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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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started last night. i'll have that story, plus what neighbors saw. a weekend of violence in san jose is bolstering a police argument that they don't have time for burglary alarms. also a woman what was the alleged victim of a machete attack. and a live look outside the golden gate bridge. two cars. where is everyone? it's the new year. time to get up, wam up. >> from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." i guess not. if you're lucky enough to have the day off. ease into it. good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. we check back with christina loren to tell us about this new year feel we're having out there
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yesterday we broke temperature records in three cities across the bay. today not quite as warm. but we're dealing with something else this morning. we have smours out there, and it looks like the front is going to fall apart on shore. however, if it maintains organization the first showers around 8:00 a.m. for hayward and san mateo. so we'll keep tracking these for you. looking good this week. looking good. we have a few reports of debris. let's look at oakland 880. i told you earlier about debris. actually metal sticking out just north of high street. another report at 66 with no major details. these may be separate reports. both affecting the south lane. you see the light volume of
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traffic. so not a problem. just watch for the crews. you might have a lane blocked just for a few. >> good to know. >> you got it. 6:01 now. investigators are back at the scene of a fire in san francisco right now. there's some evidence that new year's day blaze between frederick and waller was intentionally set. today in the bay's christie smith is live? san francisco where firefighters are keeping an eye on the site. good morning, christi. >> good morning to you, jon. i spoke with a neighbor who came rushing outside because she heard the fire truck was outside here. she wanted to make sure everything was okay. she saw flames shooting out of the home skrus a few doors down from her own house. and firefighters are still on scene this morning. but they're on fire watch, just making sure it doesn't flair up again. they're waiting for arson investigators to get out here after flames tore through a vicktorian. it quickly spread to two other
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homes. it took more than 100 firefighters an hour to knock it down. neighbors say she grabbed what she could and got out. >> you can tell it was hopping over to the next house. i have solar panels. so they landed on this one. and they were fighting it from all sides. >> one person was take on the the hospital. another person was treated on the street. nearly a dozen people were displaced. they are getting help for people who have petting. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, jon and laura, back to you. >> thanks a lot. fire investigators trying to figure out what started a fire that destroyed a home in san
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jose. they are trying to keep them from spreading to other houses. that house right no is a total loss. >> in the meantime, more arson fires in los angeles. police are releasing surveillance video of a person of interest in what is now some 50 fires over the weekend. police stress he's a person of interest and is not a suspect. overnight there were at least 11 hr fires on top of the 39 suspicious fires they are investigating. in some instances the flames jumped to carports and apartments. a man hunt for a gunman in mount ranier national park. 34-year-old margaret anderson was killed during a routine traffic stop.
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she was the mother of two young children, and her husband is also a park ranger. deputies identified benjamin colton barns as the strong person of interest after weapons and body arkansas more were found in the car. he's an iraq war veteran with survivalist skill ls. >> we have a dangerous situation. somebody with a high powered weapon not afraid to use it. more than 100 visitors who were in the park at the time of the shooting spent the night at a visitors center. a man in san francisco is in the hospital after a car hit him. it happened late last night on westbound 80 near fourth street. the driver stopped and
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cooperated with highway patrol. san jose police say they have arrested the woman responsible for the city's 41st homicide of 2011. she was covered if blood. she called police saying a man attacked her and killed another woman inside the house. investigators' suspicions turned to her after hay found a bloody machete in the backyard of the home. they have yet to say what the relationship was to the murdered weapon. neighbors think the victim was the mother. >> the new year started off as a violent one for the city of san jose. bob redell join us live. crime is the very reason police
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say that will no longer respond to burglary alarms. >> good morning, laura. a policy that went into effect yesterday, january 21st. it was planned in advance. several people were stabbed. two people were shot. one of whom is still fighting for his life. you can see there were four different locations for the incidents. the violence started at 10:00. someone shot a man and a teenage boy at an end of the year party. it's one of those victims who have in critical condition as of last night. elsewhere around midnight tlfts a large fight in which several people were hurt. some were take on the the hospital with stab wounds. while they are busy with stabbings and shootings, they won't be bothing with burglary alarms anymore. yesterday it instituted a new policy that officers will no longer automatically respond to alarm out of business or home
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unless they know for sure there is a break-in. they consider this number here in 201098.4% of all burglary alarms were false. they said it was a drain on resources. that officers need to be focused on fighting the kind of crime that unfortunately they had a lot of this weekend. jon, laura? >> thank you for the update, bob. >> 2012 brings with it some new laws, including one to affect the biggest city in the bay area. shoppers now have to bring a reusable bag to grocery and retail stores. if they don't, they'll have to buy a paper bag. it will cost you ten cents per ba bag. >> if you don't want a bag, how are you going to walk out of the store with your item. so you're subjected to having to pay to carry your stuff out of
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the store. >> i'll either pay the money or no bag it. but i could see someone like my mom brings her own bags and other people doing it too. >> i knew the store policy was going into effect today. so i brought my own. all right, well, rain is not going toing so you up out there. i don't know where i was going with that. just take it away. we're looking good. once the front arrives and pushes on shore here it's going
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to continue to maintain the organization and hit san jose. so a comfortable, clear afternoon. by tomorrow, a little bit of patchy fog. not much, though. offshore flow will resume. that means warmup on the way. if you want to hit the beach you can do sochlt take a look at temperatures at noon in san jose today. not quite as warm in the north bay after the storm system clears. i'm keeping your temperatures in the 50s. 61 in santa cruz. i have the seven-day outlook in my next report you don't want to
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break the law. >> you could, should. i'll let chp decide that. you said beaches. go to the web. share christina's story. this is the southbound 880 commute past the coliseum at 66. still reports of debris in lanes. i haven't seen any slowing or any problems. might be a crew over the next few. highway 4 with no slowing off the antioch bridge through bay point and concord. then again a light holiday volume of traffic through the area. we will look, and that's why we have holiday schedules. this is 101 with headlights northbound. thank you very much, mike. it's 6:11 right now. $13,000 is a lot of money to save in san francisco with a
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two-person household using public transit instead of driving. a new report breaks it down. nearly $1,100 a month was saved by taking public transit. annually that results with over $12,000 in extra cash. commuters were able save big using bart within the city. coming up, oscar grant three years after his death. plus, playoff bound. the matchups are set for the nfl post season. we'll tell you who the niners might play. ♪
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today is another spare the air day. today is the 12th of the season and the second of the new year. the ban is intended to help ease health concerns for people suffering from respiratory illnesses. you don't really need the fire in the bay area right now. >> it's very nice out there. a little tease on weather conditions. let's get it from the real deal, our professional, our meteorologist, christina loren. >> the unhealthy weather conditions tend to trap the particulate matter. take a look at the radar lit up like a christmas tree for the first time in quite some time. this was good moisture moving on shore.
6:16 am
redwood city. nice and slick there. now you have 30 minutes of rainfall coming down. you could measure anywhere fr from .05 of an inch. in the south bay, not a lot of activity. 63 in los gatos. 65 in gilroy. okay lit hit 63 degrees yesterday it was a nice day out there. broke a temperature record, too. high pressure continues to build in through the next 24 to 48 hours. that's going to make for really nice days.
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clear conditions. we're not expecting a wind event. but through southern california they'll talk about the santa ana winds. so for us it means a gradual warm-up and a clear coastline. really nice on wednesday. 63 by the bay. eab that means you could hit the beach if you wanted to. by late thursday a few showers develop. and we'reoing to pick up more rain in the forth bay. so anything now will be well received, as i've been pointing out. overall we're looking really nice because of a lighter holiday commute for a lot of businesses and certainly a lot of schools. we have the accident that continues. this is just off of the roadway. it's not causing in major
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slowing in the area. we don't have lanes reported. the rest of the south, it looks nice for the northbound speed sensors. still working. doing their job for your safety. north all the way through palo alto. the golden gate bridge heading south out of the north bay. there's one set of taillights boo is north bay. 10 is is wet through santa rosa and novato. the bay bridge toll plaza, no major issues here. a very light volume of traffic. that's the big report for 6:18. no metering lights, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. friends, family and activists gathered over the weekend to remember oscar grant, who was killed by a bart police officer
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three years ago. cell phone video of the 2009 incident shows officer johannes mehserle shooting grant. and grant was unarmed. friends and family continue to protest his conviction of manslaughter rather than murder. they say his death will be in vain if they don't continue to speak out. >> change can come if we yibt as one. >> we need to come together and agree that police brutality is unacceptable. >> about 100 people gathered downtown for the march. mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served less than two years. he was released in june. good news, bad news deal for the raiders. they could not get it done in
6:20 am
the end. it sent them on an early vacation. raiders defensive tackle summing up the loss best saying for you can't stop a team with everything on the line, you don't deserve to be a playoff team. >> how about the nineers? >> they are playoff bound. they got a win. that means they don't have to play another game until january 14th. they can rest up, get the game plan together and keep on rolling. the opponent will be decided by the wild card round. the new orleans saints, the atlanta falcons or the new york giants. they have earned it. they'll start off with a home game. i would like to see them take on the giants. >> me too. ut it right to them. >> 6:20. coming up, one bay area city kicking off a new smoking ban
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today. and it's stricter than current stay laws. back home, safe and sound. we are happy to report he's waking up in a zoo in san francisco. plus, a look ahead to 2012 is ttartinnow in busess ws coming up.mnoininusinesg -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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a new smoking ordinance in effect in alameda. the anti-smoking measure is stricter than current laws in the state. the ban regulates smoking in places of employment and multiunit housing. it will be prohibits on sidewalks and outdoor restaurants. monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo is back home this morning. banana sam was snatched from his exhibit thursday night or friday morning. how do i know he didn't crawl over the fence? on saturday night police receive a call about a monkey a mile from the zoo. officers say a man says he found the monkey and was able to coax him into his backpack. police say they questioned the man but did not arrest him. banana sam was cold and hungry. otherwise feeling good. >> and had quite the adventure, no doubt. new year in technology. rapid changes will challenge traditional tech company ls.
6:25 am
>> that's right. let's talk about the tech companies we should watch. for years they've been oriented around selling trips the question as banned. other smart portable devices. one we don't talk about very often called arm. other companies we'll talk about is netflix. the maker of blackberry, research in motion, yahoo! and i hope we talk about hp in a positive way. something it hasn't been on for more than a decade. other news, rue pertd murdoch
6:26 am
joined twitter. he seems to like the service. he's tweeted nine times in the last 24 hours. he's on vacation talking about that. and back to work tomorrow. enough idling was one of his tweet ls. we have double checked. and this is indeed the real rupert murdoch. the guy that founded twitter. he is following four people, including the creator of farmville. we think it's a typo. >> you never know. >> that's cool in itself. it's 6:26. still to come a bad drive-up banking. we'll show you the aftermath next. plus, possible closure for the woman who almost lost her family when a small plane crashed into her east palo alto
6:27 am
home. >> and we've been talking about how dry it's been around here. a front providing a lot of moisture through the north bay. i'll take it out for you city coming up after the break. and while that heads into the area, i have a stall in a typically bad commute spot.bu d commute today. dinner? candles? i wanted it to be special. oh, what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. mmm, it's good. honey, i love you and... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. yeah but honey, i love you and... is that what i think it is... it's bacon. honey look. [ male announcer ] progresso rich and hearty... 4 new flavors, you can lose yourself in. what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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nearly a dozen people are out of their homes after a three-alarm fire yesterday. why they are still on scene this morning. and a new reward. police upping the ante after the tragic shooting of an oakland 5-year-old. >> and why a new popular, actually, it's a popular new year's tradition could be interrupted by occupy protesters. >> a live look outside this morning. a lot of folks still have the day off on this monday, january
6:30 am
2nd, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. 6:30 already. this year is flying by. >> exactly. time to check in with christina loren. >> she makes the time fly. we're happy to have you back. we're looking good this morning. we have showers. boy, we need the rain. take a look at the front maintaining organization as it moves to santa rosa. i'm sure it's going to purify the air up there. we'll see the hours push on shore for the next three hours.
6:31 am
we'll take you through the forecast. plan on steady rain in campbell just after 8:00. let's see how the drive is shaping up with mike. >> we have a light, organized commute. highway 4 is where we take ha look. disabled vehicle reported there. but it's eastbound opposite your commute direction. and we don't have a commute. stilt close to the speed limit because of schools and businesses today. we'll see that kick in over the next few days. >> as people head back to work and school. this morning investigators trying to figure out the cost of a new year's day fire. that say it may have been set deliberately. the fire burned three homes between frederick and waler street. christie smith joins us live with the very latest. what a tough way to start out the new year. >> it is. good morning to you. right now firefighters are still on fire watch. they just changed out their
6:32 am
shift. they've been here all night. neighbors keep coming out to make sure everything is okay. it eventually spread to two others next to it. they say they had little time to get out. this started at k. took 100 firefighters an hour to knock it down. neighbor nancy kenyon just watched me show saw the orange glow get bigger and bigger. >> they're redwood and tender. >> did you evacuate. >> oh, yeah. they had everybody out of the houses. so we had to leave. they said we'll take whatever you can. >> one person was taken to a
6:33 am
hospital. another person was treated for breathing problems on the scene. in all we're told ten people were displaced because of this. jon and laura, back to you. a $25,000 reward being offered now for information about a friday night shooting in oakland that killed a 5-year-old boy. it happened on 55th avenue in front of the father's taco truck. he was helping unload supplies when he was shot. pligs say a man was waiting to open fire and zwrumped in a car and took off from the scene. >> concord police are looking for two men who robbed a pizza delivery man after luring him to what turned out to be a vacant house. it happened just north of solano
6:34 am
way. investigators say the delivery driver was robbed of achb unspecified amount of cash and three pizzas. witnesses say they took off in a green ford escort. a long legal battle over an east palo alto house that was damaged in a small plane crash is over. it's been almost two years since the plane slammed into the house. collapsing the roof and igniting a fire. the home has been vacant ever since the crash. but the owner is hoping to relive in the house once again. in berkeley a wild right nor a driver who ran into a wells fargo bank. right next to the atm. it happened around 1:00 this morning. >> occupy protesters could cause
6:35 am
trouble at today's rose parade. thousands of demonstrators planning to march behind the parade this morning with an octopus shaped human float. occupiers estimating anywhere from 4,000 to 40,000 people could turn out. we have video of the mini demonstration. they say disrupting parade or anything around it will land them in jail. parade preparations set for the final touches this morning. this is the 123rd time floats will make their way to the streets of pasadena. normally it happens on new year's day. but the parade operates on a never on sunday policy instituted back on 1893. this is to avoid interfering with religious services.
6:36 am
you can see the thing this morning on nbc bay area. our yovrj starts at 8:00. >> i would like to go to the parade in person. have you been? >> i have been. it's cool. it's crowded. it's tough getting in. maybe once in a lifetime. >> a new me. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got good news. it's really fun. looking good right now. we may get showers over the rose parade. you see the front over the past hour starting to develop. for us substantial rainfall in the bay area right now. so let's show you what's
6:37 am
happening now. we have a good bunch here. it's one front to pass through. between now and 10:00 a.m. you have your best chance of seeing any sort of rain. right now santa rosa is getting it. watch out for slick conditions on 101 and oakland and san francisco, getting a little bit of the moisture as well. i'm forecasting no showers to start in the south baby 8:00 a.m. a few showers early make way to a kl rrvl afternoon. you'll notice a difference in the nor bay with rain moving through. patchy a.m. fog. warm, clear conditions for you tuesday. by wednesday a completely clear start. 39 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in san mateo. high pressure is firmly in control this morning.
6:38 am
so warm up on the way. 63 in san jose. i kept your temperatures up in the 60s in the north bay. you'll see clouds all day long. i'll take you through the seven-day outlook coming up. we'll talk about the next rain chance arriving this week. of course, the 70s on the extended forecast. first let's find out what's happening on the roads with mike. >> i've seen it developing just in the last couple of minnesotas here. the southbound side. you see a few headlights at the top of your screen. it looks like may they have to do something. you sigh it on camera.
6:39 am
minor backup from the southbound side out of downtown oakland. we'll end with the maps on '92. no one is injured. but there's slowing in the hills. >> careful out there. >> 2012 is marked in many ways. they were both the first and the last babies of the year. jenna bear was born at 11:59. her sister came just after midnight, january 1st, 2012. here in the bay area the honor goes to a baby born at eden in castro valley. >> less than 24 hours until the
6:40 am
iowa presidential race starts. we'll have the details for des hey have someonen custody. we'll get the latest next.
6:41 am
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6:43 am
fire. 12 more were saved bringing the total to more than 50. >> good morning. so many people are concerned and monitoring the investigation into the arson that started late last week. right now everyone is talking about a person of interest that was taken into custody here at the intersection of sunset and fairfax at about 2:30 this morning. this being in the city of west hollywood. one of the neighborhoods hit hard by a rash of arson fires. they weeted a total of 55 arson fires have been dealt with since thursday night. you have lost a lot of sleep, but does it give you any relief that a person is taken into
6:44 am
custody? >> absolutely. it's been 48 hours for me and people in the neighborhood and communities to deal with this. it's so close to home and unsettling. we hear the constant sirens of patrolling of the helicopters. there's a sense of security in that. by no means do we feel safe knowing that there is essentially a soesh owe path out there. setting fire and not caring who gets hurt. potentially hurt in the aftermath. once again a person of interest detains by law enforcement. reporting from west hollywood, back to you in the studio. we'll have your new year forecast coming up with christina loren. >> weekend of violence in san
6:45 am
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welcome back, everybody. we give you a live look outside right now. it is early in the morning. i believe that is san jose. >> it's kind of amazing the great weather we're having for january. >> it is. we need the rain that's coming downright now. 70-degree weather in january will feel like spring in the midsection of your week. today is looking good as well.
6:48 am
just a touch cooler than yesterday. we broke temperature records in gilroy, moffitt field and out in oakland. 67? oakland. 72 in gilroy. this will keep things on the mild side in the north bay. not as mild up there. southbay, we're starting out so warm with the showers moving onshore now. i think we'll hit 63 later on fay. so we have steady rainfall from santa rosa through petaluma. this is pretty substantial rainfall. even more so than last week. throughout the afternoon you can see behind i zoom out for you. clear conditions. all the clouds will come through. the moisture will come through. san jose, first showers by 8:00 a.m. after which we'll see clearing and really nice temperatures. because it's already in the 40 nz the south bay.
6:49 am
a few showers early. a comfortable afternoon. tomorrow matchy fog will develop. not much. mostly clear at the coast. staying dry all the way through wednesday, the warmest day of week. high pressure sets up over the great basin. not expecting a lot of fog through the next few mornings. temperatures will be on the climb. seven-day outlook shows you 69 degrees. really nice on wednesday. that's inland. 63 at the coast. that's your day for outdoor activities if you can get off work. we'll be here. now at 880 because there's not a lot of folks at work or going to work 880 past the coliseum. we had an earlier traffic break blocking all folks to high
6:50 am
street. so your fast lane is blocked past the coliseum if you're heading north, that's likely with no backup. now problems down to the east shore freeway as well. trains on service. a normal schedule for today. most of them reporting modified schedules. check the website. the south bay reports no problems because of the lighter volume of traffic. easy drive here as well as out of the a tlrks taltamont pass. >> traffic is smooth. republican presidential candidates making the final pushes before the iowa caucuses.
6:51 am
tracie potts is live in des moines, iowa, where the latest polls show we could end up with a surprise winner. it could be interesting. rick santorum surged ahead. when you break down the numbers ron paul is in second place with two percentage points of mitt romney. the front-runner, which puts them in a statistic call dead heat when you consider the margin of error. when you only look at the last two days of polling, people making more decisions as they get closer, rick santorum is within three percentage points and ahead of ron paul. so the top tier is tightening up. gingrich, bachman, perry. but it's a caucus. it's not a primary where people vote in secret. it's a collaborative process. where people try to convince
6:52 am
their neighbors and friends to vote for someone else. also 41%, four out of ten iowas say they could still change their minds. so it's still a fluid situation. we have a front-runner. we have a tight top tier of the candidates. with 40% still able to change their minds, we don't know what will happen tomorrow night. >> well said, tracey. >> the new year started off as very vinyl one for the bay area's largest city. today in the bay's bob redell joins us live outside san jose headquarters. they have a tough crime wave going on. now police say they'll no longer respond to burglar alarms. >> that new policy is barely 24 hours old. that was planned in advance. it's not in response to what happened over the weekend.
6:53 am
where several people were stab ed, two people were shot. all of this takes place over a # four-hour period. there were four incidents and locations throughout the city. the vinyl starting saturday night at ridge glen way wen someone shot a man and a teenage boy at the end of the year party. it's one of those victims who was in critical condition. around midnight there was a large fight where several people were hurt. some taken to the hospital with stab wounds. yesterday they had a new policy that they will no longer automatically respond to a home or business unless they know for sure there's a break-in. especially considering in 2010 all of the alarms, 98.4% of them were false and a drain on
6:54 am
resources. they feed to focus on the crime they saw a lot of this weekend. jon, laura. >> need to turn it around. 6:53 now. a bizarre twist to a murder in a normally quiet neighborhood. police arrested a woman who said she was attacked by a machete wielding man. officers were called to the home on willow glen. when they arrived they found her covered in blood. she told police a man attacked her and killed another woman in their home. after investigating the police arrested her. they think there's to this man and she is the murder. police think the murder was a result of a domestic dispute. >> several people will have to find a new place to live after a fire ripped through and burned through three homes. this one may have been intentional. christie smith joins us live from san francisco with the latest on this investigation.
6:55 am
good morning, christi. >> good morning to you, jon. arson investigators should be here a little bit later. it's actually worse in the back chblt the fire damaged a home in the center and two others last night. starting at about 8:00. neighbors say they saw big flames and just grabbed what they could and got out. it took about 100 firefighters an hour to knock this out as it jumped to three alarms. firefighters tell me the real challenge is these homes are so close together there's a fire wall in between, but that doesn't always work. they say it was good it wasn't windy last night. one person was take on the the hospital. another person had trouble breathing. ten people displaced, but we're told most of them are getting help from the red cross. reporting live in san francisco, i'm christie smith, jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> 6:55 now. today show coming up in a few
6:56 am
minutes. here's natalie morales with a preview. >> good morning. coming up on this monday morning on "today" we're following breaking news in washington state. the national park is shut down after a federal ranger and mother of two was shot and killed. now the hunt is on for the gunman. also the father of a missing toddler in maine will speak out in his first live interview days after police said they suspect foul play in the case. plus gop presidential candidates making their final push to voters on the eve of the iowa caucus. savannah guthrie will be in iowa talking to the undecided. a blast of arctic air let temperatures plungeg from the midwest to maine, and what you can expect as you head out the door as we get started on today. thank you very much. the markets are closed. scott mcgrew is always hard as
6:57 am
work. he's tracking down this strange story. >> this is a small company. they say they'll shut down the solac cell factory in michigan. here's a picture of the factory in sagana. the headquarters in downtown san jose. now they will not make crystal and solar cells any longer. reports say they were offered tens of millions of dollars in tax incentives. they mentioned it in the state of the state speech. but there are allegations that they convinced the state to give it valuable tax credits by claiming texas was offering the same. reports there say they uncovered evidence they had no intention of doing just that. i had the company's original application. said it wanted to invest $177 million in the factory. a tv station in michigan says the company was behind on its rent. we have made phone calls and sent e-mails to the company. we admit it's 6:57 on a holiday.
6:58 am
but we'll continue to track this down. back to you. >> thank you, scott. >> the time is 6:57. let's get a last check with christina loren. >> good morning to you. a live look at san jose downtown. you can see the clouds thicken up. you can see santa rosa maybe up to one-tenth of an inch coming down for the next ten minutes. the front will arrive by 8:21. and we're talking about an 8:00 arrival at menlo. travel cautiously out there. let's check the drive. >> easy drive out of the north bay. no delays reported. expect it to be a little bit slow. we're at the speed limit. a live look at another crossing of the bay. because it's a holiday for businesses and school ls. we have a lighter commute this morning. we'll watch the midday commute
6:59 am
into the city. it will be crowded. city of philadelphia is gearing up for a winter classic this morning. citizens bank park was transformed from a baseball field to an ice rink last night. it's now ready for fliers and rangers to go head to head in the fifth anniversary of the game. it will start at noon and take advantage of the best weather possible for the outdoor game two hours later than the original start time. you can see it all here on nbc bay area. from hockey to football. there's a bowl tham game that might hold you over in college. stanford is getting ready for the final game of the season in what appears to be andrew luck's final game in a uniform. likely jumping into the nfl. today the cardinals take on oklahoma in the fiesta bowl. kickoff set for 5:30 in arizona. >> go cardinals. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> welcome back. so happy to h


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