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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. we're so glad you're here with us for thirst day thursday, january 19th, 2012. if you're wondering where hoda is, she finally read her mail and ended up in jury duty. four times she completely ignored it.
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we hope it does well. we hope she's back with us tomorrow but in the meantime, look who's here, my mom, joanie. >> hi. hi. i'm the deer in the headlights. >> the more i thought about it, this seemed like such a good idea at the beginning and now -- i didn't know, we talked into the kitchen with regis and my mom goes, are we on? so i thought who knows what's going to happen. last time she was in the kitchen, she says, are we on high-dementia television? remember that? i said, well, you are, yeah. welcome, joanie. were you nervous when i called you about it? >> no, but i am now. >> what's the worst that could go wrong? >> well, i could faint. that would really set it off. >> what was it that matt -- people were giving you advice as you came in, telling you to say things and stuff. matt lauer said what to you? you should come to me and say what? no. excuse me. one second.
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bear with us. >> i got my -- >> sorry. i'm sitting there in the makeup room -- >> i forgot my merka? >> matt saw the show yesterday and he said when you see kathie, go in and say i brought my merkin in. now, mom, you can't trust people so much because i'm going to tell you what a merkin is. >> what did i just say on the air? >> back in the 15th century, when you -- you were around, but you probably didn't know about this. thank you, mommy. there was, you know, prostitutes were afraid of getting diseases and such from their -- from their -- from their customers. >> merkins?
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>> merkin. it's called a merkin. you didn't see the show obviously yesterday. thanks for watching. >> i was on a train. >> what they would do is get rid of all the hair on their bodies so they wouldn't pick up bad things, and they would have a merkin made for them, which was like a phony pelvic area. >> oh. >> yeah. so that's what -- and so now pete is all upset because there are people now that are doing that and having them made out of fox. >> oh. >> yes. so when you said i brought my merkin, they made one for me in the hair department, and this is it, apparently. yeah. that's what it is. >> and this is what matt lauer told me to ask? >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, wait till i get a hold of him. >> what are you going to do about that? >> i don't know.
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>> apparently they're still doing that. don't you think that's ridiculous? don't you think a person should be what god intended? >> yes, definitely. >> yeah. should i work on it? >> you just be you, joanie. here. we brought you a little champagne because -- there's yours. >> oh. >> all right. now my mom has more fun, especially when hoda's mom is here, too. we all have great fun together. you're not the only feel-good granny in the world. this man adam lives with his 90-year-old grandmother who is legally blind and hard of hearing but she loves to dance. so he shot her doing what she does best. you go, girl. ♪ she's in great shape. oh, yeah. ♪ she's 90 years old, mom.
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>> she's wonderful. >> okay. she's going to show us some moves now. yeah. yeah! ♪ okay. oh, look, she kicked it. whooo! look at her, mom. look what great shape she's in. >> she's in great shape. >> let's do it. can you get down off there? >> yeah, of course i can. i think. >> shake it up, sister. this is for you, vito, in boca raton. go, mom! come on, joanie, move it like you used to. come on. shake it, sister. yeah! shake it, sister. good girl, mom! all righty. so i want to thank them for sending that in. it actually is our friend, you know, herb siegel's beautiful wife, jeannie, that's her real aunt. >> really. >> her real aunt from out in utah.
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so any who -- you can still do it. you've still got the moves, mom. >> i've got the equipment. >> you do have the equipment. we both do. i got that from you. thanks a lot. every thursday, hoda and i do -- she drives me crazy with the song she loves. i love it that she's not here today only because i get to hijack her "i hoda," and this is my pick. let's go to a little bit of heaven. ♪ time to learn, time to share crank it, please. ♪ someday, somewhere we'll find a new way of living ♪ >> who is that, mom? >> barbra. >> barbra. i'm sorry. and that is the david foster arrangement. i'm sorry. that's music, people. let's just crank it one more time. ♪ somewhere, somewhere >> i just want you to hear this
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one note. it drives me crazy when hoda does it but it's worth waiting for. listen to this. ♪ there's a place for us stop it. you know? thank you, people. that is music. and thank you, barbra and our friend, david foster. why can't we play something like that every thursday? all right. there's a show that betty -- i want you to be on, mom, called "off their rockers." betty white, she just celebrated her 90th birthday. >> she's wonderful. >> isn't she great? >> looks great, everything. >> still so great. she has a show called "off their rockers." hosted by betty. let's see a little bit of it right now. >> move the [ bleep ] out of the way [ bleep ]! god bless you. ♪ are you going to be the girl who holds my hand ♪ >> you know what, we have a little more time left, but i think it would be fun to save an
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extra minute for regis. i've been dying for this day. he and i spent 15 years together hosting "live with regis and kathie lee." look how much he cares. talking to sara. he has a great book out. going to sell some copies today. do you think it's okay for parents to discuss their children's love lives in books or something? >> no. >> why? >> i don't think it's right. >> why? you have to have opinions and back them up. >> they violate their security -- not their security but their privacy. >> okay. >> yeah. and maybe some confidentiality, too, that they shared with their parents a little. >> yes. >> and i don't think everybody else needs to know it. >> i agree with you. okay. because i said no, it's an invasion of their privacy unless it's specifically discussed and not for gratuitous reasons. what did hoda say, mom? can you read that? >> here is my question. >> it is not okay.
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>> it is not okay, but here is my question. why would any parent want to talk about their kids' sex lives? >> excellent, joanie. >> i can read. >> you can read. all right. up next, an old friend of mine and great old friend of yours, regis is here. and we've got the fashion show ahead. our cutest pet contest winners in the studio. but first, this is -- >> "today." >> yeah! 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back, and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need to get stuff done. a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done.
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♪ reunited >> yes, reunited and it feels so good. for 15 years i called regis my friend and -- >> savior. >> yes. you and jesus. there's no question that he's my dear, dear friend as well as a legend in the industry. >> legendary! >> it's hard to believe there was once a time when regis had to introduce himself to america.
2:19 am
>> nice to see you. it's monday, september 15th, 1988. hi, kathie lee, how are you? >> good. >> the beginning of a brand-new talk show. i guess you're wondering why another talk show. >> we need this like a hole in the head. >> just this case people don't know who we are, we should introduce ourselves. >> this is regis and i'm kathie lee. >> oh, my gosh. how did we stay on the air? >> how did we get on the air in the first place? >> it's obvious. >> how did we do it, joanie? >> talent. >> there you go. >> that was an interesting time, wasn't it. >> you know what, first of all, welcome. i'm so glad you're here. >> thank you. >> he's got a fantastic book out that everybody should read. it's "how i got this way." you chronicle in a beautiful way all the people -- >> who have touched me and inspired me. >> and helped you become the person that you are. >> that's right. and you're in there. >> i am in there, and i was touched by -- >> are you happy with your chapter? >> very happy. the only one i read. it was really nice.
2:20 am
>> was it accurate? >> it was very accurate, especially how much you love me and how talented -- >> changed your life. >> and changed yours. you know what, i loved what you had to say about the early, early days, the people that -- i think this is the reason you lasted and still continue -- whatever you're doing now, i don't know. but you have always an attitude of, wow, i can't believe i get to do this. >> and that's exactly how i feel right now. >> no. >> i can't believe i'm here! >> well you started out -- >> and i see you at home, it looks like a big, vast, big nbc studio. garoway and the chimps started here. >> nothing's changed. >> little corner. >> well, they are doing very, very serious updates downstairs to the main studio. >> that's good. let me ask you something. where's coda? no, really, where is she? >> hoda. coda. >> i always call her coda. >> because her last name is kotb. >> that's how it should. koda kotb.
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where the hell is she? >> she's at jury duty. she was a bad girl and didn't open her mail and threw it out figuring someone was trying to sell her something. >> they're going to nail her. >> you want to come back to work? because the seat might be available. if they keep her to make an example of her for a long time -- we have to get to the book. you dedicate it to jack paar, tell us why. >> i didn't know, because all my life people have asked on my way up, like, these tough old critics, what's your talent? and, you know, steve allen was suing the tonight show and steve could play the piano and say anything. >> wrote songs. >> wrote song, wrote books. brilliant guy and very funny. i was an nbc page. >> i know. >> the second balcony holding people out until steve and louie nye and tom and bill dale were all there. steve lawrence and eydie gorme were the singers. it was a great team. >> you were in awe. >> very much in awe and
2:22 am
wondering what my talent was. they were so brilliant, so wonderful on stage. and so i never did find out what it was until one night as i was doing the news in san diego at an nbc station, i saw jack paar come out and he was doing the friday night show 10:00 at night and he just come out and sit on the edge of his desk, look right into the camera, and tell people where he had been, what he had done, who he had seen. gee, it sounded so real and it was real and so much fun. i used to do that as a kid in the bronx, you know -- >> i know. >> i was a big hat. i thought maybe that's how i should start a show. maybe that's my talent. and so that's how it all started. that's why i dedicated the book to jack. >> i love that you thank everybody along the way. it's not a mean-spirited book in any way. and you seem genuinely grateful to all these people. >> i am. >> and joy, your bride of how many years now? >> that's the one i'm thinking about.
2:23 am
joy and i long time. >> long time. >> 41 years. >> 41 years. we have to ask you what you're doing next and how you feel about not being on the show anymore. is it a bit of relief? >> not to be on the show? oh, yeah. because, you know, the show that we did and i continued to do after you left and i've always done is all ad lib. spontaneous. i don't have meetings with all these people. who are all these people? i want them out of here. >> been here four years and have no idea. >> it was spontaneous. i wanted to keep that element going. but that was a little thought on my part and on your part of what you did the previous day that would -- >> we never had a meeting. then you joined the beautiful kelly ripa. >> and did the same thing. >> have you had a chance to watch the show since she's left? >> kelly's show? sure. >> how is it going? >> dana carvey was on today. very funny. >> he could be the new co-host and just do you. >> i never left! >> what is next? >> where is koda? shouldn't she be here to meet me?
2:24 am
let me ask you something, 15 years we are worked, and you know, joanie, i off wondered is she happy working with me. >> she loved you. >> no, no, joanie. have you seen her with koda? laughing, drinking wine, scratching. having the time of their life. with me it was grrr. i say to myself, she wasn't happy, she's more happy with koda. that's the way it is. >> i am one of those rare people in the world -- >> who gets along with everybody. >> no. >> didn't think so. >> just feels unbelievably blessed. >> koda should be here. >> how about you come back next week when she's back? >> i can't. once a year is all right. >> okay. all right. we're going to play a game next. >> what's the game? >> who knows me better, my mom or my dear friend rege? >> 15 years of every morning, i know her better. >> bring it! bring it, people! we're going to find out.
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okay. we're back with my good pal, rege, as well as my mom playing the role of hoda today or koda, as regis calls her. we thought when it comes to this dynamic duo, few people know me as well as you do. we'll play a little game probably entitled "who knows me better?" i'm going to ask a series of trivia questions about moi and you can buzz in when you're ready. are you ready? >> yes! what happened to my book? >> you could have co-hosted the whole time. what is my drink of choice? what is my drink of choice, mom? hit the buzzer! what is it? >> wine. >> wine. be more specific. >> what kind of an answer is that? >> right. be more specific. yes, regis.
2:30 am
>> white wine! >> be more specific. >> chablis. chardonnay. >> no, not anymore. >> what is it more? >> pinot grigot, you both lose. >> does anybody really care? next! >> jerry does. he has to buy it by the gallon. in what year did i leave regis' side? regis. >> 16 years ago and that had to be 2000 -- no, no, 1990 -- >> mom if you know the answer, get in there. >> i said 1990. >> that's the year cody was born. go ahead, mom. >> i'm trying. >> no. here! 2000! >> yes, regis. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. >> all right. what activity do koda and i do every wednesday? hit your buzzers. yes, regis. >> you laugh at each other. >> no. >> i hit it. >> what is the answer? >> you go and see a movie and review it. >> it's not a movie. >> yes you do! >> joanie gets that one.
2:31 am
the score is tied. >> half a point, that's all it is. you don't know me at all. how many years have i been married to frank? frank gifford. >> i was there. and -- frankly, i'll never forget it. >> beautiful wedding. >> 21 years. >> mom? >> 24, 23. >> frank gifford, how many? frank! yell it out! >> 29. >> 25. >> 29? oh, he's right. frank gets that one. >> it felt like 29. >> how old are cody and cassidy? yes, regis. >> cody, 22. cassidy, 17. >> wrong! mom! >> cody's 23. no. 22. >> no. >> 21? >> what is this, a number contest?
2:32 am
>> how sad. their own grandmother doesn't even know -- >> their own grandmother. >> but i love them. that's the important thing. >> cody's grandmother. >> cody's 21 and cassidy's 18. not that you care. >> i would have gotten cassidy right. >> this year will mark how many years i've worked with koda? yes, regis. >> four. >> yes, regis. it's 2-1. mom, your chance to get even. what was the name of the beloved mutt i used to have who now lives on a shelf in my library? >> oh. >> use your buzzer. >> she's had a lot of dogs. >> she had a lot. >> do you remember the name? hit the buzzer. >> what was his name? >> chardonnay. >> no. what was his name, regis? >> she had two dogs. one was chardonnay. the other was chablis. >> i had three and i named one -- >> one was regis. >> you win! >> that's the truth. >> that's the one that's on my library. >> regis. like that's funny. >> i like to keep my regis
2:33 am
close. >> cosmo for me? >> cosmo for regis. you'll need it. finish this lyric to my song. let's hear it, please. ♪ everyone has a story >> what's the next line? ♪ everyone doesn't care what is it? what is it? >> different as night and day. ♪ different as nighdaant y d ♪ >> we got to go. fe
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hi, how are you? >> good. >> we are back on this thirst day thursday. we're trying to talk regis into staying! and the winners of our cutest pet contest are here. if you're wondering who this woman is next to me, this is my moan, joanie, filling in for koda, finally on jury duty. having a good time? >> i'm loving it. >> don't get so used to it because hoda is not going to be pleased to see how great you're doing. you know what i'm saying? this guy is going to help us --
2:38 am
actually, we've picked all five winners, but we want to introduce you to him. he is pet expert -- i don't know how he qualifies for that, but apparently he is -- his name is harrison forbes. great to see you. >> hello. good to see you, ladies. >> you've come on a crazy day. >> pets, lots of people, always crazy. >> everybody thinks their pet is the cutest. they're all right. >> that's true. but over 50,000 people sent in photos. we have these top five winners. >> let's meet them. >> we've got some cute outfits. first up, lily grace. lily grace is an english bulldog. her owner is allison mcguire. she's got a polka fleece hoodie on. look at that face. and here's a fun fact about lily grace. she loves to watch oklahoma state football. >> she likes my mom's feet. >> she's got a secret crush on the georgia mascot, ugga. >> ugga. so she's a tramp. all right. good. all righty. next one. >> next one we've got -- >> regis wants to sell his book,
2:39 am
as you can see. >> hi, everybody. >> nice plug. >> i love you, sweetheart. >> you, too. >> everybody say good-bye to regis! >> bye, rege! >> just couldn't take the heat, huh? had to leave. too funny and too much fun. okay. >> next up bentley, a teacup yorkie. her owner, susan miller and her mom made this hoodie. it's a "today" show hoodie. look at this, the logo and everything. >> oh, my gosh. how precious. >> his little fun fact is he likes to go outside and pretend he's peeing by lifting his leg so he can hurry up and go back inside. >> he's not really doing it. >> faking mama out. >> he is precious. how much does he weigh? >> 3 1/2. >> 3 1/2 pounds. >> all right. smoky is up next. smoky is our one cat in the final five winners. a russian blue cat. the owner is michael farmer. he's got a monkey sweater on. >> why is that? >> smoky likes to play dog and
2:40 am
fetches like a dog. >> really. >> hanging out with the dogs today. >> smoky is beautiful. >> thank you. >> all righty. next? >> next up is hailey, english cream dachshund. the owner is tracy polo. hailey's got a little sun dress on. look at that. >> oh, come on. >> and her mom -- turn her around so we can see the skirt. >> the little bow. stop it! >> her mom said she plays tug of war with the other dog, like two lions going at it. >> oh, my gosh. and one more. >> buster, come on in, buster. buster is a french bulldog. roy hernandez is the owner. she's got on a monster sweater. now, buster loves to hang out under the piano while his dad plays, but the one thing that stops him dead is he is mesmerized when jackie comes on tv and starts singing. >> really. >> our five finalists picked by the viewers. >> they're all beautiful. thanks, y'all, for making the trip to new york city. we had such fun. i think our next contest is going to be our beautiful
2:41 am
children with a beautiful pet. don't you think? you come back and see us when we do that. all right? are you an expert on children as well? >> i've got three, one out in the hall right now. >> that qualifies you. next up, joanie and i will take a sex trivia test. right after this. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling,
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so if you're wondering what happens to your sex life in your golden years you're about to find out. dr. pepper schwartz is aarp's sex and relationship ambassador, and she's here with a little trivia for us. hello. >> hi. >> glad to be here. >> and frank gifford has joined us. he knows about everything. >> even sex. >> yes. okay. we're good to go. >> of course this isn't trivial. this is extremely important. >> yes, it is. >> the biggest growth in online dating has been if for people over 50? myth or fact. you're wrong. they're right. in fact, the largest growth, biggest group of people online
2:46 am
dating now are over 50 all if way into their 90s. >> wow. that's kind of weird. >> no. that's kind of great. >> disturbing on some levels. >> i see. we'll move on. the number-one sexual thing that heterosexual men would like their partner to do in bed is to have more to have more orgasms. true or not? myth or fact. you're all correct. actually, what men really want from their partner is for them to initiate more. they want to be desired. >> is that true, sweetheart? >> oh, yeah. of course. >> okay. >> if i could get that dog out between the two of us. >> okay. tmi, frank. moving on. third, people who have never been married have -- excuse me. people who have never been married have the most sex. myth or fast. myth across -- >> come on, joanie. >> you're right. the people who have the most sex are -- >> married people. >> all they have to do is turn over and look next to them. >> and find the dog. >> find the dog.
2:47 am
>> okay. now we know. okay. here's the next one. myth or fact, senior geezer dotcom is a popular dating site. >> i'm going to say that sounds good to me. >> sounds good to me. >> well, you've got myth up. fact. actually, you are correct. she knows that no senior ever wants to be called a senior. at aarp we never use that word anymore. >> what about gezer? >> way out of line. both of them. we go to all the regular dating sites, perfect match, equestrian singles dotcom. >> that's about horses, isn't it? >> you can organize your life any way you want online. people like to be paired. we'll get to that question. >> okay. i'm not sure i like your tone, but go ahead. >> i've already offended you. >> that's all right. >> five. women are enjoying sex more after age 70. myth or fact.
2:48 am
myth, myth, myth. >> no. fact. >> fact. two facts are right, in fact. because after 70, if you look at men and women, women are more satisfied than men. >> my mom is a widow. she misses my daddy very much. but how you doing, joanie? >> i'm doing great. >> are ya? >> i live with my memories. >> we could fix that. the dating sites, you know. >> you can fix that. >> over my dead body. you're not going to put my mother on a dating site. >> okay. well, let's talk afterwards, all right? because i think it's always important to have love and sexuality. this is a conversation to have with your daughter. >> yes. maybe later. >> seven, the biggest mistake older dating people make on their first date is to talk about their aches and pains and illness. myth or fact. fact, fact, fact. no. actually not. the myth -- what -- the mistake they generally make is to talk about their ex or past partner.
2:49 am
>> then they talk about their aches and pains. one more. >> married couples are most likely to have secrets about sex. of all the things they'll keep to themselves, they don't talk about their past sex lives. myth or fact? >> you better not. >> it's myth. better not. it's a myth. the thing that people most keep secrets from each other is is about money. >> okay. i think you're probably right on both counts. thank you so much. great to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> thank you, frank gifford, for joining us. guess who's in the house? the scotto family. they're cooking all our favorite stuff. there's my other mama. mama scotto. we have anthony and elena. good morning. anticipating some snow across the northeast. we have a lot of winter weather to talk about for a change.
2:50 am
the snow will be around the great lakes initially today. we'll see snow in chicago, minneapolis, into cleveland and detroit. that will make for a messy rush shower, especially into the chicago area. rain showers moving through the southeast, starting out with clear skies in new york city, believe it or not. the first storm moved out and this will move east as we head into friday night and saturday. still tracking a big storm in the northwest. western washington and western oregon, the coldest air will retreat to the north, still only 14 for the high in minneapolis for your friday. it is warming across the south. temperatures in new york city, cold enough to support that snow. so this time around, it's not going to be rain, but we expect the snow to start friday night and continue into saturday morning, 1 to 3 inches a possibility in the big apple. snow stretching back into ohio, rain and thunderstorms across
2:51 am
the southeast. snow still spreading into the rockies and the way down into southern california on saturday. notice we're losing some of the old air there on saturday afternoon. sunday, we start to track more wintery weather. rain showers lingering in the mid-atlantic. for the big game, we expect dry weather, but cold and in san francisco a chance of rain for that niners' game. on monday, widespread rain on top of the snow that well across areas here in the northeast, all the way down into the southeast. and snow showers around the lakes and notice the west not getting a break until tuesday. things start to let up and much of the country quiets down on tuesday, as well. be sure to "wake up with al" every weekday morning at 6:00 wethr ate nechhel. ana.orast on the weather channel. 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back,
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all right. time for "today's kitchen," and although we're not actually in the kitchen, that's proof food preparation can be done anywhere.
2:54 am
we're here with new york's first family of food, we love them. the scottos of the famed restaurant fresco by scotto. they brought along some of their favorite dishes and i brought along two of my favorite family members. great to see you. >> thank you. >> how many years has the restaurant been there? >> it's 18 years old. >> then i've been coming there 18 years. >> i know you have. some of the dishes are in your honor. >> i know! let's talk about them. >> let's start. today we're doing a palenta. we use the instant. we tap it off with the shrimp. >> shrimp. >> yes. shrimp. of course you know there's got to be olive oil. >> and some garlic. right? >> yes. >> want to smell that, mom? >> i can smell it. >> she's salivating. >> i am. >> and some onion and some tomatoes. thank you, frank. >> frank's very good in the kitchen. >> and some flat italian parsley. >> fresh, fresh. >> yes, yes, yes.
2:55 am
and of course a little red pepper. >> okay. then you -- >> joanie, would you just stir that? >> she'd be happy to. >> i'm going to show you. this is the finished product. >> how long do you simmer that? >> not long. about five, six minutes. >> okay. >> because this is the instant. and we top it off with the shrimp. >> that looks so good. >> and kathie, we -- >> look at the sauce. >> we do one more thing. we toast our bread crumbs so it has a crunch. >> oh, my gosh. we're going to fight over that. but there is more. >> there's plenty more. >> mom, let me give you a bite. >> eggplant pie. >> tell the story. >> you said you wanted eggplant parmesan but you didn't want eggplant parmesan so, we came up with a version of it that added zucchini and great mozzarella and prosciutto and stuff like that. unbelievable. >> so delicious. >> 18 years. >> all right. this is -- >> of course there's an antipasto there. >> meatballs? >> let's do some meatballs, baby.
2:56 am
>> i have beef and veal together. ground beef and veal together. i've soaked my bread. right? a little milk. we all understand that, right? little garlic. parmesan cheese. i know. >> i love to rub his head. >> an egg. we're going to combine this all together. we're going to mold it all together. the only problem we're going to have is it's sensitive. >> those are big balls. >> what size is your ball. what size do you preference in your ball. then you'll mold that to -- >> according to taste. >> exactly right. and brown them. all you want to do is brown them, put them aside, because you'll reheat them later. >> of course. you're going to put them in the sauce. >> and we're going to have a bite of that. you guys are our tasters. come on down here. elena, what do you have? >> we're doing nutella bombaloni. >> bless you. >> yes. >> right in there. >> so we mixed this up, secret
2:57 am
weapon is our vanilla. we add eggs. this is what it looks like once it's mixed right over here. and then we start frying. 375 degrees. >> oh, my gosh. >> look how nicely they come. >> have another ball. >> we dip it in sugar. if it wasn't enough nutella, we do a little injection -- >> oh, my gosh. >> isn't this great? >> i'm going to give that to frank gifford because he loves its. honey, are you eating -- here, have a bite of that. >> frank, can we talk about the super bowl? >> prediction, frank gifford. >> i'm sorry. you're eating. i apologize. giants? >> there's no conversation. there's no other conversation. >> who are they going to play, though? >> who cares? >> all righty. well, you know what, we're going do a little yoga in a moment just to run all this stuff off. and guess who's here with us? trudy steiner, sting's gorgeous wife. she knows her yoga. and we want to wish grandma a very happy 81st -- >> 82nd. >> tomorrow.
2:58 am
we'll be right back right after this.
2:59 am
3:00 am
all righty. sorry about that! we got on the elevator to come see you and my mother pushed the wrong button. she'll be joining us at any time now. >> she will? >> thank you for being here because it's time to talk about yoga.
3:01 am
>> yes! happy new year. >> great to see you. either way it's good to restore your body, your mind, and almost anyone at any age can do it. >> anybody at any age. it's for all levels, just a holistic practice, means it's goods for you, good for your body, your mind, and your spirit. >> and your sex life. >> absolutely your sex life. >> and her sex life with sting is legendary. >> legendary. >> legendary! let's get started until they get here. i'll get barefoot with you. >> where are you going to sit? >> am i sitting? >> this is for joanie. >> that's cute. >> she'll be here by monday. >> on the floor, okay, hands and knees. take the hands, shoulder distance apart, legs hip width apart. >> that could be problematic but okay. >> inhaling, bringing your knee to your forehead. this is engaging your core, kathie.
3:02 am
>> don't mind the spanx. >> into an arabesque. pushing hard on the arm. >> is my mother? oh, sara. good. >> out to the side here. this is engaging your glute muscles. everyone loves a beautiful booty. swish that around. this is angry cat's tail. it looks like a cat's tail. i'm swishing around. >> here comes joanie. good. >> we're going to try it on the other side. i'll get my mom situated. >> sara, the other side. left side. quickly. leg up to the forehead, arabesque. left leg out to the side, swishing it around, cat's tail, engaging the glutes. >> oh, my gosh. even your feet are gorgeous, trudy. this is my mom, joanie. >> hello, cutie. >> this is trudy. she's going to teach you how to become -- >> yoga. we created yoga just for you. >> yes. >> she's sitting. right? >> we take a seated posture in
3:03 am
the chair. this is really for when you're on a train, plane, automobile, when you're traveling, when you don't feel like you have enough energy to do mat work. we're on the chair. so hands on your knees. and we're going to breathe. just be very sensitive and present with your breathing. we don't breathe nearly enough in life. we breathe very shallowly. become very conscious of your breath. >> breathe from way down and up or just relax. >> just be present with where it is for the moment. and now we're going to take a deeper breath and breathing in we're going to take an arch forward and curling back, curling back. >> curl, joanie. >> the lower spine, joanie. right back into the back of the chair. excellent. bring your weight forward and curling into that arch and arching forward. >> in our last seconds, please tell us about your new dvd. >> this is the one we're doing now from weight loss yoga. we're going to take a side arch right out to the side, joanie.
3:04 am
>> she's gone. she's in the zen. listen to what trudy is telling you. she's going, huh? >> doing the side arch. >> i want to thank joanie and regis and thank trudy, who's one of the sweetest ladies ever. u seyorre moto.ow [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: for the first time, tim tebow and david bowie together as one. ladies and gentlemen, tebowie. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ tim tebow to jesus christ tim tebow to jesus christ can't win by myself but with your help i might ♪


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