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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and le said police then shot at them. the officers then forced their way inside the residence. >> he had the victim. he was holding her around the neck. had a firearm and began to fire on the officers. at that point it became obvious that the victim's life was in imminent danger. the officers decided to make a crisis entry. they forced entry and encountered the suspect again inside the residence. the suspect again opened fire on the residents with a firearm. one of our s.w.a.t. officers was able to get a shot off and hit the suspect. the suspect was pronounced dead inside the residence. >> reporter: now, we are told by the officers that taylor vo is okay. she was checked into a hospital for observation. and will be reunited with her family this evening. and that's the best news of all. we were also told that perhaps tri le was looking for taylor's aunt, his former girlfriend. that's how this whole thing got started.
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. also tense moments today at a south bay elementary school. s.w.a.t. teams with guns drawn went from classroom to classroom looking for a suspected gunman on campus. damien trujillo is live where children and their parents were just reunited a few hours ago. >> reporter: sunnyvale police remain here for security reasons. someone made a threatening call saying he had a gun saying he was going to take care of business on campus. so for the next six hours, the s.w.a.t. team searched classroom by classroom. they climbed on rooftops ready to shoot if they saw any potential suspect. two heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams scoured san miguel elementary while is the children sat in their classrooms in lockdown mode. >> just worried. i'm pretty sure my daughter's in there worried. >> reporter: parents waited on
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neighboring streets frightened, scared, worried. >> it's horrible waiting. we don't have no answers o for anything. >> reporter: after six hours, the s.w.a.t. team came the all clear. >> they found nothing. >> reporter: parents waved at their children as they were led out of class. then to the waiting arms of some very emotional families. >> i just didn't want to let her go. say hi. >> hi. >> almost on the verge of freaking out. you want to get your kid. you know there's something going on and you can't get to them. it's a horrible feeling. >> reporter: this father says he's too emotional to put in words the feeling of having his boy back in his arms. several parents complained to me that they heard about this lockdown through the media. we'll hear the district's response tonight at 6:00. also the police say they will try to trace those three phone calls to see if they can arrest
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the caller. i'm damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damien was updating the facebook page with video and pictures from the scene all day. you can get the latest breaking news on your feed by liking us. just search nbc bay area on facebook. there have been many delays in this case due to in part to the recent birth of her child. but gisele esteban. the student disappeared in hayward last may. her body was found in a remote area in september. esteban has been linked to the murder from dna and phone records. prosecutors believe that she stalked and murdered le over a dispute involving a former boyfriend. firefighters are gaining ground on a devastating brush fire burning near reno. it is now 50% contained.
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one person is dead, though, and 26 homes destroyed. flames broke out yesterday and were fueled by winds gusting more than 80 miles an hour. but the biggest factor making matters worse, it's reno's driest winter in more than 120 years. the flames have burned through six square miles and forced 2,000 people to evacuate. a january storm like this usually doesn't generate headlines, but this is no ordinary january. any storm is headline news. we've got two more on the way this weekend. jeff ranieri joins us from the weather center and is tracking when and where it's going to fall. >> that's right. we have that first system moving in yesterday. now the jet stream is pushing to the south enabling thisontr sger system just off shore to continue to develop. as we still have some of the strongestgeain and wind about 327 miles off shore at this point. overall rainfall totals over the past 48 hours, very impressive after 32 days without anything
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at all. close to 3 inches in mill valley. san francisco nearly an inch. then .34 in alamo to .1 inch in san jose. we're going to pick up more throughout tonight. you can see it building off shore right now to the north. some heavier returns. that's a sign of what we'll see here in the next four to six hours. again they have picked up over an inch for today. down here in san francisco, t is dry right now out at candlestick. and also the south bay starting to get in on a bit of activity as well. what you can expect tonight isolated rain and also thunderstorms. winds picking up tonight and a very slick commute in the bay area into lake tahoe. you're going to find treacherous conditions on the roadway. we'll have more on the weather for the niners game in a moment.
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the countdown to the nfc championship. it continues. we are less than 48 hours from kickoff. and the migration has begun. a lot of new york giants fans are arriving at sfo this evening. the team won't arrive until tomorrow. as for the 49ers now, home cooking. practice in santa clara. that's where we bring in mindi bach who's been covering this team inside out for the last couple years. you know better than almost anybody here. is it business as usual or from your perspective have they changed their routine even a little for this? >> reporter: no. it is business as usual. a heightened sense of importance, but really the team is rather relaxed. the players having a lot of fun. the game plan is in. physical practice is over for the week. the only thing left nor the players is saturday's walk through here at the facility. but there's still a lot of work to be done. a lot will return to the facility this evening to go over film. and you remember last week, jim harbaugh said before the saints
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game let's not overcook it. i think it's safe to say as they prepare for the giants, they're on high simmer. >> it's really never done. you know? i think that the hay's in the barn philosophy is not one we subscribe to. >> you always studying. you always studying the guys, defense. i'm just like the coaches. i'm studying too. i'm watching film looking for flaws. i mean, that's part of football. >> at this point, going over the game plan. the entire game plan over the week, now a chance to really, you know, wrap my head around it totally. and just get it game ready. >> i believe the intensity has already gone up another notch. just what our practice is. our preparation. those guys doing some talking. i think the intensity is already going to be there.
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>> reporter: jim harbaugh says he believes this week of preparation is one of the best the players have had all season. and alex smith says in part that's because the nerves aren't there. the anxiety before the first playoff game is gone. even though the stakes are higher, this is more back to routine. mindi bach for nbc bay area. >> thanks so much. on the eve of the south carolina republican primary, newt gingrich is now neck and neck with front runner mitt romney. gingrich continues to rise in the polls despite allegations by his ex-wife he wanted an open marriage. meanwhile romney is vowing again to release his tax returns this april. as for candidate rick santorum, he continues to take jabs at gingrich saying he's a reddic. >> i believe newt has found forgiveness and the past is past. >> be u you like that he's tough? >> i do. >> reporter: we can't have a president every day coming up with a brand new idea of looking
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at things completely different than the day before. >> also today, herman cain and stephen colbert endorsed each other. also demint said whoever wins tomorrow will probably be the republican nominee. stay tuned for nightly news with brian williams after this news coverage. more coverage coming up at 5:30. in washington, d.c., still ahead at 5:00, oakland mayor jean kwan finds herself in the middle of a mo b. and president obama like you've never heard before. why his song might increase his re-election chances. it's a tough transition from driving in life or death situations in afghanistan to driving on the streets of the
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bay area. a program helping vets make that transition. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking that second and stronger storm system as it n moves over the bay area tonight. we'll talk more about some wind in the coming hours. and also what it means for your weekend in just a feminutes.
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and receive $25 off your registration fee, because everyone deserves a lifetime. mayor jean kwan feels the heat of occupy protesters even though she's on the west coast. these occupy protesters in washington, d.c. surrounded kwan's taxi yesterday holding hands and shouting shame. kwan is there for the u.s. conference of mayors meeting. protesters have been demonstrating outside her hotel for days. police realized what was happening and forced the protesters to move. the goal was to make this the biggest occupy protest yet.
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and sf pd had its hands full crippled the financial district today. they caused problems for customers and employees at several banks. tracy grant joins us now where the group is gathering once again. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, the latest update we got is 18 people have been arrested today. i want you to take a look out here today. this is herman mraz is a. a lot of these same people were actually living here before the camp was broken up. now they're making sure their presence is still being felt. >> when the resistance becomes a duty. >> reporter: traveled to san francisco's financial district first thing this morning to chain herself to the front doors of wells fargo bank. she was not alone. many others blocked the bank's doors making it impossible for
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employees and customers to get inside. >> i'm here to put a face to the numbers and a story to the bottom line. >> reporter: it's not the first time the occupy protesters have surrounded this bank bringing to a stand still. which annoyed this cable car operator. occupy wall street protesters are a hodgepodge from across the bay area who say the fact that most of their encampments have been torn down can't keep them from fighting for the 99%. to immigration offices, city hall, and many financial institutions. sfpd said when trespassing ended up being a threat, they had to make arrests. >> we asked them several times to move away from the doors on this side so that people could
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get out of the building in an emergency. they refused. the officers came in without incident. >> reporter: chris goldstein admitted they need to streamline their message in order to bring greater awareness. >> are you willing to get arrested today? >> i guess it depends what for. not for this. >> reporter: now, everything was going very smoothly today. people are starting to taunt us now that we're here at justin herman plaza. this is where it ends today. tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thats an active scene. we'll continue to monitor that this evening. right now another round of wet weather drenching the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> that's right. the second and stronger system out of the series of storm systems here for the bay area is now starting to move in with some heavier returns just off to the north. for us some widespread coverage
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here in here throughout the bay area roadways. as we zoom in, the spot that has been hammered over the past 24 hours has been the north bay. we've picked up between 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. now wind gusting into the low 20s. and temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. slick across all of the interstates as well. a lot of oil being brought up on the roadways. it's spotty in the east bay. but that's what we're seeing now. we'll see this coverage pick up. also the intensity and those winds beginning to ramp up. temperatures right now in the upper 40s to low and mid-50s. all the cloud cover overhead is going to keep us stable here through the next couple hours. no doubt you need the layers if you're heading outside anywhere tonight in the bay area. for tomorrow morning, areas of rain, a cloudy start. the jet stream is going to be active enough we will keep it the entire day. and for the 49ers on sunday, a
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90% chance of some rain as we head into the kickoff. right now satellite shows the frontal boundary about 200 miles off shore. that's where the strongest wind and also the rain is located. so we still have about three to four hours to go before some of that starts to intensify for us. once we're done with this system for tonight, we do have another system building out here as we head into sunday's forecast. as we look at this system here throughout the western coastline, pretty strong. that's going to continue to intensify through the overnight hours and as we head throughout sunday, a secondary system moving in for our chances of rain to stay with us all the way through this weekend. so for saturday, isolated thunderstorms. then throughout sunday, we'll look at those areas of rain in the evening hours. as for tonight through 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, we'll start to see things intensify as that frontal boundary begins to pass the bay area. even into the midnight hours. we could see some pretty good rounds of rainfall coming our way. then by tomorrow morning, it
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starts to come up a little bit. we can't rule out areas of isolate showers. as for tomorrow, anywhere we're going to find from a half inch to an inch when all is said and done with this latest round of weather. for tomorrow, chance of thunderstorms and throughout sunday, we do keep this chance of rain in the forecast for that 49ers game once again. let's get a look as we head into tonight. 49 in san rafael. and an isolated thunderstorm possible. as we look at the gametime on sunday, 3:30 p.m., we do expect rain at the kickoff. it's not a major storm, but the field will be wet. and the players, they're going to have to deal with it. in the seven-day forecast, we keep the chance of showers in the forecast through monday. then we clear out. but once again, tonight is the strongest of what we will see over the duration of this pattern. if you're headed out, take it slow on the roadways. >> good advice. thank you, jeff. it's a long road home. the war might be over, but the
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emotional battle continues for thousands of veterans of the iraq and afghanistan wars. >> from facing life and death situations on the battlefield to now just coping with the easiest everyday tasks, mary ann shows us a program making that adjustment. >> reporter: you may feel you're driving defensely through the bay area, but it's nothing compared to what soldiers learned on the battlefield. now a program helping map out a return to civilian streets back home. bridges, trash, cell phones. what may be a common sight during our daily commute is perceived as a deadly threat to many veterans returning home from this. >> why do you think the doctor wanted you to see me? >> to make sure i can be safe on the road and be okay for me to get back on the road. >> reporter: fighting in afghanistan, an ied exploded
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throwing brian avalos 15 yards. he lost an eye and function of his left arm. now the soldier is relearning how to drive. using this computer, occupational therapist mark samuels assesses how well brian processes what he sees. for vets who aren't quite ready to get out on the road, they can use this simulator. it helps them improve their safety awareness. but brian has proven he's ready to get behind the wheel of a real car. and he wanted me to go with him. using a special device on his steering wheel, he can drive with one hand. mark is teaching brian to move his head more. but brian who was diagnosed with a minor case of post-traumatic stress zoerd, he's not just learning new techniques, he must also unlearn some of the
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defensive driving skills that kept him alive in afghanistan. >> getting shot, blown up, hitting things like bombs. it's a lot more defensive there. >> reporter: a simple stop sign may also signal danger to soldier who is often view it as a potential trap. and that's not the only thing that triggers anxiety. >> people on bridges. people on cell phones. cell phones are the triggers to ieds. >> reporter: driving through palo alto, brian feels more comfortable on the road recognizing he doesn't have to be hyper vigilant. >> i know i'm in a safe spot. not just at any second this road would blow up or i'll get shot at. >> slow it down. >> reporter: rehab specialist samuels says brian is doing amazingly well and adapting to his diminished depth perception. he expects ten more sessions like this behind the wheel will pave the way for brian to get
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his license. >> it's nice to know i'm getting back to being a capable adult again. >> reporter: and well on the road to recovery. driving rehab specialist mark samuels says most of the veterans who have gone through this program have been clear bid the dmv to drive. some have stipulations placed on their licenses, for example no driving at night. but to drive on your own means the world to these vets who want to maintain their independence 37. nbc bay area news. >> sure is a transition in their lives. still ahead at 5:00, you've got to hear it to believe it. a side of the president that most people never knew or heard. mr. obama turning crooner. and one of the smallest babies ever born finally taking rehe breathfre o fir ash outside of hospital walls. a
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did you hear this? president obama and his voice. his al green impression could have lasting effects.
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♪ i'm so in love with you >> that was really good. >> impressive. >> the president crooned those few bars of let's stay together by al green last night at apollo theater. a betting agency says that will rectease his chances of le-eion. >> scoring big points there. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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after nearly five months in the hospital, one of the smallest babies ever born was finally able to go home today. melinda was born last august in southern california. she only weighed nine ounces
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then. now four pounds stronger by the day. see you at 6:00.
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