has a lot of reasons to fight to win this. and i think he has a good chance to win. >> aida is another one of finalists and why do bob and
8:33 am
jillian call her basically a machine and a terminator? >> she's aida the terminator and she actually earned what title. she's just been working so hard in the gym every single day since she got on the show. so if anybody can overcome fredo and patrick, it will definitely will aida. >> and if the audience believes that -- >> i got to be honest, i don't think elizabeth has the numbers to compete against fredo or patrick, but if america chooses her, it's going to be a sweep for her. she was brought to the show by jillian and certainly proved herself and overcame some amazing obstacles and i think she's a great motivation to a lot of women out there. but i'm pretty sure one of those guys will take it. >> it's been a great season. allison, thanks for getting up early, we appreciate it. >> fun to talk to you as always.
8:34 am
>> let me remind people the live two-hour finale the tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central time. the winner will join us here in new york tomorrow morning on "today." where is al? >> dunkirk, new york. with another check of the weather. hey, al, it must be so cold there because it's code cold here. >> it's pretty brutal, we're about a 50-mile drive southwest of buffalo and the lake-effect snow a big deal here. let's take a look and show you what's happening for today. we have got those lake-effect snows around the great lakes, a lot of wet weather in the pacific northwest. record lows down in florida. birmingham and atlanta both setting record lows of 14 degrees overnight. and then for tomorrow, temperatures moderate a little bit, but not a lot. it's still going to be an icy mess in the mid mississippi river valley, wet weather in the pacific northwest.
8:35 am
well it has been a tough commute around the bay area this morning. moisture streaming in will present rain off and on throughout the day. slow-moving system will draw more rain across the south bay. things will wind down heading towards the middle part of the be week. heavy rain through the weekend. >> and with this wild weather happening all across the country, you'll want to check in with the weather channel on cable and . get inside. get warm. when we come back, the gloelden globe no, ma'am nags, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. hey, guys !
8:36 am
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8:38 am
a lot of plea dawn activity in hollywood as the 68th annual golden globe nominations were revealed, and leading the way with seven nominations is meredith's favorite movie of the year. that, of course, would be -- >> the king's speech. thank you very much. best picture, best director, best actor. colin burn, the supporting actor. jeffrey rush. a lot of people, of course, look at the golden globes and think, well, maybe this is going to tell us what's going to happen with the academy awards. >> it often does. >> that's good for your favorite manufacture. zi also like michael douglas got the nod for best supporting actor. that's wonderful gin all that he has gone through. after the rest of the nominations, here are how it unfolded at the beverly hilton. >> good morning, and welcome to the nomination announcement for the 68th annual golden globe awards. and here to reveal these nominations, please welcome
8:39 am
blair underwood, josh dumal and katie holmes. blair, you're up first. >> thank you. okay. best performance by an actor in a miniseries or motion picture made for television, edirth helmand. al pacino, you don't know jack. dennis quaid, the special relationship, and edgar ramirez, carlos. best performance by an actress in a miniseries or motion picture made for television. ha haley atwell, pillars of the earth, claire daynes. judy dench, return to cranford. emma, and jennifer love hewitt, the client list. best performance by an actress in a motion picture, comedy, or musical. annette benning, the kids are
8:40 am
all right. ann hathaway, love and other drugs. angelina jolie, the tourist. juliana moore, the kids are all right, and emma stone, easy aid. oh, you like best performance about an an actor in motion picture, comedy,ure musical. johnny depp alice in wonderland, skrony depp, the tourist. right? paul giamaddi, barney's version, jake gyllenhaal, love and other drugs, and kevin spacey, casino jack. >> best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture, christian bale, the fighter. michael douglas, wall street, money never sleeps. andrew garfield, the social network. jeremy renner, the town.
8:41 am
geoffrey rush, the king's speech. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture. amy adams, the fighter. helena bonhamme carter, the king's speech. mila kunis, black swan. melissa leo, the fighter. jackie weaver, animal kingdom. best performance by an actor in a television series drama. steve boardwalk empire. brian cranston, breaking bad. michael c. hall, dexter. john hamm, mad men. hugh laurie, house. best director motion picture. darren, black swan. david fisher, the social
8:42 am
network. tom hooper, the king's speech. christopher nolan, inception. david l. russell, the fighter. best motion picture comedy or musical. alice in wonderland, burlesque. the kids are all right, red, the tourist. that's it. >> best television series drama. boardwalk empire, dexter, the good wife, mad çmen, the walki dead. best performance in a motion picture drama.
8:43 am
halle barry, frankie and ellis. nicole kidman, rabbit hole. jennifer lawrence, winter's bone. natalie portman, black swan. michelle williams, blue valentine. best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama. jesse eisenberg, the social network. colin firth, the king's speech. james franko, 127 hours. ryan goss ling, blue valentine. mark wahlberg, the fighter. best motion picture drama. black swan, the fighter, inception, the king's speech, the social network.
8:44 am
thank you. >> let's give a big thank you for blair, josh, and katie. for those watching, don't forget to join us sunday, january the 16th, for the 68th annual golden globe awards hosted by ricky e gervais. >> ricky gervais will host for the second straight year. good morning to you. >> i was mentioned right at the end. >> better late than never. >> didn't hear my name until right at the end, which is -- >> well, they saved the best for last. >> exactly, yeah. >> one thing you kept saying throughout the whole thing is -- >> you have nothing. >> nobody -- >> how can you host the show -- >> i saw one of the films. >> which one? >> inception. it's amazing. i have a good chance.
8:45 am
>> in your world. >> yes. >> i've seen all the tv shows, and they're all great. i love "dexter." >> "boardwalk empire." >> amazing. >> king's speech is about your people. >> my people? what? the royal family? they're my people, all right. >> this is not an easy thing to host. >> no. >> well, the show. >> this is easy. your show, the golden globes. >> i've seen you telling people off because your cappuccino was cold. >> yes, he has. >> i saw a different side of you. i thought you were lovely. >> all right. no, you have an incredibly eclectic room there. half of them are three sheets to the wind, and you have to hold it all together. >> no, they're my people. >> what is the trick to doing it, because you did it so well? >> i don't think you have to worry about it. you know, at first i started thinking, oh, this is on television. it seemed like 250 million
8:46 am
people, but then you start to think, you know, it's for the people in the room. that's entertaining, because doing it and you're having fun -- there i am again. i'm all over the show. >> you got into it last year. you wanted people to understand d you star in the office back in the u.k., but you were the executive producer of that show in this country, and you don't think you get enough credit for that? >> whatever that means. i was coming out of letterman show last year, and ricky, ricky, and one guy said who is that? he did steve correll's role in the english remake of "the office." >> that's the way -- >> you know james franko, right, who has been nominated now, best actor. >> i know everything about films. what do you want to know? >> he is on the phone right now. he is on location in providence, rhode island, our old stomping grounds. james, first of all,
8:47 am
congratulations. james? >> hello. >> hey, congratulations. >> oh, thank you. thank you. i just heard. yes. >> who called you? >> my friend barry from -- he is a text message friend. we send each other photos of fat animals. >> wait a minute. >> wow. more than we need to know, actually. >> you are nominated for your role. you basically dominate the screen 127 hours, the story of the hiker who got in a very difficult position and had to amputate his own arm. it's a tough film in certain parts, but a very rewarding job for you. i know you saw it as a real emotional transformation. >> yes. i mean, you would think that that movie would be the slowest and most static kind of
8:48 am
narrative around, but actually, i think danny creates an incredible kind of a movie going experience and one of the most dynamic movies out there. >> well, it's getting an enormous amount of response, and your role in particular, and the job you do with this character. congratulations, james. thanks for getting up early. say hi to the folks in providence. >> i will. thank you. >> you got to see that movie now. you winced a little. >> is it a comedy or musical? >> oh, gosh. yeah. >> you get to do the golden globes again. you'll never come back here again. >> break a leg, ricky. >> thank you. >> you can catch the 68th annual golden globes live coast-to-coast on sunday, january 16th, starring that man right there, and it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific-on nbc.
8:49 am
this is "today" on nbc. back in a moment, this is "today" on next.
8:50 am
8:51 am
31 years later, the cohn brothers have remade the film with jeff bridges in the lead role. bridges plays a u.s. marshall who helps a young mwoman track down her father's killer. not only are you following in the footsteps of an icon. you're taking on an iconic role, are you mad? >> the first introduction the cohn brothers gave me was that they were going back to charles porter's book and that was a relief. so i started it completely fresh and just went from the book. >> the book is beautifully
8:52 am
written. >> uh-huh. >> and how does it differ from the movie they grew up watching? >> well, it may be a little darker, a little funnier, you know. and of course, in the hands of the cohn brothers, they give it their own special touch. >> you played with the big lebowski. >> it a very relaxed kind of atmosphere. >> how are you handling and i would imagine pretty well all of the attention you're getting right now at this stage of your career. and i didn't mean you didn't get attention at an earlier stage, but they did. things have exploded with you with the oscar. you've got true grit opening this week, tron next week. couldn't be more different kinds of roles.
8:53 am
>> and winning the oscar for that music movie gave me kind of -- flamed my own interest in music and just get through kind of the basic tracks. >> is it better getting this kind of response at this stage in your career than perhaps it might have been at a much younger age? >> probably so, yeah. >> why? >> well, you know, when you lose too early, maybe it could peak too early. it's nice peaking right now. >> most people would think that after you won the oscar, the scripts just come flooding in. is that the case? are there enough roles for mature actors these days? >> i think there are, but i haven't noticed a big flood of scripts necessarily. but it has raised by profile a bit. i'm able to pay some attention to the no kids hungry campaign, that i'm the national spokesperson for, we're trying to end hunger here in our country by 2015. >> jeff bridges, always good to
8:54 am
see you. true grit opens next week and we're going to catch up with the co-star matt damon on thursday. we're back on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway talks holiday favorites. i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life.
8:55 am
wow. i love the way she plated that roast. yeah. i said "plated." he's been watching too many cooking shows. mm-hmm. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life. still ahead on a chilly tuesday morning. we're going to talk about some diet tips to help you through the holiday season. and our special series
8:56 am
steals and deals, but first your local news. good morning it is 8:56. it is still slow going around the east bay. a live look shows heavy traffic on 880. allow yourself extra time this morning and still a back up at the toll plaza as well.
8:57 am
but as gotten ttere time now is. more news after this. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. ♪ i'm go♪ i can't wait now i'm gonna get it. ♪ ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪
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♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪ ♪ i was up all night in anticipation feeling electric jewels of jubilation. ♪ ♪ yule tide carols from the local congregation. ♪ ♪ make it tough to hold my patience in check. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪ at 8:58 now. we are learning details of a plan to block proposed $6 toll to get in and out of san francisco from the south. jerry hill says he is going to tell the board of supervisors at their meeting today, that he will introduce legislation at the state level to block the toll. it will add up to $1500 for peninsula commuters who come in between 6:30 and 9:30 am and leave later in the day.
8:59 am
we'll have an update for you in 30 minutes. most of you agreed with our call last week for a do not mail registry to stop the flood of holiday catalogs. garrett said i get 10 to 15 pieces of junk for every piece of legitimate mail. wilson complains one needs mailing labels to unsubscribe. others say they would have to get opt-in permission to mail me the same info i can read off of the company website. excess mail robs us of time.
9:00 am
the direct markets association said. they produce thousands of catalog printing jobs and a national registry will hurt the americanonec ony.omec agree or disagree. join us online at we're back now with more of ♪ we're back with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. it's the 14th of december, 2010. barking dogs outside and chilly temperatures and lots of nice people waving. it's about 22 degrees out there. windchill much lower than that. we had a dusting of snow here in the northeast overnight, and nice to walk out this morning, but nothing compared to what the people in other parts of the country have to endure, waist deep snow. >> lake-effect snow will not go away. >> the flurries we got here have
9:01 am
ended, but take a look at some of the scenes from around the country. we should tell you that al this morning is in dunkirk, new york, where they are expecting more lake-effect snow. it looks chilly up there, al. >> reporter: yeah, i will give you an idea how cold it is. this is lake erie, about 15 yards behind me, and this is what just flew over here. >> come on! >> no! >> reporter: seriously, frozen. >> you got that at amp. >> reporter: i found this. it's crazy. >> look around. somebody is throwing fish at you. all right, al. >> reporter: nobody is throwing fish! >> that's great! >> reporter: i'm bringing this back for you. >> al, somebody through it at
9:02 am
you just for the halabit. >> reporter: i'm tired of working for scales. >> okay. okay. we can't take it anymore. also ahead, navigating the diet mind field known as the holiday season, of course. this morning on the diet sos, whether you are suffering from acid reflex or lack of willpower, joy bower is here. and then it's time for another installment of just for our "today" show viewers, we have all the details straight ahead. looking good, jill. let's get a check of the top stories this morning. ann, good morning to you. >> we begin with the deadly storm still moving across the country. john yang is in michigan city,
9:03 am
indiana, and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ann. here are the shores of lake michigan. the third straight day of snowfall here in western indiana. there are two feet of snow on the ground and the high winds are creating drifts of up to four feet high. for drivers it's not a winter wonderland, it's a winter whiteout. in the midwest, blowing snow covered roads and highways as fast they could be cleared. >> they told us to shut it down and try to keep traffic heading that way. >> reporter: more than 100 cars and trucks were stuck to snow-covered highways. drivers that were able to move found the hard part was stopping. this is lake michigan, and windchills up to 35 miles per hour. americans from the great lakes to florida are in the deep freeze.
9:04 am
in chicago, officials warned of the bitter cold. >> all chicagoens should avoid making unnecessary trips outside. >> reporter: it's part of the winter storm that stranded travelers at the o'hares airport, and deflated the metrodome stadium. a woman in her 60s had to be rescued after her van was spotted in an icy bond and taken to the hospital in serious condition. and then a broken water main coated this man's house in ice. the temperature has been dropping. the high for the day was before sunrise. believe it or not, they have been chasing surfers out of the water. >> that is unbelievable. john yang, thank you so much. a very serious story now. veteran diplomat holbrook has died. he had been in the hospital since friday for a torn aorta.
9:05 am
he was the architect of the bosnian peace agreement in 1985. his last words were to his doctor when he said, quote, you have got to stop the war in afghanistan. he was 69 years old. and then a federal judge on monday struck down a key provision of a law that requires most americans to carry health insurance. a british judge granted bail this morning for the wikileaks founder. he was jailed in london last week and is fighting extradition to sweden where two women accused him of sexual misconduct. >> america's neighbors are more racially integrated than ever according to a recent census data.
9:06 am
segregation among blacks and white fell in most cities, but segregation persists, particularly among hispanics. a 18-foot mammal beached himself in san diego last night, and took 20 sea workers to inject him with antibiotics and push him back out to sea. and if you are looking for a vacation spot, this could be it. next year the sight of the 1986 nuclear meltdown will be open for tourism. the highly contaminated zone surrounding the blownout reactor has been off limits for decades, but more than 50 people died in the aftermath of the meltdown, although they say radiation that was released will eventually kill thousands. that's unusual, i think. >> yeah. it is. thank you very much, and appreciate that. dying to go back to new york and find out what is flying at
9:07 am
al now. chicken potpie coming your pay, al? >> reporter: i got fish sticks and tater tots. >> lobster tail. let's step it up a bit. >> reporter: why don't you guys come visit, and i will show you this. >> you're fine. >> i think you are enjoying it. want to stay through tomorrow, al, too? >> reporter: i will be back in the studio tomorrow. the lake-effect snow has been cranking five of the great lakes. look at what is going on. you have the winds going across the great lakes dumping the snow into the arctic air. snowfall totals, syracuse, probably picking up another one to two feet before it's over. buffalo, three to six inches. cleveland will see snow. new england will look at snow. lake enhanced snow all the way down to beckly, west virginia. and the temperatures, 24 degrees below in charleston. and 20 degrees below normal in
9:08 am
miami. 39 right now. it's 24 in washington. minus 3 in des moines. and those are the windchills. as you look at what the highs are for the day, we will see temperatures warm up a bit, but not by much. 10 degrees in buffalo. 47 in jacksonville. and 20 degrees in st. louis. temperatures do moderate a bit on thursday, but i will tell you, this is the deep it is tuesday morning. starting off with a lot of clouds. rain spilling over the bay area and a winter storm warning. you can expect temperatures today in the mid to upper 50s. that rain will continue for the south bay and tonight head iing into wednesday, we will catch a bit of a break. enjoy it while it lasts. more rain will drop in on us for friday. looking pretty soggy for the weekend.
9:09 am
that's your latest weather. ann. >> all right, al. thank you so much. this morning on joy's s.o.s. you how to enjoy countless holiday treats without ruining your diet or your stomach. joy is the creator of the new exercise dvd called joy bower's exercise slimdown. we have a lot of questions, including the first one from dana in bronx, new york xshgs she joins us via skype. what is your question? good morning. >> i have a lot of holiday parties this month. i'm sure you know what the worst offenders are. >> i think a lot of people suffer this, joy. >> it's a great question, and it's super hard during the holiday season. i think the most important thing, hands down, that your husband can do is to not over stuff himself with a large volume of food. heats because when you eat a super large meal, you increase the pressure in your stomach.
9:10 am
it sits in your stomach for a longer period of time, and it increases your exposure to acid. just encourage him to have small pourings. your daughter is adorable. encourage him to have small portions of whatever he is eating at parties, and also to wait at least three hours after eating a meal before going to bed because when you lie down after eating, it's easy for that food to travel up back into the esophagus, and also watch the alcohol because big trigger. just one or two cocktails per party. >> possible? >> i think so. i think so. >> all right. small portions. small portions. that's the key, though. >> all right. >> happy holidays. >> thanks a lot, dana. >> also, i think peppermint and spear mint are also triggered and high fat or fried foods are also triggered. >> also things like tomato based sauces and some of the citrus frooits fruits rsh you are right. >> very hard during the holidays because it's all there and you want to have it all. stacy is on the phone in
9:11 am
fishkill, new york. hey, stacy, what's your question. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i work in a salon, and during the holidays our customers are constantly bringing us goodies, trays of brownies, cookies, and chocolates. i love the holiday spirit, and i'm very appreciative of their warming wishes, but the calories are killing me. do you have any tips that will help me not eat them all day? >> i think every single person in america wants to hear your answer to this one. >> yes. stacy, here is your strategy. i want you in the afternoon to review the trays of goodies and select the most delicious looking one. maybe it's a chocolate fudgy brownie or a hard crunchy christmas cookie. >> caller: okay. >> wrap it up in a napkin and put it away for later. this way you don't open up the pandora's box and treat yourself on chunk food all day long. distract your taste buds. pack sugarless gum and
9:12 am
interesting blends of herb a.m. tea. you could chew on this stuff to try to dissway some of the goodies. if it's in your line sight, ask if you can move them, and also try to send them off with customers. extras for their spouses and kids. it's all good. >> thanks. >> thanks a lot, stace where i. >> thank you. >> this is also a question that we actually -- we've gotten such great emails asking pretty much the same question. pretty much how to avoid over indulging. i think this idea of setting something aside makes sense or maybe sort of picking the one thing that you really love and saying that's going to be the thing that's going to be chocolate and i'm going to hold that out for later. >> what i tell people to do because really it's the whole month of december that can be problematic. be very selective with your splurges. pick a few. special parties or gatherings. then plan to indulge at those special get-togethers and during the rest of the month try to stick with your healthy eating and exercise. >> what's your special
9:13 am
indulgence? >> oh, i love melty vanilla ice cream and hard crunchy christmas cookies. >> joy bower, thank you so much. coming up next, steals and deals. exclusive bargains on great products you may not want to miss right after this. chocolat hardruhnchy christmas cookies. stelara® helps control f, moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®, your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, or have had cancer. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems.
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ranch spinach dip. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. we're back once again with our very popular series jill's steals and deals where we have great discounts just for you. jill martin has everything from electronics to winter coats, even some lobster today. jill, good morning. >> let's remind people again how this works. >> so retailers come to us and offer these deals for 24 hours at extremely discounted prices. i am not involved in any of these brands nor am i a spokesperson, i don't benefit nor does the "today" show. this is about giving you the deals of a lifetime because they
9:17 am
really are amazing and there's something for everyone. >> they get on our website and there's a special code and then they are able to order. >> go to and then you'll get a code to go on the website. and just be patient because there's so many people logging on it may take a little time. >> let's go first, you've got a great deal on these jackets here. they come in four colors actually. we have got three of them here, also come in black. >> these are lined, these are great jackets. so the original price is $99.50. and steals and deals price, $25, that's 75% off. so you really can't beat this. it's great if you need a color to pick red and just have a bright color. i also love winter white. and these are great as a gift. >> perfect. >> and you can get them at the stores as well and available for christmas. >> $25. okay, you can't beat that price.
9:18 am
>> we have got these great leather purses by christine price. tell me about these, jill. >> genuine leather. we have one that's great for work. i made these huge because i love these bags. and then the smaller one and there's a little one that can really go from day to night. and just feel them, they're genuine leather, originally $129, $58. so that range in price, but it's about 82% to 81% off. >> these are popular with the celebrities. >> hillary duff, jennifer love huet great fans. and you can wear winter white bags all year. i'm always asked that question. >> and over here, a viewer favorite, how can you go wrong with food? omaha steaks last week, they sold out, right? >> i went around town and people were saying i ordered it for my friend.
9:19 am
let me tell you what you're getting first. two lobster tails. two pounds of coconut shrimp. $214.94 for $49.99 that's 77% off. >> wow. >> and it all comes right to your house. it's a great gift. it's dinner for four very hungry people. >> parties this holiday season, the coconut shrimp, great appetizer. >> and it's also prepared so you can have fun yourself. >> we love jewelry and you've got some great pieces right here. tell us about them. >> i love jewelry, especially for new year's because people think they need to invest in dresses. you can take something simple and dress it up with statement jewelry. this is a great example. look at all these great pieces. originally $150, steals and
9:20 am
deals priced $30, that's 80% off. >> wow. >> so these are great. and even just a light t-shirt throughout the year if you want to dress it up with jeans, these are great, great pieces. >> and here's something that everybody needs, a little gps, from radio shack. >> i consistently get lost everywhere i go so gps is my friend. it's 4.3 inches, the touch screen, written directions come up, a map and it talks to you so you don't have to be distracted. i still get lost, but this is a good deal. $129.99. now for $19.99 so that's 90% off. ive the speed limit changes, if ate letters you. >> or if you're going a little too fast, it will let you know. >> that could be very annoying. >> or very helpful. so this works on batteries so
9:21 am
you charge it and put it in the car, perfect. >> jill martin, thank you so much. here to remind you, the coat, handbags, by christine price. the world seafood prize catch direction, the gps receiver from radio shack. just head to for the promotion codes and the websites offering all these fantastic deals. in 24 hours it will be gone. coming up a deserving member of our armed forces who serves in iraq and afghanistan gets all glammed up with the help of bobby brown. but first these messages.
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"today's" 17th annual toy drive is all about making sure children get what they need for christmas. including tools for learning. and who acceto help us with tha have got dan moore, you're donating not toys, but something else? >> we're a direct sales company and we start with first things first, on behalf of thousands of college students from across the u.s., canada and europe, they have their own businesses in our summer program. we want to say thank you to the "today" show. and we're delighted to donate educational software that's going to be in use with needy families and organizations all over the u.s. >> and so if you would like to
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a $0 monthly premium. you only have until december 31st to enroll. call unitedhealthcare today. let's check your morning commute. traffic is still kroulicrawl in on 880. only a little back up at the toll plaza and no major incidents in the south bay. minor slowing in 880 in san jose, i should say. wet roads this morning means it has been raining out there. rob mayeda joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> tuesday morning starting off with clouds rain spilling over the bay area. and a winter storm warning. you can expect temperatures
9:27 am
today in the mid to upper 50s. especially for the south bay, and tonight heading into wednesday, we will catch a break onfr friday.while it lasts into looking soggy for the weekend. id
9:28 am
at 9:28 now, san jose is due to vote on the issue this afternoon. the law would make it illegal for most businesses to send customers out the door with a disposable paper sack. paper sacks would come with a charge to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. supporters say too many of the bags end up polluting water ways. 2007 palo alto and oakland is considering similar measures.
9:29 am
it was built back in the 1950s. then city leaders had the idea to create a buffer zone to prevent smell and noise. leaders might send $1.6 billion to modernize the plan. that land could be used for offices retail, sports fields and restored wetlands. city council will get a progress report but a vote is not expected for months. more legal news in a half hour.
9:30 am
are you still physically attracted to my daughter, greg? >> jack, there's never been a problem of that? >> even though her body has endured the hellish or deal of bearing twins? >> it's all good under the hood. >> that's disgusting. >> i love robert deniro and ben stiller. just in time for the holidays, "the little fockers." they're going to be here to fill us in on the film's latest
9:31 am
hijinx. >> you have to be very careful how you say it. coming up in this half hour, we have a holiday makeover for a really lucky soldier? >> master sergeant betty thompson has been serving in the army since he was 17 years old in dallas, texas, she's served all around the world from macedonia to iraq to afghanistan. so who wouldn't be in the mood for a little makeover. >>. also ahead, we're making a list, we're checking it twice. when it comes to holiday decorating and safety around your home, from flameless candles to flame retardnant rug.
9:32 am
>> hey, al, how are you doing, dear? >> we're starting to get some lake-effect snow kicking in again, we understand it's snowing pretty good in buffalo right now, syracuse as well. this is going to be the shape of things to come for the next 48 hours around the great lakes and the winds are pretty howling too. wind gusts of 40 miles an hour, windchills anywhere zero to 5 below. as we look and show you what's going on as far as today's concerned, we are looking at record lows down through florida, a real mess down through the pacific west with rain on the coast and snows inland. tomorrow we have got more lake-effect snows in the eastern great lakes. cool weather down in florida with temperatures moderating just a tad. in the mississippi river valley, icy conditions, rain along the pacific northwest, mild weather from texas on into the southwest. well it has been a tough commute around the bay area this morning due to the wet roads and
9:33 am
more moisture streaming in with present rain off and on throughout the day. slow-moving system will probably drop more rain across the south bay. things will wind down heading towards the middle part of the week. highs today mid to upper 50s. more rain arrives thursday night into friday and heavy rain through the week end. >> that's your latest weather, now lets head down to washington and say hello to uncle willie scott. >> it's all good stuff. take a look at phillip, handsome devil. phillip weintraub, west palm beach, florida. 100 years old, exercises at the gym five times a week. attributes his longevity to eating healthy. there you go. there's a good stroke for good clean living. and lena whitlock.
9:34 am
from greendale, indiana. 100 years old today. lives independently and formerly a lunch lady, fed those kids and they all grew up to be healthy and happy. i tell you these older people love their computers. cunningham, 100 years old today, known as the bingo queen and loves to go to the casinos last once a week. i like that.ou roger welling, 100 years old. drove seniors to the doctor, how about that? doing his good deed helping other seniors. can't beat that. harold and moxey, 75 years they
9:35 am
have been married, and longevity they say never, never going to bed angry. so they sleep in separate bedrooms. they don't, i'm just saying that. happy birth, happy anniversary. that's all, back to new york city. >> and happy holidays to you. we have got the finalists who have been announced, who will be "time" magazine's person of the year? according to time, it is someone who has done the most influence the events of the year. >> who do you think will get the distinction? and we took an online poll, our viewers did and here's how you think it should go. 44% of you thought it should be the chilean miners. 20% say the tea party. 19% the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg. julian assange, steve jobs, apple. 6%.
9:36 am
>> and remember that "time" magazine says it's someone who for good or for ill has affected the most lives and it's not somebody who has affected lives in the past, but also may have an affect in the future. so looking at that -- >> i think the chilean miners is a great choice, but i'm not so sure how they would move forward. so i'm thinking about maybe mark zuckerberg or julian assange as being possible. >> certainly the tea party is a big player in american politics could be changing the face of elections as we know it. >> already has. >> mark zuckerberg has done so much good, now he's donating most of his fortune. so he's going to be somebody who clearly not only his influence. and steve jobs, obviously we're not making a choice here. >> you'll have to find out tomorrow. >> they're going to reveal it live here on the "today" show.
9:37 am
coming up next, a holiday makeoveror f one rvdeinse f soldier, courtesy of makeup maven bobbie brown. right after this. hey susan, you gotta tell the aunt jessie story again. -yes, you do! -ok, ok. joe: love that story. try olive garden's two new scaloppini dishes. pan-seared chicken breasts in a lemon-herb glaze. or sauteed pork in a creamy white wine sauce. both served with asiago filled tortelloni. with our unlimited salad and breadsticks. this is like being back at the kids' table. [ laughter ] olive garden. when you're here, you're family.
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9:41 am
good morning to both of you. how did you two meet? >> i wanted to give back to someone who was giving back and i thought it was really important to find someone who has done so much for our country. so i found betty. >> and betty, you have served for almost 20 years in the military. >> she was 11 when she started. >> and when you heard that bobbie brown wanted to give you a makeover sparkle, what was your response? >> i was honored that i was selected to come on the show and i received the holiday makeover. >> but you were disappointed that i wasn't the singer, right? >> we thought about that first. >> you have served in wars, you have served in difficulty, in situations where a girl doesn't get a chance to put on a lot of makeup, so here's bobbie brown. >> she has never put a lip gloss
9:42 am
on. i had her try and i said you have done this before? and she said i haven't. she looks so beautiful without makeup and in her army fatigues in her beautiful face, but she's going to a party. we added a little sparkle. we gave her a smoky eye. a beautiful blurb. the new smoky eye is not just dark colors, it's about adding a little bit of sparkle. the season is all about sparkle. this isn't glitter, it's sparkle. and the difference s i don't even know if the tv will pick it up. but the sparkle just lights up your face andi ingand, and if y light sparkle, it's smoky eyes. >> it's not a heavy sparkable. >> it's amazing when i feel a little tired, a little sparkle just gives you a little lift. it's really nice and we can also do a little sparkle on the cheek if we want. but red lips, people always think of for the holidays and we're told not to wear red lips with dark eyes.
9:43 am
so instead of going for a bright red lip, i'm going for something a little more smimery, the great thing about a gloss is that you can keep it in your purse and you don't need a mirror really, you can just kind of throw it on. and because it sheer and shimmery, you don't have to have bright red lips. >> what do you think, laura? this is your daughter? what do you think of how mommy looks right now? you think she looks good? >> and laura's got sparkle on her eyes too. meantime, you know, i'm sure that the men and women you command are going to have a few thoughts about seeing you on tv with all these sparkles on your eyes. >> i'm sure they will, and i
9:44 am
miss them a lot. >> you miss them because you're here or because you haven't seen them in a while? >> it's been a while. when i was stationed in afghanistan and then i left the unit. so i was a first sergeant with an attachment there. >> you know, bobbie, i think what you're doing is i think what every american needs to do which is to step up in any way we can, it's time that we serve them and you're serving in this way. >> it's amazing what lip gloss can do, huh? >> thank you for your service. is there anything you want to say to your men and women who are under your command? >> just that i miss them and that they're doing a great job and to continue doing it and they're the ones that do all the work and leadership usually gets all the credit for that. >> that's right. well, you gave them credit this morning. sergeant thompson, thank you so much for everything. and coming up next, the safe
9:45 am
way to decorate your home for the holidays right after this. ♪ wow! ♪ they're from my garden club, up north. [ female announcer ] this year, hallmark has all new ways to say it. well, there's the snow you wanted. when you can actually party at your party? with homemade chex party mix. five great recipes that wow the crowd. and you can make them in only 15 minutes.
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introducing milky way simply caramel. life's better the milky way. "today" celebrates christmas is brought to you by milky way. life's better the milky way. >> this morning on "today" celebrates christmas, how to deck the halls without the holidays decking you. burning candles, many holiday zeshts can be avoided. here is the host of the syndicated show house smarts. sadly a lot of people do get injured because they're doing things, they're setting up their decorations and not being as careful as they should. number one is slips and falls. >> you've got a holiday rug, and you're putting it out there, head down to the hardware store
9:49 am
and get a nonslid mat. a smaller one like this will do the trick. it has a rubber tactile feel to it and will not hurt the floor underneath it. >> absolutely perfect. okay now ladders too. >> don't use the one that came with the house. >> exactly. >> and make sure you have somebody holding it as you're getting up there. >> on every ladder that you purchase or use, you'll see a little sticker on the side that has the weight rating on there. this one has 300 pounds, remember it's not just you, it's you and the stuff you bring up on it. and don't extend up higher than the laster goes. the second step down on a stepladder is as high as you should ever go. it's not worth it, hundreds of thousands of people ends up in the emergency room because of accidents from ladders. >> i was watching national lampoon's christmas vacation. stringing up the lights. tree lights.
9:50 am
this unfortunately is a cause for a lot of fires. >> uh-huh. and part of the things with con vern conventional lights. a lot of people don't like the colors, but trust me, this is where we're going to go. when it comes to plugging them in. you can buy cords. this thicker one is for outside. and this one has multiple points to plug the lights into. so with conventional lights, never more than four together at one time. so you can do that, for four here, four there. this is an indoor version of that. these cords have you ever used these outside? tell me the truth. >> i think we have some outside right now. >> those are not for outside. they're too thin. they get cold and they get brittle and they can break. multiple plugs like this, this has a breaker in there so in case something shorts out and timers, this is an outdoor timer
9:51 am
for your lights. you can use an outdoor timer inside, but you can't use an indoor timer outside. this will short out. so you need something with protection. and the nice thing about timers is you don't get honey, did you turn the lights out? >> set it and forget it and that's going to help save energy too. >> thinking about being safe with candles and fires. candles a are a big source of fire. >> if you're someone that likes natural candles. set a little timer put it by your bed. about 15 minutes before you typically or after you go to bed, the thing is go to go off, oh, i forgot to put out the candles. or the battery operated ones, to the tea lights, the different candles. in the studio, they don't do it justi justice. in darker settings or homes, they really look beautiful. here's the secret about these.
9:52 am
this set of six votives cost about 7:9 cl$7.99. the batteries are $4. buy another set of lights. >> this is the time to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. i also want you to get fire extinguishers. i want you to buy two of the them. have you ever used a fire extinguisher? >> i have not. >> what do you do? take one, go outside and use it. and then you'll know. if you can't put it out within 20 to 30 seconds, 911 and get out of the house. >> absolutely. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. >> can you come fix my lights? >> absolutely. >> back in a moment, first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway talks hostess gifts.
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you know what i want for the holidays? do tell. true love. true love is a myth. [ gasps ] you're a myth! excuse me? [ female announcer ] it's the thought that counts. and the gift. safeway. ingredients for life.
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when you don't have to cook, you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know. fishing. fishing?! i, uh, i said wishing. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. good morning to you your time now is 9:56:the commute is
9:57 am
starting to clear up. slow areas. oakland 880 moving faster northbound and the bay bridge is looking good at the toll plaza. here is rob with the look at your forecast. >> tuesday morning starting off with clouds and rain spilling over the bay area. winter storm warning. r rain and snow you can expect temperatures today in the mid to upper 50s. south bay and tonight head iing into wednesday we will catch a break and enjoy it while it lasts into thursday. looking soggy for the weekend. >> thank you. wells fargo says 137 workers will be losing their jobs. the bank is closing site in the city. it is asking hiring managers to give top priority to the workers from concord. the cut back comes at a time when 19,000 jobs have been lost
9:58 am
over the past year. 600 to 750 people will be laid off from thea wyahoo today. thousands of d.a.r.t. riders may find out that they can no longer use smart riders to pay fares. they are being asked to switch to cards called clippers. they will block the cards at all station by december 22nd. they are all winners, but one has to be the biggest loser. tonight we find out who gets that title in the season finale. they have a chance to win $250,000. you can see the biggest loser at 9:00 right here on nbc11.
9:59 am
then stay with us at 11:00 for more behind the scenes. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's tuesday, booze-day. december 14th. >> who said anything about snow in new york? >> i was shocked this morning. >> yeah. >> you know who was really shocked? bambino. bambino, five pounds, has never seen snow before. this is his first winter. he didn't like it! i had to give him the little
10:01 am
booties. >> it was really -- i wish we could stop this train already. i'm not into it. >> i know. it's not even -- >> winter. >> -- even winter yet. >> it is a big day because the golden globe nominees are out. i don't know if it was a shocker, "the king speech" had the most nominations, seven nods, of all the movies. "the king's speech." >> i tried that see that and "black swan" over the weekend and they weren't playing anywhere near me. the one i did end up seeing was "the tourist." i was disappointed. >> this is "the king's speech." the number two with the number of nominees were "the social network" and "the fighter." >> and "inception" everybody thought -- cody still thinks that might get best screen play. but then he saw "social network" and say, no, maybe that one. >> did you see natalie portman?
10:02 am
>> beautiful woman to begin with. >> look how teeny she is. they said she dropped 20 pounds on her frame and she's 5'3" to get ready for that role. >> she trained up to eight hours a day. she's not, by training, a dancer. can you imagine trying to -- that's unbelievable. but i guess there's one scene -- it is a lot of her. a lot of her in the movie. >> it's amazing how you learn that, to me. >> attack! attack it! >> that movie was also nominated. that guy does really fine work. >> natalie portman is great, in anything. >> she's got the most buzz, i think, on this. >> i think so, too. and in the tv world, your show "glee" -- >> i haven't seen it -- >> five nominations. that's the most. >> that's pretty cool. i was surprised by "the
10:03 am
tourist." johnny depp got two, one for "alice in wonderland" and one for "the tourist" but i think he was wasted in the tourist. i was disappointed in it because i love them both. >> i saw "alice in wonderland" and i was completely creeped out. i found it really creepy. >> i didn't see it. >> yeah. it was dark and -- i don't know -- funky to me. >> what? >> funky. >> ears are the second thing to go at my age. kyra sedgwick has announced "the closer" will be her last season. >> she got a nod. you know what i love so much about that show, i love when she's trying to crack a case she can't take her eyes off the snicker's bar. she's a real woman like the rest of us. >> it wouldn't be a snicker's bar for me. that's going to be some time in january. 16th i guess or something like that. >> so big news for elin -- >> or is it? we're not sure.
10:04 am
>> this is being reported. >> she apparently has a boyfriend, tying's now ex-wife. she's dating a guy, he's south african. >> she's 29. >> i think it's offensive they're calling this guy in her life the boy toy. the guy is six years older than her. to call him a boy toy is offensive. if he's 13 maybe he's a boy toy or even 0. you know what i'm saying? we should be a little more careful how we categorize people. >> i do find it interesting how quickly people go in and out of relationships. like you know when you see reese witherspoon with jake ji gyllenhaal -- >> but the media makes up so much of that stuff. how could you even have a relationship with somebody, go out on a first date and the next thing you know you're on the cover of one of the magazines and you're practically moving in together. >> well, they say tiger's not taking the news well. >> who are "they"?
10:05 am
>> but you know he's not. >> frank's fine with it. i don't know how tiger feels but frank is fine with it. we wish her all the happiness in the world. think about the difference between this christmas and last christmas in her life and what a difference a year can make. look at you. riding high, baby. you're on top of the world. who has had a better year than you have this year. >> you! you've had a better year. >> no. john boehner. john boehner's had the best year. why is he always crying? he's on top of the world. >> every time -- seems like when we see him more and more, he's crying. let's watch it. >> oh, gosh, i don't want to see it anymore. >> sound up, please. >> welcome to america. >> okay. anyway. he's crying. so there's a question about we did a piece today, mike taibbi did, on powerful men who cry and they used john boehner. they showed glenn beck. they showed president obama. they showed president clinton. they showed president bush. apparently there is something presidential about it now.
10:06 am
>> it is interesting though to see more men like that. it's funny because when i -- okay. if i go to a movie with a guy and if he's crying or kind of crying? i have to -- i feel bad saying this but i feel kind of weird a little. unless it is "rudy," unless it is the movie "rudy" or anything like that. >> you see it as a weakness. >> no, i don't. i think a tear coming on -- >> balling is not attractive on anybody. think it's not that you're crying, it is what are you crying about. frank got pretty broken up last week on monday night football talking about his friend whom he had just lost, don meredith. more people have come up to me and said that was the most unbelievable moment because it wasn't about frank gifford hall of fame, monday night football, all of that. it was about a man losing a man that he loved. a friend that he loved. but when it's about you and you're sobbing about you, it's -- >> that's a completely -- that's
10:07 am
a very, very, very good point. they brought up that one clip where hillary clinton got very emotional on the campaign and she broke down and all i could think of that day when she broke down -- i don't even remember what triggered it. >> i don't think she broke down. >> she look emotional. but for her, because she's -- >> it was a crack in the veneer. but again it shouldn't be called breaking down when she wasn't. >> i think weird things can happen when you're exhausted. >> tell them about what you did, hoda woman? >> which time? which time? >> nobody's -- anybody who's not been on a book tour understands how incredibly exhausting that can be. >> i'm in a car, they were long days. i'm not whining. finally friday came, i was stuck in traffic and i was 45 minutes later to meet someone and i just burst into tears in the car because you come unglued. sometimes that's the just the way it is. >> we have to look behind the
10:08 am
tears for the reason why and that's where we find our compassion for someone. let's go to our most powerful tweets. shall we? >> ann curry is one of them. >> number three was -- remember a woman was riding her bike through the forest and she wiped out, she really hurt hef self-and her cell phone had no service so she tweeted for help. she said i've had a serious injury, i need help, can someone please call the winding frals in farmington, connecticut. tell them i'm stuck, bike, crash in woods. >> i think she's got amazing composure to be able to o -- >> when you're in agony, i'm sure. >> good for her. the number one was ann curry. u.s. air force find a way to let doctors without borders planes land in haiti. >> she was in haiti. she was breaking news. >> she actually said a lot of people retweeted that. sometimes just to get the word out, it just causes so much -- >> might have been the first hope people were hearing. now college kids will do crazy
10:09 am
things. i never did at oral roberts university but i'm sure did you at virginia tech. >> that's what we do. these kids at the university of illinois decided to build a snowman in the middle of the street. then they decided to videotape -- they decided to videotape it. if you watch, what happened was cars were going around the snowman and then, here comes a city bus that i guess didn't -- look how the cars go around, slowly, goes around, goes around. okay. now a city bus has had it. >> the city bus is in the right lane so it comes over, swerves over to knock it down. as it should have. the bus driver resigned. >> he's probably crying about it now! watering all over the place. why did i take out the snowman? you know who else is blubbering? the guy, the strengthening coach of the jets? who stuck his knee out and wiped out -- >> you guys saw that video. the player got -- first of all, what an idiot! why would you do that? but you know what, one time --
10:10 am
just. >> i love when she confesses. >> one time i was playing basketball in high school and i totally got kreemd. i was dribbling the ball and a girl stole and we were getting beaten so badly, we were so tired, i with a flat on my back because she stole the ball and i reached out and i grabbed her ankle -- >> you didn't! >> -- and i yanked it! i yanked it and she fell down. it was bad. >> was a foul called on you? >> yes, it was terrible but i couldn't help it. like something came over mere. it was like enough already! we were getting creamed! i was on my back! >> so you were late to this jet coach. >> a little. >> oh, my gosh, hoda woman, you never cease to amaze me. it's booze-day but we're not having any booze today. >> these are cookies. >> from one tough cookie >> they're $5 cookie pz little campaign bottles and wine bottles. >> $5 each? that's a little pricey be, isn't it? they're beautiful. we need to figure out -- is it
10:11 am
$5 each? yes. you better le it. yeah. all right. thank you very much. all right, so there are a few 40-year-old virgins left in the world. >> there are. hoda? you haven't met any recently but we're talking about women who have never indulged in certain beauty treatments. >> guess who's here? carrie hillson. she sings a really fun song called "funny girls rock." more after keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood,
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time for "today's beauty." we're talking about doing it after 40. >> we all have one in our life, a girlfriend, who either doesn't find lipstick and mascara important or who is just intimidated by the world of botox and teeth whitening. >> we rounded up three of those beauty virgins all over the age of 40 who we'll meet in a minute. but beauty expert rebecca george is here. was it tough to find the beauty virgins? >> it's not. there are actually a lot of 40-year-old beauty virgins out there. the reason why, it can be intimidated to try new beauty treatments because of time or cost or you're just scared of change. >> or fear it won't turn out the way you want it to. >> luckily there are a lot of great options out there to help you find a look that's right for you. of course you should absolutely speak to the dermatologist or dentist or hair stylist and find
10:15 am
out what works for you. >> talking about hair coloring, teeth whitening, brows -- >> the whole bit. >> we have three ladies. let's meet them now, watch their story. >> my name is laura and i am a 45-year-old beauty virgin. >> hi, my name is gretchen and i'm a 44-year-old beauty virgin. >> my name is erica ward and i'm a 44-year-old beauty virgin. >> i don't have my hair colored on a regular basis. i don't wear makeup on a regular basis. on my wedding day, i can't even remember if i wore makeup. i may have worn a little lipstick. i'm busy. i am a teacher at a boarding school. i'm a mother, a wife, so i'd rather use my time for fitness reasons or to do something with my family. >> i've been stuck in the same thing. i've been looking through pictures and finding that my hair style's been about the same since before i was married 20 years ago.
10:16 am
here's my frizz. it's like wayward curls and frizz. i have been so busy. i've changed my career. i've been going to school. i just finished my master's and my kids just take up the rest of my time. they're more important right now. i may actually even dry my hair in the heater of my car when i'm driving to work. yeah, just hasn't been something that i've put in the forefront. >> when i wake up in the morning, i shower, brush my teeth, i throw on a little bit of makeup and i dash out the door. i work every day until a little after 2:00, 2:30, then have to drive my kids back and forth to their activities, music lessons, tae kwon do and take graduate courses in the evening. in the end of the day there is really no time left for me to take care of myself. >> today i'm having a brow wax and then a consultation for a hair color, and a cut, makeup. >> i'm having botox done. i'm having my hair done and i think it will be a welcome change. >> i'm going to have my teeth
10:17 am
cosmetically whitened. >> wrinkles, say good-bye to them. i don't want them. >> i can say good-bye to my yellow stained coffee teeth and hello to some pearly white. >> i'm almost there and i can't wait to see the final reveal. >> can't wait to see what it looks like when the color is done and the cut is done. >> i can't wait for the new me. >> all right. >> brave ladies, all. >> laura, gretchen and erica, come on out. hi, ladies! >> hello, ladies. >> what took you so long? >> you're here! >> all right. so laura, you wanted the brow wax. look at the haircut, by the way. >> the pixie. >> she proves that short can be sexy and sassy. laura, she's very natural. she didn't want to have botox. she had her brows professional
10:18 am
waxed. >> that lifted it. >> how do you feel? >> great. a young 40. >> 40-ish. >> now gretchen, you wanted to do botox. were you scared about the pain? >> i was very scared. >> what were you afraid of? >> just first of all needles. that was scary and i wasn't sure how the result was going to be. >> it looks great. it didn't look like you needed it, quite frankly. >> the greatest thing was i had broken my nose when i was younger and they filled in the bridge on my nose to make it normal! >> dr. linda franks actually used it to even out her nose. tre really corrected. >> how about the blow-out. that looks good, too. >> anti-frizz formaldehyde-free treatment so it got rid of the frizz. gives her nice, sexy hair. but no formaldehyde. >> how soon did you see results from the botox? because sometimes that can take
10:19 am
up to a week. >> well, i think it took like maybe two days and i felt like it was -- had settled in and -- yeah, it feels natural, too. >> erica, let's see those teeth. you want to get rid of those coffee stains. tell us about that. >> well, it was great. for years i've been wanting to whiten. i've been using crest white strips and things and they work but nothing compared to these results. they were great. >> this is a one-time process? >> yep. took about an hour from start to finish. two 15-minute applications of the bleach. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> what do you your family thinks, you guys? >> they like the results. >> things are good at home? wink-wink. you had a merry christmas early, didn't you? you guys look great. thanks so much. >> great job, guys. still to kwocome, sara asks question that could make or break her career. >> what? >> oh, yeah. we'll explain. [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls
10:20 am
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we're back with "sara on the streets." >> instead of asking miss sara to dig through our prop closet, we asked her to go outside and talk to strangers. had we known what she was going to ask them, we may have locked her in the prop closet. >> since we're in the thick of the holiday season i asked shoppers at our nbc experience store if they could share their holiday meal with kathie lee or hoda -- >> i don't like this -- >> who would they choose? >> i don't like it. >> bet they can't wait to find out. if you had had to decide who
10:23 am
would spend a holiday dinner with you, one or the other, who would you pick 12. >> really? >> yeah. >> i have to pick one? love hoda but i'd like to hear kathie sing. >> oh, she's going to love you back. you might be invited to the giv giffords for christmas. >> hoda. looks like she may have more family tradition. >> kathie lee. i have more in common with her especially her husband, used to play football. we could talk about some beauty tips -- >> you went between football and beauty. i like it. >> she'll talk to anybody. >> so will hoda, we're good. >> that's why. okay. >> that's probably why. >> her name is -- hard to pronounce. yoda? >> it's hoda. >> okay, i was close. >> you were very close. were you in the family of sounds like. >> definitely kathie. >> why? >> she's very funny. >> yes.
10:24 am
>> who are they? >> hoda kotb and -- she's married to the football player. do you know his name? do you want me to try to help you? >> yeah. >> kathie lee gifford. >> okay. >> why hoda? >> well, her personality fits mine a little bit better. >> i know her. >> ding-ding. >> can't help you. >> that's not nancy pelosi, is it? >> i am getting a haircut! right now! nancy pelosi? >> i know, such a stretch. what? >> you have a lot of frank gifford fans. >> he's asleep by 8:00. you better come to dinner early. we're all asleep in that household. even cody went to bed that early last night. something about the gifford household. thank you, sara. we'll keep you at least through the new year's. still to e w mefts we love to give.
10:25 am
plus, the queen of cub cakes! we love our cupcake lady. cakes! we love our cupcake lady. and keri hilson. ♪ ah. then we will all do it together. treats. teets...teets...teets... yeah. look at this. [ female announcer ] it seems like the best family traditions always start in the kitchen. ♪ rice krispies®. happy holidays. rice krispies®. can getting enough vegetables make you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number?
10:26 am
in a more delicious world, there would be more smoothness, more creaminess, more rich just-for-me-ness, more hershey's bliss-fulness. hershey's bliss. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss. good morning it is 10:26. an accident on southbound 680 near mission boulevard in fremont has traffic backed up to the area in red on the map. you can see it here on the live cam. traffic is slowing down a bit. here is rob with a look at your forecast. >> it has been a tough commute around the bay area this morning. more moisture streaming in will present rain off and on throughout the day. slow-moving system will drop more rain across the south bay. eventually things will wind down
10:27 am
heading towards the middle part of the week. >> plan on a break in the action tomorrow and thursday. more rain thursday night into the weekend. n
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> thank you for joining us. the "today" show continues next. we're back on this booze-day tuesday counting down to the holidays with a little help with your shopping list from us. >> kathie lee, sara and i thought if we showed you some of our favorite gifts to give it might help you with your hard-to-buy friends or relatives. >> and we all have one of those. >> and they don't know who they are. >> i am going to start off with a little glass of bubbly for each person. because why wouldn't i? >> she loves her champagne. >> this is 40 bucks. this is like got a little refrigerator so you can give that away as well. >> how much is that? >> that is 40 bucks. >> not bad at all.
10:31 am
>> you know how i love music. >> oh, sure, my book. >> hold on, i'll put it right here. >> yeah, sure, put it out of the way, hoda! >> where are my cards? hold on. ipod shuffle. this is a great gift because i love music. >> how could that be? >> $49! >> that's the tiniest thing on the planet. >> it is so cute, you just hit play and you can hear your songs. ♪ >> and you can also give away itunes gift cards. i like those. i also like to give away gift certificates. there is a great massage place that i like. sometimes i go high-end like four seasons and sometimes gi to the super magic fingers on 81st street. >> i won't trust that place. super magic fingers. >> you get a gift certificate and it is a nice gift to give to someone. i also like to give a gift certificate for people's favorite restaurants. i think that's nice. my favorite gift of all of to give is the kathie lee book. someone put it on my table.
10:32 am
called "party animals" and it is available now on sale. >> yes. all right. >> one of my favorite people in the entire world died 15 years ago from cancer and she was the greatest singer of the american songbook. i've spoken about her many, many times. nancy lamont. has my favorite christmas album "just in time for christmas." $17. from just released, this dvd. she used to perform as a place called don't tell mama. this just came out. all of it produced by my friend david friedman. that has all the performances of hers at nan dd i have had more people say where did you get that. this is tflur did he leer sterling silver ring from
10:33 am the last thing before we get to hoda's book, kringle candles. they're all white, magnificent smells. all under $20. same gentleman that started y k yankee candle. i have them and my house smells delicious. lastly, hoda's book which is still available, apparently. it was on "the new york times" best-seller list. i forgot this ornament available at lord & taylor designed because of a story that i wrote, a little poem. 20% of all of the proceeds go to cassidy's place. >> on to me. we've got the royal rivera pears and -- harry and david. >> normally i take my favorite magtag blue cheese from my
10:34 am
hometown. it is a guilty gift. sugar cookies are my weakness. they come in all holiday, birthdays, it is easy. those are like $47 but you can order like four cookies and it is less. favorite haines family game, cranium! it is not about smart, it is about being silly. any group can do -- you'd love it. there is singing and humming and sculpting. >> i don't necessarily like singing and humming. >> yes, you do. >> my go-to gift for everyone is "happiness." it is a book that no one would -- can you get for anyone. everyone will get something out of it. >> that was great. okay. we have got a great lady coming up to sing for us. keri hilson is in the house. but still we are going to go across the street for some
10:35 am
>> delicious! the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. so today i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder. [ female announcer ] if you're suffering, today is the day to talk to your doctor and ask about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents all day and all night. plus, toviaz comes with a simple plan with tips on food and drink choices. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. toviaz can cause blurred vision and drowsiness, so use caution when driving or doing unsafe tasks. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. [ jackie ] i asked my doctor about toviaz. and today i'm looking forward to my daughter's wedding. [ female announcer ] why wait?
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10:39 am
t cafe. >> hello, cupcake. these are so gorgeous you don't want to eat them but they're so delicious you kind of have to. >> they're so easy. >> for you, karen. >> she keeps showing us. >> now this is polar opposite. we've got polar bears and walruses. basically it is just -- you know these. munchkins. doughnut holes. you frost it whether you do the polar bears or walrus, frost them, roll them in either coconut or ground oreos, graham crackers. >> how do you get the little head and ears and everything? >> those are cheerios. >> of course they are! >> we just put a little frosting on there. >> you're a genius. >> i can't do it because it won't look good. whatever you do, don't touch.
10:40 am
>> we're starting a new tradition. instead of gingerbread houses we'll make a gingerbread village out of jumbo cupcakes. i've got one cupcake already frosted. when you do this you want to start here. if you want to take a few, these are just windows on with the chicklets. i have some sprinkles over here. >> do what she's doing? no, no, no, you don't understand the dynamics between the two of us. no. >> you have windows o on this one over here. you can put some frosting on. it is basically just pressing and playing. all these different candies on the outside. that's beautiful. it is a city building. there. >> that's exactly what it is. so then you add vanilla wafers. >> this kind of looks like a -- >> what? that looks like a perverted smiley facial. >> then you put it on its side
10:41 am
and you can put the cookies. >> see? then you just do it like that. >> we're moving down over here. so this is our snow family. thinking about cupcakes differently that you don't have to have just one cupcake. you can stack them. >> two's better! more is more! exactly. i've got a head for you. >> make that, kathi. let's see what you can do. >>. put this on its side so you can see it. these are the hats. let me put a little bit of frosting on top for the glue. here's a hat for you. these are just mini oreos. >> a little frosting, coconut and for the trees we did basically the same thing with the mini. >> you can make every little leaf perfectly, karen. >> it is just a matter of sn
10:42 am
snipping the bag. we did the ducks. this is from the cover of the book. >> you ducked them up! you ducked the halls! >> again, it is that munchkin doughnut hole. >> come on. >> now this is the eye candy ornament. >> it is brilliant. >> for this, here, you'll like this. we took hard candies, put them in a ziploc bag. >> pound the crudola out of it. >> okay, that's good. once that's done you can fill -- we took some sugar cookie dough, partially baked it, put it on a piece of foil and then you take that hard candy, sprinkle it in there, pop it back in the oven -- >> melt it! >> how can you think of this? >> she's a genius. >> cupcake lady. you are. >> this is trimming the tree. this is basically the same thing though we took a cookie cutter. for the little leaves for the pine needles, we took melting
10:43 am
candy wafers, green, piped them out on to some wax paper. >> you're unbelievable. >> then you peel them off and put them on. >> it is easy -- not for me but for most people -- that makes it really simple. >> it wasn't put on properly to begin with but that's okay. >> then you can just add some dots of frosting. >> i will. we got to roll. >> these are drunk en cupcakes f hoda. we love you so much, karen. merry christmas! we'll be backthryke hilson. >> she's singing "don't hate me because i'm beautiful." ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
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>> announcer: the "toyota concert series" on "today," brought to you by toyota. grammy nominee keri hilson started her career behind the scenes writing hits for the likes of mary j. blige, britney
10:48 am
spears and usher. >> but now she is completely front and center with her sophomore cd due to hit stores one week from today. it is called "no boys allowed." welcome back. >> thank you. >> that hit song has got everyone singing it. ♪ don't hate me because i'm beautiful notes ♪ >> okay. >> can anybody sing this song? >> yeah. everyone should. i think everyone should just feel the confidence. everyone should feel beautiful. >> what inspired this? >> it was co-produced by neil and chuck harmony. i love neil's approach to writing records. i probably would have never said these things about myself, a whole song long. >> i don't know. >> we can't wait to hear it. ♪ do the pretty girl rock ♪ rock rock rock ♪ do the pretty girl rock notes ♪ now what's your name ♪ may nay name is keri ♪
10:49 am
♪ i'm so very ♪ my oh my it's so scary ♪ if you touch it i'm a fairy ♪ pretty at a picture motors ♪ sweeter than a swisher ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:52 am
>> woo! >> fantastic! >> that's the song. >> that's the way you do it. >> keri, thank you so much. all the best. new cd drops next week. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc. ♪
10:53 am
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so many generous contributors come forward every year to help with us our annual toy drive and we'd like to welcome two more wonderful companies. >> matthew is the president of schligt north america and jean is the president .
10:56 am
>> we are donating over $250,000 worth of product to the various "today" show charities, children's charities that you guys support. >> the boys and girls clubs. also overseas military bases. >> that is correct. that is correct. we are a global brand to support kids around the world so this is just one of the initiatives that we have here in north america. >> jean with being look what's on your lap. >> are these two a couple? >> well, the toy industry foundation is donating 10,600 toys to your toy drive. worth about $131,000. and some of the toys include the my first disney princess doll, ebie and lots of other donations from companies mike mattel -- >> you're one to talk. >> thank you for all you guys do. that's really sweet. we appreciate it. >> this is your first year doing it. >> it is! it is. >> welcome. >> once you get here you're a lifer. >> we'd love to be back. >> we'd love to have you.
10:57 am
merry christmas. thank you. you make an awful lot of kids very, very happy. if you want to donate from home, head to tomorrow will.i.m. is with us. plus cold-weather hair makeovers. >> imagine that. have a great booze-day, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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