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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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into the low 30s. so with this strong system, this is added to our rainfall totals exponent shlly. and that's not it. we do have a third storm system coming as we head into sunday. so we're going to time line all
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of this for you coming up and let you know how much this duration of wind and rain that's really lashing the bay area. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you in a few moments. happening right now, occupy targets the 1% when protesters smash up a bentley dealership. and just a block down the road, surrounded an abandoned hotel and some actually occupying the building. you can see several windows here are cracked. now,abts three blocks from here, protesters that occupy a vacant hotel, police say about 25-30
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protesters are now inside the hotel. woe're told they brek into a back entrance, got onto the roof and hung an occupied bid at the story. they're trying to prevent about 200 protester. we understand that police have pepper spray. at least one person. we don't have any news of arrests. the 19 protesters were arrested earlier in the day. now, two officers were apparently hus in taxes. so right now, police are taking a wait and see approach. f they used their umbrellas to latch on to the barricade and to
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where i happen the bar katsds down. >> i saw it's by that's building. the job creators want to keep the people safe. so they're going to arrest people, put them out on the street and then destoi a billion that is 20, and hundreds of people with the video. and convert that building to sbild bilding that's a strong hospital. also, franklin has been shut down while this is going on. back here live, you can see that crews are still working to repair these windows. at this point, the face-off continues. occupiers still in the row tell. live in s&l francisco. nbc bay area news.
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>> monte, thank you. we'll check back with you. well, less than 48 hours until the big playoff game. and there's a comprehensive fwam plan. >> the rain, as you can see, it's win fi. and people are stopping by with their cameras to take pictures of this. city hall all decked out in 49er colors. but both sides are predicting a sin.
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>> we're rad day to go. 49er fans were cordial. >> but police are concerned about what some over enthusiastic fants might do at the stick.
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>> was not hurt in the or deal. she is back with her family, safe tonight. >> times are getting tougher. but so are homeowners in one east bay community. they've armed themselves with multiple players of protection against thieves. let's bring in stephanie who joins us in freemont with the story.
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>> reporter: raj, good evening. police say on any given day, there's an average of five burglaries in this mission. matters aren into their own hantz. >> i wamed it on a big screen tv. >> not miller knew we pould be becoming on a dar. door. he has the surt cameras so that she can actual loet ri on his child carts. >> and you could see somebody was going through his alarmed. area. >> the 30 years said it's no time to lead anything to chance. >> with the economy right now, particularly will pick up. >> and the krit teen and her
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neighbor is hiring a private kmurlt company po prar november the streets. >> there's layers of defense. and it starts, really, with your community.
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>> and that's not guilty all they're doing here. some neighborhoods have identified cars which blongs on the street. live in freemon. well, buyers, be wooir." a still nor everyone. bush push blank blavng
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>> ul lech mem members also receive free tickets. two stadium seats for every home game, including the playoffs. >> it's very improper and it is unet equal. >> peter is an ethicist. >> the supervisor's getting this type of gift, not paying for hit, that has an e formouse properiods of nb protire pi. be the city runs the station. the general manager gets a luxury box. and the seven mem br also gets a box big enough to seat 20. while fans play, free tickets are available and some well positions that the immaterial ploy owes.
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>> because the city owns the land and the stadium, it elected not to lease the three box locations and the 22 stadium seets to the 49ers. >> i think that's a very elitist view that the supervisors are taking. it really is something of an insult to the intelligence of people. san francisco owns the stadium. if that's the case, then i should be able to go to the game free. >> supervisors have said that they will accept it before it's the sunday game.
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>> the first in a series of three systems here across the bay area. we also want to take you out to our golden gate bridge camera and it is wet out here. it's also pretty dangerous with
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even some ponding on some of the roadways. so if you are doing any traveling tonight, we're still expecting some areas o moderate rainfall to continue. what we can show you is prok ets of 4e6 yer rainfall. sind gusting into the 2030s. main etc. it's backed off. this cold front is starting to push towards the east. also, winds still gosty here at the ir air nort.
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>> we're going to start to see things calm down a little git. still, a slight chance of showers in the forecast. the jet stream cruising alopg so quickly, so let's glood ar liking job. so back behind this, we do have that clearing. it's toing be cheng three or four hours. it doesn't look nearly as strong as it's the system that we're dell weg nemt deal.
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>> if tams don't take care of business the clean out their lockers. raven's and patriot will kickoff up to endnchts seam claem. treats are rack it issed today, the r being ourers ntsdser to order call tty: 1-800-544-3316is pb many
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blnk h hblg ot game, the tight ebd is directly to the aur kwaer. befr sht ohio plan ban a? but there's still ants to p to be 4789 the jie social security and the bash pleasure p that yob with northbound keep thinking ant, you know, the sea air e r >> you're alms studying the guys defend. so i'm just reich the coaches,'m study to. . ening kblam plan. thou a chance to really, ewe
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know, wrap my head around it totally and just get a game ready. >> alex smith says the team is much more relaxed this week than the kang psity was there. and jim har says h is the best week of revelation. nbc bay area. thank you, mindie. over to the patriots and warriors. seth curry. fourth quarter, tied. >> but was it a kicked ball? referees missed the call last chance. not going to happen. they lose 94-91. a lot of people upset tonight. >> i mean, can you believe that? kick the ball. >> it was a kick ball. thank you.see you tomorrow. wesee you tomorrow. we 'back in a moment. dinner's ready.
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>> as you reported earlier, we're finding some heavy rainfall here across heyward. and down at the south bay, we're out to get hit with another round of rain and wind. if if you're out traveling, do not go the through the drive thing. >> have a grease weekend. we'll see ru monday.
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