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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now, at 5:00, it's the weekend, but traffic is the word of the day around the bay area. we'll have the latest on the bay bridge closure and how it's impacting the other bridges. and the who's who of the entertainment industry showed up to honore lat the late e whitn houston. and espn issues an apology related to jeremy lin and a headline with racial overtones. good evening, i'm diane
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dwyer. friends and family of whitney houston gathered today for her funeral. it was a who's who of the music world with hundreds inside the church and thousands more outside. nbc's mark barger is there with more. >> the church where whitney houston's voice first came to the public attention and the church that's been the scene of an outpouring of affection for the sing they are week was today the scene for the final farewell. >> what a voice, not a voice, the voice. >> for whitney houston's family and friends, today was not a funeral, but a home going. >> you are the only one. >> that could bring all of us together. whitney, today is your day. ♪ ♪ >> stars i including alicia keyes and stevie wonder honored
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houston with heartfelt gospel. >> today we as a family celebrate the life of our sister, our daughter, our mother, and our friend. >> speakers during the course of the three and a half-hour service talked of houston's faith. >> and this is more important than everything she's ever done in her life. whitney houston loved the lord. >> kevin costner spoke of the singer doubting her own talent. >> when you sing before him, don't you worry. you'll be good enough. >> in fact, it was houston's music that provided a stirring soundtrack for the service's closing moments. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ ♪.
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>> now whitney houston's ex-husband, bobby brown, did attend today's service as an invited guest but not for very long. he and his party members left shortly after the service started. apparently there was a disagreement with the sheeting arrangement within the chapel. >> one more question, what happened to aretha frarj lynn, we thought she was performing today as well. >> she was supposed to, she talked about it to al roker yesterday on the "today show." she had on and off health problems and last night was one time she did experience trouble. leg cramps, that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. she was not physically up to being able to perform. she actual will had a performance also scheduled tonight for radio city music hall. at that report, that performance is still on. die ann? >> thanks for the clarification. and back here in the bay area, in case you haven't heard yet, which seems almost impossible, the bay bridge is closed westbound this weekend.
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and there's word tonight that the caltrans crews are running slightly ahead of schedule. the closure is creating all kinds of issues for people trying to get into or out of the city. here's a look at current road conditions. you can see other bay area bridges are seeing a back-up right now. the golden gate bridge is the worst with bumper-to-bumper traffic into the city. and there's yellow and rid on the richmond san rafael bridge and the san mateo bridge. as far as the golden gate bridge, we've got the live pictures on the toll plaza, traffic opens up with all available toll booths open right now and the bridge is letting four lanes into the city, still,is's it's bumper to bumper into marin. crews started demolishing old
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parts of the bay area bridge. >> we've got some of the predemolition that needed to be done for the big demo effort that will start sometime around 6:00 tonight. completed and we've started knocking off some of those extra things that we're trying to do for maintenance on the bay bridge. caltrans said the westbound lanes will open weather permitting. if crews stay ahead of schedule it could open before that. b.a.r.t. will run overnight service at select stations and there will be extended ferry service, the three-day closure will cost the toll authority about $1.5 million in uncollected tolls. well getting around the entire bay area is a little more difficult this weekend. reaching treasure island is a whole different story entirely. nbc bay area's kimberly terry was at treasure island and has
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more on the ripple effects of the bay bridge closure for treasure island. >> the game just wrapped up and it lasted about as long as it took people to get to treasure island today to watch it. most people we talked to said it took them an hour 45 minutes to get to treasure island from the east bay, mostly berkeley. a trip that would normally take them only 15, 20 minutes, but most people say they knew well ahead of time about the closure and they packed their patience for the ride. different drivers had different ways to deal with the delays. >> people were trying to figure out different ways without having any road rage. >> i wanted to go b.a.r.t., but i wanted to go eastbound home from the game. so i drove the san mateo bridge and it wasn't bad at all. >> i knew i wanted to come to the game on saturday. i knew the bridge was going to be closed westbound at the toll booth. is a i went into the city and
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stayed the night and came back eastbound this way, you can still drive westbound from treasure island. i figure it's a win-win, right? >> this is cal's only rugby game on treasure island. when it was scheduled, the school did not know it would be on the weekend of the bay bridge closure. but a cal representative said they're impressed with the turn-out. hundreds of fans came out to cheer on the bears who took on the university of british columbia today. and the ride home from treasure island is likely to be a lot less hectic. traffic on the lower deck of the bay bridge was moving smoothly. >> the cal bears won 13-12. live on treasure island, kimberly terry, nbc bay area us. have you noticed the price of gas? it's not your imagination. bay area prices are rocketing past the $4 mark. and some analysts say it could cost $4.50 by memorial day. the statewide average is now
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$3.90 a gallon, 20 cents higher than a month ago. in san jose, gas is $4.01 a gallon. in san francisco, it's $4.05, and in oakland, right at $4. analysts blame california's prices on the switch to summer gas, closing refineries and increasing world demand. in the east bay, two teenagers were arrested for allegedly attacking a livermore police officer and breaking his leg. police responded t a large street brawl at about 1:30 this morning near rinconed avenue. police say the 0 officer tried to handcuff a teenager but was punched by a suspect. another man jumped on the officer's back and tried to choke him. the officer, whose name was not released, was taken to hospital and treated and released. coming up, we'll introduce you to a woman who turned exile into a lifetime of teaching. and the winning strooe streak may be over, but jeremy lin is still what peek aople ar
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talking about today. it's for all the wrong reasons because of the espn. and the giants and the a's are reporting for duty. twooel take you to arizona and hear from the players on day one of spring training. the seven-day forecast is going to have some spring-like temperatures in the meantime it's a cool start to the holiday weekend. we saw clearing skies around the bay area. but some showers could be lurking early next week. we'll let you know how it will impact your sunday plans, when we come back.
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tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of what many consider to be one of the biggest stains on american history. the japanese internment camps, imprisoning more than 100,000 japanese and japanese-americans. today we spoke to a woman who experienced that pain as a child. nbc bay area's stephanie trong is in japan town with more. >> we spoke with a woman who was nine years old when she and her family were kicked out of their home and sent to internment camps in one instance they were housed in horse stables where there was still horse manure inside. horrible experience. but she was able to turn some of that pain into a bit of pleasure. ♪ ♪ >> she first picked up a japanese instrument while she was interned.
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her mother encouraged her to learn it to become a distraction for her. she left japan, learned from a great teacher and returned at the age of 18 and has been teaching it to dozens of others ever since. she said she was too young to fully understand what the internment camps meant, although she knew something was wrong. >> i was a child at that time, i really didn't know what was going on. but i realized that just because we were japanese. >> like many others, she and her family were moved to several internment camps and there was one in utah. that's the subject of a traveling art exhibit that opened today at the san leandro history museum and art gallery. there were tributes by poetis musicians and artwork. the day of remembrance tomorrow will be celebrated in san jose's japantown and in san francisco, at the sundance kabuki center.
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where they'll pay tribute to a man who became famous when he openly defied the internment orders 70 years ago and he passed away last month. live in san jose, stephanie trong, diane, back to you. espn is in crisis management mode tonight after an online article used a racial slur in its headline referring to recent chinese-american nba star, jeremy lin. it was part of an online headline, referring to lin's nine turnovers in the knicks's loss. the headline said "chink in the armor" it was up for 30 minutes before being taken down. espn is apologizing, saying we're are determining appropriate disciplinary action to insure this does not happen again and we regret and apologize for this mistake. the same slur was reportedly used on espn a few days ago as well. san francisco's senator, leland yi responded to the espn
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headline. here's part of his statement. this incident harkins back to 1947 when jackie robinson heard some of the ugliest racial epithets as it broke the color barrier. espn should be ashamed and must do more than apologize for this unacceptable act. still to come, we take you out to the ball game in arizona. a live report, coming up.
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it did cool off a little today, compared to yesterday, bhu it was still gorgeous out there, we'll check in with rob mayeda for the weather. >> we started off the morning with drizzle in a few spots, a nice afternoon that helped to clear out skies in terms of the gusty winds, which you might notice outside. we're at 52 degrees in san francisco, 55 in san jose and 59, the warm spot right now in napa. as you can see from the winds, still pretty gusty. especially on the north bay coastline. we've been watching the winds up to 35-mile-per-hour gusts at times. novato west at 30, very breezy right now. peak wind gusts at 40 in novato. i do think the wind speeds will throttle back as we head into tonight and we'll see patchy fog as setting up in the north bay valleys. increasing clouds for sunday, but sunday should be dry as the staurs stay i don't of shore. sunday night and monday, we may see a slight chance of a few showers trying to creep back into the bay area.
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the doppler radar is quite quiet, we had a fee snow flurries up towards lake that who. we saw an inch or so around lake tahoe earlier. and we see the clouds clearing out as the weather system passes by. we'll see another one just like it coming in late tomorrow, bringing a slight chance of showers for sunday morning. for your plans as we head into sunday morning, we'll see increasing clouds, starting to spill in. much like we had today, and during the afternoon, partly cloudy skies as the showers stay offshore. sunday night into monday, slight risk for showers, but get ready for a taste of spring. you'll see it big-time showing up towards the middle part of the week. tonight, 30s and 40s outside with the clouds spilling in, we may not see the mid to upper 30s, we'll have to see the timing of the clouds before sunrise. colder than we had this morning. we started off in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow it looks like low to mid 40s for most of us around the bay area and for the afternoon, kind of a cool sunday.
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58 degrees in san jose, 56 in scl santa cruz. and 60 in pleasanton and 60 in pittsburgh. san francisco and the coast staying cool for the sunday plans, low to mid 50s for highs. for the short-term, things are fairly cool again. look out maybe sunday night into monday for the north bay. could see few showers, but do things change for the middle part of the week. 60s on the coast and mid 70s inland. this is going to get started wednesday, thursday and friday. places like morgan hill and san jose, could easily see highs in the mid 70s. later on this week. the timing is not that great. but at least the light drizzle and showers we see, we don't think will slow down the bay bridge construction as you heard they're a little bit maybe ahead of schedule, but factor in some weather contingencies. the forecast pretty dry for this time of year. >> i was up at heavenly skiing last year and there was plenty of snow we could ski through the
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trees, there was powder, it was great. >> the last seven to ten days, every two to three days, they've had good snow. let's check in with dave benz with comcast sports net. what's going on, dave? >> it may be february, but baseball season is officially under way. both the giants and a's reported to spring training in arizona and of course, we're all over it. a live report from scottsdale coming up in sports. ♪
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. i'm dave benz at the xfinity sports fest, still seven weeks until major league baseball plays its first regular-season game in the u.s. to many fans, the season truly got under way today at pitchers
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and catchers for the a's and giants reported for spring training. we begin with the g-men and javier lopez, he was required to report. but look at this, many position players, also showed up in scottsdale. for more, we welcome in jamie sire, live from arizona, jamie position players don't have to report until friday. so got to be a good sign. seeing them out here already. >> yeah. absolutely. good to see some of the guys in the cage, getting some work. but overall, kind of had the feel of the first day of school. guys showing up. getting their physicals out of the way. reacquainting themselves with some of their teammates, tomorrow it will be pitchers and catchers, officially working out for the first time. >> got the fans waiting, it smells like baseball, feels like baseball and once i get in  there, it's going to be baseball. so i'm excited. >> the past couple of weeks.
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coming in, seeing everybody, getting ready for tomorrow. familiar faces. and that kind of pick up where you left off. nice to get everybody in here. and get going again. >> seeing everybody, a couple of days ago when i got here. it was a lot of fun. so it's nice to get back out on the field. >> and of course, all eyes will be on buster posy on sunday, he's set to catch a couple of bull pens, i talked to tim lincecum who said he's been here for a week and a half and has thrown to buster a couple of times and said he looks ready to go. he said you can see it in his eyes, he wants to be out there. so a good sign for the giantsings we'll hear from buster coming up on sunday. reporting live from scottsdale, i'm jamie sire for nbc bay area. thank you very much, jamie. as for the a's, nobody outside the bay area and very few inside expect much of anything from this team this season. but as kate longworth reports,
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the team is determined to prove the naysayers wrong. >> well as report day only for the pitchers and catchers, but already, the majority of the a's squad has set up camp in arizona, turning up the heat on this spring's competition. >> i think everyone is on high alert, by design. i think we want to have, keep 9 fan base enthusiastic for one. but two, just kind of get the best out of every single perp. i think if you do that you have a chance to be competitive. >> they're excited to get out and start playing baseball. and you know, competing for jobs. everybody knows that you know, we got a younger group here and a little bit of a different mix than we did last year. you know, i think everybody sees the opportunity to go out there and show what they have to offer. >> sometimes you know, the veteran presence allows for you know, people to get complacent and be comfortable and our environment here, as you alluded to, maybe you're looking around, not sure where you fall in. and the worst case scenario is
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you just work harder. >> the a's starting rotation will be determined this spring. dallas braden willing throwing a bull pen session of about 35 pitches on monday. he said he hopes to make a return to the mound by mid april. at phoenix muse pal stadium. kate longworth, nbc bay area. thank you, kate. one quick college basketball note, st. mary's falls to murray state, 65-51. highlights of that coming up at 6:00. right now, back to our nbc bay area studios, diane? >> thanks, dave. and we'll be right back.
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parents looking to put a smile on their children's faces were treated to a flee dental clinic in san francisco. the clinic was hosted by the ucsf school of dentistry. children from ages 4-17 were
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given screenings and sealants and fluoride treatment. >> there are a lot of people who are suffering and out of work, having been displaced because of the economy. so these kinds of events come at a perfect time so families can get the kind of dental work that they need and dental screening that they need for their kids. >> i think it's great. because in a private office it would be a lot of money. and here, it's free. >> the best way children can beat cavities is the tried and true method that would be brushing your teeth. at least twice a day. "nbc nightly news" is next, we'll have more on the local news of the bay area. we want to leave you tonight with a look at the situation with the traffic around the bay area, because of the closure of the bay bridge. this is the richmond san rafael bridge, the toll plaza and there's a make backup trying to get through the toll plaza. that i presume you're going through the whole plaza over into marin and from


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