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tv   Today  NBC  June 9, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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breaking news. good morning. breaking news. the u.s. military intensifies a secret campaign of air strikes in yemen aimed at militants with suspected ties to al qaeda. how far will our involvement go, and what's the end game? we're live at the pentagon. mounting pressure. more democra call for anthony weiner to step down, this as an explicit new photo emerges amid word that the congressman's wife is pregnant with their first child. how long can weiner hang onto his seat at capitol hill? and moving over, you've come to know and love ann curry for 14 years as today's newscaster. now she's heading to the anchor's desk as we begin an
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exciting new era today thursday, june 9th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry in for i guess for nobody. me, myself, and i. it's such a thrill. >> it's a tradition around here that we like to play that little piece of audio. let's take a listen. >> ann curry. >> that was it? it is tradition that we usually play a longer piece. that's okay. >> you know what, that's -- you know what, that amount is enough. i feel like -- i really feel
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like cinderella. ann curry aka cinderella today. >> it's interesting. because this is an exciting new chapter, but this is a very comfortable fit. you've been with this program for 14 years, longer at nbc. it's ablgts like a member of a the table. >> thank you so much. >> no, it's great. >> you know, if you've been -- i've worked here for 14 years. if you've been able to put up with me for 14 years and you're clapping, that's a good sign. >> tomorrow i promise we'll do that record thing for you. >> live television. sfwlu arrive here in the midst of a heat wave. it's impacting a lot of people across the country. some places have hit triple digits. how long is it going to last? we'll get al's forecast. >> also coming up, what could be
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damaging testimony in the casey anthony's trial. why they were searching on the anthony family computer. we're going to get details about that. also we've got news you can use. a new list is out this morning. it ranks the safest cars on the road and the ones with the highest death rates in accidents. so what you need to know before you head to your local dealership. >> and also did you hear about this? the country music awards were held last night and shania twain took a rough fall. and we'll tell you how she's doing this morning. >> other -- oh, dear. >> that was nasty. let's begin with the covert air strikes in yemen about. jim miklaszewski is live. >> reporter: this is one of the u.s. military's most active and aggressive ash campaigns against al qaeda anywhere in the world, but nobody really hears about it because, in fact, the u.s. military has been operating covertly there for some time, and unlike those air strikes run
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by the sea against al qaeda in pakistan, this is a totally u.s. military operation launching aircraft and air strikes and those unmanned drones that file those deadly accurate missiles. surprisingly, the intelligence provided from the yemeni government has been very good. but as that country collapsed into violent demonstrations is on the verge of civil war, all that cooperation pretty much dried up. so the u.s. military now has to rely on surveillance satellites, both image satellites and eavesdropping satellites to locate those various al qaeda targets. one of the problems for some time has been that the intelligence there has been unreliable or even wrong. even though u.s. military on the ground have been drawn back into their bases because of the current violence, those air strikes against al qaeda now considered to be there in yemen
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one of the most threatening al qaeda factions in the world have been stepped up in an attempt to keep a lid on those al qaeda operations, matt. >> thank you very much. it's four minutes after the hour. here's ann. matt, thanks. there are startling new revelations on anthony weiner's sexting scandal. luke russert is on capitol hill with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a new twist in the anthony wiener saga. we have learned that his wife is pregnant. this comes on the eve of a new photograph emerging on the internet and members of the congressman's own party calling on him to resign. seen for the first time since the scandal broke, anthony weiner's wife huma abedin arrived at abu dhabi. multiple sources say they have direct knowledge confirmed to nbc news that the couple is expecting their first child. that news comes as a rising
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chorus of prominent democrats is calling for weiner to reseen from congress. >> lying is unforgivable. lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign. >> certainly as a member of congress, as a woman, as somebody who is appalled by this behavior, the right thing to do is for anthony weiner to resign. >> reporter: and there's even more pressure on weiner, a picture showing a naked man below the waist purportedly of the congressman is making the rounds on the internet. conservative blogger andrew bleitbart said he had the photo, but he wouldn't release it. >> i can't foresee a circumstance in which i would see that. i don't think i want to put his family through that type of thing. >> reporter: breitbart said it was leaked after he showed it to a radio host during an interview, not knowing they had a camera. >> i think it's content and it's proof but i chose not to put it out there for public consumption. i still stand by that, and i'm
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upset that it's out there. >> reporter: late wednesday weiner's office issued a new statement, quote, as representative weiner said on monday when he took responsibility for his actions, he has sent explicit photos. with the full support of his wife, he is working on righting these wrongs with family and colleagues. among those he has turned is former president bill clinton. he has referred to wiener's wife as his second daughter. >> bill clinton is unhappy with anthony weiner. the clintons are not thrilled about this. it is very hurtful to huma and they consider her a family member, and it's very embarrassing generally. >> and, ann, despite many democrats telling anthony weiner he should leave the house of representatives, i spoke to a wiener aide that will said, "resignation is not where the congressman's head is at. >> thanks. andrea mitchell has traveled around the world with anthony's wife, huma abedin. good morning. >> good morning, ann. congratulations.
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>> thank you so much. >> this is so exciting to all of us. >> lets turn to the subject at hand, and with this news that huma abedin is pregnant according to and in her first trimester. what is the reaction of washington to this news, andrea? >> well, there was no one more private than huma and no one more loyal and her friends and colleagues are reaching out. the word back from huma was no comment. so it's not -- her pregnancy was not well known at the state department except among those close colleagues and it's something she's long looked forward to, certainly not in these circumstances. it is notable she was not standing at her husband's side when he held that extraordinary news conference monday, but she did watch it, and she was with him later that night monday night in new york. from all accounts, she does remain committed to making this marriage work. >> we don't know a lot about her. she's described as a private person.
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she has a close relationship. you've seen it p close with hillary clinton. how would you describe that hipp, and how would you describe what we don't know about huma? >> i think there's no one closer other than bill clinton, chelsea, and dorothy rodham, hillary's mother. she's in abu dhabi today. she's been at hillary clinton's side back since 1996. she was with her in the senate race in 2000 and 2006 and throughout the 2008 campaign as her closest confidant. she's smart. she's dignified. she's completely reliable, tireless. hillary clinton once told "vogue" that huma's combination of "poise, kindness, and intelligence are matchless." she's described her as her other daughter, bill clinton officiated at the wedding last july. this is family. this is close. this is very painful. >> she was also raised in a very conservative environment, as you know, andrea, in saudi arabia, though she was born in michigan. do you think that this has -- this -- the way that she was
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raised has made this actually even harder for her? >> certainly. i mean, she was raised pakistani and indian background, raised in saudi arabia, educated here at g.w. she is a private person. she is a muslim. she observes. she's an observant muslim, married to a jewish man. that's already quite a stretch. she's evolved, but she is very private, very conservative, and for any woman, this would be painful. for huma, it is just awful. as i say, she's very much in love with anthony wiener, and friends say they will try to work this out. >> it's been reported that her boss has been advising her. how do you think that's playing out given that her boss is hillary clinton and she's been in the spotlight for this kind of thing before? >> they've dealt with this. i think there will be a lot of anger at the media. nobody wanted to ask the questions of anybody at the state department about this. this is really tough for those of us who like huma a lot. one of the things about hillary clinton that you know so well is she has elevated women's issues
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to a human rights issue starting in beijing all the way back in the 1990s, and throughout her travels she is also meeting with women's groups. she talks about women's empowerment, and this is just so humiliating and devastating for a team of strong women at the state department who have made it u.s. policy and done it so effectively and with so much respect worldwide. >> i think that's a good point to leave this morning. andrea mitchell, thank you. >> it's now 7:11. the heat has crushed records in several cities, and it's being blamed for at least five deaths. nbc's mara is in midtown manhattan. actually just a few blocks from our studio here. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. already here today temperatures have cracked 80 degrees and they're expected to rise to almost 100 with some cities getting hitd hit even worse as sweltering heat sweeps the nation. call it an early summer. >> one of the hottest starts ever for the month of june.
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>> reporter: there are still two more weeks of spring, but in more than half of the country this week temperatures soared to near triple digits, cracking records, in some cases reaching highs almost 20 degrees above average. in chicago where temperatures hit an unseasonably high 94 degrees, air conditioner repairmen had their work cut out for them. >> we need to go to the outside condenser. >> reporter: with customers like matt walsh putting out an s.o.s. over broken ac. >> i got a bulldog that was getting pretty hot too. i had to ice him down a couple of times, and he now is out in the car with my wife and kids too. >> reporter: but they weren't the only ones facing a hard day's work. >> it's hot out here. rifshlgts workers on the job outdoors doing their best to stay cool. >> days like this you got to keep drinking water and just trying to stay out of the heat as much as you can. >> reporter: in new york's central park, a bride-to-be taking engagement pictures went from blushing to down right sweaty. >> we didn't know it was going to be so hot today.
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>> reporter: and in st. paul, minnesota, a stories-high snow pile in a parking lot finally melted away completely. the last trace of winter gone. the combination of high heat and humidity isn't only uncomfortable. it can be dangerous, killing at least five across the country. >> hello, mrs. novak. >> reporter: all over the u.s. city workers are checking on the elderly. >> you have a fan on? you have air conditioner? >> reporter: and manning cooling centers. not everyone is hating the heat. after a long snowy winter many are ready for some fun in the sun. >> and i was kicking that water. >> reporter: not trying to beat the heat, but embracing it. >> if it's hotter than what they said, then that's good news to me. i love it. >> reporter: you know, a lot of school kids are happy about the heat too because some cities with schools without adequate air conditioning have been releasing them early giving students an unexpected half day.
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matt. >> all right, mara in midtown manhattan this morning. thank you very much. a lot of people want to know one thing. when will this stop? al roker is outside on the plaza with details on that. al, good morning to you. >> well, it's coming. it's just about here, matt, the relief. for today we're going to wraek a record in new york set back in 1933. we may top 100. 99 in d.c. 100 in philadelphia. 97 in boston. breaking a record set back in 1984. heat advisories all the way from new york city down to charles, w wv -- charlesville, virginia. here's where the relief is coming. we have the jet stream. we have this big ridge of high pressure. temperatures in the 100s and 90s all the way back to texas. as we move into tomorrow, you see the temperatures will start to drop back. 70s and 80s into the northeast. 50s up into new england, and as we move on into saturday, the good news is that high pressure starts to shrink and so do the hot temperatures banking down into the south, southwest, gulf coast, but in the northeast and on into new england and parts of
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the great lakes, temperatures return more to normal. the relief is coming by the mid weekend. the problem is there will be rain that comes along with that. we'll tell you about that coming up in just a few minutes. matt. >> the good news-bad news, al. we'll get your forecast in just a kmplgts. >> let me make a turn and get to welcome (o somebody to my old job. we're talking about natalie morales. i carved my name. there's a place in that news desk. >> i was wondering what the initials were here. >> welcome. how great. your first day. >> it's such an honor and a huge congratulations to you, but you've been such an example to all of us, so thank you so much, and it really is an honor to be here taking over for you. thank you. meanwhile, i have a job to do. let's get right to it. with a massive wildfire scorching eastern arizona, officials in northern arizona say someone intentionally set several small fires there forcing evacuations in a community near flagstaff. 200 miles away springerville and eager still sit empty as crews battle flames there night and day.
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parts of new mexico now and texas could face rolling blackouts if the more than 600 square mile blaze hits power lines. the first hurricane of the season has now formed in the pacific ocean off the coast of mexico. hurricane adrian is expected to remain off shore, but this year's atlantic hurricane season is expected to be more active than normal. as nato air strikes intensify over libya, leader muammar qadhafi is responding with blistering attacks on the rebel-held city of misrata. western and arab leaders, meanwhile, meet today in the united eric emirates to strategize a post-qadhafi p era. with 90% of the documents southeasted on the raid on bin laden's hide-out now translated and decoded, we're investigating everyone the mastermind wrote to. they say surveillance of suspected militants has become more precise since the intelligence windfall. meantime, al qaeda's second in command has appeared in his first recorded video message. in it he eulogizes bin laden and
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vows to avenge his death, but he fails to assert leadership over the terror network, a point that experts say is significant. and now let's head to wall street. cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. courtney, good morning. >> hi. good morning to you, natalie. well, the dow hasn't seen a positive day yet in june. with stocks extending losses for a sixth straight day. as investors remain worried about a slowing recovery, wall street is paying attention to the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits. meantime, citigroup confirms hackers did gain access to about 1% of customers' card accounts. however, citi says those hackers were unable to see social security numbers, birth dates, card expiration dates, or security codes. natalie, back to you. >> all right, courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. thank you. >> well, boston bruins shut out the can vooufr canucks on the ice last night winning the game each.d tying the best of seven the teams will face off for a
7:18 am
tie-breaker friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc. it's exciting. and at the country music television awards last night no one was able to catch this falling star. take a look as singing sensation shania twain took a little bit of a tumble. the pop idol laughed it off and got back up on her feet. she did call it one of her life's most embarrassing moments, but matt and ann, she is fine. she said maybe just a little bit of a hurt thumb. all is good. >> i'm glad she's okay. >> nasty, nasty fall. >> her leg went under or something. >> the shoes. she blamed the shoes. she was thinking about auctioning them off, but not decided yet. >> i'm not sure that's a pair of shoes i would really want. >> i think they would look good on you, though. i have to say. >> whoa! >> all right, natalie. thank you very much. mr. roker, everybody wants you to tell them when the heat is going to stop. >> well, the good news is it looks like by saturday the northeast and along the great lakes that finally will cool off, but we also have the risk
7:19 am
of strong storms as the cooling front comes on in from bangor all the way back to omaha and kansas city. could see some hail, isolated tornadoes, damaging winds. you can see the storms already firing up along that cold front. omaha back to chicago. we've also got rain in boston. back into iowa. we are talking about anywhere from three to five inches of rain in some our neck of the woods, still a little cloudy along the peninsula, even parts of the east bay. the south bay is seeing the sunshine already. the north bay is getting a little bit of sun. you will hit 80. 80 in gilroy. the temperatures come up just a little bit from yesterday. about three degrees warmer. then tomorrow, we lose a few degrees. by saturday and sunday, low 70s. sunshine stays. nice dry days for outdoor activities. police in bloomington, indiana, have expanded their search for a 20-year-old indiana university student who has not
7:20 am
been seen in nearly a week and we're learning more now about who she was with the night she disappeared. nbc's kevin tibbles is outside the woman's apartment with the latest on this story. kevin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she had been out with friends early in the morning when she simply vanished. now the police are scouring surveillance video for clues. with each passing day further anguish for the parents of lauren spierer. she has been missing for almost a week now. >> we're still hopeful we can find her and when we find her, that she'll be all right. >> reporter: the 20-year-old university of indiana fashion student was last seen walking toward her apartment on campus about 5:30 in the morning last friday after spending a night out with friends. lauren's keys were found a block from the apartment. on tuesday night police used a battering ram to execute a search warrant at her apartment
7:21 am
building. the apartment complex owners say there was no staff member on-site to provide a key and they are fully cooperating. the warrant is for a surveillance video. >> we did not see indications on that video that she was being forced. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers have been scouring the area for much of a week searching for anything that might lead authorities to the missing girl. >> the entire city has been searched once but we'll do it again. >> we'll be working and do whatever we have to do to find lauren and bring her close to home. >> it hits close to home to home as their 19-year-old never returned home from a morning bike ride 11 years ago. her body was found some three years later. >> it's a parent's worst nightmare to have your child missing and not know where they are. >> reporter: biermann will help in the search for laurn, which
7:22 am
will continue today. prayers that she'll be found safe soon. >> she's a person of significant compassion, and she's full of life and we just want to take her home. >> i can't wait to put my arms around you and hear your sweet voice and i love you with all my heart. >> reporter: there are reports there was an argument or confrontation earlier in the evening here outside lauren's apartment, but friends say she appeared fine when she walked home alone at 4:30 in the morning. there is now a $100,000 reward for any information that may lead the authorities to finding her. ann? >> pretty heartbreaking. kevin tibbles. thank you so much this morning. coming up, searchers for internet words like chloroform. we'll get the latest on that. first this is "today" on nbc.
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i remember that trip we took to africa in 2003 and your compassionate reporting. i'll be watching you every day. >> so sweet of her. >> that's nice. >> i can't believe she went to that trouble. maybe she'll give us another interview. what do you think? >> work on that. as we celebrate ann's first day here as a co-anchor, we're going to take a look at some of the high leasts in the 14 years that led her to the anchor desk. we're back after your local news. p=0?úú@pú÷ú÷@c$$?$?$?hhh@?
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good morning to you. 7:26 on this thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update on a possible rescue happening in oakland where emergency crews are trying to find out if a car went into the water. clisty smith is live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. two divers are in the water right now. they are next to the dock right there. they just left this area behind the oakland police where you see a black buoy out there. it marks a spot where they found something four feet down using poles. is it a car? i just spoke with a diver on
7:27 am
shore. he tells me they believe it is a car and they believe it is empty. a tow truck is here now. they are going to be using what amounts to large air bags to help float it out after a couple reports seeing a car with a dome light on. by the time they turned around to come back to the park, they couldn't see it anymore. for now, it appears it is a car and appears to be empty. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. it's 7:27. time to check the forecast with christina. >> we have another great looking day and the weekend. we are so close to it now. high pressure is firmly in control. this trough is going to dig in and cool us down saturday and sunday and a touch tomorrow. still staying nice, holding on to the 70s. we are headed towards 77 in concord later today. 80s popping up on the map.
7:28 am
80 in santa rosa and gilroy. cooler, but we keep the sunshine tomorrow. >> steady. highway 4 continues to slow down toward pittsburg. slow toward willow pass road and to concord on 680 and the 24 interchange. the build up on the freeway showing the most slow down there. we look at sunol. the southbound side as you come toward the express lanes and the low clouds and fog. laura. >> thank you very much. another update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes. great morning. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits
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ann, we're here at one of our favorite restaurants. >> this is why i had to leave the house without telling you. i'm sorry. >> we wanted to wish you congratulations and best wishes from me, ma ken zirks walker and friends and families on the east coast and west coast. bet wishes. we love you. >> congratulations, mom. we love you. >> go show them what a curry can do. >> that's my husband brian and my daughter. i can't believe they pulled that off. thursday morning, june 9th. i can't believe they did that. >> it was successful. >> they don't like being on television, so that was a lot of
7:31 am
love. >> they did. that's nice. a lot of people feel the same way in welcoming you this morning. >> oh, matt. >> meanwhile we've got lots to talk about. we'll take a look back at how she got here. she drove in a car this morning. we'll take a look at some of the highlights of the last 14 years on the "today" show. >> can i take the rest of the morning off? is that possible? >> no. we have to talk about something serious. it was a controversial essay. a mother wrote flat out that she never liked her own daughter. she said loving her just wasn't there and she'll explain why coming up and while what that woman admitted being tay bu, she's not alone in how she feels. she's going to talk about that as well. it's pretty shocking. >> i can malk it would be hard to admit that. you always say unconditional love no matter what but she clearly has some different feelings. also, if you're shopping for
7:32 am
a new car, there's a new list you want to see. coming up, a look at the safetiest vehicles on the road and those with the highest death rate in accidents. prosecutors revealed what they say are digital fingerprints that show premeditation. nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando with details on this. hi, kerry. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. was 2-year-old caylee anthony murdered by her own mothering and if she was, did her mother, casey anthony, search out methods on the internet? that's the prosecution evidence the jury is now weighing. casey anthony was emotionless on wednesday as a computer expert called by the prosecution detailed what he found on the anthony family's confiscated computer. >> head injuries, chest, trauma, internal bleeding, ruptured spleen. >> reporter: but it's the 84
7:33 am
visits to a website before caylee died that they're looking at. >> search for chloroform. >> reporter: the key word searches for chloroform prove premeditation. investigators believe casey used that chemical to knock her daughter out while she partied and tried to argue chloroform was found in her car and there was this photo. a man comes up from behind a woman with a handkerchief and it reads -- >> win her over with chloroform. >> reporter: they say that's. >> you can't even testify as to whether the user's even looking at the stuff. >> that's correct. >> reporter: it's a courtroom conflict that has turned 2-year-old caylee anthony's death into a spectacle. casey told her parents in jail -- >> the media is going to have a
7:34 am
friggin' field day with this. >> reporter: and it's happened. in yoernld all major broadcast stations broadcast it all day every day and coverage is on billboards. >> day 13 on the case against casey anthony. >> reporter: tv crews from japan are documenting the trial. if it all sounds a little like the o.j. trial -- >> maybe even dwarves the coverage that was given to o.j. simpson. >> just like o.j. simpson was a coming of age for cable new rs, this case here is a coming of age for social media. >> reporter: there's an iphone app. the "orlando sentinel" was sent to do nothing but record live chat. >> obsessed i think would be an appropriate term in some cases. >> reporter: a real life version of "law & order" with testimony
7:35 am
expected to last up to another five weeks in the courtroom before the jury can begin their deliberations. matt? >> kerry sanders reporting from orlando this morning. thank you very much. let's turn to al with a check of the weather. it looks like a scorcher. >> 78 degrees on our thermometer here, 80 degrees at central park. let's show you what's happen in as far as the forecast is concerned. we've got our first tropical hurricane, this is out in the pacific. 310 miles west-southwest of au acapul acapulco. not going to affect anybody. we're looking at rask of strong storms from new england all the way back into the midwest. showers into the western plains. plenty of sunshine and record highs in the mid-atlantic states we will see cooler weather coming up late tonight as the
7:36 am
our neck of the woods, warming up nicely. we have some of the low cloud cover in the coastal valleys. we have a good formation of the marine layer over the north bay of the peninsula. however, the sunshine in the east bay and south bay and the temperatures are warming up as a result. 78 degrees is the forecast high in san jose. i'm going 80 in santa rosa and 70 in san francisco. tomorrow, we shave off a couple degrees, staying nice. >> they can have the heat. ann? >> they're used to it. up next, a salute to my new partner. ann's journey to the anchor desk right after this. ÷÷÷
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7:39 am
we're back now at 7:39. we welcome ann in her new role as co-anchor. before we move forward we want to look back at what's made her
7:40 am
a key member of our team. highlights of a career in pictures reveal the woman and journalist, ann curry. >> the ball is now in the environmental court. >> there is a dunk, a tank -- >> reporter: from the start she was eager, though admittedly green in those days back in local tv. >> ann curry. >> ann curry. >> ann curry. >> reporter: in no time she had her shot. >> good morning, everybody. i'm ann curry. >> congratulations and an honor to ann curry. >> we want to officially welcome you to the "today" show family. >> thank you. >> ann curry is in the war zone once again. >> the edge of darfur.
7:41 am
>> there were babies born in this no man's land. 1,500 were forced to flee. >> more than 20 villages have been systematically burned. >> reporter: for over two decades she has journeyed around the globe, raising her voice when the world wasn't listening. she championed the untold stories. >> this is the koran found in the ashes. >> there is no one out here? in this tent there are two families and five children. >> what do you want for your life now? >> one day. >> it's okay. i like your smile. it's good. >> there are not enough doctors to take care of all the injured. they're yelling at us because they're saying the tsunami is
7:42 am
coming right now. they're yelling for everybody to get out of the way. >> we're going to get a close-up look. >> reporter: in times of turmoil, she was there, the first-hand source of news and compassion, uncovering humanity in the most humane situations. >> i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. >> i found your sister. here she is. >> how do you help her stop being afraid? nice to meet you, tanika. nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> reporter: then there's ann the adventurer, so willing to try anything once. >> you're scared. you're scared of heights. don't like heights attet all. >> reporter: she's literally reached the greatest depths, the highest peaks, and beyond. >> oh, my god!
7:43 am
oh, my good lord. i feel actually like a bird. >> help, help. >> i landed about half a mile away in somebody's front yard. they gave me a ride here. >> reporter: ann will be live on the other side of the planet in antarcti antarctica. >> i'm already cold. i'm only in new zealand. >> i know you're trying to get down to the south pole. how is that working? >> that plane never took off. >> i'm taking a plane to the pole. >> did she make it? did she not make it? >> ann, can you hear us?
7:44 am
>> matt and meredith, i can hear you great. a few moments ago, we touched down at the south pole. >> yay! >> whoo. >> there you go. nbc news has been here. >> at home she is grounded. she'll laugh at herself. >> they're coming. and let us laugh along with her. >> good morning. good morning. ann curry. good morning. >> game for almost anything. >> yeah.
7:45 am
>> want to come to my comedy show? no, bye. >> my mother would say, how come a horse inside a bar. >> he's great. >> you're not supposed to put toilet paper everyplace in the house. >> you messed up. >> why don't we see that here at the gardens. >> this is especially true in the kitchen. >> hi, ann. >> i'm so proud of you. >> yes. >> stop. >> we love lunch. ♪ i need clam chowder >> that was bad, right. >> reporter: over the years she's spoken to hundreds of news
7:46 am
makers. she's empathetic and when necessary, fierce. >> if we're really trying to get al qaeda, why are we not in pakistan? ♪ say what you need to say >> have you ever used performance-enhancing drugs? >> of course not. >> i don't want you to remove your shirt or anything. >> yes, you do. >> actually, i do. >> my father was a funny guy. >> reporter: for ann it's always personal. >> this is the way my mom loved me. it was to show me that she cared. >> reporter: also givining of herself, she always gave of herself and her heart. >> like a romeo and juliet. >> reporter: we have shared scheher smiles. >> that's mackenzie, my
7:47 am
daughter, and walker, my son. >> you have never stopped tell jokes, although some wish you would. >> i have helped transported her back into the arms of her parents. our parents, when they die, they only want one thing. they want us to be okay. ♪ >> reporter: after working together for 15 years, we're also her family. >> i mentioned that i was passing the baton, but i also feel like she's been racing along myside the whole time. >> we don't own a position, we're caretakers for a period of time. there will be no better caretaker than ann curry. >> we love you. >> the only advice i can tell her is to have fun. stop and saver it.
7:48 am
>> you want a hug. >> don't come anywhere near me with a hug. >> what a nice piece. [ applause ] >> thank you for going through all that trouble. thank you so much. >> that was fantastic. and the different looks. of ours too it. >> wasn't the war zone that freaked us out, it was the hairstyles. i knew i should have worn deowed rant today. this was hard today. >> we'll share some more if you like. >> don nash downstairs in the control room said something funny. he looked at some of the images with the glasses. he said, you know, contact lenses have been great for ann's career. >> which actually i don't wear them which i why i can't read the teleprompter half the time. >> that's the reason. >> we knew there had to be some
7:49 am
excuse. those glasses were like weapons, i'll tell you. >> all right. much more ahead. >> thank you so much. thank you, all of you. thank you to you, thank you to you. thank you to you. >> much more ahead on a thursday morning right after this. >> new adventures.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
just ahead, a serious talk with one mauve's private confession, she never liked her own daughter. we're going to hear about that. plus, in the market for a new car, we're going to reveal a new list of some of the safest vehicles on the road and some with the highest death rates in accidents. but first your local news and weather. @w@s
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning to you. 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. oakland police have video they want you to see. it shows a man who just committed a sexual assault. what makes it different from a surveillance camera is it comes from the victim's own phone. take a look. >> would you please leave? how did you get in here? >> it's amazing how much composure the victim had as she took the video of her attacker as he left her house. the man broke into her oakland home tuesday morning, sexually assaulted her, stole electronics. the 28-year-old woman is hurt, but expected to recover. oakland police say the man is probably not linked to other
7:57 am
sexual assaults in the area. quite frightening. it is 7:56. i want to switch gears and take a look at the forecast. >> yes, we have a gray start to get through. the temperatures will climb into the 70s. by noon, the cloud deck breaks apart through the peninsula. 78 degrees later in san jose. 78 in livermore. 78 in napa. as we head through tomorrow, not as warm. still nice and sunny. a few more clouds. 72 saturday and sunday. we drop to 70 on monday. no rain in the forecast. hopefully making for an easier commute. let's find out with mike. >> the rain is not an issue. the low clouds give a gray sky. coming up on the screen at the dublin interchange eastbound, above the peacock, we see slowing because of an accident involving a big rig. it's just as you approach the
7:58 am
dublin interchange. the main commute is slow to pleasanton. highway 4 continues to jam. slow through antioch and through bay point. slow speeds down into the 20s into pittsburg. the maze, approach to the bay bridge. things are moving smoothly. the east shore continues to build. a live look outside shows the bay bridge and the gloom around the area. watch the fog on the golden gate. we have a stall reported on the toll plaza for the bay bridge as well. >> thank you. we'll check back in a little bit. another local news update in a half hour. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points?
7:59 am
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8:00 now on a t 8:00 now on a thursday morning. it is the 9th day of june, 2011. already about 80 degrees here on the plaza, going up into the mid to upper 90s today. so a lot of the people you're looking at right now would be very smart if they find an indoor activity. >> yes. >> after spending some time with us this morning. i mentioned it's the 9th of june. it's a thursday. it's also the first day of ann curry's tenure as co-anchor on "today." mark that on your calendar. >> thank you so much. >> ann curry, everybody. >> all i can say is i'm very
8:01 am
honored to have had meredith pass the baton to me. that was a great thing. you know, every parent gets frustrated with their kids once in a while, but can you ever imagine being so upset with your kids that you don't even like your child? coming up, we're going to hear from a mother who made that brutally honest confession in an essay and it's touched a nerve with a lot of parents. >> i can imagine it would. also we've got what you need to know before you go out looking for a new car. we're go out and take a look at the safest cars on the road and the one with the highest death rate and we have another concert coming up. the script tomorrow. they'll be hotter than hot. they have a new album burning up the charts. we'll be checking them out tomorrow right here on the plaza. >> and we've been fortunate enough to follow their meteoric rise here. they made one of their first u.s. appearances here on the show. they're nice guys, really,
8:02 am
really down-to-earth nice guys. >> they're one of your favorites. >> i really do. meanwhile, let's go inside. natalie morales has the news headlines. >> good morning. there are personal and political problems for anthony weiner. nbc news has confirmed that weiner's wife huma abedin is pregnant with the couple's first child. nude photo of the congressman is now circulating on the internet, and some fellow democrats are joining republicans, calling for him to resign. at least five deaths are blamed on the hot humid weather in the eastern half of the country. june is off to one of the hottest starts ever with temperatures 20 degrees above normal. air conditioners now straining power supplies. philadelphia reached a record 97 degrees forcing overheated schools to send students home early. relief should arrive, we're told by al roker, by the weekend.
8:03 am
remaining residence of two arizona towns threatened by a massive arizona wildfire were ordered to evacuate last night. they hope to use a super tanker to drop water on the fire. there's new concern thatted the blaze will damage transmission lines that carry electricity to mexico and texas. after being embarrassed on youtube, delta has changed its policy on military bags. a viral video showed soldiers returning from afghanistan, tuesday, complaining that delta charge ed them $200 apiece for a fourth bag. delta says that fourth bags will be free for troops in economy class and those in business class will give five bags. >> president obama is setting up a special economic advisory council. the initial focus will be job creation. and the senate voted wednesday to let the federal reserve lower fees that stores pay to banks and credit card companies when a shopper uses a debit card.
8:04 am
banking executives say they may have to make up billions of dollars in lost revenues elsewhere. and the scandal surrounding new york congressman anthony weiner could spell opportunity for alec baldwin. weiner had been a strong contender for the 2013 new york race. and now baldwin who's talked about running for office could step into the race. his rep tweeted he wouldn't rule out a baldwin run for mayor. we're introducing a new feature this morning. it's a quick round-up of what's trending on the internet. pop idol justin bieber scored a surprise crossover victory last night at cmt music awards. his song "that should be me" with rascal flatts won best collaborative video. a viral video of a woman supposedly having a facebook friends tattooed on her arm has been a hoax. meredith vieira and abe bogota's cameo a huge hit.
8:05 am
let's go back to al with a check of the weather. al's pick city of the day is brought to you by the capital one venture card. what's in your wallet. >> and our pick city today happens to be seattle, washington. that's right. yes, seattle. did you know that seattleites buy more sunglasses per capita than any other city in the nation. who knew? now you know. the forecast for seattle. well, they're looking pretty good. cloudy skies, cool, 70. we'll take that. we've got nice friends out there. the sign says do not put us on tv. your husbands think you're in new mexico? >> they do. >> don't tell the husbands, ollie. too bad. there you go. >> i got to see you, al. >> very nice. very nice.
8:06 am
the husbands are saying, stay out there. let's check your weather and see what's happening. today we've got a risk of strong storms all the way from new england back to the midwest. that will bring much cooler weather as it's already doing around the great lakes. we're looking at the heat continuing in the gulf coast. smaller slight risk of storms in the mississippi river valley. showers here in the northeast as the front clears the area. sizzling through the southwest. we've got some friends from st. louis. what's the name of your group? all right. good to see you. that's what's going on around boy, it's really cooking for the rest of the nation. but for us, just perfect. you just can't ask for a better day than what we have for you. # 7 degrees. full-on sunshine in fremont. 78 degrees in san jose. 78 in los gatos. temps in the low 60s.
8:07 am
tomorrow morning, really mild start, making way to a warm afternoon. only going to shape up a few degrees. 76 on friday. drops to 72 both saturday and sunday. no rain. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, do you smell pizza? >> i do. >> it smells good. when we come back, a mother who struck a chord with other parents by admitting she never liked her own daughter. when we come back, another special message for ann as co-anchor. good morning, ann. this is julie. i'm thrilled at your new assignment, new phase in your life. you and i have often spoke about my favorite things. well, you happen to be one of them. does this mean that we can't go touring on "the sound of music" bus ever? so m d my lads earned a trip to san fra twice as fast!
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a network of possibilities... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. ♪ i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. morning on "parenting today," have you ever felt like you didn't like your own child? one mother caused quite a stir when she wrote in this month's
8:12 am
magazine. natalie sat down with her. she joins her begin. >> it's not something you say out loud or dare to write. in fact, the woman who wrote the article did so under an assumed name to protect her daughter and she talked to mender the condition she would not reveal who she is and the images are not her children. >> a mom is never, ever supposed to admit this. i've never liked my child. >> reporter: while the relationship between a mother and daughter is supposed to be a precious, treasured one, what happens when it's anything but? >> i felt guilty that i was basically repelled by my own child. >> reporter: the 42-year-old mother of two reveals in "red book" magazine that she viewed her daughter's every movie as failure. >> i thought she would be vivacious and loving and make intense eye contact, which did not happen.
8:13 am
>> what instead happened as your baby sophie as you call her in your article like? >> she was very difficult, she ate poorly, slept poorly, did not make eye contact, did not make the milestones that she should have at the various ages. >> reporter: but when jennifer had her second daughter she felt what she was missing. >> reporter: from day one you felt with your second child you knew what it was to feel two hearts beating as one. >> i did. >> reporter: not with the first. >> reporter: i did not. >> i don't think it's too high an expectation to expect your child to meet her milestones, to expect her to sleep, to expect her to eat, to expect her to interact. >> reporter: while her other daughter thrived, jennifer
8:14 am
writes sophie was constantly letting her down, one disappointment after the next. >> reporter: she had a lot of things that in your view, a lot of areas where things were wrong with her as a child. >> they were off. >> reporter: they were off, you say. >> yeah, they were off. >> reporter: off enough though that you write you were basically repelled by her from the moment she entered your life. >> i think that is a very strong word and i would focus more in retrospect on words "confused" and "disappointed." >> reporter: janitor says watching her daughter struggle through play dates and social engagements was a struggle. >> she would say things like -- i would say who did you play with on the playground and she'd say nobody. >> reporter: some kids are introverts and they don't play with anybody and that doesn't mean there's anything wrong. >> i absolutely agree with you but we would see other things as
8:15 am
well. she would cry a lot. she would show using body language she didn't want to do things. she couldn't articulate why. >> reporter: at the age of 7 she was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which slowed her development. jennifer says it was the breakthrough not just for her daughter's health but for their relationship. >> it gave me a new perspective on her challenges. it made me gentler with her struggles, and it also gave me more patience. it made me feel like instead of me against her, it was us against this diagnosis. and i felt like we were on the same team. >> and jennifer says she chose to write the article as an sos for other parents and urges anyone struggling with a similar issue to be patient with yourself and, of course, your child. ann? >> thank you. dr. janet taylor is a psychiatrist.
8:16 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it sounds very harsh, the emotions as she describes them. but she's also saying she's trying to help other children. the first thing we ask is it real. >> >> we have an ongoing relationship with her. we spoke to her, a therapist and her huss and made sure the story is on the up and up. we have to credit her for being brutally honest about her failings as a mother. >> we did a survey on euro "today" moms website and we asked this question, do you ever dislike your children? 20% said never. i can honestly say i always like them. 77% say sometimes. i always love them, but i don't always like them. 3% say they just don't get along. what happens here? is it a bonding issue? >> as women we think we have to
8:17 am
be an oober mother, unconditional love and self-sacrificing. the reality is there are some mothers who have hostility, feel resentiment and fear and disappointment and it's not necessarily the failings as a mother but the fact of recognition in the fact that we have to understand what they're saying and break the silence and get rid of the guilt and shame and talk about the issues that can interrupt the patient/child bond it's so taboo we're not showing her face or use her name. >> we wanted to give her anonymity to protect her daughter, not necessarily her. sthirng put a line in writing this piece. >> you also say if we don't talk about it, this kind of behavior can be visited -- the behavior that we experience from our own parents can be visited upon our children. >> we heard from lots of readers who relate to this situation, some who relate to the author and some say i feel this with my
8:18 am
own kids as you found in your survey and some who say, listen, my parents i think secretly felt this way about me but they wouldn't own their feelings. instead they constantly criticized me and took it out on me. some were giving her props for grappling with this, seeking help, questioning herself. >> it highlights the fact. our kids need a warm trusting relationship. as mothers, these expectations we have our disappointments about how our child should be can affect our relationship. we need to come clean with that so we can provide an environment that can be commune kaive. if you as a mother feel disappointed on how your child has turned out, you can't place the blame on your child. you have to look at how you were parented and what your expectations are. >> sounds like something you need to get treatment for. thank you so much for your article and good luck with this. coming up next, is your car
8:19 am
among the safest on the rot the new list from the insurance industry coming up right after this. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges.
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8:23 am
you. the good news is as we have been reporting for some time, over the past five years vehicle deaths have dropped dramatically. if you look at the 2005 through 2008 models the average was 48 deaths per million vehicles. 48. some cars are far safer than others. you know the excitement of buying a new car? >> look at this. what do you think, guys? >> reporter: in silver spring, maryland, this family decided on a toyota siena. it turns out they're buying one of the safest cars on the road. >> i can, you know, commute to work and pick them up from school and all of that and maybe take them on a long car trip and i feel safe in this car and i think it's going be great. >> reporter: it's rohred that the overall safety vehicles on the road are minivans with 25 deaths per million registered vehicles. suvs are close behind with 28
8:24 am
deaths per million vehicles. that's a surprise since a few years ago suvs were prone to rollovers. what's changed. stability control. here's a vehicle without it and the same vehicle with it. in cars that have lek trobic stability control the fatal rollover crash rate has been cut by 75%. >> it's especially great for suvs and pickups which had a tendency the roll over because they tend to be top-everybody. >> reporter: it suggests the bigger the car, the safer the car. in all, seven models had zero fatalities. zero. all of them big or large side. the nissan armada suv, the rank rover sport suv and the land rover hr 3. the cars with the highest. nissan 350 z two-door.
8:25 am
the nissan titan crew cab pickup with 126 deaths per million cars and the chevrolet aveo four-door minnie with 119. >> the smaller the vehicle, the less protection you have if you're involved in a crash. >> our children mean the world to us. for our part, we want to do our part driving well and that we're in safe cars too. >> back in maryland, they hope they've bought themselves both safety and peace of mind. both nissan and gm tell nbc news their cars do meet the minimum gircht safety requirements. don't forget the electronic
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. muni drivers have voted down a tentative new contract agreement. but there will not be a strike. under prop g, an arbitrator will step in. whatever contract the arbitrator krailt creates, both sides must live with it. muni expects a new contract to be created by tuesday going into effect on july 1st. we'll be right back with weather and traffic. ♪
8:27 am
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♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at good morning to you. it's still gray along the peninsula. but we do have the sun shining over through the east bay. low 60s on the map. high pressure is going to warm us up into the 70s today. 71 in oakland. 80 up in santa rosa. 70 in san francisco. this will be the warmest day of the week. we're going to drop off just a hint. sun and clouds, a few more clouds for the weekend. little trough on the way. let's check your drive with mike. >> a lot of clearing on the way for 580 through livermore. heading out of castro valley,
8:29 am
just opened. we had that earlier accident. all lanes clear now but a slow drive approaching the area. slowing northbound in 101 as well as 280. 280 has an accident around wolf road. minor injuries reported there. that's the slowest part around 880. bay bridge toll plaza still has the back-up and the low clouds. >> another local news update for you in about half an hour. the "today" show back in less than a minute. be sure to check out our facebook page to stay up to date on what's happening in the bay area.
8:30 am
morning. june 9th, 2011. a warm welcome to all of our friends on the plaza. it's going to be a scorching day because it's already scorching
8:31 am
at 82 degrees. also across much of the east. we have a very cool treat coming up tomorrow. as you know, we've got the script coming tomorrow on our plaza. a trio of rising stars in the music industry. they're an irish band, and they're hitting our plaza tomorrow. so i'm very excited about that. ann curry along with matt lauer, natalie morales, and al roker. yesterday with carol king, that started waterworks. >> that's the song that meredith said she played 30 times after she graduated from high school. how about that viral video we did. i think we pulled that off. everybody led meredith through the different sections of our studio and al on the plaza. the poor girl didn't realize she
8:32 am
was going to run a marathon. >> she's the only one that ran the full course. >> she saw it for the first time after the show was over. first of all she couldn't believe she was wearing the clogs the entire time. she said i looked like a portuguese washerwoman. >> to all the portuguese washerwomen, that's a compliment. >> you can tell how into it she was. she was very nice. >> the tunnel of love. >> there he is. >> there's donny nash. we inserted him because he didn't make it. >> he practiced. >> i called meredith last night just to see how she was doing, and she said, who? and hung up. >> if you're watching, meredith, we love you. >> that's right. >> we hope you slept till at least 7:01. >> by the way, this is also
8:33 am
natalie's first day as a news anchor on the "today" show. we welcome her. in a couple of minutes we're going to take a look at natalie's journey to get to this job as well. it involved lots of funny hats. and also we've got an off actor in the studio, is that right? >> an aww factor. i wasn't sure what you were saying. awe factor. >> we've got a very cute clee ta. he's got a very special friend besides ms. cardina there. >> we've got tyler florence here. >> that's right. >> he's going to show us -- of course, we're all parents and a lot of us struggle to feed our kids the right kind of food. he's got a new cookbook to help teach your kids. he says you have to start feeding them the right things early on so they can develop their tastes. >> he's attacking the obesity
8:34 am
problem early on. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> let's just put bailey in the chicken soup. let's check it out. for the weekend, saturday, we iraqi got a risk of strong storms in the northeast. sunny and hot along the west coast. sizzling through the west coast. sunday, sunday, we're looking at more wet weather up and down the eastern seaboard in through the gulf coast. sizzling and hot from texas into the southwest. nice and mild oh, we're not sizzling today. in fact, downright perfect weather temperaturewise. mid-70s, even a couple of places downright warm for this time of degrees, 80. warmer than average in santa rosa. 80 in fairfield. 80 in gilroy as well. upper 70s in the east bay. 77 in concord. 70 in san francisco.
8:35 am
a little cooler tomorrow. low clouds and that marine deck overhead should be gone by 11:30. our latest weather. where are you guys from? >> milton. milton, massachusetts. >> milton, mass. all right. what are your names. >> bob. >> and mary ellen. >> get your names in there. don't let him take over. you can check your weather day or night. do you know how to do that? >> yes. >> weather channel on cable on online. let's go to willard. >> how sweet it is. the flowers of bloom. summertime around the corner and we're all here. let's check our birthday buddies today and see who's on tap. we have marjorie kemp in plainwell, michigan. 101 years old. has her own facebook page. loves to grow vegetables. can't beat that. i like to eat vegetables. i love strawberries. great down there.
8:36 am
jack goler of pembroke pines, florida, 100 years old and active still in tennis and also plays golf and loves to get pictures of his family, especially his great, great, great, great grandchildren. annie joe from augusta, georgia, is 100 years old. very proud of her 11 children. she loves to play bridge and also go to the ymca. we wish her a very happy birthday. god bless. we have janella -- that's a great name. janella carpenter of new port, tennessee, 102 years old. is the daughter of one of the famous governors of the state of tennessee. she loving shuffling and she also loves the memories of teaching school. little elise is on board, elise veazey. 105 years old from senatobia,
8:37 am
mississippi. loves reading and gardening. they love do their gardens. helen davis, los angeles, california, is 102. cooks her own breakfast every morning, and she loves to take care of her 72-year-old son who lives with her. that's it, that's all, from your nation's capital, back too new york. >> thanks so much, willard. coming up next, natalie's turn. we're going to take a look at famous morales moments as we welcome her to her new role at the news desk. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
the news desk. here's a look. >> let's swing over to the news desk and natalie morales is with us. >> it was 2003 that natalie made her debut at the news desk. she quickly became a regular and a welcome presence on today. >> congratulations. >> in 2006 she was named national correspondent and co-host of the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> i think people will get a better sense of who natalie is now that she'll be, you know, really a bigger part of our family. >> during the time here, natalie has covered many of the biggest news stories. >> well, i think the biggest moment for natalie has been the chilean my noners. >> it's an unbelievable scene and impossible to have a dry eye. >> when they were finally dropped to the surface, it's hard to forget her emotional reaction. >> you can see the first moment, the first time. >> we were able to see her reporting on that story, the
8:41 am
strength of the human story. >> the reporters out there, covering the story. everybody's crying. >> she brought an incredible humanity to it. it's a moment very few of us will ever forget. >> she's interviewed the famous. >> so is that confirmed? >> well, jack's just confirmed it. >> is that right? >> yes. >> twins. >> i think she did. >> and introduced us to people we might not have known but won't soon forget. >> i think the series she's doing, class of 20 is really spectacular. >> it's following the path of a group of students from their first day of kindergarten to their high school graduation. >> i don't think anybody's doing an ongoing series like natalie is doing. >> she's a fierce competitor who has taken on top athletes. >> there you go. >> whoo! >> and it's no secret she's quite an athlete herself. >> if i had to give natalie a cartoon persona, she would be the road runner.
8:42 am
you'd say, ready, set -- i can't keep up with her. she's like a gazelle. >> her work here has taken her across the globe. >> that was my old house. >> one of my favorite stories is when natalie went back to panama where she spent some time growing up and you got to see a sense of her mom and her dad and how much love there is in the family and we got to see these old images of natalie when she was a little girl. that was a very sweet story. >> i remember sitting with natalie one time. it was about 120 degrees. it was brutal. and i was on top of the hotel sweating to death, and natalie was actually at an indoor skiing attraction. to this day i'm not sure how it worked out that day. >> when faced with a new adventure, she's almost always game. >> natalie put the wet suit on, grabbed the surf board and got the you know what kicked out of
8:43 am
her. she spent as much time being slammed against the wall as she did riding the waves but she was a great sport about it. >> over the years we spent great moments with natalie and her husband joe with the birth of their sons. now it's her turn as newscaster for "today" and we look forward to seeing her each morning. >> the bottom line is she is a fun girl who's willing to jump into anything. she's friendly, very, very sweet, and i know that she's going to be so much fun to work with. >> i just find her delightful. she's so easy to talk to. it's a rare combination of beauty and brains and a sense of humor? one of the great things about natalie is everybody loves her so i think she's going to fit in as well as anybody ever has fit in to this odd and unusual family that has been put on air. she's a welcome addition. >> yay. >> yes. >> that's sweet.
8:44 am
>> odd and unusual family. >> i left out dysfunctional. >> like the addams family. >> they did an incredible job. thank you, guys. >> that's nice. you're shifting over as well. >> kind of shifted over. i feel like i've been doing it for a while. >> yeah. no longer a fifth beatle. >> if we get one more person in here, i'm out. >> all right. we have one more person coming, tyler florence will share his recipes for little ones to encourage a lifetime of healthy [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
8:45 am
8:46 am
i could not make working and going to school work. was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing everyday, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at by walgreens. there's a way to stay well. back now at 8:46. this morning on small steps to headlightier you, how to jump-start a lifetime of healthy
8:47 am
eating for your baby and toddler. we've got noted chef and cute guy tyler florence. he's got a new book called "start fresh." >> great to be here. >> listen, you have three kids. >> three kids. >> one is about to turn 3. how much were they an inspiration for writing this book? >> i'm a founder of a baby food company called sprout. we've been about working on it for a long time. i have a 14-year-old. we started kind of really developing flavors. all of my children were my guinea pigs for all of my flavors. my new book "start fresh" shows all the recipes we have with sprout. this is one of my favorite. this is carrot, mango and apple puree. >> together. >> this is a stage-two-type recipe where it takes different flavor combinations to create sort of an oober hyper taste
8:48 am
which is trif snook and you have all those great environmentals. do you put that in directly or roast them? >> a lot of times what we do is roast a lot of our vegetable or organic vegetables. >> why. >> what happens? >> in the cook progress says you transfer cooking sugars to starches. when you boil it all the delicious flavor ends up in the water and dumped down the drain. we took carrots, mango, apple. it can be a granny smith or golden delicious. >> how long? >> 10 to 15 minutes. >> no oil? >> no oil. this is a brand-new recipe for small babies, about eight months old. >> and it turns into this. >> yes. all of this goes into a high-speed blender and puree it with a little bit of water. isn't that gorgeous? >> i'm going to try it. >> this is where it gets great. baby food is not bad. it's delicious. >> i'm going to be mikey here.
8:49 am
let mikey try it. >> you've got to get kids to try it from the very start. >> i like this. it's like an applesauce with a bit of a -- >> how big is that? ? if they're going to spit up food, give them food they like. >> very, very flavorful. >> and a grilled pork chop. it would would be great on a grilled pork chop. this is great from the beginning to also say a 3, 4, or 5-year-old. this is called one-pan lasagna. we're going to start out with ground beef, virgin olive oil. lasagna. do you make a good lasagna yourself? >> i don't make a bag one. i wouldn't say it's great. >> how do you build it? >> pasta, sauce, cheese -- >> once you start to scoop it
8:50 am
out, what does it look like? it's kind of a rustic-looking pasta dish. the idea to me stacking it all up, it's labor intensive. so what you're going to do is ground the brown beef. make a sauce. everything goes into it. a little bit of fresh spinach. what you do is break up lasagna noodles and stick it in the sauce. this is a one-pan lasagna. >> much easier. >> you don't want to burn it. >> yeah. so let's turn it off. you take lasagna noodles and you put them into the sauce and they start to bake. in the oven at 350 degrees. this is it. it takes 25 minutes. >> you serve it up. it's not unfortunate you're not enthusiastic about it. >> i love my product. we've been making sprout for about eight years. moms come up to me and say thank you very much, it's the only
8:51 am
thing my child will eat. you have to start fresh. >> thank you so much. coming up we're going to meet these unlikely best friends, this baby cheetah and his buddy puppy. [ flashbulbs popping ] [ giggles ] hey! owww! right here! right here!
8:52 am
one for me! one for me! [ male announcer ] spare toothbrush, just in case: $4. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. ♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at this morning on today's "call of the wild," with 12,000
8:53 am
cheetahs remaining, they're on the endangered list. seaworld and busch garden's angela scardina. julie, great to see you guys. 12,000 remaining in the wild of africa. why are they so threatened? >> three reasons basically. habitat loss. a lot of the land has been taken up by ranchers and a lot of others. >> you know what? i felt like that this morning. >> and then they also have a conflict with humans. people think that they will go in and take their livestock or that they're very dangerous animals, and obviously they are dangerous, but they avoid people for the most part. but when you geevet that conflict, you've got that retaliation. and there's also a genetic component. all cheetahs all over the world are basically like identical
8:54 am
twins so that leaves them very, very vulnerable. if anything happens or the offspring isn't as robust. >> so really all the big cats are in trouble but you say the cheetahs are specifically even more. >> yeah. you know, a lot of people don't realize. there's a lot of scientists think there's less than 20,000 lions left in africa and there's less than 12,000 cheetahs and they're all going in that direction. it's something that organizations like cheetah conservation are working on. this is her favorite friend. she was born at a zoo where the mom wasn't taking care of the cubs. all the other cubs died basically so we were given kossy to take care of. >> so they're companions now while kassy is still a cub. there's going to be a point
8:55 am
where she looks at the puppy and says, i said i want the ball. then what happens? >> they're really growing up like brother and sister and what we have seen and what has been proven when you do raise wild animals with the companion animals is the fact that they develop mutual respect. and what they're teaching each other is, hey, i know what your likes and dislikes are and i know how to react to you when you're acting a certain way and it actually creates a better socialization for them and they love to play. >> can i pet the cheetah? >> you can go ahead and give it a try. >> be a little careful because she's got sharp teeth. >> you know, they're the only ca cat with semi retractable claws.
8:56 am
good morning to you. it is 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the 17-year-old boy accused of killing a 3-month-old baby in palo alto will be tried as an adult. he made his first court appearance yesterday. he did not enter a plea. the parents of the baby were in
8:57 am
the courtroom, said to be quite emotional. investigators say he and another person shot at the family after mistaking them for gang members who beat them u ip t may. we'll have a look at the forecast right after this. and my new 3 taco combo. i'm serving up three awesomely delicious tacos, crispy golden fries, and an ice cold drink for only $3.49. wow, there is such a strong family resemblance! yeah, we all got nana box's nose (chuckles). [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded...
8:58 am
so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. good morning to you. we've still got that cloud deck overhead. but we're still looking fairly good when it comes to the east bay and the south bay, the sun is out. we're warming up into the low 60s. but we have the upper 50s holding on in san francisco. you'll still hit 70 in the heat of the day. good amount of sunshine forecast. we just have to wait for the clouds to break apart. it's going to be nice, though. >> get a little bit of everything. thanks for joining us. the "today" show continues
8:59 am
nextful we'll be back again with a local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
9:00 am
back now with more "today" on a thursday morning, the 9th day of june, 2011. a scorcher here in the northeast. temperatures climbing rapidly throughout the morning. are we in for a record-breaker here today? >> i believe so. the record's about 96. i think we're going to easily get up to 98, 99, maybe 100 degrees. >> and then the good news is it breaks. >> yeah. we're going to get severe storms tonight and then we'll have a cooling trend. >> it's important to look after elderly people. it is dangerous out there. >> absolutely. city workers up and down the eastern seaboard are going in and checking on seniors because they're versus acceptable to
9:01 am
-- very susceptible to this. >> who is this? >> another new edition to the "today show." not really a new addition. savannah guthrie. not really a new addition but our new legal correspondent. welcome to you. >> wonderful to be here. thank you so much. >> hugs all around. >> so excited. >> believe me, there's a lot of pda going on here. coming up i hope you're ready for this because we're going to have a piece about your rise. we're going to welcome you with that. >> there'll be tears but only because of the hair. oh, gosh. that was more recent. there's scary stuff coming. >> what else do we have coming up? >> i think that's what -- you're going to tell us. this is savannah's first time as an official anchor.
9:02 am
she is going to tell us what is coming up. >> we will get the latest on the anthony weiner scandal. democrats are asking him to step down. there is word that his wife is pregnant. we will get the latest on all of that. >> on "today's" health, did you know that allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in this country among all ages, all ages. this year has been one of the worst in recent years but there are some things you can do to help alleviate that. we're going to tell you what to do to avoid the common triggers. >> a lot of people need the relief. >> let's get relief by going inside to the cool studio. natalie's standing by with a look at all of the headlines. >> good morning to you and welcome to savanna. we start with new complications.
9:03 am
luke, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a new twist in the anthony weiner saga. we learn that his wife huma is pregnant. this news comes on the heels of a new lewd photograph emerging on the internet and many members of his own party encouraging him to resign. seen for the first time since the scandal broke, anthony weiner's wife huma abedin arrived in abu dhabi amid another late revelation late wednesday. sources say they have direct knowledge and have confirmed knowledge that abedin and weiner are expecting their first child. that comes as a chorus of democrats are calling for weiner to resign. >> lying is unforgivable. lying in public is unforgivable and he should resign. >> certainly the member of congress, as a woman and somebody who is appalled by this behavior, the right thing to do is for anthony weiner to resign. >> reporter: there's even more pressure on weiner, a picture of
9:04 am
a man naked below the waist is making its round on the internet. on tuesday, conservative blogger told matt he had the naked picture but said he would not release it. >> i can't foresee a circumstance in which i would release that. i don't think i want to put his family through that type of thing. >> reporter: breitbart says the picture was leaked after he showed it to a radio host after the interview not knowing they had a camera. >> i think it is content. i just chose not to put it out there for public consumption. i still stand by that, and i'm upset that it's out there. >> reporter: late wednesday weiner's office issued a new statement says, quote, as representative weiner said on monday when he took responsibility for his actions, he has sent explicit photos. with the full support of his wife, he is working on righting these wrongs with his family and
9:05 am
colleagues. among those he has turned to is former president bill clinton who presided at their wedding and referred to huma as his second daughter. >> bill clinton is very unhappy right now. the clintons are not thrilled with this. this is very hurtful to huma awedin who is considered to be a family member. >> reporter: i spoke to a weiner aide recently who told me, quote, resignation he told me, quote, resignation is not where the congressman's head is at. >> relief should arrive for the eastern half of the country sweltering through the record-high heat and humidity. officials say at least five deaths may be related to the heat. cooling centers are open and schools are closed for a second straight day in philadelphia where the temperature on wednesday hit a record 97 degrees. with the massive wildfires in eastern arizona, official s say someone intentionally set
9:06 am
fires forcing an evacuation. towns of springerville and eager are empty as crews battle flames night and day. meanwhile new mexico and texas could face blackouts as the fires hit power lines. >> nbc news has confirmed reports that the obama administration has intensified a covert operation. yemen is in turmoil. the government clinging to power and the battle wounded president recovering from injuries in saudi arabia. and if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. well, police in knoxville are looking for a very persistent would-be robber. a security camera caught a man trying to throw a paving brick through the door of a convenience store. he tries over and over and over again. he even tried the knob. but after the stand-off with the door, he's eventually just gave up and walks away. oh, well, not to happen there. it's six minutes past the hour. back to al with a check of your weather. aye-yi-yi. >> duh, here we go.
9:07 am
>> we like to show them now and again. >> america's stupidest criminals. look at that. oh, well. at least he got a good workout. let's see what's going on with your weather. we've got this heat wave. 100 is expected in trenton, 101 in newark. that will break a record. providence, 98. baltimore, 99. heat warnings from charlottesville to virginia. we're going to see a change as the high pressure starts to shrink. the jet stream will allow it to dip down a bit and that will start to bring cooling temperatures friday, saturday, on into sunday. you'll see the 90s start to shrink down to the south. they'll be confined down there. hundreds in the southwest. but at least the temperatures well, take a look at our neck of the woods. it's still pretty cloudy over
9:08 am
the golden gate. that misty fog. we have about a 2,000-foot marine layer. heading throughout this afternoon, we're going to lose it. temperatures up toward that 80-degree mark inland. looking towards the low 70s in places like san francisco and oakland today. 76 degrees for friday. little bit cooler. and then we cool down significantly. 72 for the weekend. but staying nice and pleasant. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks so much. of course, this is a special day for us in our illustrious third hour. we want to extend a very warm welcome to savannah guthrie. she's going to be part of our family. >> we're so glad you left the confines of washington, d.c., and we want to introduce the smart and talented savannah guthrie. a look at her career until now. she's already a familiar face at nbc. >> we get a preview. >> this is a vote destined for
9:09 am
failure. >> reporter: for savannah guthrie it happened in tucson, arizona. savannah was the youngest of three, baby girl. >> we had a joke in the family. savannah wanted somebody, we'd better get it for her. >> determined, funny, and at times miss cheffous, she was a bit of a late bleerm. after graduating from the university of arizona, savannah got her first big break. >> at first the kids tried to put the fire out themselves. >> my first real experience came in columbia, missouri. i worked for a local affiliate there. >> it happened as many people were sitting down to a fourth of july barbecue. >> reporter: at just 22 years old she was covering everything from politics to crime to weather. >> those early days are rather embarrassing. when i watch those tapes now i just cringe because i'm trying to sound so grown up.
9:10 am
>> reporter: destined for bigger things, savannah ended up in tucson anchoring the weekend news. >> live from tv 4 where the news comes first, savannah gu three. >> here in tucson a 3-year-old boy is alive tonight. felt like i started to get what this business is all about. >> it's a sad evening around here. as you may know, this is savannah's last night on the air. >> i decided to quit goonld to law school. i graduated, took the bar and practiced law for a short time before realizing that deep down inside i was still harboring these ambitions to go back to tv. >> savannah guthrie joins us now. >> from justice to journalist she returned to air as a legal expert for courttv eventually landing what she called a dream job, covering the white house for nbc news. >> white house correspondent savannah guthrie has details for us this evening. >> chuck todd is the shorter of
9:11 am
the two. >> she's kind of a shark inside. there is this lawyer in her who loves to cross-examinen. >> savannah. >> savannah. >> savannah guthrie. >> is it possible that voters are con clugd you're still not getting it? >> reporter: savannah's passion for politics made her a perfect fit for "the daily rundown," an nbc show she co-hosted with chuck todd. >> so many people have called me samantha on the air that i actually started answering to it. >> samantha guthrie at the white house for us tonight. >> they constantly make the argument, samantha. >> samantha, it makes it much more difficult. >> next friday, contessa. >> it's a made-up name. she claims it's not. but who's named savannah in her 30s. it's like it was created in tv land. >> reporter: they became known
9:12 am
as chuvannah. a big point of contention, who is taller. >> the one question i get is how tall are you anyway. so the answer is i'm tall. >> she heightens. >> i wear high heels. >> she's shorter than i am but has a problem with that. >> it does kind of put me over 6 feet. >> she's not this 6'1" person that she pretends to be. >> savannah a self-described music lover recently quoted one of her favorite artists as a commencement at a graduation. >> i believe it was a philosopher, kati perry, you're a firework. come on, let your colors burst. >> the only two people that i know know all the words to kati perry's "firework," savannah guthrie and my 7-year-old daut sneer boom, boom, boom, brighter
9:13 am
than the moon, moon, moon. >> i never dreamed that i would be part of the "today" show family. i'm still kind of pinching myself. >> so baby be a firework, let your colors burst. >> what are the words to california girl. >> don't get me started. teenage dream, another hit. >> i knew i loved the girl from the very first segment that we did today. you were a correspondent for "courttv." you were doing legal analysis." and she and i happened to be wearing almost the exact same thing. pink and white, pep tolls by moll. >> or cotton candy i like to think. >> at the end of the segment i said i like your outfit. >> kudos to your mom throwing you under the bus. >> i know. >> woe thought she was going to say, we always knew. >> my mother's a truth teller,
9:14 am
what can i tell you. >> you're going to be fun, let your colors show and burst, boom, boom, boom. >> why don't you quote from wayne, everybody have fun tonight, everybody wayne chung tonight. >> it's so deep. >> put on your seat belts, everyone, because here we go. >> you are in trouble. >> you looked older then than you did now. >> that tape is going to self-destruct in 3 30 seconds. >> we're back after this. if you have it, you hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free.
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love how you feel or your money back. ♪ activia this morning on ""today's" health," fighting allergies. an estimated 50 million americans suffer from all types of allergies. if you're one of them, "prevention" magazine has a list of ways to ease your allergies. good morning, dr. phil lisp. good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> i hear every season as i hear every season, this is the worst allergy season ever. i hear it every year. >> if you feel like it's the worst season, you're onto something. this is arguingly the worst in ten years. no wonder you're feeling badly, exactly. medications work, but it's really about preventing triggers to get the most out of your
9:18 am
allergy medicines. >> and you came up with a really great list from "prevention" magazine with some of those triggers. what are the triggers? >> most of us know the really obvious triggers like you don't go jogging outside when the pollen count is through the roof, but there are more subtle triggers that we might not think about that can make a big difference. >> one of the things you say people are doing wrong when it comes to treating your allergies is they're waiting too long to take medications. when should you start taking medications and how long should you be on medication? >> i recommend they start taking medications two weeks before their symptoms kick in. other people start to experience symptoms in may, june, july, and those are people sensitive to grasses. so it depends on what you're sensitive to. it's better to take them
9:19 am
earlier. most are antihistamines and they work befrts to treat the onset of symptoms rather than treating the symptoms after the fact. >> a lot of people take their medications at night and you say they should be taking their medication throughout the day at all times? >> that's right. it's better to take it surprisingly before bed because allergies are worse first thing in the morning. i recommend taking an antihistamine, the drowsy formula. it won't say drowsy on the box. regular. you take that before you get to sleep and use a nondrowsy formula during the day. that way you have a constant in your blood stream and you never get triggers. >> one of the things i heard is working out in a swimming pool can trigger your allergies. how is that?
9:20 am
it's bothersome to your skin and eyes. we love swimming as a workout but it's important know that and be able to prevent it. you might wear a mask or goggles when you swim, and also try to swim in an outdoor pool. the chlorine -- being outdoors helps the gas to diffuse, so the chlorine is not as concentrated as in an indoor pool. >> the other thing you say is a lot of people -- we shower in the morning or at night, but you say you want to shower if you have allergies at certain points during the day. >> ironicry you want to shower as much as possible. pollen can work its way into the skin and you're constantly irritated and you're bringing it inside of your home. you should also change your shows when you walk in or take off your shoes so you're not inadvertently spreading pollen around the house. >> speaking of clothes you say people are not washing their clothes in water that's hoot enough to kill the pollen which i thought was interesting. >> there was an interesting
9:21 am
study that showed cotton sheets if you wash them at 140 degrees fahrenheit, they kill all the dust mites. but if you wash them only in warm water, you're only killing 6.5% of the dust mites. it's hard to know how hot the setting is. generally the hottest setting on your machine is good or a sanitized setting is good as well. >> thanks so much for bringing us a list of some of the triggers to avoid. still to come, can you guess what side of this room, take a look, costs nearly five times the other side? huh. hmm. that's a tough one. i'm going to tell you some of the secrets to high-style decorating with a low-style price tag. okay. now i'm just dizzy. i re need to shop better rate. any thoughts? well, i can do two things. first, we'll show you our progressive direct rates and rates from our competitors. people who switch save an average of over $500 a year.
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9:25 am
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but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go... it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. good morning to you. 9:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, an unexpected phone call is causing outrage in oakland. oscar grant's family says they got word that former b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle will be released monday. he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in november for shooting grant on new year's day 2009. grant's family is stunned he's getting out of jail just seven months after his sentencing. >> this whole thing was staged, it was planned, it was acted out and it has brought this type of conclusion. this is where we're at right
9:27 am
now, a state of disappointment. >> oscar grant was not armed when he was shot. mehserle insists he was reaching for his taser and accidentally fired his gun. w be'ack wi rth back with a look at weather and the morning commute.
9:28 am
good morning to you. still a cool, cloudy start towards the coast. but inland areas are warming up nicely, under sunshine. it's going to take a little bit longer for that sun to shine through that cloud deck over the peninsula. by noon, partly cloudy skies at that time. by 4:00 p.m., completely clear conditions. a gorgeous second half of the day. little bit warmer than yesterday. 78 in san jose. 75 in santa cruz. and san francisco today, 70 degrees. as we head throughout tomorrow, we're going to drop off just a little bit. but if you're someone who has tickets to the giants game tonight, it's going to be nice out there. 7:15. right around 63 degrees.
9:29 am
still sunshine. nice and mild. there's the drop-off as we head through tomorrow. >> the south bay has had a number of problems. the latest one, southwest 280 around ray street just cleared to the center divide. still some slowing but the northbound side also still recovering after the earlier accident around wolf. it's cleared but still slow in that direction. 880, lanes clearing but just property damage there. the east shore freeway showing a slowdown. and northbound towards the toll plaza, back-up still past grand west avenue. >> we'll have another local news update for you in less than a half hour. the "today" show is back next.
9:30 am
they call themselves celtic soul, and the boys from dublin known as the script have millions of fans around the world and tomorrow morning on "today," a whole lot of them are going to be here on our plaza as they take over the stage in our summer concert series. come on down. it will be a great show. >> we love that. >> yeah, we do. of course, we're joined by savannah guthrie. >> samantha. >> sabrina, sahara, whatever.
9:31 am
whatever. i'll answer to it. >> so you're moving to new york. so you've got to be thinking about redecorating. >> yeah, absolutely. if you're like me, you might need some help. you actually get a little sticker shock as you turn over one of those price tags. we're going to show you,000 get a high style look in an outdoor entertainment area for less. can you tell the difference between the high-priced items you see there and the ones that won't max out your credit card? we're going to show you. >> i'm guessing the lemons were cheap. >> no. those are tiffany lemons. >> okay. plus, she's the daughter of new york's mayor michael bloomberg. now georgina bloomberg, already an accomplished horse woman has written a book for adults. we're going to catch up with her. also mixing and matching. back in the day there was a thing called granimals. >> i think i was wearing those in a piece. >> if you are color blind or you
9:32 am
really don't know how to mix it all together, take a deep breath because the new trend right now is mismatched. you can put all of those patterns and different colors together. so, al, you're always going to be in style with your argyle and your stripes and your purples and your pinks. >> i already do that. >> he's been years ahead of the fashion. >> setting the trend. you've got a check of the weather. i do indeed. saturday, we have got a risk of strong storms in the northeast to the upper ohio river valley. then on sunday, sunday we've got a risk of strong storms. basically just some showers and thunderstorms back through the gulf coast, into the lower mississippi river valley. sizzling hot from texas into the southwest. going to be gorgeous on su yes, on sunday, the entire pacific northwest all the way down the california coastline will be nice and dry as high pressure really gains control of our forecast. we're going to see this little
9:33 am
trough come through over the next 48 hours. that will cool us down just a bit from today. today will be the warmest day of the week. 65 degrees by noon. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions in the city of san francisco. but by 4:00 p.m., the clouds clear out of here. 70 degrees. 80 in santa rosa, 80 in gilroy. 78 in livermore. hickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up. time for new philly cooking creme. it'll take your chicken to places it's never been before. somewhere creamier, dreamier, with lots of flavor. look at you all chef-like. spread the love around in four fabulous flavors. spoon in a little new philly cooking creme.
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9:37 am
home," high style at low prices. take a look at these two outdoor entertaining areas. one is filled with high-priced items. the other is filled with the same luxury look but at budget prices. can you tell the difference? i really couldn't. sabrina host of the hgtv show has pulled together designs to get your deck or patio ready for a summer get-together. sabrina, good morning. >> good moving. >> i had to scrutinize which was the expensive and which was the budget. >> which is a good sign. >> before we get into the specifics, what should you consider when designing an outdoor space. >> you want to have different conversation areas so not everyone is stuck in the same place in your backyard. >> we chart with a chat set. >> yes. >> what is special about this chat set and where do you start
9:38 am
seeing the differences in price? >> it really is the quality of pieces. this is a high-end chair. it has a tighter weave and reinforced with an aluminum frame. >> both are weatherproof, made for outdoors. >> absolutely, but this might last a little bit longer. >> pillows are another area where you can show your personality and get some color into it. >> yes. this one is an expensive pillow. about $500. it's hand-embroidered and has a lot of details whereas the low end piller has embroidery but done by machine, not by hand. >> i hear that these garden stools are all the rage. >> they are. >> you can multi facet it, sit on it or use it as a table. >> you can add a punch of color to any space. this was about $200 where the low end was about $60. it's about trying to find the best bargains. >> for the higher end ones, i'm thinking they would be more
9:39 am
delicate but you're saying you can sit on them. >> absolutely. the reason they're expensive is because they're hand-glazed. >> lanterns are quite a hit this time of year. would you sit it on the table or hang it or how would you use it? >> set it on the table, hang it or set it on the floor. i love that you can put candles in there and they never blow out because the wind never blows. the other lantern is about $40. >> where do you find these? >> you can find them at home stores, even a big box store or the closeout home shops are great, especially the off season. >> what do we have over here? >> this is an outdoor bar area. you can set this up outside. i love it. you have different bar stools with the different pillows. then we have a sieving tray, very expensive. this is imported from italy as well as the glasses that you can tell have a little bit of texture with the bubbles. these were really expensive.
9:40 am
but these, only $2. >> and i have to say from far away they look the exact same. >> this has a little bit more texture. but for outdoors, it doesn't matter. i would only splurge on these if you could bring them indoors. otherwise you could go cheap were melamine. >> where do you find these if you're spending a lot on a garden chair like this? what are you spending? >> i think you should spend it on the furniture because it's more durable. you want to make sure it's a reputable manufacturer. but when it comes to accessories, you can be patient and find the best deals. but there's a difference of $3,000 -- 3,800 for this half and $800 for this half. >> honestly when you walk up in terms of the feel, you can't tell the difference. le this whole setup, the high end, over $3,800. >> and that, $800. the pillows alone, $500.
9:41 am
>> before we let you go, what are the things worth splurging on? >> definitely what you're going to keep for a long time, the furniture. don't spend a lot of the pillows because you change them out. coming up, mayor michael bloomberg's daughter georgina bloomberg has a new book for kids who love horses. >> also ahead argylend akaol p dots. perfectly mismatched style, how to wear it right after this. it's the best job in the world. my students are amazing. but to be there for them, you've gotta feel your best. kids can tell. that's why i love eating activia every day. so delicious activia help me feel good inside which helps me be my best... positive, cheerful and on top of things. help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back. ♪ activia
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this flat-out delicious -- the new $3 flatbread breakfast combo. a toasty 6-inch flatbread breakfast sandwich and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. all for just $3. build your better breakfast today. where everyone feels at home. where the company, the conversation, and the food make all who enter feel welcome. a place that feels as warm with a crowd... as it does with just a friend. it's a place you'll find town house crackers. because they're part of what makes your place the place. ♪ welcome to town house. where good times reside. come on dad! [ female announcer ] it's for celebrating all our dads are.
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our fellow explorers... can i touch him? yeah. ow! [ female announcer ] ...personal doctors... and that's why we wear shoes. [ female announcer ] ...d our oldest, closest buds. ♪ father's day is for us to say, "i'm so glad you're mine." come here... oh. happy father's day, daddy. [ female announcer ] now, select cards come postage paid. georgina bloomberg is the 28-year-old daughter of new york mayor michael bloomberg. georgina is an accomplished equestrian and she weaves her experience into her first novel. it's aimed at young adults who are good at sports and aspire. it's good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you look like a person who has got it all. you've got a great career,
9:45 am
you're a show jumper. did you always want to be an author. >> actually this was something that was very much a surprise to me. i never thought of myself as a good writer. all through school, writing was never anything i loved to do or thought i was good at but this is the first time i've been able to write about horses and show circuits and something i loved getting to know. >> in fact, they say write what you know. did that help? >> absolutely. this is a book i would want to read, enjoy writing. i think you have to write about something you know very well. >> tell us about this. the book seems to have some aspects based loosely at least on your life. the main character is the younger daughter of a big real estate tycoon in new york city and is not overly impressed with his daughter's choice in career. so are we drawing from life here? >> i think, you know, on the surface there are obviously a lot of similarities with me and
9:46 am
that character. there are a lot of situations in her life similar to mine but there's also a lot people don't know that are similar to me in every character but i think, that you know, there have been a lot of comparisons to her father and to her relationship but the truth is my father has been very supportive and i think he really doesn't -- you know, he's not in the horse show world, not in the horse show circuit. he wants me to be successful and be happy and he's been supportive of all my choices. you know, people who get to know me know there are parts of each character that are very similar to me that are maybe more hidden. >> like this character, i would assume for you it's a double-edged sword having something like mayor mike bloomberg as your dad and a lot of people say, well, she can afford the best horses and of course she's going to win and this comes easily to you and that's not exactly the case. >> right. like i said, there have been a lot of great opportunities and a lot of positives but also some negatives.
9:47 am
there's pressure to succeed and be able to succeed on your own, and it's something i've always struggled with and tried to make the most of. >> you're aiming this book at the young adult market which really in the last few years has exploded. how do you find that voice that appeals to that young adult? >> you know, that was something that i kind of had to go back and read some young adult novels and really kind of get to understand what kids that age are looking for. and, you know, that was a bit of a struggle. at 28 years old it was a struggle to write something i would want to read at my age. >> the book is not only near and dear to your heart because of the topic and subject but some of the proceeds are going to something that's near oonld dear to you. >> absolutely. it's going to the equestrian foundation. it's for people who get hurt. >> you had a bad fall recently and it really injured your back. >> yeah.
9:48 am
>> you're going to have to go in and have surgery. >> yeah. actually it's somewhat unrelated to the fall. i'm going have to go in for a surgery, take a little time off my career and it's going to be a good opportunity to concentrate on other things, come out with a second book. >> what other plans do you have for the future? >> recovering from the surgery, getting into rehab, coming back and doing more in this career. create a fashion line is something i would love to do at this point, riding clothes and normal clothes. but i look forward to doing a couple of other projects as well. >> you're a real slacker. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. coming up next, how to pull off the hottest trend of the season. mismatched fashions. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today "today'sstyle," perfectly mismatched. do you find yourself standing in front of your closet every morning searching for something that actually matches? boy, do we have great news for you. this morning's topic is mismatches. bobbie thomas with tips on how it's done. it sounds almost too good to be true. can you walk out the door in almost anything out there? >> absolutely. we have icons out there like la lady gaga. but it's fun. i've got fun examples. i decided to throw on -- >> you've got a little pattern-on-pattern look. >> yeah. throw on a belt and it's a quirky twist. >> let's show some of the looks. first we've got our feminine look. let's bring out our model melanie. this is sort of the floral-on-floral trend. >> people are always asking me what do you wear with a floral
9:52 am
skirt. i went to a discounted department store to find mismatched pieces. you can play around the scale. notice that the top's a little smaller in pattern, it's kind of picking up some of the same colors with bigger bold on the bottom. >> those are some of the tricks. you find some tricks. >> stick with the color scheme. that will help you. there's a part of the nowener the bottom skirt that we use to pick up in the smaller flowers on the top. that can be a great tool. don't worry about doing something that breaks the rules. >> i love her green nails on top of it. the next mismatched look is the bold look and this is really about sort of the global look? >> global, inspired and intensed. one of my favorite designers is rachael roy. she's doing the work for you. she's put the patterns in one dress. what you're getting is a designer's take on how to mix the patterns without you worrying about it. this is a fantastic dress that
9:53 am
you can pear some fun blue shoes with. >> it a mixed media. >> mixed motif. >> natalie, you're a fashion girl. >> i've been hanging around you. >> you have the designers doing it for you. >> thank you so much, julie. next is the mismatched quirky look. by quirky, you've got a little retro. >> i would never thing to put these looks together. >> this is what i love. sometimes you can go into a store and a mannequin can inspire you. you might even see items in a room that are masterfully woven together. this is a great look. it's kind of fun because i stuck with sort of one vibe and then added a colorful solid cardigan to a kind of bring the look together with a neutral shoe. >> the stripes tie it all together. >> what i love are the printed shorts. those are from anthropology.
9:54 am
so many great shorts this summer. i really love it. >> you light great, julie. thanks so much. finally the graphic mismatched ensemble. and for this we've got a mother/daughter set showing all this off. mother and daughter, really? >> she went to high school with hoda, right? they're friends. le so they were willing to help me out with this bold graphic look. what's great is even if you want to add a scarf belt on camera, you see that's enough. you don't have to go head to toe. it's great accessory. on mclean you see head to toe. i like black and white with a pop of primary like blue or red. >> that looks great. ladies, you look fantastic. let's bring all our models out one last time. i love that all these looks are affordable. come on, savannah. >> samantha. >> congratulations, bobbi.
9:55 am
>> congratulations. >> oh, bonnie, you're such a sweetheart. >> bobby brown. >> it's official. >> coming up, we've got kathie lee and hoda to continue. >> after your local news and weather.
9:56 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, a grandmother will answer to charges of kidnapping
9:57 am
her granddaughter and trying to pass her off as her own baby. she's accused of kidnapping the baby as the baby slept in her home. investigators say the grandmother took the baby 400 miles away to her home in southern california where friends say she planned on raising that child as her own daughter, even faking a pregnancy weeks before the alleged kidnapping. today, family and friends of michelle le are clinging to hope that the missing nursing student will be found alive despite being told by police that her disappearance is now being treated as a homicide. loved ones will gather tonight for a candlelight vigil. her family believes she could still be alive even though the police say they are sure she was killed. she was taking a break when she went to her car and never came back. a $65,000 reward is being offered in that case. let's check the forecast
9:58 am
with christina right now. i can't tell if this is just water on the lens behind me or just mist from the bridge. what's going on? >> well, you do get a little bit emotional sometimes, laura. >> i do. >> good morning to you now. that's mist from the really heavy low cloud cover we have out there. 65 degrees. mild conditions. by this afternoon, 70 degrees, a nice warm-up. lots of sunshine for us. and elsewhere, 80s. 80-degree weather back on the forecast map in gilroy, fairfield, also santa rosa. little cooldown tomorrow but not too bad. talking about sunshine and the 70s. if you'll be out at at&t park, watch out for traffic tonight. >> yeah. south bay, things looking much better except at 880. jumping up to the bay bridge toll plaza, there's movement. and the golden gate bridge, l
9:59 am
law -- just misting up. >> another local news update in half an hour. bundle home and au
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's a hot, hot thirsty thursday june 9th in new york. >> it's going to be a scorcher today. >> we can't complain. we were begging for it back in january. >> yesterday was a bittersweet day because we said good-bye to meredith. it was so joyful. >> heck of a way to find out how loved you are. >> right. today was ann's day.
10:01 am
ann sat at the ddsk and had her first day as co-host. >> over 200 times so it seemed seamless. >> they did this taped piece. all the places she's been and things she's done. >> what a life. >> what stuck out to us were the different looks. she had some funky, funky looks. >> we haven't? >> mine are worse than anyone's, but hers are something to behold. >> she has become more beautiful with every passing year. and nobody looks better on location. >> yes. >> she can be in the filthiest place and looks amazing. >> she truly has gotten more gorgeous over the years..o cf1 o it was fun to watch this piece because she's been with nbc for so many years. >> and natalie started also today in her new role. >> she was at the news desk. >> savannah 9:00.
10:02 am
i'm the old broad around hhre. >> yes, you are. >> i've always been the old broad, you know what i mean. what's up besides my scorching book tour has come to an end. >> "messy m'cheanie" you're done with that? >> finally got home last night at 10:30. frank left a note on the door that said, honey, if i promise to buy all your books would you please stay home? it said frank, cass, lola, louie and bambino. >> where were you in long island? >> went to long island. there i was. started first with a little dinner at my former assistant terence's home. just always loved her to ppeces. there i am with christine, my best friend. >> remember yesterday it was national best friend's day. -pchristine didn't want to be o tv. she didn't like it. kath's best friend. after guilt and arm-twisting -- >> this is cheating.
10:03 am
you can't see her with the big white glasses. >> she doesn't like to be seen. >> there she is with frank. >> look how beautiful she is. so, so shy. >> the thing that popped on her website. when we asked about people's best friends, we couldn't o cfo believe the response and how quickly people sent pictures in. people sent in photographs with their best friends. >> we'll keep showing them today and tomorrow. >> some have been friends 20 years, 30 years, 40 years. it's fun to watch. you can see how connected a lot of these people are. >> everybody needs a best friend. >> so you were on jimmy fallon the night before last. you made out with him. >> did not. did not. >> you did. >> a little fun. >> a little fun. i don't know if we have a shot of that. but so people will understand the back reference when jimmy fallon talks. >> he had fun with me last night. >> i got attacked by a cougar the other day recently. >> where?
10:04 am
>> kathie lee gifford was on the show. >> yeah, na's his version of it, really? really, jimmy? came into my dressing room yesterday, big gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a little note that says, "dear hot lips gifford, come back any timm, love jimmy." i don't think that's being attacked by a cougar. you had to see the video. it's a good piece of video. >> it was fun. >> kathie lee gifford. >> i want to thank you so much. >> ten seconds. >> so what? it's a little nothing. a little nothing. >> we saw jimmy -- >> i could have done a whole lot more is all i'm saying. >> when we saw jimmy at meredith's good-bye thing. >> i felt shy. i saw him in the morning. it was real early. he was going to surprise her
10:05 am
playing the guitar. i didn't expect to see him. you go on the show and you bring your game. you're going to play and be silly. you hope you're watercooler talk the next day. the next morning you're like, was that me last night? >> i saw you looked little shocked. >> he said his wife thought it was hysterical. i'm not sure frank will. frank didn't see it, but thanks for showing it. one of our favorite people had a bad fall. >> she is on a huge comeback. shania twain, love her. she is a ten. everyone has a little spill. we are probably talking more about the cmt awards because of this. she is fine is what i'm going to say before you see it. she hit a slippery spot. she popped right up. we get it. she popped right up. she, by the way, she has, her book has been a bestseller for a long time. she is going to vegas because she is goiig to be performing in vegas. >> what they call an extended -pgig or something like that.
10:06 am
she will be an artist in residence the way shania has done and barry manilow. good ffr her. >> at the cmts we had the band perry here. they won "if i i do young" for this song. their brother -- they're brothers and one sister. they are so cool. >> look how cute she looks. >> we love them. a lot of fun. >> oh, to be so young. >> should we move on to the weiner update? i think we have to. how could we not? >> a new day and new update. >> "new york times" is reporting that anthony weiner's wife is pregnant. >> about ten weeks along. >> it sounded like if everything we are reading is true, he sent the text messages after he knew she was pregnant. that was all going on. >> just when you think it can't get worse. happy for them as a couple expecting a child, but you
10:07 am
wonder if it was leaked to get a little compassion forrthe couple, compassion for him. i don't know. all it's done is a whole lot more jokes in the new york press. he is a hard guy to like right now. hoda and i remember that every year we go to the new york mission has a beautiful pre-thanksgiving banquet i serve at every year. hoda has been going with me. we serve the homeless and hungry every year before thankkgiving. anthony weiner is always there. to his credit, he's always there. i realized, i said, we've shaken hands with the man. we've done more with anthony weiner than anybody else. >> it is true. >> think about it people. it's all virtual. we are the real deal. >> e did shake our hands. i remember that information. pt's going to be interesting to see what happens to him politically, whether he decides to step down. he is under tremendous pressure
10:08 am
to resign. you made the interesting point you haven't seen anyone say no, no, don't resign. you haven't seen any friends sticking up for him. >> that's the thing. when you get in trouble, you find out who your friends are, whether you're a professional person or otherwise. you find out who your friends are, your real friends. it eems he is friendless right now. i don't know. going into election year the way we are going. i think he is going to be a huge distraction and most democrats would want him out of the spotlight so they can concentrate on different things, on substantive things. >> i'll be curious to see what happens. it's okay/not okay time, isn't let's talk about this first. we went to the hurricane club for meredith's party. this one is called number 76. >> 77, jerry.
10:09 am
jerry knows. i've got to tell you the food there was unbelievable. the drinks were, i couldn't have a lot of them. >> i love that. rum, passion fruit, coconut, cardamam and lime juice. >> is it okay to wear heels on the beach? hoda said -- i said -- >> you said, oh, no solid grounds high heels make you look great. on sinking sand they make you look ridiculous. hoda woman said, no it's not okay. save the stilettos for a night out on the town. hoda should know. yes. -p>> on the beach -- wait, wait let's do this. it's time for my play list. i love this time. before we start, the wordings to this song are soupied. i'm going to say that to the outside. >> always a disclaimer. they are moot of the time stupid. >> it's not about the words.
10:10 am
picture yourself after you had two of these, you're on the -pdance floor and you're sweati and you're at the beach somewhere. you don't know who is around you. you don't care. that is what this song is about. playyit. ♪ >> sounds like a carnival cruise line commercial. ♪ now i lay me down to sleep ♪ flashlight ♪ i just can't find a beat ♪ flashlight. >> you're drunk. picture it. >> look at al. ♪ flashlight ♪ red light ♪ neon light
10:11 am
♪ red light ♪ flashlight >> it's fun to dance to. >> maybe it's about hookers. red light district. now it's making sense. still tt come -- >> is it okay to swear at work? -p>> i have no [ bleep ] ideaa we'll find out after this.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
there are some days when you're at work and you want to yell. >> but can swearrng around your co-workers hurt or help your career? "marie claire" magazine talks about that. >> it would seem like an obvious no. >> if you work here at nbc news. >> generally speaking, it's viewed as a big no-no.
10:15 am
actually, in certain occasions it can actually bb helpful to your career. >> in what way? it seems counterintuitive. >> if used jucarefully. say you've been working the last few years like a dog. your department has been slashed, you had a pay cut or two and you're killing it at work and now it's time for a raise. you're in your boss in the privacy of the office and say this is what i've been doing the last few years. i've been taking on the workload of a dozen other people. whhn am i going to get that [ bleep ] raise. >> no way. that would never work. >> it would work. your boss. if your boss is totally not that person, then of course, use common sense. don't do it..o cf1 o if you heard your boss drop an f-bomb or two, yes, that ii your green light. >> i'm surprised by that. >> a many, too.
10:16 am
>> some words no matter what you never say. >> there are a certain class of words that are no-nos under any condition. >> i think even with your boss, sometimes a boss may uss a word, but i'veebeen in a situation where it slipped. whee something comes out and you're like, oh, my gosh, did i say that? not that word but another word. you feel awkward and almost feel pike you want to pull back on that. sometimes they comeeout. >> those are the instances you need to be mindful of. the worst use is one that demonstrates you don't have control. like for example, if you lost a big client or your husband just yelled at you and you drop a curse word. that's never flattering because it shows you are not in ccntrol and nobody likes to work with a person like that. >> seems the only place it really almost always works unless you're at a convention of
10:17 am
mennonites when it is used humorously. >> it has to be understood by all parties you're being funny. >> a lot of people think they are being funny and they are not. >> those are the people that can't get away with it. >> what if it's not around your boss. a lot of colleagues and people have fun using those words. >> away from work? >> at work. -p>> water cooler? >> the boss isn't around, nobody is around. is there a problem there? >> not necessarily. that is the genesis of the article. a bunch of us ladies were at work talking about it and someone dropped a curse word. we thought, that's interesting. for women in particular this is a slippery slope. guys do it all the time. it's a total double standard, but it is what it is. we talked to one woman who works on a trading floor who said she heard all the guys do it every second of the day, when she started to get into it, they looked at her like, not cool, not ladylike.
10:18 am
hate to hear it. >> what do do you? >> exxrcise caution. you don't want to be that gal who is like, oh, sugar. that's lame. >> shitake mushroom. >> you want to be cool about it and be savvy. >> okay. that's good advice. >> nothing's changed. it's still a man's world. thanks very much. >> up next, spray it, don't say it. . . it is time for webtastic.
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
fast forwards through the internet for that oneevideo you want to share with all your >> or your best friends. this week love is in the air and it seems also on a wall. >> that is why. who knew graffiti could be so romantic?
10:22 am
check it out. ♪ as she took me by the hand ♪ to some foreign land ♪ had me waiting ♪ singing ♪ singing >> they've been together 3 1/2 years. that took him over a year ago he thought of the idea. took him a month to complete it. he sketched the drawing and combined all their things, their family pug, scrabble, all their favorite things. more importantly, she said yes.
10:23 am
>> the graffiti artist took about 5 1/2 hours. his family are shooting this. he told her to meet him there for groceries. they rented the building so ii's up for a month. >> great potential to be in a relationship. that is sweet. >> they just posted that on our little facebook page. >> someone posted it and said you should see this awesome video i said that's our webtastic. >> how do you find these things? >> we asked fans to send in. sometimes they post them. a couple have come internally where people say, have you seen this? we go to youtube and different sites. you have to check a lot because some have been out there a lot longer. you want to be ahead of them. there is so much good stuff out there. >> so, we seem to have a little time on our hands. what do you want to talk about? >> do you ever go on there and
10:24 am
see those videos? the other thing is we had a couple when you go after them, you can't take them. other people own them. some of the best videos you get out there, a lot of dogs, babies. >> babies work every time. >> you can do almost everything with them. >> thanks very much. still to come, what you need to know if looking for an entry-level job. >> don't swear. >> tyler florence. >> a special performance by the pope's choir.
10:25 am
10:26 am
good morning to you. 10:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. soon people in richmond may be able to open bank accounts and use city services regardless of their immigration status. the richmond city council voted unanimously in favor of approving city id cards for people who do not have other forms of identification. the city council tabled a similar idea back in 2008. the final vote on the id cards will be held on july 5th. the city of oakland is helping kids stay safe through a new late-night program for teens. the city will open a high school, two rec centers and a library late on friday and saturday nights to give teens a
10:27 am
safe place to hang out. city leaders say the program will help to curb violence. school district police say most of the shootings and homicides involving oakland students happened late on friday and ri saturday nights. we'll have a look at the forecast after this.
10:28 am
welcome back. taking a live look at alcatraz. you can see we still have that stubborn marine layer situated
10:29 am
over the city of san francisco. but not for long. it's going to burn off in the next hour or so. the clouds will break apart as high pressure doing its job, once again another bay area stunner. that's what we're forecasting for you. we have a little bit of that low cloud cover lingering, especially in the north bay, coastal valleys and along san francisco's coastline. watch out for that until about noon. otherwise, it's going to be a gorgeous day with plentiful sunshine. you might be turning on the fan later on in concord. 66 degrees now. headed towards the ate in some cities. 80 degrees in fairfield. 77 in fremont and 80 in santa rosa. our high temperatures usually come in right around 4:00 p.m. this time of year. and we're so close to the weekend, also have a giants game in town tonight. and for us, it's going to be pretty comfortable. if ewe headed out to the game, bring a jacket. game time, 7:15. 62 degrees at game time. high for tomorrow, 76. a few more clouds come in over the weekend but nice and
10:30 am
comfortable. >> great day to be a giant or a giants fan, for that matter. have a great afternoon. the "today" show continues next. check out our facebook page, nbc bay area morning news throughout the day. stay up to date on what is happening in the bay area and with us as well. black suit.
10:31 am
you can buy one in navy, one in gray. this is under $100 from express. a ims many set of pearls. always looks great. you want everything to be organized. a great tote and closed-toe shoes. >> should you look at hat the office wears? >> absolutely not. allays better to be overdressed than underddessed. if everybody is wearing jeans, that doesn't mean you should wear jeans. >> guys usually wear a traditional suit. >> also show your personnl whether you want to wear a color, a shirt that represents you. he loves blue with this red tie. go classic. you can't go wrong with a classic suit. the bag is key. messenger bag is great for the guy. you can wear it your first interview or through your job. it likes chic and you're organized. you have everything on you. >> i like that look. at the end you're saying if it's not a traditional suit
10:32 am
environment, you can wear something carolyn has on. >> if you're not in the corporate environment and you know everyone is in jeans, this is an alternative. very respectful, very conservative. a pop of color and a great bag. >> i like that. okay. thanks, jill. we are decked out. time to go downstairs to kath. >> i'm here with the author of "8 ways to great." how to actually get hired. it seems so many people vying for the same job. >> so many for so few. >> you have to differentiate yourself from the others. how do you do that first? you say try or buy? >> try before you buy. the concept is an internship mentality. remember, you went to college and you didn't get paid to go to school. when you're out of school you might have to try a position first and offer your services for free. they hire you, find out if you like the job, they get to know you. >> that would probably shock them.
10:33 am
you're going to be taken for granted and maybe abused a little bit. >> that's an acceptable part of aaloss if you're looking at the bigger picture. >> give it a time frame, i'll do it one or two months. >> that's it. >> what about the confideece thing. you say it's great to videotape yoursell. >> most people don't have the opportunity to look at themselves on camera. >> and they are horrified when they see it. >> i would suggest if this is the interview i put the camera behind you so i'm taaking to you and replay it myself. a mock interview. watch myself, how do you like, how do i come off. what is my posture? if your posture is like this, >> what about social media? do potential employers always look at your facebook and twitter? >> this is a critical point. now social media is mainstream. you do not want to be the person at some party with a beer in
10:34 am
your hands and a hat singing a song. >> back up to hoda for sealing the deal. >> now you dressed appropriately, aced your interview, it's time to negotiate for the salary you deserve. "be your own best publisher." how are you, marilyn? you have to talk money and that can be awkward. how do you start that conversation? >> it's awkward. any level is tough to negotiate. especially whee you're doing it the first time. cultivate an air of confidence. do your research. knowledge is power. get a sense of what the industry, what the going rate in the industry is. then create your ask. >> you have to know the wheelhouse. when is it, when is the right time to talk money?
10:35 am
they may say we are interested, do you bring it up there? >> timing is everything in life. you want to hold off on throwing out those salary/benefit questions until further in the process. you want them to see you're more passionate about the position than the paycheck. >> you suggest practicing key negotiating messages. key negotiating messages. what does that mean? >> once you've done your research, you ant to ask for what you want. so many people are afraid to go for what they want because they are afraid of that no. no is really an opportunity for additional conversation. >> especially now. the economy is so tough. people feel lucky to get whatever they get. you can understand that now. >> people will pay for top talent. if they can't give you the salary you want, for example, try asking to have the conversation six months down the road or maybe they can pay for your blackberry or give you an extra week of vacation. everything is on the table. once you ask for it, you know what you want to ask for, practice, practice, practice.
10:36 am
be your own best publicist. we talk about the importance of practice walking to a big meeting, an interview. rehearse it. have a friend run you through the paces. throw the curve ball questions and try practicing in a space that mimics where you'll have that conversation. >> all good advice. thank you so much. >> now you've got that down. it's time to celebrate. have wine, why not? it's our show. what we've got for under 10 bucks.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
if socializing is your thing in the summer and when not attending parties, you're throwing them. we've got great vino to show you. >> all these are under 10 bucks. andrea robinson has perfect suggestions for sharing with your best friends. >> happy to see you two. >> sounds too good to be true. all under 10 bucks, the whole table. >> absolutely. i kissed all the frogs to find a great value wine. >> somebody had to do it. >> absolutely. for your burger bash, this is massimo from spain. it is so spicy and yummy. you're going to get spice, a tangy cherry fruit. it's gottthat bold intensity to stand up to your burgers. >> that's nice. >> this one, australia always great values froo australia. this is cabernet shiraz, excuse
10:41 am
me, shiraz. when you smell it, it is like aromatherapy. how about your clam bake. >> that was for meat. now to the seafood which is usually white. >> clam bake, lobster bake, these are both chardonnays. two different takes. the first is australian, mcwilliams. when i taste this against $20 chardonnays, it always stands out. >> absolutely. >> you're the connoisseur. >> not really. i know i like it. i like it a lot. >> we have a california chardonnay called cellar number 8, more of a crisp apple taste. the light elegant style. or the tropical fruit of the australian. >> that's got a bite. >> a little bit of tangy. you like the tropical. >> i don't like the okieness,
10:42 am
the heaviness. >> bubbles. >> performance in the park. shakespeare in the park, a concert or big screen movieeat the little league diamond. if they let you bring wine, bring sparkling wine. you've got a more elegant enviionment. this is rose cave from spain. a new one from woodbridge. it's a popular brand for chardonnay and cab. >> wow. >> great. >> they are making bubbly. under $10, that's yummy stuff. >> it's hard to believe. >> this is fun. >> two more wines. >> if you're going hiking. >> now i'm going to go hiking. this is why i didn't before. >> once you get to the top, you can toast the view. this is the climber. the hiker's pouch. put it through a stringer if you're going fishing. >> show the cookie thing.
10:43 am
that is unbelievable. you can hook that to your jeans. >> you won't gee far up the mountain. >> do it at the top and toast the view. >> can't wait that long. >> are we going to taste that? >> absolutely. you've got a hiker's cup therr. it's called the climber. >> this is the pouch. this is bandit, a great little -- what did you think? that didn't wook for you. >> hoda doesn't like to hike. >> this is a lot less packaging. it reduces he carbon footprint. a chardonnay. >> thank you. >> see you in aspen next week. we'll go hiking. >> up next -- famed chef tylee forns. >> something for mom and baby coming up.
10:44 am
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10:48 am
time for today's kitchen. we are getting saucy with a cher who cares about your kids, tyler florence, who is a dad himself. >> he has a new cookbook called "fresh start." we are joined by max and molly. our biggest critics. >> which one of you two are >> do you like to eat? >> yeah. >> max is a good eater. >> tyler will get us started how to cook up foods. >> in our book "start fresh" it spans the spectrum from the first spoonful kids put in their mouth to a year to one month. they are teeth, they are ready to try textures. this is thanksgiviig on one tray. it's about roasting turkey which is delicious. start off with organic turkey breast, salt and pepper. take sweet potato and onion, sage and cranberry. we'll roast this at 350 degrees
10:49 am
about 25, 30 minutes until we get an internal temperature about 160 inside. >> you're cooking it up. >> here is the cool thing about this. moms don't want it to be a chore to cook. >> tyler, they are starving. >> max is ready for his close-up. when you're making food for toddlers. you want tt incorporate the idea, we are eating as a family, what you're going to eat and that's it. we've got turkey which is a this is going to be the dough portion. cranberries, sage, onions and brown rice. take the saae meal and turn it into something kids will really like which is basically, once they get to this stage, start fork mashing this stuff. >> they are starving.
10:50 am
>> they won't eat any of it. they have not taken one bite or anything. >> it's turkey, brown rice, cranberries and onions. this is fork mashing it. puree. then roasting. once in this stage here you want to start fork mashing flavors. >> watch me make it work. want ice cream? >> don't lie to a child. it's not ice cream. >> check this out. >> did he like it or no? >> i told him it was ice cream. it didn't work. >> you don't lie to a child. >> sure you do. this is one of my favorite recipes here. this is peach rice puuding with coconut milk. >> molly is liking this. >> molly is a good eater. look at that. >> this is the best one. >> isn't that delicious? >> the point is this is healthy.
10:51 am
>> i've got three kids. this is my house every day. >> you should have brought your own three. >> i'm with you every day. start fresh from the beginning. that's what "start fresh" is all about. >> you are right. we love you. thank you, tyler, you're the best. >> max, molly, you're beautiful. >> the pope's choir takes a trrp to the state. >> this is a great performance. @xxxpé@s0ñ >p?
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
today we have a very special group in our studio all the way from the vatican, the choir for pope benedict xvi. they just finished performing june. by monsignor
10:55 am
marco lasigna. this was excusivele exclusively written for the beatification ceremony. ♪ [ singing in italian ] ♪
10:56 am
10:57 am
♪ [ singing in italian ] ♪ ♪
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