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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 23, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ the rain may be tapering off, but neighbors in oakland still have their concerns after a major slide over the weekend. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. looking to drown your sorrows after yesterday's disappointing loss by the 49ers? why you might have to settle for a new york brew. that story coming up a little girl pulled from her home as s.w.a.t. teams close in on her father. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelly. dpas dark clouds blanketing the area. in san francisco, you can see clouds rolling by the top of the trans-america build, ominous there. in the peninsula, drivers trying to navigate soupy conditions on the san mateo bridge. our san jose camera shows clouds over cupertino and sar togethat in the distrins. meteorologist christina loren is handling the forecost. we start with christie smith, live in oakland, crews are cleaning up a mess after a stretch of roadways slid downhill after a heavy reason. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we're just getting a little bit of drizzle now, after a pretty wet morning. but i tell you, neighbors are already trying to clean up, and they are concerned about that major slide over the weekend. they're trying to direct the water away from their homes.
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they've already picked up more than 100 sandbags from this station alone in the hill since the rain started this morning. they're worried trees might fall after all of the rain after a long dry spell. one man wants the city to do more tree trimming. and on wild current road, that's where you see the worst of it. public work crews tell me engineers may be back out there today to try to figure out the exact cause of this slide and what to do next. the hill under the street gave way in the rain and a woman who lives feet away from it all says a water main broke, too. looking at huge tarp and mud next to her driveway makes her awfully nervous. >> i'm just concerned that the hill is going to erode further which will damage my house. those are my main concerns. >> here we had -- some mud came down on the side of the hill went across the street and we had to dig our steps out of the mud.
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it's nothing big, but still, like i say, it's a matter of time. >> reporter: i also have calls into east bay mud about the slide and what they know about it. haven't heard back yet. oakland public works drepartmen, they're telling me neighbors are best eyes and ears to trim trees and take care of mud problems. also suggesting to go on their website and let them know if you see any problemses. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. back to you guys in san jose. >> great job out there. thank you very much. are the rainy conditions going to stick around? let's check in with christina loren in the nbc bay area weather center. good morning. >> good morning. looks like rain showers are starting to subside. live to our doppler radar. you can see where showers are coming down, widely scattered and very, very light. we have a little bit of activity here in south bay. but overall, showers are clearing out nicely. as we head throughout 4:00 p.m., we'll continue to see it isolated activity especially
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through the south bay. showers continue to clear out, maybe a little bit of lingering cloud cover until 5:00 p.m. over your local mountains. overall, looking really good. temperatures starting to warm up, up to 56 degrees at 4:00 p.m. by the bay. we'll round out the day with 60s on the temperature map. a nice warm-up on the way. we'll talk about that when we get to your full forecast. back to you. as it's raining here, this means it's snowing in the sierra. mike is up in plaser county with a look of all of the fresh powd jeer hello from blue canyon. snow continuing to come down. let me dig and dig down to the bottom. look how deep, up to my elbow, 12, 13, 14 inches already on the ground. from snowplows to snowblowers to heavy snow, this is video of just how big this blast of snow was overnight. >> it's coming down heavy right now. >> reporter: enough snow fell by sunrise, chain controls were in effect throughout the morning. this trucker actually waiting it out, going nowhere after winter
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weather finally returned to the sierra after a dry, dry start to winter. >> i know, it took too long. winter's almost over. >> reporter: speaking of chain controls with the return of winter, legitimate chain installers verified and approved by cal trans are warning of fake chain installers or scabs looking to take advantage of this snow. >> yeah, they do, they come up, they do a few cars, they do shoddy work, 99% of the time, they take the money from the people, cash, and they leave. just some day, saturday, the patrol caught the guy r red-handed. he was putting chains on and they were falling off. >> reporter: the chain installers, legitimate ones, are issued a number from cal trans by the state. so if it doesn't have a number on it, that bib likely might be telling you you're dealing with a scab. nbc, bay area news. >> severe storms and possible
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tornados are pounding south injuring more than 100 people and killing an elderly man and teenage girl in alabama. homes flattened, windows blown out of cars and roofs peeled back, after heavy winds ripped through cities near birmingham overnight. this morning rescuers are fanning out in jefferson county, calling out people who could be trapped by trees and other debris. the same storms also destroyed homes in tennessee and arkansas. >> new this morning, a toddler pulled from window as s.w.a.t. teams moved in looking for her father. oakland officers surrounding a house on capp street in east oakland, 3:15 after word of a domestic disturbance. officers say the man refused to leave the house, they say they were especially concerned because there were reports that the man was armed. officers report lid pulled his 3-year-old daughter from a window before coaxing him out and putting him in handcuffs at 6:45 this morning.
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also new today, san francisco's new sheriff is back in court. we have video of sheriff ross mirkarimi leaving a san francisco courtroom just a few hours ago. a judge set his trial date for february 24th. mirkarimi is facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly bruising his wife's arm in front of his young son on new year's eve. a woman who says she's a friend of mirkarimi's wife say the charges are hurting the family. >> it's terribly hard and every night, you know, his son theo asks for daddy is very depressed and wants to see his father home and that's the violence in the situation, that is they're, you know, tearing a family apart and doing more damage than good. >> it's one of the more overblown cases i've seen in the 28 year i've been in the building. >> mirkarimi will be back in court thursday to ask the judge to lift an order that forced him to stay awhay from his family.
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he'll stay in office while he fights charges. those not getting much press but the occupiedment oakland costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands. the weekly saturday night occupation downtown, that adds up to $50,000 per week. city leaders say the overall occupy tab is up to $3le. at a time when hundreds of city workers are facing lay-offs. >> it's all anyone is talking about the overtime heartbreaker that booted the niners from a chance at super bowl glory. if you're planning to drown your sorrows today, double-check what's coming out of the tap. nbc bay area's bob redell live to explain. >> reporter: where they lost a bet to their counterparts in the new york city area, john banner, the president. so what was the bet? what do you have to do now? >> i called the founder and president of brooklyn brewing last week and said, let's get a
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wager together for the game. it's too good of an opportunity. he immediately said, yes, let's do it. we suggested just the losing brewery would wear the other's jersey. the president would wear the jersey around the brewery for the day. he came back and said we're going to pour each other's beer, have the tour guides wear jerseys, too. they went all in. unfortunately we're sporting a few jerseys here. >> reporter: do you have any yet? >> he's got to provide them, and the beer. >> reporter: there's your visitors' room. those taps over there? when do you anticipate this happening? i assume you didn't preorder. >> before the super bowl. >> reporter: i'm curious your rearc not only being a 49ers, losing the bet. >> it was like double indemnitity. emotional hangover. i'm very sad about it. i think i'm going to move to south america before i want to wear the giants jersey. we're going to do it. the great news, bob, 49ers are back, we've got football back in the bay area. >> thank you very much.
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jon's not the only one disappointed. i can't imagine anyone being more disappointed than kyle williams, the 49ers' backup punt returner. he fumbled the ball twice during yesterday's game, once in overtime, which put the giants in position for that game-winning field goal. >> should be fired by the end of today. >> reporter: what would you tell him? >> he should play better than that. he dropped the ball twice. that was horrible. we could have won that game. >> we give him too much grief. it's a mistake, right, under pressure. >> take a few days off, relax with his family, get away from the public because they're too hard on him. these death threats are really scary. >> reporter: unfortunately, as you heard that lady saying some people crossing the line, issuing death threats on twitter against williams and his family. some of those have been removed
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from the twitter accounts. there's also a lot of messages, though it should be noted, on twitter, messages of support and condemn nation of those issuing the threat. here back at anchor brewing, perhaps another week leading up to the super bowl they have to fulfill the bet pouring the brooklyn brewing beer at the taps here. they have their own brews here. they have two floors today. go to for more information. live here, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i like he was keeping an upbeat attitude. >> got to keep that bet, too. coming up, avoiding an environmental catastrophe. how crews will keep fuel from leaking into waters off that italian coastline. and thee tru true end of th dotcom era may be ahead. we'll take a look.
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sadness and mourning on the campus, joe paterno called home for more than 60 years. legendary football coach and man considers the heart and soul of the university and community died sunday of complications from lung cancer. nbc's michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: outside the stadium a constant flow of visitors to paternoville and tears, as people reflected and left tributes beneath the towering statue. mourning the loss and many still in disbelief. paterno is gone. >> it's great we're paying tribute and remembering him for right reasons. ♪ >> reporter: last night, thousands gathered in the heart of campus for a candlelight vigil. the university band played in paterno's honor. the crowd, made up of students, locals and former athletes who credit paterno for teaching them much more than football. >> he knew that our football careers are very short but that we're going to be husbands and fathers and leaders the rest of
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our lives. >> reporter: paterno was part of penn state's football program for six decades and led the team for 46 seasons. his long career, abruptly ended after fired for not doing enough to address allegations of child sex abuse against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. but fans say paterno's legacy will outshine any controversy. >> for honor and made me proud of this school. >> reporter: the university says it's planning its own tributes to mark the contributions of paterno and the governor of pennsylvania has ordered flags throughout the state to fly at half-staff. in university park, pennsylvania, michelle franzen, nbc news. crews in italy can start pumping fuel from the cab sized cruise ship to prevent an environmental disaster. it could take up to 28 days to emp empty tanks which hold 500,000 gallons. the ship is stable enough to let searchers aboard to look for the 17 people still missing.
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earlier divers found bodies of two women which brings the death toll to 15. the ship ran aground ten days ago. also today, the pakistani army lashing out, saying the u.s. is lying about deadly air strikes. the u.s. claiming the air strikes were necessary and justified because pakistani troops fired first at afghan and american forces across the border in afghanistan. pakistan insisting its troops fires at militants not coalition forces. the air strikes killed 24 pakistani troops november 26th, at two pakistani posts along the afghan border. the european union banning oil imports from iran and freezing the assets of iran's cra central bank, move set to pressure iran into talks about the controversial nuclear program. russia lashing out, calling it a severe mistake that will make tensions even worse. 80%, for the record, 80% of iran's oil, revenues come from
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exports. no bail for a jailed multimillionaire accused of priori priority s priority si. >>, he had his name changed, head of megaupload, the file sharing service busted last week. dotcom seen here, the big guy, is a german national who is ordered to stay in jail in new zealand where he lives. he'll have another bail hearing wednesday. after that the u.s. can start an extradition process. dotcom hired a lawyer, the same lawyer who represented clinton during his sexual harassment charges. research in motion announce stepping down. you think that would satisfy ve ve investors. shares are down 7%. used to be canada's most valuable company. the lockup of zynga shares
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ends allowing employees to sell their own shares wednesday. companies out of lockup tend to sink in share price, because there are more shares. the float, they call it. when the ipo, there were a certain number of shares available. but at the end of the lockup, the number gets that much bigger. back to you. >> good information. scott, thanks. time to check back in with christina loren in the nbc bay area weather center. sounds like we might be getting some type of spring feeling in the air? >> yeah. we've got a little bit of a warm-up on the way. you know what? now that the rain showers have for the most part subdecided, open up the windows and enjoy that crisp, clean air. good air krauquality for the ba area. a lot of low cloud cover starting to develop and sfo reporting slight delays. collect ahead before you head that way trying to catch a flight or picking someone up from the airport. the radar, let's show you what's happening. showers, mostly over the south
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bay, they're clearing. mostly sunny by 4:00 p.m. a cold night ahead under a clear sky. keep that in mine. frigid start tomorrow morning, with temperatures dropping into the 30s which is something we haven't had to deal with. we've been dealing with 50s each morning because of the cloud cover and systems rolling through. later i not going to be all that warm. you'll need a jacket. 56 for oakland. 57 in san jose. but, hey, talking about mid to upper 60s. very soon high pressure rebuilds and gains control of the weather forecast slowly rising temperatures through wednesday. 60s even at the coast. comfortable conditions. and you can see that here from your seven day outlook. nice and mild through wednesday. in fact, we're going to warm up. 62 by tuesday, inland up to 67 degrees wednesday. and then things start to get more on the mild side, back to our seasonal averages when it comes to highs and lows by friday. saturday and sunday look good for outdoor activities. we don't have significant rain
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in the forecast so enjoy that good air quality, crisp, clear air we're not able to hold on to for all that long as high pressure builds back in. back to you. >> thank you. >> much more still ahead. coming up, the giants making a play for their pitchers. beef up the staff. how the team plans on keeping them in the rotation. you like facebook friends but are their updates making you sad? why you might be suff g ion.
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welcome back, everyone. now that the 49ers are out of the post seen, thanks to plays like this, it's time for fans to step up and catch up with other bay area sports teams like these guys. for example, the san francisco giants, first order of business for the giants locking down star pitchers tim lincecum and matt cain. of course one of the most
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coveted freed agents covet ed free agents if he doesn't sign a deal. giants looking to keep for under $20 million. lincecum reportedly turned down $100 million over 5 years. he goes to arbitration in february. ? during the gab between baseball and football there's hockey. sharks trying to avoid a three-game losing streak against the edmonton oilers. let's hope it happens. the oilers have only "w" in their past nine games. comcast sportsnet will have the game at 6:30. for the golden state warriors, taking on the grizzlies tonight. they play that game at home. the memphis grizzlies rolling on a roll, six straight victories under their belts. tip-off set for 7:30 at the arena. our photo ph- otos on ce facebook making you sad? why your facebook friends may be to blame. ...with a two-year-old at home.
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welcome back. now taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. yeah, you can see a little bit of a calm after the storm. starting to dry out here. but we still have flight delays out of sfo. check ahead with your carrier. shower activity lingering now over san jose. seven day outlook shows a warm-up on the way, wednesday up to 67. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. well you know the pictures you pote post on facebook, drinking it all? it could be depressing your friends. yeah, talking about the photos like these, skydiving or how about lounging poolside showing off that tan of yours? i don't know who that guy is. rock climbing as well. utah valley university says people get depresses looking at photos like those. why? they think their friends are happier now, having a more interesting life than they are. so here's a question. how do you avoid facebook blues?
11:27 am
people who spend time with their friends in person are less likely to feel unhappy. so, kind of a radical thought there. get off the computer and go out and hang out with people. >> yeah. i don't think that it's depressing. it's inspiring to see what other people are doing. >> maybe your living in an inspiring life so it adds to yours, others are locked in a basement bummed out. >> we wanted to check that forecast one last time. see what's going on in the weather center with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. when i was looking at your facebook page friday, mar lark yeah, it did a number on me. good afternoon. we have some really cool imagery right now on our live doppler radar. san jose a few showers for rest of the day. it all works out like this. we're going to see continual clearing from south santa rosa. ditch the umbrella tomorrow. pull out the short sleeved shirt business wednesday. friday and sunday, get outdoors and enjoy that mile weather. you're not going to have to
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dodge showers through the one. good-looking weather on the way. more tomorrow at 11:00. >> thank for being with us today. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. >> all day long at go out and have an inspiring, fun, not depressing day. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel.
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