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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. good morning. another winter storm pummels the east coast, smashing records, closing schools, grounding flights and turning roads into parking lots. there's two more months of winter to go. fateful hours. sources tell nbc news accused gunman jared loughner spent time researching famous assassins, the death penalty and solitary confinement ahead of the massacre in arizona. will that help the defense or the prosecution? margarita spill. jimmy buffett rushed off to the
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hospital after falls face first off the stage. he's putting his tour on a brief hold. thursday, january 27th, 2011. and welcome. it's 7:00 a.m. pacific time on this thursday morning. we are outside, as you can see. i'm meredith vieira. >> snow on your coat. >> who put it there? >> we got hit again. >> oh, my gosh. >> first of all, welcome back from assignment in australia. >> thank you. >> last night until 10:00, sleet in new york city. between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00
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a.m., snow was intense. the old record, we're only one month into winter and we have already been hit hard. >> it was really bad in d.c. it hit during the commuting hour. what normally would take 20 minutes took five hours last night. >> even thpresident who flew in from wisconsin, would normally take the helicopter, he had to take a motorcade. took him an hour and a half to get to the white house. >> here to start this morni inin greenwich, connecticut, peter alexander is standing by. >> reporter: you guys hit it on the head. this has been a relentless winter. 14 1/2 new inches of snow. take a look at what people are trying to clean up today. in hartford the snowiest month on record. central park with 19 inches.
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less than an inch shy of their snowiest month on record after a relentless, nonstop parade of storms. as the storm barreled into the east coast, the snow fell heaviest over night, dumping as much as 3 inches an hour in some places. in washington, wednesday's evening commute turned into an all-nighter for some drivers, leaving them trapped in their cars for hours. even the president's motorcade got stuck in the gridlock. commuters say the snow made for the worst evening rush hour traffic in decades. >> just honking horning and stopping in the middle of intersections. general frustration. >> reporter: by now it's become all too familiar. >> winter's wrath is targeting the northeast again. >> reporter: near philadelphia, every available plow called into action. with snow blowing sideways. >> it looked like the abominable snowman. >> there's no place to put the snow. i'm really tired of shoveling.
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>> the fact i have to struggle to get to work and get the kids to school. >> reporter: talk about unwelcome winter woes, this latest blast is the sixth major storm to pound the northeast since thanksgiving. remember the day after christmas? more than 20 inches of snow paralyzed new york city. now another blast to the battered region. new york city, boston and hartford have already crushed their seasonal snow averages. and it's only january. it's not just the northeast. in the south, snow is no longer music to nashville's ears. >> yeah, i'm sick of the snow, man. >> and in the bluegrass state of kentucky, the winter white is affecting students, too. the wicked weather is starting to wear people down. >> it's very stressful. hopefully this will be the last storm. >> reporter: of course, not everyone's complaining. >> no school. no homework.
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heaven. >> reporter: what seems like a never ending winter, and there are still 52 days left till spring. march 20th simply cannot come soon enough for people throughout this region. the impact is wide reaching. airports are reporting closures and cancellations throughout the area. you want to check ahead. amtrak reporting closures as well. meredith, as you've noticed, your kids have noticed, new york philadelphia, boston, washington, d.c., all without snow today. we did some clean-up during that piece. nobody's in here. as long as we're here we may as well make some cash on the side, i figure. >> thank you very much. matt lauer is not here, anymore. he threw a snowball. then he ran off, didn't he guys? he's a little weasel. mike siedel is in braintree,
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massachusetts. >> reporter: amtrak suspended again. the only thing we lucked out on here versus the mid-atlantic where there are about 400,000 customers without power, it's power here. the snow came down here hard like in new york, but it was a powdery snow with temperatures 25 to 28. before sunrise, our crew had to get here from needham to braintree. a whiteout. wind and snow. 1 to 2 inches an hour. driving at 25 miles an hour. spinouts and wrecks in the area. snowfall total, philadelphia, 15 inches. new york city, peter mentioned 19. now the eight largest storm in new york history. get these stats. five of the top ten snowstorms in new york city have occurred in the past five years, and 3 of the top 11 have occurred in the past 11 months. it's been very snowy over the past couple years.
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seasonal snowfall average has gone by the wayside, meredith. over 6 feet of snow, meredith, so far in hartford, connecticut. blockbuster storms. >> mike, thank you so much. reporting for us from braintree, massachusetts. al is headed inside where he's tracking the storm. >> all right, meredith. record breaking snowfall. new york city breaking the old record back in 1925 for the month of january. newark breaks the record with 37.6 inches back in 1996. islip, long island, new record. bridgeport, 38 inches of snow. january, this snow, 19 inches of snow. that is coming down and we're not done yet. as we check out the satellite and the radar, you can see the radar pulling away, the snow starting to shrink as that system moves offshore. that's the good news. final snowfall totals before it's all over, we are talking about 19 in new york city. newark, new jersey, almost 19
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inches. new haven in connecticut, 18. another clipper coming soon. matt? >> good news, al. thank you very much. we'll get the rest of your forecast in a moment. what's causing this to be such a wild winter? storm after storm? a physics professor at the city university of new york and author of the upcoming book "physics of the future," professor, good to have you here. is this just bad luck or is there a scientific reason? >> common sense says that the freezing cold is driving everything. common sense is wrong. when you're making ice cubes, it's the amount of water you put in your refrigerator that determines how many ice cubes you get. the freezing cold simply makes the ice freeze faster. so when the arctic cold hits the moist moisture, humid air from the gulf of mexico, that's what's driving the gigantic snowfall. >> last year was a tough winter
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as well. everybody was saying it was an el nino year. that was the reason. this is not one, is it? >> there are two theories. one that it's a random fluctuation like el nino. the other theory says it's global warming which creates more moisture in the gulf of mexico. it's the moisture which is the driving force behind this gigantic snowfall which violates common sense. >> you call it global warming. we've had this discussion before. you talked to the people down in the southern states where they have seen not only snow this year where they don't normally see snow, but they've seen much colder than normal temperatures and they're saying, what do you mean global warming? >> global warming is not quite right. it's actually global swings. i was in brazil just last week with massive mudslides caused again by moisture. you can have droughts simultaneous with flooding simultaneous with hot spells and cold spells. global warming actually means global swings in the weather. there's no smoking gun. we scientists do not know absolutely what is causing this.
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but it's consistent with global swings. >> when we looked at some of the events, you talked about the mudslides in brazil, we've been covering the massive flooding in australia in the queensland section of australia and mud slides in california. is it all related? >> it's related in the sense all scientists believe the earth is heating up. we can debate how much human activity is driving it. we all agree the earth is heating up. last year was the hottest year ever recorded since 2005 since records were kept in 1880. get used to it. we're going to have more monstrous snowstorms. >> more good news. professor, thank you very much. always nice to have you here. it is ten minutes after the hour. meredith? >> new information this morning tied to the tragic shooting spree in tucson, arizona. according to sources accused gunman jared loughner spent time researching famous assassins and the death penalty before that
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shooting. nbc's my taibbi with the latest. >> reporter: for all the people who've come forward to say just how far gone jared lee loughner was by that terrible saturday morning, other information keeps emerging that describes someone who was carefully planning for a cataclysmic event. by the time jared loughner faced the camera for this new infamous police photo, federal and county investigators were already searching his nearby home where they removed his computer for later examination. now, investigative sources have confirmed a "washington post" report that before the shooting rampage, loughner had visited sites like these about political assassinations. and about the lethal injection process used to enforce the death penalty. it's already been reported that before the shootings, loughner had left cell phone and internet good-byes to some friends. and after the shootings, witnesses say he didn't try to run or turn the gun on himself. and, says the captain of the
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pima county sheriff's department, he spoke just a few words once in custody. >> he invoked his rights pretty early on. he did not want to talk to us. he basically asked for his attorney and would not talk to us. >> reporter: does it all sound too carefully planned for someone whose behavior for months was so erratic and to many frightening? legal expert dana cole. >> it could help the profession but it could also help the defense to show he's so crazy in trying to do all this research and plan an assassination for what reason? there is no reason. i mean, he clearly was a paranoid. he clearly had delusional thought processes. and ultimately that's what the defense is going to use to try to spare his life. >> reporter: loughner has pled not guilty, but his attorney, judy clark, is famous for avoiding the delt penalty for mentally disturbed clients accused of heinous crimes. like ted kaczynski. how long did this whole thing
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take from first to last shot? >> from the moment he shot his first shot, i believe it's about 14 seconds. it definitely shows that he's taken aim. he's not just indiscriminately firing. he's aiming at targets. >> reporter: there was more good news about his first alleged target, congresswoman gabby giffords. her husband gave a thumb's up as she was moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation center in houston. ja jared lee loughner is next due on court on march 9th. law enforcement officials say the state's case on behalf of the four dead and 11 injured who were not federal employees is still weeks away from formal charges. meredith? >> thank you very much. it is 7:13. here's matt. >> the snow wasn't the only storm to hit washington on wednesday. president obama faced some heated criticism over something he said in the state of the union address. the criticism came from members
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of his own party. nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has details on that. >> reporter: hi, matt. there's a different kind of ice forming on a relationship here. sure, you'd expect criticism of the president from republicans in congress, but one of mr. obama's top allies here, the most important democrat in the senate, is upset and speaking out. >> but the president makes us help him a little bit. more power to him. it's just wrong. >> reporter: with no hesitation, democratic majority leader harry reid is calling out the white house. over one issue in one paragraph of the state of the union. >> and because the american people deserve to know that special interests aren't larding up legislation with pet projects, both parties in congress should know this. if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, i will veto it. i will veto it. >> reporter: is the president wrong when it comes to earmarks?
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>> of course. this is an applause line. it's an effort of the white house to get more power. they've got enough power as it is. >> reporter: reid's complaint is that the president is trying to undercut the power of an equal branch of government. congress uses earmarks to send federal money back home for special projects. >> i know much more what needs to be done in las vegas, nevada, than some bureaucrat does back here. >> reporter: as popular as those pet projects often are with voters at home, past abuses have made earmarks politically radio active. >> stop the earmarking! stop the spending! stop the outrageous pork barrel projects! >> reporter: but the white house uses earmarks, too. for its own favorite projects. reid is irked because the president only threatened congress. >> he should just back off. he's got enough to do without messing in what we do. >> reporter: but reid predicts earmarks will make a comeback. >> short term he may win this
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battle. but it's going to be short term. it means nothing for the debt. >> reporter: and reid said this is really overkill because congress has taken some steps to fix problems that led to abuses of earmarks. i did ask him if this whole fight has caused a riff with the president and he said, no, it has not. matt? >> i'm not sure about that, kelly o'donnell in washington this morning. thank you very much. pretty blunt talk there. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from ann curry at the news desk. >> good morning. also in news this morning, a third day of clashes rocked egypt today. protesters and journalists were beaten, tear gassed and arrested on wednesday. the clashes are the biggest anti-government protest the country has seen the years. nobel peace laureate returns to egypt today to joint protesters and asking the president to resign after 30 years in office. this morning in iraq, a car bomb ripped through a shiite funeral service in baghdad and
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at least 35 people were killed and at least 65 people were wounlded. as the military prepares to end policy this year, the't ask, pentagon is expected to announce new plans for training ahead of the shift in procedure. military leaders have called the possibility of retraining the force's 2 at any ti.2 million t daunting. the mine blast in colombia was apparently caused by a build-up of methane gas. a build-up four years ago at the same mine left two people dead. the foreclosure crisis is far from over according to realtytrac. in 2010, foreclosure activity soared by 149% in our nation's cities. with millions of baby boomers starting to retire, social security's finances are getting worse. new congressional figures show that social security will pay
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out $45 billion more this year than it takes in from payroll taxes. and at that rate, the fund will be drained in 26 years. now, let's go to wall street where cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. the market hit a big milestone on wednesday. that's good news. what's on tap today? >> 12,000 was a major milestone. the dow crossing that level for the first time yesterday since june of 2008. this after the federal reserve concluded its two-day meeting leaving interest rates unchanged. today, though, investors are focused on the downgrade of japan's $11 trillion in sovereign debt. there are concerns other nations with heavy debt loads will also secret rating downgrades. after the bell investors will be focused on microsoft earnings as well as falling from a concert stage in sydney, australia. buffett was walking towards the cheering crowds when he misjudged the edge of the stage
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and fell face-first onto the concrete floor. paramedics rushed to the singer where he was unconscious for reportedly ten minutes. he was released from the hospital today, and is said to be doing well. >> a big favorite around here. you can only hope that he'll be surfing again very soon. >> i got an email from jimmy last night. he said he's got no concussion, he's got stitches, lots of them in his head as elbow, he's sore as, i'm not going to use the word he used. and he was joking that he may even call his next album "battle scars." but he's going to be okay. >> he really is. >> and we wish him the best. we love you. >> mr. roker, back from sydney, australia. >> we ran into his band in our hotel. >> did you push him? >> why would you even suggest that? what's wrong with you? what is wrong with you? my goodness. anyway, let's take a look at see what's happening. guess what, we've got another couple of clippers coming across that's going to bring light
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snow, one to three inches across the upper midwest. and another one behind that. which will bring maybe more snow to new york. and the northeast. as we go into the saturday. but you can see this is pretty light, no big problems. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's going welcome back, mr. roker. things are looking good in our neck of the woods. we are seeing the opposite, much warmer than normal temperatures. 74 degrees was the high in gilroy yesterday. 68 in oakland. palo alto hit 69. an san jose hit 69 degrees breaking a record for that date. so mild conditions will continue for today. and for us that means a warmer than normal start. 46 degrees in hayward turning over to the 70s later on today. a little bit of a drop off tomorrow. enjoe i it today. that's your latest weather. thank you very much. you know, a few of our correspondents in washington got stuck in the mess, obviously down in d.c. and like any good journalist, they tweeted about it. david gregory said, i ditched my car at the studio and jogged home, traffic on foxhall and
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nebraska not moving. and andrea mitchell, tree branches weighed down, heavy snow hanging over our street. had to drive under, really bad. finally made it home, no sign of plows or sand. bad. finally made it home, no sign of plows or sand. not to be outdone, brian williams called into the the weather channel, to have a little fun at his colleagues' expense. >> i'm doing what every deeply patriotic american should do during a thunderstorm watching the the weather channel. i can only listen to my colleagues, david gregory and andrea mitchell. i had the good sense to get out of washington via amtrak this morning, knowing that when it snows there, it resembles the fall of saigon. >> wow. >> that's a little dramatic. >> nice to his friends there. >> welcome back to washington, brian. we'll have more on the storm and the problems that it is causi causing, but first, this is "today" on nbc. n
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just ahe headahead, is your grocery store designed to make you spend more money? we have supermarket secrets. nd we tamore on the piano that ended up on a sandbar. @÷8ñ
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good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. it is thursday morning. we are more than halfway through the week. gorgeous outside. should be nice across the bay area. we'll go to christina. it will be a nice day. good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. we are looking at a lot of sunshine in the south bay along the peninsula. those will be the warmest areas with a bit of fog to keep it a little cooler. we have reduced visibilities this morning in the east bay and the north bay. so take it easy out there. 46 degrees in hayward. as we head throughout this afternoon, 68 degrees for the tri-valley. 70 in oakland. san francisco, 69 degrees today. that's the average high in august. so unseasonable conditions will continue. probably throughout this
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weekend. maybe, maybe some slight chances for showers on sunday into monday. so that's what we are looking for there. we'll find out what you are looking at on the roadways this morning with mike inouye. the south bay is looking for slowing as well as a fire that has been addressed here at 13th at taylor and jackson. that's not far from japantown. that's a residential area. the captain informant called to let us know about the closure on 13th. the rest of the northbound route is looking good. 680 in the northbound direction where you see the red is 18 miles per hour. the fog advisory for antioch heading to the venetian bridge. the cartinas bridge has low visibility reported. folks will see thou things are moving with the backup going on there. we'll go to the maze there. scattered buildup out of the east bay. back to you. thank you, mike. this morning redwood city is on the hunt for a new chief after its old police chief suddenly resigned. louis diad is leaving the department after four years as
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chief. in a statement the outgoing chief says, quote, it is time for me to step aside and let the new city manager direct his/her own team. the interim city manager tells with the the daily news" the chief was not in danger of losing his job. his last day will be february 16th. i'll have another local news update in a half hour or so. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes. have a great morning.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 27th of january, 2011. a snow day for millions of children on the east coast following another potent storm in central park in new york city. the official total, 15.3 inches so far. you know what's amazing? that's just ten blocks from us here in rockefeller plaza. look what the people here have done. they have taken it down to the concrete overnight. there must have been 50, 60 people shoveling, plowing, sweeping the sidewalks here in rockefeller plaza. >> you were not one of them. >> i got in and they do an
7:31 am
amazing job here all the time. you can see the piles of snow in the background. nice and safe for people coming to work here at nbc and other companies in the area. thanks to these people who braved the weather to come down and say hi. we'll see hi to them. >> they were motioning to us to get out there. >> we'll do that around 10:00. no classes today. lots of kids headed out to play in the snow. >> you have to be careful because it can turn into a nightmare. coming up, winter survival skills you need to know. >> and have have you ever wondered why they put the bread and milk at the far end of the store or why the once straight aisles are more jumbled? we'll show you what grocery stores are doing to get you to spend more money. >> and a new role for a growing number of single actresses in hollywood is motherhood. we begin with serious news. the brazen murder of an ivy league educated father gunned
7:32 am
down outside his child's preschool. here are the details. >> reporter: at one side you have a businessman shot at point blank range. the accused killer is a successful father of three who police say not only knew the victim but also his wife. the motive behind the murder of rusty snyderman, a married father of two, remains a mystery. police are saying nothing about why they believe newman targeted snyderman outside the preschool gunning down the harvard mba execution style. newman's high-powered it was lawyers. >> our client is 48. he's never had anything in the past to indicate that he would be responsible for anything like this. >> but he's also very emotional,
7:33 am
deeply distraught about the events. he's worried about his family, worried about the snyderman family. he's concerned and upset. >> reporter: before his arrest this month newman was the manager in atlanta for ge, the parent company of nbc universal. in his position he was the supervisor of andrea snyderman, rusty's wife. >> that relationship, if there is a relationship, the nature of the relationship is certainly part of the evidence in the case that we are looking at very carefully. >> reporter: in this up scale atlanta suburb where newman owns a half million dollar home, neighbors are at a loss. >> he was a perfectly kind man. i don't understand. i don't know really the deep circumstances involved. as far as i know he's accused, not yet convicted. >> reporter: authorities have yet to recover the gun used in the killing. early in the investigation they released this sketch of the suspect, a stark contrast to newman. more evidence will be presented in court.
7:34 am
for now, newman remains in jail, accused of murdering a father of two young children. >> i think what is so important in a case like this is where there's been so much attention from the media is that the community not rush to judgment. >> reporter: we did reach out to the snyderman family. they declined to make any statements about the arrest. newman will be in court in less than two weeks when both sides will likely present evidence to make their cases. meredith? >> thank you very much. clint van sant is a former fbi profiler. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the police are being very tig tight-lipped about a possible motive but are looking at the connection between the suspect and the victim's wife. they worked together at ge energy. what possible motives do you think they are considering? >> it appears that the victim and accused shooter have in common is the victim's wife. so motives perhaps could include -- we know the victim
7:35 am
was involved in investments. perhaps he made an investment for the alleged shooter that went bad. there may have been some real or fantasized relationship on the part of the alleged shooter with the victim's wife. they also have to consider could there be any revenge aspect to it, meredith. in essence, could the alleged shooter have been so upset with the victim's wife that he chose to punish her in this terrible way by taking the life of her husband. we don't have to know motive to move a case forward. but, you know, a jury wants to know and law enforcement wants to know why do these two seemingly good citizens, why do they cross paths perhaps and one of them is dead. >> yeah. newman, no criminal past, no violent past that we know of. certainly not a likely suspect on the surface. originally police said they were looking for a professional hitman. it looked like a professional job.
7:36 am
>> well, you know, we have heard that twice. remember, just two days before this terrible crime took place, hollywood publicist ronni chasen was murdered on a hollywood street and everyone jumped forward and said, must have been a professional hit man. the shots were placed close into her body through a car window. it turned out to be a street person on a bicycle who tried to rob her. we have to be careful. what we do have, meredith, is a crime that was planned. somebody knew the victim was going to be at the day care. it was very methodical, un emotion emotional. this was a planned crime where someone absolutely wanted not to just shoot this man but wanted to kill him and appeared to lack any emotion when they got into their van and drove away after this horrible crime. >> and in broad daylight. you say there were possible witnesses. >> yeah. well, meredith, if somebody wanted to kill clint van sant they could say, well, i could
7:37 am
hang around his house. maybe he'll shovel snow, go to the show or go to the store or something. but in this case, somebody knew this narrow window of time when he drops his son off at day care. they knew to be there. they knew if they had a van with the license plates off, perhaps a phony beard and a hat, all they had to do was be in the area two, three minutes and the victim would show up. it appears there was surveillance probably that took part on the part of the shooter to identify this is the spot to do it, commit the crime and be gone again. >> finally, what were police and prosecutors looking for to make the case? >> well, they are going to need physical evidence, meredith. they have arrested this man as the suspect, but they are going to need the van he was driving. they need the handgun, the disguise. once again, even though they don't have to have it for prosecution, they are going to have to show a jury that there was a motive that caused these
7:38 am
two men to cross paths. again, what do they have in common now? it appears to be the victim's wife. >> all right, clint, thank you very much. >> thank you, meredith. >> now let's switch gears for a check of the weather from al. >> and good morning. let's take a look across the rooftops of new york from our live camera. you can see it looks pretty, but the snow is very heavy. normally we get about 10 to 12 inches of snow for every inch of rain. we are talking three to four inches of snow for every. in. very heavy. we have roof collapses in connecticut and massachusetts. it looks nice, but it is dangerous out there. power outages as well. let's look at temperatures. you can see in the east temperatures are way below normal, anywhere from five to ten degrees below normal. out west, bismark to oklahoma city. los angele temperatures 10 to
7:39 am
18 degrees above normal. look for records to be set in southern california with temperatures in the '80s. around the great lakes, temperatures will be only in the 20s. 60s and good morning to you. taking a live look at san francisco facing the east bay, that's where the fog is this morning. we have some strong offshore winds keeping things relatively mild for the south bay and along the peninsula. offshore flow will push that fog, though, probably through the delta and up there tu north bay for the next hour sore or so. then the sun comes out to warm us up. 68 degrees today. a little cool down for tomorrow by five degrees and more clouds. have a great day. > with w like this you want to check in on the weather channel two, three, four times a day or go to online. meredith? >> thank you very much. up next, how to stay safe if you are caught in a blinding snowstorm like the ones we have been dealing with.
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right after this. st st stop.
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7:42 now. that's a live look at braintree, massachusetts, where like a lot of people on the east coast they are digging out from yet another major winter storm that hit the region overnight. in fact, south of there, thousands of drivers became stranded for long periods of time during wednesday's commute in the nation's capital. so what should you do if you get caught in a storm?
7:43 am
tom costello spent time with a search and rescue team to find out. he's here with the results. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. between snowmobiling, hiking, cross country skiing and camping, more people than ever are taking to the great outdoors, but if you are not prepared the quick trip can turn into tragedy. it was only supposed to be a quick two-hour cross country ski trip but suddenly experienced skiers randy and bill found themselves caught in a mountain approaching. >> you with me? >> reporter: soon they were building a fire and taking turns beneath a space blanket. >> it was a long night. got maybe 15 minutes' sleep, you know. mostly just glad to see the sun come up. >> reporter: being prepared kept them alive in a place where a turn in the weather can quickly turn fun into disaster. on rabbit ears pass in colorado, john hernandez always has one
7:44 am
eye on his snowmobile tourists, another on the weather. >> it comes in out of nowhere. if you're not ready for it, it can zap you. >> reporter: the greatest risk, hypothermia. >> cold can freeze but wet can kill. the reason is water transmits heat away from your body 32 times faster than just air. >> reporter: lost with the temperature dropping, experts say the key to survival is staying warm and dry and not wandering through the forest. the best option, build a fire and perhaps a lean-to. in terrible weather, a snow cave can be a lifesaver. as search and rescue showed us, it takes just 60 minutes to pile a mound of wet snow, tunnel inside and poke a hole for ventilation. >> these walls are a foot thick. that's enough. >> you can have it a little bit thicker but that gives you good insulation and support.
7:45 am
>> reporter: with a candle the temperature stays above 40 degrees, but rescuers say none of this should be necessary with the basic -- warm clothing, a shovel, matches, cell phone, a light and something that costs less than $150 -- a gps locator. we are at 40 degrees north, 40 minutes, 30 seconds by 149 west, 39 seconds. use this gps to walk out on your own or if you had cell phone reception, tell rescuers your location. >> it will get me to my truck, to my camp in the thickest fog, the densest blizzard, the dead of night easily. >> reporter: just as critical, say rescuers is to tell someone where you will be and when you will return. then if you are lost, stay put. don't try to hike out on your own. that just raises the risk of hypothermia or injury. >> accept the reality of the situation. work on protecting yourself from the elements.
7:46 am
>> reporter: let the search teams come to you. you know, years ago, matt, i grew up in colorado and i was on a colorado search and rescue team. we told people, if you get lost, stay put. in fact, we said, hug a tree. stay where you are. now if you have a portable gps technology devices and more importantly if you know how to use it and you can get out, that's great. otherwise, stay put. if you start wandering around you can really get in trouble. back to you. >> useful information. thank you very much. up next, the science of supermarkets. what your local grocery store is doing to get you to spend more money. that's right after thi
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7:49 am
back now at 7:48 with the secrets of supermarkets. how do grocery stores get you to spend more money? tonight tyler matheson goes behind the scenes in a special documentary called "supermarkets incorporated, inside the money machine." >> that it is. most shoppers think they know their neighborhood supermarket. after all you're in it two, three times a week. they may know where the milk is but what they don't know is how much supermarkets know about them. this is a half trillion dollar business and america's 35,000 supermarkets are using every single high and low tech tool they have to get you to buy. when you enter a supermarket today, you're blasted with a
7:50 am
barrage of sights, sounds and scents, all designed to get you to fill your cart. staging begins even before i come into the store. >> this is very theatrical. the illumination is designed to get colors to pop, create the presentation and build a backdrop to pull you in. >> reporter: bruce is ceo of inner brand design forum, a company that designs stores and studies everything about them. >> the bakery is a critical part of the front end. between coffee here and bread, there is just a lot. the sights and sounds of this are almost overwhelming. >> reporter: i may have come only to get my staples -- eggs, cheese, butter, milk. but when i come here and i see this it plants a cue in my head. >> that is compelling. it's a stopping presentation. it makes you pay attention and take notice of the products they have. >> reporter: why in the world is the milk, cheese, butter at the
7:51 am
farthest corner of the store? >> lots of people are looking for milk. it drives people to the far corner. it is placed because it's last on the shopping trip, also. >> reporter: instead of straight aisles, modern stores make you meander to bait you with more product. i suspect that most people, women and men, they think they are great shoppers. are they? >> no. absolutely not. do you know what's so interesting? they are getting worse. >> reporter: martin lindstrom is a leading expert on why we buy what we buy. have you noticed that shopping carts are bigger than they used to be? >> we did an experiment with that. we doubled the size of the shopping cart. you buy 40% more. >> reporter: why don't the grocers all have huge shopping carts. >> they're stupid. >> reporter: fending off temptation isn't easy. lindstrom has advice on keeping
7:52 am
your guard up and the bill down. >> number one, don't bring the kids. you are buying more stuff. number two, do not take a shopping cart. carry things in your arms. you would be surprised. you usually don't need to buy more than you can carry. part three, don't use your credit card. that means you have unlimited numbers of money -- in your brain at least. use a hundred dollar note. if you break that, it hurts like hell. >> reporter: the rules seem simple. hard to leave the kids home every time but with an average of 48,000 individual products per store to choose from it's no wonder grocery stores are a 500 dollar plus business. >> it's where the products are placed on the shelves that gets you to buy. how does a little company compete with the giants for the key space? >> the sweet spot is think of a baseball strike zone, knees to shoulders. they all want it. some stores, chains, wholesalers
7:53 am
charge what's known as a slotting fee, prices that go from a few hundred to thousands of dollars to get placement on the shelves. >> good information, tyler. check it out tonight at 9:0 anaf imic pdific time on cnbc. we're back after your local news. e
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. let's check the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you. we have a beautiful morning that you saw in that live shot over the golden gate bridge. for the most part, we have clear skies in the south bay. some patchy fog lingers over the east bay and north bay keeping your temperatures cool. 38 in livermore. we have 42 degrees in san jose right now where the sun is out. by 10:00 a.m. we'll climb into the upper 50s. gilroy will be at 60 degrees at 10:00 a.m. rounding out the day towards that 70-degree mark. yes, you'll probably see a lot of people with short leaves sleeves on, but grab a jacket as it is still cool out there. we'll find out how well we are doing on the roadways now with mike inouye. not so bad. you talked about the fog.
7:57 am
we have a fog advisory for the car knee cartinas and venetian bridges. the volume of traffic is slow out of the southbound area into sunol. we have livermore at westbound 580 showing a slowdown out of the altamonte pass. still 25 to 30-minute drive out of the altamonte pass to the dublin interchange. slower spots for 580 and 880 volume picking up for the 8:00 slowdowns through oakland and the east shore freeway. here are your travel times down the east shore freeway, over a half hour from the top of the cartinas bridge down to berkeley. it is really jamming up at the berkeley curve. 580 not a major issue with a slowdown from the warren freeway over to 980. one of america's safest cities is reporting its seventh right side for the new year. this afternoon people in san jose will call on city leaders and police to make their neighborhoods safer. mayor chuck reed will meet with members of the community at
7:58 am
the lady of guadeloupe catholic church. a recent spike in violent crime in san jose underscores the city's need for a police chief whose committed to strong community policing and gang prevention. right now the city is still searching for its next chief. the man reportedly on the short list on the job is the city's acting chief chris moore and oakland's chief anthony bass. more local news in just a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, the 27th of january, 2011. absolutely beautiful scene in greenwich, connecticut. >> i went to high school there. >> i didn't know that. the trees look fantastic. it's a heavy snow which makes it potentially dangerous. people will be plowing their way out of it this morning. >> we have shots of long island, guys. there we go. somebody getting gas? nothing happening there. there's a lot of snow. >> they're looking for a better price. >> glad we had access to that
8:01 am
shot. >> you won't get that every day. >> that says everything you need to know which is nothing. what's going on? >> they call it news without mercy. we go toe to toe with the men and women of the onion news network and their satire spin. they even have "today now" which is redundant. their anchors are making themselves -- >> wait a minute. hold on. >> guys, not too comfy, i hope. >> these chairs are not comfortable. >> it's claustrophobic in here if you want my opinion. >> we don't. >> they are used to a bigger studio? >> they have billions of people who watch. >> that's cool. >> that will change today, won't it? >> we'll be talking to them in a couple of minutes. >> also coming up, is marriage becoming obsolete? from natalie portman to kate hudson, many are becoming moms before they get married.
8:02 am
>> and the pranksters behind the mysterious floating piano in florida. well, they are going to be revealed coming up. >> interesting. >> we're going to talk to them. >> first we head to the news desk where ann has the headlines. >> in the news another winter blast made today a snow day in new york, boston, philadelphia and washington, d.c. 15 inches of snow smothered new york city overnight making january the big apple's snowiest month ever. amtrak service is suspended between new york and boston. hundreds of flights are cancelled and highway traffic snarled as far south as washington, d.c. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is starting the next phase of what doctors call her lightning-fast recovery from the gunshot wound to her head. she was transferred by ambulance on wednesday to rehabilitation hospital in houston. meantime the washington post is reporting that accused gunman jared loughner researched lethal injeks and assassinations on the
8:03 am
internet in the days before the attack. the maker of a drug ohio plans to start using for lethal injections is asking that state as well as oklahoma to halt the practice. oklahoma has been using pentobarbitol because there is a shortage of the drug they previously used but the drug maker, lundbeck, incorporated, said it was not intended to be used for lethal injection. dennis kucenich said he suffered serious dental and oral damage when he bit an olive pit at a cafeteria. he is suing for $150,000. mexican police are looking for the drug smugglers who used a catapult to fling four-pound bales of marijuana over the border into arizona. soldiers seized the nine-foot-tall device last friday along with 35 pounds of
8:04 am
pot. and you just heard al talk about it. a miami teen says he's responsible for the piano that mysteriously appeared on a florida sand bar. nicholas harrington joins us from miami. you say you are behind the grand prank. if so, how did you get the piano on the sandbar? >> we used my boat and we also used our dabbit which is like a mini crane. >> why would you do it to an old piano? what were you going to do with, i understand, the video you took of the prank? >> well, we did it just for -- because it was cool. we needed to get rid of a piano some way. so we did the most artistic thing that we thought we could do with it.
8:05 am
uh-huh. what are you hearing in terms of reaction? are you going to get in trouble or do you have to get the piano off the sandbar? >> some people are angry. i don't know. if it comes to me taking the piano off, i guess i will just take it off. but i think that it will be able to stay. it will wash away eventually. >> i hear your mom wishes the whole thing would wash away and hoped you wouldn't have come forward and claimed responsibility for this piano. i understand you're thinking of using the video you took in the college application process. is that true? >> yeah. it's not so much the video as the pictures we took. it's just the art if i were going to apply for art or engineering to show how i pulled the stunt and how it all went down. >> okay. nicholas harrington, 16-year-old artist. thank you so much this morning. good luck.
8:06 am
>> thank you. >> it's now 8:05. let's check on the weather with al. hey, al. >> [ as beavis & butthead ] he, he, sandbar, cool. >> this is for packers fans to wear. >> yeah. this is almost as good as the piano on the sandbar. let's check your weather. see what's going on. i feel like an anemone. an amememenone. is the enemy of my enemy my friend? pick city is tucson, arizona. the sunshine is moving out of new england. we have another clipper coming across bringing snow to the upper midwest. maybe one to three inches. santa ana winds in southern california with record-breaking heat and sunshine continuing in the southeast. but cooler than usual.
8:07 am
no one's going to take you awe way, al. good morning to you! we've got a beautiful day shaping up all over san francisco. you saw that live picture at the golden gate bridge. no fog to report along the peninsula. a little, though, remains in the east bay and the north sba breaking apart and the sun is coming out in full force right now. 44 degrees in hayward. rounding out the day today with temperatures towards that 70-degree mark. probably breaking numerous records once again pt at noon us a take your lunchbreak, in the upper 50s. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you. coming up, is it today's hollywood trend or the new reality? why more women are becoming single moms. first, these messages. took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me.
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8:11 am
back now at 8:10. from the red carpet to the pages of celebrity magazines it seems more stars are having babies before they say "i do" if they say it at all. it has many asking if it's a trend or the new reality. here's nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: it's becoming the new snapshot in hollywood. unmarried celebrities sporting a baby bump. natalie portman, who is engaged and due this summer, showed off her new shape at the golden globes. like portman, "30 rock's" jane krakowski is headed down the aisle and also putting baby before marriage. >> what do you like about the look? >> they discovered it perfectly for the bump. it's not easy. >> reporter: the list goes on and on. >> these stars are proud of their baby bump.
8:12 am
they are showing them off, wearing dresses that accentuate how big their bellies are getting. >> reporter: hollywood insiders say the stigma associated with unwet pregnancy is becoming a thing of the past. >> back in the day, hollywood actresses, if they were pregnant out of wedlock they would go into solution. the world told them to be ashamed. now, women are more empowered and they want a family whether they have a husband or not. >> reporter: it's not just tinseltown. all types of women are having kids without plans to marry. 39% of americans believe marriage is becoming obsolete. psychologists say there is just less pressure to tie the knot. >> we are also seeing celebrities who are pregnant and unwed because it reflects the population. 40% of american babies are born out of wedlock. >> reporter: according to dr. wendy walsh, births among older, single women are on the rise. >> these women tend to be over the age of 35. they have successful careers.
8:13 am
they may or may not be in a relationship. but they are very independent women. >> reporter: other a list stars may have helped to normalize the image of the unmarried parent. almost nine years ago, angelina jolie adopted her first child and became a single mom. in 2008, halle berry had a daughter and never married the baby's father. sandra bullock and padma lakshmi also decided to go it alone but experts warn they can make a hard task look easy. >> they have nannies, cooks and help along the way which most of us don't have. >> reporter: they are women who seem to have it all -- the looks, the career and now the kids. full lives without a wedding ring. kristen welker, nbc news, los angeles. >> bonnie fuller is editor of and gail salz is the editor of the child mind institute. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have two types of women
8:14 am
here. some that are in relationships but not married yet and others who decide to have a baby with no long-term relationship at all. there may not be a guy in the picture. is this becoming the norm? >> i think it is becoming the norm. i think women are becoming very accepting of the fact that they don't have to have a man to have a family. and i do think that hollywood actresses are leading the way. they are showing that you can do it. that's good and it's also bad for some women. in real life, ordinary women don't have the wealth that celebrities have. so they may think it's easier. our audience at hollywoodlife is concerned about that. >> from the outside, it looks like they have it all. but people forget they have a lot of money, obviously. they may have a live-in nanny. >> they have help to share the burden which normally you would have a partner. out of the equation is the idea of children needing fathers, needing men in their lives, needing the male presence.
8:15 am
and they will want to know who is their father, whether it's the biological father or adopted father. they seek that out. so i think even though this is happening more commonly and part of the reason, let's face it is because there are more single mothers because there is a lot of divorce. so i think that is what's normalized a lot of it. it doesn't diminish from the issues, both financial and psychological for a child. >> is hollywood influencing what happens? you hear 39% of people say marriage is becoming obsolete and 40% of the babies born in this country are born to single moms. that's not just happening in hollywood, obviously. >> i think hollywood does influence ordinary people. listen, we look at celebrities as role models in many ways well. look at them as beautiful, glamorous role models and we look at them as fertility and family role models. women think if a celebrity can do it, if kate hudson can
8:16 am
decide, hey, i want to have a baby even though i don't have a husband, they think it's possible when they may not have thought that before. >> i think it's both. i think this is happening more in the mainstream. so it's happening more for everybody, including celebrities. but i think that celebrities desensitize people to the issues often. they want to identify with the celebrity and say, yes -- oh, okay, that looks great. it looks glamorous. you know, parenthood is not all glamorous, as we talked about many times on the show. >> most of it isn't. >> a lot of it isn't. i think it's unfortunate that they look at the baby bump, the dress, oh, this looks fun. they're carrying the child and it's blissful. unfortunately you don't need a license to have a child. many people go into parenthood, i think, naive or glamorizing it. i think -- >> or they think they will get brad pitt. angelina jolie was a single mom
8:17 am
with maddox and she got brad pitt. >> parenthood takes a lot of work and so do relationships. to some degree these celebrities are saying, i don't have to do that. i'm not going to do that. it would be nice if there were more models for hard work but it's worth it. >> and have two parents, that's nice as well. gail, bonnie, thank you very much. up next, the satirical onion news network takes us on after this. ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more.
8:18 am
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to be there when times are good is one thing... but to be there when times are tough is a different story. ours. ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me from "snl" weekend update to "the daily show" the fake news business is booming.
8:21 am
natalie, good morning. >> they are hilarious. the onion news network is the perfect parody. it airs on ifc, the independent film channel and looks and sounds like a newscast from the flashy set to the all-knowing anchors. in the battle for cable news dominance -- there is one network that claims to rule them all. it's hard-hitting. >> you are lying! >> reporter: relentless. >> violence here shows no signs of stopping ever. >> reporter: and completely fake. introducing the onion news network. >> news without mercy. >> reporter: billed as a nonstop news assault, this over the top spoof is spot on from the audacious anchor. >> i'm brook alvarez, the undisputed world news leader. >> reporter: to the blaeki inbr news coverage. >> dave tillis the first openly drunk senator. >> let's do this!
8:22 am
>> reporter: brooke took time to meet with me. >> i knew you would be embarrassed to ask to i got you a picture and autographed for you. >> i love how you own the desk. >> i do. and of course i say, you're welcome. >> reporter: the onion media empire begins simple enough as a satirical newspaper in 1988. the fine tradition of fake news continues today with insane headlines like this. shirtless biden washes trans am in white house driveway. >> what makes it work is the deadman delivery. >> reporter: the vast array of programming includes a morning show that sounds strangely formula familiar. "today now" tackles the death of this sexy firefighter. >> on monday, logan was inside a burning apartment building when the roof collapsed.
8:23 am
despite biceps so firm you could crack walnuts on them, he couldn't escape. >> joining us to talk about hermus cue lar late husband is elizabeth. i'm sorry for your loss. your husband was incredibly sexy. >> reporter: it claims to be the highest rated morning show in the world. >> we are viagra for personality. >> yay! we'll get you up. >> reporter: despite their br o vrv bravado there was one last score to settle. i hear you are the best news reader in the world. >> people tell me all the time i'm fantastic at it. >> reporter: i sense if news reading challenge is on. >> right here? >> reporter: right here. the stage was set for an epic news read off. >> do i get a count? >> three, two, one. >> i'm brooke alvarez. >> good morning. breaking news, a monster -- >> wreaking. [ together ] >> havoc up and down the east coast.
8:24 am
>> airports brought to a standstill. brett favre fined $50,000. >> i did say favre fined $50,000 following. >> actor charlie sheen underwent a psychiatric evaluation -- late for that one. vice president joe biden is in pakistan for talks in -- one more time. >> pakistan's northern tribal regions bordering afghanistan. >> bordering pak -- afghanistan. after a gruelling fight it was clear this fake news reader had real potential. >> well done. well done. although, you know, you're no matt or meredith. >> i appreciate that. you and i both know what a compliment that is. >> whoo! matt and meredith, she's taking you on, too. >> she's quick. that brooke alvarez didn't miss a beat even claiming the viewership is about 1 billion. >> i'd buy that.
8:25 am
thank you. jim haggerty and tracy gill are the morning news anchors for "today now." what an honor. >> it is an honor. you're welcome. we were doing snow angels at 3:30. figured we'd drop by. >> he does the snow angels. >> we watched the operation. i'm disappointed in the number of cameras and the size of the studios. we operate in a more spacious arena. i would think it would bring out a better performance from you guys, but you work with what you've got, i guess. >> i have something to offer, pat. >> meredith. >> meredith. >> that's okay. the studio pallet is cool. it gives me the shivers. it's a little bit claustrophobic. i would raise the ceiling and give it a more warm, you know, glow. like our studio. we have the orange and yellow and bright. >> oh, sunshine.
8:26 am
we have one job as "today now." that's to get people out of the door because we have to distract them from their dull, pointless lives and get them out the door to go to the toll boot high pressure frermly in control. changes on the bap nor more 6 an onshore change. cold front moves through maybe bringing light scattered showers on sunday night. that's a look at your weather. find out how the drive is moving with mike. >> a little slow in the south today. a little slow, a little bit.
8:27 am
northbound 280, around 880, early start to the backup that continues there as well as 101. making the transition through the south bay. heading up to the east, tichiccal jam through hayward and the peninsula, other side of the water, typical flowing southbound 110, heading towards 92. drive across the bay there is fine. coming across the bay a little slow. north bay down into san francisco, city streets, congestion at the toll plaza. heavier volume of traffic from the waldo tunnel into the city. no accidents. [ female announcer ] pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies.
8:28 am
layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate. ready to eat sweet moments. find them in the refrigerated section. with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
8:29 am
60 days after a teacher disappeared, starting a search for the 53-year-old woman. police soent way why it's take sewn long to launch the investigation into the disappearance of deborah schmidt. failed to show up for work last thursday. investigators have leads in the case and say she left behind her school keys and a cryptic good-bye note. another update in half an hour. see you then.
8:30 am
back now at 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 27th day of january, 2011. >> our car got gas. >> we got gas, went to the little boy's room and we're back on the road somewhere in long island with a dash-mounted camera. don't worry. we're not doing anything dangerous there. you can see the snow piled up on
8:31 am
the sides of the road with good reason. 15 inches of snow in new york city. more than that in other places. we'll be digging out for this one until the next storm comes. >> having trouble with the windshield wipers. >> yeah. >> wow. didn't he just stop at a gas station? >> we're getting a smaller storm over the weekend. >> we have a couple of clippers coming across, a dusting tonight. tomorrow into the weekend we have two, three more inches. >> oh, my goodness. >> out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, al roker and ann curry. >> more than 5 million families in america are living with the heartbreak of a relative with alzheimer's. coming up, important advice to help families cope. >> plus, we'll have your relationship questions answered from the man himself, mr. donny deutsch with a new show on bravo. from settling down to fooling around, he's giving women insight into what the men in
8:32 am
their lives are thinking. >> he'll be good at that. he's had a lot of practice. >> nice. throwing donny under the bus. the man just ran in. he's perspiring and you throw him under the bus. >> practice makes perfect. >> unbelievable. >> donny, we're coming in to give you a hug -- at least three of us. also coming up we'll talk about dogs and the bow to wow segment. we show how they can be made over. jill rappaport is here. >> oh! >> these guys will win your heart this morning. >> that's cool. >> they always get adopted. >> 100%. >> lots to get to. your weather forecast is probably most important. what's going on? >> let's start off with today. we have clippers coming across the great lakes bringing snowshowers, snow from the storm out of new england. santa ana winds through southern california and tomorrow, more snow through the eastern great lakes. another storm comes into the pacific north west. that's the one that will get us
8:33 am
on the weekend. flurries in the north east. nice and mild through the southwest into florida. good morning to you. yes, today will be the 14th consecutive day without any rain in the bay area, and abnormal warm conditions bring us towards record levels later today when it comes to our daytime high. 43 degrees in hayward. 44 in san mateo. high pressure breaking down heading through the next couple of days. more of an onshore flowish, not as much fog in the north and east bay heading towards tomorrow morning and temperatures drop a little. 63 for friday. 65 by saturday. have a great day. take a look at this picture we got from a viewer on massachusetts avenue. heavy, dense snow is bringing down tree limbs. at one point, maryland had more than a quarter million people without power. really rough stuff which is why you want to check the weather channel any time day or night when we have storms like this. the weather channel on cable,
8:34 am online. >> thank you very much. when we come back, what to do when a loved one begins to show the signs of alzheimer's disease. we'll talk about that. but first, this is "today" on nbc. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started
8:35 am
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8:36 am
ovmore an ltening to ouravoritsong than liste our favngs. t r fari is eatnoizol. e'reheids in ♪ we are back at 8:36. this morning on "forever young" alzheimer's disease. millions of americans suffer from this progressive and debilitating condition. it can take an emotional toll on their families and caregivers as well. dr. richard isaacson is from the university of miami school of medicine and the author of "treating alzheimer's, preventing alzheimer's, a patient and family guide 2011." dale atkins is a psychologist. good morning to you both. yesterday we talked about age-related memory loss that happens to a lot of people around the age of 50. you had a huge response from
8:37 am
people. >> i think people were heartened to know some of the issues of memory loss related to aging didn't mean they would have alzheimer's disease which we'll talk about today. >> we need to define alzheimer's. >> as opposed to normal age-related memory loss which is slowness of processing which is where you forget a word but it comes back to you. it's on the tip of your tongue. alzheimer's is a progressive disorder commonly characterized by short-term memory loss, changes in behavior, sleep, orientation and date. it's a much more progressive and insidious disease. >> some of the signs would be that you may notice in somebody? >> we can have losing the keys, cell phones, forgetting appointments, getting lost while driving. basically not being able to take care of the things you were able to take care of before the onset of the disease. >> if somebody you know and love develops alzheimer's, how do you begin to deal with that?
8:38 am
>> well, i think how you begin is also not going to necessarily be how you end. how you begin is you are usually shocked and confused. you're getting a lot of information that you may not be able to process because it's a frightening diagnosis for people. what you can do is try to get as many people around you who can help you. support is important. learn as much as you can about alzheimer's and learn as much as you can about yourself and what you need to do and who's going to help you because if you are the primary caregiver, what do you need in order to do things correctly? i say correctly because every person is different. also, be conscious that this is still a person and this is always a person. the dignity of the person is what is foremost. so the person needs to be safe, secure and you will change yourself as you relate to the person so that you will have to be very present, understand that there will be so many feelings that will overtake you at times. deal with the feelings in the
8:39 am
appropriate situation so when you are with the person you are as pleasant, as positive and as focused as you can be. >> my dad had alzheimer's, my sister did. my brother is now in a facility with advanced stage alzheimer's. we can trace it back. he's only 62. when he was first diagnosed and if people have been recently diagnosed he knew it was going to happen. that was devastating for him. what do you say to those patients? >> it's important that as soon as we notice signs of changes, short-term memory loss, whatever the first symptom is, get informed, educated and see a qualified health care professional. the earlier we diagnose, the earlier we can treat. and the better patients do. there is nothing to be ashamed of with alzheimer's. alzheimer's disease is one of the most common diseases out there. if you're 85 or older you have a 45% chance of having alzheimer's disease. so it's common. get out there, get informed. develop a network of caregivers, nurses, psychologists.
8:40 am
see a social worker and a qualified health care professional. get diagnosed early. >> i think one of the issues, too, dale. we were talking about this on the break. if you have somebody in your life with alzheimer's, very often people stop visiting that person and feel guilt about it but there is a disconnect because the person no longer knows who they are. >> often people don't know who they are, but there are so many ways to reach people. it's not just the familiarity of, oh, hi, meredith. i remember you. there are other ways we reach people. with music, with pets. we reach people with photographs from the history. you never know what's going to trigger that memory. we also reach people by just being with them, having a gentle touch and being able to connect in a way that is a human to human soul. if someone doesn't recognize you, don't give up. number one, they need to have social stimulation. people need to be engaged and the people who care for them need respite care. they need to have someone to support them. but additionally, you can be
8:41 am
present and understand that if you're with someone at this moment, don't worry about the future. when they start saying something over and over again say, yes, i understand that's a concern to you and then distract. speak in short sentences. use concrete language. be gentle and keep yourself as quiet and calm as you can. people who have alzheimer's are very often distracted and are bothered by loud noises and things like this. if you are there and you're calm and present, you can maximize your time together. >> all right. dale, thank you very much. dr. isaacson as well, thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, media mogul turned love guru donny deutsch answers your love questions. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
women usually turn to their girlfriends to gab about the guy in their life.
8:44 am
why not ask the man himself? >> that's the premise behind donny deutsch's new show called "love call-in." women can tweet or call in their questions and get donny's views on the issue of love. >> that was hard to get that out for you. >> my mouth was curling a little bit. >> i have seen you read a lot of copy over the year. >> it's a scam. here's what happens. when the women call in the producer says, you must leave your home phone number and donny will get back to you. it's dating for you. >> the premise is simple. the mistake women make is they go to the girls. i have been married and divorced twice, love women. most of my business partners have been women. i go inside the guy's head. it's a great service. you'll see. my co-host for the first show is mr. matt lauer. >> not happening. let's go to what you're doing on the show. as people can call in we have
8:45 am
someone right now. camille joins us. what's your question? good morning. >> caller: good morning. my boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship. we have been a couple for about five months. i have been wanting to tell him i love him for two months now but i have been waiting for him to say it first. i'm afraid to bring up the subject because i feel i'm forcing him to say it. what do i do? >> ideally wait for the guy. are you in love with him? >> caller: yes. >> do you believe he's in love with you? >> caller: yes. >> some guys are shy. i'm old school. i say, wait for the guy. but if you believe he loves you and he's a shy guy you can turn to him and say, honey, i love you. i believe he will say, yes, uh love you back, but if he doesn't, that's not good. why not? you love him, tell him. you have been with him long enough. >> i agree. if not, get rid of him. >> i would tell my 22-year-old daughter to wait for the guy to say it first. but she should know, tell him and look in his eyes.
8:46 am
you will know. >> she shouldn't play coy, say to the boyfriend, is there anything you want to tell me? >> instead of waiting, go for it. >> camille, thank you very much. >> good luck. >> caller: thank you. >> next we have beth from tennessee. what's your question? >> hey. i'm 28, single. never been married, no kids. i prefer to date older men. 30s to 40s who have also never been married and no kids, but i have found most men at that age who have never been married have commitment issues. how do i get a commitment-phobic man to settle down and desire marriage? >> great question. first of all, you don't change men. stop looking for a commitment-phobic man to change. if you're looking for guys in their 40s who have never been married and have had no kids you will find guys with those issues. i would rethink and say maybe if you want an older guy and that's what you are attracted to, maybe a guy who's been divorced or has a kid or two. most of the time men who are
8:47 am
older and never settled down will be guys with these issues. stop trying to change guys. set up yourself for success. >> that's great. thanks. >> i kid you but the serious side is there is a lot of responsibility here. people are turning to you and they will listen to you. >> all kidding aside, i have done this my whole life. for some reason women have come to me. maybe it's because i have made my share of mistakes. don't go after the 40-year-old g guys who have never been married. you are setting yourself up. maybe a guy with a 2-year-old, he's divorced is a better match for you. i think a lot of these things are strategic decisions. >> here's a tweet from tina tang, do most men prefer the chase but might not admit it? >> i think we all like a little bit of the chase. but the old uh you get the less
8:48 am
important that becomes. you want to feel good. if the chase is the thing to the man, you're with the wrong guy. i think that's a 21, 23-year-old, 19-year-old thing. when you're older like matt and myself, that's not as much of an issue. >> all right, donny. thank you very much. good luck. >> good stuff. it's live! >> it's definitely a scam. stick around with kathie lee and hoda. donny will answer more questions. up next, needy dogs go from bow to wow. up next, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we era ooer back -- we are back with our special series "from bow to wow." we clean up dogs to find them homes. jill, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. unfortunately after the holidays many shelters are more crowded than usual because pets are given as gifts and returned, often because the owners can't care for them. sadly some of the dogs today are christmas returns. it's january at animal care and control in new york city. and unfortunately, the new year always brings in many unwanted or abandoned animals. but behind those sad eyes are some wonderful dogs, all hoping
8:51 am
for a permanent place to call home. first up, an adorable pooch with personality plus named spanky. >> spanky is a 2-year-old shitzu mix. >> his story is sad. he was given as a gift which we all know is a no-no. >> we never recommend giving a pet as a gift around the holidays. >> considering he was a return, he's very, very sweet-natured and extremely calm and well behaved. onto a beautiful poodle mix who's a little camera shy. >> this little sweetheart is 2-year-old zoe. she's shaking a little bit. >> she's in good condition other than needing a grooming. >> under the mop there are a set of beautiful eyes there. you see? another plus about zoe is no shedding. she's a poodle. and the girl power continues with another femme fatale named flora. >> she's a 2-year-old yorkshire terrier mix.
8:52 am
she came in as a stray. >> not only is she in great shape but her personality, she's not shaking. she's affectionate and calm. >> she's a favorite of the shelter staff. they love her. think she's absolutely beautiful. >> did you hear that? you're miss popular. you are the shelter favorite. finally, a frisky pup with an appropriate name to match. say hello to spunky who is also a christmas return. >> sadly, just like spanky, spunky was also a gift. >> right. >> he said my next home will be a permanent one. i have done everything i can to hold him in place. >> he's spunky. he's a welsh terrier, 6 months old. needs to go to a family with time for him, that will be active with him. >> four fantastic dogs -- spanky, spunky, flora all waiting for homes. >> we are joined by richard from
8:53 am
animal care and control in new york city. good to see you. the first dog we want to talk about is spanky, the 2-year-old shitzu. here is spanky before and now meredith is walking spanky out now. >> look how cute. >> spanky feels so much better now that she's been groomed. she's more playful. she's getting along with the cats in the foster home. >> she was a gift. spanky could use a home and she's adorable. >> isn't she cute? >> never barks. [ barking ] >> thank you very much. spanky, thank you. our next dog is zoe. we could barely see her eyes before. let's look at zoe now with our love guru donny deutsch. zoe was cleaned up as well. >> we have a match here. >> she doesn't shed, poodle mix. >> she wants to say hello and she'll jump as high as she can
8:54 am
to kiss your face. she gets up to your waist. she's a good jumper. shy at first but warms up quickly. >> the most affectionate, sweetest dog. >> donny, what do you think? >> i have two, but i think i can take one more. >> dogs are chick magnets, donny. >> so is your bank account. >> oh! >> let's go now to spunky, not to be confused with spanky. here's spunky before and now natalie is bringing out spunky. tell me about spunky. >> spunky is 6 months old. he's going to need house training, house breaking, basic command training. very, very energetic, playful. very smart and i think he'll learn quickly on going to the bathroom outside. he'll need some crate training. >> he's being mellow here. he's saying, adopt me, i'm not
8:55 am
wild. >> real quick, the costs involved in adoption again are what? >> it's $100 to adopt. it includes vaccination, micro chip, spay and neuter and -- >> not a lot of money at all. the last dog is flora. let's look at the before. this is the yorky mix. here comes ann. >> flora is in love with spunky. she's wanting to get at him very quickly. >> another energetic dog. might be better in a house by herself right now. she definitely wants to play. she's been barking all morning. >> she's worn out. >> let's bring them all out again. these are the four dogs up for adoption. they all need great homes, folks. animal care and control of new york could use volunteers to help walk dogs during the winter months if you're in the area. >> look at flora and spunky. puppy love. >> learn how to adopt a dog. we're back after your local
8:56 am
news. good morning, everyone. 8:5. check in with christina. >> temperatures at home are climbing now that the sun is out. we are at 44 degrees in oakland. 50 in san francisco, and 53 degrees in santa cruz. this is the 14th consecutive rain-free day in the bay area.
8:57 am
talking today temperatures about 15 degrees above average for this time of year. in fact, we usually see temperatures right around 69 degrees in san francisco in august. yes, we're still in the heart of winter. finally getting a little bit more normal as we head towards the end of next week. we might see a little bit of scattered shue iractivity on sunday. a 10% to 20% chance. better off end of next week for. c showers. scott back with more news right after the break.
8:58 am
this afternoon the giants world champion trophy tour make as stop in the south bay. fans able to see the trophy at the santa clara convention sfrernt 1:30 to 3:30. able to snap your own pictures
8:59 am
waiting in line. only a professional photographer will take pictures of fans with the trophy. the trophy then heads to sacramento. thank you for joining us. "today" show continues next.
9:00 am
back with more of "today" on a thursday morning, the 27th of january, 2011. much of the northeast from there in washington, d.c. the white house. all the way up to maine blanketed in snow. record accumulations here in the tri-state area. some areas of new york and new jersey already surpassing double their annual snowfall averages. and guess what. we are only one month into this winter. >> the president flying back from wisconsin yesterday couldn't take the chopper. he had to motorcade. normally takes 20 minutes. took him an hour and a half. >> new jersey, right. that's a mess out there.
9:01 am
inside studio 1-a, i'm matt lauer along with al roker and natalie morales. nice and warm in here. another clipper, as they call them? >> that's right. we have a series coming across. just some flurries, but the one over the weekend may give us two, three inches of snow. >> just for fun. >> add insult to injury. >> coming up more on the wild winter weather from al and live reports from the hardest hit areas. we'll have the snow survival guide. tell you what one expert says is behind all of the extreme weather. >> also ahead, thankfully the latest on the improving condition of congresswoman gabrielle giffords who has moved to a rehab hospital in texas. this as new disturbing details emerge about accused suspect jared loughner. >> and you guys know what it's like to worry about losing hair. for women it can be stressful, a real self-es treem buster. more than 20 million women offer
9:02 am
from hair loss. what you can do to reduce thinning once it starts. first, the latest on the storm. we have two reports. let's start with peter alexander in greenwich, connecticut. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have witnessed that this has been a relentless winter. one snowstorm after another. here in greenwich they got more than 14 1/2 inches. in new york city, central park reporting 19 inches, less than an inch shy of the most snow in a month in history for that city. this is after a series of storms, a neverending parade of snow. >> reporter: the heaviest snow fell overnight, dumping as much as three inches an hour in some places.
9:03 am
as the storm barrelled up the east coast the heaviest snow fell into the overnight, dumping as much as three inches an hour in some places. in washington, wednesday's evening commute turned into an all-nighter for some drivers, leaving them trapped in their cars for hours. even the president's motorcade was stuck in the gridlock. commuters say the snow made for the worst rush hour evening traffic in decades. >> honking horns and stopping in intersections and just general frustration. >> reporter: by now it's become all too familiar. >> winter's wrath is targeting the northeast again. >> reporter: near philadelphia, every available plow called into action with snow blowing sideways. >> i look like the abominable snowman. >> there is no place to put the snow. i'm really tired of shoveling. >> the fact that i have to struggle to get to work, get the kids to school. >> reporter: talk about unwelcome winter woes. the latest blast is the sixth major storm to pound the northeast since thanksgiving. remember the day after christmas? more than 20 inches of snow paralyzed new york city. now another blast to the battered region.
9:04 am
new york city, boston and hartford have already crushed seasonal snow averages. and it's only january. it's not just the northeast. in the south, snow is no longer music to nashville's ears. >> yeah, i'm sick of the snow, man. >> reporter: in the bluegrass state of kentucky, the winter white is affecting students, too. the wicked weather is starting to wear people down. >> it's very stressful. hopefully this is the last storm. >> reporter: of course, not everyone is complaining. >> no school, no homework, heaven. >> reporter: what seems like a neverending winter, and there are still 52 days left until spring. for what it's worth, march 20 is your official start to spring. sounds like a long way away, natalie. this is what people will be dealing with for now. the cleanups, the wide-ranging impacts. close to a half million people throughout the region without power this morning. hundreds of flights cancelled. check before you travel. amtrak also impacted by this as
9:05 am
well between new york and boston and new york and albany. it will be a long several days in the region. >> i see a second career for you, peter, helping people dig out. >> i hope they pay well. >> peter, thanks. here's al. >> thanks, natalie. we want to head further north to check in with the weather channel's mike seidel in braintree, massachusetts. you spend one, two more days there, you will pay income tax in massachusetts. >> you've got that right. this is my fifth trip here. loving the seafood. like everybody else up here just about except the snow plow operators and skiers they are getting snow fatigue. look at this guy. you think you have a plow at home, al? how about this? this will take care of the front porch and the sidewalk. as far as power goes, 400,000 customers, d.c. and baltimore metro. here though only 2,500. the reason, dry powdery snow doesn't stick to power lines and trees. this morning, two hours before
9:06 am
sunrise, our photographer joel tried to make it from needham to braintree. look at the drive. not only is it dark, it's a virtual whiteout. at that point snowing one to two inches an hour. there were a lot of spin-outs and accidents. the roads have improved with sunlight and the snow ending. double digit numbers. 19 in new york city. philadelphia, 15 inches of snow. new york city is ahead of their pace which was set in 1995, 1996. 100 inches and the seasonal average is mind-boggling. nearly five feet of snow in hartford so far. we'll be up close to five feet here by the end of the weekend with more snow coming in. al, schools are closed again. this is the fourth snow day this season. the superintendent is saying they may have to take some of the vacation days away to make up for the snow days. as you can imagine, that will be long after all this melts sometime in may. back to you. all right. mike, sidle.
9:07 am
braintree, massachusetts. thanks a lot. new york city's out. >> by the way, we were talking during the heart of this storm. there was lightning. >> call it thundersnow. something you hear and see maybe once every ten years. it's been like the five out of the six storms that we've had this. >> al, thanks very much. let's get a check of the top stories. >> if you're wondering what's causing the snow to keep on coming, we're talking to had a trouble i troubli troubling says that warmer temperatures are causing moisture in the gulf of mexico and that's the driving force behind this month's snowstorm. new information today about suspected arizona gunman jared loughner and the research police say he carried out before the january 8th shooting rampage. mike taibbi is in tucson with
9:08 am
the latest on this story. hey, mike, good morning. >> good morning, ann. how are you? for all the people that came forward to say how far gone jared loughner was, information keeps coming out that he was someone who was preparing for a cataclysmic event. investigative sources have confirmed the "washington post" report that before the shooting rampage, loughner had visited sites like these about political assassinations and about the lethal injection process used to enforce the death penalty. it's already been reported that before the shootings loughner had left cell phone and internet good-byes to some friends and after the shootings witnesses say he didn't try to run or turn the gun on himself. and says the captain of the pima county sheriff's department, he spoke just a few words once in custody. >> he invoked his rights pretty early on. he did not want to talk to us. he basically asked for his attorney and would thot talk to us. >> reporter: does it all sound too carefully planned for someone whose behavior for
9:09 am
months was so erratic and to many frightening? legal expert dana cole. >> it could help the prosecution but it can also help the defense to show that he's so crazy in trying to do all of this research and plan an assassination. for what reason? there is no reason. >> reporter: loughner has pled not guilty but his attorney is famous for avoiding the death penalty for mentally disturbed clients guilty of heinous crimes. climbs like the unabomber ted kaczynski. how long did this whole thick take from first to last shot? >> from the moment he shot his first shot, i believe it's about 14 seconds. it definitely shows that he's taking aim. he's not just indiscriminately firing. he's aiming at his targets. >> reporter: there's more good news about his first alleged target, congresswoman gabby giffords. her husband gave a thumbs up as
9:10 am
she was moved to a rehabilitation center in houston. mark kelly later tweeted, she's doing great. >> reporter: loughner has pled not guilty to charges of attempted assassination. the state charges on behalf of those victims who were killed or injured who were not federal employees are still weeks away from formal charges. egypt's largest opposition group the outlawed muslim brotherhood is backing the call by anti-government protesters are a huge rally tomorrow. today for the third straight day demonstrators took to the street of cairo and other cities, demanding the resignation of hosni mubarak for failing to ease poverty on unemployment and rising prices. he's a longtime ally of the united states. as the military prepares to end enforcement of its don't ask, don't tell policy this year, the pentagon has plans for new training and the possibility of retraining the force's 2.2
9:11 am
million troops, quote, daunting. the foreclosure crisis is far from over and could worsen this year according to reality track. experts blame the high unemployment rate for pushing homeowner to default on their loans. in 2010 foreclosure activities soared by 149% in our nation's cities. the cause of death for tens of thousands of fish in the arkansas river late last year is still a mystery. this according to local wildlife officials who say tests of both the water and the fish have turned up nothing. and scientists have only one theory about the thousands of birds that fell from the sky on new year's eve. and that is that fireworks may have spooked them into flying into buildings and trees. and with all of our snow this winter, here's something maybe we could use. a propeller ski. a russian inventor rigged a lawn mower engine with other spare parts. now that clydes around town at speeds of up to 24 miles an hour. but you got to wear that goofy
9:12 am
hat. so who knows? anyway, it is now 11 minutes past the hour. what do you think? >> a good way to commute in to work on a day like today. >> how do you stop on that thing? >> that's right. maybe have to head into a patch of grass. >> the pizza thing with your skis. >> but it makes mounds of julienne fries. >> you know, it works. >> necessity is the mother of invention. >> it looks fine. >> but you got to inhale a lot of fumes apparently. >> you know it's fun when you're doing that, then you hit a dry sidewalk. >> yes, we always fell for the roadrunner. >> acme, where are you? >> let's show you what's going on. this storm just unbelievable. the snowiest january for bridgeport, newark and islip breaking records for january. biggest snowstorms for central park. you can see right there at the
9:13 am
bottom. as we check out, show you what's going on as far as the snowfall totals, new york city officially 19 inches, almost 19 in newark, 19 cainnaan, connecticut. get the heck out of here. we're looking for another clipper to bring more snow later on tonight on into tomorrow. we are seeing the exact contrary to what they're experiencing in the norm east. we have really warm conditions for this time of year. in fact, we're seeing temperatures today right around where they turn out in the daytime in the heat of the date in san francisco. 65, the high, same at the forecasted high in august. it's going toish warm again. very warm. 15 dpris above average. changes on the way tomorrow. a cold front swings through the area dropping temperatures by about 5 degrees. have a fantastic thursday. weather. >> thank you very much, al. before you head out into the great outdoors this winter,
9:14 am
we've got your snow survival guide. up next, women and hair loss. we tell you how it can be treated and in some cases, reversed. we'll get to both things after this. [ bell rings ] little more. and... whoa. [ whistles ] yeah. nice. agents, what do we have here? an autoboatome. i've only heard about these. and? and we can save them hundreds... by combining their auto, boat and home policies... all under farmers. exactly. - are these legal? - define "legal." well, can you drive it on a street? [ chuckles ] no. [ man announcing ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. ♪ activia activia dessert.
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to give 10 years back to the look of skin. diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises. i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time.
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it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. this morning on "today's woman" dealing with hair loss. did you know women can lose up to 150 hairs a day and it usually grows back, but what do you do when it stops growing? dr. peterson, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a big problem for, like, 20 million women who suffer from hair loss. what's the difference between hair loss and hair thinning? >> they are generally the same thing actually which is when you lose a hair, a new hair doesn't replace it.
9:18 am
this is in contrast to whether the strands actually get thinner which does happen in one condition, but the majority of the time it falls out. >> for most women though the hair will fall back. how long does it take to grow back? >> hair grows in cycles. the hairs grow for two to six years and then go into a resting phase for about six weeks where they stop growing. then they fall out, and a new hair takes its place right away. >> let's talk about different things that could cause some of the hair loss. the first is iron deficiency. how does that lead to hair loss? >> we typically associate iron deficiency with anemia but it can cause hair loss because iron is needed to create new hair. it is easily diagnosed with a blood test. once you supplement with iron the hair grows back. >> completely treatable. no problems there. another one that's reversible is hypothyroidism. what is that? . >> your body is not creating
9:19 am
enough hormones. it can cause weight gain, fatigue. >> besides hair loss. >> right. it's diagnosed with a blood test and reversible if treated with high rea thyroid hormones. >> your hair grows back? >> yes. >> another thing is you say sometimes hair loss can be a side effect of medications. what kinds of medications can trigger loss of hair? >> a lot of medications that are used to treat common conditions. so gout, arthritis, high blood pressure. there is a slew of them. it may disrupt the growth cycle such that the hair falls out more quickly. if you stop the medicine, it grows back. reversibl reversible. >> women who have been pregnant know your hair is beautiful but then you have the baby and your hair is falling out. what's happening there? >> that is called tilage tilagen efluvium. the hair growth cycle is
9:20 am
disrupted so hairs in the growing stage rapidly shift into resting and shed. other events that trigger this are extreme stress, severe infection and malnutrition. this is not permanent. basically the hair grows back within six weeks to three months after the event. >> so you just have to deal wit during that time. often times if you are using too many chemical products or treatments, dying your hair, the overcoloring, processing, that can damage the hair and lead to hair loss, too. >> all the chemicals can damage the hair and cause it to break. it just breaks off just before the root so if you stop using these chemicals the new hair comes right in. >> there is the alopecia. what is that? >> a lot of popular hair styles. you are putting tension from wearing your hair back tightly. if you have a tight ponytail or
9:21 am
a weave that's weaved into corn rows or braids the follicle can be damaged and the hair can fall out. this can be permanent. >> then there is androgen androgeni alopecia. how common is that? >> in premenopause women 13% of the population has this. after menopause 75% of women can develop this. what happens is the hair follicles are sensitive to the male hormones in our body. as women we all have male hormones in the body. they are called androgens. they stimulate the follicle to create less hair and the hair becomes finer. so there is loss of thickness and density from the condition. >> great information. much more on treatment options as well on the website, coming up, planning for the unexpected. important advice if you are
9:22 am
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9:26 am
good morning to you. 9:26. simply gorgeous day on tap. check the forecast with christina. >> yes, it is gorgeous out there, laura. a beautiful day today to get outside and do any sort of outdoor activities. pretty much warming up off the 30s. except for cities that picked um the dense fog. fairfield, concord still in the upper 30s. the 50s now in santa cruz, san mateo. forecasting 69 degrees in the city today which will break a record, and that's actually the average high temperature for august. so definitely above average today. a little bit better tomorrow. we're going to drop off in
9:27 am
temperature as a cold front swings through pushing forward a little bit more of that onshore flow. for us, that means it's going drop by five degrees heading through tomorrow afternoon. 63 degrees is your forecast high. 65 by saturday. that's weather. let's find out how we're doing in the traffic department. >> christina, fog is lifting. much better now. a little warmer but a hot spot for traffic northbound 880 and alvarado. heading out of fremont positive union city. the slowdown heading northbound. southbound, typical. bum da dumb bart dumbarton bridge and clearing towards high street. eastbound, accident there. more news right after this.
9:28 am
a meeting that could mean pink slips for all 32 golden gate toll collector. the finance committee meets in a half hour to discuss tolls and electronics. that move is expected to save the bridge district $16 million
9:29 am
over the next decade. if the committee recommends the change, the board of directors will make the final decision tomorrow. if approved, the electronic system would debut in february of next year. also in san francisco, an hour from now, celebrity cracking competition. the contest pairs some of the celebrities. the team that cracks the most crabs has a win that goes to their charity of choice. trying to crack the top spot, second annual event, 10:30 in san francisco. should be a lot of fun. another local news update in half an hour. "today" show returns in less than half a minute. have a great morning.
9:30 am
take a look at braintree, massachusetts. another hard hit area this morning. winter making its presence known this year. record snowfall for so many parts of the northeast. nearly five feet of snow already in massachusetts. we've got more on the way. >> looks like they are stuck there. >> somebody helping out. nice. >> this is when you need sand in the car and all of that, kitty litter, the shovel. >> is it melting as fast in massachusetts as it is in new york? >> not quite. it's not that cold which is why it was a dense snowstorm.
9:31 am
normally you get about 12 to 10 inches of snow for every inch of rain. this was more like five or six inches. very dense. coming up this half hour, some folks like to go out in the snow. we'll tell you about things you should have on hand to stay safe just in case you get stranded. >> hiking in the city? that's what that looks like. we'll tell you how to be prepared when it comes to securing your family's future. a lot of people don't want to talk about life insurance but it's a way of loving your family to make sure this is taken care of. to membership you gain peace of mind we're going over all the questions you may need to know about. >> very important information. later in "today's kitchen" we are making soba noodles. >> food of my people! >> i love them. these buckwheat noodles are good for you, rich in fiber and antioxidants and delicious. not a lot of people know how to use them or cook them. we have easy, tasty recipe.
9:32 am
>> i've always been intimidated. they seem more difficult. >> oh, they're easy. >> soba doesn't just mean the buckwheat but the rice noodles as well. soba is the word that says noodles. we are working on buckwheat noodles. >> or maybe alfalfa or spanky noodles. let's check your weather. see what the little rascals are saying. i thought you were going like this. >> i'm working on the little hair-do he had. i love alfalfa. such a sweetie. >> okay. >> you can see we have 5 in the northwest. sunshine in the southeast. santa ana winds in southern california. a clipper across the great lakes will bring a couple of inches of snow there. as we look toward tomorrow, we've got more rain in the pacific northwest. the storm will be causing problems for us over the
9:33 am
weekend. mild conditions throughout the southwest on into the gulf coast and the southeast. we have flurries hanging around the great lakes. 15 degrees above normal for our neck of the woods today. tonight worry, 74 degree, breaking a record temperature yesterday. going 75 in gilroy and looking towards a little bit cooler today as we head through tomorrow courtesy of an onshore flow. looks like it will be the last very, very warm day we'll see all week long. 51 in oakland. 50 in san mateo. heading through tomorrow, a little sun pushing through the area providing an onshore flow, less fog in the north and east bay. more fog in the peninsula. have a great day. now let's check in with uncle willy scott. hey, uncle willy. >> i love the smuckers for breakfast with a biscuit. can't beat that. we'll check it out with the groundhog. see what he says. take a look as the jam jar spins and we'll see who our birthday
9:34 am
buddies are. athens, georgia's leila denmark is 113. retired as a physician at 103. wrote a book about pediatrics. how about that? and here is bloomington, indiana's charlie harrell. tip to longevity, playing golf, exercise and a smile on his face. the positive attitude wins every time. silver springs, maryland, hilde prins lis on her own. an avid bridge player. that's good for the mind. an intellectual game. and zeeland michigan's jack dewitt. attributes his longevity to being enthusiastic about life. a lot of people live forever that way. and from shreveport, louisiana,
9:35 am
mittie bryan is a retired teacher, 104 years old. crocheted over 900 items for family members and friends. that's also good for you. bill sumner from macon, georgia, is 100. attributes longevity for not letting the chair get to him. he gets up and does his thing. that's all. now back to new york. >> willard, thank you so much. up next, we're talking about life insurance 101. what you need to know to prepare for the unexpected right after thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a trip to new orleans twice as fast! bebebebebebaaa! we get double miles every time we use our card, no matter what we're buying. i'll take it. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang. fire! [ garth ] it's hard to beat double miles! have you seen garth? oh! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one. money magazine's best rewards card if you aim to rack up airline miles. what's in your wallet? bebebebebebaaa!
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9:38 am
this morning on "today's money" advice before you buy life insurance. it's never easy to think about losing a loved one but it's important to be sure your family is protected should the unexpected happen. our financial correspondent and contributor to usa weekend magazine joins us now. hey, sharon. good morning. >> good morning.
9:39 am
>> this is a way of loving your family to talk about this issue of life insurance. couples should have the conversation. what should they speak about? >> it's amazing that so many couples do not. this is an empowering way for your family to have a productive and good financial future. they should start talking about it, definitely if they have children. make sure they have life insurance, but also start talking about what is life going to look like if one of us passes away? what do we need to take care of? >> trust is a major factor because life insurance companies have gotten a very bad rap. what's your best advice to people who were worried about that? >> many people have gotten bad advice because they have gotten advice about policies that may be too expensive to handle or they think they are too expensive to handle and they haven't done the research. the first place to start is start looking at some policies yourself, what the quotes would be, the premiums and what the companies are out there. do research online. go to for free
9:40 am
quotes. also, try to talk to several insurance agents to find out what they have to offer. you can go to the independent insurance agents and brokers of america, >> there are three key areas you think people should be thinking about. cash flow, capital and final expenses. let's take them one by one. cash flow. >> think about the expenses you will need when someone passes away. what do you need to take care of? do you need money for child care on a monthly, weekly basis, money for groceries, how much is that? a lot of people have it budgeted. now you have to figure out what the budget will be and what the cash flow needs are. >> that tells you how much to indiana sure for. -- insure for. capital. >> big ticket expenses. how much do you need to pay off the mortgage, the child's education. if you want to take care of your spouse in retirement, how much will long-term or health care expenses going to be.
9:41 am
>> then there are what you call final expenses which are -- >> no one wants to think about funeral expenses but they can be expensive depending on the burial you want. you don't want to think about these things but be sure they are covered so your loved ones don't have to think about it. >> you're adding it up and presenting it. there are a few other things. >> there are other things to think about in terms of where you want to live in retirement and where your family is going to be when you have passed away. that might change some of the expenses. what your cash flow needs are and expenses are might not be the same. you have to think in advance. >> you have done the research, taken a look at expenses and you're talking to an agent. sometimes there are red flags so you know this may not be a good situation. >> some of the red flags are guaranteed policies so you don't need a medical exam. they will automatically give you life insurance. it's more expensive because you don't go through the medical exam.
9:42 am
if you're healthy you don't need to worry about that. the other thing, and the reason a lot of people say insurance agents have gotten a bad rap is they have gotten into whole life policies that maybe they can't afford. this is insurance and investment tied together. it means you will have insurance for the rest of your life. many people just need a term policy. you will have insurance for a certain period of time and then no benefit. it may last 10, 20 year. if you need to make sure your kids get through college or something, that can be fine. they can be very inexpensive. for a 40-year-old man to get a half million dollar policy in good health can cost as little as $30 a month. that's less than taking the family out to dinner. >> my 24-year-old brother had a life insurance policy. when he died it was really something for my parents who needed the money. this can be a great gift for the people you love if you are careful about how you take the steps. >> make sure you ask the right questions.
9:43 am
>> thank you, sharon. coming up next, a snow survival guide if you ever get stranded in the winter weather. but first, these mess sajs. , we find money others missed. if there's any way i can get a few extra dollars in my bank account-- for me, it really does matter. espeal nlyhtig.ow times are hard. wet bt . to gy ackerevdime due. [ announcer ] if you're not using h&r block, er you could be leaving money on the table. call 1-800-hrblock, and never settle for less. delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. ♪ activia activia dessert. so i mix together a packet of hidden valley ranch, 1 box of spinach, and 16 ounces of sour cream,
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. [ man ] on your mark... [ whistle blows ] [ squishing ] [ male announcer ] pool filled with caramel. not as good as chocolate filled with caramel. introducing milky way simply caramel. life's better the milky way. let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. as we have been showing you much of the east coast was hit by snowstorms. many drivers were stranded during wednesday's commute in the nation's capital. what should you do if you get
9:46 am
caught in a storm? tom costello spent time with a search and rescue team to find out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a lot of people are headed into the backcountry or the parks to ski, cross country ski, snowmobile, hike, camp in the winter outdoors but as we discovered in colorado, if you are not prepared the quick trip can quickly turn into tragedy. it was only supposed to be a quick two-hour cross country ski trip but suddenly experienced skiers randy and bill found themselves caught in a mountain snowstorm with night fast approaching. >> you with me? >> reporter: soon they were building a fire and taking turns beneath a space blanket. >> it was a long night. got maybe 15 minutes' sleep, you know. mostly just glad to see the sun come up. >> reporter: being prepared kept them alive in a place where a turn in the weather can quickly turn fun into disaster. on rabbit ears pass in colorado, john hernandez always has one
9:47 am
eye on his snowmobile tourists, another on the weather. >> it comes in out of nowhere. if you're not ready for it, it can zap you. >> reporter: the greatest risk, hypothermia. >> cold can freeze but wet can kill. the reason is water transmits heat away from your body 32 times faster than just air. >> reporter: lost with the temperature dropping, experts say the key to survival is staying warm and dry and not wandering through the forest. the best option, build a fire and perhaps a lean-to. in terrible weather, a snow cave can be a lifesaver. as search and rescue showed us, it takes just 60 minutes to pile a mound of wet snow, tunnel inside and poke a hole for ventilation. >> these are about a foot thick. that's thick enough? >> you want it at least a foot thick. you can have it a little bit thicker, but that gives you good insulation and support.
9:48 am
>> reporter: with a candle the temperature stays above 40 degrees, but rescuers say none of this should be necessary with the basics -- warm clothing, a map, shovel, flashlight, matches, cell phone and something that costs less than $150 -- a gps locator. right now we are at 40 north, 30 minutes, 30 seconds by 106 degrees west, 39 minutes, 44 seconds. you can use this gps to walk out on your own or if you had cell phone reception, tell rescuers your precise location. >> it will get me to my truck, to my camp in the thickest fog, the densest blizzard, the dead of night easily. >> reporter: just as critical, say rescuers is to tell someone where you will be and when you will return. then if you are lost, stay put. don't try to hike out on your own. that just raises the risk of hypothermia or injury. >> accept the reality of the situation. work on protecting yourself from the elements. >> reporter: let the search
9:49 am
teams come to you. our thanks to the search and rescue in steamboat springs, colorado. cold can freeze, wet can kill. dress in layers and wear a hat. >> really important information. good reminders given all the weather we have had. tom costello, thank you very much. coming up next, a new take on a pasta supper. we are making soba noodles. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
9:51 am
♪ this morning in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? soba noodles. slide over spaghetti. jeffrey zakarian is the chef and owner of two new york hot spots. good morning. >> how are you? >> you're right on time helping
9:52 am
us out. >> chicken soup. not as good as my mother-in-law's. >> smart man. >> the holy trinity. onion, carrot, celery. add some pepper and let it sweat. here we go. chicken stock. >> that's it? >> simple. we're going to let it stew a bit. maybe an hour. then when that's done we'll add white soy. >> okay. >> we'll give it a little bit of asian flavor. yuzu juice. >> are there substitutes? >> this is asian style. you can find it in bottles and jars. and ginger juice. this is floral, great citrus. here we have the finished product. that simmered about an hour. then we have chicken that we put our soba noodles in the bowl. they are gluten-free buckwheat noodles. very good for you. then we have chicken we cooked
9:53 am
earlier. >> you could get rotisserie chicken? >> absolutely. ladle some of the delicious soup on the noodles and it will heat them up perfect for you. is that great-looking today? wonderful. >> look at that. what's the spice there? >> we have some togarashi, japanese pepper. the man knows his way around a kitchen. fantastic. we'll garnish it with a little togarashi and scallions and chop sticks. >> all right. what else? >> next, we're making a version of carbonera. while you're slurping -- >> it's good. >> that's what you're supposed to do. we have jowl bacon or pancetta.
9:54 am
we have a bowl with egg yolk and cream whipped together. you're going to stir it. >> all right. parmesan cheese? >> yes. the pasta is hot and we'll add it right to that. stir it gently. here's the secret ingredient here. hot fat and everything. >> hot fat? yeah. you had me at "hot fat." >> asian flavor! >> can you see how the heat takes the cheese and egg and cooks it? salt and pepper. >> boy, the aroma in here is fantastic, jeffrey. >> we'll add scallops? >> yeah, right over here. >> put this in the bowl here? >> right. >> that looks great. and this is healthy. >> very healthy. gluten-free. >> i like that. >> thank you, al.
9:55 am
my god. he's amazing. >> he's the sous chef of your dreams. >> oh, pepper there! geoffrey, thank you so much! >> what's coming up? >> how to handle awkward situations. >> after your local news. >> this is just the right size for me. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. check in with the forecast. >> good morning, scott. looking really good in places lie gilroy.
9:57 am
you jumped about 15 degrees since the sun came up at 7:20 this morning. 52 in hayward. 53 in san mateo. a warm down sloping wind keeping things really mild, but change on the way. this system approaching driving an onshore fwloe into the area the next couple days. the normal pardon pattern for this time of year. heading through tomorrow, staying mild for saturday and sunday and maybe had the core actually travels to the north of us we could see a few isolated showers sunday night into monday. so that's your weather forecast. let's see how we're going on the roadways with mike. >> christina, we have a sig-alert, planning on causing at least a half hour delay. seen it over 20 minutes. closer to a half hour since the reported accident westbound 580 off the castro valley road. earlier accident further north at the warren freeway. highway 13 is clear. you see how slow it is through
9:58 am
this portion. 880, a switch from what i typically say. time, not so bad, half hour. the toll plaza pretty clear. scott, back to you. >> thank you, judge. it took a while. four moss of a the san bruno explosion, victims finally getting their donation checks from the city. the san bruno city council starting to hand out roughly $395,000 in individual and corporate donations. people whose homes were destroyed will get $6,000 per household. yellow tagged households get $4,000 each and $1,000 goes to each home that has minor damages from the explosion. meantime, the parents of a young woman killed in the blast are filing a wrongful death lawsuit. the parents of 20-year-old jessica morales says negligence and hazardous activity led to the death of their daughter. morales was visiting her boyfriend at the time when the pipeline exploded ungolfing the home in flames. more local news a half hour. the "today" show returns in
9:59 am
about a minute. [ female announcer ] dry, itchy skin? ordinary lotions may not help. new cortizone-10 hydratensive relieves it with moisturizers plus the power of cortizone-10. new hydratensive lotion. [ malbig. hot. pastrami.n out to the big hot pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese.
10:00 am
catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to thursday, january 27th. it's officially, offially a know day here in new york. i heard on the radio, i can't imagine it's true, first time new york schools have been closed. that can't be. >> i think so. they shut down because it's -- it was supposed to be between like 6 and 8 inches, woke up to 16 inches of snow in central park. what's funny about rockefeller center, and deceptive, when you look on the plaza oh, it didn't
10:01 am
snow in new york. look at rockefeller center. nobody cleans snow away faster. this morning walking from the gym, 50 yards outside here studio 1a, we have a picture, i don't know if you can see, look at that, this was this morning. >> nice pile. >> whatever. >> the snow's good, too. >> but anyway, that's what it was like right directly behind me is 30 rock. >> like 5'9". >> a lot of snow. >> it was like that. >> i knew it was going to be bad, and not knowing it was going to be as bad, but i'm used to country sounds -- >> look at this picture. >> amazing. at 2:00 i heard the plows out there. i was struck by, you know, this is kind of a storm either brings out best in people or the worst. by the time i got into the car, it was manageable. people were helping one another. people were polite. >> yes. >> you know?
10:02 am
>> you're right. >> it looked gorgeous because it's the heavy snow hanging from the trees. >> beautiful. >> that shot that we just saw, can we pop that up for a second? this, by the way, shot directly from the top of the rock. so it's right from where -- whenever i see this, that central park. >> looks like gotham city. >> divided east side and the west side. so cool to see new york from this point of you. often you're so deep into the buildings you don't notice it. >> snow in general. >> you hate it? >> no. it's absolutely gorgeous. if you don't have to go anywhere. >> yeah. >> you love it if you can snuggle at home, you hate it if you've got to get some place. >> our head producer, tammy, stuck on a train how long? >> i left at 5:30, i got here at 9:00 a.m. >> quit moaning and groaning. >> 5:30 a.m. -- >> i say stay home, call in.
10:03 am
>> or do what britney does and wear a snuggie. >> the new thing about the snugg snuggie. >> this is better than a regular old snuggie, it's got a heater in it. what happens? >> you turn it on, you can control the heat. >> cozy. >> is there a zipper? >> no you -- >> it's a draper? >> how much does that cost? >> $68. >> >> looks good, britney. >> thank you. >> i do have to say -- >> not exactly flattering but effective. >> in a barney kind of way. okay. so, people braved the snow yesterday. >> good grief. >> let me tell you why they did. in new york, when it snows, people want to go home. they came out to broadway because somebody, who is sitting on the set, sang. >> it wasn't me. >> the show's terrific. >> i had tickets. >> a show called "million dollar quartet" and that's the entire cast of it. the surprise for the people there, at the end of the show, after the show was over they
10:04 am
called up cakathie lee who let rip from a patsy klein show. >> let's see what we have going on. ♪ >> all around. i'm going to run out of gas♪ >> wrong leeric. >> ♪ you better stop, look and listen you don't know what you're missing ♪ ♪ you better stop, look and listen long, long way♪ >> that's enough of that. >> come on. you were shaking your moneymaker. let's go. do what you do. >> this was giving me a chance to remember the lyrics to the next verse. i specifically picked this song because it has about three notes you have to sing and two instrumental breaks. >> okay. come on.
10:05 am
all around. i have to say -- i have to say, i not seen you -- what is this picture? >> that was afterwards. he plays jerry lee lewis, my friend bruce, who always takes great broadway pictures said, pretend you're him, and i was pretending. >> i've seen a lot of different roles in your life since i've got tonight know you and never seen you on stage, and you rocked it. >> thank you, you're very sweet. >> your part was at the end. she got called up on stage at the end of the whole thing. >> i saw people were leaving. even the mikes there, they say -- usually the star gets ready, they're going -- they're saying, hey, you know, and getting themselves together. not me. well -- people were leaving. they had places to go. >> they did not. a choice you have to make. >> i want to say thank you to everybody the "million dollar quartet." a shout out for broadway.
10:06 am
this is the time of year we have to support broadway the most because it's just dead time, and all of the people from the holidays have gone. >> sure. >> but, please, if you're thinking about it, a great way to spend an evening in new york. remember broadway. we put so many people to work here in that business. and a lot of shows are hanging on by, you know, so go see if -- after you see "million dollar quartet" see something else. >> that's a great, great show. if you had to choose between your pet or lover, if someone made you choose, would you choose your dog or your husband? or your cat or whatever, your wife. what would you do? they did -- what would you do? >> as a joke, i would say, i don't know. louis and lola i love. i adore frank. but bambino. frank's sitting there, i don't believe she said that. >> 80% of people said they'd pick their spouse or boyfriend or husband, 14% -- >> the others are lying. >> the others are lying.
10:07 am
would you choose your pet or spouse? we talked about yesterday how people are often kissing pets on the mouth. >> and getting ugly things. we know somebody that would rather give up their wife. >> yes. >> this is so funny. there's a guy from turkey -- >> germany, right? >> he's from germany but lives in turkey. no, he's turkish but lives in germany. >> he has been exhausted because his wife's sexual appetite is insatiable. >> she's a nympho. >> he's exhausted. they've been -- he's been sleeping on the sofa for four years. he went to the cops and said i'm so tired i can't sleep, i can't take it anymore. >> he's been married 18 years and two kids. >> i think we have a shot of him. >> i don't call this a problem. >> we do. yeah. he's exhausted. >> i don't know. you hear this. is it true? a medical condition. they don't know. >> the cops said they understand
10:08 am
what happened and they think he's going to need -- he's getting divorced. he needs rest. >> you hear commercials you may have a severe, uncontrollable sexual urge. that makes me want to try the drug to see if you're going to bet that bye product. usually it's for something weird, some medical condition. usually, the disclaimers on those things last longer than the commercial. if you get this and this and this, and some are pretty gross. uncontrollable sexual urge, you know? my friend, who will remain nameless -- >> one of her initials. >> eva. was on one of the drugs, her gynecologist put her on something for something, unrelated and it happened. >> what was the drug? >> i don't remember. i'm not going to suggest people take drugs. but it was one of the funnier episodes in her entire life. >> you never experienced anything like that before. >> not a young woman anymore. not an old one either.
10:09 am
but certainly mature. >> mature. yes, a couple of delivery boys will never be the same. >> oh god! >> just kidding. >> little joke. >> it is that time. i know you wait for this. i know it's an important time in the program. >> here we go. >> if you are a steelers fan you won't like this. you will love this. you probably flow the song i'm talking about if you're a steelers fan. a song called "black and yellow"s. play it. ♪ you know what it is >> i don't know what it is. >> black and yellow, black and yellow. yeah. the steelers ♪ black and yellow, black and yellow ♪ ♪ ah, you know what it is everything i do, i do it big ♪ ♪ aha you don't like it? you don't love it? wait. here we go. a picture of the steelers. ♪ black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow♪ >> he must have worked really hard on those lyrics.
10:10 am
>> black and yellow. >> the steelers are loving it. >> all right. so the question is, hold on -- >> she's going to throw a snowball at us. here it comes. nice, meredith. love her. she had so much trouble getting in this morning. >> she got here just before the show. barely played it, 6:30. >> but these are troopers. >> pros. >> pros. okay or not okay? our magazine, is it okay to forgo a wedding gift and donate to charity? kathie lee says -- >> if the couple has requested that, it's not okay not to. let's read that again. it's not okay not to. >> yeah. if the couple has said, please do this -- >> do it. >> it's not okay not to do it. >> what did i say? let sleeping dogs lie. >> of course it's okay. yeah, your answer every week, let sleeping dogs lie. of course it's okay. how many coffeemakers does a
10:11 am
couple need, anyway? >> why do you read mine like something's wrong with them. >> it's kate middleton and the prince. they have many homes. they would need many coffeemakers. >> no, they don't. no, they don't. >> okay. >> how to get out of awkward situations. >> like this one right here? more on that alarming drinking game. we're not kidding, everybody. this is disturbing. making its way across campus. i can't look at it. >> we got it. we got it. >> what parents need to do about vodka nt need to g vodka eyeballing. dear lord. right after this.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
as most of you know, we are not strangers of alcohol on this show, and we do joke about it a lot, but we need to press pause on the jokes for a minute. there's an alarming thing happening. >> yeah. >> abusing alcohol is no laughing matter. >> we want to alert parents about a disturbing drinking game that has appeared on the internet. it's called vodka eyeballing. here's a warning, this video is very difficult to watch. >> this is vodka eyeballing, a disturbing new drinking game, where you pour a shot of alcohol directly into your eye. it first gained public attention last may when videos of people appearing to be doing eye shots started popping up on line. there are now hundreds of these posts. >> we're seeing reports of it on facebook, videos on youtube popping up. even a wikipedia page about this. >> so why are people doing this? the rumor is it will get you intoxicated faster. >> binge drinking is a huge issue in america. we know one in five teens binge drink. and what happens is, young people may have a drink or
10:15 am
two, and the next thing you know they start playing a game, and that's when outrij raijous game likes eyeball shots start to happen. >> some of the videos are so shocking they may seem like an internet hoax. but the reacts seem real. one went to youtube they're hoping to show just how painful it is. >> oh, my god. why would somebody do this? oh! oh! that is excruciating. >> with us, the director of medical education and the department of emergency medicine at lennox hill hospital and linda fears chief of family circle magazine. how disturbing that is video. >> we said it in the piece, but i think it bears repeating, these kids think they'll get drunker quicker by doing these eyeball shots. that is not the case, right? >> that is not true at all. >> it's just a foolish and
10:16 am
dangerous evidence of bravado. it's a hoax or real, we're not clear. >> we believe those videos are real, right? >> we don't know. >> hundreds of them. >> there are hundreds and hundreds of them on youtube. it's really disturbing just in terms of what can happen. it's really dangerous. alcohol is 40 to 60% -- vodka is 40 to 60% alcohol so you can cause a chemical burn to the eye, the surface of your eye. >> can you cause permanent damage? >> you can cause permits damage and blindness. the white part of your eye, the area of the iris, which is brown, green, blue, hazel, that has the cornea. the cornea's like a window. so a burn to the window makes it fuzzy, scratches it, so it injures that window so you don't see well. that concentrates vision and light on the back of your retina and it can make you blind. >> facebook and twitter spread these kinds of things and this is one thing that seemed to catch fire on the social networking sites, right?
10:17 am
>> exactly. and we know teens are all over the internet and they're exposed to this. they may think it's funny. they don't know the consequences. the reason is that, teenagers, part of their brains responsible for reasoning and considering consequences doesn't fully develop until they're in their 20s. so parents that think, what are they thinking, they're not thinking. >> they're not thinking through. >> and they do incredibly stupid things. but as we before, the drinking games on campuses, binge drinking is on the rise right now. >> there's a lot of peer pressure, though. when you're at college and you're at a party and someone says, just do it, just do the shot, kids are under a lot of pressure. >> and we made the point, they might have had a couple of drinks so their inhibitions are lowered. what kinds of things do you see -- you work in the emergency ward. what kind of things do you see? >> a great example of binge drinking. i worked the last two years in the emergency room and i saw lots of young people coming in falling, slurred speech, altered coordination.
10:18 am
they slip they fall outside. it's cold outside, they have lacerations to their face, broken teeth. rape can occur because of impaired coordination and also judgment in these cases. you put yourself into bad circumstances. >> i'm sure a lot of parents are looking at this for the first time saying, i've never heard of that. we hadn't heard of it either. is this -- we worry sometimes even showing that will give kids ideas, but what do you think parents should say to their children? should they bring this up or is this something a lot of kids haven't heard of, so why bother? >> certainly bring up drinking in general. i don't know necessarily bring up vodka eyeballing in particular. but you might talk to kids starting at an early age. you might feel silly as a parent talking to a 10 or 11-year-old, but that's when you need to talk to them. >> what's the conversation? first of all, you want them to be comfortable talking to you. sex or alcohol or anything else, you want to start early so they're very comfortable talking to you and they feel like they can bring issues up to you. you want to talk about the risks. you want to set a good example like we talked about last week when we talked about the internet.
10:19 am
always set a good example for them. talk to them about peer pressure, all sorts of peer pressure. starting youk and continue the conversation as they get old. >> what if your kids are in college and don't want to have the conversation? what's your suggestion there? >> i think it's just exposure to stuff like this. i would even recommend -- i agree with linda. i think it's important to have honest and open communication with your children as well as your doctor, seeing a physician. but i think showing this video and talking about it, having a genuine conversation about it, talking about someone who you know who had an accident when they were drinking. >> can you get through to college kids? what do you think? >> what is the whole thing -- we only have 30 seconds -- the binge thing. why can they -- why is it the bingeing? because that's the most dangerous drinking of all, right? >> on binking, by the way, five drinks for a guy, four drinks for an adult. they drink before the party, during the party and after the party so you can wrack it up easily.
10:20 am
it's part of their social life. they think it's fun, it's cool. >> not everybody. thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> up next, web taftic, video pick of the week that will have you howling. really? oh, really, sarah?al rely?>> i o >> really? that will have you howling. really? >> i think so. >> really?
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
she is back, and we're back with the weekly series that will put you ahead of the curve on the next internet video. this video features tucker, a 1-1/2-year-old schnoodle who plays the piano. we hear this is his version of "everyone has a story." check this out. [ howling ]
10:24 am
>> oh, my gosh! >> that is adorable! >> it started with just their teenage kids playing and he would sing along. the first time they caught him, he jumped down like he had done something bad. they said despite all his practice, he's not getting better. >> oh, my gosh, he's adorable. >> glad you're back. coming up, how to get people from touching your pregnant s.lly and other embarrassing ti hw>>uatisi at t>>myhat was my left breast. s
10:25 am
10:26 am
good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 10:26. moving like the stock market on a really good day. >> we always like to see that moving we saw a ten-degree jump in santa rosa. 47 degrees, at 39 degrees at 8:0. definitely warming up now that the sun is out. still have hazy conditions in the east bay and could be some fog in some cities. take it easy out there. we'll talk to mike in a minute, see if it's impacting your commute. and shifting off tomorrow, high
10:27 am
pressure, maybe a little rain through sunday. the biggest change an onshore flow for us as of tomorrow. 5 degrees cooler. find out about the fog in your commute with mike. >> talking about the fog and haze drifting through, chp just issued an advisory 20 minutes ago for the richmond bridge. traffic moving better southbound past lincoln avenue. that might be lifting. on the richmond side, slow driving. no accidents coming past the racetrack, but fog there as well as carquinez bridge, the bay bridge toll plaza no problems. more news after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
work is piling up on the desk of san h mayor chuck reed pizz busy trying to keep jobs i san jose. returning from a visit to sacramento tell governor jerry brown if he eliminates redevelopment agencies he'll eliminate jobs. the san francisco mayor ed lee also made that trip. governor brown and the state are looking at the $25 billion budget deficit. the governor feels one way to cut the deficit, shut down those agencies. that would free up to $2 billion. mayor reed telling the governor not to take away that money. >> we wanted to impress upon him the importance of this redevelopment funding to creating jobs at a time when californians have such high unemployment rates there could be a compromise. mayor reed and his fellow mayors will be busy working on
10:30 am
alternative proposals. they have to move fast, though. the governor wants a budget in place by march. thanks for joining us. the "today" show continues next. we're back on this thursday with more of "today," and if your mother-in-law won't stop peting your pregnant belly or if your neighbor won't stop calling you something you don't want to be called, we've got help for you. >> today contributor harry cole is president of media. >> she said, i'm pregnant with my second child, and through my first pregnancy, my mother-in-law constantly rubbed my belly. i hated it. now i'm six months pregnant and
10:31 am
she's already rubbing my belly. how do i stop her from peting e me? >> she made a mistake not stopping it the first time, but it's your body. i think we're drawn to pregnant people, however, it's your body. she can say, momma, stop touching me. it makes me uncomfortable. >> i think the bigger question here is talking to sensitive people just means you've got to be sensitive in talk to ing to . it doesn't mean giving them a free pass. >> why didn't she tell her before she's six weeks pregnant. >> now mom, whatever she calls this woman, wicked witch of the west. i'm so excited that you're so excited, but it makes me so sensitive when you do that,
10:32 am
let's not. >> how she talks to her husband and says, tell your mommy, please, i don't want to be rubbed. >> then you triangulate. >> this is from anonymous. we had some people over for dinner, after a bad snowstorm and guests left their boots at the door. my dog, who is known to carry shoes in his mouth but not be destructive, really tore up my friend's leather boots. i offered to replace them, but she refused. i feel terrible. should i replace them? >> she offered to replace the boots, the friend said no. stop negotiating. if you can't get over it, instead of negotiating forever about how to make this right, send her a token gift. like maybe the dog. that would go over really well. >> you could offer. i think offering to pay for the repair is fine, but then i agree, you end it. this could happen tonight, this
10:33 am
could happen this weekend because we're having so much snow on the east coast, so for anybody pre eemptive, lock up t boots. >> all right. i saw my buddy's girlfriend out with another man. we've suspected it for some time and most of us don't like her. the problem is he's really freque protective of her. i'm afraid that if i tell him, he will say i'm trying to put her down or break them up. but if i don't say anything -- >> this is like the movie "dilemma" that just came out. >> i don't think she really likes the girlfriend, and --
10:34 am
>> but what were they doing? >> it really is none of that person's business. it's the couple's business. if he had seen them doing something completely inappropriate, then perhaps you for sure, tell, but if they saw -- >> i don't think now is the time to go in and say -- >> but i wouldn't have want a friend of mine to say it in that way and say, hey, by the way, i happen to -- i saw your husband at the restaurant with so and so? by the way, it's okay. but when you are believing -- you know, it's really none of your business. >> because the animus -- it feels like the animus here, the group doesn't really like her. that's what's going on. >> so whenever they say it, they have to say it without judgment. >> it was difficult for her to get here. she's on crutches, but she made it. she made it through the snow. >> through the snow. >> you're the best. >> ta-da. >> mark, what is it? >> a broken sandeasandal.
10:35 am
>> all right, all right. thank you. >> awkward situation for the real situation when it comes to the guy in your life. >> oh, please. >> look at donny. now i'm going to throw up. don don donny.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
do men really think about sex every single second and is there such a thing as a male mood swing? >> who cares. >> the answer is question. to answer the other questions our resident's guy's guy donny deutsch is here. he's got a live show. >> taking calls, tweets, facebook, everything, helping women out.
10:39 am
it's never been done before. live, 11 p.m. eastern time. by the way, i want to thank shaun and tammy who birthed the. >> i see a pair of shoes. and a couple of pair for us. here's our question. we love you dearly. you have not exactly had the world's greatest success in love. what make use the expert? >> very simple. i've been married and divorced twice. i have three beautiful daughters, tons of relationships. i'd made my mistakes. it's -- if i had been happily married for four years i wouldn't have had the perspective. >> we're buying, we're buying. >> as we demonstrate on the show. >> all right. hi, donnie. >> stay away from sarah. >> sarah wanted no part of me,
10:40 am
trust me. >> brianna asks what happened to my man's sex drive after we got married? >> if kids are involved, here's what i say a lot. even if you don't have kids you have to stay your husband's wife who has his children, not mother of his children who's married to him. you still have to be married to him. >> his lover. >> if all you are is mother of his children, it's going to go. >> it's exhausting. >> i know that. but somehow you can't just be mommy. >> so you don't think your sex drive is dropping because -- >> she may be less interested but that's a really, really tough thing to manage because obviously the kids are the most important thing. you've still got to be that girl. on the flip side it can't just be soccer dad. he's still got to be the guy that she married. >> but it changes. here's what people don't know. you're not going to have the same sex drive as when you're an
10:41 am
18-year-old boy. >> but it can't go away completely. >> but your expectations have to change. >> they have to change. you still have to, once again, i think about the girl he fell in love with it and you've got to bring it back. >> okay. sarah? >> this one is from ivy. i'm 55, employed and sexual. i cannot find a man my age because they're looking for someone in their 30s. what's a woman my age going to have to do. >> that aside, it's hard for her. what she's got to do is open up her net. maybe it's younger guys. maybe women in their 50s say i don't want a 68-year-old. maybe a 60-year-old. see, you're nice. >> think about a rich guy. >> no. think about what you're saying. you know what? all bets are off. maybe it's a 35-year-old guy, a 70-year-old guy. if you're going to say i need a 57-year-old guy, it's going to be tough. a lot of guys are look for the
10:42 am
40-year-old girl. older women bring more to the table. they're sexier. >> what's your cut-off age? >> the women i'm drawn to are in their early 40s. i'm 53. i think that's when they're sexiest. a 27-year-old doesn't have anything to honor me. they're girls. i always think a guy looks like an idiot. >> you're winning over the women right now. we should opponent out your show airs tonight so people can call and tweet and talk to you directly. >> directly. >> what are you going to wear? >> i'm going to wear a suit. i'm going to be a little more lemg mat. >> you don't have a theme song. i want to write you a theme song. >> we actually called the "loveboat" theme show and julie the cruise director is going to be on so it will be great. no. we're going to help out. >> and louboutins. >> joy, skinny foods. be.
10:43 am
>> they call them skinny foods. we'll show you the foods to keep you on track all day.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
we're back with joy's diet s.o.s. for anybody who's watching their wait. >> joy bauer has skinny snack foods which will offer huge calorie bargains. i like the whole idea of this segment. >> they each have their own unique twist in term of how they enable us to lose weight. >> popcorn makes me feel full when i'm eating it it's a whole grain, it's got fiber. but this kind of popcorn i call naked popcorn. it's air popped, totally plain or if you don't have an air popper, you take a couple of colonels, put it in a brown paper bag, fold it over once or twice and put it in the microwave. 30 calories per cup. >> what happens if we pull putt a whole thing of parmesan cheese on it? >> not a whole container. you can put cinnamon, cumin, a
10:48 am
couple of dashes of hot sauce. >> put it on there. let me see. >> with the parmesan? >> mm-hmm. >> all right. >> oh, that's good. >> push it around a little bit. taste that. you don't like hot sauce? >> that's hot. >> isn't it good though? >> i like it. >> okay. for a second food, salsa. salsa is the skiniest condiment. it's all tomatoes with onions and seasonings. it probably facilitates eating more vegetables. >> because you can't get as much on there. >> and also a great spud topper. you can put it on top of a baked potato. >> if you want a chip -- baked chips. >> there's a lot of whole grain tortilla chips. >> they're absolutely terrific. it strains out the liquid.
10:49 am
it has twice the amount of protein compared to traditional yogurt. you can get it plain, doctor it up with a little vanilla extract or add fruit. you can buy the nonsugar ones as well. >> i love this. >> it's so ironic that i'm preaching this. what i like about the fire balls, they're only 40 calories. i'm showing you the large ones, the big ones. so super hard so you can't chomp them like candy. they take a long time to eat and they have two waves of heatness. >> fire balls are awesome. >> this is a bowl of nonstarchy vegetable soup. it starts to expand in your belly after you eat them so it takes the edge off your hunger
10:50 am
when you get to your main meal. let's say you have this prior to dinner. you're going to eat less. so you could really start with 20 calories if you start with vegetable soup. >> i love these things. >> they're the sandwich rounds, the thins. you get two slices, a top and bottom half for the same amount of calories as a slice of bread. >> i've never tried them before. can i try it? >> they've been sitting out since this morning. >> it's good. >> it's fresh. >> it's good, isn't it? >> oh, my gosh. make sure it has the stamp on the front that says 100% whole wheat. these companies make white versions and whole wheat versions. flavored selzer. what i love about flavored
10:51 am
selzer is it's naturally flavored. no artificials flavors or sugar. it comes in a lot of funky flavors, even vanilla and chocolate and the popular fizz. >> i almost came to your apartment and got food. there's no food in my apartment. >> you should have. >> i'm hungry, thank you. >> i usually steal from hoda. >> there's a place right next to us. >> i'm not going out in this weather. what's wrong with you, hoda? >> next are egg whites, high in protein and only 17 calories per white. so you can have a four- to five-egg white omelette. i stuffed it with vegetables for under 150 calories. and for people who like whole eggs, go for one whole egg plus one to three egg whites. you can go for volume and take down the calories. it has crunchy tomatoes.
10:52 am
a full cop is only 30 calories. aside from being completely healthy for your body, they're so delicious. >> thank you, joy. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be back with who's more stressed out. probably hoda. first this is "today" on nbc. but first a look at "today" on nbc. i looked in other parts of the bay area, in the city and i have to tell you, based on what i have here now and what i've seen, this is really the best
10:53 am
value that i could find for the money. >> it's just -- truly beautiful and reminiscent of a european experience. every day. so the inside of the homes is equally beautiful with ten-foot ceilings and the granite kitchen slabs, and cherry cabinets for all the cabinets. it's just beautiful. again, no detail spared, no expense spared to make things right. totally wired for everything from home security to your media. i mean you can walk in and just plug things in. they thought of everything, and they spared no expense. the quality of the, all the furnishings and construction and appliances they put in is amazing. >> we feel that we've gotten more bang for our buck than we would have anywhere else in the bay area. just looking around, knowing what you will get for your investment is top dollar. no expenses were spared in building this development, and it's definitely something that i
10:54 am
would encourage you to come out and take a look for yourself and form your own opinion. >> you really have to experience it firsthand to appreciate how gorge to us really is and you can't afford it with prices starting in the upper 200s, it's well worth the easy drive to vallejo 20 chick it out. go to belvedere or cog 1-800 ---
10:55 am
it's time for us to get a little competitive and you know how much we hate that. we're back to try something called mindball which would measure our brain waves to see who is more stressed, me or you. >> the way you can tell is the ball in the center will move to the more stressed out person. our very own sara is going to referee the brain match. >> are you guys ready? >> yeah. >> press this button, and just remember, this is mind ball, and
10:56 am
this is an interactive brain wave game. once that ball hits the center mark, you guys are on. >> what do you mean? what do we do? >> you're wearing that headband and you're going to concentrate -- >> i'm concentrating away. >> the one who has less stress is the one who will move the ball away from themselves to their opponent. kathie lee, you want to focus in on this point. focus and move the ball towards hoda. >> look at the ball. focus on the ball, please. >> i like the little ball. come to mama. >> you want to push it away, though. push it away. >> you stressed her out. can i start again? >> do it again, do it again. we only have three seconds. >> why are we starting all the way down here? okay. bye. nice talking to you. >> you want to stay calm because
10:57 am
it's the calm that moves the ball away from you. >> why isn't it doing anything? >> we're really concentrating right now. >> it looks like the show is over. >> okay, anyway, thank you. tomorrow stay out of the awful, snowy mess. >> we're also going to have ambu "ambush makeovers." and you never know who might drop by. -- captions by vitac -- ring ring progresso
10:58 am
i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. you know they're the only ones endorsed by weight watchers. they taste so good. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee.


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