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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," police investigate two overnight shootings, including one outside a bar and restaurant you may know. plus, protests in afghanistan over the burning of the koran at u.s. base turned violent once again today. this time, protesters take aim at a u.s. target, and at the california republican convention newt gingrich weighs in on president barack obama. what he has to say. and we are locking live from the san francisco waterfront at the bay bridge. a beautiful start to the day. if you are inside looking out. if you are outside looking in, you're thinking, boy, this is a
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cold start. thanks so much for joining us this, mo. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. he warned us it would get cold. >> tonight we'll see a few showers. cold outside. don't see any clouds in san francisco, and that's the warm spot at a balmy 43 degrees. napa 37 and 43 in san jose and, yes, this afternoon we'll see increasing clouds as that little area of low pressure is going to swing in towards central california later tomorrow. as the clouds spill in with the chilly start to the day, you'll notice our highs as we go through about say 2:00 this afternoon, more clouds will spill in. it will keep us mainly in the 50s today. i do want to jump forward though to tonight when we will see the showers come in. it looks like mainly focused on the south bay. look at, that off to the east of san jose, that's snow. so we're talking snow levels probably close to 3,000 feet. not a lot of moisture of the system coming in monday. i think that will slide to the south, but we have a stronger system coming in tuesday and
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wednesday. still were low snow levels making for a very interesting seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> always interesting. thank you, rob. >> and new this morning, protesters in northern afghanistan threw hand grenades into a u.s. base and fired on police overnight. no word yet on injuries at the base, but we do know at least two demonstrators are reported to have been kill. the violence comes after afghanistan's president hamid karzai went on tv this morning calling for calm. an investigation is just beginning into the burning of korans at a u.s. base which sparked six days of violent protests in which at least 30 people were kill. nato pulled hundreds of international advisers out of afghan ministries. just yesterday, a gunman killed two high-ranking u.s. military advisers in the afghan interior ministry. the afghan media reports a police intelligence officer was the gunman, and the taliban says the killings are in retaliation for the koran burnings. the shooter remains on the loose. overnight gun violence claims another victim in san jose. san jose police say the shooting
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happened before 1:00 this morning on murphy avenue near oakland road in san jose, just outsidecar lows goldstein's restaurant and not far from the san jose municipal golf course. two victims were taken to the hospital. one of them died. a third victim who police say was shot in the same incident walked into the emergency room with a gunshot wound. earlier just after midnight, one man was found shot near chen street and lundy avenue. he is suffering from a non-life-threatening injury. this is san jose's fifth home side of the year. in politics now, gas prices is what presidential candidate newt gingrich focused on as he spoke at the california republican convention on the peninsula. as the party prepares for the final day today, kimberly terry did some fact-checking on some of the claims about gas production and prices. >> presidential hopeful newt gingrich made his message clear. >> step one is to drill. step two is to drill. and then step three is to keep drilling. >> reporter: as the former house
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speaker addressed a crowd of 450 at the california republican convention, he took aim at president barack obama, blaming him for america's dependance on foreign oil. >> he believes in small cars. he believes in an anti-american energy policy. he believes in high prices. he believes in government control. now, the challenge is he's running for re-election. the american people actually want the car and truck they like. the american people are pro american energy by 79-16. >> reporter: here's an interesting fact though. according to a global oil group u.s. oil production actually increased from 2008 to 2010 by more than 1 million barrels a day, and that reversed four decades of decreasing domestic oil production, but gingrich claims america can be the largest oil producer in the world by the end of the decade by easing restrictions on offshore drilling and approving the keystone pipeline project. >> we have more than enough energy in the united states that
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we do not have to rely on foreign countries. >> i like it. drill, drill, drill is very important. i mean, if we have the resources and we're not going after them, it was just a common sense issue. >> reporter: while these california republican voters are divided when it comes to whom they are supporting in the gop race, they say they were happy to hear from gingrich himself. that's despite the fact that just a few weeks ago gingrich included san francisco in bashing house minority leader nancy pelosi. he was reacting to a comment by pelosi that she had information that would prevent him from ever becoming president. >> you know, she lives in a san francisco environment of very strange fantasies and very strange understandings of reality. >> reporter: while some argue this comment insulted pelosi and the bay area itself, california republican leader say gingrich's comments were misunderstood. >> look, newt gingrich came to california. he came right to -- right next to san francisco saying there's a better way so i don't think it has anything to do with other than nancy's desire to create rumors and try and affect the
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election. >> reporter: kimberly terry, "today in the bay." >> now, newt gingrich was the only republican candidate who accepted the california republicans invitation which was extended to all presidential gop hopefuls. later in this newscast, we'll talk with "today in the bay" political analyst larry gjertsen about why california republicans in particular have some work cut out for them and following this newscast governor jerry brown will appear on today's "meet the press." in burlingame to detroit, the michigan primary is heating up. last night in detroit mitt romney and rick santorum were at the same rollie, santorum attacking romney's record as being consistent and also called president barack obama a snob for wanting every american to go to college and be just like him. romney tried to remind supporters of his conservative record. >> i'm the conservative candidate, and what we need in the white house is principled
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conservative leadership, and i'll bring it. >> what you have with me is what you see is what you get as opposed to, well, what you see today may be something different than what you get tomorrow. >> the latest polls give romney a slight edge over santorum in michigan. rising gas prices are putting dent on a lot of family budgets, but even if you don't drive much you'll probably feel some of the impact. the average price for california -- for gas is now 4.27 a gallon. this is up 50 cents in just the last month. tension in the middle east is one of the main reasons for that sharp increase. local businesses, which rely on driving, say they may have no choice but to pass that extra cost on to consumers. >> the price of the food products go higher. we need more customers to cover our food costs to make more money, and we don't see much customers because the gas prices are going higher. they don't show up. >> analysts say we will not reach the same high gas prices from a few years ago, but they say the higher prices we get could stick around a little
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longer. a south san francisco man who recently lost his job is in jail after a standoff with police. a s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators were dispatched to a home on second lane near eucalyptus avenue where they say a 22-year-old man barricaded himself inside yesterday afternoon. police say the man was recently fired from his job and went to his former workplace with three friends to confront his manager. that altercation ended in gunfire. police arrested the man for attempted murder following that standoff. a second suspect was arrested as well nearby. during that arrest one officer was injured. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, new secretive overnight activity at the compound where u.s. special force forces killed osama bin laden in pakistan. plus, we'll have the latest on the condition of anti-apartheid icon nelson mandela who was admitted to a hospital this weekend. [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing.
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good morning to you. looking live at a pretty shot of the city, san francisco, of course. hope you have a nice hop cup of coffee with cream, sugar. no, wait, that's how i take it. north korea is sending out a strong warning one day before the start of south korea/u.s. military drills. north korean leader kim jong-un is vowing to launch a retaliatory strike if provoked. south korean and u.s. leaders say the largely computer-simulated drill is defensive in nature. the report of the warning comes a day after a senior u.s. envoy said ties between the rival koreas must improve before the u.s. and north korea can improve our relationship. this morning pakistani forces are guarding the house where u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden. demolition work began overnight. no word on why they are tearing down the house. u.s. special forces raided the house may 2nd and killed the al qaeda leader.
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while the u.s. government praised the raid, pakistan responded angrily calling it a violation of its sovereignty. nbc news reporting it will be turned into a park. former south african president nelson mandela is expected to leave the hospital today or tomorrow. the anti-apartheid icon spent the night in the hospital for an undisclosed stomach ailment. the government says the 93-year-old is doing well, and doctors found his health satisfactory given his age. he is 93. people living in syria are voting today on a new constitution despite ongoing bloody crackdowns. the referendum would make the ruling party the leader of the state and society, and it would set presidential limits for two seven-year terms. now, if this passes, a new constitution would allow for more opposition to president bashare al assad's party. however, many say the new constitution is a fraud and that the vote is just a farce. here in the bay area the, the liquidity out employees of a
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country club are joining forces with the members of the occupy movement. hundreds of people marched from downtown pleasanton to castlewood country club. the march marked the second anniversary of a lockout that's left cooks and cleaners out of work. health insurance is at the center of the labor dispute. the managers of the club say that employees need to pay more for insurance for their families because of rising health care costs. members of occupy oakland and occupy san francisco walked alongside those club employees to show their support. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, an old house becomes an art canvas in san francisco. nine artists got in full run of the home. we'll show you what they came up with. and chances are where you're watching us this morning, you've got the heaters cranked up this morning. 20s and 30s in our north bay valleys. clouds on the way and some very low snow levels for this time of year. we'll talk aboute enho w come right ba. forecwht cke w me right back.
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looking live at oakland, a very blue start to the day in the sky and on the map. it is a very chilly start, but rob told us about that, so hopefully you added one extra blanket as you went to bed last night. hi, rob. >> you're going to need it for a while. kris. seeing our temperatures this morning in the 20s and 30s around the north bay. only the warmest places this morning, if you want to call it that, in the low 40s rate now. let's see some of the temperatures around the bay area. waking up to 27 degrees in napa. 43 san jose. 42 san francisco. look at oakland. you saw the clear skies there. 35 degrees. at least it's not windy. otherwise you'd be talking about windchills this morning. the wind should pick up a little bit later on in the day. more so as the weather turns more active this week. and speaking of active weather. cold temperatures as we go through tonight. we'll see snow levels that could get as low as between 2,000 to 3,000 feet. not a lot of moisture in the system, but it will be cold enough to make for some interesting weather and as the cold air starts to work its way
7:17 am
in on top of a relatively mild ocean surface we'll see a slight chance of isolated thunder as we get to the coast early tomorrow. rainfall averages to date, quite a ways behind. most of the bay area 20% to 30% of average so the rain we get this week will help. and in the sierras, snow totals, 20% to 30% of average and with the tuesday night and wednesday system, i think we'll see the best skiing of the year as a good foot or two of snow comes down in the sierras for the middle part of the week. right now the radar is dry, though we have clouds here on the north coast. notice the spin of the clouds here. this system for the most part looks like it's going to trend into central california so the best bet of showers will now be perhaps we think focused in on the south bay. go through the afternoon today, we'll see increasing clouds, unlike the mostly clear skies right now, and heading into tonight, look at the temperatures and how we factor this into the radar in our futurecast. can you see it. it will be cold enough for some snow levels. maybe near 2,500 feet to 3,000
7:18 am
feet which would obviously mean mt. hamilton. move of the moisture is widely scattered. this happens when they get some very chilly air. really doesn't hold a lot of moisture out there. heading towards tomorrow morning, we'll see some scattered showers. rain accumulations not all that much, but, again, what does fall in the hill tops, especially above 2,500 feet to 3,000 feet, could be a little bit of snow. round one of this in the sierras, not a whole lot. again, it's tuesday into wednesday system that will pack a bigger punch in terms of some snow and rain for the bay area. highs mostly in the upper 50s as the clouds fill in. it will be tough to warm up. we'll see mainly mid-50s from the east bay and low 50s out on the coast as we see temperatures drop off. even more as we head into monday. upper 40s to low 50s for highs tomorrow with those scattered showers. here comes the wettest part of the week, tuesday night in wednesday. bottom of the screen. you see the snow levels. keep in mind, even though things won't be quite as cold with the wednesday system. talking snow levels 3,000 to 4,000 feet which should put a coating of snow atop mt. diablo
7:19 am
or mt. hamilton, for sure, and then for the second half of the week things warm up pretty nicely. next week looks warmer, but in the meantime a real taste of winter between now and at least wednesday. >> all right. thank you very much, rob. in san francisco, 140-year-old house will be torn down to make way for a new one, but first it was given one last chance to be full of art and beauty. "today in the bay" has this report. >> reporter: there's a certain house in san francisco's cal hallow neighborhood, not a particularly remarkable house by pretty old. >> the house was built originally in the 1870s. >> reporter: when this man bought the house a few years ago, their plans for redevelopment sealed its fate. >> the only solution is to be able to demolish the house and start something new. >> reporter: but before the date for the wrecking ball he envisioned one last chapter in the home's long history. >> what we wanted to do is give this home a secondary life and we are giving it a secondary
7:20 am
life by inviting these nine artists inside the building. >> reporter: nine artists were given full run of the house with the only rule they had to fill it with art using only things found inside. >> so i took off the front of the building for the most part. i -- i took out all of the plaster on the interior. >> reporter: artist chris frazer stripped the home's facade down to the studs allowing light to spill through the redwood slats. >> now light comes through, and it changes -- it changes with the day. >> reporter: one artist created a labyrinth in the kitchen linoleum and another put a new twist on an old floor. even the home's wiring took on a new course. >> she went through all the telephone and data cables, the internet cables and stripped the casings off them to expose these colored wires underneath. >> the bed frame that i made came from the base board and door and window trim. >> reporter: artist jesse schlesinger lived in a 10 byck 12 room for 28 days forging a kinship with his timber host.
7:21 am
>> when the house does come to its time, usually it's an unceremonious passage, and this was a way of really giving depth to that lived experience. >> this house otherwise probably would have only existed through blueprints and the city archives. >> reporter: orists opened up the house to visitors and recorded the art in videos and photos. >> the form is based off of the wave pattern. >> reporter: and just a couple of weeks the project, the art and the home will come crashing down, but the tale of this ordinary house in an ordinary neighborhood will have a surprise ending. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> nice of him to let that abe. go to and such for laguna for more photos of the art and more information on the project. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, hollywood is getting all glammed up for its big awards hoe tonight. we'll have a preview of the oscars, including the big film favorite and a heated battle on
7:22 am
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and the oscar goes to -- we will know the answer tonight after the 84th annual academy awar. here's nbc's mark barger with a look at what to look forward to tonight. >> reporter: presidential candidates have primary season. oscar nominees have awards season. >> have to deliver a great performance, and then you have to work it, too. >> reporter: oscar campaign trail is more glamorous than the political one. instead of candidates popping primaries, it's nominees traveling the road of award shows on the way to tonight's big finale. >> us media type are fatigued. the majority of americans, when they get that popcorn and turn on to watch on sunday night, it's new for them. >> reporter: a silent film homage comes in as tonight's big favorites. ten nominations overall.
7:25 am
>> "the artist" by far and away is the movie in front. it's won almost all of the major guild awards leading up to the oscars. >> reporter: but there is suspense about best actor. >> jean dujardin is the guy to beat. neck and neck between him and george clooney. >> reporter: "the help's" viola davis and "the iron lady" meryl streep are seen separate as their competition. >> best actress seems to be viola davis' award to win, but you cannot count out an upset by meryl streep. >> reporter: not that it would be an epic surprise. after all, streep has earned two academy awards. >> but have you to remember, it's been almost 30 years since she's won an oscar. >> reporter: final vote just adds some drama to hollywood's version of election night. mark barger, nbc news. well, of course, the real battle for this year's oscar ceremonies could be for best dressed. nbc's mike wilbur explains why most eyes will be on the red carpet. >> jason wu. >> who are you wearing?
7:26 am
>> givenchy. >> the ladies are saving the best for the a is cars. >> reporter: michelle, rooney, jessica, the fashion police is exploring what makes an oscar gown award worthy. >> to be a 25-year-old beautiful actress who's maybe 5'5" or taller and sample size is absolute the dream girl for a stylist to dress. >> many opportunities to wear beautiful dresses. >> jessica chastine's style is very great. >> what i love about michelle williams she has a vintage retro look going but it's very modern and comfortable. >> i think what reasony is doing is quite brilliant. essentially a character but really the glam version. >> the photographers are yelling your name and getting angry if you don't get the right shot. >> veronese can push it a little
7:27 am
more than the american actresses can and get away with it. >> reporter: when it comes to the biggest award night of the year, competition is fierce. >> people are only saying they are going to dress two people for the awards, maybe even one person and if they get that right girl all bets are off. >> reporter: and the ladies have to take into consideration more than just their fashion sense. >> actresses are brands. they have to portray a certain image to the public, and, you know, you don't necessarily want that image of being a crazy fashion girl. you want to be looked at as a movie star. >> reporter: being courted by a fashion house can have perks way beyond the red carpet. >> there's definitely paid endorsements that occur. many of those are not public. >> reporter: pay or not, for the actresses on the coveted couture list, they have it made, literally. >> if you have someone like giorgio armani or prada making you a custom dress, you know, it's going to be fabulous. >> reporter: mike wilbur, nbc news. >> i will be wearing flannel by
7:28 am
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good sunday morning. hope your day is to a very nice start. here's a way to start your day off looking out our window at san francisco waterfront. hope your view is just as nice this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and it's cold out there. >> it's cold. our photographer out there giving us the video, shivering offshore, pretty sure. 42 degrees right near the water. look at oakland, 35 this morning. 43 in san jose. 27 in napa. 31 in santa rosa. now, we've got the sunshine.
7:31 am
that will warm us up nicely around sunshine. look what happens. clouds approaching the coast, and that's going to block out some of that sun so we will see highs i think mainly in the 50s. san jose 59 degrees. closer to 60. maybe around gilroy, but that's going to be a cool day today. the thing to watch is to the. look at the showers coming in on the futurecast. you're seeing different colors than you're used to. that is some sleet and some snow. near 2,500 feet to 3,000 feet. that would be mt. hamilton off the east of san jose. not a lot of moisture, but when it gets this cold, anything that does fall could be in the form of sleet or snow at some elevations. we'll talk about that system. the full forecast in a few minutes. >> people like to ride their bikes out there. going to be very slippery. >> maybe not tonight or tomorrow morning, for sure. >> thanks, rob. new violence this morning in afghanistan where protesters threw hand grenades at a u.s. air base in northern afghanistan. we told you about it earlier this morning, and now we know that seven international troops were wounded and two protesters were killed.
7:32 am
meantime, nate oerngs is recalling hundreds of advisers from afghan ministries after the wave of violent protests. this morning, afghanistan's president hamid karzai went on tv asking for his people to be calm. just yesterday a gunman killed two high-ranking u.s. military advisers in the afghan interior ministry. an investigation is under way into the burning of korans at a u.s. base which sparked six days of violent protests and about 30 deaths. here at home now, early morning shootings in just a few miles apart in san jose left one man dead and several others injured. the first shooting happened near chen street and lindy avenue a little after midnight. one man was treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. in the second shooting 30 minutes later, three people were shot outsidecar lows gold establish's restaurant and bar near murphy avenue. one of the men died of his injuries. two others ended up at the hospital. police say a fight may have sparked the gun violence. no arrests or motive.
7:33 am
republican presidential candidate newt gingrich is hoping to jump start his campaign while visiting us here in the bay area. speaking at a rally in burlingame yesterday, gingrich bashed the obama administration for not doing enough to ease gas prices. just a few weeks ago gingrich took jabs at house minority leader nancy pelosi which some say also bashed the bay area. >> lives in a san francisco environment of very strange fantasies and very strange understandings of reality. >> newt gingrich came to california. he came right next to san francisco saying there's a better way so i don't think it has anything to do with other than nancy's desire to create rumors and try and affect the electi election. >> our primary here in california is scheduled for june 5th. and the latest polls show that mitt romney is leading by six points over rick santorum, but the top two gop candidates did not accept the invitation to speak at the california republican convention. our political analyst larry gjertsen will join us in 15
7:34 am
minutes to talk about that snub. governor jerry brown is in washington, d.c. meeting with other state governors this morning. he's taking part in the annual national governor's association conference. governor brown met with president barack obama last friday but has not said whether he's seeking more federal aid. also on the table are health care reforms and the $98 billion high speed rail project which is losing momentum. the governors conference was created to share policy and ideas. by the way, this morning on "meet the press," governor brown will be one of the guests. this morning gas stations around the bay area are sporting new higher numbers on their signs. the price of gas shot up about 50 cents in just a month, and right now the average in the area, according to aaa, is $4.27, up 57 cents from exactly a year ago. requested today in the bay's "stephanie chong has a breakdown of the numbers. >> at 4.25, you're looking at a $90 to $95 to fill up.
7:35 am
>> reporter: his san jose-based limo business and livelihood depend on these numbers which he says skyrocketed in the last 24 hours. >> i actually got scare. i mean, it jumped about 30 cents overnight basically and that's scary. we as a business owner, i can raise my prices 25%. i can't, because then i will lose business. >> in a week gas prices have gone up 72 to 80 cents. >> reporter: manager of the nypd pizza and dogs restaurant keeps a close eye on gas prices through the window and says if those numbers keep shooting up, so will the prices on his menu. >> gas is going to affect everything. the price of the food products go high. we need more customers to cover our food costs and make more money, and we don't see much customers because the gas prices are going higher. they don't show up. >> reporter: even some of his customers visiting family from out of state suffered a bit of sticker shock at these prices. >> where we're from it's about 3.50 right now so over 4 made my
7:36 am
stomach turn a little bit. >> flying up here costs money so we don't get to see our family as often as we like or they come to visit us. it's hard. >> reporter: not expected to get much better. soaring oil prices have risen 10% over the last month amid concerns about the tension spurring in the middle east leaving this small business owner to ask what many others have also wondered. >> and it's really sad. i mean, what are we going to do, you know? >> analysts say we won't likely hit the spring, summer 2008 record highs but we will have to deal with higher prices for a longer period of time. six break-ins on two buildings on sheridan and grant avenues last friday morning where thieves pried open the front door, store jewelry and electronic equipment. two other homes were also robbed and another report of an attempted break-in. police say burglars often ring
7:37 am
the doorbell to see if anybody is home before they enter. police have in suspects in any of these cases. and san carlos police are warning residents to also be on alert. there were two daytime home robberies last week in which suspects entered through the rear sliding glass doors. there are no arrests. police are reminding all of us to lock our windows and doors before leaving home, no matter where we live in the bay area. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, the burning man ticket fiasco. why some say the new lottery ticket system b mevere e asate a nllever be the same again. ♪
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looking live from our san bruno mountain camera, looking around, breezy at that elevation. today pretty still but also pretty cold. before you head out to walk the door, make sure you find the glove. tyler mattison has a look at the
7:40 am
upcoming week, including the latest earnings report. >> encouraging reports regarding houses, spending, workers will try to keep the dow above 13,000 this week. greece will vote on some of the biggest cost-cutting measures including decreases to payrolls and salaries. earnings season winding down but this week we'll get the latest quarterlies from popular retailers like costco, big lots, staples and the do it yourself chain lowe's. a ton of economic reports out this week including the case shiller home price index. sales of big-ticket durables, factory activity in the midwest, personal income and spending, construction spending and february auto sales. another tech company will begin selling stock to the public for the first time this week. not facebook, no, sir. it's the online review site yelp that lets anyone rate local restaurants, night clubs, shops and the like, and it happens
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every four years, but it's always something special. 2012 is, of course, a leap year, making this wednesday, february 29th, an extra day of work or school or relaxing. or just to get your taxes done. i'm tyler mathison. >> rupert murdoch watched the new copies of his new tabloid roll off the printing press. the new paper is expected to be less salacious than its predecessor "the news of the world." "news of the world" was one of the world's best-selling newspapers until it was shut down in july of 2011 during the phone hacking and bribery scandal. the widely popular burning manifest value will have to turn a large number of its longtime fans away this year. many people who have been making
7:42 am
that trip to black rock desert in nevada for years were not able to get tickets this year because most were given out through a random lottery drawing. that has a lot of regulars upset. some say the festival will never be the same because those who have gone for years are the ones who make the floats and display that define burning man. organizers say the lottery drawing is an attempt to keep attendance under the federal limit. the festival sold out for the first time ever last year attracting a crowd of more than 53,000 people. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, california's republican convention is happening this weekend on the peninsula in burlingame but noticeably absent the two front-runners in the gop race. we'll talk to political analyst larry gjertsen about why they didn't show.
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> and we are looking live from our camera there in san francisco along the waterfront
7:45 am
this morning. a very chilly start to the day. i'm sorry. not -- not the waterfront. oops. california republican party is holding its state convention this weekend, and even though the state has more presidential candidates than any other, neither rick santorum nor mitt romney will be showing up. so why the snub? here's "today in the bay" political analyst larry gjertsen with the answer. they don't really need to come here, do they? >> nope. >> why did newt gingrich bother? >> nice of course to get a little splash but as to why santorum and romney didn't show. firs, with the big primaries in michigan and arizona on tuesday and ohio and other states following, pretty soon therefore, romney and santorum know where their bread is buttered. that's where the votes are and that's where it's going to be, but there's another reason, too, kris. that has to do with california being a very, very, very blue  state, and it has been that way,
7:46 am
particularly over the past decade. you know, in the last ten years, support for republicans has fallen by ten points, by ten points, almost ten points, by 38% to 30% anyway, okay. eight points. meanwhile, the democrats have lost some support, but four points, so the gap between them, the gap between the republicans and the democrats is now about 14 points. 14% more registered democrats than republicans. that is huge. >> well, let's talk about why newt gingrich showed up then. i mean, shouldn't he be focusing on some place where he can win? >> well, gingrich game probably for two reasons. one, probably had a couple of fund-raisers. those things are very private and he can use those. the other thing is that he feels, if he's the only guy here, he can get a little traction, and, you know, he'll get a splash. saw his picture in the front page of "the chronicle," won't hurt and very inexpensive for him given that it looks like he won't do very well in michigan.
7:47 am
>> but it looks like his choice. >> exactly. >> i was in california, whatever. >> exactly. >> let's talk about why the republican party is shrinking in california. >> yeah, yeah. one answer lies with the whole social question thing. if you think about california, it has become a very pro-choice state. we know that. much of the state has embraced medicinal marijuana, and in the latest polls as well, now supports, this state does, gay marriage so all these values, let's face it. very much at odds with conservative republicanism, as we know it, but there is another reason, and it's uncomfortable for some, but it's a fact and that's demography. whites tilt towards republicans just a bit, okay, but all the other major ethnic groups in this state vote heavily for the democrats. if you go back to 2008, for example, barack obama received more than 90% of the african-american vote. he received three-quarters of the latino vote. he received two-third of the asian-american vote, and, again, guess what? latinos and asian-americans in california are the two fastest
7:48 am
growing groups in this state. well, if these are the groups that are growing and you can -- you can begin to see why the democrats are doing so well. they are adding to the democratic dominance year after year, and it's making it much more difficult for the republicans. >> so are the republicans then doomed in california? do they just give up and focus their efforts on something else? >> some might think that. doomed might be a bit of an overstatement. are they in trouble? yeah, they are in, and that's because republicans have to find ways to broaden their base to groups other than white males. white males are shrinking in terms of percentage of california, especially older white males that have been the substance of the republican party. so -- so, you know, they have got to find conservative teams that ethnic groups will identify with, and there are some, particularly in terms of religious issues where you can see some latino elements glomming on to republican values if you approach them the right way. >> right. >> got to find these things. got to find these entrees into minorities, because if you
7:49 am
don't, the republican party will really lose traction all together. >> all right. thank you very much, larry, and for more of larry's political insight any time of day. go to prop zero is his blog. coming up -- >> five voices in your head. >> there we go. >> "america's got talent" takes its celebrity judges on a scouting trip here to the bay area. we'll show you what they had to say about our local contestants, and perhaps more entertainingly about each other. >> it was pretty entertaining. let's show you oakland looking back over to san francisco. clear skies to start off your morning. clouds spilling in, and some very low snow levels along with l we'llk aboans. we'll talk about tuthat in your forecast when we come right back. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
♪ ♪ don't stop doing what you do ♪ have i paid my dues just to be with you... ♪ and welcome back. good chilly sunday morning. a live will be across the bay in san francisco. look at the water. a mirror-like reflection.
7:52 am
not much wind which is a good thing once you see the temperatures. a strong windchill this morning. we're talking 20s and 3s in the north bay valleys and san francisco pretty chilly as well. right there near the water in the low 40s. on the oakland side of the bay, you're seeing numbers in the mid-30s this morning. 43 san jose. 27 in napa. 31 degrees in santa rosa. not much wind right now. won't see a lot of wind today. later on this evening the breezes will start to pick on up. the weather as we go through tonight will turn interesting. cloudy skies by the afternoon, and air that should be cold enough to drop snow levels, perhaps as low between 2,000 and 3,000 feet as we get into monday morning. not a lot of moisture in the system, but plenty of cold air aloft and because of that as the cold air moves over the coastal waters, relatively warm ocean waters that increases the instability. we might even have coastal thunder. we'll be watching that tonight into tomorrow. here is the area of low pressure spinning its way down the coast. again, not too much moisture with the first system, but it will bring a chance of showers.
7:53 am
certainly after sundown tonight, notice we've got all the clouds around the bay area. the notice in the futurecast. areas east of san jose, you're seeing some snow, close to 3,000 feet and with some of those heavier showers it would not be surprising to find some sleet mixed in with some of the heavier showers, even around the hill tops and going around the morning hours things clearing out. widely scattered showers. tuesday's system will back a bigger punch. not a lot out there. this won't be filling too many rain gauges but cold air aloft, hill tops, east bay down to the south bay where the center of rotation works its way through the central coast, that's where we'll see the best chance of snow flurries and tuesday into wednesday plan on some more snow and a better shot of rain. for the sierras, looking at 2 to 5 inches of snow of the first system. second one should brick us at least a foot of snow tuesday night into wednesday and for the bay area that should mean probably close to half an inch of rain as we go through the
7:54 am
myle part of the week. as the clouds fill on in after this early start to the morning, tough to warm up and the sun kind of getting filtered out by high cloud cover. 60s to near 60s around the tri-valley. coasts real cool. 55 san francisco, and if you think that's cool, wait until you see the high temperatures tomorrow. i think in the north bay we'll see some upper 40s for highs on monday with some scattered showers, obviously low snow levels. tuesday night into wednesday. here comes the wetter of the two systems. still pretty chilly air. snow levels, 3,000 to 4,000 feet with the wednesday system, so mt. hamilton again could probably get a little dose of snow there, and that will be the one that brings about a quarter inch to half an inch of rain for the bay area and next weekend, good timing, warm weather as we get towards next saturday and sunday. a very interesting week ahead. >> rob was missing in action for a couple hours last night. i think i know y.hundreds of people waited in line for san francisco hoping to prove some
7:55 am
celebrity judges that they are the next big thing and actually rob was working here. we do have exclusive interviews with the celebrity judges. more auditions for neighbors's "america's got talent" were held last night at the bill graham civic auditorium. auditions being held ahead of the she's seventh season and this year there's a new face on the judge's panel. howard stern replaced pierce morgan. stern, howie mandel and sharon osborne have been scoping out the talent in san francisco and the bay area. they all agree the city by the bay is offering up something different. >> san francisco is going gangbusters. >> it's very quirky and fun and creative, and i think we have found, i would venture to say, we have found at least one act that i believe is going to be in the top ten. >> wow. >> do you agree? >> yeah. i absolutely do agree, and that's all you need just one. >> actually i'm thinking about someone, too, now that you say
7:56 am
that. yeah, but there is someone that i think is going to end up in the top ten for sure. >> oh, they say that to all the girls. the final audition of the season happens tomorrow in new york. you can watch "america's got talent" had summer right here on nbc bay area. an all new "meet the press" is moments away and here's david gregory with a look at jerry brown and what he may have to say this morning. >> this morning in 2012 politics crunch time in the gop race. the all-important primaries in michigan and arizona. it's a very close race there. must win for mitt romney, and the question now is whether the santorum surge can withstand the attacks on his senate voting record. i've talked to republicans who say one of the reasons that this race has tightened up in michigan is because mitt romney has in effect worked the jab, hitting santorum on his voting record, did it in the debate and done it with advertisement on the air in michigan, ice superpac is doing the same. in effect santorum looks more like an insider, like an incumbent, and there's a lot of bitterness among voters towards
7:57 am
incumbents. can he find a way, santorum, to do what he wants to do, to talk about gas prices, to talk about the economy, manufacturing? those are areas in the next few days before he closes out the campaign in michigan that he wants to emphasize to try to get himself an edge. at the moment he is on the defensive. certainly the result in michigan and arizona will do a lot to reshape the race. on sunday's program rick santorum will be my guest. i'll also talk to john brewer, governor of arizona and governor jerry brown of california. it's all sunday on "meet the press." >> we want to thank you making morning. more news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and find rob's forecast including some rain and maybe even sleet. >> a lot of things getting started after sundown and the middle part of the week. look at the snow levels middle part of the week. watching that closely as we go through the next couple of days. >> thank you very much. hope you get out and enjoy your
7:58 am
sunday. we will see you back here next weekend. [ male announcer ] what happened when ford owners compared their trucks to a chevy silverado? i can see myself driving in this for hours and hours. i like it. man: i would definitely consider a silverado trade-up from the pick-up truck that i've got right now. [ male announcer ] we dare you to compare your truck to a chevy silverado, the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pick-ups on the road. celebrate president's day. get 0% financing for 60 months on all 2012 silverados. if you trade in an eligible vehicle, get an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. offer ends february 29th. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. here's a better idea...
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