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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new this morning, the woman accused of newsing a machete to kill a woman has her first court appearance. >> plus, we have a life look at frank ogawa plaza. we'll tell you what happened overnight. it's thursday, january 5th. we'll check the morning commute. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. it's 6:00. time to check back in with christina lo hnowind out how nice it's going to be. >> nice is the word. and no ice on the roads like had a couple weeks ago because it was so cold. we were talking about record cold. today we're talking record warmth. we're at 50 in san francisco.
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44 in san francisco. 44 in san jose. just as warm today in san jose as it will be in miami, florida. i'll let you know how long the warmup will last. and a slight chance of rain in the forecast as well. >> south beach and south bay, same temperature, interesting. it comes to livermore from the altamont pass. over the last few minutes i saw speeds in the 50s all the way over to the altamont pass in the books direction. it cleared up a second before we hit the air. i want to show you about it. i'm watching the area because there could be unusual slowing. no incidents just yet. >> thanks. >> it's 6:01 now. new this morning another round of arrests of occupy protesters at oakland's frank ago whogawa
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plaza. police taking a handful of demonstrators in last night. reports say nearly 60 officers were involved in the sweep. despite the raid they're staying put. >> we're not going anywhere. the country is not working. a lot of us voted for obama. it's a corrupt, broken system. we're trying to fix it nonviolently. >> the raid after a dispute between the city and occupy protesters over the vigil. earlier they revoked a permit. they told protesters to take it down. the city says protesters violated the permit conditions. zl 6:02 now. today a 40-year-old san jose woman will be arraigned o charges she killed another woman with a machete. a killing that rocked the usually white willow glen neighborhood. marla tellez joins us live from san jose this morning with more on what is expectd this afternoon. good morning, marla. >> laura, good morning.
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for almost the past week now. 40-year-old sadal sadig has been locked up. today she'll face a judge for the first time at superior court. she's charged with killing 65-year-old yvonne kirk in the home she shared with the victim's daughter. it all happened in this usually quite neighborhood. neighbors are shocked by it all and the gruesome way kirk was killed. she was attacked with a large machete. sadig was found standing outside the home covered in blood. at this point investigators aren't says much about a motive. by all can'ts she was not home at the time her mother was killed. she was said to be in puerto rico on vacation. we're learning more about sadig from her student profile posted on john f. kennedy university's website. she attended the campbell campus
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to study psychology. she's a somoli immigrant and registered nurse. she will be arraigned at 1:45 this afternoon. live in san jose, i'm marla tellez, john and laura. >> and it will be interesting to see what she pleads. the man accused of leading police on a city wide car chase is also expected in court some time today. police say gonzalez car jacked a man and then rammed four police cars trying to get away. several officers were injured in that chase, but all are good and recovering. a man accuse of raping one woman and assaulting two more will stand trial. antonio is accused of attacking the women at the park regency apartments during the summer of
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2010. he is in the jail on more than $12 million bail. 6:04 now. oakland police detectives are investigating the city's first homicide of the new year. it happened just before 8:45 on east 25th street near 19th avenue. people who live on the street say a man was shot, but they don't know what led to the shooting. officers are still on the scene collecting evidence. no details on a suspect or description. an organization which provides job training for those in need needs your help this morning. thieves hit the hayward day labor center on west tennison road over the new year's holiday weekend. they took $10,000 in computer hardware and tools. they need donations to replace the equipment. send a check to the center to help out. san jose's major and city council members say they're
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willing to cut their own pay. mayor chuck reed wants to put pepgs reform before voters. but the councilman is proposing the leaders take the first symbolic step. they'll discuss how to terminate the plan later this month. the people behind air races where 11 people died want to hold another competition. they will hold another set of races but they will consult experts for safety. last year's ended tw the big plane crash in september. that was an ugly scene. 11 people died. 70 were injured. 6:06 now. the man accused of setting dozens of fires in los angeles mea be responsible for fires in germany. when investigatored searched his apartment they found articles about the fires in los angeles and a series of car fires in
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germany last year. burkhardt was arraigned on 37 counts of arson. los angeles investigators say he started more than 50 fires in four days. frlt it's 6:06 now. this is the time of year when fire danger is usually low. but that's not the case this year. the sierra snow pack is one-fifth of normal. and the state's water content can't measure up here. it's only at 19% the normal rate. cal fire officials say there were more fires last month and the lack of rain could cause greater fire danger once spring and summer get here. right now want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. it's going to feel a little spring like today. >> yeah, that will put a little spring in your step. this morning in the coldest cities we are not -- well, we're close to the freezing marx but we're not below it.
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36 degrees is as cold as it is right now. the outlying agricultural areas where we get the most extreme weather. yesterday we broke records. 72 degrees this time of year. very unusual. as we head throughout the day today. i'm talking your numbers up. maybe 1 to 2 degrees. so it's going to be warmer. a chilly start. grab a jacket, but something you can take off a later today. as we head through tomorrow, not quite as warm. we'll see more patchy fog develops, especially at the coast. by the weekend it will stay nice and dry and comfortable for outdoor activities. temperatures above average every day throughout tex tended period. 42 degrees in hayward. you're at 64 at noon in san jose. 54 at noon in san francisco and 62 degrees in napa. so basically the climb is on between 12:00 and 3:00. that's when the cold air we're dealing with in the morning will
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mix out of the atmosphere, and we'll start to climb easily with the dry air maps the overhead. 64 at noon in san jose will make way for comfortable 67 degrees later today. and putting 70s on the map for santa rosa and napa. both records if we hit the highs of 72 in santa rosa and 70 in napa. 67 in redwood city. when i get to the seven-day outlook i'll show you how comfortable the seven-day outlook will be and the chance of rain. that's coming up. first let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> we'll take you to a new accident in san jose. northbound 101 around capitol expressway. it sounds like a minor accident with one car moving off to the shoulder, after that went to the guardrai guardrails. no major injury reported and no slowing. it sounds like all lanes should be cleared as well. north of there, i'm circling the area where i saw some slowing of speed sensors al the allen rock center. it was slow all the way to 880. now i'm just checking the chp report. there's a disabled vehicle that
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just entered the report system. and it looks like it's being pushed off the roadway at oakland road. that's probably the reason for the blip there. we'll see how the travel times are shaping up for the north bay. even flow for the golden gate bridgeful the bay bridge is not a problem. back to you with the minor problem. 6:10. coming up on "today in the bay." a woman shoots and kills a man. but someone else could face murder charges. we'll tell you why. and the new federal law is in place to try to prevent another disaster like the one in san bruno. and for the latest news, traffic andin on facebooksin on facebook at nbc bay area. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99.
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the president is pushing for stronger regulations on oil and gas pipelines. earlier this week he signed a new law to better regulate
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pipelines. it requires more inspectors and more auto machine shutout valves. more miles of pipeline will also be inspected more frequently. and fines for safety violations are doubled to $2 million. the new regulations follow the san bruno explosion. it killed eight people in september of 2010 this morning the president will announce new strategy for the military. the pentagon is dealing with billions of dollars in budget cuts. but it's also trying to reassess priority ls after the end of the war in iraq. the president will make his announcement from the pentagon briefing room. we'll have a live report coming up from washington with more at 6:40. >> the new hampshire primary now just five days away. mitt romney with a sizable 20-point lead over his closest competitor. that being ron paul. most of the other candidates are taking their campaigns straight to california and south carolina where voters are still up for grabs. >> with romney, ron paul and rick santorum in the top tier as
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the three serious contenders coming out of iowa, it's the perfect scenario for the former massachusetts governor. >> and in hopes of helping his cause, romney picked up an endorsement from john mccain. congresswoman gabriel give records will attend a memorial service to mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting that nearly killed her. here chief of staff said it was important to be in the hometown on that day. six people died in last january's shooting. >> it's 6:14 now. an home man will be in court facing murder charges even though he didn't pull the trigger. the woman called 91 is and said she had a gun. then she asked if she could use
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it to protect herself and the the babe. >> they said i couldn't shoot until i was inside the house. so i waited until he got in door, and then i shot him. >> one of the men died. his accomplice will face murder charges. the death happened did you recollect t-- the death happene during the commission of a crime. the woman lost her husband to cancer on thanksgiving day. i want to switch gears and talk about the forecast with christina loren. we have nice, warm temperatures inland. >> if you want to switch gears in to convertible, take down the top comfortably. we'll see nice conditions on par with what we typically see on a comfortable spring afternoon. you can see really clear
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conditions. so the sunshine, we'll see that off the bat just about everywhere. we have patchy fog in the north bay. but really along the coastline, and that's about it. near record warmth later on today. chilly start. grab a jacket. something you can peel off by noon today. hey, holding onto the mid-60s inland. san jose hasn't been this warm on this date since the bengals were hot in 19 l 6. i'm forecasting 63 in the city by the bay. here are the number elsewhere. 73 in los gatos. 67 in redwood city.
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mountainview is looking good. as you can see, high pressure is firmly in control, taking the storm track way to the north. that means more cloud cover. here's the seven-day outlook. hit the chime. 64 on sunday.y. let's check the drive with mike right now. >> thanks for giving the shout-out. entire south bay. i'm a south bay boy happily. we have a couple of south bay incidents, though. . the earlier accident is over on the center divide. watch for that activity. both directions likely to see flashing lights. but know slowing. a little slowing toward allen rock and 880. old open road is where the
6:18 am
vehicle is located on the northbound side of 101. a little bit of slowing because of the volume of traffic. we should see increases. the rest of the south bay is looking good. i'm moving up the peninsula. lower bay shore, no problems, 101, northbound is fine. yesterday the southbound side saw the typical slowing into menlo park. that was back. but there were a couple of accidents. then it might be on a typical wednesday. expect the same for today. we're looking here at 101 from 92 in either direction. smooth drive from san mateo. we'll get you a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a minor backup. it's 6:18. we should see the metering lights turn on. if things go according to plan.
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it was a strong finish at the end of 2011 for u.s. automakers and analysts credit a stronger economy and a rise in jobs. american car makers sold 1.2 million cars and trucks in december. it's rising 9% from the same month in 2010. auto data corporations say light vehicle sales for all of 2011 totalled 13 million, an increase of over 10% from 2010 bob redell is live where thousands of people are expected to stroll through the convention center over the next four days. we have something new from ford this morning. i'm guessing it's not a hemy. >> the 2013 ford escape. my question is, what is wheat straw, soy and blue jeans have to do with cars made by ford?
6:20 am
blue jean material is found in some of the fabric. you might not have known that. wheat straw is found in some of the plastic. and soy -- soy dpoes with everything, found in the sees, is this is no joke. he's with ford motor company. people are surprised to hear. thises in not new? >> it's something henry ford started a long time ago. he had a lot of bio based and sustainable materials. something as simple as plastic water bottles are recycled and used in carpeting of our vehicles as well. >> what is new with the 2013 ford escape outside of the materials? >> everything on the 2013 escape is new. it incorporates the class leading features like plind spot information system. activity park system which allows the vehicle to parallel park itself for you. and an industry exclusive that we're super excited about. >> you'll like this.
6:21 am
check this out. >> it's called tailgate assist. when you come to the back of your vehicle, you're loading the groceries, you have kids, you can't reach. >> you have to do the one leg limbo. >> and swipe your leg undernooelt the tailgate. you just need the key on your. >> very cool. this doesn't come out until 2013. >> the vehicle will be available this spring. >> appreciate it. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> silicon valley auto show happening they. doors open here in the convention center. go to the auto show for more informatio information. >> i kind kind of like that. try that with bagses of groceries. if you have bags. in san jose you have to bring them. then add the heels. things are getting harder for .toac a farries factori andes el ployers.
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it's 6:24 right now. might there be a new buyer for netflix. yes, the rumors are flying. >> yes, good morning to you. normally we don't deal in rumor. when it comes to rumors driving markets shares in netflix jumped on the rumor yahoo may be interested in purchasing the company. they released a report to say a surprising number of people are streaming movies. one analyst says if it were a tv network it would be the 15th most watched in the nation. now the yahoo buyout rumor came after yesterday's news that they appointed a new ceo from paypal. the head of ebay. paypal's parent company says he's going to take over at paypal. he'll run ebay, too. this another sign ebay is realizing the most important thing isn't ebay. it's papal. if you forget your passport,
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there's no app. but an ipad will help. a canadian man got across the border by showing a photograph of his passport to border agents. >> i remembered i had a scan connected to my ipad and iphone. i thought maybe i could show them that. it had all the pertinent information. >> before you think they're too soft. this guy was from canada in the united states. he had to get back to canada. he did the same on the the canadian border agent said it would be fine, too. this is not a policy. don't get used to it. >> >> he was planning ahead. thinking very smart. >> it's 6:26 right now. coming up, police are arresting more occupy protesters. we'll take you there live. >> and a 90-year-old marin county man and burglary suspect shoot each other. find out how everyone is doing this morning. >> typically you have to fly out of town for the first part of
6:27 am
january to enjoy the 70s. we have those in your forecast today. we'll let you know how long the brief warmup will last in the full weather forecast. >> where the volume and slowing. we have an accident that i'm following. a new development there. i'll tell you the latest coming up. when you first find out you have breast cancer,
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new this morning, she's accused in the brutal machete murder in san jose. today we could get our first real look at her. good morning. i'm marla tellez. i'll have the story coming up. police raid oakland's frank ago what plaza overnight. we'll tell you how many protesters they arrested this time. and surf could be up some time soon for the surf contest. how to make it safer for spectators. >> taking a live look outside 880 in oakland. traffic picking up on this thursday, january 5th. today in the bay.
6:30 am
good morning to you. it's 6:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check back in with christina loren. it gets to be nicer and nicer every time we talk. >> because tomorrow is friday. right. we love friday. we're going to maintain weather in the 60s. we have gorgeous conditions to look forward to if you want to get outdoors and wear the short sleeves and shorts later on. we'll be really comfortable today. more so through the next couple of days. if you want to hit the beach today, i'll let you know which beach will be the best. we have a high surf advisory in effect tonight. we'll talk about that and how long this warm, dry weather lasts before we get our next rain chance. that's on the seven day.
6:31 am
we're looking over here northbound 101. the earlier accident still has activity earlier noninjury. now they have called an ambulance to the scene. this is right where the commute starts to build for the south ba bay. >> it's 6:31 now. we give you after live look at the plaza this morning. police taking a handful of demonstrators into custody before 11:30 last night. reports say nearly 60 officers were involved in the sweep. plo testers say despite the raid, they still do not have any plans to leave. they were ordered to take down a
6:32 am
te teepee. >> it's 6:31. the san jose woman expected of killing another woman with a machete in the normally quiet will he grove neighborhood will be in court. marla tellez joins us live with more. we're going to get a first real look at the lady. >> it was san jose's 39th and final homicide of 2011. it happened friday night. she is a suspect in the gruesome crime. today she's expected to make her first court appearance here at santa clara county superior court. now she's charged with killing 65-year-old yvonne kirk with what police are calling a machete type weapon. she originally told police a man with a black mask attacked her inside the home and killed her. investigators quickly realized that was not the case. that's when she was taken into
6:33 am
custody. this all happened inside the home she shared with the victim's daughter police say she was not home at the time. she hasn't been home for a couple weeks now. she's been out of town on vacation. she moved to the u.s. more than 15 years ago in 1996. this is all according to her student profile from john f. kennedy university's campbell campus. as for a motive. police continue to investigate. sagal sardig is scheduled to be arraigned for murder at 1:30 this afternoon. >> 6:33 now. a 90-year-old man in marin county recoverg from a gunshot wound after he took matters into his own hands trying to stop a thief. h interrupted a burglary attempt and he shot the suspect. both men ended up getting
6:34 am
wounded. someone saw the suspect driving away and called 911. police up with him in san rafael. both the suspect and the victim are in stable condition at the hospital. it's 6:33. police say they need your help finding a man who tried to kidnap a boy in broad daylight. we have a composite sketch of the man who tried to lure a 9-year-old into his car with candy and then grabbed him by the arm when he tried to resist. police say the boy was able to get away and run home. east palo alto city council could decide if nay will sue facebook. they say the expansion of the campus could displace neighbors. they're worried about increased tra
6:35 am
traffic congestion. major changes are coming to the mavericks surf contest. today organizers will discuss them with the public. the changes are aimed at avoiding things like this that happened during the contest in february of 2010 waves crashed into the crowd. want to make sure that doesn't happen. spectators will be barred from watching this year's contest from the beach and nearby bluffs. oral n organizers will have more information changes. police will be there to answer questions. as christina loren is telling us, there's not a lot of snow. the city commission says the reservoir is currently at 85%
6:36 am
capacity. much of the reverse is a result of last year's wet weather. several are filled to 80% of their combined capacity. >> it's like night and day. last year we had so much snow. we are skiing into july. this year we're trying to hit the slopes of the man-made snow. christi sna. >> yeah, it's always equal but opposite. typically when they're getting slammed on the east coast, we're getting fair weather. that's the case. we have gorgeous weather again today. near record highs. the jet stream is like a river of air that carries them to the west and east. as the systems ride like a conveyer belt.
6:37 am
the jet stream will take a dip and start to shape up. and we'll see the storm systems ride over the bay area. 49 degrees now in san francisco. so you're dropping off just a touch because we're starting out with temperatures in the 30s. probably until noon before you peel off the first layer. take a look at the climb between now and noon. 65 in livermore. 64 in san jose. and then the climb really kicks into high gear between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. when we hit our daytime high this is time of year. 70 later on in los gatos. and 72 in gilroy. temperature records across the board yet again, we'll talk about those coming up, and we do have a slight chance for rain. i'll get to that in my next report. that's the trend. that's what all the kids are doing. we have parents going back to work. let's get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza e even
6:38 am
though the lights are on. it's signaling a lighter volume through the area as far as the pattern and behavior here. we are seeing folks come back to work on monday. we'll show you a 20-minute drive off the carquinez bridge. and to berkeley for the freeway. the rest of the bridges look nice toward the bay bridge, the maze and toll plaza. we'll go further out and look at antioch with a typical slow zone. speeds down to 10 miles per hour at "l" street. slow through pittsburgh at bay point. we have a small fire. this sounds like an industrial building. not a lot of activity. but it might affect the intersection. let's get a quick look at the
6:39 am
rest of the freeways. i forgot what i put in here. coming through livermore. you can forget about this too as well. just slowing through livermore. and nothing for 580. it's just me that's confused. not the commute. back to you. still to come t company that helped you save a lot of memories is trying to avoid becoming one. and the president will reveal how the military will handle billions of dollars in budget cut this is morning. a live report from washington to tell you all about it. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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welcome back, everyone. the white house and pentagon will lay out a new plan for the military. the idea here is to manage hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts without affecting the military's strength. brian mooar is live in washington to tell us what this plan means for servicemen and women. good morning, brian. >> hi, jon. we have the big picture, but today president obama fills in the fine brush strokes how he plans to cut about $450 billion in pentagon budget. we know that the idea is that they want to focus on strategy, that that is the first priority here, that the reductions will be driven by that. they won't just be across the board, everybody taking a hit. but the pentagon wants to turn itself into a 21st century fighting machine. no longer able to fight two sustained ground wars like iraq
6:43 am
and afghanistan, but certainly able to respond, and responds quickly to threats ranging from iran to smaller scale terror threats. the pentagon says that it is going to be looking toward these future threats and retooling the fighting force from the machinery on down to the boats on the ground to deal with those modern threats. but there is another sort of threat right here on capitol hill. if congress cannot come to terms on the broader budget cuts that it's been rang ling with for the last six months or so, e those cuts that were supposed to have been made by the supercommittee, another $500 billion in automatic cuts kick in. secretary of defense leo leon pantetta says the defense cannot handle that. the hope here is the men and women on capitol hill can protect the men and women in uniform by finding the cuts. >> and the story continues, thank you very mump.
6:44 am
>> it's 6:43. san francisco police end a stakeout without getting their man. plus mild good news about the economy. mildly. we'll take a look coming up. now, that's progressive. call or click today. okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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6:46 now. christina has been telling us how to stack up our day based on the weather. yesterday you told us to go to the beach. what about today? >> you can hit the beach today. you can do it with the top down on your convertible. good morning to you. we're looking good out there. i know. watch those words is this not gorgeous? u you're going to get it everywhere across the bay area. the yellows and reds, it's
6:47 am
particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere. so the hazier it is, the prettier the sunrise. that's what we're seeing out there. we have patchy fog but mostly clear conditions. the sun is coming up, and a nice warm day just like yesterday. 42 in hey hayward. we're oning one to three degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. as a result of the sunshine coming in early, i've bumped you up by a couple degrees. i'll get to the seven-day in one moment. you have seven miles or better along the marin county coastline. so high pressure is really doing its job to keep the skies nice and clear. near record warmth across the board. by tomorrow, more patchy fog. not quite as warm. and this weekend we'll hold onto the 60s.
6:48 am
let's talk about the cities with the best chances for breaking records. livermore, santa rosa, san jose. 72 degrees in santa rosa. 68 degrees in livermore. 68 in san jose. it hasn't been this warm on that date since 1986. quite some time since we've had a warmup like this. 63 degrees. that's the forecast high in san francisco. as we head through the next six to seven days, 61 by tuesday. let's get you out here. 680 traveling southbound that is your commute direction.
6:49 am
one lane was reported blocked by the three-car accident out of suno and over the hill to fremont. it's just beyond where you can see. no major injuries are reported. still waiting for me detail as chp arrives. from pleasanton, a little slow. 680 southbound, that's a nice flow of traffic. just consider the slow drive through sunol. not a big deal in livermore. the bulk of the slowing over towards airway. and not a major issue as far as the livermore commute. the south bay shows slowing. north of san jose, a smooth e i
6:50 am
zi drive. 87 and 85. and the lower bay shore, the northbound directions for 280 and 101 moving nicely. the southbound side likely to see an increase in volume. yesterday we saw slowing from redwood city. probably 8:00 for that. and the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. today a 40 yeerl san jose woman will enter a courtroom to be arraigned on charges she killed another woman with a machete. it was a killing that shook up the usually quiet san jose willow glenn neighborhood. marla tellez joins us live from san jose this morning with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. what with know about the suspect we learned from her student profile at a local college. she's a registered nurse that studied psychology at john f. kennedy university in campbell.
6:51 am
today she'll be arraigned here at santa clara county spear your court. 40-year-old sadig is charged with killing 65-year-old yvonne kirk in the shoem she shared with her daughter. the phone call came in friday night from the willow glen neighborhood where it ul happened. kirk was attacked with a large ma machete. she was found covered in blood. investigators are not saying much about a motive. but she was not home at the time her mother was killed. on the student profile, she is quoted as saying to know once is empowering. sadig will be arraigned at 1:45 this afternoon. live in san jose, i'm marla tellez. >> 6:51 now. the man accused of leading police on a city wide car chase
6:52 am
is expected in court. 27-year-old gonzalez will be arraigned on a list of unspecified charges. several officers were injured in the chase, but all are expecteded to survive. a man accused of raping one woman and assault twing two mor will stand trial. ann tone you muton is accused of attacking the women at the park regency apartments during the summer of 2010 he is in the jail on more than $2 million bail. san francisco police called off a stakeout near coit tower. they spend most of yesterday trying to coax down a burglary suspect from telegraph hill. they think he's still on the steep hillside hiding in the brush. he burglarized the nearby apartment and then got stuck on the hill when he tried to get awa
6:53 am
away. >> san francisco is expected to swear in the first elected attorney. he was appointed district attorney to replace harris after she was elected attorney general. the so-called parkless are already popular in san francisco. now oakland has a pilot program and they're looking to bring new life to the shopping district. the village association is preparing an application to trade one or two parking spots for small park. customers who say parking is already tough to find have mixed reactions. >> i don't see taking up sparking spaces to do it. i don't think it's that good of an idea. >> i parked my car four blocks away. so i don't have to put money in the parking meter. >> city leaders won't them go for free. they have to be put somewhere else nearby where they will have
6:54 am
to pay the city $14,000 a year to cover the lost revenue. >> ladies and gentlemen, star your engines. the annual auto show opens up in san jose. today more than 700 vehicles will be on display. today in the bay's bob redell is live at the san ho hay mchenry convention center. he's there to give us a sneak peek at what is going on. >> this might not look like bit it, but this is the newest all lek rik vehicle to enter if market. it's made by a company out of los angeles. actually some of the production in the bay area is with the company. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's not on the roads yet? >> no. no. range anxiety. nobody wants to be stuck out there with a did battery.
6:55 am
we have the biggest battery pack and the longest range in the segment. that will give you a real, every day range between 90 and 120. >> and how does that compare to your competitors? >> it's a bit mar. >> because you have a bigger battery? >> yes, and the management system so it manages the battery temperature. if the battery is too coal t going to cut the range significantly. if it's too hot it will cut the quality of the battery. >> and these will be on the road some time --
6:56 am
>> it ends the 29th. >> thank you very much ch appreciate you getting up early with us. if you want to come out here to the automotive show. good morning. come out and go to it runs from sunday. >> i see a gig as a pitch man in the future. looking good next to the car. >> hey, check this out. >> smooth. nicely done. you got skills, kid. thanks a lot, bob. >> you're going somewhere, buddy. >> we don't know where. >> 6:56 now. the man who turned in that missing monkey is now considered a person of interest if some monkey business himself. somebody stole banana sam. a man claimed he found him and coaxed him into his backpack.
6:57 am
new this morning, a massive pile-up during the morning commute. as many as 40 cars smashing into each other during a pileup in southeast texas. at least ten ambulances were there treating people at the scene. about 80 miles east of houston. somehow, nobody was killed in the crash. conditions, well, they do look clear now. the deputies say the crashes were caused by poor visibility due to fog and smoke from nearby wildfires. it's 6:57 now. the "today show" is coming your way in minutes. here's ann curry with a look at what they're looking at. >> we're following breaking news at six police officers were shot as they attempted to serve a search warrant. at least one of the officers have died. also ahead. rick santorum arrives in new hampshire, trying to capitalize on a strong showing in the iowa caucuses. and this as newt gingrich is
6:58 am
launching a fresh attack on mitt romney. plus, tough be superhuman to have a successful diet. a new study to explain why we lose weight only to have it come right back. and kate middleton is making a big announcement tied to her role in the buckingham palace. >> 6:58 now. a company once considered the apple or google of its time could seek bankruptcy protection soon. kodak is making last ditch efforts to avoid chapter 11. they once dominated the camera and film industry. it invented the digital camera in 1975 but could not keep up with the new technology. >> despite the stumbling, there's more evidence the economy is slowly recovering.
6:59 am
let's talk jobs. thursday job numbers we just got show 372,000 people hat had to show up to the unemployment office for the first time. that's good news. we'll get more news with the lay dor department. the dow industrials are lower this morning as whole foods opens up the nasdaq. more concern about europe has reraced any new hope about jobs numbers. >> we look toward to that. >> thanks. >> right now we look forward to the weather. one last check with christina loren. >> one last look aft the beautiful sunrise. it's going to be a gorgeous day. grab a jacket. we're headed to near records. find out if you broke the records. we'll be on par to do so. we'll tell you at 11:00. >> we have a five-car accident just reported for the peninsula. now big slowing from 92 up


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