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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hope you're coming off a great weekend. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. between you humming and all the cold weather outside. >> still stuck on bob redell's cloudy forecast. i have your cloudy forecast right here. good morning to you we're looking pretty good. won't find a dploud the sky. clear start. that's making for temperatures in the 20s in gilroy. you're at 28 degrees now. as we wake up tomorrow morning, some cities are going to drop off by an additional 2 degrees for your your lows are now. that's because we lose the wind. wel take you through the forecast and tell you if your city could hit a record low.
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>> christina, we're seeing slower drives through the commute. a disabled vehicle reported in your commute direction at airway and quickly over the last ten minutes we've seen traffic bunching up all the way past the scene. also seeing slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we'll check back with you. >> thank you very much. the post office is set to deliver a plan that could mean the end of overnight mail service and the loss of thousands of jobs. the postal service is closing half the processing centers across the country. damien trujillo is live in the processing center in san jose on lundy avenue, which these days carries a heavier load. >> this officer is doing double the work. it's processing the mail for the city of san jose. now it's processing mail for the city of salinas.
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the post office says it's seen a 20% decline in mail since 2007. much of that is attributed to the internet and e-mails. it's how we communicate now. the postal service will make the big announcement later this morning in the nation's capitol. the agency is expected to make a $3 billion reduction. what it means is that stamped letters may no longer arrive in first-class mail. and the post office has already announced a 1 cent increase in first class mail to 45 cents beginning on january 2nd. they have reductions and layoffs. in all, the post office hopes to save $6.5 billion per year. this whole restructuring will be announced later this morning at the nation's capitol.
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it will be interesting to see what other processing centers might be eliminated. again, half of them in the country will be gone. >> it is 6:03 now. oakland police have five persons of interest in connection to a shooting that injured five people, including a toddler. that shooting happened last monday night. they detained the five peoplen unrelated charges. a 1-year-old was shot in the head during the filming of a rap video in west oakland. lawrence is still in critical condition. police say at least three people opened fire. some of the more than 65 people displaced by a fire in san francisco's tenderloin could move back in. the fire started near levinsworth. a lit cigarette ignited debris.
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only 7 of the 40 units can't be reoccupied today. but the rest of the residents could move in as soon as the power is restored. an investigation is under way into three deaths on bay area train tracks on saturday. all at different stations. all happening at different times. around 10:00 a.m. a man was struck and killed by a fremont train. then a baby bullet train killed a man on the tracks in pal palo alto. then after noon a train hit a woman on the tracks near the menlo park caltrain station. that's five more than all of last year. 6:04 now. san francisco police will begin in-depth training on how to better deal with mentally ill and people under the influence in crisis situations. the first session of the crisis intervention train willing start today and run through sunday. it's meant to expand on the
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instruction the officers already receive. the additional training comes after several highly publicized shootings. good news out of oakland where police officers will soon have extra help. 4 of 25 positions will be filled by a rehiring officer. they will be stationed near several middle schools sfwlchlt if you live on the peninsula or parts of east bay, we have a warning. don't be surprised if you see something different in your faucet. bob redell is live with the treatment being done on your tap water. >> good morning, jon. this is something they'll be starting later today, possiblily. let's say you're going to get your water for the coffee maker, you're going to be filling up the water going what is wrong
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with my water? right now it's fine. maybe it could look cloudy in appearance. it's nothing to worry about. but this is something that could happen if you receive your water from the san francisco public utilities commission on what is behind this. the utility will do work on two water lines in the valley. doing maintenance on one. that means temporarily water won't be coming from the hez voir, which is the usual soirs. instead, it will be diverted instead from local reservoirs. as a result, the water treatment plan in sunol will be working at a greater capacity. and in the process will be more air in the water. so that milk appearance would be air bubbles in the water. we understand eventually the air would dissipate. so again, it's just a warning.
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it's a heads up. the water will still be safe to drink. not everyone in the bay area gets water from the puc. they serve 2.5 million customers in 28 cities and the counties of san francisco. you want to check with your local water provider to see if you would be one of those people. the work should be done in january 7 lt. the first game of the knew year is when the stuff will dissipate and go away. it's clear now. but that could be changes in a few hours. jon? >> thank you very much. great information. 6:07 now. i want to check in with christina loren. you could use a hot cup of joe this morning. a little cold out there. >> full of hot air bubbles. we're looking good so far.
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we have very interesting weather happening. i love realtime weather. areas where you're getting the winds are warming. you can see from the camera taking a look at san francisco. we have a little bit of a shake here. but right at the surface, breezy to calm winds. this is what's happening. take a look at your wind speeds now. at 13 in santa rosa. it's warming you up. we started in the upper 30s. we're now at 55 degrees. and gilroy at 28 degrees this morning. throughout the next couple of hours, the winds will continue to pump, especially through the higher elevations and the east bay hills. but we'll see a lot of sunshine. 62 at redwood city. 60 in fremont. we have freeze warnings in place meaning that you're going to see temperatures near or below freezing for at least three or more hours.
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especially through the interior valleys of the north bay, and the east bay, lows in the 20s and 30sen tonight. widespread frost is certainly possible. the good news is we haven't had significant rainfall. is we're not expecting frost in places, really all that much places like san jose. you might get a little bit of frost as you leave the spr sprinklers on. 25 degrees overnight. 23 in gilroy. we're forecasting temperatures in the 30s, even in oakland. so we'll tell you why it's going to be so cold. how long the cold conditions will last. and of course, what's to come as we head towards the end of the week. highway 4, a better note for that. we're looking at slowing earlier at the 61 on the right. now we just have a little slowing to the 40s there. that's unusually light for
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antioch. we'll show you travel time for the top of the screen. 680 to 24 are not a problem. a live look show i don't say tu bay bridge. probably another four or five minutes until we see the metering lights on. >> 6:10 now. coming up on "today in the bay", a new nbc news poll shows which candidate is taking advantage of herman cain dropping out of the presidential race. and new this morning, concord police are asking for the public's help. someone is shooting ducks and geese in city parks. i'll have the story in a live report. and we give you a live look at downtown san jose. peaceful and quiet. inttle chilly out stchriloila wiln fl ylreou in on the weather in a matter of moments. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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welcome back, everyone. newt gingrich's presidential campaign is picking up steam. the march poll shows gingrich is leading iowa with 26%. still a few weeks away from the iowa caucuses it appears he is picking up herman cain's supporters. mitt romney is in second place in the poll. ron paul in third almost tied with romney. >> we had the flavors of the month up and down in the campaign. i would like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade. gingrich is meeting with donl trump. you can find out more on the today show at 7:00 a.m. it is official, your team is going to the playoffs. they clinched the nfc west
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division title with the win 26-0 over the rams yesterday. still four games left in the regular season. this will mark the first post season trip for the 49ers since 2002. the 49ers travel to arizona to take on the arizona cardinals next sunday. the raiders now second place in division this morning. the broncos and tim tebow with another comeback winning their fifth straight game. they now have identical records. but the broncos hold the all important tie-breaker. next up is a trip to green bay to face the mighty and undefeated packers. 6:14. we know that at least one person is headed to the super bowl. nfl announcing madonna will perform in the halftime show. super bowl will be on sunday february 5th right here on nbc
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bay area. >> you can always expect something you new and unique. >> exactly. a malfunction of the wardrobe. let's check in with christina loren on the weather. >> we all suffered for that. good porng to you. we're looking good this morning. we have really nice looking weather ahead for the second half of today and tonight when we see temperatures so, so cold. actually warranting freeze warnings and frost advisories in some cities. we'll show you which ones in a minute. sustained wind speeds keeping things nice and mild. down in the south bay, we're starting to see very cold conditions settle in. dense cold air settling right to the surface. that's why you're at 28 in gilroy. 38 in sunnyvale. 37 in santa roouz right by the ocean. you basically slice the bay area
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in half. you can see where the wind is keeping things mild. 55 in santa rosa. novato is 50. 63 at noon as you break for lunch. might need the jacket. can take it off in san jose later today. 65 in santa rosa. so here it is. freeze warning in place. that could lead to a hard freeze in certain location ls. turn your sprinklers off. frost advisory for the east bay interior valleys where it won't be as cold for as long. still cold enough for frost over the bridges and overpasses. right now we have mid-50s. 25 degrees at this time tomorrow
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morning. 23 in gilroy. this is typically the coldest point of the day. seven-day outlook shows you we have a couple cold nights. but the afternoons will be sunny and mild. we'll get sunshine all week long. no rain in the forecast. warmer as we head into your friday. over the court of the weekend, sun and clouds. we'll see more onshore flow. fog back in the mix. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> a warning through friends driving through cupertino. northbound 85 over the next few minutes. likely to see traffic break northbound 85. there's a tire rolling around the highway there. we want to make sure that gets off the roadway, as well as the folks trying to clear it for us. we have construction that may have a crew or two on 880 between old bay shore highway and 280 for that stretch. no major disturbance to the flow of traffic. the crews should be cleared out of the area. the rest of the speed sensors show a nice drive in the
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northbound commute direction out of the south bay and down the lower bay shore freeway. 101 as well as 280. a smooth drive up the peninsula and down out of san francisco as well. other side of the bay, we're looking over at the livermore drive where we had the earlier disabled vehicle over here at airway, that's cleared from the commute direction. still, it's a slow drive all the what out of the altamon pass. we'll get a look at the oakland coliseum and passing there. investigators are looking into a disturbing animal cruelty case in the east bay. more than a dozen geese and ducks were shot and killed in recent weeks. christie smith joins us live from concord. we understand a goose is struggling to survive. >> yeah, i think it was hit in the leg. the story is just awful.
6:19 am
someone is coming in overnight or in the early morning hours and shooting at ducks and geese in two city parks in concord leaving them for family members to find the next day. the video we have of this is disturbing, but it certainly shows you what's happening here at new hall park. this weekend at least four geese were found dead, and another one was found limping. investigators think someone is using a pellet gun or a bb gun and shooting at them. this isn't the first time they been found shot here. there were also similar incidents here and at willow pass park in recent weeks. neighbors, as you can certainly understand, are really upset. >> blood on one side. but i didn't see an exit wound. >> anybody willing to do that is -- needs to be found and prosecuted. >> if caught the shooter could face a long list of charges.
6:20 am
animal cruelty is a felon in california. i do have calls into the police department for an update on their investigation. if you have any information on who is responsible, you are asked to call the concord police departmen department. >> the time is 6:20. coming up, a san francisco hotel challenging the museum of modern arts expapgs. we'll tell you exactly why. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks.
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welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. we can tell you it's going to be cold this week. christina loren will fill in the blanks. this morning the giants are coming out swinging to protect their claim to the south bay. they are supporting a claim filed by a coalition group which argued san jose's environmental revul of a proposed stadium sight isn't up to snuff. they argued they should not sell discounted land to the team without putting it to a public vote. major league baseball considers san jose to be giants territory. bud selig is expected to announce if that is about to change some time soon. congress could stand in the way
6:24 am
of art in san francisco. the "w" hotel is seeking to block the expansion of the museum of modern art. the hotel filed an appeal of the environmental impact report. the city board of supervisors will hold an appeal next month. take a look at this. a multi-million dollar car check. drivers of 14 luxury cars smashed into each other. eight ferraris, three mercedes and a lamborghini. a couple of toyotas thrown in there. the damage issest mated at a grand total of $3.8 million. a few of the drivers went to the hospital for cuts and bruises, no one was seriously injured. fonchts nothing a little touch-up paint can't fix. they are taking a huge step into
6:25 am
the commuting. by buying the silicon valley company for $3 billion. ny way you cut it, that's a huge price tag. at least they will be when the deal closes. they are talking about the deal right now on a conference call with reporters. he says the price tag is justified. they make business software. it's not very sexy. but $3.2 billion, that's pretty sexy. research in motion has thrown in the towel on the blackberry playbook tablet saying it lost half a billion on a terrible product. truly one of the worst gadgets to cross my deck in years. this is on the first sales of the latest blackberry bold in this country. 5,000 people standing in line
6:26 am
for a phone you can barely give away in the united states. the head of research in motion faces criminal charges. if that weren't enough, air canada says two research in motion executives got so drunk on a flight from canada to china the airplane had to be diverted. not a good week for them. >> good point on that. still to come on "today in the bay", your drive to work could be slower thanks to construction meant to eventually ease the morning kmutd. the u.s. postal service is announcing sweeping changes today. and it's already cold to start you hout this week. even colder as we head through tonight. frost warnings, freeze warnings in place. we'll tell you where when they're expected to expire in the full weather forecast. and if you're crossing the bay bridge, stick around for my next report. we have an accident on the
6:27 am
s-curb approaching treasure island. i'll give you the details when we come back.
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i'm damien trujillo, live in san jose. how the recent changes at the post office will affect you. >> and why some may be saying good-bye to clear tap water coming up. and we give you a live look outside. i want to know, can i get some fries with that shake? that is downtown san francisco. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. quickly approaching 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley.
6:30 am
time to check in for your monday forecast. >> may have to shake us to stay warm. it's cold fchl you can believe it, we'll be almost 20 degrees cooler as we wake up this time tomorrow morning. you're at 27. bone chilling cold in gilroy. throughout the afternoon you'll see a lot of sunshine. but we'll tell you why it's going to be so cold and if your city is under a freeze warning or frost advisory coming up. starting to get busy out there. we have a look at the incline. it is jammed up now. a look at the treasure island side on the san francisco side of things. i called if for wrong camera.
6:31 am
that's my fault. fire crews are on scene. >> we'll check back with you if a little bit. rain or shine, the one thing we counted on is the u.s. mail. postal service the closing half the processing centers across the sunt. they are carrying a heavier load these days. good morning. >> good morning, laura. yes, this center is now carrying the load of the city of salinas. this is a revamping of the business plan. a lot of changes. the post sufs is in trouble. so later this morning, on the east coast they will announce
6:32 am
major changes to that business model. they will close half the processing centers, like this one here in san jose. and hundreds of layoffs are expected from the uspc. and the price of a stamp is going up one cent to 45 cents beginning on january 22nd. they have to do something fast to avoid bankruptcy. what does this mean for you at home if you use the mail? that piece of mail might arrive a day or two late. unless kwlou plan ahead t birthday card or care package or christmas card might not reach the destination on time. without the change they would
6:33 am
have to file for bankruptcy. they see that. they're set to announce mayor changes later this morning. we're live in san jose, i'm damien trujillo, back to you. thank you for showing us first. 6:32. officials are hoping to ston a planned protest. they've ticken out a full page ad to spread the word. port officials say because they handle $48.5 million of imports and exports, a shut down would be costly. a think that it is unwisely targeting the port. shutting down this port is not going to advance the goal of decreasing income disparity in the country. again, the people who work here are the 99%. >> it's really disheartening to see what the port of oakland said. it's good to know we have them scared. this action is hitting at the real wheels and gears of what
6:34 am
some would call the 1%. it is 6:# 3. get ready for more delays on a free mont road already notorious for traffic backup. two of the four lanes will be closed from belmont drive to warm springs boulevard. that means delays during commute time. the work is all to prepare for the bart to san jose extension. the work is expected to be completed in january. there will be a change the the water of a treatment from tap water and parts of the peninsu peninsula. bob redell is live with a look at what homeowners should be expecting. good morning, bob.
6:35 am
>> good morning. this could be this last morning in a while we'll be able to brush our teeth with clear water. starts later today the water will take on a cloudy appearance. it will have a lot of air bubbles to give it that appearance. this should only be affecting people who receive the water from the san francisco public utilities kmis. the utility is doing work on two lines in the central valley. one line is being maintained. they will not be able to use the reservoir to get the water. inthey'll rely on local reservoirs. in the process of doing the extra work and running at higher
6:36 am
capacity, you get more air in the water. as i said, this means the water is safe to drink. by the way they serve around 28 cities in the bay area. you can see if the water is supplied by the puc. it's affecting 2.5 million customers in the bay area. jon, laura? >> i want to get updated when it comes to the forecast for the workweek. it's dry out there in some cities. fairfield, concord, livermore, humidities down in the 30% range. we still have northerly winds through the area. you're at 13 miles per hour in santa rosa. i want to point something out. calm winds really make a difference in terms of your
6:37 am
temperature this morning. 27 in gilroy. 37 in santa cruz. 39 in sunnyvale where the winds are light. we're expecting a 30-degree drop off. there's a low for tomorrow. we're not going to have the winds. so forecasting near record lows in the north bay and east bay. san jose could break a temperature record. 38 overnight in oakland. we have a freeze warning if place until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll show you when it's expected to warm up. those numbers coming up in just a minute. first, let's get you out the front door with mike inouye. >> allow for extra time across the bay bridge now. this is a sloef dry here. but over the last five minutes i have seen some flashing lights. a couple of crews making their way up the incline to the
6:38 am
s-curve where the accident blocked tlooesz one lane. and likely slowing the metering lights as well. we have over 25 minutes as your drive time approaching the area. no delays. i'll show you the richmond coming up. back to you. >> it's 6:38. oakland police say they have persons of interest in the shooting of a toddler. we'll have the update coming up. plus, possiblily a new swine flu. we'll tell you about a warning for the centers for disease control. we'll have that next in a l .eiv [ mom ] hey guys.
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welcome back. we want to check in with tracie potts live in washington with more on a new health threat. good norng. >> laura, good morning. h3n2 is what they're calling it now. in new strain has already affected ten americans. all of them but one, children. but it's mild. very mild symptoms, at least to far. no deaths or serious illnesses or hospitalizations or anything like that. today the cdc is expected to brief us about how widespread this is. it's already a mild flu season
6:42 am
to the start. in fact, californians only seeing sporadic cases. what we know habit this is that people over 21 may already have immunity to the strain. the big focus is children. it's not in the flu shot or flu mist that they're going to get so far this season. that was already in production. now manufacturers have to develop a new vaccine just for the strain. and they're in the process of trying to get that done during this current flu season. the concern the cdc has is back in 2009, remember, swine flu, a lot of concern about that. turns out not to be as big as we initially thought. and they're concerned that people won't really pay attention to this. the bottom line and advice is to get your flu shot. >> so if you've already received it, though, would this be a booster if they can find the particular strain? >> very similar to what we saw
6:43 am
in 2009. people got their regular flu shot and then the other as well. that's very likely what they do. tracie potts, thank you. >> it's 6:43. coming up, next a delivery could be a thing of the past. a look at the changes the postal service is looking to make in a live report. what doeshet for the largest user of the u.s. postal mail? gra-d, breat [ male announcer ] a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. [ woman ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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canceled the wind advisory. 22 miles per hour sustained from the north. that's keeping temperatures on the mild side. let's keep it to the wind readings and show you the places that are warmer. wherever you see the high winds we have warm conditions this morning. we have calm winds. it's downright cold. 27 in gilroy, for example. you're at 37 in santa cruz. 39 in sunnyvale, versus 55 where you get the wind in santa rosa. 51 up in wine country. as we head through tonight, that breeze relaxes entirely. so we're expecting calm winds as a result. we're all going to drop off to the 20s in some cities. but we all drop off substantially through tonight. temperatures in the 30s in places like oakland. let's talk about what to expect for today. at noon temperatures gradually climb to the upper 50s, low 60s. fair field at 62 degrees as you break for lunch there.
6:47 am
you'll probably need a jacket or sweater all day long. 60 degrees in san francisco with breezes dropping off through the second half of your day. the wind mixes your air around. that's why you stay warmer with the dry, northerly breezes. i'm talking about mid-20s. potentially breaking temperature records. very early to see this with temperatures fall into the low 20s. frost advisories in place. a freeze warning for the north bay interior valleys. that is in effect 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on tuesday. we expect the freeze warning because temperatures in the north bay are expected to fall below freezing for three or more hours. just a frost advisory. sub freezing temperatures for at least an hour or so down through the east bay interior valleys.
6:48 am
we're all going to wake up cold. make sure you have the winter coat ready to go. temperature wise, we don't drop off all that much, except for wednesday. 59 degrees. we have a little bit more fog. that will make the overnight lows more comfortable. let's find out if you can get comfortable on the roadways, stuck in traffic, or is it a smooth drive? >> for the most part it's okay, but the bay bridge is what big focus. you're looking at huge backup from oakland to san francisco. we might have a chopper shot. that's better. there they are. as you can see, and we just got confirmation. it involves an ac transit bus. they don't know how many people were on board or how many injuries. it doesn't look like a serious information. they are hooking up one of the cars involved. that's causing all the slowg from the oakland side. one of the cars is getting
6:49 am
pulled from the bridge. it's a slower drive through berkeley. coming out of richmond, consider using the richmond san rafael bridge if you want. that's a good alternate for you or tough it out. to the south you can use the san mateo bridge. there's a good volume of traffic. no wind issues. a smooth drive to the peninsula. and 101 is moving nicely into and out of san francisco right now as well. the south bay, we're just showing slowing to the northbound 101 routes. i'll show that to you guys coming up. back to you. it is 6:49. investigators are looking into a disturbing discovery at an east bay park. more than a dozen geese and ducks were shot and killed recent weeks. the latest happening over the weekend. christie smith joins us live from concord with the latest.
6:50 am
good morning. >> good morning, laura. families come here to feed the ducks and geese and to see them. and now someone is shooting at them. leaving the animals here, the wounded and dead ones for families to find in the morning. the video is disturbing. it tells you what is happening here in concord. four geese found shot here this weekend. another one is wounded. police say there have been similar incidents here a and at willow park in recent weeks. investigators think someone is using a bb gun or pellet gun to shoot at them. animal control is looking into it. so is the concord police department. i have to say that animal cruelty is a felon here in california. of course police are asking anyone with any information on who is responsible to please give them a call. reporting live, i'm christie
6:51 am
smi smith. back to you guys in san jose. so sad. thank you, christi. the post office is delivering a new plan today. it could mean the end of overnight mail delivery. the agency closing half of the processing centers across the country. and that means slower mail service. they are carrying a much heavier load these days. good morning, damien. good morning. they had to close the office. things are doubling up for the folks here. the uspc needs to save a lot of money and fast. they've been operating in the red for years. they've seen a 20% decline in mail since 2007. the postal service will make the big anounlsment later this morning. over on the east coast. now all the agencies are
6:52 am
expected to make a $3 billion reduction to the operations. that means stamped letters may no longer arrive the next day, for first-class mail. unless you plan ahead, your postcard or birthday card or christmas card may arrive a day or two late because of the changes. they already announced an increase to 45 cents on january 22nd. and to top it off, 700 other local post offices will be closing because of all of these changes. the post office is in trouble. it knows it. it's trying to make changes to make sure it stays afloat. it's 6:52 now. redwood city police are looking for the person who shot two people outside a burger king. it happened just after 7:00 in the parking lot on middle field road near woodside road. the manager at the restaurant
6:53 am
says a regular customer walked in with a bullet wound and asked for help. live at children's hospital in oakland after being shot in the head. police sources tell the chronicle the five people questioned may be connected to a gang. those displaced by a an apartment fire will get to go home today. many of them waking up in a shelter by the red cross. they tore through the building on howard street yesterday morning. firefighters think it was caused by a cigarette that was burning.
6:54 am
an investigation is under way to three deaths on bay area train tracks on saturday. all at different stations and at different times. about an hour later a baby bullet train kill had man on the tracks of the california avenue cal train station in palo alto. there have been 16 deaths on track this is year. >> california's high speed rail authority under fire this morni morning. the agency spent more than 7 million dollars on public relations and other outreach. according to the chronicle.
6:55 am
the feds have cut funding if the year. and without that funding the future of the entire line is in doubt. and a move to recall the mayor from office is gaining momentum. the city clerk is expected to approve a commission to recall her this week. supporters have about five months to gather 20,000 signatures to qualify the measure for the november ballot. mayor quan calls the recall unfair, pointing out she's only been in office 11 months. supporters argue her accomplishmentaccomplis accomplishments are overshadowed by occupy oakland. more trouble for a crippled nuclear plant in northeastern japan. officials at fukushima say a small amount of radioactive water leaked into the pacific ocean but the spill has been
6:56 am
contained. the plant was severely damaged during a magnitude 9.0 oert wake and tsunami in march. here's ann curry to show us what they're working on this morning on the "today show." coming up on a monday morning, newt gingrich meets with donl trump on the heels of the suspension of the herman cain campaign. we'll talk about the plan to moderate a republican debate. he'll join us for an exclusive live interview. also ahead, how is host julianna ramsic doing after she revealed her breast cancer diagnosis later on today? and her first exercise video revolutionized the industry. now jane fonda is back with the boomers.
6:57 am
frankly, we're almost in that age category when we start on monday morning on today. thank you very much. er miss usa could face 93 days in jail for a dui arrest. police arrested her early saturday morning in michigan. she won the crown back in 2010. her attorney says she was driving a friend's car because she figured her friend was too druk to drive at that point but then realized she was at too drunk. she was pulling over when police saw her. that different story than what she tried to tell on twitter. saturday she tweeted, let's clear things up now. i'm not in michigan. i'm not in jail. wrong fakih. that tweet has just been removed. south bay company getting trading startd this morning. scott mcgrew joins us with more. we're taking a look at the markets now.
6:58 am
this after they said it was slow delivery of mail. the head of sap just finished a conference call with reporters talking about his company's purchase of success factor. this helps sap get the software into the cloud. the $3.2 billion company. and scientists will announce they've discovered more new planets. the telescope looks for earth-like planets in the solar system. other solar systems, turning tout be one of the most successful projects ever. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's check the forecast one last time with christina loren. good morning to you.
6:59 am
59 degrees by the water. bundle up tonight. temperatures the downright cold. frost advisory in place in the morning. east bay will be very cold. elsewhere, downright chilly. we'll have lows for you tomorrow morning here at this time. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> as promised i'm going to show our friends the south bay commute. northbound is slow from capitol express way towards the san jose international airport. still no word on injuries. clearly must not have been that serious. here's the backup on the routes for the north or from the east. the east shore freeway. highway 24 and 580 all jammed up because of the early jer slowdown that cleared from the bay bridge. back to you. we'll have a local news update at 7:25 and every half


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