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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm christie smith live in san jose where a chp officer is in the hospital this morning after an accident on the freeway. it's possible some of the hail you see on the ground this morning may have played a role. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. the courtroom stunner that has people talking today. the ordeal is far from over for jaycee dugard. fighting back what the utility is threatening to do if too many questions are asked. a live look outside this morning, it's friday, april 8th. the giants opener is today. we have a special edition of today in the bay. ♪ hey >> good friday morning,
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everybody. straight up, 5:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon live here at at&t park where the giants home opener is today. 1:35 is when they are going to hit the field. boy, it's the kick-off to an action packed weekend. posey is going to get his rookie of the year award, they are going to hand out the ceremonial rings. train is going to be singing, sammy hagar is going to do the national anthem. believe it or not, the guy is said to be nervous. there's more on that coming up. it's a big day. we want to bring in christina. she is here with me. kind of matching attire today. >> no, at home, we did not plan this this morning. good morning to you. are you ready for baseball? we certainly are out here. the weather forecast will cooperate today. let's break it down for you. we have a lot happening this morning.
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you saw christy smith in the south bay and patches of snow in the south bay. strong thunderstorms still offshore. it's pushing inland. it is not widespread. we are not seeing heavy rain. we have spots of precipitation this morning but nothing heavy. this afternoon, we are going to clear out. we are still under the gun for the thunderstorms. we actually drove through a hailstorm on the way here, on the way to the stadium from san jose. take it easy out there this morning. a lot of weather happening. through the next few hours, it will improve. the temperatures are going to drop into the 30s inland and low 40s here along the peninsula. we are going to be out here all morning having a good time. let's see what traffic has in store for us. >> nice toss. look into the south bay. we have snow overnight and hail conditions. there was an accident that has
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880 closed. it's reopened. it involved a chp officer. christie smith will talk more about that. wet roads continue throughout the south bay. keep an eye out. the slippery conditions may play a factor. traffic is moving nicely past the coliseum. we have construction that should be clearing over the next half hour. back to you. >> thanks. a man is dead after being hit by a train at 1:00 this morning near 25th avenue and san mateo. 62 passengers were on board the train that left san francisco around midnight. it was the last train of the evening. it was delayed about 90 minutes. it will not impact the morning commute this morning. this is the fifth fatality this year. 880 to the south bay is back open this morning but unusual weather may have played a role in an accident that sent a chp officer to the hospital. christie smith is live with a
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look at what happened. i guess you are still seeing weird weather out there. >> reporter: yeah. it really is weird. wild weather still out here this morning near 880. i want to pan down so i can show you what is sticking on the ground here this morning. there's still hail and it's just not going away. quite cold out here this morning. this likely played a role in the accident overnight. more information on this accident involving a chp officer. another officer tells us, there was a driver in a black pick-up truck that got into an accident and ended up on the side of the road. that's when a chp officer got out and tried to help with a tire on 880. that's when a second driver in a white car came up, hit the officer, knocking him in front of the black pick-up truck. the chp officer suffered a broken leg and was taken to valley medical center for
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treatment with non-life threatening injuries. because of the wild weather, there were several accidents and spin outs in the south bay. severe weather, hail and rain dumping. they feel that played a role in the accident. the injuries to the officer, non-life threatening. >> thanks for the update there. after 12 days of testimony, the case against barry bonds is in the hands of the jury. the eight woman, four man jury will begin deliberations this morning. if convicted, federal sentences guidelines recommend between 15 and 21 months in prison. a surprise twist in the kidnapping and rape case involving jaycee dugard. phillip garrido will stands trial. he pled not guilty. a lawyer said he intented to plead guilty to the charges and
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there wouldn't be much of a trial. the defense attorney says they changed because of a problem with the composition of the grand jury that indicted him last fall. a trial could start as early as january 1. it probably means jaycee dugard will have to be called to the stand. emotions are running high not that two baseball players are not charged for the rape. the jury acquitted the men. not all jurors agreed. one told us he is upset with the verdict. >> some girl made a mistake, but these guys should be held accountable. they were animals, they took advantage of a very young, young girl. in that case, no, justice wasn't served. >> nine out of 12 jurors have to
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agree in a civil case. the woman said she had been drinking in 2007 then taken to a bedroom and gang raped. the case was never tried in a criminal court. a month after the 9.0 earthquake in japan, the search continues. they comb through a zone near the power plant to find victims of the tsunami. more than 14,000 people are still missing. a 7.1 aftershock ripped through japan killing two more people. meantime, a walnut creek student studying in tokyo just missed getting stuck in the aftershock. she didn't want to leave but her parents insisted she come home. she was there and felt the quake on 9/11. watching the images on tv has been tough. >> it's such a mess there right now. so many levels. you can't -- i can't look at it and be like, well that's fine,
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let's do something else now. it really is just really sad. >> she is studying at temple university campus in tokyo. her parents asked her to come home. pg&e is pulling out of a settlement regarding the pipeline safety records. they are in a dispute with the public utilities commission after failing to track down records on the pipeline. some say the proposed $3 million fine for pg&e is too lenient. they don't want to pay. monday they are scheduled to hold another hearing on the settlement. want to take you live to at&t park. we have a special giants edition of today in the bay. we want to check in with christina loren. >> it's not warm by any stretch of the imagination out here this morning. laura and i are both shivering
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in our boots. you need the boots this morning, ladies. a cold day overall. in the 50s. we have abnormal weather happening out there. thunderstorms are really rough. you know what, they are hard to forecast as well. we have thunderstorms popping upright now across the south bay. as a result, hail. you saw christie smith out there live. she was next to a mix of rain and snow. we are talking thunder snow in the south bay this morning. if you are waking up in san jose, campbell, los gatos, dress warm. temperatures are going to warm up to the 50s. we'll get rid of the wet weather for the morning hours then this afternoon mostly sunny skies. temps warm up for the weekend. that is the great news. if you are going to be out here today from at&t park, i want to let you know, you are going to need a jacket and need to bring your giants fan action. they need your support. it's going to be a good match-up
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today between the cardinals and the giants. back to you mike. >> all right. doesn't matter, but you are giving the giants the power from the ballpark there. we have our orange and black here as well. we are looking at antioch where they have this cleared out. westbound is nice. 66 miles per hour orndhour on l street. we have pictures on the website. it's been an issue for the north bay. now, things are calm. carquinez and venetian bridge out of the area joining with interstate 80 toward the center the routes are clear in the area. no issues in the south bay. they were hit with a lot of rain overnight. hail and rain might have been a factor in the chp accident
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christie smith is following. 880 is reopened. here 880 north of the coliseum, the construction is just clearing. it will be slow into downtown. now, not a big deal. folks will be headed over to see you or at least where you are later on today because of the giants game. >> not me. they have a lot of great giants to see out here. they are going to get the clans to come out. 10:35 is when the gates open. we have a great preview for you this morning including a show that goes on for a special group of fans. it takes a lot of people to put on the jumbo tron. we are going to take you behind the scenes of the production team. we are waiting for bob redell to get here. you won't believe who he tracked down overnight. >> work to do. in this game, you never arrive v as a player. it's a team. we are trying to get better.
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winning the world series last year was a dream come true. it's a dream come true for everybody it happened to. hopefully, it's a sign of a lot of good things to come. >> good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. welcome to a special edition of today in the bay from the home of the giants. i can't tell you how exciting it is to be here on the field and know this is where all the action is going to happen. gates open at 10:35 for all you fans out there. the home opener.
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we have a technical director, a graphics operator. it's just like a television show. >> is it stressful? >> it can be. >> we have a lot of stuff going on. >> i have been to many games and never been o the jumbo tron. >> you have never been on a jumbo tron as a fan? have you been here as fan? >> yeah. >> you have to let me know where you are sitting. i like it. for fans, they try to get on the jumbo tron. are there tips fans need to know? will you take them if they are doing something? >> we look for fans dressed peculiar or fun, balloon animal
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hats, signs are usually good. we have a couple old ladies or elderly ladies that have old hats on with every pin for the last 30 years they have collected. we show them quite a bit. >> that guy has a team -- [ inaudibl] >> taxi. taxi. good morning. at&t park. all right. who are you and what are you doing in tim lincecum's body.
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>> it's who i am. i drive a cab. >> what is your last name? >> lins. i know how it is to be a star today. people come to my cab and they think i'm lincecum and they give me that look and look at me like are you -- is this a tv show? what's going on? >> do you smoke? >> i do. >> do you smoke cigarettes? >> yes. yes. >> you are like tim lincecum. wow. >> it's like we are brothers from another life. amazing. some people say we lookalike. >> you and me? >> see. >> ahhh! >> i love it.
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it's too bad i have to go back and be luis later. thanks. nice meeting you. >> go giants. >> i hope he gave a decent tip. the thing is, he dropped him off on the other side of the park. we are waiting for bob. can you see him way out there? >> he's been running. he's getting winded now. i don't want to get in the way. certainly can't put him on the field. sorry, no giants. >> i guess he was talking to the guy. isn't that amazing how much he looks like tim lincecum? >> phenomenal. he was an ordinary guy until they won the world series. >> they never ran into each other before. he thinks he did at a fan event.
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i would love to get them together. >> i like being together with you. matching wardrobe. didn't plan it. great minds. great baseball weather today. >> not bad. i thought it would be colder out here this morning. >> me, too. >> we still have a couple hours to drop off. hate to tell you that. i just want to talk about what's happening out there this morning in the weather department. we have a serious situation in the south bay this morning. we have reports of thunder snow, which is a rare meteorlogical event. be alert and get to your destination without having to rush. diick conditions there. the thunderstorms are popping up. we have really no warning before they pop up. they are not widespread. you could see one on your way to work. take it easy and stay alert
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especially if you have to get the little ones to school. at&t park looks good. clear skies over head here. the temperatures are going to be in the 50s. it's not going to be warm. you'll need the jacket. the good news is, it's friday. we have the weekend coming up. temperatures are going to be warmer as we head into saturday and sunday. let's talk to mike inouye about what's happening in the traffic department. a lot going on, i bet. actually -- >> i'll take it from here. we have a lot going on it's true. a jam packed show. now, back to brent. >> thanks a lot you guys. see you in a bit. it's 5:20. a bay area building is going to be blown up this morning. where and what it's making way for. >> we'll continue the baseball theme with a look at baseball apps coming up. as we look at the north bay, there's the commute. richmond bridge, no advisory.
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good morning and welcome back. 5:23 now. a live look outside the san jose shark tank. weird weather, snow, sleet, hail stuff. a lot of people saw that this morning. the dumbarton bridge is on the way to being more earthquake proof. workers installed the first of four steel plates overnight. they are 9 x 10 foot plates. weeknights westbound lanes are going to close as early as 7:00. eastbound closed as early as 8:00 in the evening. both sides should reopen by 6:00
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in the morning. it's slated to be finished in the fall of 2012. we want to check the rest of your morning commute. there's weird weather and the slushy stuff on the road. >> that could be an issue. we'll talk about that in a second. now, we focus on the bridges you talked about. the dumbarton, keep that in mind, it's off-peak hours. before the morning commute, some lanes will be closed. construction work at the bottom of your screen has cleared, north ott coliseum. 880, no problems. we had a traffic break. here, 880 and 92 interchange, all lanes open. all week, we had closures coming off the bridge. the live look shows you how nice it is as well. no wind advisories as well. a nice smooth flow. we told you about issues, hail and snow reported.
5:25 am
we had a major accident involving chp. it's reopened. we have all lanes reopened and no major issues right now. the commute on the friday is lighter. 280, 101 and 85 have been issued. back to you guys. back to you. >> thanks. the naval hospital is going out with a bang. this is an aerial view of the center. it's going to be blown up. they will use 800 pounds of dynamite to destroy the building. that was closed in 1996 during a wave of military base closures around the country. it was the last military structure standing on the east oakland hills base. we have been talking about the giants home opener all morning long. scott mcgrew has a little bit of baseball tech. >> yeah. good morning to you. there are lots of baseball apps out there, the only one to
5:26 am
satisfy the true fan is this one, the official mlp app. you can watch live any game in the nation. you can get track pitch history. practically nothing you can't do. this is for the true fan though. why? the app costs $15. starting in may, access to the games on video costs you $100 for the season. watching your favorite team from an airport somewhere is priceless. actually, $115. there you go. if you want to play the game, at least virtually, mlb 2 k 11 is made up in the north bay for x box and play station. you can play the giants, of course. they have brian wilson and his beard. christina plays him through the whole game even though he's the
5:27 am
closer. >> he hasn't always been. you get a little brian wilson all the time. not such a bad thing. i wouldn't complain. we are live at at&t park to bring all the action on this exciting opening day. today, they are going to have a special tributte to brian stow. he, of course, is the the dedicated giants player down in los angeles who was severely beaten. we're going to have an update on his condition, next. we are going to gaze into the crystal ball and talk to the friends at csn bay area and talk about the chances of a world series parade. >> the giants are on the assent even though they scaled everes. it's another chapter in the story. i'm looking forward to it. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home...
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new this morning, a south bay chp officer is in the
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hospital after an overnight accident on slick roads. it's still wild this morning. that's right, there is hail on the ground. i'm christie smith. we'll have the story coming up in a live report. plus, we could have a government shutdown later on today. we'll have a live report from washington with the latest. forget the ferrari, guy has a new baby. the new ride for the celebrity chef. a live look outside at&t park where we have special coverage of opening day on friday, april 8th on today in the bay. good friday morning, everybody. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this is the day we have all been waiting for. the giants. the world champion giants coming home for their home opener. it's today at 1:35. 10:35 is when the gates are going to open. the fans can flood in to cheer
5:31 am
on their champs. you know the song, don't pull on superman's cape, we wondered if we could pull on their beards. we put it to the test. we are going find out more. first, i want to bring christina loren. folks want to know if we are going to be looking okay at game time. >> we are okay now. >> perfect. >> we bring the good weather with us. good morning to you. we have thunderstorms popping up. they are producing hail. you could find that on your way to work in the south bay. you want to travel cautiously. break down the game day weather. a cold start. it is chilly out there this morning. the temperatures continue to drop. as we continue through the next couple hours, we'll continue to see temperatures cool by two or three degrees, ending up in the upper 50s later on today. i'm back out here live at at&t
5:32 am
park. we are getting ready for the big game. of course, 1:35, that's when we are going to see the pitch. we are not allowed to walk on the grass. they said nothing about us not being able to kiss the grass. if that's as close as i'm going to get to kissing brian wilson, i'll take what i can get. mike, back over to you. >> you can call me brian wilson. we are looking over antioch -- just offering. it's early but it is friday. early slowdown started for high way 4. there was an accident at 1:00 this morning. 62-passengers were on board the last train that left san francisco around midnight. that was the last train of the evening. the commute was delayed 90 minutes. the incident is not going to impact the morning commute. this is the fifth fatality for cal trans this year. no delays now.
5:33 am
good news for the game. the home opener, you can take cal train to the park. it's a great option to avoid the parking. >> it is a great one. they have been talking of shutting the line down. chp officers recovering after a bizarre accident that shut down a section of 880. today, christy smith is live near the scene where unusual weather may have played a role in the accident. >> reporter: very wild weather since we have been here. we got here at 4:40 this morning. we have seen hail, ice and rain. the hail is not melting at all. it's still out here. an officer was injured and 880 temporarily shutdown overnight. the chp officer was patrolling and saw an accident. got out to help a truck driver.
5:34 am
he was in a black pick-up truck who crashed because of ice and was on the side of the road. apparently, he was having problems with a tire. that's when the officer was hit. >> he came from the slow lane and struck the officer and knocked him in front of the vehicle. it's non-life threatening injuries at the time. he's at the hospital being treated right now. >> reporter: now, officers say the driver who hit him was in a white sedan. the dispatcher says the officer who was hit suffers a broken leg. this was considered a major injury accident. he was taken to valley medical center for treatment. several chp officers accompanied him out there. it's not raining but the roads are still slick. it's cold out here this morning. certainly, you want to take it easy when you head out. we have calls in to chp for
5:35 am
updates on the officer's condition. >> let's hope he's okay. thanks a lot. new information about an erie text message sent by a giants fan moments before he was attacked. they report brian stow texted a friend moments before the attack saying it is quote, expletive scary here. he's in an l.a. hospital. he was attacked after the game by two men wearing dodgers gear. he was wearing a giants jersey at the time. witnesses say the men who attacked him seemed drunk. the dodgers organization is under a lot of scrutiny this morning. the team's owner fired the security chief in december and still have not replaced him. meanwhile, we are hearing from a dodgers fan who rushed to the aid of brian stow. a woman heard to men shouting
5:36 am
profanities. they responded saying they don't want trouble. >> hey, we don't want trouble, you know, we are paramedics. we fight we lose our job. they just followed him back there and sucker punched him. >> stow was bleeding from his ears when they approached and called 911. is suspects drove off in a car with a woman and a child. thigh attended wednesday's vigil out of the medical center in support of brian stow. think twice before you open your door to strangers. burglaries are happening during the day. the thieves, most of them happening from the east bay to the peninsula. a woman left her house to run errands and came back to find her front door open. burglars are posing as gardeners, utility workers and
5:37 am
contractors. they approach people at the front door. >> i can't believe that. tough be on your toes. can't trust people coming to your door. a warning to homeowners this morning is to lock your doors and set your alarm even if you are leaving for a short time. celebrity guest and game show host has a set of hot wheels to replace his stolen yellow lamborghini. it's a chevy camaro. it's the first yellow one off the production line. his $200,000 lamborghini is still missing after being stolen from a dealership. they have surveillance video of the car making a get away. they are still trying to track down whoever took it. lawmakers are closer to a budget deal. no deal yet. a government shutdown could happen by midnight today.
5:38 am
today in the bay's tracie potts is live where it's another late night for lawmakers and staff working out the details on a budget this year. >> reporter: this is interesting. i just got brand-new information. we had been told they were 70% close when it came to the numbers, the actual amount to cut out of the budget. what was holding them up were the republican requests. some call them demand policy writers like restricting abortions, public radio, rolling back powers of e.p.a. as of this morning, one republican aid says they have had problems within birth control and environmental protection. from their point of view, they are at odds over the spending cuts, the actual amount. democrats won't consider increasing the size of spending cuts which is a huge problem. we enter this last day less than 24 hours before the shutdown with major differences. >> we'll see what happens.
5:39 am
of course, midnight tonight is the deadline. we want to check the forecast. christina is out there with the crew at at&t park. it's opening day. for some it feels more like football weather today. >> yeah, especially if you say play football in college in colorado like brent cannon. good morning to you. things are looking goods. on the peninsula, it's clear. we have interesting weather coming down in the south bay. hail. thunderstorms popping up. you might run into one on your way to work. we did on the way to at&t park from our station in san jose. it was a fast mover and hailed for a few seconds. still, enough to make for dangerous driving conditions. take it easy out there. as we head throughout the morning hours, that will continue to be the case. we are out here because today is the home opener. 1:35 we'll see the first pitch. at 1:35, conditions are going to be good.
5:40 am
not as good as this beard looks on me. it's awesome. mike inouye looks better. fact. let's show it. over to you, traffic. >> hey. hey. oh, that's me. that's when i threw out the opening pitch for the little league. the beard looks better on you. it looks like i'm a lumber jack. thank you for adding a beard because i can't grow one. christine was telling you about the hail. slippery conditions on the roadways. a major accident involving a chp officer. 880 was affected. now it's reopened. no problems northbound. westbound 580 out of altamont pass, a 14 minute drive. no major slowing. i's friday light there. it's started at 5:25 this morning. it's growing now.
5:41 am
it's heavier than normal for a friday. laura, you have parking but no seat. over to you anyway. >> i know. my ride just kind of dropped me off. i may be hitching it back. it would be nice to get some seats. we have some that are still available. you saw christina with a fake beard on. we have a tug on a real one. we'll have more on that coming up. something you won't want to miss, certainly. also, we are going to talk live to the experts at comcast sports nets about what it's like to go into the season with a big target on your back as national champions. >> let go an let gd o d try to become a team. that's when you are going to see great
5:42 am
5:43 am
i think this year is going
5:44 am
to be more special to us. we want to go out and prove we weren't just a couple guys that could only get it done one year. >> we are live at at&t park getting ready for the giants home opener. last season was simply wonderful. we'll see how they do this year. we are certainly cheering them on. we want to say more about today's game. you can go out and celebrate early. game time, 1:35 actually. they are going to do a special flag raising ceremony at 12:45. train will perform before the game. that's san francisco's own train. as i mentioned, game time, 1:35. this is the great thing about it. as of late last night, there are still bleacher seats available, but going for $105 a ticket. not too shabby. you get to see the world champion giants and be a part of
5:45 am
history out here. joining me now this morning is comcast sports net mindy. she got up early. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. i have never been to at&t this early. it's quite cold. >> we are so excited. do you think the team has a target on their back, though? >> absolutely. absolut absolutely. everybody wants to beat the top team. that's the giants. absolutely. it's going to be heightened this season. >> what do you think our chances are. >> only three national league teams won back-to-back championships in 85 years. the cincinnati reds in '94 and '95. the last team was the new york yankees. it's difficult. it's hard to do. 162 game season, to keep up the momentum is exhausting and hard. >> do you think our strengths have remained the same?
5:46 am
we have seen a change in the lineup. >> absolutely. they bring up a rookie and now they have guys that have been able to meld. they brought in players for the first time last year. now, they have another year together. they will know the tendencies and what their teammates like to do. bruce will know his team better as well. i think that certainly is going to be a strength. >> he knows where to play for people. it is so early in the season. we have so many games. everybody is watching every single one. >> they are worried the giants are 2-4 right now. if you saw their last game, nothing to worry about. they are getting back on track. >> they are going to be on fire as you are as well. >> thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. it's so fun to bring the game to the fans. >> a team sport literally with the entire team in the area. >> we have a big team that loves to bring these games to the fans. the response is overwhelming.
5:47 am
>> you do it so well. >> thank you for having me. >> the team has to rest up for today's game. the cool thing is marla got in close with some of the guys. take a look at this. >> reporter: still on fire from last year's world series win, the jinlts are ready to take their home field and their fans, big and small can hardly wait. >> last year was magic. >> i'm excited about the season. you know, let's go forit again. >> we have been blessed and we ready to start. >> reporter: on this beautiful spring day, i'm the blessed one with a chance to chat with the champions. first up, out fielder on dres. >> the fans are great. it's a big part of why we won. we have to, you know, give them what they deserve. >> reporter: what is it like to be a worlds champion? >> dream come true. >> we can play a game for a living.
5:48 am
we don't have to grow up. >> reporter: they answered tough questions. what is your pregame meal? >> whatever they have in the clubhouse. >> reporter: are you single? >> no, i'm married. >> reporter: man, all the good ones are taken. the off the market romo says he hasn't shaved in almost ten months. can i? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you embarrassed? >> no, it's kind of weird you tugging on my beard. >> reporter: tell me about it. the one champ known for his magic on the mound normally laid back and loose number 55 was all business. can i interview you? >> no. >> reporter: please? come on. so i struck out with tim lincecum but i have a feeling i won't be the only one this year. at at&t park, marlin with today in the bay. >> they are a great group of misfits if we can call them that
5:49 am
anymore. they are the fantastic team out there. what are they going to face this afternoon? all though the weather doesn't affect them. they pitch rain or shine. >> yeah, when talking 100-mile-per-hour fastball, the weather isn't going to get in the way today. that's some power. the giants, yeah, they are a force to be reckoned with. it's chilly. interesting stuff happening in the south bay. reports of hail. we drove through a hailstorm. the lightning is firing off just offshore. it's an indication of an unstable air mass. the south bay will see the shower activity for the first part of the day. it's already dry and clear here over at&t park. at game time, we are talking 1:35. temps in the 50s. it tends to get chilly here at at&t park because you are so close to the water and you get a good breeze blowing through. keep that in mind. bring your comfortable clothing,
5:50 am
maybe a blanket to stay warm. a nice warm weekend ahead. temperatures are going to continue to climb as we head deeper into spring, which is the good news, laura. >> finally. >> seriously, i'm sick of the cold stuff. we are having fun. >> oh, no, it's great to be out here. we have having a lot of fun getting ready for the big game. brent is back home holding down the fort for us. >> nice and warm. nice and warm. having some coffee and a good time. >> rub it in, buddy. >> time is 5:50. debt pratt measures. why the uc system may have to talk about closing colleges to save money. an extra special gadget friday with a hula hoop demonstration. >> that's why you wanted me for a demo? going to get a lot of traffic as folks head to the home opener where laur christina and bob
5:51 am
have already taken the trip. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
5:52 am
5:53 am
the stock is falling. >> i'm going to be okay. talk to us on the record and we'll protect you. i guarantee it. >> what do all these films have in common besides charlie sheen. they are all the work of oliver stone. he's going to get top honors tonight at the international film festival. it runs april 21 through may 5. i want to get you updated on your friday morning commute with
5:54 am
mike inouye. might see bizarre weather to affect things. >> that will be the condition where we saw hail and slippery conditions on the roadway. an unusually early slowdown. this is friday, not even 6:00 and speeds are coming down to 30 miles per hour. typical spot but atypical for a friday. looking at the carquinez bridge, outstanding snow in the sierra. it will get crowded around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. we look at the bay bridge and no issues approaching the toll plaza. it's looking light. there's a report of a tire in the lanes as you head across the tunnel. they want to get across into san francisco for the 10:35 opening of the gates and the 1:35 opener at at&t park. it's why we are out there. there's going to be a lot of congestion midday.
5:55 am
avoid the area unless you have tickets. budget cuts across classrooms in california. uc campuses being hit. they face a shorter school year, less security and maybe closures. state lawmakers have to make drastic cuts including to education. teachers say they are going to leave if the cuts pass. jerry brown says the cuts could more than double tuition for uc schools. let's check in with scott mcgrew taking at look at the gadget friday. i have to tell you, i saw you have hula hoops and i have to admit i tweaked my back playing angry birds. i cannot help you. i can barely move. >> we'll just do it next week. no, no. the astro hula hoop. b.j. is out of tucson, arizona. he makes these. there must be a computer or
5:56 am
something inside these. >> they are advanced. they have a micro processor in it. >> they are priced up to $400. i can decide what color. >> totally customizable. >> we have veronica here. come here. b.j. and i will get out of the way. you take it from here. we'll roll music, dim the lights, knock yourself out. well apparently, there's no music. could you demonstrate it for us? >> i could hum a few bars. >> very good. ♪
5:57 am
♪ >> so there you go. how about that for a gadget friday. top that. >> wow. it's like cirque du soleil back in the studio. you are crazy. more importantly, i want to know how did brent tweak his back playing angry birds. that's kind of sad, honey. >> i was wondering why scott didn't ask. i was playing, i stood up, i couldn't stand-up. it's sad. >> all right. we hope you are not the warm-up coach for the giants. now we know why.
5:58 am
the team is going to be taking to the field at at&t park later today. 1:35 to be exact. the gates open at 10:35. we are going to take you to all the action. look at them all getting ready. can we do it again? we'll have all the game day details. train and sammy hagar will be singing inside the park. wait until you hear how he's prepping to hit the high notes and what heas ho tay s about eddie van halen. [ male announcer ] hi lauren and greg, what's up?
5:59 am
we're getting the day started with athenos greek yogurt. later we're gonna ride bikes and go to the -- [ male announcer ] wonderful! let's see what yiayia thinks. are you two married? um, no. but you living together, ah? yeah. you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] don't worry, kids. at least yiayia approves of you eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the traditional greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia.


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