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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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tuesday morning. seconds away from 6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. we check back in with meteorologist christina loren. we're not going to be greedy, even a tease of maybe raining is good enough for us. >> yeah, i think we'll see some precipitation. especially in the north bay along the marin county, sonoma county coastline. throughout day it's cold, not as warm as it was yesterday, and i'll show you exactly how much rain we're expecting and when coming up, we'll time out the showers. it's early, 6:00 a.m. mike following a series of crashes. >> we know it's going to be business i because of the volume of traffic. the latest for the east shore freeway, the commute direction at westbound 80 at gilman, the accident moved off to the shoulder. the bumper of one of the cars is not there so debris in the roadway. a new accident on the right for highway 24, sounds like a couple of lanes are blocked. more coming up. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:00 right now. this morning a serial arsonist has a bay area city on edge.
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50 fires in 36 hours have novato police pumping up patrols. christie smith is live with new details of yet another fire that took place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. police, fire, even sheriff's deputies on patrol all night because that's when most of these fires occur. i spoke with a sergeant here this morning, he tells me there was another fire that was last night, it was a residential garbage can that was rolled out to the curb for service. someone set that on fire. they think possibly, they are looking into it. normally not a big deal but right now it is part of the investigation. investigators believe someone set 56 fires since saturday, most so small they go out by themselves. recently rush creek open space preserve. the sergeant this morning told me that people should keep their eyes open for burned areas near
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trails. >> we're in the investigation and evidence collection, part of the process, and all of the evidence we can collect will help us create a profile of what to look for in the future. >> if you do see anything suspicious call 1-800-848-0101, and you can remain anonymous. so far the good news no one hurt, no structures burned but police are concerned that could happen. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> 6:02. new this morning oakland police are looking into a deadly hit-and-run. a man was struck crossing the street at 73rd avenue near bancroft around 11:15 last night. witnesses say police pulled -- actually witnesses say that the driver pulled over and checked on the victim, then got back in his van and drove away. police spent the morning looking
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for more witnesses and surveillance cameras may have captured the crime. a friend of the victim says he called 911. >> goes to show you, you know, life is too short. the next day is not promised to nobody. >> police have a vague description of the driver. they say the van was a dark-colored chevy or gmc full size van. >> california highway patrol is looking for the drive here ran over a police dog. the canine, dozen, was killed when he got out after fenced yard. boz was a trained canine and certified in drug detection. any one with information is asked to call the chp. >> voting under way in the new hampshire primary, the first primary of the 2012 race for the white house. polls showing mitt romney has a commanding lead. but this morning newt gingrich telling fox news he thinks the biggest story will be romney
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falling well short of expectations. other candidates ramping up attacks in the final hours saying romney got rich by killing jobs. >> new information on the man arrested in a string of violent sexual assaults in the mission district. frederick dozier is jailed for several attacks last year. his face book page says he works part-time for the san francisco school district. he faces multiple felonies for assaults on women along the city's 24th street corridor. dozier is expected to appear in court on wednesday. >> 6:04. police looking into the death of the berkeley city clerk. 37-year-old deanna despain fell down some stairs. police seem to think the death is an accident but they will keep the investigation open until the coroner's report is officially filed. >> despain's husband found her when he returned home from a business trip.
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she became a mother just last march. >> it is 6:04. today san jose's medical marijuana shops facing another raid. not from police but possibly from the tax man. marla is live at city hall with the proposal council members will consider. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is part of the ongoing battle between san jose mayor chuck reed and local marijuana collect tifrs. he wants the council to increase the business tax on pot clubs by 3% so it would rise from 7% to 10%. that would pay for a citywide election. advocates rallied for to reveal those pot regulations. last fall the council approved rules that would limit the number of clubs in the city to just 10. there are more than 100. the mayor says the election would cost about $1 million and says that is a tab that the city and the taxpayers should not pay for and taxpayers we spoke to
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agreed. >> so it shouldn't come out of your pocket. >> right. yes. i don't have that card and i don't smoke so i don't want to pay for it. >> if they did raise the tax it's better than getting rid of the pot clubs. >> reporter: this 3% increase would be a temporary tax. the city council will talk about this issue at a 1:30 meeting. we're live in san jose. jon and laura. >> thank you. >> richmond city council will decide if police departments should help out other cities come times in the future. it's one of many to help out when oakland asked for oakland aid to clear out camps back in october. the council will vote on a resolution today, allow richmond's police chief to evaluate future requests for aid when it comes to civil unrest
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and decide whether to respond or decline. the council will consider a new proposal to scrap junk mail. the city considering a plan to come wake-up a service provider to get rid of the unwanted mail. >> 6:07. fremont council members will talk about replacing recently deceased mayor bob wasserman. he died in late december after a long bout with pneumonia. he was a long time civil servant, spending 40 years in the fremont police department before being elected to the city counse council. >> a popular man. he will be misseded. 6:07. we check back in with your tuesday forecast. >> it's hard to believe it's winter because we've had so little rain. this morning our lows are actually right on track with the seasonal averages. our highs end up on track. florida of course.
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january, but the rain we need we are still running a deficit. we expect a little bit. today is our best chance for rain. 39 degrees in hayward. 48 in san francisco. as you can see this low is developing quite nicely. really looking toward tracking to the south as we head through the next few hours. it's going to sidle down along the coast line and maybe we'll see the outer band brush up against the marin county coast line, sonoma and the peninsula. it will increase our onshore flow so we'll see more fog toward the mid morning hours and really keeping our temperatures down. offshore flow back in the forecast, keeping us nice and dry as we head through tomorrow and the next day. so let's break it down for you. cold but areas turning mostly cloudy. tonight not quite as cold, the winds pick up. we'll tell you what that means as we wake up tomorrow. then another chance for rain in
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my 7 day. >> we have an update more on this accident for highway 24 we have three of your four lanes blocked because of an overturned jeep. no details on the extent but the accident is causing slowing. look at the speeds in the 20s passing the oak hill road exit. that's before the caldecott tunnel. the other accident on the left, the accident is off of the roadway westbound 8 o. highway 92 which has reopened away from 280. heading -- still activity on the shoulder as you pass by. and oakland starting to pick up the value for 880. >> thanks so much. >> 6:09. coming up a stngs expert says governor brown's tax plan doesn't quite add up.
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>> looks like bart is getting some money. we'll have a live report up next. >> this is a live look at sfo. oh, the traffic for your commute starting to build up. mike inouye will fill in the blanks, christina loren will tell you about the weather. >> you can get the latest news, traffic and weather and good information, find us on facebook. beth!
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with what we may hear about in b.a.r.t.'s future. >> good morning, for a lot of b.a.r.t. riders it's good news. a major cash boost. the valley transportation authority behind the project asks for $900 million from the federal government for the $2.3 billion project. and today the u.s. department of transportation will give its official approval. the vta says the money is in the bag, it has to sit with congress for 60 days. no vote needed. that is great for the b.a.r.t. riders we spoke with. >> you get everybody downtown san jose is going to bring money over there hopefully. going to help out fremont, bring a lot of jobs, construction, things of that nature. >> all the way to go to work and it's a hassle. it is really a hassle. that would work if it goes all the way. that would be much better. >> reporter: the announcement
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means the vta can begin to collect the sales tax that voters approved back in 2008. the tax will go into effect july 1 in santa clara county. this will have a stop in milpitas and in san jose and could be ready by as early as the end of 2016. stephanie chuang. >> thank you. a lot of people waiting for that and the rain. we need some. bring up the snowpack. >> i don't think we'll see snow out of this system moving through and potentially going to bring us rain to the north bay as we head throughout mid morning. give you one more look at the wolf moon, the january full moon. not quite full. it was full yesterday. a clear start. cold as a result. grab your jacket. we'll take you through your forecast in a moment. we have more clouds on the way. clouds trap in the warmth, we're going to see that.
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take a look. we've got this cute off low getting a little bit closer to the coast every time i check. right now showers are coming down to the northern most portion of the state. the clouds are increasing that leading edge now pushing into santa rosa. by about 2:00 p.m., mostly cloudy across the area. you'll be cloudy over the city of san francisco. your temperatures for this tuesday, 34 in livermore now, as we break for lunch lchs in the mid to upper 50s. yesterday we had a few 60s at noon. not as warm with the limited sunshine. 57 degrees, though, not bad at noon in san jose. you round out the day with low 60s. 62 in san jose, 63 gilroy, about 63 in fairfield so you'll probably need to keep your sweater on all day long. the good news is we warm back up as we head to thursday. 62 degrees, friday, maybe a few more showers roll in. we're looking forward a pattern change. first i want to check your drive with mike. >> i hope this changes here.
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this is highway 24. we've been following this accident westbound around oak hill road. there is an overturned jeep and it's blocking three of four lanes in the westbound commute direction. coming through lafayette out of pleasant hill and walnut creek. chp hasn't provided updates, of course they are busy at work there. i am itching to know when they expect this to reopen. you can get through still on the one lane. hopefully two. orinda, oakland and the approach to the bay bridge showing a lighter volume partly because some of those folks held up back there. we're starting to see how these lanes off 880 and the overpassing start to show that. we should see the metering lights turned on. another issue for the east bay, southbound 880 at stevenson, there is an accident at the on ramp. that willing an issue for folks
6:17 am
getting on the freeway but traffic can get by. use caution and allow extra minutes. the rest of us thought it -- the northbound direction no major problems. construction cleared except for the cones that remain northbound from the summit up to bear creek, we are seeing them finishing their cleanup. >> thank you. it's 6:17 now. state auditors are digging through child and family service records in alameda county is not squaring well. adder thes are criticizing the agency for not formally reviewing the cases of four children that died between 2008 and 2010. it all says it happened under the agency's supervision. if the agency had formally reviewed the cases, social workers could have learned from those tragic deaths. the top ailment falls $2 billion
6:18 am
short. the governor says increasing sales tax and income tax would generate 6.9 billion. the state legislative analyst office says the plan will generate $4.8 billion. the chief forecaster says he disagrees how much higher taxes on the healthy would generate. >> faceback's expansion plan seems to be sitting well. the feedback, mostly positive at a hearing last night. fastbook asking menlo park to list an employee cap so it can place as many as 6600 workers at its campus. facebook still has to show up. it can limit the number of cars in and out. >> some think that construction for america's cup could pollute the bay. what they are trying to do about it. >> a live look, a very pretty look early morning at san
6:19 am
francisco right now. seems like a very peaceful time of day unless you're scrambling to get ready for work.
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>> a way to improve airport safety is in the works. san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote today on a contract to install emergency safeguards on two of its four runways. the safety additions involve putting a spongy material at the end of the runways to slow or stop a plane in an emergency. the project will be primarily funded by the federal government and should be completed in 2015. >> supervisors are expected to decide today if construction related to america's cup can move forward. four environmental groups say they are worried about pollution linked to a project. the supervisors will consider the appeal and decide whether to halt construction at the james r. herman cruise terminal. >> it's six months away but start throwing your name into the hat for tickets to this year's burning man festival. 40,000 tickets on sale starting february 1. to buy them you have to register
6:23 am
first for a ticket lottery on the website before january 2. organizers doing it this way to try and prevent severe meltdowns and ticket scalping. >> the city of san francisco not giving up the 49ers without a fight. the chronicle reports the city planning commissioner will hold a meeting of business and labor executives to talk about a possible new stadium at hunter's point. the group would apparently meet with an architectural firm known for sports stadiums. the firm has an investment company with the $600 million needed for the new stadium. >> raider's head coach with meet with his new boss. he and the gm will sit down before a press conference scheduled later this afternoon. reports say jackson is keeping his job. >> the new head of apple all set to be the highest paid ceo in all of silicon valley, maybe even the nation. scott mcgrew.
6:24 am
that sounds like serious coin. >> it is considering the last ceo got a dollar a year. did steve jobs get paid a dollar? not really. figuring out how much a ceo gets spade nearly impossible. when you total up everything it looks as if the new ceo tim cook will earn $370 million. 1.4 of that million is base salary, the rest is stock grants, this according to paperwork that apple filed on monday. cook has been the official ceo of apple since august, but he's been running the place for more than a year. meanwhile, the head of microsoft who makes a lot less delivered the keynote at ces in las vegas. his guests included cookie monster and a choir that sang tweets from twitter. this is microsoft's last appearance at the conference. >> and shares in san francisco zynga will open at an all-time low blaming a new game that failed to entrance users, shares
6:25 am
fell 9%. it has to hit a high bar. >> congress has set a date to allow internet experts to testify about the internet. as lawmakers consider the stop online piracy act. this is a law a lot of internet users oppose. the congressman there one of the first to point out to her colleagues that they were debating something incredibly complicated things about the internet with almost no understanding or testimony from experts about how the internet works. they will get their experts starting next week. >> thank you, scott. >> 6:25 now. still to come on "today in the bay," a hit-and-run driver on the loose after killing a man. the strange thing the driver did after the accident. details coming up. >> police stayed up all night on the lookout for an arsonist. >> right now clouds are increasing ahead of an area of
6:26 am
low pressure that might bring us rain showers. >> i'm tracking this big accident for highway 24 affecting folks off of a major interchange. i'll show you the latest coming up. >> a live look at oracle arena. okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so...
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>> another fire in novato last night, was it related to a series of arsons? i'm christie smith. i'll tell what you police are saying this morning. >> new this morning, oakland police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a man overnight. >> reporter: also san jose mayor chuck reed takes aim once again at medicinal marijuana clubs. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you what's on his agenda today. >> a cool start to your day out
6:29 am
there. that is san francisco, the city by the bay and this is tuesday, january 10th, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:29 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how cool or wet it may be today. >> i like to be realistically optimistic, whatever we do get today it's going to be light. but it does look promising for a few showers to roll through the north bay in particular, maybe along the peninsula. we'll talk about where and when but right now it's cold, grab a jacket on the way out the door. you can see the leading edge pushing into the bay area so. we'll time that out for you. first mike's got an area that could slow you down in the east bay. >> in addition to slowing down if you see the slick roads, highway 24 you have to slow down, this accident we'll zoom in, 24 and oak hill road.
6:30 am
chp has been busy, an overturned jeep. i saw good slowing out of concord and walnut creek that has started to clear a bit. this accident may be moving 40 am the road. we'll give you an update in a few minutes. >> also in the north bay, police and firefighters on the hunt for a serial arsonist suspected of setting tons of fires since saturday. christie smith is live in novato, she joins us with new details about fires set overnight. christie. >> reporter: good morning. at 56 fires in all, then last night a neighbor rolled their garbage can out to the curb for service and called police a short time later to report that garbage can was on fire. this is about a mile away from where some of the other fires were that investigators believe are probably intentionally set. most have been so small that they go out by themselves.
6:31 am
then in the rush creek open space preserve overnight extra patrols, police, fire and sheriff's deputies looking for a suspect or evidence. normally a garbage can fire might not be cause for alarm but now it is. >> we can't say whether it's connected or not at this point. obviously it happens but under the circumstances we're going to put our resources to try and determine the source tor ignition source of that garbage can fire. >> reporter: a hot line is set up at 1-800-848-0101. if you see anything give police a call. no homes have been damaged so far and no one hurt. reporting live, christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you. also this morning, police hoping to find witnesses and surveillance video of a deadly hit and run from overnight. this happened at 37th and bancroft last night. police say the driver hit the
6:32 am
man in the crosswalk, got out of the car to check, then got back in the van and drove away. a friend of the victim called 911, but the man died. police have a vague description of the driver and say he drove a chevy or gmc dark-colored full size van. >> suspected serial killer joseph nasowill be back in court attending a preliminary hearing. he's charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994. >> 6:32 now. san jose's medical marijuana collectives facing a new threat with a vote today. city leaders considering raising taxes again. marla is live at city hall with how much more the collectives could end up paying. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking a 3% tax increase for the pot club the mayor wants
6:33 am
the city council to raise the tax 7% to 10%. the regulations would term limit number of clubs to ten. that means most collectives would be shut down. basically the mayor is saying you want an election, you pay for it. as one taxpayer said, if he was a pot club owner he would rather pay the tax than close up. >> that's one way to look at it. i'm not into raising taxes on anything. >> i agree with the state of our economy and our debt, we would need something like that. >> reporter: mayor reed estimates this election would cost about $1 million. what is interesting to note is that since this 7% tax went into effect t city has -- that was
6:34 am
less than a year ago t city has collected more than 2 million from the pot clubs. the city will talk about it at a meeting here at city hall. john and laura. >> 6:34. this morning a santa rita jail inmate is behind bars. people breathing a sigh of relief. police say jose escaped from the booking area of the jail. an employee spotted the 57-year-old slipping out of the back of a facility. on the run for six hours. deputies say they called off the search because helicopters showed no sign of him in the hills. >> we called off the search about 8:00 tonight and shortly there after the inmate came out of what look likes maybe the camp parks area into the city and was apprehended. >> he was captured about 9:30
6:35 am
last night. he is the fourth inmate to escape from the santa rita jail. >> we've been enjoying unseasonable warm temperatures. let's find out if it's going to continue. >> it is going to continue after today. today is our best chance for rain, a cool start. grab a jacket on the way out. and dress in layers but probably warns the long sleeves. temperatures in the mid-60s in the warmest city across the day. by tomorrow we'll see a cloudy start which means milder conditions. the moisture that does pass through the bay area will help to purify our air quality. thursday we'll see very, very strong on shore flow, excuse me offshore flow and we'll warm back up to record levels. here's what's happening. we look at the bay area, from your satellite imagery you can see some showers coming down.
6:36 am
as i widen out for you, we've got this cutoff low. this is going to track closer to the bay area. this is what we expect. as this area of low pressure starts to sidle down the coastline i think we'll get a little bit of shower activity especially at the immediate coast in marin and sonoma. maybe drizzle along the peninsula. cloudy, cooler and winds pick up. i'll have my seven-day outlook in your next report. let's check your drive. >> we have updates for folks especially leaving concord, off the 24 interchange there. 680 showing speeds in the 50s. largely because of a backup. the accident reported at oak hill road. the up date is there is hazard in lanes which typically mean there is is debris after an accident. no confirmation on lanes open.
6:37 am
allow an extra 20 minutes for the drive because there is a heavy backup through lafayette. also circle the east shore freeway slowing to 50 through san pablo. off the merge with the richmond-san rafael bij. now we'll take a full shot and see how things are shaping up. a light row of traffic. but we may see a burst of traffic after this. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:37. still to come on "today in the bay," a hearing kicks off to look at the safety of air races and air shows. find what investigators are hoping to areeve. >> we'll take you live to new hampshire with the latest on today's primary. >> you can see the sun starting to peek out there. we're back. >> a live look, well, no, for the latest news, traffic and weather, good information, find us on facebook.
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>> 6:40 now. the new hampshire primary appears to be mitt romney's to lose. the other candidates are jumping all over what you could call a poor choice of words by romney. tracie potts live in manchester, new hampshire with the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday he said he likes to
6:41 am
fire people, service people who essentially aren't coming up to par doing their jobs, he was talking specifically about insurance companies and health care but as you can imagine several of the other candidates sort of jumped on that, not known whether that will have an impact on the voting which is under way here in manchester and many parts, most other parts now of the state. we've got brand new tracking poll numbers that seem to indicate romney solidified his double digit lead over ron paul. but also that jon huntsman is moving ahead, going up 5 percentage points just overnight. he has doubled his support in this state in just the past five days. he may be the one to beat when it comes to second or third place. in fact, if that's the case then it's going to be a challenge for rick santorum and newt gingrich also hoping to place in the top three. the polls as i said are open here. the secretary of state is expecting about 250,000 people
6:42 am
to vote in the republican primary alone, not that many as you might imagine in today's democratic primary. there are hundreds of thousands of independents in this state and that, laura, could be a wild card. >> and we will be watching. thank you very much, tracy. >> every step of the way. it's 6:42. coming up, b.a.r.t. getting big money from washington to extend the line to san jose. we'll have a live report coming up. >> plus, we'll head to las vegas to look at gadgets. >> a live look, sun coming up over the south bay. a nice day for january on tap. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> welcome back everyone. it is 6:44 now.
6:45 am
meteorologist christina loren tells us sounds like a little dip in the warm spot we had. then it goes back up. >> tomorrow and then more so for thursday. so, we've got a little something for everybody if you've been missing the clouds and a little moisture. well, i think we're going to see some of that as we head throughout the mid morning afternoon hours. you can see from this live picture, still mostly clear, now take it to the satellite imagery and you can see the leading edge is now starting to approach the city by the bay of an area of low pressure. that could bring us showers, especially at the coast. sonoma county and marin county, areas south of the golden gate bridge might get drizzle. some pretty thick fog expected throughout the day. as you can see here, the storm track sits to our north. what we're watching is a cutoff low starting to develop and break away from the jet stream. it's going to continue to sidle down the california coast as we head throughout the day, brushing up against the coast with outer bands of moisture. so i do believe we'll get a
6:46 am
little precipitation, not much, nothing measurable. i think more importantly we're going to get the fog and that onshore flow will help purify our air quality. through your forecast, help you plan that wardrobe for the day. it's cold. 34 degrees in concord, 2 degrees above breezing. you're below freezing in many cities, gilroy, santa rosa for example, and we're holding on to the upper 30s in san jose. throughout the afternoon hours, that's our best chance for rain. i think before 5:00 p.m. that's our chance for rain. the low pressure is going to slide down the coast. that will pick up our winds, a tighter pressure 80 yent but if we don't get anything before 5:00 we're not going to get anything. throughout the remainder of the week temperatures climb up. 62 in san jose and 63 degrees in gilroy. 59 in san francisco, back up in the mid-60s, though, as we head through your thursday. crisp and clear. and then this weekend we do have another chance for rain.
6:47 am
it doesn't look that great but we'll keep watching that each day bring you an upday. let's find out how your drive is with mike inouye. >> i'm pleased to report that westbound 24 all lanes have cleared at oak hill road. the earlier accident having tied up, 242 down to 24, and over to oak hill still in the 20s, again allow another 15 to 20 minutes coming through this area, that's the delay. that burst of traffic is going to cause delays at the caldecott and toward the maze so. far traffic is light there. we show slowing for the east shore freeway coming through richmond and san pablo. pretty typical pattern. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. 880 as well, through oakland, a live look shows you the volume, respectable in the 60s through most of this stretch. we have slowing south of here. southbound 880 at stevenson, an earlier accident, the car went off the roadway, they couldn't get it back up. they have to take care of it
6:48 am
later. there is a distraction, likely more vehicles. and the south bay shows northbound no major slowing but we have 101 and 237. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. new this morning, overnight hit-and-run kills a man. police say a man hit the victim with a van, got out to check on him, then drove away. witnesses gave them a vague description of the driver but they say it was a dark-colored chevy or gmc full size van. >> the quiet community of novato on the lookout for a possible arsonist responsible for setting more than 50 fires since saturday. christie smith is live with details of another fire that happened last night. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. this latest fire occurred maybe a mile from where some of the others started. a neighbor rolled a trash can out to the curb for service and then called police to report that it was on fire.
6:49 am
normally this might not catch their attention but now it does. they are trying to figure out how it started and if it's related to the 56 other fires likely intentionally set here since saturday. most of are small but they are near homes and the rush creek open stays preserve. no homes were damaged but police and fire had extra patrols out because that's when most of these fires occur. police asking neighbors to watch for burned areas especially near trails, if you see anything suspicious give them a call. christie smith, jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive fire at a south bay assisted living complex. the red cross is helping out 16 displaced residents of san jose's mayfair golden manor. a three alarm fire destroyed four of the eight units causing $600,000 in damage. five people suffered minor injuries and they are expected
6:50 am
to fully recover. >> san jose's pot clubs facing a new threat. the city will decide at a meeting whether to raise the business tax approved two months ago. if the council gives its okay, the tax will jump from 7% to 10%. some medical marijuana dispensaries say all of the restrictions and raids making it too difficult to do business. others say the taxes give them new legitimacy. >> a big announcement that could seal the daily on bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. stephanie joins us live from the fremont station with an update on the agency's extension plans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about a $900 million investment by the federal government headed here for the extension project that runs from fremont down to san jose. the department of transportation is expected to give its approval today. the valley transportation authority which is behind the project said the money is guaranteed. no vote is needed.
6:51 am
we spoke though some said the project price tag is a bit hefty. >> make a little more convenient, sure. i guess it's a lot of money to spend just to save 5 or 10 minutes. >> to be honest i would like that. i come all the way from east side san jose. it's hard to get here in the morning. it's a killer. it is a killer. >> reporter: the money will help save time for the project. it could now be ready as early as 2016. and in san jose by the flea market. this means the vta can begin to collect a 1/8 sales tax that goes into effect july 1. live, jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you. an air show safety, that is the topic of the transportation
6:52 am
safety board. this crash in reno killed 11 people and injured 70 others back in september. an ntsb spokesperson says the hearing is not a direct response to the crash. board members wanted to gather information to help the ntsb in future investigations. there were eight air raids and air show accidents in 2011. >> today show is coming up in minutes. here is matt lauer to show us what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on tuesday on "today" voters in new hampshire head to the polls for the first primary in the presidential race as mitt romney takes heat for a comment he made at a meeting with business leaders. jon huntsman who spent his campaign and performing well in new hampshire will join us for a live interview. also ahead the latest on the three week-old search for a toddler in maine as the family unjails a new remember sight to help. we'll speak to the little girl's
6:53 am
mom. jay zee release as new song and reveals a secret about attempts to have a baby. and our website, boy, did it light up after we asked you if a high school senior should be allowed to use this photo as her official yearbook portrait. we'll share the results and today's professionals will weigh in. we've got that and much more ahead on a tuesday morning on "today." >> thanks, matt. 6:53 now. the city of san francisco not giving up the 49ers without a fight. the chronicle reports the planning commission will hold a meeting of business and labor executives to talk about a possible new stadium. the group would meet with an architectural firm known for sports stadiums. the firm has an investment company that has the $600 million needed for a new stadium. >> raiders head coach hugh jacksen will meet with his new box. they will sit down for a press
6:54 am
conference this afternoon. reports say jackson is keeping his job. >> if you plan on going start throwing your name in the hat for the burning manife festival. to buy them you have to register for a ticket lottery on the burning man website before january 22nd. organizers while they are doing it this way to prevent server meltdowns and scalping like happened last year. >> you won't have to travel far to show off to america's got talent tft show is holding auditions in san francisco next month f. you can get a producer's approval you could audition in front of the celebrity judges. howie mandel, sharon osbourne and howard stern. the open auditions february 11-12, at the bill graham civic auditorium. doors open at 8:00 a.m. you can register on the website,
6:55 am
head to, search america's got talent for a link. >> we have a mathematical oddity. interest rates so low they have fallen below zero. that doesn't seem possible. >> german interest rates have fall son low you have to pay to allow you to lend it money. it sounds insane but negative interest rates, a sign that investors are worried about europe. they are desperate to find a safe place for their funds is. they would rather lend it to the government which would pay them back less than put the money in a european bank. >> the connsumer electronics show. >> welcome to 2012 gadgets galore. we've got tons of stuff. hp, this is the spectre.
6:56 am
an ultra book made out of gorilla glass. 1399, comes out in february. we have apps and technology to help you lose weight. this is a company called digital storm. cool computing. this one aimed at health care will deliver prescription immediates. >> a way to use your smart phone. touch your phone once to start and once to stop. >> sort of like the farm team for gadget friday. all the things you'll see across the year here. we'll have more throughout the week. >> who needs vegas. >> all right. more monkey business being investigated at the san francisco zoo. the examiner reports security guards caught three men
6:57 am
trespassing, they hop add against to get in. the break in was 10 days after the appearance of that squirrel monkey you see. they call him banana fan. he was found at a prk. not clear if the latest break-in is connected. >>a couple of northern california mascots finalist 18 competition to find the most awesome mass colt. it is one of the awards in the hall of game award show. among the finalists, sj sharky for the san jose sharks and slamson t the sacramento kings mass colorado they all go head-to-head for the jacksonville jaguars and the cleveland indians. you can vote for the most awesome mascot of all time at hall of that closes on february 15. >> you were a corn husker.
6:58 am
didn't make the cut. how about this, a 3-year-old girl went eye to eye with the king of the juggles. one for the kids. >> look at this home video shot by hear parents t girl coming face-to-face with the lion. the only thing separating them is that glass. all love. watch him here. she barely flinches, starts to paw at the glass. zookeepers say the highion has a lift of food swings. that girl turns four, says he wants to return to the zoo. >> the lion went lion. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. we are expecting light rain in the north bay. the best between noon and 5:00 p.m. temperatures cooler, 62 in
6:59 am
redwood city and if we pick up the rain i'll post the images on my physical book page. >> we want to make sure folks know that 24 reopened, all lanes as you pass by ong hill road. the earlier overturned jeep cleared. activity still a distraction. walnut creek, in toward pleasant hill and laugh yet. 20ing 20 minutes to the drive. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights were turned on likely because they expect those 24 to het through the caldecott. we're seeing a blackup. we'll get a look further south. northbound the headlights heading up to curtner into town town. thank you for joining us this morning. we're going to be back with a local update at 7 clob 25. >> and back every half hour to update you on what's happening around the bay and beyond.


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