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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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openings in san francisco. details on the changes with the 49ers are coming up. a live look outside with the golden gate bridge. straight up 6:00. we will keep you updated on what's going on. monday december 27th on today in the bay. >> good morning. let's get to the forecast with christina loren. >> there is some out there and it might creep up on you. take it easy in the north bay where it look like those cities are reporting about a quarter of a mile visibility and dense fog in areas of santa rosa. take it easy out there. always a good idea to turn off the radio so you can stay focused. we are down to about nine miles. wherever you are headed, that
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will be the case until about 10:00 a.m. we will go to the low 50s and looking towards the warmest day of the week. 58 degrees today in san jose. big time changes on the way for tomorrow. we will talk about a mean winter storm headed our way and what it means for the first mountain snow in santa cruz. stay tuned for that. back to you. >> we will check in with you. a live look at time square in new york. do you see any cars down the road except for down there at the top. it's quiet in time square. no bumper-to-bumper traffic, but that's because they are facing a huge storm blanketing the east coast and it doesn't appear to be coming down now, but they did get up to 18 inches. from new england to the deep south. the third biggest storm there in a century. in the carolinas, southern
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driver who are not used to that tried to have fun. stay safe. >> i'm going to have to drive today. have to take it easy. >> blizzard warnings are in effect from maine to new jersey. forecast calls for up to 25 inches of new snow in places. >> right now all tlooi of new york's major airports, jfk, la guardia and newark are closed. passengers slept in la guardia and the same in boston. more than 1400 flights were canceled in new york alone and more are expected today. all the airports hope to at least reopen before the end of the day. all those airport closures having an ripple effect before you take your family to the airport, call ahead. kimberly terry is live with a lock at how bay area travelers are affected. good morning. >> good morning. so far, so good here. it has been a steady stream of traffic. lots of cars since 5:00 inside
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the airport. the security line extended into the southwest baggage claim. a very busy airport, but no major delays here or san jose international. san francisco however, that's another story. let's look for you now at that airport since sfo has more direct flights to the northeast. it is being impacted by the massive storm hitting the new york area. so far this morning, 20 inbound flights and six outbound flights. sfo representatives don't expect flits to return to normal until maybe tomorrow. travelers out of oakland and san jose are not experiencing cancelations yet, it is busy as travelers start heading out again. pretty busy, but i'm pretty early. i can handle it. >> it's not bad. it's more crowded than i thought it would be at 6:00 in the morning. not bad. >> airlines are contacted in
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advance to let them know of canceled flights so they can reschedule them. a good idea to call ahead or check online especially if you are headed to the northeast. live in oakland, today in the bay. >> thanks so much. we want to check in with mike inouye. >> we will take you out to the golden gate bridge. this issue from the north and the northeast, local through the bay area, this issue of novato and napa and fairfield experiencing a low visibility like across the golden gate bridge. a low flow of traffic keeping them running smoothly. heavy fog and low visibility for the bay bridge as well. the chp is warning about that. just 18 minutes because of a light volume expected throughout the week. carquinas and benicia given that dense fog advisory because of the low visibility.
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speeds getting become to the limit. we saw 40s and 50s over the last half hour. speeds starting to dip through antioch and seeing the yellow averaging about 50 miles per hour coming over from about g street to horizon lane. it hit aspentioch. the 49ers will begin a search for the new head coach. the owner will hold a news conference at noon at the team headquarters to talk about the firing of mike singletary who was dismissed after the niners lost to the rams. during the game, singletary was seen arguing with starting quarterback troy smith. singletary and alex smith had a similar-looking argument earlier this season, a sign of a lot of mounting frustration. after he was fired he said one of the greatest experiences of my life was having the opportunity to coach the 49ers.
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i'm also thankful for the faithful fans. i'm sorry i couldn't give them more. the 49er owner issued a statement saying i want to thank mike singletary for the passion and effort he brought to the organization. he is a tremendous person for whom i will always have a great deal of respect. mike singletary had two years and about $5 million left on his contract. they will pay him out. the defensive line coach will take over as the interim head coach. york will hire a new general manager and that person will have a say in who replaces singletary. first a gm and then a head coach. things not much better for the raiders. the season is especially over. they have a head coach and played a lot better. they are not going to make the playoffs. in fact the raiders were out of it before they started the game against the colts. that's because kansas city won that eliminated oakland. the raiders ended up losing and
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the season finally is set for kansas city this sunday. beginning the first week of january, san francisco residents can recycle christmas trees. they will kickoff the curbside recycling program where the trees will be thrown into a chipper machine to show how it works whchl they are chipped, the material is shipped to a waste facility to serve a new purpose as biomass fuel. today's demonstration takes place at civic center plaza at 11:00 a.m. most people are driving their holiday destination and paying a lot more for it. 93% are going to drive this year. according to aaa, bay area gas prices have hit their highest point in more than two years. the average price for a gallon in oakland is $3.31. in stran it's $3.37 and in san jose, $3.32.
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prices are up and blame higher global cost for crude oil. chp is reporting deaths due to dui are way down. between friday and sunday at 6:00 p.m., just three people were killed across california, down from 12 killed last year. in the bay area, there were no fatal duis. 507 drivers were arrested this year compared to 552 last year. that's state-wide. in the bay area, 85 impaired drivers were arrested compared to 53 last year. >> 6:08 and we want to check the commute this morning. mike said one of the things may see is fog. >> the fog will be affecting you as you make the drive. look at the toll plaza here. definitely the issue. the volume of traffic is not so big. the volume of fog is the issue. low visibility crossing the span into or out of the east bay. the golden gate bridge looking
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further east in out of the pass. you have a 15-minute drive because of the light volume here. highway 4 to the north and speeds only in the 50s. that's not a big deal. over towards the dublin interchange. smooth through the castro valley y, off of 238 and there is a disabled vehicle. northbound 880 and not presenting a problem. where we typically see the slow down showing 60s and above. we have the 65 mile per hour speed limit taking you across the bridge. a live look shows what you we are talking about. a nice visibility and the bay bridge tough to see. across the bridge, you can make the high-rise out. not a problem south of san mateo. 101 or 880. back to you. >> thank you very much. want to check the forecast with christina. how are we looking? >> you will enjoy today. yes, big time changes on the way for tomorrow. the warmest day of the week, we
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will start you out on monday. less than a quarter mile visibility in the north bay. take it easy where you are headed. a lot of remnant moisture that is headed over christmas day. high pressure builds in and compresses the moisture and you have the fog. 44 degrees in sunnyvale. in gilroy down to southern california over the 5, give yourself extra time and take it easy. we have reports of ice on the bridges out there. you want to take it cautiously in that area. the good news is the high winds relaxed. by 4:00 a.m. wednesday, the system will clear out and looks like the bulk will come through as we head through the course of tomorrow afternoon. starting at about 10:00 a.m., showers will start to build until we hit 3:00 a.m. wednesday. it will be a wet couple of days we will have to get through.
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let's take you to the north. rain on the way. a lot of rain possibly two inches tuesday into wednesday and maybe the first mountain snow with another system on new year's day. time now 6:11. don't expect an end to body scanners and pat-downs any time soon. who said they are here to state. >> action to save people from a capsized boat. where the rescue happened. >> gift cars are nice, but what if you get 1 to a store you don't really like. how you can get something out of them. >> they are having a lot of travel delays based on the east coast. a live look and we will keep you woefted on how it affects bay area airports. >> this is lieutenant commander glen bean in germany. i like to greet my wife and the
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american population community in northern california. a merry christmas and happy holidays.
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>> good morning to you. a live look outside at sfo. folks may be driving around for a while as they face flight delays. how it's affecting air travel here. the lows and highs across the bay area. >> gift cards are as popular as ever. most of you probably have at least one of the one size fits all stock stuffers, but a few
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things you need to know before you toss them in your purse or wallet. marla tellez has a few tips. >> and a few gift cars here. good morning. gift cards equal big business. according to one consulting firm, they rake in $88 billion a year. but get this. as much as 30 billion of that goes unused. number one thing to remember, use it or lose it. to know what you are up against, take a look at the back of the card. thanks to new federal rules, it must save fees or limitations. be sure to take a look. longer expiration periods. money on your card will be good for at least five years from the date the card is performed. if your card doesn't have an expiration date, you can use the unspent money after the card expires. no limit on inactive fees. the card can be used online. the question is, what if you get
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a gift card to a store you really don't like? here are ideas to make the most of it. sell it for cash or swap it out with someone who would lick it or swap cards with someone else. you can always regift it if you are a regifter and the last two options, you can donate it to a favorite cause or use it to buy somebody else a gift. you can save yourself money doing that. depending on the company if your card is lost or stolen, you can get it replaced if you have proof of purchase. hang on to the receipts. live in the newsroom, today in the bay. >> a few good tips. >> if you found a new high def tv, you might have spent the entire holiday trying to get it to work. the tvs were being offered for the best prices during the hol dis. the best challenge is to hook it up to receive local high def
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signals. one expert said it's simple. one big plus is having a digital touch screen universal remote. >> the coolest feature i like is it's a one-touch. if you look through here, there is a watch button and it turns on the and the cable box and the receiver and the audio. everything is set. >> a good reminder for all of us. keep that manual handy. keep it somewhere where can find it. you will need it some day. >> contact your local teenager. facebook with the social internet companies. facebook has an enterprise valley of $41 billion. the company is worth more than ebay or yahoo and said the value is up 56% since the middle of the year. a securities firm set out to estimate the worth of facebook and other similar companies by using data from private stock
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trades by individual and institutional investors. most similar companies have not launched ipos that allow employees to sell shares in private markets. bank of america is getting low marks from the treasury department. b of a is accused of taking longer to answer phone calls from borrowers who have distressed home loan information. the sur fay finds it takes an average of 40 seconds for b of a to answer calls. they lost the highest percentage in five of six months that the treasury department collected call center information from the eighth largest servicers in the mortgage identification program. use it or lose it. has the end of the year approaching, many are scrambling to spend whatever cash is left. if you don't, you lose the money. the pretax are meant to be spent on medical expenses, but expire at the end of the year. spending will be harder next
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year because over the counter drugs will not be eligible without a prescription. >> it also will be the time to buy bandages and band-aids and adhesives and crutches or eyeglasses or contact lenses. >> the average american leaves $85 in his or her account and loses the money. experts suggest front loading your 2011 expenses if you can. >> federal government officials will upgrade defense against terror attacks of the nation's subway and rail networks. a new investigation said there gaping holes in the plan. it may be impossible to fix. "usa today's" report said people will be more vulnerable on trips they take by subway and rail compared to air travel. plots have been exposed since 9/11. the systems remain a target and authorities and members of congress agree. the tsa has largely left rail
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security to local governments. >> nine men face terrorism charges in a great britain courtroom today. they were arrested last week and are accused of plotting to set off explosives in the uk. the experience started on october 1st and did not finish until the men were arrested. police say they also arrested three other men as well and were released without charges. 22 people are dead from the twine flu in sri lanka. the ministry said all of the deaths happened since october 25th. more than 300 people reported getting the swine flu there. the world health organization declared the pandemic to be over in august. >> temperatures are not cooing between north and south korea. the president vowed relentless retaliation against the north if provoked again. the south is not afraid of war with the communist north.
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the north promised to use nuclear weapon fist necessary. 15 people from a sinking ferry and video of that yesterday. the ferry capsized in rough water off the southwestern coast. waves were as high as 16 feet. seven people were in the water and the rest of the people were standing accident trying to hang on to the top of that overturned boat. >> the battle over alaska's senate seat continues. joe miller will plead his case, but will not stand in the way of gop rival. he said the integrity is vital, however he said even if the case is not decide, miller can be sworn in so that alaska has full representation on capitol hill. hugh hefner has a new fiance only 60 years younger. he proposed to crystal harris
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who is miss december of 2009. hefner is hip to the younger crowd. he announced the engagement on twitter. this is his third marriage. >> wow. more than double the age and more than double the speeds in antioch. clear sailing according to mike. >> highway 4 where we see speeds in the 20s. look at this. an easy drive at 54. about an 18, but this is no ordinary week. a lot of folks are not commuting in the morning. midday and afternoons, you will see a lot more on the roadway. easy drive through the maze. 24 just a typical slowing as you approach oakland. the city limits off of highway 13. there you go. the real issue, a live look at the toll plaza with the fog being an issue. lower the speeds even though you don't have to.
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mike singletary out of a job. today in the bay looks at the state of the 49ers. this is stephanie anderson. i want to say t o my i love y mom. i love you and miss you and can't wait to come home. #
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good morning. if youare waking up and getting ready to hit the highway, make sure you have plenty of time to get to your destination. you have reduced visibilities and more than a quarter of a mile. santa rosa checking in and patchy dense fog. take a electric at what's headed our way. another weather maker. i paused this at 7:00 tomorrow night. the bulk of the moisture will pick up to two inches of rain in
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the north and east bay. this is a fast mover and packed a lot of precipitation. a repeat performance. it will be the warmest day of the week. get on outside. if you are waking up, you have extra time to get the ice off the windshield. a.m. frost and another frost with the first mountain snow of the season. i hope you have snow suits ready to g. >> 6:26. a lot more coming up on today in the bay. >> a rough 2010 for musicians could mean a good 2011 for fans. why you could see your favorite band for less next year. as we have been closing airports on the east coast this morning, see how that will
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impact bay area airports in a live report. a clear day here overlooking san jose. you will see the warmest temperatures today. we will keep you posted. 6:26 on monday morning. on air base korea, wishing a science greetings to the irving family and relatives in newark, california and surrodingun seasons greetings. ea
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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it is expecting to be a busy travel day and one airport is already being impacted by the massive storm hitting the northeast. we will tell you more about it in a live report. health care reform moves back to the front burnner washington. prot posal that some dubbed death panels could make a come back. we will see why in a live report. >> i live look outside.
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a little bit of fog as you take a look at the bay bridge approach. be careful as you head out on this monday morning. 6:30 right now on december 27th on today in the bi. thanks for joining us. 6:30 and hope you had a great holiday weekend. christina loren had the hour by hour forecast. change is on the ro hiz on for tomorrow. the day off and you get outside today. we have cold temperatures pushing into the bay area towards the end of this week. 44 in sunnyvale and mostly 40s across the board by noon. looking to about 55 in fremont and the upper 50s. no 60s for today. lots of sunshine and clouds
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increasing ahead of a front that could bring two inches of rain. tomorrow we will talk about the first mountain snow possibility. a lot happening in the weather department. >> we showed a great start approaching and that could be one of the things. a little bit of fog. >> most definitely. fog is the issue for the bay bridge. carquinas and benicia bridge. the san mateo bridge with speeds in the 50s and 40s. around 92. really hayward is not soing major issues because of the light volume off the castro valley y. in the commute direction, the term mute is used loosely. we have a light morning commute. a look at the golden gate bridge and you are talking about the fog. you can't even make out the south or the north towers. the light traffic is around the bay area. it's a whole other issue for air travel.
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kimberly terry is out there. what do you have for us? >> it's expected to be a busy travel day as people start heading home after this long holiday weekend at oakland. there has been a steady stream of cars and people dropping off passengers heading home. so far so good. no major delays here at oakland. that's also the case at san jose. at san francisco's airport, they are experiencing issues as a result of that massive storm hitting the northeast. at least 20 outbound and inbound flights have been canceled and travellers can expect delays and sfo representatives don't expect flights to resume to normal until at least tomorrow. we just have to come fromity l ly. it has been a mess. glad lower not headed that way.
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airlines are working to notify performs of cancelling as and get them rebooked. it would be a good idea to call ahead or check online before heading to the airport. just to reiterate, no cancelations or major delays out of oakland. san francisco a different story. they have problems headed to and from the northeast. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thanks for the update. the 49ers are looking for a new head coach. the owner will hold a news conference at noon in santa clara to talk about the firing of mike singletary. raj mathai first told us about the move after sunday's game. he now has a look at who might be next. good monday morning to you. all the hype and bra zado from the head coach not happening anymore. mike singletary fired later on today at noon.
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the youthful owner will address the media. all the questions will arise. who will replace mike singletary as head coach? getting back to yesterday, this might be his lasting image and last memory of the niners. the shouting match on the sidelines with his starting quarterback both going at each other. about two years on the job for mike singletary as the head coach and he is out of a job. the 49ers are 5-10 on the season, but not just the subpar record. erratic, confusion and not in synch. issuing a statement last night saying one of the greatest experience of my life is having the opportunity to coach the 49ers. i am thankful for the faithful fans. i'm sorry i couldn't give them more. the statement from the owner, i want to thank mike singletary for the passion and effort he brought to the organization. he is a tremendous person from
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whom i will always have grit respect. the new chapter in 49ers football begins as of today. who will replace mike singletary. the list goes on. we will have a lot more throughout the day. back to you. >> thanks a lot. as soon as we heard the news, we posted on facebook and our viewers said it should have happened sooner. disappointing season. one viewer said thank you. he's happy. if you want to comment, you can find it at nbc bay area morning news. >> a baltimore ravens player was on hire. reed had two interceptings and in between, he literally caught on fire. apparently he sat too close to a heater and his jacket caught on fire. he jumped off the bench and ditched the jacket quickly. he wasn't hurt.
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a bright spot in bay area sports. the cardinals packing their bags to florida. they will fly out of the bay area this morning. they will pick the field in the orange bowl. they are going to play virginia tech. good luck. stanford fans can get a sdournt at the team hotel that happens to be the world famous and typing in the homo code stan fan. >> time now is 6:36. people jump on a plane and spent hours in the air and end up where they started. we will have the story coming up. >> plus persons have made it known they don't like the body scanners and pat-downs at the airports. now the head of homeland security said you better get used to them. >> you may see your favorite band for a little bit less this summer. find out why, coming up next. good morning to you. we are dealing with patchy dense fog and we have a big time
6:37 am
weather maker on the way for tomorrow. all the details in your complete bay area forecast. . >> i'm major smith at camp flavor, iraq. i want to say hello to my mother and brother in california. i love you and miss you. see you soon.
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more snow on the way to mammoth. you are looking at a live picture in downtown san francisco. looking good overall. low clouds start to lift out of the area, we have a nice day and patchy dense fog to deal with in the north bay. concord checking in with less than a quarter mile visibility. the sun comes up over the bay area. take a look at what's coming our way. we have a big weather maker here. in the northernmost portions of california, for us it will bring chilly conditions. we are waking up with numbers in the 40s as we head towards the end of the week.
6:41 am
all of them will be closer to 30. cold air on the way. let's look at the timing of the system. starting at about 10:00 a.m., showers spread in the area. the bulk will take place over the course of tomorrow evening into wednesday night. the whole thing clears out by wednesday morning and patchy fog once again. your extended outlook is on the way. back to you. >> thanks a lot. sky rocking concert prices keeping a lot of fans listening to their favorite bands at home on their ipod and cds. several mo moteers plan to make changes and make them more affordable. zz top plans to set prices below the 2010 average of $55 a ticket and some may go for as little as $10. they plan to make up for the lost revenue by pushing t-shirts and other merchandise.
6:42 am
justin beeber and lady gaga are not offering price breaks. >> pat so-called death panels could be back on the table. we will have a live report. a live look outside with sun coming up and it look like a nice day on tap. enjoy it because as christina mentioned, there big changes coming up. we will update you on that. just wanted to say merry christmas and happy new year to my grand parents and all the rest of my family in hayward and all over the bay area and b california. i miss you all and love you and hope to see you soon.
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>> welcome back. a live look outside. sfo making their way in and out of the bay area. new year's is still here and a few folks heading out. be sure to check before you go. big delays on the east coast could trickle down to us. advice as you head out this morning. check your flight. >> 6:45 right now. if you thought death panels were dead, president obama brought them back to life. they assist people with planning how to end their lives. they sparked a storm back in 2009. today in the bay's marly tellez join us with what it means for you. >> good morning. it was last year that republican sarah palin actually referred to the plan as obama's death panel. saying it would lead our nation towards government-sponsored euthanasia. because of that, political uproar and democrats dropped it
6:46 am
from the health care overhaul legislation, but come january 1st, the new year, president obama will achieve the same goal through a medicare regulation. under the new policy, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end of life care. including how aggressively a patient wishes to be treated if they are so sick they cannot make health health care decisions for themselves. medicare will cover voluntary advanced care planning as part of an annual visit. it gives people more control over the care they receive. opponents while they refer to the death panel talk of euthanasia. it does not specifically have the words advanced care planning. it doesn't have those words, but through strategic writing, the president heads got then through again. taking effect this saturday, january 1st. reporting live from the
6:47 am
satellite center, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, marla. scanners and pat-downs are here to stay. that's the word from homeland security director janet napolitano. she said both the scanners and pat-downs kept dangerous devices from getting into planes in the u.s. some complained about the invasion of privacy, but napolitano said safety is the number one priority. >> many passengers might be happy to get through security because of big winner storms that is closing airports up and down the east coastful they are slowing down in other places. tracie potts is right in the middle of it. somehow washington, d.c. really avoided the direct hit. i see clear roads and grass behind you. >> reporter: yep. you have to search hard to find a patch of snow. more snowfall in the suburbs than the city. moderate snowfall, but nothing
6:48 am
like what you saw in philadelphia, new york, and down south. take a look at pictures. they had to cancel the game on again for tuesday in new york. massive snow. a foot or a foot and a half or more in places. it caused really big problems on the roads and really big delays at the airports. all the major airports shut down in new york. today the big story is really going to be trying to get those people back home as it really filtered throughout the system. down south in virginia and north carolina and georgia. almost a foot in areas. amazing. >> it is amazing how much they are getting. she is like in this zone where they didn't get any. >> we will have a good zone today. >> hope so. >> let's check with chris 10a. >> a definite good zone. the rain returns as we head into tomorrow. i think we will get another good day for the first half.
6:49 am
we are dealing with a little bit of patchy dense fog. take it easy in the north bay with less than a quarter of a mile. temperatures are creeping up a little bit. up to 41 degrees in gilroy. san jose with 45 and warming up to about 58 degrees as the daytime high. let's take a look at the next weather maker. high pressure is firmly in control. you can see the clouds arking up and around an area of high pressure. as we head through, a big system will push in and high pressure to the east. we could pick up to two inches of rain in the north and east bay before wednesday morning. get out there and enjoy if you can. 59 degrees in san jose. 58 for santa cruz. snow levels with another system that will move through over the course of thursday into friday. we could see snow levels dropping to 4,000 feet. a dusting of snow likely in the santa cruz mountains. happy new year. it will be a cold one.
6:50 am
over to you. >> talking about the fog and the snow. we will watch out for that and the reports. no snow for the commuters. hardly any cause for the commute. no metering lights, but you have the fog to contend with. ohm reflecking a little slowing because of the conditions. that's one of the major factors in determining how fast you should drive. only as fast as the conditions allow. still just 19 minutes off of the fog advisory. benicia as well. 24 out of the caldecott moving nicely. antioch shows slowing and they will click on and off towards pittsburgh with no major slowing. each livermore with a nice drive. we just see a little slowing showing up on the maps. 37 and also 280 north off of the 680 interchange. sharks play l.a. beat l.a. and beat the commute
6:51 am
as well. it's light so far. that's how things are going on the highways right now. >> let's go to kimberly ter to see if the east coast storm is affecting our airport. good morning. >> no major problems. we have been watching a steady stream of cars dropping people off for the early morning flights. san francisco is a completely different story since that airport has more direct flights to the northeast. it is impacted by the massive storm hitting the new york area. so far we have heard 20 inbound and six outbound flights have been canceled and and a halfers are not experiencing any cancelations yet, they are having to elbow their way through security. pretty busy. i'm pretty early so i can handle it. >> not bad. it's a little more crowded than i thought it would be at 6:00 in the morning, but not bad. >> airlines are contacting
6:52 am
performs to let them know of canceled flights to get them rescheduled. bottom line, prepare for delays as the daywears on. you are advised to call ahead or check online before heading to the airport, especially if your flight is headed to the northeast. live in oakland, kimberly terry today in the bay. >> thanks, kimberly. certainly the weekend may have been dampened by cold and temperatures. how about this for a travel horror story? about 200 people were supposed to fly from charlotte to new york. they spent two hours on the runway so the plane could be deiced. then the plane made it over la guardia and told they couldn't land. they had to circle the airport. >> i flew over la guardia for about an hour. >> did you see anything besides snow in. >> we didn't even see new york. we circled for an hour and never dropped down.
6:53 am
>> they're transferred us to harrisburg. >> i was supposed to get a bus to la guardia which they cancel canceled. >> they were rerouted to harris, but pennsylvania and went back to charlotte. they ended up right back in north carolina. we talked about the snow in filly and it did something as you may have heard hasn't happened in 60 years. the game was canceled that was supposed to be sunday night on nbc bay area. they are going to have to reschedule. they could not play. they are bringing in front loaders and can't get rid of the snow. it's piling up. the game has been rescheduled. here's a look at what you can expect. it's going to be played sunday night football on nbc bay area, tomorrow night, tuesday night 5:00 p.m., vikings versus eagles that you can check out here on nbc bay area. >> they need seat warmers. >> and then some. >> we want to check the morning commute with mike. see how things are looking out there.
6:54 am
>> good morning. we have fog. clearly the issue. not clearly as far as visibility. there is a bike rider on easy flow of traffic. the north bay at novato and napa and fairfield reporting low visibility, but drifting in and out of your area. coming from the north bay and the fog advisory. the bay bridge with things a little clear as far as the view goes, but may get backed up and the metering lights may get turned on. we had a chance for the back up to form, but it hasn't because of the light volume of traffic. while there is fog north of the bay bridge, the san mateo looks clear and no slowing on to 92. the peninsula drive is smooth. over at cnbc, the photographer told me from foster city to san jose, no problems as far as fog, visibility and traffic. a live report from our sister network. >> a very reliable source. >> i top the go to christina for
6:55 am
a look at the fog. if you get up above it -- >> what a difference a couple of mountains make. we are looking good right here. you can actually see the low clouds situated over san francisco. particularly the north bay this morning. we are still dealing with reduced visibility and about a quarter of a mile. looks like we will head through the next couple of hours. that will improve and we will see rain for tomorrow and sunshine for the second half of today. 59 degrees in hayward and 59 in san jose. a little on the cool side, but you won't need the umbrella until late tomorrow. the timing of the next system looks like the bulk of the moisture may come through from tomorrow afternoon to wednesday night. up to two inches of rain. packing a punch and another system on the way for new yore's weekend. 52 degrees saturday and no levels falling to 4,000 feet.
6:56 am
temperatures 32 degrees as your low for friday morning. cold air on the way. we will have to get through rain. this might be the best day of the workweek. >> we will make the most of it. >> thanks a lot. >> they spent 69 days trapped underground. what the the chilean miners doing next? they are going to disneyworld. disney is pick up the tab for a six-night stay at the florida resort. the miners, rescuers and families are all going to disneyworld. each will get a $500 gift card and will be the grand marshals of the main street usa parade. >> they won't go to the indiana jones right. it looks like a cave. >> things pick up a little bit. time square in new york city which is usually hustling and lots of traffic and gridlock, but just a few cars out there. they have a lot of snow. the streets are slick.
6:57 am
they are still clearing out. at least it's not coming downright now, but one of the places where they did get a lot of snow and leading to the travel delays. they have trouble anyway. when they get bad weather, that trickles across the united states. if you are heading out from the bay area, make sure you check the flights. there could be delays and cancellations as they try to get things back on track. >> might take a while to hail a cab. in the in the bay area. going to be a nice day. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is up next. >> a local news update in a half hour. have a great monday and see you back in a little bit.
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