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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  October 23, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to "comunidad del valle." we'll feature a local artist and two local filmmakers. this is your "comunidad del valle." ♪ we begin tonight with a community health challenge at the health challenge for all of you there at home with me today to kick off this show is david and maggie. the important part that i see, david and maggie, is at the beginning of your title and the community health challenge, it's a community aspect of it. let me ask you about that, dave. you praut it up off camera. talk about the community aspect and what you're doing to challenge them to live healthier, if you will.
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>> thanks. we help families and the community change their health consciousness over a 90-day period. we help them set goals, provide them the proper tools from the nutrition side so that they can reach those goals as well as a have ryety of support. what people are looking for when it comes to their health and/or weight loss and fitness is community support. it's very important to have that when you're trying to attain goals for yourself. >> we'll talk about the ills in our community, diabetes, childhood obesity because that falls into all of this. and you're living proof. you have to live it to sell it, i guess. >> yes, absolutely. that's what makes it so great. not only am i able to improve my own health and take care of my body, but i've been able to help many family members, community members, tons of friends, all j jump on the challenge and it's their way to take back their health and change their lives and family's lives.
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>> they change your life, right, maggie? you were injured, if you will. tell us what has happened and how it's helped you. >> that's what's helped me. i worked with kodak and had great stress. i let it break me. >> you can tell by the white hair. but it got to you then? >> it did. i had to learn about health the hard way probably like most of us out there. went into teaching health, holistic health, and it was a student who introduced me to the challenge six years ago and has made my job so simple, so easy. we are able to reach much larger volumes of people. >> and what is the challenge? what does it involve for someone who might want to get involved? >> it's simple and individual. you decide what your health goal is. and i'm hoping everybody out there has a health goal. decide what that health goal is. give it 90 days. take 90 days, commit to your
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health, to your health goal, and we have excellent nutrition that helps people achieve those go s goals. and i know that if people give it 90 days, 90 days is a fair expression for the body to get what it needs to create a difference expression. so most people when they commit they see results. >> and right now we're talking about kids maybe who pick up the poe tato chips, the bag, david, that's what they're sitting down on a couch on a saturday morning doing and it goes all day. how wrong is that and what changes the mentality and the thinking of these families? >> right. absolutely. the and one of the things, really focusing on the nutrition and fitness side especially with our youth. you hit it right on the head. there are so many distractions. there are so many other forms of entertainment that students and kids aren't getting out and playing so often. we see in current times people like michelle obama really takinging on this mission and
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taking on this crusade against child hadhood obesity and that's why we are passionate about we do. we are becoming a prime player in the fight against this obesity epidemic that is affecting families all over the place. >> how encouraging is it to lose the lbs that you lost? >> it's great and getting the acknowledgement from other people but i think i get more pleasure out of literally changing someone's life and say i've tried everything before, everything in the book. nothing seems to help. this is something that's really changed my life and for us to hear it on that end, that we've been able to help people in that sense is more rewarding than any own success. >> maggie, but, seriously, what you're doing is helping a community. when you think about living and eating correctly and you can look as young as you do, that has to be encouraging for the viewers out there. >> well, our body knows what to
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do if weigh just get out of its way sometimes. give it the right nutrition, do the right things. what david was saying about there's a lot of people doing a lot of good things, a lot of change happening in schools right now. i was on the phone with somebody yesterday standing in front of michelle obama as she was recognizing some of the schools that have really made some huge change nutritionally. that's what it's going to take, working with our youth, getting the right nutrition, quality nutrition, so that they can grow up strong, fit, and have a healthy, strong, happy life expectancy. we're put together to last a very long time should we take care of it. >> you only have one body. david? >> two down to one. >> we're challenging all of you. there's david's number and also a web address. logon and find out how you can be helped by what this special program, the community health challenge. thank you all so much and congratulations. >> thank you. and up next on "comunidad
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local artist tony martinez is my guest on "comunidad del valle." she has beautiful and colorful artwork she is here to show us, her first time on "comunidad del valle" and we're happy to have you here. welcome. >> thank you. >> we are going to loop a slide show you sent us. such colorful and beautifuld artwork. tell us the concept. do you have a theme? i know somei artists have a theme. here is a beautiful, colorful one you sent us. tell us about the slide show we're going to be seeing here and if tre's a concept and your idea means. >> reay noll concept. i usually prayce before i paint and whatever i fee tatyhe time is what i put out onto the canvashend i'm inspired by what i see. i al h soe digital images as llwes you can see. some of these are photo shopped images i've created as well as i just finished that one jjut twnedays ago.
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>> tell us bout that, what is ?it haven't tenle ld it. it's southwest because it has the southwestern kind of feel to it. i'tllyea like that kind of a look. it's something new for me to do. f i feelnt o tn canvas. >> how often are you on the canvas and do you have tbe ao n a certain mood or one of those i have to get it done by this deadline? >> oh, it has to be a certain mood. i really have to get spiritually connected to do my artwork. i like to clear my mind and just let everything flow. it's all about letting it flow out of me, what god has given me to do. >> and i shared this with george lopez. i asked him once, in the middle of the night if he comes up with a joke, if he writes it down on his note pad next to his bed. he said, yeah, sometimes he does it on a clothes hangar. i do that with a news story. i have to write it down or i'll forget. do you find when you find of conceive something that you have to either jot it down so you don't forget it or do you have
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to get to work right away? >> i have to jot it down or even talk, discuss it. i usually talk about it with my mother. she has really helped me a lot with guiding me with colors. she knows what i'm capable of so i get pushed in that direction. that's usually how i would go with it. sometimes i get dreams and visits -- oh, i saw that. or it may have been something i've seen. oh, that was because i went and visited this place or i saw the wall at the bellagio and it triggered some colors to come out or could be anything like that. >> is there anything you want those who are appreciating your art to go home with? or what is it you want them to -- >> just to get start ed. enjoy the journey. i'm enjoying my journey right now. i haven't been doing this that long. i started in 2006. something spoke to me, told me to paint, paint, paint. and i just had to do it. i know there are people out there who have this, hearing the voice, hearing something in
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their spirit telling them to do something. they put it aside and i think that when we have these types of gifts, and it is a gift, that they lie dormant unless we use it. if you don't use it you lose it. >> and you have to be goal oriented because otherwise you're going to fall flat and become complacent. >> right. >> talk about that aspect of it and even if it's slow at the beginning why you have to keep going after it and getting it. >> you have to keep going after it. it might not look like much at first but just give it some time. i don't always finish a painting right away. i'll take a painting, put it aside and start something else and i'll just go back to it. i'm going to finish you today. i feel like i know what to do to finish it, so just let it flow, take your time with it. on it, whatever, talk to youral family, friends, what ha you. hey, this is what i'm doing. stiljuo it. >> now is this a side thing for you? ultimately what is it yyoou wan to accomplish? >> i wouldikt l goet picked up
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to do a show. i would like to be in a gallery some day and that's what i'm really hoping for. i'm looking for an opportunity meu were so kind enough to give to be on the show today that bem hoping someone seeing the sh mi' thehi same thingt >> this show is actually a venue for those who ngire,sp those have the m havehe message of challenge to this community, thosege who have methsoing important andimolorful to demonstrate and this is what we have here. does the family support play a part? your parents are here in t he studio. >> yes. >> how muchoe dhat tlay p a role? >> that is a very important role. everybody has something to do. my father is a photographer. my mom, she boosts me up. you can do it. you can do it. it keeps me focused. you need to stay focused. there are distractions all over the place. >> what will it take to get your
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own show? what does it take for those of us who might not understand. >> start submitting to any contest that is are out there from small to large. as you know, i just recently did art takes miami. thank you for your vote if you voted. >> but that's what it takes. >> networking. facebook is great for getting everything out. i have a lot of friends that help, too. a little campaign manager, amy, she started posting links to my website and for the contest. and start filtering through there and now i'm starting to get some calls and things are start i starting to look really good. i'm hoping to take it to another level. >> well, good luck to you. >> thank you. >> and we do have -- i did logon this morning actually. there is the web address i logged on to. is that the perfect one to go to? >> that's the perfect one to go to, yes. >> well, there's toni martinez's
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info. give her a buzz or, hey, put up a show. >> i'm hungry to get started. >> thank you so much. and up next we'll have some local filmmakers and a sto to to showcase here. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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the film is produced and directed by local filmmakers here in south bay. with me this morning on "comunidad del valle" is the screenwriter and producer of the film and welcome to the show. >> thank you for having us. >> my pleasure. we're going to play a short clip and then come back on the other end. you can tell us about your work and what it is you all are up to.
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♪ >> obviously some problems here. tell us about the film itself if you will, a lot of background music here we're listening to. tell us about the film, if you will. >> "lured" is a film about a man at a moral crossroads. gene, the main character, is unemployed and he uncharacteristically takes a path that leads him to a twisted turn of events. so without leaving too much on the table, it's a great moral tale about today's times and about the employment crisis and about some of the poor decisions that can be made in that type of environment.
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>> what is it that maybe clicks and tells you this is a storyline that i need to get across and what better way than through the film. >> i think we want to cultivate the atmosphere. paul and i had talked about before is trying to build a cinematic farmer's market to revive the culture here in san jose. paul had gone to l.a. and i've been in l.a. we found more work in the bay area. and this is our hometown. >> wow. >> and so we want to try to revive that whole artistic spirit, and i think there's a lot going on here with 40 hour film festival. different festivals and showcase our event. why not make films that are derived from the bay area and then showcase it. >> how difficult is it to break in to break through -- you've
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fou founded it. >> i got my start here and actually was in san jose. i had another career at another lifetime, at a crossroads, and i made a choice to do the things i love. downtown a 3d company and i tried my way down to l.a. you go to l.a. knock on the door down there. i got a live experience, did a lot of things down there. i never shot as metropolitan as i wanted to. it got more cluttered. you find out you need a lot of different things and it complicates the very thing i was doing and i got a camera, i got the people that i knew. we shot a story. we edited and displayed it. very i am am. go down there, the money and i understand that makes sense. when i was down there, it got that way and when i came back, maybe because i had a kid and wanted to raise it here and not in l.a. i understand that. great place, though. came back here and shot more.
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i got more drive and the stories that i love are from places outside. those i love are from abroad. we have the directors in europe or asia and they are not in l.a. that's where my heart was. i felt off but learned a lot, too. i applied the things that i learned down there. i came back here and just tried to -- got to be fired up. and when we tell stories, when i met with juan, we were on the same page. we wanted to tell the stories that we knew and the kascharact on the film, you pick up on it, he was laid off and i experienced that. i know people here understand it. trying to talk about it and that's what i know. it came and people pulled those deeper things out of it. that's great. we don't claim to know it. >> as a screenwriter does being
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latino matter or not matter? that is a storyline being told. >> it matters because i think hollywood has stereo typed people, so many different categories. there are two other people, james davis and jennifer casey, they went to high school here in san jose and jennifer casey is half caucasian, african-american descent and one is irish. for us being latino and participate of an overall broader pool of different cultures from the bay area, that's our environment. so having a different cultural perspective, i think, is key because we are a style of different ingredients and that's an environment we broke up in. you have so many different cultures and you can feed off of that. >> when you're into film haking,
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your gears have to be moving. not just that you have to be a little -- you have to be active, your mind has to keep going. creativity doesn't just spring up on you. you have to work on it and keep thinking of the next step. so you have to be creative in what you're doing. you have to be constant. >> i have to give props to vince lowell for 48 hours. he started here five years ago. we were in the first one. 48 hours, you make up films and show it, show it on a big screen, you see your work displayed where it needs to be seen. large. and doing that, we were in town and that opened our eyes, wow. there is a community here and it's starting small. and when i was here, when i started, there was one. there was a film commission. they shot mad city here when i was working. they don't shoot a lot here. there's a lot of good things
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here. not all have to be epic explosions. it can be a little story that we're talking about and our films can be big. >> i know we're running short on our segment. i have one more question. you tried l.a. can hollywood come to you maybe since you went to hollywood and it didn't work out? can it come to you and say, hey, a couple of young, talented latinos, let's go up there and see what they have to offer? >> it is so interesting you say that. we have talked about that. we consider our company a startup and we're self-reliant. so why not with the area of technology, adobe, let's make films here. turnkey production house where we don't need hollywood, we may want them to support us but we don't need them. and because of that i think you will see great stories produced because of the low cost, high quality film making that can be
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made now because of technology. >> it's always a bad idea when you're the dumbest guy on the show and that's me today. we have some smart guests here today. information on your screen. logon because they have some fascinating other films that are there. right the now they are showcasing lured by a couple of young latinos who say, to heck with it. we'll do it on our own. congratulations. and now here is what's happening in your comunidad.
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and our salute for those celebrating a special day. remember to pick up a copy of the newspaper and support your bilingual weekies all across the bay aarea. we thank you for sharing your sunday.
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