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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. it is 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good monday morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how sweet it's going to be. >> it's beautiful. great to live in the bay area. we're going to get gorgeous weather all week long. this morning we're starting out nice and mild. a full deck of clouds overhead. we don't have reduced visibilities at the surface. we'll let you know when that becomes a factor. but right now looking pretty good. we're going to see a gorgeous afternoon, that sun will be out. i'll tell you when it's going to be out in your city and what's to come for the week. first we'll check your drive at 6:00. a serious crash. >> we do. or it sounds serious. we're waiting for more details but we know southbound 880, at brokaw, an overturned vehicle blocking two lanes.
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chp can clear the lanes, also an injury report. ambulance heading to the scene. you see slowing where the circle is as well as northbound 101 and there may be a new accident on 101 heading through the area. that might be what's slowing things. i'll get more and follow it up. >> we'll check back with you. thank you. 6:01. oakland city hall getting ready to reopen for business, after this weekend's break-in and attempted takeover. bob redell joins us live with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, vandalism. good morning. city hall here in oakland leaders there saying that they will reopen this morning in spite of the vandalism. it wasn't significant enough to force a shutdown. in the days ahead the leaders will be reconsidering security here to figure out how to prevent this again. saturday night occupy oakland protesters crow barred their way in and started vandalizing city hall. mayor jean quan showed us the
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damage yesterday which included a broken window, damage to children's art exhibits and a historic model of the city hall and protesters we understand also stole and burned an american flag. both sides blame each other for the confrontations over the weekend. protesters complain that police were overly aggressive in the use of bean bag bullets and baton. officers saying they are responding to all of the objects thrown at them and trying to keep the peace. the clashes started saturday when demonstrators tried to occupy the empty kaiser convention center, the ymca and city hall. three officers and at least two protesters hurt according to opd. police arrested about 400 people. for those arrested more than on once, repeat offenders, the city is trying to obtain legal orders to get them to stay away from oakland. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you. meantime, a small group of people who says it supports the occupy movement tried to distance themselves from the violence. >> violence should not be in oakland. if we're going to be occupy iin to help people we can't cross those boundaries and have violence and destruction of property. dr. king marched for nonviolence. >> interfaith leaders gathering for what they called a peace and economic justice rally. they say occupy protesters need to stay focused on the core message which is economic equality. they also plan to hold nonviolent seminars based on the teachings of dr. martin luther king. >> police at stanford university are telling students to be on alert. someone is lurking in dorm bathrooms. the peeping tom is targeting corothers hall. students reported four incidents since january 8, each happened
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during a different time of day but in the same bathroom on the first floor where showers are open to both men and women. >> there was an issue of somebody putting their hand under the shower stall to take a picture and some girls saw it and screamed and they ran away. >> stanford is not only -- the only bay area campus where dorm safety has become an issue. on friday police arrested 21-year-old michael escobar, san jose state student. he walked into unlocked dorm rooms and groped four female students. >> 6:04. a 15-year-old boy in jail this morning accused of killing his foster parents. oakland police went to a home on apple street near wayne place friday afternoon. an employee called to say one of their employees had not arrived at work. officers didn't find anything but went back after a second call when they found a car slightly charred by fire, and two bodies inside.
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police say the son confessed to the killings, confessing to killing both of the couple. co-workers tell the san jose "mercury news" the son was arguing with his foster parents about spending time at the occupy oakland camp. >> the man accused of a random act of violence that ended in the death of a santa clara man will be in court. the 24-year-old beat luis to death with a baseball bat last may. he was found bleeding to death on the sidewalk a block away from where he was. he was known in the community as the church man because of his commitment to his faith. today, he is expected to enter a plea. >> b.a.r.t. coming under fire for who it plans to hire to build its new fancy fleet of cars. marla tellez is in our newsroom with more on this brewing controversy. >> we've been reporting for some time now b.a.r.t. is replacing its outdated cars with a sleek
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new fleet. that of course comes with a hefty price tag, almost $4 million per car. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the transportation agency is hiring overseas companies to manufacture and assemble these cars. that has taxpayers upset. plain and simple none of the five companies that bid for the job is located in the united states. specifically, the work will be done in canada, france, or south korea. we reached out to b.a.r.t. this morning and its spokesperson issued a statement saying bart's buy america bid preference policy gives preferences to rail car manufacturers who create jobs in the u.s., board members have heard from both their constituents and state and federal officials that putting americans back to work should be a strong consideration. unquote. also worth noting that bidders are required to use at least 60% u.s. materials in parts. been all is said and done the earliest you'll see these new
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cars is 2015. jon and laura. >> thank you. 6:06. health care workers at one of the biggest hospital groups get ready to walk off the job. thousands of kaiser permanentes workers are expected to strike tomorrow, the fourth walkout since negotiations started with the hospital in 2010. workers are striking over proposed cuts to health and retirement benefits. the hospital says it will remain open during the strike. >> a bay area skate park has been saved thanks to big time help from the community. parents and neighbors say they raised enough to keep the lake cunningham regional skate park in san jose open. last summer's budget crisis left just enough to keep it open until september but parents stepped in and stepped up, raising enough to keep it open until the end of this year. the 68,000 square foot park is in fact california's largest skate park. >> we love our beautiful days but rain has been so rare this winter experts say don't worry
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yet. a dry december and january will not get the bay area its normal rainfall levels by the end of the season, the dreaded d word, drought, not just in play yet. that's because there is enough water in the reservoirs from last year's record snowfall. such the difference. if next year is also dry, however, drought may work its way back into our vocabulary. >> hopefully mother nature will balance that out. in the foreseeable future, sounds like meteorologist christina loren is telling us get ready for more sunshine. >> that's right. we're talking about another d, not drought, delightful. you want to get outdoors all week long. we've got gorgeous conditions. and you know what, we're going to see a change but really, temperatures ending up in the mid-60s, basically all week long. this morning we've got the low clouds, and that's keeping us mild. as we lose that cloud cover, starting about thursday when offshore flow picks up, that's where we'll see the cold nights
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return. right now it's pleasant in san francisco, you're at 53 degrees. we're going to lose that cloud cover by 11:00 a.m. as you can see, the day works out like so. temperatures climbing to about 60 degrees at the coast, by the bay, at noon. inland about 62 degrees as you break for lunch so comfortable there. full on sunshine as you make your way home from work, 59 at the coast. about 64 degrees inland. seven-day outlook tells the story. i'll let you know when things start to change later on so we'll talk about that, 6:09, following the crash in san jose. >> we are. no major changes there. but no major winds either. southbound 880, at the brokaw exit around that we still have two lanes blocked by an overturned vehicle. might be one of the jeep type vehicles. blocking two lanes and some slowing at the scene. you see that southbound approaching 101 still there. the other slowing, northbound
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101. we suspect there had was an accident. it moved to the shoulder so the slowing has cleared for the most part north of alum rock. a live shot fast coliseum. at doolittle, hagenberger, we have an accident but lanes are open. flashing lights to be sure. on the other side of the bay, holding stead we the volume of traffic. no major issues northbound with the headlights up through palo alto. 101 no slowing along the peninsula. >> mike, thank you. we're not sure if the e.t. has phoned home but a utah man says he has capture add ufo on camera. tell us what you think. here it is. something hovering in the night sky in utah county. the man says he looked up and he saw the neon blue object. he says the object slowly drifted south, then east. >> i saw it over here, then i saw it cruising.
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just slow. >> while the un5ed object remains a mystery, explanations range from a remote controlled plane to a paraglider. >> at night? >> to making something up. >> we'll see. 6:11. bay area city getting ready to get permits to more pot clubs despite a recent federal warning. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo, coming up the mayor of san jose gives pot clubs a victory. details coming up. >> and keeping hope alive 23 years after an east bay girl vanished on her way home. family and friends holding a memorial in her honor. >> for the latest news, traffic and weather and good conversation, find us on facebook @nbcbayarea.
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>> good monday morning to you. taking a beautiful live look outside near sfo this morning. traffic picking up a little bit for a monday morning, gorgeous temperatures. we'll check those for you. it's 6:14. >> no new taxes and no more regulations, the mayor of san jose having a change of heart when it comes to those pot clubs. damian trujillo live at the medmar healing center which has been vocal against the proposed rules. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. medmar warned that it would krip tl business model so they fought the city and looks like they won. they will not push forward with the rules against the pot clubs around san jose. at wednesday's rules committee meeting the mayor is expected to put it on the february 14 agenda. there he will ask the city
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council to back off an implementing new rules. those included raising the pot tax from 7% to 10%. the city also wanted dispensaries to grow their own pot on site but growers argued that would jack up their electric bills and heighten security concern, fearing their shops would be more prone to robberies and break-ins so. the co-ops gathered 31,000 signatures to repeal the rules, that with potential changes to the pot law coming from sacramento and the mayor decided to back off. there are more than 100 pot clubs around san jose, all of them do pay that 7% but they are not all abiding by the zoning regulations around the city so that needs to be addressed. but all together the 100 pot clubs generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the city each month in pot tax.
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damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> oakland officials are not letting a federal crackdown stop them frommish yi ewing permits. according to city leaders plan to hand out permits for four new clubs. it would bring the number to eight. the four existing shops and businesses bring in about $1 million a year in fees and taxes. to the cash strapped city. >> it is 6:16. meteorologist christina loren is back with us. what do we owe this gratitude to? >> me. fork it over. the real mother nature. old man winter didn't show up yet. we're waiting on him. we have no rain in the forecast. well a little drizzle maybe this morning. through the rest of the week really no significant rainfall in the immediate future. and as we look 10 to 15 days out, pattern staying dry. dry days continue. it's mild this morning.
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making it easier for to you get to your car. you don't have to huddle up before you -- when you get in the car you don't have to sit in the cold. it's mild out there. always easier on a monday morning. 53 in san francisco. you're at 46 degrees in sunnyvale. on the way to another stellar day. we're going to stay comfortable all week long. cloudy start will make way to a comfy afternoon. we'll see a cloudy start tomorrow and will keep your temperatures overnight on the mild side. by wednesday clear skies will make way to cold conditions. we could be talking about 30s, maybe the upper 20s and the coldest spots across the bay. then the changes arrive through thursday. high pressure sets up over the great basin. yeah, that means the 60s and 70s possible starting thursday. we're going to see nice days as we head toward the end of the week. but with that we're going to have to deal with cold nights. staying comfortable, mild for the first week of february. 65 degrees in morgan hill.
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64 at gilroy. throughout the day today you'll hit about about 64 in fairfield. the warmest time of the day is about 3:00 p.m. as we head through the next three days, things don't change that much until late wednesday into thursday when we pick up your temperatures. in the upper 60s and 70s though we'll have to deal with cold nights and breezy conditions. let's find out how comfortable you're getting on the roads. is it jam-packed? >> there are a few more people getting comfortable. we'll have a nice comfy spot for you in a second. looking to the south bay we just have the northbound routes starting to show slowing for 101 past actually and the earlier accident on the shoulder. the southbound side of 880 reports two lanes blocked at brokaw. we see less slowing so chp hasn't had a chance to update us, maybe the lanes, at least one might be clearing.
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an easy drive northbound as you head up through hayward, slowing typical, 580 and 238 showing a volume of traffic. out of the altamont pass up to 18 minutes for westbound 580. the pattern reinstated. the golden gate bridge, an easy drive out of the north bay, no major problems for 101 through san rafael into the city. the bay bridge metering lights were turned on. back to you. >> mike, thank you. 23 long and painful years after she disappeared the family of eileen misheloff not giving up hope. in 1989 the girl was walking home when she vanished. every year since then her family held a candlelight vigil to keep her story in the spotlight. the walk will start at 7:00 in dublin. it will end at raymond catholic
6:20 am
church. police offering a $100,000 reward for information. >> san francisco's muni is putting the breaks on plans to install 5,000 parking meters. there were protests at a recent hearing. muni is reconsidering. a community meeting will be 6:30 tonight at project on florida street in san francisco. the supervisors plan to attend. >> it is 6:20 now. coming up the bay area man being honored for standing up for what was right. >> why people pay to buy a home in one bay area city. >> one step closer to a facebook ipo. we'll take a loo hey guys, breakfast!
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>> welcome back everyone. it's now 6:23. san francisco city leaders considering a proposal that would make new homes more expensive. the san francisco examiner reporting they are looking at adopting a new fee. the developers would then pay $5.53 per square foot of new residential construction. that would generate about $630 million and the money would go to muni and transportation projects. a similar proposal was rejected last year. >> 6:23. today is not a day off work, today is a state holiday. honoring an east bay man who
6:24 am
stood up against discrimination. fred korematsu refused to go to an internment camp when japanese americans were rounded up in the second world war. he was arrested and black listed for being unamerican. he took his fight to the supreme court and later exonerated. and awarded the national medal of justice. fred korematsu day is every january 30th, his birthday. >> the u.s. figure skating championship crowned on the women's side ashley wagner, blew the crowd away saturday. picking up her first ever national title. on the men's side, how about jeremy abbott. the man made history, won his third title with the highest score ever recorded at the championships. i believe he executed the quadruple toe loop to perfection. he landed that one to start off his day. >> quite a talent.
6:25 am
quite a few millionaires to be made. a big week for facebook. one step closer to the ipo. >> one step. there are plenty of steps after that so perhaps the most accurate thing would be to say facebook is getting ready to get ready to start beginning to file for an ipo. paperwork could come this week asking to file for the first public offering of shares, easily the most important ipo since google. trades, though, wouldn't come for some months. >> the other thing happening now, european leaders meeting for the 17th time about the crisis there. i'm not being glib, this is the 17th meeting. germany pushing for other countries to make huge cuts in spending and how's that going over? you can see what the regular man on the street thinks. this is a strike in brussel, the first general strike there in 20 years, this is where the meeting is taking place. you can see the train stations there, bus lines shut down, train stations shut down. back at home prosecutors issued a letter warning that data on
6:26 am
servers own bid the controversial company mega upload could be deleted as soon as thursday. mega upload shut down on piracy accusations. the company can't pay to keep the servers running. we don't expect any one with much sense kept crucial files on mega upload. it is a cautionary cloud. you don't control the cloud. mega upload is the cloud compared to, say, apple or amazon, probably two different things. but still a cautionary tale. >> good to know. thank you. >> 6:26 now. still to come on "today in the bay," police looking for two men responsible for a wetting day stabbing. >> plus, the case against san francisco's moves forward. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area
6:27 am
weather center where we're tracking really mild temperatures. you can go sans a jacket. >> i think it means without a jacket. 24 westbound, i'll show you's going on for 880.
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>> new this morning a bay area congresswoman calling on the governor to replace the man charged with investigating the san bruno blast. >> b.a.r.t. looks overseas to build cars and now it needs to defend itself. i'm going to have reaction from the transportation agency. >> the president getting ready to do something no other president has ever done before. how a couple of bay area companies are helping him hang out with his constituents. >> we'll give you a live look outside as you head out the door, that is oakland, traffic building up on both sides north and south. mike will tell you about.
6:30 am
it is monday, january 30th, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. 6:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren. i kind of feel like a broken record with this but it's a good thing. beautiful, beautiful. >> there is a little bit of a change. i have to tell you something here, jon kelley. we're going to see a little change but the story of the morning is how nice it is out there already. it is not a frigid start by any means. 53 in san francisco, 46 in sunnyvale and we are on the way to the upper 60s today. we are going to see a change toward the middle of the week. we'll talk about that. mike is following a crash in san jose. >> i, too v a bit of a change for folks, a change for the better. we'll look at the map where we have southbound 880.
6:31 am
it was flowing quite a bit approaching brokaw and 101, the lanes cleared so all lanes are open as the open on the shoulder and a bit of a distraction. that's this morning through the south bay. to oakland things are moving. we'll check the rest of the commute coming up. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:31. b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of cars starting to stir up controversy this morning. marla tellez is joining us live from the newsroom, she has the story and more. good were mooing. >> good morning. it's a big job estimated to cost more than $3 billion. this morning we're learning much of this work could be done out of the country. it's no zlaet b.a.r.t. has plans to replace its aging fwleet a new sleek set. what is coming to light is b.a.r.t. is hiring overseas companies to manufacturer and asemple the cars according to the chronicle. in a time of high unemployment in the bay area and the rest of
6:32 am
the country b.a.r.t. is forced to defend itself for employing overseas workers. the work will be done in canada, france or south korea. b.a.r.t. issued a statement this morning saying in part, quote, bart's buy america bid preference policy gives preferences to rail car manufacturers who create jobs in the u.s. the policy is an incentive for companies to build the cars using the highest percentage of parts from american companies. bidders are required to use at least 60% u.s. materials and parts. >> thank you, marla. it is 6:32 now. it was a horrifying end to a couple's wedding day. deputies were called to the idef hall saturday night where four men were suffering from stab wounds, the victims leaving a wedding reception when two men assaulted them. the injuries were serious but
6:33 am
all are expected to recover. investigatoring are searching for the attackers and a motive. >> a bay area congresswoman asking governor brown to replace the man leading the investigation into the san bruno explosion. jackie spear sent a letter arguing that the commission president michael peevy cannot be objective. the cpuc was headed by peevy in 2010 when it was found by investigators to be partly responsible for the deadly pipe line rupture. eight people died and dozens of homes destroyed in that blast. >> pg&e has a new tool. the utility will demonstrate a gas leak detection device. it is more sensitive for detecting problems on thousands of miles of a transition line. they are testing two of them. >> the domestic violence charges
6:34 am
against sheriff ross mirkarimi taking another step forward. a status hearing is set for this morning though work work is not expected to attend. we're learning more about the state's case. they want an expert in battered women's syndrome to testify that know, it's not uncommon to deny abuse. both mirkarimi and his wife have publicly dismissed the allegations. >> a couple of companies helping the president bring a new meaning to hanging out. scott mcgrew is here to explain. >> good morning. google calls it video and text chat system a hang-out. the president will participate, answering questions on the hang out. here are some of the questions. here are some of the more popular. a majority has to do with the drug policy. a retired police man pushing for
6:35 am
him. >> what do you say to this growing voter constituency that wants more changes to drug violence than you delivered in your first term? >> one of the questions for the president. you can watch on the white official youtube channel. it will not review any of the questions submitted before the independent view. the president can look on line and wind out which. we'll take his word for it. >> not looking. >> scott putting it in perspective. 6:35. i hear we have a little breaking news. >> it's going to be nice yet again today. you know what, keep out. keep the short sleeves trk shorts, the tank top, you can wear them all week long. it's a little more mild tomorrow morning and wednesday, temperatures are going to drop off. back in fridge it temperatures.
6:36 am
able the rebound into the mid-60s, each and every day so we've got gorgeous weather. all week long. that's the only wrench in your perfect forecast. 46 in san mateo. we call the cirrus clouds when it's a dirty ridge. the clouds are the coldest of the cloud, it's able to make it through the ridge of high pressure. throughout the day today that's going to make for dwornlgous conditions. sunshine, 60 by noon. something else that will happen, high pressure and the cirrus intrusion keeping temperatures uniform. we'll let you know when that is the case. let's talk to mike first. >> a lot more on the roadways
6:37 am
taking their intrusion. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is the backup and making its way to west grand avenue. back on the maps you see as you come across the bid. no problem down the east shore freeway but we have slowing which starts around -- and san pablo and richard. down south we look at the accident 880 southbound that has cleared at brokaw, the slowing starting to clear up. 101 slowing frort from tully into the 50s from time to time and 237 off of 880 slow as well. we're looking at 101 along northbound with the hell lights but no problems. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:37. occupy getting kate clal.
6:38 am
>> reporter: i'm bob redell live in oakland where the city is reassessing this weekend's costly confrontation with ok you buy oakland demonstrators. >> one ta until the florida primaries. a report where things stand this morning. >> for the latest news action traffic, weather, all sorts of good things dial it in. find us on facebook @nbcbayarea.
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>> good monday mofrn are morning. a day before polls open for the florida primaries in the republican presidential race has become a two-man competition. brian mooar is live in washington with the sudden surge for the romney campaign. good morning. >> reporter: mitt romney is up in the polls and clearly getting under the skin of newt gingrich. the two are blasting away at each other trading negative barbs, has it helped? the polls seem to be showing that it is helping mitt romney. the latest nbc news poll shows romney with a 15-point lead, 42% to 27% for gingrich. and the trend is going against gingrich. he lost 17 points since december. rick santorum, he took himself out of florida though not out of the race over the past weekend.
6:42 am
on saturday he was staying home because he'd rather be filing his income taxes. on sunday his daughter had a medical emergency but today he is heading back onto the campaign trail but not into florida. what about santorum supporters? if santorum took himself out of the race right now nbc news poll shows they would break half and half. mitt romney would get some, gingrich some. so essentially it only helps romney. if the poll numbers are right it's looking like a good day for romney and bad cold february for newt gingrich. laura. >> brian mooar live from washington. >> 6:42. coming up a president making a return trip to the bay area. we'll tell you where coming up. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo in san jose. pot clubs take on the mayor. i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip. [ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator.
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[ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. 6:45 now. i want to check the forecast. another good looking day on tap. >> gorgeous. we've been spoiled all winter long so far. we have more of the same for you this week. we're starting out mild this morning, too. you don't even need that heavy jacket. you will not need it later on this afternoon as temperatures climb into the mid-60s. mostly cloudy start. we're going to look at that. is this not beautiful. we live here. we get to enjoy this view. you can see the clouds, though, overhead. that's going to make for a gorgeous sunrise, just after 7:22. as we head throughout the morning hours we're starting out nice and mild so with that full deck of clouds still going to make it into the 60s by noon
6:46 am
today. weather headline tell the story. a comfortable afternoon. you can wear your short sleeves. tomorrow, a cloudy start but more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. then wednesday we lose that cloud cover, hence, much colder overnight conditions. so, as we head through wednesday and thursday things start to change. high pressure sets back up over the great basin, the 60s and 70s and the warmest cities across the bay maybe 75 degrees in places like gilroy, starting on friday. so we're looking really good there. for today temperatures in the 60s, 65 in san jose, 65 in sunnyvale. with a mix of sun and clouds. 63 degrees in concord. really uniform temperatures, even in san francisco getting 62 degrees because of that cloud cover that we're starting out with. the micro climates not going to be too much of a faerkt today or throughout the rest of the week. by wednesday, 65 degrees. friday, another gorgeous weekend and of course super sunday. catch that game here on nbc bay area.
6:47 am
you'll be able to throw that football around at halftime. that's what mike inouye likes to do. >> not in the house, kids. we'll get to the roadways, all fun and games until someone breaks someone or a nose. the castro valley y, the typical pattern. westbound heading up to the area of oakland, then 238 through san leandro, south through hayward, typical patterns there. you also expect this, slowing out of the altamont pass. 24 minutes that's a pretty good volume through livermore. speeds down below 40 on average all the way through livermore. easing up to the dublin interchange. highway 4 as well, through antioch over to somersville, then it eases through pittsburg and bay point. 242 and 680 through concord and walnut creek, we have extra slowing here, that volume will be pushing over highway 24 toward the caldecott. expect some slowing.
6:48 am
no problem, your typical slowing to the bay bridge and the backup to the berkeley curve. a check of the south bay, 280 northbound. look at the volume. speed around 60 for most of the northbound routes. a better view of that coming up. >> thank you, mike. 6:48 now. san jose may be changing course on medical marijuana after fighting to restrict pot clubs the mayor is doing an about face. damian trujillo joins us live at the medmar healing center which has been pretty vocal against the proposed restrictions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. medmar specifically did not want the city to force them to grow their own pot here on site for security reasons, also high electric bills. but they mainly worry about the possibility break-ins and robberies at medmar. so after months of tussling the mayor finally raised the white flag. he and the council initially wanted only ten pot clubs in the city. there are more than 100 right now. the city wanted operators to grow their own pot on site and
6:49 am
wanted to raise a tax on pot clubs from 7% to 10%. pot clubs gathered more than 31,000 signatures to overturn the rules. the mayor told the "mercury news" he is backing down. the mayor will recommend in the rules committee meeting wednesday to put the matter on the february 14th council agenda. the pot clubs generate hundreds of thousands in pot tax for the city. live in san jose. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. a big time vote could come today in sacramento over control of the state's courts. the state assembly considering a bill that would take away budget control from the courts and turn it over to the legislature. at stake here, $3 billion split among california's trial courts controlled by a central bureaucracy. if the bill does not get a vote today, it will die. >> 6:49. governor brown's tax plan is getting the backing of one of
6:50 am
the state's most powerful unions, the california teefrpers association agreed to sport the multi-billion-dollar plan. according to the "sacramento bee." governor brown wants voters to decide whether to raise the state sales tax and hike income taxes on high wage earners. if the hikes fail, schools would face $2.4 billion in cuts. >> 6:50 now. admission of guilt, oakland police say 15-year-old boy admitted to killing his foster parents. police found the couple's bodies in a car at their home. officers say the first time they talked to the boy he acted as if nothing was wrong. the second time they went to the home he allegedly confessed to killing the couple. investigators realized something was very wrong when an employer called to say their employee had not shown up to work. >> police arrested nine people sunday morning after a night of violence.
6:51 am
with 1:30 police say they arrested two men after a fight at a parking garage on locust street. minutes later there was a large fight in the restaurant next door to the garage. a half hour after that police were called to the nearby dine wrer two groups were challenging each other to a fight. the violence come as walnut leaders are talking about a crackdown on late night businesses. a warning for stanford students to be on alert, reports of a peeping tom in dorm shower areas. police say the peeping tom is targeting upper classmen dorms. there were four incidents since january 8. in the same bathroom on the first floor where showers are open to both men and women. the victims say the peeping tom puts his hand under the bottom of the door trying to take pictures. >> nothing short of a wild scene in oakland.
6:52 am
they broke into buildings that included city hall. bob redell is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. oakland police ended up arresting around 400 people this weekend, and for those repeat offenders, those who they keep arresting during these occupy oakland demonstrations they are now trying to get the legal orders to get them to keep them away from the city of oakland so they don't keep coming back and causing problems. part of the problem was in city hall behind me which was broken into over the weekend. vandalized, not so much it can't open but certainly vandalized to the point it was frustrating for the city. as a result oakland is reconsidering security to figure out how to prevent them from getting in. it was saturday protesters crow barred their way in, started vandalizing the down part of the city hall. the mayor showing us the damage which included a broken window, damage to a children's art
6:53 am
exhibit and historic model of city hall. also stole and burned an american flag. both sides blame each other for the violence. protesters say police were overly aggressive. officers argue they were responding to all of the objects being thrown at them. the clashes started when demonstrators tried to break in and occupy the empty convention center ty and eventually city hall. opd tells us that three officers and at least two protesters were hurt. all of the injuries minor. >> bob redell "today in the bay." >> a new political party forming on the uc-berkeley campus. the daily cal paper says members of the occupy cal movement are behind the political action party. organizers say they want to counter the current student government which too often sides
6:54 am
with the administration. the new party faces a big time challenge to try to get elected. no third party candidate as won office since 1957. >> the "today" show coming up in a few minutes. here is matt with a preview. >> jon and laura, good morning. coming up, after taking a drubbing in south carolina mitt romney surged to a double digit lead in florida. when asked how he turned it around when he joins us in a live interview. ahead police in maine say blood in the home where a missing toddler was six weeks ago belonged to that little girl. her mother seeks out in an exclusive live interview. then one of the biggest stars in the world when jennifer lopez stops by to talk about her life and career and hollywood steps out to honor its own at the sag awards. all that and much more as we get started on a monday morning here on today. >> matt, thank you.
6:55 am
people visiting san francisco for the upcoming america's cup may have a new way to get around according to the examiner. the city hopes that the race will provide plans for a water taxi service. under the current plan the taxis would not compete with existing ferries, they would carry passengers quickly from port to port. the raiders introducing dennis allen signs on for a four-year deal to take over the silver and black. this is the 39-year-old's first head coaching job, the raiders new head coach and allen the first head coach for the defensive background since john madden. >> president barack obama will be back in the bay area next month fundraising. two events are planned in san francisco on february 13. there is a $35,000 dinner for 50
6:56 am
guests. that will be followed by a larger reception at a yet to be named public venue where tickets cost up to 10 thousand dollars. this will be the president's fourth visit to the bay area in a year, scott says the president will be everywhere in a virtual sense. >> correct, hanging out at 2:30. not the president's first virtual appearance. he did something similar with facebook last year. he will be answering questions submitted by google and youtube users. if you've seen the president do this in the past he has a tendency to over explain smims. showing you he has a good grasp of the issues but tends to cut down on the number of questions that get answered. 2:30 our time. either on cougle or youtube. on the nas connect our good friends from emory search. dow industrials down 111 points on worries about europe, the european leaders meeting as we
6:57 am
speak. >> nice to see familiar faces. thank you. >> time for a final check on the weather. meteorologist christina loren with more good sunshine. >> you know what, let's show you how gorgeous your morning is. loo looks like a picture. looking down from san bruno mountains. clouds making for very comfortable temperatures. in the 40s and 50s and we'll seal a nice day today. temperatures at noon at 60 degrees. 62 inland. you'll make your pay home after completing a successful monday. yes, looking good all week long. that forecast for you throughout the "today" show. >> as promised we'll show folks a wider look at southbound 101 all the way past alum rock and 880 and the interchange. the other side looking at northbound 85, a little slower than we see coming up.
6:58 am
justin, thanks for supporting the schools. 101 with a live shot down the peninsula, 101 through palo alto. northbound fine with headlights. you see the sun rise coming up. bring those sunglasses. >> thanks a lot. it is that time of year with award season under way the screen actor guild's awards, a pretty good idea who may go tomorrow with the oscar. >> the oscar goes to the cast of the help. >> the drama set in the deep south in the 1960s, walked away with multiple honors including best ensemble t guilt version. the vem also cleaning up. octavia spencer best supporting actress and viola davis best actress overall. the film of "the artist" beat out george clooney and brad pitt. >> i never stop dreaming.
6:59 am
thank you very much. >> you are welcome. christopher plumber took home best performing actor. the sag awards a bit of a barometer for next year. last year all individual winners for the sag went on to win the oscars. >> a new survey looks at what length someone would go to to see the super bowl intern. 23% would stip a vacation just to watch the game in person. 20% would miss the wedding after close friend or family member. 19% would skip. and 9% would miss the birth of their own child. >> we suck to tune in on sunday. your official home of super bowl xlvi. >> i like that booming bear atone. >> nothing like yours. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we're going to be back at 7:25 for a local news update.


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