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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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morning. about 1,400 protesters took to the streets this morning. they shut down or they say they were able to shut down several terminals, and indeed we saw lines of trucks parked out there unable to get in or out of the port. now, today the port of oakland tried to down play the situation. they told us in a briefing at noon that the port was fully functional and that traffic was flowing in and out. and certainly that may have been the case at some terminals. but when we returned to the terminals late this afternoon, again, we saw rowth of truckers. one man told me he had been out there since 5:00 this morning waiting to get in and he was very, very frustrated. now, the protesters tell us they think that this is a very visible target. they've been moved, as you know, from frank ogawa plaza, their encampment was cleared out several weeks ago. they feel this is another move where they can make a mark and
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they are doing just that tonight. we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, jodi hernandez reporting live from frank ogawa applause intra. let's turn to elise kirschner at the port. we've seen live pictures of hundreds of people walking toward the port. what is the situation where you are right now? >> reporter: as you can see the protesters have not arrived here. and there were about a dozen or so officers in riot gear. they just took off five minutes ago, we're not sure where they went. i want to show you video of marchers coming from the west oakland bart station. again, to the port. their goal is to try to prevent workers from starting the night shift here. because occupy protesters say they want to cut into the profits of corporations that run the docks. apparently they've already been successful in doing that. we've just been able to speak to representatives at the longshore and warehouse union and they say workers will not be coming into
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work this evening for the night shift. that's because emploirls have not requested any workers because they fear it will not be safe for them with the hundreds of marchers. so if that does happen the protesters will essentially shut down operations this evening. again, we are not sure if that's going to happen. all we do know is that marchers, hundreds of them, are coming from the west oakland bart station. that's about two miles away from where i'm standing. so it should take them about 40, 45 minutes to walk here. we of course will be here monitoring the situation. we'll be live again coming up on nbc bay area at 6:00. let's show you what it looked like in long beach today. operations there briefly interrupted. some 200 activists rallied, blocking the entrance to that port. they also picketed the shipping company that's partially owned by an investment bank, goldman sachs. police did move in to herd the group to a nearby parking lot,
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and there were two arrests. i want to show you once again that throng of hundreds of people that as we've been showing you are walking toward the oakland port. elise kirschner is there on the site. as you saw the protesters have not arrived at the shipping area yet but they are en route. of course, we're going to continue to cover that for you and we'll have more on as soon as they arrive. we'll take you back to that scene. in other news the coast guard says the oil spill from a sunken tug boat in richmond doesn't appear to be threatening wildlife. the sunken tug is located at ship yard number 3 at the end of canal boulevard in richmond. oil response teams used booms and skimmers to keep leaking oil away. no wildfire life has been impacted. saturday the historic naval tug "tiger" sunk for unknown reasons in the richmond harbor, a
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sensitive bird habitat. >> any sensitive sites that have been predetermined when we work with state fish and game, we try to pool those off as soon as possible. >> the coast guard says it warned the tug boat's owner back in october the ship was unstable. it says the owner, based in greece, has not responded and could face penalties. a veteran nonprofit is feeling unlucky, the latest victim of a supermarket credit card scam. the blue star moms heard about the problem and checked their records after shopping at a fremont store. sure enough, they found $3,000 in unauthorized purchases. the money would have been spent in packages for soldiers overseas. savemart is working with police to find the thieves. the secret service is investigating. the end of the war brought president obama together with
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iraq's prime minister in washington, d.c. today. the last remaining troops will leave iraq by the end of the month. almost nine years i can't remember prime minister nuri al maliki paid respects at arlington national sell tern. many of the nearly 4,500 soldiers killed in iraq are bury the there. later, he and president obama addressed reporters. >> we think a successful democratic iraq can be a model for the entire region. >> is there any reason to trust maliki? >> no! >> former homeland security secretary tom ridge spoke at a protest demonstrating against iraq because its closest ally is now iran which ridge called a "terrorist nation." the u.s. will try to maintain ties with iraq by staging gent training with its soldiers in e coming months. up next on "nightly news," ted koppel takes us into iraq to look into claims the u.s. september really leaving the country. talk about a rough start to the week for your money. a big drop in the stock market just as people are in the thick of holiday shopping.
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nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the numbers and what's behind it. scott, not good for confidence, not exactly at this time either. >> exactly, it would be nice right now to know your portfolio was growing ahead of big shopping bills. not today, though. more workers worried about the strength of the european economy, pushing american bank stocks lower. because investors are getting nervous about the business our banks do over in europe. also hit hard, silicon valley tech stocks. santa clara chip giant intel is warning about less money. flooding in thailand is hurting supplies for personal computers. fewer pc sales mean fewer sales for the chips inside them, often made by intel. one bright spot today, netflix. the los gatos company's market value has tumbled so far, it's now the object of a takeover rumor. today's rumor has verizon looking to buy netflix. no comment from either company but netflix shares getting a welcome boost up 6% on the day.
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still to come, the sandusky sex abuse scandal. the former penn state coach prepares to face his abusers as new questions surface did a key witness in the case. a turnaround in the state's budget woes. a south bay park saved from closing and why that solution could help keep other parks en > open. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a very cold day out here, pnty of cloud cover, temperatures already dropping into the low 50s. no doubt tonight we'll be talking about widespread 30s. also patchy frost. we'll let you know where fog may develop and we're tracking showers coming up. getting the last word. alec baldwin is making light of getting kicked off a flight but airline employees aren't laughing. ♪
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a new development tonight in the case against former penn state assistant football coach sandusky. a key witness in the case mike mccarey testified earlier to a grand jury that he saw sandusky sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in the locker room in 2002. now mcqueary family friends say mcqueary told him three times he only heard sexual sounds in the shower. sandusky will be in court tomorrow where he will face his accusers in more than 50 charges of child sex abuse. in the meantime a california assembly man is trying to prevent what happened at penn state from happening in the golden state. sacramento assembly man roger dickinson will introduce a bill that would require coaches, administrators and athletic directors to report child abuse, neglect and inappropriate contact with children. current law doesn't require people in those positions to report those offenses. >> the lack of reporting in these occurrences by grown
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adults to the proper legal authorities, to the police, is dispaying and simply unacceptable. this has to stop. >> dickinson says he plans on introducing the bill in january when the state legislature reconvenes. a man convicted of posing as a utility worker to kill a san francisco woman will serve 50 years to life for the crime. a judge sentenced gary scott holland today, who waived his right to appeal. holland killed 46-year-old publicist kathleen horan in her home. he posed as a pg&e employee to get in her apartment. get ready for change. the irs is looking to give you money back. the agency is trying to send over $150 million in tax refunds that couldn't be delivered because of mailing address errors. almost $100,000 taxpayers haven't received their returns, including 13,000 people in california. the checks average about $1,500
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apiece. if you haven't received your return, go to and use the "where's my refund" tool to check why. a national home improvement chain is in the hot seat after it pulled ads from a reality show that centers on muslim-americans. the california senator is threatening a boycott against the stores. lowe's pulled advertising from the reality tv show "all-american muslim." state senator ted lieu wants lowe's to apologize for what he calls naked religious bigotry and says the company should return its advertising to the program on the tlc cable network. >> what lowe's did was shocking to me. they basically took a view that because a conservative association said people who were muslim were dangerous, therefore they're going to honor that request and pull their advertising from a very tame show. >> lowe's issued two statements on sunday. one apologizing for making some people very unhappy, and the other to say the retailer has
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asked to meet with senator lou. we're in the throes of hot day shopping and more and more people are buying online gifts. that means workers at shipping companies are busier than santa's else. today the busiest shipping day of the year. fed ex says it will move 17 million packages today which is a record for the company. the fed ex plant in san jose will ship 16,000 packages just today. all of it's good news on a couple of fronts. one, companies like fed ex and u.p.s. have hired new employees to answer demand. two, consumers are feeling better about the economy. a recent cnbc survey shows double-digit growth this year. >> looks like people are purchasing packages and getting ready for the christmas holiday. >> fed ex says you can ship packages as late as friday and still have them arrive by christmas eve. google's home page celebrates one of the people who
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put the silicon in silicon valley. today would have been robert noyce's 84th bird day. he's one of the founders of fairchild semi conductor in 1957. he went on to co-found intel. a popular south bay park will remain open thanks to generous people. one of seven state parks slated for closure because of budget cuts, now a group of preservationists including private citizens and silicon valley businesses raised enough money to keep it open and operating for three years. that includes paying for two full-time state park officers, a full-time maintenance workers, and two seasonal park aides. it's the largest state park in california with more than 87,000 acres. a chilly day on the freeway. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> i could have used some gloves
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out there. the kind of day where you wanted to stay in bed and sleep, in make something warm, chili or something like that. it was definitely chilly out here. take a look at the radar. we have a few showers off to the south. while we did have shower activity sunday and early this morning a lot of this is starting to wind down on the back side of this event. we're not expecting too much to develop. a few areas of showers could move in. other than that, once again, we're on a drying trend. also with the skies clearing out, numbers wasting no time in dropping off. early 46 in novato. 48 in napa. 51 in concord. 49 in the east bay. we'll have 30s tonight. isolated areas of 20s. that will mean more patchy frost to start as we head through tomorrow morning. also areas of fog developing in some of the areas with the calmest winds. as we head throughout tuesday it's going to stay dry with plenty of sunshine and cold mornings to come. where we're seeing winds the
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most in the north bay to san francisco, that's where we'll find patchy fog developing the most for tonight. that's also where we could have isolated 20s. that storm that we had this weekend that was lingering around throughout sunday and this morning, it's pushing off towards the south. los angeles getting most of the rain. but for us, once again, we're on the drying side of this. we'll be done with this system tomorrow. we'll start to see high pressure build in, namely to help bring us sunny amps and also slightly warmer temperatures coming our way. so as we hook ahead toward the next 48 hours, we'll find areas of fog for the morning hours. by the afternoon, sunny skies. temperatures in the 60s. plenty of cold mornings still lining up for us for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. some of the coldest weather to start for tomorrow morning up into santa rosa with 29. napa 30. 34 in san rafael. 32 in livermore. 34 in gill roy. 36 into the hills of los gatos. so for tomorrow morning, once again, we'll find some patchy frost, especially for the east bay and also for the north bay.
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and those roadways will be slick. where we find fog like in the north bay, we may get freezing fog developing which will slow down your commute tuesday morning. by amp, sunny skies. 57 napa. 58 concord. into the north bay, we'll look at 57 in novato. 56 in novato, 57 san rafael. morning time,, go there, click the weather tab, get your latest weather update. we have a brand-new iphone app. download that. it is sweet. >> here? >> yes, it is here. dry weather wednesday, thursday, friday. upper 50s and low 60s inland. mid 50s at the coastline. and it looks like we're going to be smooth sailing here once again in the afternoons. plenty of cold mornings ahead. >> are you going to download that app for me? i don't know how. >> i'll hook up your phone, yes. let's get an update. the occupy movement on the move from downtown oakland going into
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the port of oakland. as you can see. let's check in with jodi hernandez live at frank ogawa plaza where protesters left in the past hour. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that hundreds of protesters are making their way to the port. they left here from frank ogawa plaza about an hour ago to make the three mile or so trek to the port of oakland. their numbers are growing. i just talked to a photographer who is stationed at the west bart station. another contingent also of several hundred protesters has left there just within the last couple of minutes. they are all heading to the port of oakland. their aim, to shut down operations tonight. i did talk to a spokesperson from the longshoremans union a short time ago. he said late today a collective decision was made by the company that operate the port not to call in any longshoremen tonight. that means several hundred longshoremen will be staying home and no operations will be
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happening at the port tonight. so the protesters have been successful in terms of that. they are also declaring victory for their actions this morning. about 1,400 protesters march to the port this morning, blocked several entrances to the terminals there, and stalled operations. we are told about 160 longshoremen were told to go home this morning. we were out there this morning and this afternoon. and there were dozens of trucks lined up. they weren't able to come in or out. this afternoon, however, the motor of oakland wrs kind of trying to down play the situation. they said that the port was fully functional. and that operations were taking place, although they had some sporadic distractions. again, when we went out there late today it didn't look like anything was happening. all the machinery was shut down. there was no movement. and that long line of trucks remained outside the port. again, we got word late today
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that the longshoremen have decided -- have been told not to report to work tonight. that means all those truckers are going to be sitting out there all night. they have not made decision yet what will happen to the morning shift. those folks come in at about 3:00 this morning. they said that they haven't even gotten that far. that will be their next decision, what to do in the morning. i will tell you that one of the protesters, one of the organizers told me that there is talk that this blockade could possibly stretch into tomorrow. so that is the very latest. again, protesters on the march, they've got to be getting close to reaching the port of oakland at this hour, and we will continue to keep you updated. >> okay, thanks, jodedi. they are reaching the port of oakland right now. we'll be keeping an eye on it and bring you the latest at 6:00 p.m. >> we'll bring you a live report as soon as it's warranted. celebrities behaving badly usually run away from the cameras. alec baldwin doing the opposite. a surprise cameo on "saturday
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night live" that has american airlines feeling not so friendly. they're not reindeer. but these animals are spreading a little holiday cheer. to very deserving children. [ female aouncer ] martinli's g gold medal sparkling cider
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. after last week's dispute with flight attendant, not only did american airlines not get an apology from alec baldwin, it got skewered on "saturday night live." >> you want to apologize to alec baldwin? >> yes, mr. baldwin is an american treasure. >> baldwin was escorted off the plane, you might remember, after refusing supposedly to turn off his ipad during a game of words with friends while parked at the gate. many in the airline industry are not laughing at baldwin's appearance on "saturday night live." >> i was disappointed that it was making light of something that's fairly serious and poking fun at a group of employees that are very proud and an historic airline going through a tough period.
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>> flight attendants are angry asking that "30 rock" be yanked from american airlines' in-flight entertainment. they're considering banning alec baldwin from future flights swld. michele bachmann learned her october attempt to break the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours was successful. 300,000 people participated around the world. the event was also part of the first lady's "let's move" initiative to promote fitness and healthy eating for children. >>t so l
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some sick children in the east bay received some holiday cheer today. blacky and wendy jingled their way through george marks children's hospital in san
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leandro. the miniature horses are long-time therapy animals and frequent visitors to the children's recovery center. they navigate the hallways, the nursing stations and have a bedside manner that's patient and gentle. we'll have more on the traveling tails program coming up at 6:00. we're continuing to monitor the situation at occupy oakland and the protesters have just arrived at the port of oakland. we'll have full coverage for you coming up at 6:00. for now "nightly news" is next.
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