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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the local captains have great insight about this, don't they? >> reporter: the cruise ship disaster is a hot topic here at the california maritime academy here in vallejo. this is a premier teaching institutions. this is a teaching ship behind me, where students learn how to navigate large vessels like this, and they are closely watching the news to try and find out what went wrong off the coast of italy. instructors spent much of the day in a simulator trying to see what led to the decembisaster. the simulator can create the conditions. instructors say you can bet the disaster will lead to changes in the industry. the captain appears to have made
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some serious errors, including breaking a maritime code of ethics, don't abandon ship while people are still onboard. >> it's common law for a ship's master to stay with it until he or she can't, and to see to the safety of the passenger is the first and foremost duty. >> if somebody is injured or killed on your watch, you can immediately be expected to lose your job and maybe even go to jail over negligence. >> reporter: again, instructors and teachers and students are looking at this disaster very closely. they say expect to see changes in the industry, and perhaps we won't get that close-up look to glacers, and it appears that captain may have been cruising the ship way too close to shore, and we have learned that
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disasters like this are very rare. >> thank you, jody. rescue crews blasted another hole in the ship's hole today to search for the missing. five bodies were found. coming up at 5:30 on nicely news, we look at the dangers coming up at 5:30 on nicely news, we look at the dangers where the c navigated huge yachts in the same waters. and then a symbolic changing of the guard from one of the most well known companies in the year. it's a bold move at yahoo. it is parting ways with it's cofounder, jerry yang. he will step down today from all positions of the country. they started yahoo while student at stanford. he rejected a buyout bid by microsoft. he said he wants to pursue other interests.
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and we will look at what yang's departure means for the future of yahoo. >> a teenager hunted by police for assaults turned himself in today. they say the teenager turned himself in to the juvenile hall this morning. yesterday investigators took the unusual step of releasing the juvenile's name in hopes it would pressure him to surrender. >> whatever the reasons are that caused him to turn himself in, if that was pressure from the media and community, if that's what worked, that's great. >> police say he approached his adult female vehicles on bicycles, and he robbed them and then sexually assaulted them. an east bay family had their home destroyed by a family. five people were sleeping inside
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the house on walnut street in martinez when the fire broke out overnight. firefighters believe a wood stove the family was using to keep warm may be to blame. the owner says they are thankful they changed the batteries in their smoke detectors because that's what woke them up. >> the whole inside of the house blew up instantly, and we barely made it out. it was just -- it was just an inferno. >> thankfully, there were no injuries and it's a good remi reminder for the batteries to be replaced. this is there display. the red cross is helping the family tonight. and occupy ss, their website says more than 55 organizations will descend for occupy wall
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street west. they are protesting the decision giving corporations the same rights as people. activist are also demanding banks stop evictions and foreclosures. their plan is to completely shutdown the san francisco financial district. a typo from mr. brown. the measure is identicaled to the one brown filed in december except he corrected an error where two numbers were trance posed. it will increase taxes on california's wealthiest. we will have more on the state of the state of address which he will deliver tomorrow. man's best friend fragile,
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loyal, and leading the way to a new treatment with spinal cord injuries. and marianne, some of the video is heartbreaking, but the end result holds promise. >> yes, it does. often small breeds spontaneously rupture a disk in their back, and they need up needing a doggy wheelchair or have to drag their back legs, but if this drug works, not only could it help thousands of pets but it could open the door for people with spinal cord injuries to improve their mobility. >> this dog has spinal cord damage and struggles to wuk. scientists here at san francisco are working on an experimental drug to be tested on dogs known
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to have spinal cord chainjuries like this. >> if we started to treat the animals with the drug within three hours of the injury, they showed a remarkable recovery with the hine limb be functions. >> while the drug may not regrow the injured spinal cord of a dog, it could prevent secondary damage that makes it so difficult for him to move his legs. clin actual trials will begin in spring the they are partnering with the a & m texas college of vet. >> instead of being wheelchair
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bound, they may be able to stand up and bear weight on their limbs, and they may be able to take functional steps. >> this is why they are watching the dogs and until now have had no treatments to help them walk. this could be a huge step for injured people. >> scientists say so far the treatment in animals have been proven to be most effective if given within hours of the spinal cord injury. if it's successful, the drug could be tested in people soon after that. >> amazing program. thank you. has it affected you yet? 49ers playoff fever. 45 million people watched last week's game, and this week the
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numbers could be higher, the championship against the new york giants. today we got an earful of behind the scenes look at the sports radiolation. >> eli manning has alley jun of fans that have seen him win big, and alex smith still is trying to climb that mountain. >> without being said, alex don't screw it up. >> alex, don't mess it up, we'll say that on air. season ticket holders will get the first chance to buy up to four seats starting tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon the general public will get their shot. if you want to beat the crowd, there's tickets listed between $350 and believe it or not 20,000 bucks. >> wow. >> for a ticket. be part of the 49ers magical season, and send us memories and pictures from your iphone, and just snap a picture and put the
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hash tag nbc49ers in the description, and it will come right to us. >> do we get to take part of employees? >> no, but we can buy that $20,000 ticket if you would like. speaking of cash, next at 5:00, a man stranded on a snowy mountain for days thanks to some unusual kindling. and then a move pitting silicon valley against hollywood. and lifting spirits and posting bail. one man's mission to help turn their lives around even if it's not the best business move. and then temperatures, clear, cold and crisp. a live look at oakland towards san francisco. we will talk more abouthe freeze warning and why the temperatures in the 3s, andrain. rain on the way. we are going to timeline it for you coming up.
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mountain view based google is joining the fight alongside wikipedia. it's going dark at 9:00 tonight. it's pulling the plug for 24 hours to protest anti-piracy bills. the community based encyclopedia is being joined in the blackout by a few others. they are protesting the stop online piracy act in the house. many tech websites say it threatens their industry and free speech. supporters, like the film and music industry say it's about protecting jobs and creative content. google announced it won't go black but will show solidarity with the protesters in some way.
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he had money to burn and to survive. 66-year-old snowshoe wur young kim kept warm by burning leaves, his socks, and some $1 and $5 bills in his wallet. he was rescued yesterday. kim is in such great shape, he did not need to go to the hospital, and he just went home. >> money to burn. >> i like it. let's bring in jeff ranieri. the hot topic of the week is the weather. >> yeah, any way you want to put it, raj. we did have the record setting cold this morning. unbelievable numbers for this time of year. and it is down to 19 degrees, and we have it from the weather watcher. livermore with 23. oakland airport, 28, and san jose also falling to 29 degrees. it has not been this cold in
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five to six years, at least at this time of year across the bay area. a look at candlestick park. looking good right now. wind and temperature 50 degrees. and winds out of the northeast at 3. and then for sunday for the upcoming game, we do look at a chance of rainfall here unfortunately. oakland looking towards the city, it's clear and cold and crisp. and those numbers are dropping rapidly right now across our interior sections. already, 48 in livermore. 46 in fairfield. and holding on to 47 right there in our downtown site in san francisco. another cold night coming our way, with the freeze warnings coming it makes it in the 20s and 30s. it's a sign of larger changes including rain, and also simi slated thunderstorms. and that is just in place here for the night. winds are fairly light, and we could see more widespread 20s.
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but the big thing that we are focus oklahoma, of course, is this increasing storm pattern now starting to shift. all the moisture out here that causes the rainfall is still 1,000 miles out so will take a little bit to get here. we do not think tomorrow we will have the accumulating rainfall, but we will have to wait until thursday's forecast, and that's when it will increase and ramp up in the bay area. so again, this much-needed rainfall will be on the way, and it's just slowing down in terms of its overall timing. thursday morning, after the rain, it will go to the south across the east bay and south bay, and then thursday evening we could get heavier rounds of rainfall with it, and then a secondary system moving in for friday. we will also have heavier pockets of rainfall by the evening hours. overall, with the first two systems, thursday and friday, we are looking for a quarter inch, and expect it right up into the
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north bay. we may see a quarter to half inch. three systems in three days across the bay area and the first one on thursday, and that second and stronger one on friday, and then also that third one coming as we head into saturday and early sunday morning. speaking of the morning hours, look at this. a cold start. 28 in napa, and also 29 in concord. tomorrow, holding on to the mid and upper 50s, it will be warmer out there but nothing too huge in terms of major warming. your seven-day forecast, accumulating rain chances for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday as well. >> bracing or seurselves for th cold weather. >> thank you. if you have been on the wrong side of the law, you might know the answer to this. what does a bails bondman do? freedom for a price. >> tonight's bay area proud, we
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show you one bondsman that tries to do more than get your body out of jail. >> reporter: welcome to fremont, california. population everybody. or, should we say every kind of body. for fremont is one of the most diverse communities and region in the country, and with that, of course, comes different languages and many different foods and different churches. none more different than one in this fremont strip mall. no, not that one. this one. >> i usually say i am a christian in cognito as a bonds bailman. >> he is dedicated to keeping you out of jail and your soul out of you know where. >> our clients are surprised that we do or say the things
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that we do. >> this bond is run by him and his wife. when he started 30 years ago it was just a job, but sometime at a low point in his life, he turned to religion, and it helped. he figured people getting bailed out of jail are almost by definition at a low point, so he thought it might help them, too. so with each new client, lou and lucy take care of business, and then get down to business. >> we have done things that we regret. everybody has. >> it's a pain that she has endured. >> we ask them if they care to pray, and we would be glad to pray with them, and if not, we will pray for you. and sometimes that's just enough. >> the goal is not to convert people, but see if we can help them get their lives headed back in the right direction.
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it's not something bail agents are famous for trying. lou is too nice to criticize his competition, but he will admit he is the only bail agent he knows who works this way, and from a business perspective, you will see why. repeat customers are the backbone of any business, and if lou is successful, he never sees his customer again, at least not professionally. >> it's a good thing i did meet him. >> reporter: which is just what happened to neil. a few years ago when he found himself in jail, his mother found lou. >> the reason she went with him, she said is because he did not have tattoos and wore collared shirts. >> neil credits him with turning his life around. >> he's a loving guy. he's not afraid to show his love for the world. >> people are people. they are just not objects that we can exploit to make a living.
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and i think that i would recommend that any bail agent. it really enhances the job. >> now, lou is a success story that we are interested in hearing about, but there are more that we are interested in, say a bay area company creating jobs. if you know of that, find me. just an update on changes lives, neil, we heard from, he is a musician that got a big addi aun this weekend and we wish him luck. >> that's definitely out of the norm. >> and bay area researchers give you a good excuse to gossip. plus, one golden girl rings in her 90th a it and it was complete with a whiteout shout-out. bi
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the numbers are stragerring. one out of every three adults in the united states are obese. the centers for disease control and prevention released the numbers today, that more than 70% of adults are overweight. experts say to change the trend for the next generation, adults need to do a better job modeling healthy eating and exercise habits. right now 1 in 6 children are obese. and for centuries, slits from ruined reputations. but now a new study said gossiping can have an up side. it can be therapeutic. somebody behaving behalfly can create heart beats in some subjects, and gossiping could are yeeou are worried about dishonest or
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untrustworthy people. we'll be right back.
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betty white celebrated her 90th birthday in style, complete with a card from the president. >> i can't believe you are 90 years old. in fact, i don't believe it. that's why i am writing to ask if you will be willing to produce a copy of your long-form birth certificate. >> that was very funny. that aired as part of the tribute to betty white. dozens of people from her six-decade career in showbiz wished her a happy birthday. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> thank you for being with us. we'll see you at 6:00.
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