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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: california's drive toward plug-in electric vehicles. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >> and take a look live at oakland right now if you can see, that is 880 right there. barely visible. drive safe if you head out the door. that stuff is going to stick. thursday, january 26, "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. it's time now to say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. looks like mother nature has the fog machine pumping full speed ahead. >> she does but it's no party jon kelley. you want to give yourself plenty of time if you take your little ones to school. the golden gate bridge, it's thick. you might walk out the front door, clear conditions and then you encounter the fog on the
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highway. speaking of which mike knows how it might slow you down and where it's the worst. >> good morning. we'll take to you the dublin interchange where we saw 580 before the break i showed you the slow drive out of the altamont pass. at the interchange speeds are okay but you might have slowing northbound 680 from alcosta up to sake more valley. no slowing but we have fog in spots through the east bay like the oakland shot. you see the limited visibility. barely making out the headlights southbound. can't see the taillights north fast coliseum. >> we're getting word that san francisco international airport could have delays for flights coming in about an hour and 49 minutes. check ahead. >> in other news, she will stand by her man and he will stand by a new lawyer. two big developments in the controversy around san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. christie smith joins us where
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the sheriff will be in court later today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. hard to believe yet another twist in this story. mirkarimi's old attorney is out with little explanation. he hired a new attorney, a defense attorney out of berkeley, a woman, lydia stiglich. he was represented by attorney wagner. after an alleged domestic violence incident with his wife. mirkarimi was just sworn in on january 8. but seem likes to many he spends much of his time fighting this case. he says he will stay in office and has pleaded not guilty. today he's looking for a modification of a stay away otd from his wife and two-year-old son. his wife, though, has since made public statements that mirkarimi didn't abuse her and may be the victim of politics. she is on the prosecution's witness list along with another woman who filed a police report
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saying he had abused her when they had a relationship years ago. mirkarimi is expected in court here in san francisco at 2:30 this afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith. back to you. >> christie, thank you. here's a chance for you to help out oakland police find a suspected killer. take a close look at this man. ramon mcdaniel. investigators think he killed 36-year-old isaac white outside of white's home on east 25th street on january 4. mcdaniel stands 5 foot tall, 9 inch, 140 pounds and has a gold tooth. he had been wearing dread locks but may have changed his hair style. mcdaniel considered armed and dangerous. anybody with information on this is asked to call oakland police. >> 6:03. the family of a knife wielding homeless man who was kill bid b.a.r.t. city police suing. the the family's attorney says that police did not need use
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fatal force. they are seeking unspecified monetary damages. bart police shot charles hill after a confrontation in july. this is surveillance video of the incident. police say they were forced to shoot hill after he threw a knife at them. >> a former san ramon officer accused of stealing drugs and selling them will be back in court today to change his plea. the lawyers for lewis lombardi say his client plans to plead guilty and then testify against his former boss, normal welsh, the former commander of the central costa county narcotics enforcement team. lombardi was second in time. welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers and selling them on the street. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> san francisco police are waiting for forensic evidence before they decide whether to file charges against a man accused of sexually assaulting a
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san francisco tourist. 18-year-old christopher detell remains in the county jail, faces charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment. police think that he met the tourist on tuesday morning after she split off from her tour group. they found detell with the girl in the bushes. police say destel a transient from southern california. the girl was injured but is expected to survive. >> 6:05 now. a hearing will take place later on today to talk about the efforts to improve pipeline safety around bay area. pg&e and the california public utilities commission will talk about the steps being taken in response to the deadly 2010 san bruno pipe line explosion. they will also talk about neighborhood improvement. the gas pipe line safety forum will be in palo alto city hall starting at 6:00. >> it's 6:05. the feds say the public utilities commission was lax in owe veer sight of pg&e before the san bruno explosion.
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now the man who was in charge at the time of the blast is named to lead the investigation. michael peevey will lead the investigation whether they played a role. the investigation could lead to massive new fines for the utility. the puc sent a statement saying in saturday that peavy would be responsible for assembling the record and coming up with a proposal to resolve the case but the full board must vote on the final decision. >> hundreds of oakland city workers packed into a city council meeting fighting to keep their jobs. workers chanted and stomped their feet as council members discussed plans for more than 100 layoffs. the city issuing 2500 pink slips ahead of the february 1 deadline to dissolve all redevelopment agencies here in california. cutting jobs to attempt to close
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a $28 million deficit created by the loss of redevelopment funds. >> the stevens point that we have people that work for the city and they are being laid off. we have management that does nothing and not being laid off. >> oakland city council will vote tuesday on exactly how many people will be laid off. >> 6:07. the state of california wants you to go electric. bob redell live in pleasanton with new rules that could go into effect regarding the cars we drive. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. for sake of the environment the state would like to see us in cars that run off a charge instead of a tank of gas. later today the california air resources board is expected to approve these new rules that would force more electric vehicles on the roadway. the rule would be that by 2025, 15% of all new cars would have to be electric, hydrogen powered or powered by some other low
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emission form of energy. if that number were to be implemented those cars would be more common than the hybrid is today. the cost of the car would go up, the board estimates by roughly $2,000 but that cost would be offset by the $6,000 in gas savings over the life of the car. new rules are also proposed that would affect the current and diesel technology that we have now requiring a 50% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and a 75 percent decrease in smog emission. the board is expected to approve the rules later today. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. >> 6:08 now. time to check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what is happening and so far seems like it feels so good. >> yeah, it feels good. but boy, visibility is dropping off. you can see from this picture of
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the golden gate bridge. live to sunol you have pretty good visibility. it's 6:08 i think between 8:00 and 9:00 we're going to see the thickest of the fog, so expect to drop off in this area as well. as we head throughout the afternoon we'll see clearing especially down to the south bay that's going to warm us up. look where your temperatures are starting out. 57 in sunnyvale, 53 in san francisco, we have low 50s in santa rosa. throughout day that sun will be out at least through the south bay. areas north of the golden gate bridge might not get out of the fog. we have a different scenario shaping up for you for tomorrow. it looks like we'll start out mostly clear, offshore flow. we'll see drying winds. a few showers at the end of the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that. by noon, about 60 degrees, 63 in san jose and livermore as you break for lunch.
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rounding out the day at 66 degrees inland. we'll talk about the next best chance for rain, what that means for the sierra nevada. first, how the fog is impacting your drive. >> likely slowing out of the central valley. though the commute, travel times look about normal for a thursday at this time. slow into livermore and in the middle i'm circling the cluster we talk about building about 6:00 between vasco or the isabelle exchange there. no major issues. as we move and look at the travel times, the east bay looking pretty good. slowing for 242 into concord out of pittsburg and bay point. 880 slows northbound up to the toll plaza. likely because of the dense fog. live look at the bay bridge shows you going for the cash but you see the east shore freeway for now we'll watch that fog affect the drive.
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the san jose live cam, northbound 101 with the headlights under that 680/280 interchange and the volume builds. we expect to see slowing. >> thank you. 6:10. still to come on todd, a hospital get as huge donation. >> air's governor talking about a situation she calls aamoba.rem a. hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check.
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>> welcome back everyone. call this the photo fallout. that's what's ahead for arizona's governor after she was caught on camera raising a finger to the president. marla tellez joins us from our newsroom now with the governor's pointed reaction. >> well said, jon. arizona governor jan brewer says it's not what it seems.
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she admits her meeting with president obama was not all smiles but she says she was acting graciously in the moment. she's having to defend today. it shows her raising a finger to the president in what witnesses say was an intense conversation that lasted several minutes. mr. obama had just landed in phoenix when the photo cass snapped on the tarmac. officials say the two were talking about brewer's book in which she criticizes the obama administration take on illegal immigrati immigration. mr. obama allegedly telling her she wasn't being cordial and he was not portrayed accurately. brewer now shares the same argument. she says this photo inaccurately portrays her. >> taken out of context that i was talking and i talk with my hands, and i was trying to explain to him of course why i believe that i wrote the book the way that i did because it was factual and that we were
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just going to have to disagree. >> brewer says the president admits he did not read the entire book. the white house has not issued an official statement only to say the president is glad to meet with her again. that photo was taken by an associated press photographer with apparently a good eye and impeccable timing. expect to hear more including on the "today" show. the president continues his tour in the southwest visiting las vegas and colorado. >> thank you for the story there. time now to check out the conditions outside. it's pretty nice out there right now. christina loren comes over to talk about this. >> as we speak, jon, the fog is getting worse out there. make sure you give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely. you get the little ones to
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school, get out the front door. flight delays out of san francisco so check ahead. likely fog up in the north bay, and areas north of the golden gate bridge for the most part throughout the day today. 56 in concord, as we head throughout day, temperatures are starting out nice and mild. they are going to stay on the mild side. you can see from futurecast we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. the fog is going to be more dense at that point. generating drizzle and a mist. still talking fog throughout noon, by about 4:00 p.m. a fair amount of clearing as you make your way home from work. then we stop the clock at 4:00 a.m. friday. you can see a nice clear start for tomorrow. some ragged patches of fog along the western facing slopes. throughout the day, temperatures are going to climb to 65 in morgan hill, 62 in milpitas. and 59 degrees in walnut creek. across the bay, 64 in santa
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rosa, 62 in bodega bay. running about 5 to 8 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. the good news is just in time for the kickoff of the weekend. 66 on friday, clouds increase saturday. dry sunday. more cloud cover as we head through the next half of your weekend as an area of low pressure starts to make its way in. looks like it will ride to the north. just enough for us to see a few light showers out of the tail end of the system. we'll talk about that coming up. first your drive with mike inouye. >> the south bay, the volume is starting to pick up. that was 101 at 680. slowing approaching a little bit of slowing showing up from time to time around 880. 17, that construction at lark avenue, the off ramp reopened. no problems there but we have an accident brewing here. it has been there for some time. it's out of lines but we see slowing out of san jose into
6:18 am
morgan hill. activity in the center. heading north into san jose for most of our traffic. we'll look at the roadways now along the peninsula, the smoothest ride as far as the incidents go, but we have slower speeds. below 60 for 101 and 280 into or out of san francisco. there a lot of fog affecting the highways. lower the speeds. in the city, city streets, we have mac world going on that will affect traffic through the weekend. no major slowing approaching the bay bridge. a look at oakland, you do have to slow because of the fog. back to you. >> thank you very much. a bay area institution will reopen for business, a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside new original joe's restaurant. the new oj's is on union street.
6:19 am
you may remember the old site on taylor street that was wiped out by a fire. the new o.j.'s will have a familiar feel. it will include booths that survived the the fire and a kitchen that will be open up. >> tim geithner doesn't expect to keep his job if president obama is re-elected. he is the last member of the administration's original economic team. he told plume berg news he is pretty confident he will not be asked to stay. geithner oversaw the bailouts for the auto industry, to help pull the economy out of the worst recession since world war ii. taxpayers are still owed nearly $133 billion from companies that have not repaid that bailout money. 700 billion went to companies during the financial crisis in 2008. general motors and aig some of the companies that have not paid
6:20 am
back loans. a couple making history with an unprecedented donation to a south bay hospital. john and susan have pledged $5 million to help equip the new santa clara medical center building, called the largest private donatiu private. the couple stepped in. they also were throwing in a bonus. they will match any donations up to $5 million to 2013. >> very generous. >> cheers to them. >> federal settlement over foreclosure crisis is close. but california's attorney general not happy about it. we're going to tell you why.
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>> welcome back everyone. we give you a live look outside right now. that is san jose, i'm told. traffic flowing smoothly. there's not fog. there is heavy fog in areas. christina will be along to tell you about that. mike inouye will talk about about the traffic. >> causing some flight delays into sfo. state attorney general says a national deal with banks over foreclosures isn't good enough. she's refusing to join a
6:24 am
settlement under negotiation between the obama administration and state attorneys general and the country's five largest banks. harris's office says she want to see more relief for homeowners and enforcement that ensures accountability. >> foreclosures made up 20% of all homes sold in july, august and september. in 2005 and 2006, foreclosures made up less than 5% of home sales. nevada, california, and arizona still lead the nation in the number of foreclosures. >> there is more criticism over apple's operations in china. scott mcgrew joins us. conditions at factories causing a rift in apple. >> that according to "the new york times" which this morning once again taking cupertino company to task with an article called the human cost of an ipad. the times looks back at accidents at ipad factories as well as working conditions. describing workers who stand at
6:25 am
assembly lines for so long they can hardly walk any more. quoting unnamed apple executives who describe tension in cupertino between those who want to make things better and proflt. take a look at these two different assessments. steve jobs once said, quote, it's a factory but my gosh i mean they have got restaurants and movie athlete terse and hospitals and swimming pools and i mean for a factory it's a pretty nice factory. then this one from an unnamed executive quoted in the times this morning. we are trying really hard to make things better but most people would be really disturbed if they saw where their iphone comes from. >> yesterday we told you facebook was making the time lines mandatory. everything may appear. it reminds me you can download your entire history to a file on your computer. i did it with mine. behind what is the thing you want and then you go to account settings, it will say download a copy of your facebook data.
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you can zip file, all of your messages. this is actually from you. years ago while you were in the hospital waiting for those triplets. >> could i not spell either. >> >> spelling doesn't count among friends on facebook. >> it's kind of interesting to look back. >> carrying three little beautiful babies you can misspell whatever you want. >> and bed rest. i had a lot of friends in support. where did you all go now that i have diapers? >> don't call me. >> 6:26. still to come, a state vote could affect the kind of car you buy. we'll tell you why in a live report. >> san francisco sheriff going to court with a new attorney. we'll have a live report coming up. >> thick fog will likely slow you down on the way to work. we'll tell you when it's expected to clear and when rain returns to the bay area in my full forecast. >> that thick fog building and
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the commute is building as well. we'll show you where the slowing is as a result of tho ing c [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >> reporter: san francisco's sheriff recognizes mirkarimi accused of domestic violence against his wife heads back to court with a new attorney by his side. we'll tell you who she is coming up in a live report. >> armed robbery goes down in a parking lot of an upscale shopping center here in the bay area. we'll have all of the details coming up. >> reporter: how the state of california plans on getting more and more of us behind the wheels of electric vehicles. that story coming up. >> a live look outside golden gate bridge, traffic picking up. tough to see in spots of the bay. thursday, january 26, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you.
6:30 am
thanks for joining us. 6:29 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren. you showed us that fog out there. kind of dangerous, good weather but scary drive. >> scaring driving. give yourself plenty of time. not only is the fog going to slow you down, you don't want to go racing out the door when we have visibilities as low agency they are all the way up through the marin county coastline. throughout day we'll see that fog get more dense as we head throughout the next couple of hours. temperatures starting out mild in the 50s, we're going to make it to the 60s with sunshine. i'll tell you when rain returns. let's check on the drive, get you to work safely. >> your story is my story this morning. look, the golden gate bridge, we showed that but the effects on the drive, pretty heavy volume. the cars will hit the fog as well as mist and drizzle so thick roadways. we get a look at the san mateo bridge south. we see the lights are starting
6:31 am
to glow as well. we can make out the high rise. the fog along the as the sun approaches. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:30 now. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi heading back before a judge as his domestic abuse case moves forward. this time he is taking a brand new lawyer. christie smith is live in san francisco where the sheriff will be in court later on today. good morning, christie. >> good morning, jon. quite a few developments to talk about. mirkarimi's old attorney is out, he hired a new attorney, a woman out of berkeley, with little explanation. he is heading back to court to try and seek a modification of an order that he stay away from his wife and his 2-year-old son. up until this point he had been represent bid bob wagner, an attorney out of san francisco who said that they parted ways. that's all he said. he had represented him shortly
6:32 am
after he was first accused of domestic violence against his wife on new year's eve. mirkarimi's new attorney is lydia sigich of berkeley. he is going to fight these charges. he was just sworn in as sheriff. the prosecution's witness list was released also, it includes his wife who has been said that he did not abuse her. there is another woman on the list who filed a police report saying that mirkarimi once abused her. before the hearing at 1:00 his supporter, family and friends are going to hold a rally for him and his wife is expected to attend. reporting live, i'm christie smith, back to you. >> 6:32. a man who saw his father and two brothers gunned down took the stand against the gang member
6:33 am
accused. 24-year-old edwin ro mass shot tony and two of his sons as they drove in 2008. andrew was also shot. yesterday he testified that he saw ramos pull the trigger. he he says he was not the gunman. the police think that they were mistaken for rival gang members. >> a crime scene this morning t stanford shopping center in palo alto has police saying there was a man getting his jewelry appraised. he just returned his car when four well-dressed men approached him. one of the robbers beat that man, then the thieves took off with his jewelry. police think he was targeted from the beginning.
6:34 am
some say they had never been worried about this area. >> it's kind of scary. we come here quite often. it's really near to that place. >> dvds got away in a black dodge minivan. call palo alto police. >> people in oakland can receive up to the minute reports from the police department on their cell phones. it's part of the city's 100 block initiative to reduce crime and engage in the most violent parts of the city. you can sign up for 3 at 4600 other agencies are also using the seam. >> california all set to take a big step toward making car pollution a thing of the past. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to
6:35 am
you, jon, which would make these things the sight of the future. you're looking at brand new electric charging stations outside city hall here in pleasanton. later on today the board is expected to approve new rules that would force more electric vehicles on the roadway. the idea of course is to com pat air cloogs. the rule would say by 2025 all -- excuse me, 15% of new cars in the state of california would have to be electric powered, hydrogen or other form of low emissions energy if this were to go in effect by 2025. the electric vehicles, will be as common as the hybrid right nowment this would add to the cost. the estimate estimates $2,000 but that would be off set by the gas savings over life of the car. they propose rules for gas and diesel vehicles, they would like
6:36 am
to see greenhouse gas emission down by 50% per vehicle by 2025. as well as 75% when it comes to the smag elition. local electric carmaker tesla motors announcing it will release a model electric car. they are soon to announce a new model x which we understand to be a cross between a minivan and nunk. >> thank you, bob. 6:36 now. caltrans is reversing the firing of a former employee so he could quit. duane wild was fired for allegedly fabricating data. according to the "sacramento bee" under the settlement he will be unfired and allowed to resign. this prevents him from filing a wrongful kerm termination suit and may have fared car trains in
6:37 am
a public hearing. >> a beautiful day in the neighborhood but there is a lot of fog out there. >> we are going to see that foggy start make way to a gorgeous finish with plenty of sunshine but we do have the thick fog. it will get worse before it's better. because of all of those clouds and mild and we're starting out so farm that even with all of that cloud cover we're still in the city. for today, mild, afternoon sunshine especially from the south bay. up to the golden gate bridge. areas north may not see that much sun. we have drying winds in the forecast tomorrow. and a few showers roll in as we head through next week. for today, looking comfortable. at the 60s at the coast and the bay. by noon we're talking about 62 so a comfortable start making
6:38 am
way to a comfortable afternoon. i want to their for laking up with us. give yours plenty of time. the fog is not only going to slow people down, it's something that causes accidents if people aren't careful. >> rub the fog out of your head because you have the fog on the road. carquinez and benicia bridges, westbound 80 or southbound 680, across the benicia bridge, you're going to be careful because people and other things on the roadway are harter to see so lower the feed to give you more reaction time. i'm circling baypoint, down at 50 and 242 into concourt, going tee is slowing as well as the volume moves to the maze. we're looking here extra slowing for the castro valley why.
6:39 am
slower than typical for this time on a thursday. plan for that as well as the fog. a look at the south bay shows you northbound 101 as well. a shot of 101, under 680. better shot coming up. >> still to come, how about inspiration. you can now get into the downward dog. we'll tell you about sfo's new yoga room. >> the army will cut thousands of soldiers. that's t hey guys, breakfast!
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>> welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. 6:42 right now. the army plans to cut 80,000 soldiers to control costs. secretary of defense will release all of the details. tracie potts joins us live from washington to give us more in a preview. good morning. >> good morning everyone. the focus is indeed controlling costs and keep in mind the pentagon is under pressure, congress wants them to cut $487 billion out of the budget over the next ten years, this just a start. 80,000 army troops along with, that would include about eight brigades, maybe more, members of the army say the smaller number of brigades makes each one
6:43 am
larger and that in fact could make the army more effective. what they would not be able to do at these levels is fight two wars at once like with iraq and afghanistan. more details later today. it could involve moving troops around the country so we'll get a sense as time goes on which bases may be affected. how quickly do they plan to do this? probably over several years. they want to take advantage of people leaving the military before denying any one who wants to re-enlist. >> thank you. 6:43 now. >> coming up on san francisco's sheriff ross mirkarimi, he is going back to court today. details coming up in a live report. >> new ways top on your phone. "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. guys...
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>> welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. 6:45. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. you could see some thick fog. >> over the bay area, it's getting worse. we're down to two miles of visibility even here in san jose. you want to give yourself ample time. you can see you can only see for a couple of miles and the fog is drifting around. so we could lose visibility in this shot. through the next 15, 20 minutes that will likely be the case. because you don't see the fog when you walk out doesn't mean you're not going to have to drive through it on the way to work so give yourself plenty of time as that fog is now becoming more widespread and dense. 56 degrees in concord, 54 in livermore and 56 in sunnyvale. one of the benefits of that blanket of clouds, traps in the heat from yesterday. as a result we're starting out mild this morning. as we head throughout day we'll stop the clock, 7:00 a.m., still
6:47 am
dealing with a fair amount of cloud cover. by 9:00, seeing some of the fog becoming more dense down through the south bay and generating a mist or a drizzle so you might have to use your wipers on the way to work. on the way home from work, getting a fair amount of clearing, and a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures today are not going to be as warm as yesterday because of that limited sunshine for the first part of the day. tomorrow morning, you can see we'll see a mostly clear start as the off shore winds pump that cloud cover pushing it back out to sea, offshore winds warming us up as we head throughout tomorrow. it's going to be even nicer. it works like this. 65 in morgan hill. 62 degrees in sunnyvale. 56 for danville. take you across the bay, not too shabby. 62, 64 for santa rosa. as you head through tomorrow, 66 degrees, the breeze will pick up. friday you cannot beat upper 60s.
6:48 am
especially for the final week of january. saturday and sunday look good for outdoor activities, then next week if you're waiting for the rain it's in the forecast. the overall jet stream, making for more active weather, cooler days and i think we'll see pretty good rain on wednesday. we'll check the drive with mike. >> we're talking about the fog and that is what's playing a major factor. i'm looking at an accident here, reported northbound 880, right around the coliseum. about 66th avenue. you can't see slowing here but let me show you the live shot where we try to check it out. we can't see the accident here. it should have moved ed td to shoulder. here what you can't see is the northbound taillights heading north up to high street. the southbound side barely visible with headlights. you'll have to lower the speeds because of the tougher visibility in spots around the bay area. a live look, our sensor readings for the hayward and castro valley area. 580, northbound off the y, heavenler and slower than we
6:49 am
see. so speeds might be affected by the fog as you come to the san mateo bridge. southbound in to fremont, for 880 into union city. looking at your build as well, 22 minutes out of the altamont pass. 580, slowing through sunol for 680, there's the south bay northbound flowing. i'll show you the bay bridge because the metering lights are on there. >> thank you. two big time developments to tell you about in the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. they center on his wife and his attorney. christie smith is live in san francisco where the sheriff will be in court later today as new twists continue to unfold. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. lots of twists and turns. sheriff ross mirkarimi heads back to court with a new attorney by his side. what he's doing is seeking a modification of a court order that he stay away from his wife
6:50 am
and their 2-year-old son. at least during the court proceedings. exactly why he's changed attorneys at this point is unclear. but the sheriff will now be represented by an attorney out of berkeley. he pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges in regards to ans in did not from his wife, alleged incident, that wife of his has since made a number of public statements that he did not, in fact, abuse her and he may be the victim of dirty politics. but she is reportedly on the prosecution's list to testify along with another woman who says she was abused by mirkarimi. she has filed her own police report. he is due in court this afternoon at 2:30. christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you. 6:50. a deadly accident on interstate 80 at richmond that snarled
6:51 am
traffic yesterday was entirely avoidable according to the chp. it was apparently the result of is the type of road rage called brake check when a driver speeds up to pass a car and hits or taps the brakes. in this case a winnie van sideswiped a pickup. the fan last control and rolled, killing the driver. the two people in the truck were injured. police are waiting for forensic evidence to decide whether they will charge charges against a man of assaulting a tourist. christopher detell remains in jail facing charge of sexual assault and false imprisonment. they think he met the tourist outside of a 7-11 on tuesday morning after she split off from a tour group. they found her with a girl a short time later. police say detell is a from
6:52 am
southern california. the girl was injured but is expected to survive. >> a hearing to talk about the efforts to improve pipe line safety. pg&e and the utilities commission will talk about the steps being taken in response to the 2010 san bruno explosion. it will also talk about neighborhood improvement. gas pipe line safety forum will be tonight at 6:00. >> the state of california wants you to go electric. bob is live in pleasanton with new rules that could go into effect regarding the cars we drive. >> reporter: good morning, laura. instead of filling up with gasoline, the state of california more of us powering our car with one of these just installed at this city hall in pleasanton. later today california air resources school board expected to approve rules that would require automakers to make 15%
6:53 am
of new cars in 2025. either electric. hydrogen or some other low emissions norm of energy. you would see those cars being as common as hybrids are. it would cost the consumer more, board up roughly $2,000 on the price of an electric car but point out that you would save $6,000 over the life of that vehicle. they propose rules for cass and diesel vehicles asking by 2025 to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent. and smog emissions by 75 percent. >> bob, thank you. here's one of those only in the bay area stories. sfo opening up a zen room for travelers who figure it's not enough just to stretch. may want the do a little bit of
6:54 am
yoga. the facility opens up in terminal two. this is free for any passenger whoant was to meditate or stretch to get you in that zone before your light. coming up bob redell, he'll go stretch out for us with a new look inside the yoga room. >> the super bowl out of the question, one 49 ser going back to school. remember this hard hit, bam. let's hope that he uses that when he hits the books. he said yesterday if he was any san jose student could show him around. he has enrolled and tried to finish up his degree in kis and -- he says he will take three glasses this semester. >> feeling a few people will take up on showing him around a.
6:55 am
group of people say they will leave cairo's tahrir square. there was a mass demonstration that mark add year since an uprising which brought down hosni mubarak. >> it is 6:55. the "today" show is coming up in minutes. ann curry shows us what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on a thursday morning on "today," mitt romney and newt gingrich and president obama facing tense confrontations as nancy pelosi backs down on her name that she knows something that could end gingrich. what is behind demi moore's health scare. another girl has strange
6:56 am
symptoms at the school where 12 others have tor ret like symptoms. >> five ways to keep your resume out of the rejection pile. those stories and oscar nominee michelle williams will be joining us when we get started on a thursday morning here on "today." back to you two. >> thank you very much, ann. well, the only thing a lot of people love more than a super criminal story is when the stupid criminal is caught on tape. this is security video shot at a bank in a small brazilian town. two robbers go in the bank, maybe everyone get down. they demand money. there is a third robber standing guard. watch him. he got nervous and lowered his gun but he showed himself in the foot. he limped out but police manage it to arrest him when he had to go to the hospital for treatment. >> shooting yourself in the
6:57 am
foot. >> didn't take long to take advantage of a massive escalator in colombia. the escalator opened up last month and replaced hundreds of steps that people in this neighborhood has to climb so. a gang thought it would get creative. took over and started charging people to go up and down. police are now stepping up security to make sure that stops. >> some of us are getting used to bringing our own bags to go shopping others are bringing their own containers to fill up cleaning supplies. the motto is refill not land fill. customers bring in empty containers and have them filled. they say it takes planning but it's worth. >> you maybe use it for a month and you throw it away and buy it again. so this idea you can brain in
6:58 am
any container and use it to buy the same thing. >> i have two different bottles when one gets low i bring it in here and they weigh it. so if it's less it's all right. >> supporters say it's an adjustment any one can make. >> new ways to access your medical records through your phone. scott mcgrew shows us. >> kaiser perm a nenty has launched an app which puts access to their medical records, e-mail from doctors on their phone. curiously it's for an driveway id only. they promise an apple version soon. it updated from mobile devices not running aps. kaiser was one of the first to digitize patient records. opening of the nasdaq, looking at 36 degrees. all of the finance ministers get ready to talk about the economy. big story netflix up 22% this
6:59 am
morning on news of much more -- many more subscribers. >> thank you very much. 6:58 now. time to check the forecast one more time. >> good morning. if you have somewhere to be by 7 third you want to get out the door as soon as possible. it will get worse before it gets better. between 9:00 a.m. the forecast shows you still going to hit the 60s by noon at the coast. rounding out the day with comfortable conditions in the midsections inland. still not too bat at 4:00 p.m. let's check your drive. >> the south bay, i want to call out an incident northbound 280, reports of a tire that flew so there may be debris and may have caused more slowing. more slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. e


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