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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi accused of domestic violence against his wife heads back to court today and has a new attorney. details coming up. >> plus, why caltrans has rehired the the man who was once fired for falsifying data on reports. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. why more of us will use these to power up our cars some day in the state of california. that story coming up. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, foggy, misty on this friday, thursday, january -- what is today? not the 12th. 26th. thank you. "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 5:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning to one and all. i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist
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christina loren. it felt so good out this morning i thought we could do a little moon bathing in the moonlight. >> oh, yeah. all the moon bathing you want in most cities. it's almost balmy in sunnyvale. 57 degrees. 54 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. here in san jose we're at 56 degrees. it's really foggy out there this morning so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. you have comfortable air. let's see what's greeting you on the highways. >> i think your forecast was talking about that, fog. on the peninsula, use caution. it will get thicker as the morning continues. we have construction that is not really causing a problem but i want to harn you southbound 101 around the embarcadero exit, also crossing the dumbarton eastbound. but the crews, give them space. it's tougher to see. keep that in mind. we'll watch the roads. >> thank you, mike. 5:01. two big developments this morning in the domestic violence
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case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. they center on his wife and his attorney. the sheriff will be in court later today. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. it's a sudden change of course without a lot of explanation. the man who represented mirkarimi since his alleged domestic violence incidence is out, a new attorney is in. a defense attorney, a woman out of berkeley named lydia stiglich. what prompted this is unclear but his former attorney said referring to mirkarimi he can be a bit of a tyrant but he is no abuser. the sheriff pleaded not guilty to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's eve. what he's seeking is a modification of a stay away order to keep away from his wife and 2-year-old son. his wife, though, has since gone public saying mirkarimi did not
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abuse her and is a victim of politics. but also, there is a witness list, according to published reports, and lopez is on it and also a woman who filed a police report since then saying that mirkarimi once abused her. he is expected back in court here in san francisco at 2:30 this afternoon. back to you. >> christie, thank you. oakland police need help this morning finding a suspected killer. they are looking for this man, ramon mcdaniel, investigators think he killed 36-year-old isaac white outside white's home on january 4th. mcdaniel is 5'9", 140 pounds, has a gold tooth. police say he has dread locks but may have changed his hair style recently. considered dangerous and armed. anybody with information is asked to call oakland police. >> police are waiting for forensic evidence before they
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decide whether to file charges against the man accused of sexually assaulting a san francisco tourist. 18-year-old christopher detell remains in jail facing charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment. police think that he met the 15-year-old girl outside a 7-11 on tuesday morning after she had split off from her tour group. they found detell with the girl a short time later in the bushes near fisherman's wharf. detell is a transient from southern california. the girl was injured but is expected to be okay. >> 5:04 now. a deadly accident on interstate 80 in richmond that snarled traffic for hours during wednesday's commute. it was avoidable according to the chp. the tragic scene was the result of a type of road rage called brake check. that's when a driver speeds up to pass a car and then gets in front of the car and hits or taps on the brakes. in this case a minivan sped up and ended up sideswiping a pickup, the van lost control,
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rolled over several times, killing the driver. the two people in the pickup were injured but will survive. >> a man who saw his father and two brothers gunned down took the stand against the gang member accused of killing them. police say edwin ro moss shot the three as they drove through san francisco's excelsior district. andrew bologna was also shot. yesterday he testified that he saw ramos pull the trigger. ramos says he was driving the car but was not the gunman. police think the bolognas were mistaken for rival gang members. a former officer accused of stealing drugs will be in court to change his plea. the lawyer for lewis lombardi says his client plans to plead guilty, then testify against his former boss norman welch, the former commander of the central contra costa county narcotics enforcement team. lombardi was his second in command. welch is accused of stealing
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drug from evidence lockers and selling them on the street. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. >> get ready to see a lot more electric cars in california. the state all set to approve sweeping new clean car standards that could change the entire american auto industry. bob redell is live in pleasanton with all of the electric details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, jon. you can see less filling up, more plugging in on these roadways here in the near future in the state of california because later today the california air resources board is expected to approve new rules that would force more electric vehicles on the roadways. the rules would require that by 2025, 15% of all new cars sold in the state run on electricity, hydrogen or some other form of energy that produces little emission, making those cars about as common as the hybrid today. it would add close to $2,000 to
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the cost of what you spend now, that's a cost they argue would be offset by the estimated $6,000 in gas savings over the life of the car. the board is expected to force automakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in gas and diesel vehicles by 50%, smog emission by 75%, targeting those dates of 2025. this is good news for an electric carmaker, we're talking about tesla motors based in the bay area which is about to unveil a new electric car. from what we understand it's a cross between a minivan and suv with doors that lift up and fold like the wings of a bird as described in the "mercury news." the model s as in sam comes out later this year, again by tesla motors. reporting live in pleasanton, bob redell. >> it's 5:07 a. lawsuit that pit
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as former san jose police lieutenant against the city is now under way. glenn harper, an african-american s suing the city claiming it bypassed him for promotion to lieutenant four times and shows less qualified instead. harper was finally promoted in 2009 and retired in 2010. he claims he was passed over because of his race and when he file add racial discrimination claim he was passed over in retaliation. he is suing for wages and emotional distress. >> the family of a homeless man who was shot and killed by police is suing the transit agency in civil court. the family tofrn says that police did not need to use fatal force. police shot charles hill after a confrontation after the b.a.r.t. station back in july. this is video of that incident. police say they were forced to shoot hill after he threw a knife at them. the family looking for an
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unspecified amount of money from b.a.r.t. >> caltrains reached a settlement. duane wild as fired for fabricating data. he also worked on the bay bridge. according to the "sacramento bee" under is is settlement he will be unfired and allowed to resign. this prevents him from filing a wrongful termination suit, also may have spared caltrans from airing dirty laundry in a public hearing. >> 5:09. one east bay city is putting construction of cell phone antenna towers on hold for the moment. lafayetty leaders approved a 45-day moratorium. they want time to try and craft guidelines for wireless facilities. the move coming after health and safety concerns over exposed wiring on some recent illegal work done on tower it is. >> i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she's in our nbc bay area new
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weather center. >> good morning to you. we're tracking pretty dense fog especially over local bridges, the peninsula, in the north bay and that will be the factor for this morning. even in san jose where your visibility is pretty good we still have the steady mist because of the low clouds. now the benefit of those low clouds kind of serve as a blanket trapping in all of the warmth we did accumulate. so as a result we're starting out mild this morning. 56 in san mateo. 53 in napa. as you can see from the future cast we'll see a fair amount of cloud cover. all the way through noon today. your day part forecast works out like this. if you are waking up with us at the coast, temperatures are going to climb to about 60 by noon, 4:00 that's when we'll see the sun come out. because of the limited sunshine you might not get as warm as yesterday. instand 67. we saw 70s yesterday so overall we're taking your temperatures down, you have to get through thick fog.
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looking to the mild weather pattern, then the rain comes back. we'll talk about that when i get to my seven-day forecast. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> talk about construction but it's in one of the areas where we see fog. this is north of the dublin interchange. between al kosa bltd, 680, from the map you can see no slowing but during our lower visibility you want to be careful. you should try to leave a lane or two between you and the construction crews if possible and slow those speeds. that's why we say slow for the cone zone. through the area for highway 4, a smooth drive at the limit through antioch, pittsburg above 60 as well. we'll see how things are shaping up. looking at the glow of lights and the lower visibility. so there is fog and mist in the air. that will affect your drive. >> and your hair. thank you very much. 5:11 a. new bill working through
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sacramento will offer to create a special license plate. the bill was proposed by assembly woman mary hiashi, a way to court the lgtb community. funds from the sales would go to anti-bullying programs. >> with the super bowl off the radar there is cool news for a 49er going back to school. starting today, donte whitner asked if any san jose state students could help him out, show him around. turns out he has enrolled to try to finish up his degree. he started school at ohio state but left early to go into the nfl and didn't graduate, so now on his twitter account he says he'll be taking three classes this semester. good for him. >> making new friends. >> line it up for him. >> how one bay area city is keeping people informed about
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that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> welcome back everyone. it's 5:15 now. a brazilian bank robber caught on tape in what we call a very embarrassing situation. take a look at the security video. shot in a bank in a small brazil town. two robbers go in and make everybody get down, demand money. here's the funny part. after that happens look at the third robber. he's nervous so the gun in his hand, he shoots himself in the foot. sorry but he's breaking the law. after shooting himself and limping away this guy had to go to the hospital where he was
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arrested while getting treatment. unbelievable. >> oh, man. wa wait. they are shooting up the place. nice work there. >> let's check the forecast. >> you know, there's a lot of video. you can tell it's warmer out there this morning. i guess compared to what we had, the cloud cover keeping us warm. >> you could go with the open-toed shoes. best i've got for you. we're so close to friday we've got a great looking weekend to look forward to. you can get outdoors, you didn't have that many options last weekend. saturday was nice, sunday was a washout. and as you can see from the weather headlines, what we're dealing with is fog. later on it's going to be sunny. we're going to see a nice afternoon. we're starting mild. temperatures will reach the 60s yet again. high pressure is going to move over as we head throughout the afternoon. for us that means we'll see a
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pretty thorough amount of fog, offshore flow, winds building as we head throughout the afternoon. you'll see that building especially to the east bay hills. it works like this. through the next three days, dense fog this morning, a little fog tomorrow as well. the breeze will pick up tomorrow and that means the santa ana winds will pump strong through the los angeles basin. if you are traveling to southern california for the weekend, you want to be careful. hey, you're going to get great weather. 65 on saturday. 64 for sunday. monday and tuesday that's when things start to change. a little bit of shower activity in the north bay. by tuesday we'll see mostly cloudy conditions, then wednesday looking very good for showers across the bay area. we'll talk more about that coming up, what that means for the sierra nevada first. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> it's only 5:17 in the morning so you're doing okay but we'll point out a few spots here. 101 and the rest of the san jose commute looking good. 101 further south as you head
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past cochran road, reports of a car in the center divide. sounds like there might be a car fire there. no people reported injured but there is a mattress in the area. so there is debris and a distraction for the southbound direction. i'm not sure if you can see it traveling northbound so i'll watch for slowing and i'll report that if there is any. looking at highway 17, southbound side, the off ramp closed for construction. the summit, those crews should be opening so both lanes should flow past the summit and bear creek. a smooth drive along the lower bay shore. crews clear from the embarcadero area on the southbound side and across the dumbarton bridge as well. the golden gate bridge, visibility is an issue as well as parts of the north bay. the fog is going to creep around so be prepare forward lower visibility there. but no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much. another round of earnings reports comes out today. for a look at that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to jackie live at cnbc
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headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the futures turned higher after the markets got a boost yesterday from the fed which extended its pledge to keep interest rates low until late 2014, longer than previous forecasts. that suggests that the fed is still worried that the economy could hit speed bumps. the move could keep bond yields low, making everything from mortgages, car loans, these more affordable as banks tend to tie interest rates to the 10-year treasury note. there is data on unemployment, durable goods and new home sales, came out from at&t, caterpillar and 3m. the dow rose to close at 12,756, the nasdaq up 31, closing at 2818. foreclosures made up a smaller slice of home sales over the summer as banks held off putting more properties on the market and total sales slowed. despite the decline foreclosures accounted for 20% of sales, four times more than at the highest
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of the housing boom. people who bought foreclosed homes paid an average of 365,000000 a tl334% discounts. a lack of snow in december hurt sales of equipment, clothing and other related item, the december sales are down about 2%. the retailers say hopefully the heavy storms that hit parts of the country this month are going to keep on coming and turn those businesses around. that's it from us here. back over to you. >> time to hit the slopes. thank you. >> here is something new, people in oakland can receive up to the minute reports from the police department. oakland police joining a public safety notification service part of the city's 100 block initiative to reduce crime and engage the community. you can sign up free at to begin receiving those crime alerts. 3 come to your phone or you get
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them through e-mail. >> bay area couple is making history with an unprecedented donation to a south bay hospital. john and susan sobra the, o pledged $5 million to the now -- to the new santa clara medical center building in san jose. it's called the largest private donation to any public hospital west of the mississippi. voters approved the money for the building twoyn 008 but there was no money to furnish it. they will match any other donations up to $5 million through 2013. >> that's quite a bonus. matching it up to 5 million. 5:21 now. coming up the changes that will soon take place at some stores and supermarkets. >> getting ready to reopen after a devastating fire. >> criticism for apple and how to download your facebook history.
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>> welcome back everyone. in the go green effort shoppers will soon have to bring their own bags to the grocery store. a new bag ban will go into effect january of next year. customers have to bring their own bags or pay 10 cents for a paper one. the ban will affect all of alameda county unless the city decides to opt out by march. the waste management board approving a plan to make recycling mandatory at businesses and multi-family units by july. >> a bay area institution will offensive officially reopen outside the new original joe's in san francisco. the new oj is on union street. you may remember the old site on taylor street wiped out by a fire in 2007. the new original joe's will feel
5:25 am
familiar including booths from the taylor street restaurant and a kitchen open to the dining room. >> more criticism over apple's operations in china. scott, conditions at factory there is causing a rift with apple. >> that according to "the new york times" which is again taking the cupertino company to task with an article called the human cost of an ipad. the times looks back at accidents at ipad factories as well as working conditions describing workers who stand on lines for so long they can hardly walk. quoting unnamed executives who describe tensions in cupertino between those who want to make things better and, frankly, profit. look at these different assessments. steve jobs said it's a factory but they have restaurants and movie theaters and swimming pools and i mean for a factory it's a pretty nice factory. this from an unnamed executive quoted in the times, quote, we're really trying to make
5:26 am
things better but most would be really disturbed if they saw where their iphone comes from. >> we told you facebook was making the time lines mandatory. everything you ever posted may appear. it reminds me you can down load your history to a file. you go to account settings and get a file folder, you download that, look through it and you can open up all of your old messages. i mean really old from 2009. my friend on bed rest about to have triplets. yes. >> me? sofrnlths so a nice note from laura. >> i want to see what else i wrote. >> even if i delete it it's still there. and i can access it. >> oh, the memories. >> i'll show you how. >> what a month that was.
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>> great team. 5:26. still to come, a meeting to talk about how pg&e is making local pipe lines safer. >> controversial choices, we'll tell you who was just chosen to investigate that deadly explosion in san bruno. >> you'll likely notice how mild it is when you walk out the front door. we do have dangerous widespread fog. we'll tell you where it's the thickest and when it will clear. >> you can drive smoothly now but can you see clearly? i think christina gave youtha hint. we'll show you coming up.
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>> new this morning tap taxpayers paying the price. innew report that looks at how much the us sus losing thanks to the bank bailouts. >> it's the one photo no doubt you'll see today. the president versus the finger. i'm marla tellez. i'll explain what happened coming up. >> reporter: i'm bob redell with california's push to put more
5:30 am
electric vehicles on the road. that story coming up. >> a live look outside, clearing just a tad at the golden gate bridge this morning on this thursday, january 26, this is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. it is 5:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how nice it is. a little fog. >> the temperatures are really comfortable but we have dangerous fog and it is getting much worse. especially along the peninsula. we're dropping off in san jose as well bs just about 2 1/2 miles visibility. but your temperatures are mild. so you don't even need that heavy co. you don't need the umbrella today, we'll tell you how mild it will be later on. watch out for the fog. let's see if it's impacting your drive. >> undoubtedly. let's get a live look at the golden gate bridge where our
5:31 am
camera shows you it's tougher to see fast first few yards heading up to the north bay. then the map shows you further north there through solano county. highway 12 and there is an accident, a spin-out. a lot of fog throughout the area. that could contribute to slicker roads. lower visibility and misty conditions might be an issue for traction. so watch for spin-outs like that. >> a government watchdog says we the taxpayers are still owed billions of dollars from that bank bailout. scott mcgrew says much of it we'll never see. >> looking that way, good morning, we're owed $133 billion according to the acting special inspector general, that's the bad news. the good news is more than a half trillion dollars from the bail-outs have been paid back. the bail-outs came under republicans and democrats. remember, the original tarp was pushed through by then president bush. president obama's administration
5:32 am
pushed for mortgage help. much of that not recovered. remember the fed bought all kinds of things including toxic assets and the treasury bought parts of 458 companies including american international, aig, general motors and a bunch of others. that money has not come back yet. the treasury is having trouble selling its stock in those companies as the stock market just moves back and forth so much the treasury for now holding on to that which means we're still on the hook. >> thank you, scott. two men face trial in the beating of a uc-berkeley student. 18-year-old grant richmond was home for christmas break in san diego when he was attacked and nearly beaten to death outside of his friend's house. he was so badly beaten he was not expected to survive. he has serious brain injuries. two men were charged with robbery and battery. officers say they beat and robbed several other people
5:33 am
before running into richmond. >> a hearing will take place later to talk about the efforts to improve pipe line safety here in the bay area. pg&e and the california public utilities commission will talk about the steps being taken in response to that deadly 2010 san bruno pipe line explosion. they will also talk about neighborhood improvement. the gas pipe line safety forum will be in palo alto city hall. there will be a meeting in san bruno to talk about the efforts to restore the chestmoore neighborhood. the council getting ready to unveil pictures what if the devastated neighborhood will look like when it's rebuilt. contracts for street work and new water system have been approved. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the church of the highlands. >> conflict of interest or right man for the job. the man who was in charge of the public utilities commission at the time of the pg&e san bruno explosion is now in charge of investigating pg&e.
5:34 am
michael peavy will lead the mission into pg&e practices and whether they played a role in killing eight people. investigation could lead to massive new fines. the puc sent us a statement saying in part that pooevy would be responsible for coming up with a proposal to resolve the case but the full five-member board must vote on the final decision. >> it's said many times a picture is worth 1,000 words but the presidential photo make headline this is morning is generating more than that. marla tellez joins us live with a look at this picture featuring president obama, arizona's governor and i guess one very pointy finger. >> jon, it's not the image you want to convey when face-to-face with the president of the united states. whether you like him or not. if you haven't seen this yet, take a look. it shows arizona governor jan brewer raising her finger to our commander in chief. she as you can imagine has taken
5:35 am
a lot of heat for it. this picture snapped as she greeted president obama on the tarmac upon his arrival in phoenix yesterday. officials say the exchange centered around her book in which she accuses the obama administration of turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. it's an accusation mr. obama told her he didn't like. that's when witnesses say the two began talking over each other until he walked away mid sentence. brewer's defense, her candid camera moment. >> you know, a picture is what it is but i must say that i was not hostile, i was trying to be very, very gracious. >> brewer went on to call mr. obama thin skinned and oversensitive during a radio interview later in the day. but she insists she does respect the office of the president. the white house has not issued an official statement other than to say the president is glad to meet with her again.
5:36 am
the "today" show is going to delve into this controversy later this morning. tom brokaw is even going to weigh in on this and you can bet the fallout will continue. >> no doubt. thank you, marla. 5:35. california set to take a big step forward toward making car pollution a thing of the past. bob joins us live with more on the new state regulations that could change the american auto industry. >> reporter: good morning. the california air resources board has its way you could see a lot more of these charging stations like these that were installed in pleasanton. today the board is expected to approve a new rule that would force more electric vehicles on the roadways. if the rule is approved it would be like this. by 2025, 15% of all new vehicles would have to run on electricity, hydrogen or some other low emission form of
5:37 am
energy. it would add roughly $2,000 to the cost of buying one of these cars but also say that the gas savings would be offsetting that. estimating a savings of $6,000 over the life of the car. the new rules would affect gas and diesel, trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cars by 2025, by 75%, and smog emissions by 50%. these would be -- smog by 75%, gas house emissions by 50 percent. incidentally, the carmaker announcing it's going to be rolling out a new car called the model x. our understanding it would be a cross between a minivan and suv. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell "today in the bay." >> they look slick. >> that four-door is sexy.
5:38 am
i'll try that. driving in today very nice. had the window down a little bit. that warm weather seems to be holding up. >> yeah. it's really nice. it's all in indicative of the amount of moisture we have this morning, that moisture helps to trap in the warmth and this morning we have widespread dense fog. but the benefit of the moisture and those clouds really comfortable. in the upper 50s about everywhere across the board. santa cruz, the only city across the bay area holding on to the upper 40s. so temperatures are comfortable. let's talk about what you can expect via your weather headlines. areas of drizzle, down in san jose where your visibility is not that bad on the highway. you'll likely have to use your windshield wipers. by this afternoon we stay mild, that sun will break through. i'm thinking around noon through the south bay but in the north bay probably socked in with fog all day long. the upcoming weekend we'll see
5:39 am
winds pick up but we're going to stay comfortable. i'll talk about that when we get to your seven-day forecast. 65 degrees at noon, rounding out the day at about 67 degrees. san jose, livermore, getting out of the fog the earliest east and the south bay will. as we head throughout the afternoon at the coast and the bay, temperatures aren't going to be quite as mild but because we're starting out so warm i think you'll be in the 60s at noon. i'll take through the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about when the rain returns and how cold it's going to be. first your drive with mike inouye. >> someone at home, well these folks as well as somebody on the road was listening because westbound at 580 and north plin looks like they dropped the highs chest. we'll have to move that to the shoulder. we see slowing approaching the scene. there is also the morning commute.
5:40 am
15 minutes westbound, most of that slowing into livermore, through livermore we'll see that slow down over the next 40 minutes. antioch, it's slowing down, picking out just after 5:30. we see the slowing over to somersville. 25 on average through the area. carquinez and benicia bridges no problems. to the south we'll look at the south bay, a live shot for 101 up toward the 680 interchange over on the left those are at the metering lights but the traffic starting to build, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> a big time soccer game is heading to at&t park. >> plus, police looking for a gang of robbers who attacked a man at a normally safe shopping center. >> a follow-up to a story brought to you yesterday. the coach of the gender son team responds to accusations he is treating his team unfairly.
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>> good morning. welcome back. it's 5:42. the secretary of defense will announce major cuts to the u.s. army. this all part after plan to try to trim the pentagon's budget. tracie potts live in washington with all of the details. good morning. >> hey jon, good morning. under pressuredo so, 487 billion over 10 years until this afternoon we are told that defense secretary leon panetta will propose cutting the army by 80,000 soldiers, that's eight or more brigades. what they are trying to do is create fewer brigades but make them larger. it will be more effective, some in the army say, but it would also mean we could no longer handle two simultaneous wars like iraq and afghanistan with that type of scaledown. special operations, not supposed to be affected by this. but some in the military say it could reduce stress on our troops. expect pushback from members of
5:44 am
congress who of course represent those districts where the army bases are located. not only might some of them get smaller but units may be shifted around, moved around the country. that could have a big impact on the local economy. so, not everyone here on capitol hill may go for this. it's expected to happen over about ten year, he's going to announce more details today essentially try to start with those who plan to leave the military, medical and other reasons, but inevitably there will be some denied re-enlistment as they start this scaledown. >> thank you, tracie. >> 5:44. new polls are giving president obama a boost during his west coast trip. an nbc poll shows for the first time in six months more people approve than disapprove of his presidency and 37% of americans have a more optimistic view of an economic recovery this year. most still think we're on the
5:45 am
wrong track, gop candidate mitt romney was critical of the president's state of the union address. >> he was speaking of fantasy land again last night. he seems so extraordinarily detached from reality. >> get it done. let's stop rewarding businesses that shift jobs overseas. >> president obama is on the west coast to out the clean energy. he landed in las vegas and will head out to colorado later today. >> it is 5:45 now. looks like we're going to continue wrapping up the month of january on nice weather. 60 degrees out there. >> you know, close to it. just about everywhere we're in the 50s. you'll notice that difference when you walk out. about 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. and the reason for those mild conditions this morning is all that fog, low cloud cover out there. which you will have to drive through and that is reducing your visibility. but even where it's not on the
5:46 am
highway, you're likely turning on your wipers as we do have a steady mist or drizzle. we stop the clock at 8:00, you can see drizzle coming down, even pushing into the south bay. so the fog will be at its most dense as we head through the mid morning hours. then by 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home you'll be driving under plenty of sunshine. tomorrow morning when we meet back here, we stop the clock at 4:00 a.m. we're talking about a mostly clear start. the fog today will be a thing of the past as we wake up tomorrow morning. it works like this. temperatures today climbing to the mid-60s. 63 in milpitas, 57 in dublin, clouds that hang around probably throughout the day in the city of san francisco. by tomorrow that breeze will pick up. we'll start with maybe patching fog at the immediate coast. you saw mostly clear conditions. this weekend the clouds increase and then the pattern changes as we head into next week. the first week of february bringing about significant change around here. a few showers over the greater
5:47 am
bay area on wednesday and snow in the sierra nevada as we head late wednesday into thursday. yeah, we want that snow. we'll talk about how much we expect coming up. first what can they expect on the drive this morning. is it bad? >> you know, it's not that bad at all. we haven't had a lot of construction overnight but we still have this one spot, southbound 17 off at lark avenue. that should be clearing very shortly. we had a few issues here, south of there. a northbound 101, the earlier accident, that cleared and the slowing i saw kicking in to the northbound direction has cleared. just as quickly as the accident cleared. southbound side of 101 out of san jose in through morgan hill at cochran road. an accident in the center divide. an earlier car fire reported as well as mattress and other debris so watch but i have not seen slowing over the last few minutes. the peninsula looks really nice. we'll get out of here. 101, no delays. 280 between 92 and the city. or south of 92.
5:48 am
we'll get a look at the other side of the bay and how things are shaping up. look at the fog kicking in now. these lights are northbound or southbound toward the coliseum so we have a slower drive because of the visibility issue. not because of the volume of traffic. then a look at the toll plaza, a quick look as lanes are starting to back up. >> thank you very much, mike. a safe shopping center now a crime scene and customers on edge. palo alto police say a man was getting his jewelry appraised. we're talking about the stanford shopping center. the store near macy's men's and pottery barn. four men approached him. one of the robbers beat the man and the thieves took off with his jewelry. the man was taken to the hot. police believe he was targeted from the beginning. stanford shopping center shoppers say they never worried about safety until now. >> it's scared.
5:49 am
we come here quite often because i work at stanford so it's near to that place. >> the thieves got away in a black dodge minivan. if you know anything please call police. >> hundreds of oakland workers packing a council meeting to fight and keep their jobs. workers chanted and stomped their feet as council members discussed plans for more than 100 layoffs. the city issuing 2500 pink slips last week ahead of the state supreme court february 1 deadline to dissolve redevelopment agencies in california. city leaders cutting jobs to close a $28 million deficit. >> we have people that work for city and we have manage thamt does nothing and they are not being laid off. >> oakland city council will vote tuesday on how many people will exactly be laid off. >> it's 5:49 now. local high school basketball coach speaking out about his decision to kick 13 varsity
5:50 am
players off of the team. mike allen of san jose's gunderson high says he initially suspended a handful of players for bad behavior like being late to practice. eight other players then joined their teammates after confronting the coach during practice tuesday. now the coach says those players may return to the team but only if they show respect for the school's athletics program and staff. >> understand that you know, a coach is here to teach and everything, motivate, to challenge them to be the best that they can be. if players do not respond to that, you know, a coach has to make a decision. >> coach allen says gunderson school officials support his decision to suspend players he deemed disrespectful. the coach is working with a group of freshmen and sophomore who is stepped up to fill the void. >> 5:50 now. soccer mania about to take over at&t park. the san jose earthquakes playing a double header on march 17.
5:51 am
game one featuring the earthquake against houston. game two the mexican nationals team, tickets going on sale saturday for visa customer, open to the general public monday morning. >> coming up the new one of a kind amenity now open at a bay area airport. >> plus, the next green thing. what some environmentalists say should be the next target. >> the new double-decker airplanes truly safe? we'll hear from the manufacturer. [ woman ] before allegra-d, winter allergies meant congestion. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ male announcer ] a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. [ woman ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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>> some of us are getting used to bringing your own bags to go shopping, otters are moving beyond the bag bringing their orn containers to fill up cleaning supplies. the mot to at green 11 is refill, not landfill. customers bring empty containers, have them filled with dish soap and shampoo. products are sold by the ounce. supporters say it's an ijustment that any one can make. >> here's one of the only in san francisco stories for you. sfo opening up a zen room for travelers who want to do a little yoga before a flight. it will be opening in terminal 2 free for any passenger who wants to meditate, stretch or do whatever you do to try to get you in that zen-like mode before your flight. coming up, "today in the bay's" bob redell will join us live at sfo and will get out there and roll out the mat and show us what it's like in the yoga room.
5:55 am
>> we want to congratulate rob mayeda in new orleans where he received the american meteorological society award for excellence reporting by a broadcast meteorologist. he won for his series on thin ice. he went to alaska to look at how climate change is affecting the bay area. quite talent. we're proud of him. new ways to access your medical records through your phone. scott shows us how. >> good morning. kaiser permanente has a new app for its patients with access to the medical records all on their phone. it's only for android so far t nonprofit does promise an apple version soon and it updated the website to handle other mobile devices. kaiser invited the big box health care and one of the first to digitize all patient records.
5:56 am
more evidence of cracks in the new airbus a380, the double-decker plane that started flying last year. airbus continues to say the plane is safe, the company, though, admits there are design flaws, it's identified the cause of aluminum supports and bolts putting too much stress on the wings. >> two companies netflix and nintendo say they lost money. netflix taking a loss for a quarter though it says the number of subscribers is up. and nintendo finishing out its first financial year at a loss, the wii aging, the nintendo 3 ds not selling as hoped. >> a surprise to a lot of people. >> thank you. >> it's 5:56. still to come on "today in the bay," back in court. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returning to court, what he is asking a judge coming up in a live report. >> a change of heart.
5:57 am
the ex-police officer getting ready to plead guilty to drug charges and testify against a former boss. >> you don't want to go racing out the front door. we have widespread dense fog that could slow you down. give yourself plenty of time. we'll tell you when it's expected to clear and when rain returns to the bay area. >> you can't go racing outside in spots because of the traffic. we'll show you what's going on as you head through the dublin interchange. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel.
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so fun. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy.
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>> reporter: ross mirkarimi accused of domestic violence against his wife leds back to court. i'll tell you what he's asking a judge for and it turns out he has a new attorney. >> gas pipe line safety will be the subject of a hearing. details


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