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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thursday, january 12th, "today in the bay." >> thought you were going to say it was friday. >> i wish. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 4:59. seconds away from 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. we check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out about a day that shows a lot of promise. >> yeah, a lot of promise. next week we may not have as many opportunities to get outdoors with the wet weather pattern setting up. not till the mid to the end of next week. if you want to get your garden ready for the rain do it today. 42 degrees in hayward, 41 in san jose, 36 in livermore. we're going to end up with plenty of on the temperature map. i'll take you through that forecast. first, it's early out ther o there is an area that could slow people down in fremont. >> it could slow drivers and riders. let's look at the maps. a couple of, several, buses reported for south bound to 680
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at washington boulevard. as you come out of sunol through fremont, several buses on the side of the road. sounds like all lanes are clear but some passengers are transported from one bus to the other. a few cars only heading through the area. this will be an issue coming into fremont. prepare for that. i'll track what line that is. my guess is it's ac transit but we don't have further details yet. >> thank you, mike. >> san jose police continuing the search for a kidnapped teen who may now be in the central valley. 19-year-old llano vargas accused of kidnapping his girlfriend last week. her parents confronted the man but he sped away, running over the father's fooxt vargas now facing a $250,000 warrant for kidnapping and assault. investigators believe vargas, who is from stockton, may be staying in the stockton area and
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ukiah, he was last seen driving a gold two-door toyota, license 5hbx, 454. the kidnapping victim is a 15-year-old raquel, 5'6", weighs 90 pounds. anybody with any information about this kidnapping is asked to contact the san jose police department. >> crews are searching san francisco bay this morning looking for a man who reportedly jumped into the thwater. the coast guard says the man jumped off the fort mason pier. witnesses say he appeared to be agitated after ending a cell phone conversation. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray sweatshirt. >> a drug bust in the city of oakland. the narcotics unit seizing nearly nine pounds of meth from a home on waterford way. the street value estimated at about $250,000. two men were arrested in a bus
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and are being held without bail. >> this morning a caltrans manager fired is demanding his job back. he supervised testing on the bay bridge. he was fired following a report claiming the team had a record of fabricating data and responsible for testing problems on the bay bridge. he denied any wrong doing. >> we know the possible cause of a fire at the tesla motors headquarters. the automaker says the fire started overnight yesterday because a piece of equipment was left on inside for a facility test. the sprinkler system did put the fire out before the firefighters arrived. there was only a minor smoke and water damage and nobody was hurt. >> parents in one santa clara neighborhood camping out for a chance to have their child enrolled in their neighborhood
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kindergarten. marla is live at the school this morning. how big is that line? >> reporter: well, laura, we're up to almost about 50 parents out here at the school in santa clara. you cannot physically see these parents because they are inside their cars this morning. yes, this line of cars represents the line of parents. so far 43 parents are taking part in what they call the kinder camp-out. most have been here overnight. most live in the river mark area of santa clara. it's all to secure their child a spot at the school for the 2012-13 school year. the issue is availability. there are just 120 spots available and sign-up is on a first come, first serve basis. the mom first in line this morning, she has been here since 1:00 yesterday afternoon. she tells me she knows of 118 students who intend to register. here's the deal f. a family has one child enrolled in the school
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the other child is essentially guaranteed a spot. registration here opens up officially at 9:00 this morning. live in santa clara, marla tellez. >> thank you very much. the debate and disagreement continues over governor brown's budget plan. the state's legislative analyst office says the state may collect $5 billion less than governor brown projected. the difference due to estimates of personal income, tax revenue and the office admits it's too soon to tell whose prejektion is closer to reality. >> police are asking people to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. copper thieves are stealing valuable wiring from light poles. the public works thinks the thieves are dressing up as utility workers. at least six thefts have occurred in the past months.
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>> rescue workers will be out in force trying to save an injured bird. volunteers found the gull yesterday but they were unable to catch it. they say the bird looks very weak and may be starving. they tried to offer it food. that did not work. the gull was spotted with a barbed fishing lure in its bill. >> today is no spare the air day. no wood burning fires or you could be fined. the woodburning ban includeness doors and outdoors and all nine bay area counties. wood smoke is considered the leading cause of air pollution in winter. this is the 14th spare air day. >> spare me. it's 5:06 now. speaking of trying to spare the air, hopefully some rain to clear out that stuff. >> that's what we need, the moisture to purify our air or a little wind would help. both not going to happen today.
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we don't have rain until next week and calm winds, clear skies making way to a cold start. the good news is we have unhealthy air in the north bay and the south bay. today just in the south bay. moderate levels for everybody. it's illegal to burn unless it's your only source of heat and it's cold enough where you need a heat source. temperatures are running 4 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 2 degrees cooler in santa rosa. you're colder in concord, when we were already in near record territory. so i think we're going to shatter records. we'll talk about that all morning long. but look at this. 34 degrees now in livermore. as you break for lunch, 62 degrees. which is the average high this time of year. 0 so that means we're going to see temperatures in the 70s, even in the east bay. 70 in santa rosa, expecting
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records. we'll talk about that and when the pattern really changes in my next report. first i want to get you out the door with mike inouye. >> looking to castro valley, an earlier accident we were talking about. this is just off of 580, castro valley boulevard which local to the area know as major roadway. it's divided, actually. a car went into the divide. reports of injuries and a fuel leak. chp cleared that but the sheriff's department was helping so there may be activity. because of that fuel leak it may take a while to clear that area up. a live look at the san mateo bridge and the westbound direction, the taillights away from us. reports after plastic tub. back to you guys. >> sounds great. thank you. when the u.s. gymnastic team
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takes center stage this june there will be an extra suspense. at the end of the trials the coaches will choose the extras who get to go to the summer olympics in london. the top two zoring men and women will automatically qualify. then the other four women and three men will be selected by committee. the four-day event runs from june 2 through july 4th. more good news. summ gamessu here on nbc bayam area. if you're keeping score a htome they start in 197 days. >> san francisco says it's doing everything it can to make sure the lights stay on for saturday's playoff game between the 49ers and the saints. pg&e -- the december 19th game against the steelers was delayed
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twice when the power went out. >> not good. >> reporter: the mayor's office says several tests have been conducted and everything looking good. >> hopefully on the field, too. it's a big game. a chance to move on. 5:09. coming up, we'll have details on the reports that finds text messaging may be the way to go. >> we'll have details in a live report. >> the a's move to san jose may not be on the agenda but the owners are certainly talking about with it. >> a live look outside. that doesn't look like the golden gate bridge. 880 in the east bay. we'll be back in a bit. >> dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. >> announcer: act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. >> stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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>> welcome back to "today in the bay." and yes, the spotlight is on the money room. that is where the action takes place, working hard for the cash back there, working hard for us. a big thank you to everybody on this thursday. it is 5:13. >> the u.s. marine corps investigating images out of afghanistan. a video of four marines urinating on the bodies of the dead. the picture was obtained by nbc news. the marines are believed to be part of a team based at camp lejeune. the military's promising a swift investigation. if the marines are identified, they could face criminal charges. >> new research shows texting may be the way to go when it comes to fundraising. pew research talking to people who texted in donations to help haiti recover from the devastating earthquake two years ago. it found 80 percent did not donate money through other means
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than texting. a majority of those have also donated to other charities since they all -- the texting happening for haiti. three/4 who donated through text were first time mobile donors. >> torrential rains in alabama led to a water rescue. the woman was trying to drive gown a flooded street when the car stalled. the water level reaches her door handles. they managed to pull her out and carry her to saext she was not injured. >> christina loren is back here to tell us. what is our thursday looking like? >> dress for the winter but this afternoon you're peeling off the layers. it's cold out there, though. all the moms are camped out in santa clara. if you are ready to take the kids to the bus stop make sure they are covered and warm. but something they can take off
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because temperatures are going to be toasty by noon. 28 up in fairfield. all through the north bay we have the upper 20s. the reason for a lack of rain is this guy. a ridge of high pressure taking that storm track to the north. bypassing washington and oregon. that changes as we head into next week. finally the storm track dips to the south. we have a pretty good chance tuesday into wednesday, all way through thursday. we're about a week away from a major pattern change. through this afternoon enjoy it. inland the mid to upper 60s at the coast, the low 60s. it's going to be a beautiful day. hazy sunshine, it's a fair the air day. we have the unhealthy air quality. it works out like this. 73 in gilroy, and 70 degrees in santa rosa. through the next few days not much range.
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all the way throughout your martin luther king jr. holiday. next week toward the middle and end of the week that major pattern change arrives. we'll show you how that looks. showers blow in on tuesday. for wednesday, that chance continues into thursday. i think we're going to get pretty good moisture out of this. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we do need that rain, though. at the south bay travel in the northbound direction is looking good. green all over the map. but i want to point out an issue we're following here. it's reported in my traffic records. the intersection of grief leaf lane is off of the freeway but there is a two-alarm structure fire. crews are on scene. we'll have more details but do note that for the local traffic green leaf. i told you about a number of
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buses reported there. it sounds like maybe local transit buses, maybe a private agency on the shoulder. six vehicles are reported on the side of the road and no transit sags reporting delays. nothing more than that as far as the speed sensors are concerned. 14 minute drive, smooth for 580 to the dublin interchange. continuing to the castro valley y, look at that a smooth drive, few cars from the north bay and to the north bay there may be patchy frost. take that vote. back to you. >> thank you. a long list of government reports set to be released and could energize trading on wall street for that and we turn to bertha coombs. good morning. >> yeah, that's what accounts for breaking news in our world,
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getting the weekly unemployment claims at 8:30 in about 13 minutes or so. along with retail sales from the government and the all torrent crack report. foreclosure activity fell 34%, hitting the lowest in december. but realty track says it's mostly the paperwork to work through. the process is slow following a robo signing scandal that began in the end of 2010. and recalling minivans and suv's worldwide. fords cape from 2001 and 2002. brake fluid may leak from a faulty happen leading to a short or a fire in the brake system. there have been reports of a number of instants and property damaged. ford free style and mercury mom 2004 and five could lose power
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while you are thriving. we want to get that they canned out. a little breaking news, home depot hires a lot in the spring. they are going to hire 70 thousand people. you can go to their website. that's up 17 period from last year. a little good news on the job front. >> thank you so much, bertha. the man caught in 12-year-old sting plags will be in court. haley prich ard set up a camera to catch her sister. it was this man taking things. police say douglas john callen dreada, she is seen rummaging through her drawers. she faces burglary charges. >> owners in scottsdale for winter meetings. the a's potential move not on the agenda.
5:20 am
bay city news columnist reporting that members of the blue ribbon panel shows -- chose to investigate d meet with mlb executives and their committee yesterday. commissioner pud selig is not expected to talk about what the blue ribbon possible is reporting. >> coming up, an institution once frequented we'll have details. >> the northern california town that may be welcoming a new amazon facility. >> ♪
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>> we give you a wide spanning shot of san francisco. you can see the bay bridge,
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along with a lot of lights. >> speaking of san francisco a famous watering hole in union square may have to close. the lounge was served with eviction notice forcing the owners to be out. the landlord says a new tenant wants the space. supporters for the gold dust lounge started a campaign to try to save the bar. the gold dust was once frequented by celebrities janis joplin and steve mcqueen. >> a mystery company coming to the valley. it could mean a big time boost to the local economy. the council is set to meet to discuss what they call project x. now it's a deal with a mystery company planning to move into a massive one million square foot building. some are speculating right now it could be internet giant amazon. the council will not confirm the rumors but say the company will
5:24 am
provide up to 2500 new jobs. >> scott says this is part after growing rivalry between the two largest cities. >> when san jose wasn't looking san francisco got its act together and became business friendly, twitter, zenga, now linked in. the company renting more space. mayor ed lee says its 57,000 feet of office space and lee's administration has done a good job of filling empty office space. san jose's mayor chuck reed is not going to take that sitting down. they had a ribbon cutting at a company worth about 100 jobs. apple has officially announced something we talked about, it will indeed have an announcement in new york city later this month, the e-mailed invitation
5:25 am
makes it clear the announcement is about education. we assume digital text book. an oddsmaker published payouts based on what apple says. they are so sure it's text books, you would have to bet six bucks to be right about about digital text book. nine if apple announces a new apple. 40-1 apple announces a new robot teacher. i think it's higher than that. i've been concerned about you have something in new york city the last time they got snowed in which one of the worst blizzards, this year no snow. >> better odds on the robo teacher i might put odds on that. not a chance. still to come, the newest foreclosure projections, not great but they come with a silver lining. >> reporter: a show of
5:26 am
confidence in the economy is a major retailer gears up to hire 300 people. i'm bob redell. on target's job >> it is a cold start,rigid conditions. hey, i'm forecasting 70s later on today. find out if that's for your city coming up. >> we've had a pretty busy early thursday. the latest update folks swerving around. i'll show aryou where al tndy l coy ung up.mip.
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>> bay area school shocked after one of its teachers is arrested for having a relationship with a student. >> foreclosures are bad for families but may be good for the economy. we'll take a look. >> and we take a live look outside, interstate 80 starting to fill up a little bit at this
5:29 am
hour. it is thursday, january 12th, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 5:28 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we check back in with meteorologist christina loren to check on this thursday, friday eve. >> we've got a holiday weekend, many students don't have to go back to school on monday. you know what, we're going to get nice weather for your holiday weekend. today looking good except for the fact it's a spare the air day. frigid condition this is morning. many cities touching on the freezing mark. we'll see the 70s, i'll take you through the forecast, tell you if your city's fair game for a record and when we finally get the wet stuff. it's in the seven-day forecast. first we find out if there are problems on the road. >> we've had a lot of issues for the commute. no major slowing but the latest, this is 880, southbound at alvarado nils out of union city into fremont. reports of a lot of debris. vehicles are swerving.
5:30 am
sounds like it might be a piece of furnituring broken up. no cars having flats yet. i'll track this for you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:29 now. crime scene tape and flashing lights on the streets of san francisco as officers investigate a deadly stabbing. they went to sixth street for a well being check this morning. they found the man bleeding from the stab wound. the man was rushed to a hospital where he died. so far police have not released a description of the suspect at all. >> we can tell you today will be no ordinary day at granada high school in livermore. students and parents learned a popular teacher marie johnson is in jail accused of having a 6-month long relationship, a sexual relationship, with a boy under the age of 15. the 40-year-old is accused of 24 counts of sexual assault. no shock, parents and students very shocked.
5:31 am
>> she was really like she was friendly with us, she was a cool teacher. i liked her. i never would have thought. >> i feel bad if this is true, if this did happen, that it tarnishes teachers in general. >> investigators say the relationship started with text messages, facebook communication and the game words with friends. johnson is on administrative leave now. she is expected in court tomorrow. >> a teacher at an antioch school is now awaiting extradition accused of having sex with a 15 gerald girl in pennsylvania. police have arrested nicolas aaron, a special education teacher at bidwell school. police say he was 24 when he had sex with a 15-year-old girl. investigators say he sent the girl explicit photos. >> firefighters mopping up after
5:32 am
a house fire in san jose. damian trujillo joins us live with the details. >> reporter: good morning. looks like they are about to get fire under control. it's a house fire but went to two alarms because it started in the attic, then they were fearful it might hit some of the other homes here. let me bring in the fire captain rob brown. what were the concerns of this fire and where are we at now? >> the initial concerns were keeping the fire contained to the house of origin. we have a house in about six feet so trying to make sure we didn't have fires spread. when the crews arrived they did have heavy fire coming from the attic area. we were able to make an aggressive attack and keep it contained to the attic. they have some fire down below the floors in the first floor and trying to figure out the cause. they have fire that they are
5:33 am
trying to get contained. >> this intersection is blocked but no one was home at the time. no evacuations. your crews are very tired now. >> correct. this fire came in a little before 4:00 this morning, this is actually the third fire for the city today. we did have two other first alarm fires earlier in the day, now we have this one coming in the middle of the night. it's been a busy day. like i said this fire is getting stubborn so it's caused extra work we're having to get in and start tearing things apart. >> thank you very much captain rob brown. no flames you can see at this point. in the subfloor is where the concern is. they are going in and attack the fire at this time. live in san jose. damian trujillo, now back to you guys. >> damion, thank you. the good news foreclosures were down 34% in 2011 according to a new report. the bad news, they are expected to jump big time in 2012.
5:34 am
scott mcgrew says we may have our sense of good news/bad news backwards. >> i think so. any family losing their home is a tragedy. the fact we had fewer mortgages last year but expect more this year is another sign that in many cases delaying foreclosures may have been as m take instead of ripping the band dade off the economy, we're pulling at it bit by by bit. means that neighborhoods can't rid themselves of low priced houses quickly, that means the number of homes sold stays low as does the price. reeltty track that did this study says that california will be particularly hit hard in 2012. about three out of every 100 houses in california will be in foreclosure this year. that doesn't sound like a lot but the average block in the south bay has 40 homes so. you figure two or three in every two or so blocks. that's a lot of houses.
5:35 am
back to you. >> affecting a lot of people. this will affect a lot of folks. jobs to the east bay and they want to get the word out. target is holding a jobs fair to fill positions in fremont. bob is live in newark with the details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this job fair will be starting in a few hours at their new park mall location actually for a store that's opening up in fremont. in march. they have got 800 people that are scheduled. that does not include the walk-ins. i guess you're not surprised by the number of people give at any way the economy has been but surprised by the type of people you're seeing come? >> we've been seeing a more well rounded group of individuals coming out to interview with husband. we've had a good turnout with target. any of our job fairs were raet and growing not just jobs but careers. we're seeing a variety and we
5:36 am
never turn the town away. so we welcome all. >> you see more highly qualified people laid off from their paying job. how do you get them to stay on board. maybe they wouldn't have applied if they had a higher paying job. >> we're encouraging our team members to learn and grow in their leadership. we offer great benefits as far as team member discount, family, legal and financial services and resources. like i mentioned it's not just a job, it's a career. so people are looking to stay with one taxpayer and grow. that's what we offer. >> thank you you have much. they are looking to hire 300 people. it's a three-day job fair. today, tomorrow, saturday at the new park mall location. you could preschedule or show up and do walk-in. they have the gate set up to the right of the store. >> might help out a lot of people.
5:37 am
>> 5:36. we check back with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's cold out there. even colder than this time yesterday. 4 degrees colder in novato. and the interesting thing about this is we're going to end up warmer in many cities than we did yesterday with temperatures in the 70s. i put more 70s on the map. this is why. right now it's cold but look where we're headed. by noon touching on 63 degrees in san jose. and 63 in fairfield. all of that, the climb is on between noon and 3:00 p.m. when we get our highs. take a look at some of these numbers. 73 today in gilroy, 70 in santa rosa, 68 degrees in san jose. and 69 degrees in livermore. the the good news is we've been spoiled with this unseasonably warm weather. through next week, things start to look like typical january conditions here in the bay area. we have a pattern on the way,
5:38 am
rain as well. i'll talk to that when we get to the seven-day forecast. >> you can't call it copy cat degree. but we do have the copy cat report for the on ramp. that's if you are on the freeway out of san pablo and richmond. reports of broken unfurniture there as well. there it is at the top of your screen. no major -- 13 reporting an issue as you approach 24, i deal with hit and kill. make sure all lanes are clear. might have pulled over. disabled vehicle reported 880 southbound as you head out of downtown. a live look out there, we'll show you what things are like for the bridge with the taillights. a plastic tub reported rolling around may still be there but i
5:39 am
haven't seen slowing. >> thanks, mike. it is 5:38. a suspected serial killer goes back to court. >> jerard butler talks about his dangerous wipe-out. >> a study that looks at the old question, who drives better, women or men? >> you're going to ask that? >> take a beautiful live look at the south bay. bundle up yourself and your kids. 5:39 right now. hey guys, breakfast!
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside, golden gate bridge this morning. traffic picking up a little bit. we'll have a look at the morning commute in a bit. 5:41. >> the gop presidential race moving south and it's getting personal. the candidates on the ground in
5:42 am
south carolina and all but one fighting for survival. mitt romney won iowa, new hampshire, now ahead in south carolina with the next primary just nine days away. the victories made him a target, especially claims of being a job creator. >> romney's campaign reportedly preparing a counter attack to the criticism of his business record. voting is under way in the florida primary which is still weeks away. more than 420,000 republican absentee ballots have been mailed out. both mitt romney and ron paul aggressively reaching out. >> women and men have had this debate for years. who is the better driver? brian mooar is live with the results of a new study that strives to answer the question. good morning, brian. >> before i go there i got to ask, is this an argument that plays out in the cannon mobile?
5:43 am
>> mom is always driving, brian. what's that tell you? >> okay. we've got supposedly answering that age old question who is worse. the results, violations, accidents, insurance prices, aggressive and risky driving, men, men, men. we are the worst. women are the better. by a 3-1 ratio. they drive intoxicated, drive without a seat -- wait, ladies, wait. who did this report? was it the new england journal of medicine? no. it was some dude. some dude who runs a website, a car insurance website since the summer of 2008. so forgive me for being skeptical here. i used to abreporter before i did tv. but i believe, laura and jon, this is what scientists call hooey. >> i thought you would say it's a woman who did the report. >> no.
5:44 am
it's some dude. i'm not going to give you the name of the auto insurance website i never heard of because they did this for advertising. i'll tell you this. in the mooar car mrs. has criticized my driving. >> but will you stop for directions? >> of course no. i've got an iphone built by apple inc. >> brian mooar. >> probably one of those guys from dude where's my car did it. smart guys say women are better drivers. >> you drive with my mom every time something happened i feel like that makes it harder to drive. this morning watch for patchy frost in the north bay over the bridges and the overpasses. something i've never seen in my ten years of meteorology,y broke
5:45 am
a temperature record and a high temperature record in the same day in santa rosa. we recorded the coldest temperature ever for january 11 and the warmest on the same day. very unusual. i think we'll see more of the same. best cities to see that would be concord and santa rosa. intere interesting weather. typically we have clouds. we're not getting the rain or the clouds. with the clear conditions, all of the warmth from the day before radiates back out into the atmosphere. on the flip side the temperatures are warm in the afternoon because we're getting all of that sunshine. typically the clouds prevent the sun from coming in. you're at 38 in san jose and there is the reason why high pressure keeping things clear. the storm track starts to head to the south.
5:46 am
for the next couple of days. temperatures near record lows and highs. all the way through the end of the week. by the weekend more clouds roll in. that ril keep things filed mild and cooler but milder starts not as fridge it. 58 in san jose. and 70 degrees in santa rosa. we're not talking record rainfall. we're talking record warmth. by the weekend clouds pren and the pattern changes. the seven-day outlook, a few showers mostly in the north bay. that drops to the soucht talking widespread showers wednesday for the greater bay area. we want to get you to work on time. >> we had a number of in us on the east bay in the maze area. here is the debris. the on ramp to eastbound 80 has cleared so no problems up or
5:47 am
down the east shore freeway or accessing interstate 880. to the toll plaza, the disabled vehicle has cleared. so nice flow down through oakland. unfortunately this, northbound we see slowing approaching 24. the deer that was hit and killed in the area, sounds like the middle lanes so folks trying to get by. we'll likely have a crew heading to the scene. a light volume of traffic, no slowing approaching or at the toll plaza. both direction of that pay bridge. we'll show you as expected around somersville and not a lot of it. it started itself out. the south bay we have the fire that damion was reporting. that's near an elementary school. that might affect access over the morning but he'll follow
5:48 am
that. the rest of the south bay fine for the freeways. >> thank you. the disappearance of it new lee hallow way will be the subject of a court hearing. a judge asked to declare holiday legally dead. she disappeared during a high school trip and her body was never found. a suspect in the case, joran lan der absolute was never charged but in a separate case van der shoot pleading guilty to shooting a woman there. >> a man charged with the murder after pleasanton group is expected in court. steven carlson was linked to the death by dna evidence. her body was found in 1984 but the case remained unsold. this week a judge decided carlson should be tried as an
5:49 am
adult for the murder even though he was only 16 at the time. >> northwest continuing this morning and a preliminary hearing of accused killer joseph that so. tire pou tire. nasois charged with killing four women. yesterday a probation offer describing a 2010 of his home that turned up a diary which has details of assault of underage girls along side both trafs of two of the suspected murder victims. >> days after taking the top job of the raiders and firing hue jackson, the start of the search for a new head coach. mckenzie will interview todd bowls sometime soon. including raiders line back moss
5:50 am
or darren perry. >> jerard butler, doing his thing. he is talking about p his recent injuries circling near half moon bay. he was out battling the waves. jerry, all of a sudden a wave whacked him under. he was under the water at least a minute. it was difficult for the rescuers to get thim. the 42-year-old, he got out thereof and is happen to be alive. the 42-year-old was in the bay area to shoot a movie called of men and mavericks. >> no kidding. filming will continue, too. intel announced semifinalists for the talent search. a lot of them are from here in the bay area. out of the three, 29 are from bay area, 11 from the harper school in san jose alone. the students receive a $1,000 award from the intel foundation.
5:51 am
the national winners will be announced in march in washington, d.c. we'll keep tabs on gra. congratulations to them. coming up why you need to kubel check you have everything you have the next time you go through airport security. a pricey opponent of the smart meter. >> and growing apartmentism in the bay area economy meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
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>> welcome back everyone. live look outside from the east bay this morning. looks like traffic is picking up a bit. 880 through oakland this morning. we'll check that morning commute. 5:53 now. >> pg&e customers want to get rid of the smart meters may have an option for a price.
5:54 am
the california public utilities commission will meet to consider a proposal that would allow customers to opt out of the smart meter program. residents who take the option would have to pay an up front fee of $270 and then $14 per month. some residents complained the meters pose a health risk. pg&e insists the meters are safe. >> the next time you go through security screening at an airport you might want to double check your pockets. the tsa says travelers left more than $400,000 of loose change annually. sfo is fourth nationwide with money left behind. officials say many are in such a hurry to pass through screening they leave these coins for somebody else. and some heading to foreign countries leave it thinking they have no use for. the money is spent on tsa operations. >> a four-legged thief in florida making it difficult for golfers. bowie, a 1-year-old cav a shon
5:55 am
making it one of the toughest holes in the course. he's collecting dozens of golf balls from wayward shots. he is known to keep the newer ones from the owners. follow a simple rule. >> we ask you to do is mark your ball. put your initial on it. >> i take them away because he chews on them. he always kind of hides them. >> mark your ball before he marks your balls. the most he has collected in one hour, 14 golf balls. >> go, bowie, go. >> more hints the economy is turning around. scott says one quarter of ceos in the bay area expect to hire more. >> when you narrow that down just for san francisco, the percentage jumps to 40. the bay area council surveys 450 ceos every six months for the business confidence index. hiring expected to be the
5:56 am
highest, the survey says contra hosta and solano counties will continue to stagnate. the first time jobless claims showing 399,000 people showing up to the unemployment office for the first time last week. any number under 400,000 considered good news so we squeaked by that one. you guys know sponge bob. >> square pants? >> the man with the square pants. the fellows who voice sponge bob and patrick lending their voices to an old movie. >> how do you do. >> how do you do. >> here's a great deal. won't you join us for a drink. >> yes, i will. >> wow. a precedence is being broken. >> of all of the bars and all -- all of the bars in all the land, to walk into this one. >> i like to do that for my nieces and nephews. >> revoice movies? >> yeah.
5:57 am
fun. >> in her spare time. >> fantastic. we'll put it up on facebook so you can look. all of the characters there including even gary in casablanca. >> sounded like kermit. >> 5:57 now. still to come on "today in the bay," parents sleeping out in the cold this morning just to make sure their kitt kid gets into school. >> the feel good story of the giants season coming back next year. we'll tell you about about the team's latest deals. >> and high pressure taking that storm track to the north. we're going to see 70s today. i'll let you know when the rain finally arrives in the bay area and how much the snow is expecting. >> i've had incidents scattered around the bay. they add up. we'll show you what the latest is on one of your bridges.
5:58 am
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