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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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many we talked to say his experience has given him the support not just of the rank and file here but also from this community. a long time veteran at the san francisco police department is now the city's new chief of police. >> this is the biggest honor, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee says he appointed greg suhr because of his years of leadership with the department. >> i say without hesitation the best chief here is being appointed today. this is a great day for san francisco. it is also a great day for san franciscoens. >> reporter: the 52-year-old rose through the ranks from beat cop to running the precinct house in the bay view. san francisco district attorney george gascon was the one who put suhr in charge of one of the toughest neighborhoods where he is credited with cutting the homicide rate in half. >> he has proven to me. when i assigned him to the bay
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view, that he has the capacity to balance community needs, crime reduction and employ morale all at the same time. and at the end of the day that's what we need. >> reporter: but his appointment is not without controversy. he was indicted for conspireing to obstructing justice, three cops allegedly beat up two men for their mexican takeout. >> it's not how many times you get knocked down it's how many times you get back up, right? and greg's been a cop for over 30 years. he knows how to get up. >> reporter: the charges were dismissed. suhr says he's learned many lessons over the years and grateful because they've all led him to today. >> the path you go on is preordained, i believe, and i wouldn't be here if i didn't go through what i went through. >> reporter: with ed lee being the interim mayor and the police chief being an appointed position, it could be that suhr's time gets cut short. it may depend on the mayoral election. we'll see then how things shake out.
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>> thank you, kimberly. a bay area political power player is moving offices and will most likely be moving money away from the military as well. leon panetta, monterey resident, will take over as secretary of defense. nbc bay area's damon trujillo is live where panetta taught in 2007. >> reporter: he's still on the board of trustees here at santa clara university. those who know him are not surprised he's been tapped to oversee the two american wars. before taking the reins of the cia, he taught political science here at santa clara university. theresa mathis remembers him well. >> he was very energetic, enthusiastic. definitely you wanted to show up to class, and he gave you the most realistic look into politics that i've had so far. >> reporter: panetta earned a bachelor's degree in political
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science in 1960 here, and stayed on campus to earn his law degree in '63. >> i'm pleased to hear he's nominateded and think he'll do a great job. >> reporter: nominated to head the defense department. as former congressman, budget director and head of the office of management and budget, many believe panetta will look at trimming the department's budget. >> i think he'd be great secretary of defense. >> reporter: he's worked with panetta for almost two decades. he believes if anyone touches the notion that you can touch defense budget, it's panetta. >> this is say good choice, a thoughtful choice. it's the right time to make the shift. >> reporter: he says panetta is a fearless man who will bring common sense to one of most powerful offices in the world. and jessica and raj, i first met leon panetta in the sixth grade.
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i can tell you his constituents loved him then, it seems washington loves him now. we're live at santa clara, i'm damian trujillo. donald trump rekindled this controversy and today president obama put an end to it or so we think. the president released his 1961 long-form birth certificate to the public today. the state of hawaii verifies it. we bring in nbc's garvin thomas who has more on the story. a couple questions, is it over and where does this leave donald trump here? >> the president certainly thinks it's over and trump for his part says thank you. this is his work. well, president obama, though, used to make fun of the birthers, but then it stopped being funny. >> in fact i was born in hawaii august 4th, 1961. >> reporter: he'd said it for years and today president obama proved it. he requested the state of hawaii make an exception to its rules and release his long-form birth
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certificate barack hussein obama ii, born in honolulu. the president had joked about this issue last year. >> besides, i happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth. >> reporter: but recent polls found a quarter of americans doubted his citizenship. so today, no more jokes. >> we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers. >> reporter: a shot at possible republican presidential candidate donald trump who accused the president of a birth coverup. but today, trump was crowing in new hampshire. >> i did something nobody else could do. i got obama to give his birth certificate, and it was about time. >> reporter: the president agreed, it was time. >> he made a calculation that he just had to sort of put it to rest. >> i think they finally got irritated and said let's just deal with it and hopefully we don't have to deal with this ever again. >> reporter: president obama wants the focus to be on his
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leadership in the runup to 2012. >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we've got better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we've got big problems to solve and i'm confident we can solve them but we're going to have to focus on them. not on this. thanks very much, everybody. >> reporter: and so tomorrow it is on to those big problems in addition to moving leon panetta to the pentagon, he will shift david petraeus from afghanistan to run the cia. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. federal prosecutors are investigating the san bruno pipeline blast. records show that looking at the maps, reports and emergency plans relating to last september's explosion. as you may remember, you saw it on this air, eight people died. dozens of homes leveled when a pipeline gave way. the u.s. attorney is now confirming that its san francisco office is looking into the explosion but it's not
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releasing any more details. the national transportation safety board is still investigating. preliminary reports point to a weld on a pipe thought to be seamless as a cause of that accident. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to congresswoman live on the show, helping to lead the charge to figure out exactly what happened and who really is to blame. fed chief ben bernanke made news today in more ways than one, hosting the first press conference in the federal reserve's 97-year history. bernanke says the economy is in recovery. >> looking ahead, committee participants expect a moderate recovery to continue through 2011 with some acceleration of growth projected through 2012 and 2013. >> while the nation is experiencing new stability, bernanke acknowledged the high price of gas could cause problems for business growth and hardship for some americans. the live press conferences will happen four times a year. they're intended to help the public understand the rationale behind the fed's policy
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decisions. threats to national lawmakers, including nancy pelosi, are at an all-time high. fbi records show that elected officials in washington receive more threats of violence in 2010 than in any other year of record. the surge coincides with the heated partisan arguments over health care reformat the end of last year. then in are nojanuary, gabby gi was shot in a tucson parking lot. 19 people were shot, six died when a lone gunman opened fire on the crowd. by the way, giffords left her hospital in texas today and is now in florida. she will watch her husband blast off in the space shuttle "endeavour" on friday. explosive new evidence revealed in the chauncey bailey murder trial. the former girlfriend talked to the police the day after the collision describing how bay boasted with the billing, also about the news paper article
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bailey was preparing to publish. jurors heard an audiotape of the conversation in court. nbc bay area has obtained a copy of the tape. at 6:00, you'll hear from bay's former girlfriend for yourself. a surprise in a marin courtroom today, he will represent himself in this case, 77-year-old joseph naso has yet to enter a plea on charges that he killed four women in the 1970s and 1990s. two of them linked to the east bay. police are looking into whether naso was responsible for other unsolved killings of women across the united states. one man is in critical condition tonight after being involved in a chemical explosion in santa rosa. 45-year-old patrick kolbus suffered burns to his face and torso in the blast. he was transferred to uc davis. that explosion happened yesterday morning. 100 workers had to be evacuated as a result.
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it's been almost a month since he was attacked at dodger stadium but the outpouring of support for bryan stow continues. the latest visitor? barry bonds. he made a visit to his hospital room, spending an hour with stow and his family last friday. he also left a signed bat for stow's children. today doctors began reducing the sedation medicine, it will take now two or three days to see any changes for bryan stow. the attackers have not been caught and the reward remains at $150,000. violent storms are ripping through the south earn part of the united states at this hour. want to show you some footage of a tornado in alabama. the state has been hard hit. we've been watching youstream feeds from the station there. a station in birmingham is reporting at least one person dead from today's storm. this is just the latest round of deadly weather to hit that section of the country. so far, 20 tornadoes struck
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since last night from texas to midsouth. weather experts are predicting the wild weather will continue through tomorrow. >> now jeff ranieri has more on what's happening around here. jeff? >> reporter: we'll certainly have more on that severe weather, meanwhile, live here in downtown san jose. we'll tell you why hundreds of guys are ditching these and getting all pumped up for a very important cause. walk a mile in her shoes happening tonight. we'll have a live interview with the san jose police chief coming up in minutes. also coming up, what pressure will the upcoming royal wedding put on kids? nbc bay area's maryann fhas a l that issue. and the secrets to living h
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tonight, living to be 100 isn't as unrealistic as you might think. according to the census bureau the populations of centurarians is expected to double by 2020. the us has the most 100-year-olds in the world, some 72,000. researchers have identified some similarities among them which include having a positive but realistic attitude. >> a love of life and a sense of humor. you have both of those. >> spirituality, courage and to accept the losses that come with age, but not be stopped by them. >> okay. we're living till 100. >> i don't know, maybe just 96. >> this cues us to our graphic, the royal wedding is right around the corner, this friday,
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1:00 a.m., bay area time. it's a fairy tale story for so many young girls. >> yes, some very older girls. the glamour, the tradition and, of course, we have to see what happens with that dress. but as we see, some therapists are cautioning it may have some young girls developing unrealistic expectations about their own futures. >> reporter: it may have been 30 years ago but you probably still remember the wedding day of lady diana and prince charles or at least that 24-foot-long train. and while the wedding of prince william to katherine middleton is not expected to be quite so over the top, it will still be extravagant and young girls will watch the couple wed with wide eyed wonder. the down fall? >> i think just unrealistic expectations of what their life might be like and what their relationships and wedding and marriage might be like.
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>> reporter: the royal wedding is estimated to cost more than $70 million with the world watching there's no room for error. but licensed clinical social worker worries the fairy tale wedding may put added pressure on girls to be perfect. >> my concern would be that the girls would compare the dissatisfaction in their own lives to what they see of this fantasy image that's being portrayed in the royal wedding. and that's just not real life. and i would -- my concern would be that they would start to feel badly about their lives and start to dislike their life. >> reporter: but the royal nuptials offer positive messages, too, they've known each other for years, fostering a long relationship. >> she's a working woman which is a positive role model for girls out there. >> reporter: a reminder they don't have to be rescued by a prince. with hard work they can achieve their own fairy tale ending.
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>> now there's such a fascination with what's happening in london right now. the bride and groom are there tonight in london and with two days to go, anticipation is in high gear for this royal wedding. let's bring in kristen dahlgren who joins us from london, live from london with more buildup to the big day. i've known you for a long time now. i enjoy the outfeit. are you going to the wedding based on how you look right now? >> reporter: hey, raj, just look at what a royal wedding can do to a girl. makes you do some crazy things here. well, talk about the hats and the fashion, i'm still waiting for the invite. i figure if i put it on, i walk around, somebody's bound to invite me, right? a lot of crowds outside westminster abbey, even now tonight there are people camping out there and it's cold here in london. i've got to tell you. but they say they are determined to keep their front row seats. tonight they got a little treat, they got to see the royal couple, william and kate, going into the abbey for a private
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rehearsal. they just got a long-distance glimpse at the couple, but it probably is one of the last times we're going to see them before the big day. they're going to be then the most watched couple in the world, some 2 billion people around the world watching. about 1 million people expected to line the streets here, and that's why there was also a dress rehearsal earlier today for the military. they actually were in full ceremonial gear. they were along the one-mile parade route out there going minute by minute as they will on friday and they had a coach out there, they had a kate look-alike riding in. interesting they picked the glass-top coach for the rehearsal today. that's what they're going to use in case of rain. there is a little bit of possibility of rain, a little possibility of rain out here on friday. so everybody watching the weather very closely. as for the fashion, everybody being encouraged, even those not invited to the wedding, to wear your hats on friday.
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hats, a huge part of the pomp and ceremony out here. in fact, the bookmakers say that they're getting the most bets on which tee yar are tiara kate is wear, which hat the kate is going to don and right now yellow is the favorite. >> kristen, you look smashing. enjoy the wedding. we'll see you later on this week. >> reporter: thank you, we will. >> kristen dahlgren reporting live for us, 1:00 a.m. london time right now. stay tuned, our live coverage begins at 1:00 a.m. on friday. keep it here for all things william and kate related throughout the week. well, it's not exactly trafalgar square but it is our even cesar chavez park. we have our own event. not hats, but shoes. >> what do you have, give us some details and show us what you're wearing is the most important question. >> reporter: yes. well, i have a parm waiting here
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for you. >> oh, pumps. >> reporter: yes, it would go nicely with your complexion, raj. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: certainly having a lot of fun out here, it's called walk a mile in her shoes sponsored by the ywca and put on by them, it's all about men getting in women's shoes, hundreds of guys doing this tonight, to help bring awareness to a very important cause and take a look at this. yes, that is the new san jose police chief chris moore and look at the pumps he's adorning in gold. if he can do it, i can too. let me get one foot in here. can we pan down and get that? if i'm going to do it, i'm going to do it on tv. >> need some help? >> i got one in there, i don't know if i can do the other one live on tv without falling over, but it's great to have you here. while we're having fun and people are going to be walking a mile in downtown san jose in women's shoes, there certainly is serious undertone to this tonight. >> very serious message to everybody, and it's a statistic that's really sobering, that every two minutes in the united states a woman is sexually
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assaulted. and that's got to stop. we need to put an end to sexualized violence in this country. this is one way to do it, to bring attention to it. i'm honored to be here. they may not fit me too well but these shoes are great, and raj, if you're listening they've got sf giants orange ready in shoes for you. if you can join us we'll be here for a while. >> i have a size 12 shoe and there's actually some room left in mine. meanwhile, let's get to those weather maps, thank you chris moore for joining us. as we head throughout tonight we're looking at wind and also a little bit of patchy fog trying to form along the coastline. but it is magnificent. some of the best weather we have had in months coming our way. as we head throughout the next 48 hours it will become breezy, even windy and ahead we are looking at the best forecast we have had in months. high pressure sitting offshore is going to continue to warm us up and also clear us out with this wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour throughout thursday and then as we head into friday,
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well, a little bit of patchy fog for the coastline. but all in all, a spectacular next 48 to 72 hours. as we head into tomorrow morning we're looking at mid to upper 40s, not an overly cold start. as we head into the late morning we'll get into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. as we head throughout tomorrow, we're looking at close to 70 degrees for the south and the east bay. and pretty enjoyable there for the coastline as there with 67 in santa cruz. on the seven-dayec forast we are looking at temperatures slowly and surely warming up, close to 80 degrees as we head into next week, some of the warmest weather in months coming our way. all right. i had one shoe on earlier and just because this is such a great cause, walk a mile in her shoes, helping to raise awareness for the rape crisis center here in san jose, we're all getting ready to go walk, right? all right. very nice. thanks a lot, you guys for joining us. so raj, i want you to come on down here. we definitely have a pair of
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shoes that fits you for sure. >> you tell the chief i'll be down there right after our 6:00 news cast. >> i like the orange ones the guy behind you was wearing. see what size they are. see you in a f
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all that negative five buzz about apple, apple is addressing the concerns about the privacy of its iphone saying it doesn't track users' location. >> it's saying it does keep a data base of hot spots and cellular towers without using satellite gps signals. they say there's no need for the information to be stored forati services do.ich some location services do. we'll be right back.
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coming up in 30 minutes
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we'll have a live interview with jackie spear about what's being done in san bruno and across the bay area in regards to pg&e. >> "nightly news" is next. thanks for joining us. bye-bye.
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