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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. right now at 5:00, christians here in the bay area and around the world marked easter sunday today. and we'll have a look inside one bay area church at what some are calling the surprising poll about americans and their religious behavior. plus, as the economy struggles to pick up, as gas prices skyrocket, more and more people who are middle class are asking for help from organizations usually reserved for the poor. what it means for the economic recovery. a live report straight ahead. and representative gabby giffords plans to do something this week that she hasn't done since that shooting in arizona in january. the news at 5:00 starts right now.
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. while there are some signs the economy is recovering, there are also signs that the middle class is struggling. the wealth distribution in this country is more lopsided than it's been since the great depression. in fact, salvation army officials are now reporting an increase in the number of middle class coming to them for food. and official says with the increasing cost of gasoline, the problem is only getting worse. nbc bay area's monte francis is in san francisco with a look for us. monte? >> reporter: well, diane, the salvation army tells us that the shift happened some time in 2008 when the recession began. and people who identify themselves as middle class, they continue to come to the salvation army for help. in fact, the trend appears to be growing, made more apparent by the recent spike in food prices. the salvation army here in san francisco tells us it delivered more than 33,000 meals last year. that's more than double the previous year. it also reports a 20% increase in the number of food boxes it
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handed out last year compared to the previous year. >> since the major economic downturn, we've really seen a change in the people that we're serving. not only those that are low income or underprivileged, but those folks that maybe those middle class people that were laid off. >> reporter: the rising cost of gasoline, foreclosures and the unemployment situation, they all remain factors in the equation. some economists argue the middle class is shrinking. they point to figures that show the gap between the rich and the poor widening significantly between the past 30 years. and at the same time donations are down. so organizations such as the salvation army, they're forced to help more people with fewer resource. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, monte. representative gabby giffords' condition continues to improve every day, according to her doctors. in fact, her doctors cleared her to attend her husband's mark kelly space shuttle launch in
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florida. giffords was hotshot by a gunman in a tucson parking lot 15 weeks ago in arizona. it is the first time she has flown since she arrived in houston for rehab. doctors say they are very encouraged by the progress giffords is make, saying she is in the top 5% of recoveries for severe brain trauma. we're told she is able to walk with help. she is able to speak single words or short expressions. while giffords is doing exceptionally well by all accounts, it's still too early to tell whether she'll be able to resume her duties in congress. in san francisco, thousands of homeless and low income people are celebrating this easter sunday with song and dinner thanks to glide memorial church. organizers and volunteers at glide in the tenderloin were busy handing out a full fried chicken dinner with those nowhere else to go today or those who just need a little extra help. >> the world, and most of america right now is enjoying easter. and this community, this neighborhood sometimes gets forgotten. but that's why we do it. that's why it's a special day.
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that's why we have fried chicken on this sunday. that's why we're all here. >> some sang freedom songs throughout the service throughout the morning and early afternoon at glide. for many people a big part of easter sunday is going to church, even if they haven't been to services since christmas, or even before that. it is the most holy day of the year for christians. and as nbc bay area's garvin thomas reports, many churches see it as an opportunity to open their doors and welcome people who might be shopping for a new place to go on sunday mornings. ♪ >> reporter: easter is to christians as the fourth of july is to america and new year's eve to party planners. case in point, venture christian church and pastor chip ingraham. >> easter is a really important time. >> reporter: on a normal night this church cease 3500 people. but on easter, that number jumps significantly. the normal three services goes to six and begin on friday night. and those who haven't been to church in a while discover
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sunday services aren't what they used to be. no organ or choir robes here. instead you'll find wireless mics and amplifiers. ingraham says it's a church that tries to meet every person where they are. >> for us, easter is a really important time, maybe to dispel. it gets a lot of hype and people once a year kind of get excited. we want to talk about how the christian life really works. how do christians live like christians. >> reporter: easter sunday and the belief that jesus christ rose from the dead after dying on the cross three days prior are what sets the christian faith apart from other religions. >> the greatest thing about easter is it reminds us this world isn't all there is. and frankly, it is a time of great unrest and pain and hurt and brokenness. and yet, christ's death on the cross reminds us that he is still in control. >> reporter: more people go to church on easter sunday than any
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di of the year. a recent gallup poll shows 60% of americans go on easter compared to 40% on a regular sunday. because of that, churches like venture prepare for months to welcome newcomers in the door in the hopes of seeing them again next week and not just next year. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. it rained on some of the easter egg hunts around the bay area this morning after church, but there is a major change dow in the weather coming up. let's check in with meteorologist rob maeda. a little? >> a lot of places around the east bay. right around lunch time things started to look a little better around the bay area. we've got sunshine in oakland. the winds picked up and took the clouds and threw them out of the bay area. earlier this morning, you did need the plastic eggs because if they weren't waterproofed, you had some rain come down. this is oakland. as the wind started to take hold, well, we've got the clouds to start to break. the sun to come out. quite a change from the morning where we did see scattered
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showers around the east bayhill tops, around san francisco and the coastal hills. now you can see most of the moisture heading off to the east, where at this hour it is still coming down in the form of snow. for elevations above 7,000 feet just to the east of blue canyon and around the higher hilltops of lake tahoe. but the system that will bring us our next and perhaps last chance for rain for quite some time lurking right here in our doorstep. we'll let you know how it will impact your monday forecast coming up. >> thank you, rob. coming up next at 5:00, what senator john mccain has to say about the fighting in libya after a surprise visit to that country. plus the story of a california woman learning to live with the new limb after becoming the first person on the west coast to get a hand transplant. >> i think it's pretty exciting to be over here when the royal wedding is going on. since one hasn't happened in 30 years. >> ah, yes. london braces for massive crowdt
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moammar gadhafi's forces have reportedly all but abandoned the key city of misrata this weekend. but the fight is far from over. and tonight some washington lawmakers are calling for stronger u.s. action. after a surprise trip to libya, senator john mccain says it's hard to see really who is winning. mccain is one of several critics questioning nato's tragedy and demanding more direct action by the u.s. military. but the administration stresses there needs to be limits. >> this is a pretty bloody situation. and it has the earmarks of being a stalemate. now we hope that gadhafi will crumble from within, but hope is not a tragedy.
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>> we have been very clear what we would do, and we have done it. >> while the united states has scaled back air cover missions, it stepped up attacks with unmannedrretoda drones. the rebels say they're willing to supply all the manpower in the fight, but they do need more arms and more money to win. that's the sound of protesters in yemen shouting no when asked if they're tired of demonstrating. thousands of protesters stood their ground today in the capital, even though opposition leaders reached a deal with regime leaders. president ali abdullah le agreed yet to transfer power to his vice president. in exchange he and his sons will have immunity from prosecution. well, seven opposition parties accepted the deal. others say saleh is just buying more time and really has no intention of stepping down. expert says the division to put the deal in jeopardy and lead to
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more bloodshed. ordered that ousted president hosni mubarak be moved to a military prison. he was diagnoseded with heart problems after he and his sons were ordered into custody earlier this month. they're being investigated for corruption and their role on ordering security forces to open fire dur egypt's popular revolution. the order for mubarak to be transferred to an army hospital comes after a report that the former president was deemed healthy enough to move. i haven't been able to go out to dinner, order steak and cut it up myself. i haven't been able to teach my daughter some little things like tying her shoes. >> she lost her hand in a car accident. and we have her remarkable story toweth e oast cst. tanon the west coast. that's coming up straight ahead.
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this week, the first west coast recipient of a hand transplant showed off her new limb. after an incredibly complex surgery last month, the 26-year-old northern california
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woman is making a remarkable recovery. dr. bruce hensel from our sister station in los angeles has her story. >> i haven't been able to wear my layer in a ponytail. i haven't been able to go out to dinner, order steak and cut it up for myself. i haven't been able to teach my daughter some little things like tying her shoes. >> reporter: but soon emily of yuba city, california may be able to do all of those things with her daughter. during this operation, emily became the first person on the west coast to receive a full hand transplant. >> well, this was a very difficult operation. it took 14 hours with nine surgeons working simultaneously. not only are there two bones to repair, there is at least three nerves, 23 tendons, two arteries, and probably four or five veins to repair. >> reporter: emily waited a long time for technology to reach the point where that was possible. almost every single person who attended her news conference
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from the donor family through the life sharing organization to the numerous doctors and nurses helped replace the hand she lost five years ago. >> june 11th of 2006, i was a front seat passenger in a rollover accident. my hand went out the sun roof when the car flipped, and my hand was smashed between the pavement and the roof of the car. i waited five years, but it was a short five years given that i have a hand now. it's almost surreal that i didn't have a hand. >> reporter: soon after the surgery, emily was already holding objects and moving her fingers. >> she can expect to get up to 60% of the function of a noninjured hand. and that's pretty remarkable, given the fact that she'll have sensation, which is something that prosthetics don't provide. >> reporter: look at her hand. if it were not for the ace bandage, you might not know it was a transplant. the blood flow is so good, the pink color is the same as the other hand.
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although emily has months of therapy ahead of her, she knows she will be able to do what she could not do for so long. >> i'll be able to teach her how to tie her shoes. ielt be able to swim with her more. i'll be able to play catch with her. it's incredible. it's a gift that i've given and the donor family can't imagine the gift that they've given me. i'm truly blessed. that. >> is a remarkable story that was dr. bruce hensel from our nbc station in los angeles. hundreds of people celebrating easter in san francisco this morning with the sunrise. okay. so maybe sunrise is a little bit of an overstatement since you can actually see the sun through fog. but hey, it's san francisco. that didn't stop people from bundling up and attending the annual easter sunrise service at mt. davidson cross. as early as 4:45 this morning, buses were shuttling people to the city's highest peak. sunrise was around 6:30. several state and bay area leaders were there including
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fiona mah and dennis herrera. and yes, it was a little foggy there. a little rainy other in other parts of the bay area. hello, rob. >> the easter egg hunts had been for the afternoon or evening, we would have been fine. the rain flying through 10:00 and 11 thank morning along the east bay hills and along the coast. now we have the winds that cranked up, dried out the air, and you can see clearing skies in san jose. it is windy around the bay area right now. west wind. 59 degrees. into oakland, it is a cool 60 with a west wind at 17. nothing but clear skies right now. but that is not going to be lasting for all that much longer. you can see around the bay area right now, winds ranging from southwest at 24 through novato, blasting into sole lan doe county. we saw the dryer air mixing in. and we had partly cloudy skies for the afternoon and still snow showers around the high country. it is april 24th and we're still
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talking snow 6500 feet around the sierra. some challenging conditions at time. the system that's going to bring us rain is starting to come together off the coast. this is going to drop down just in time it appears for the monday morning commute. overall the timing that this system is going to look a lot like we had today, except for rain will be more widespread. then during the afternoon, breezy again. clears skies. and for your evening commute, rain should not be a problem. rainfall totals will be highest around the coastal hills and north bay. maybe a quarter inch in a few places. once we get rid of the system, the rest of the week is a looking pretty fantastic. temperatures will be rising tuesday and wednesday. tonight clouds will be spilling in once again. it will be cooler tonight as we see temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. not the muggy mid 50s we had this morning. and tomorrow this will be the wettest day of the week and perhaps the only wet day of the workweek ahead, as we see temperatures again in the mid-60s. the first half of the day will have the showers. the second half of the day will be breezy and clearing, much like we're seeing right now. high close to 60 in san francisco. around the east bay, you'll see highs in the low to mid-60s. for north bay, you'll see
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temperatures kind of cool. mid 60s for sand rosa. once we get past tomorrow, you'll see here in the seven-day forecast, it's a nice u-turn. finally mid-70s and maybe close to 80 in santa cruz on thursday. and we certainly deserve it. i just wish the timing could have worked out better. we had rain this morning. it would have been nice. >> i blame you for the rain. >> an off day until 12:30. and it was a little wet, but not as bad as all the rain coming down. thank you, rob. checking in with laurence scott and a little look at the giants today. >> can we blame rob? >> absolutely! go for it. >> the giants trying to avoid a sweep today in strange territory with this team right now. sellout crowds at china basin. but atlanta braves have been bringing it all weekend long. the giants tried to turn the tables today. while the a's trying to split their series with the mariners in seattle. they get another tough game out of their division foe. and the sharks, game five was a missed opportunity to close out
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the kings. a win tomorrow does the trick. we ows witp he u trkthgh s harrmo before they headed back to l.a.rr
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and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> good evening. the giants trying to avoid four straight losses. the convict atlanta braves came in with a chance to sweep today. salvaging the game would require some late-inning magic. and that would be no easy task. we pick it up. the game tied at two, top seven, jason heyward with a three run blast off jeremy affeldt who followed guillermo moto in relief of sanchez. but the giants showing the resolve we're accustomed to. they could score four to take the lead. this aaron rowan clutch drive for the double here capping the
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scoring as cody ross and miguel tejada come around to score. it goes to extra i think so where brian wilson with the bases loaded almost got out of trouble. but nate mcleod delivers a single. another off dan runsler and win it in 10, 9-6. a tough loss, but there are better things to come, like tonight. tune in following our 6:00 news at 6:30 for the season's first installment of giants clubhouse. one of the things we'll show you is a piece of giants music history. we go back in time. all part of a detailed look at the first month of this new season. that's tonight at 6:30 on giants clubhouse. the a's in seattle tried to do exactly what they did last week against the tigers. and that's lose the first two games in a four-game set. then rally to win two for a split, and they did it behind seven strong for brett anderson who had six strikeouts while picking up his second win. josh willingham, two here with the double in the seventh. the a's roll for a 5-2 win before heading to anaheim to face the angels tomorrow. tomorrow night also the
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sharks get another chance to close out the kings. this time it's back in los angeles, where the sharks have not lost this postseason. game 5 followed a familiar script. the kings mounting several goals early. this time no magic third period, just ante niemi being pulled. the series heads back to los angeles for tomorrow's game 6. and a you know what? now it's about upping the intensity. and tomorrow night trying to come home with the next opponent in mind. here is what the sharks had to say today at sharks ice. >> we just got to step it up another notch. but, you know, i think last night we played, you know, good. we just needed to step it up and play great tomorrow. >> i honestly, it's so cliche, the one game at a time thing. but it really is. you kind of got to forget. whether you win or lose, once your head hits the pillow that night, you kind of forget about it. yeah, we won the first two
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games. but we're just looking to play our game and eliminate the mistakes. and hopefully that will be the key to us winning. >> if they don't give you wins in the play-offs for shots on goal. it's about the scoreboard. and we didn't score enough. but more importantly, we didn't prevent enough. >> at 6:00 tonight, we'll talk about our big giants clubhouse show at 6:30. keep it right here. >> we. i'm excited about the show too. all right. thank you, laurence. still ahead at 5:00, a look at one of san francisco's more unusual easter traditions. the big wheels race. oh, yes, the big wheels race. we'll be right back.
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it just might be san francisco's most fun road race, and no, we are not talking about bay to breakers. today was the 11th annual big wheels competition. grownups, notice we did not say adults, start at the top of a very steep and windy hill and ride big wheel tricycles to the bottom.
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helmets and thick soled shoes are advised. the race used to be on lombard, but the group has since move over to potrero hill. at the end of the race, the fire department accepts donations of the unwanted big wheels to needy kids, and perhaps to help with any paramedic needs as the guys come down there. this easter sunday huge cruise gathered at the fence at buckingham palace as the countdown begins for prince william and kate middleton's royal wedding. london official says they expect more than a million visitors around the palace next friday, the wedding day. watching the wedding on big screens, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. one family from north carolina plans to be part of that crowd. >> we felt this was a bonus. i bought my daughter a kate and william t-shirt to bring home to hurry. and that just makes ate lot more fun, a lot more exciting trip for us. >> giant screens will be set up throughout all of central london, showing live tv coverage of the event.


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