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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 3, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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with you when you're ready to move. three federal agents shot during a reported gang sweep. law enforcement still on the scene here in petaluma. good morning. i'm bob redell, we'll take you here live coming up. we have new information on the message an nfl star sent to his family one day before he apparently took his own life. and why one popular spot in san francisco is blasting those strange sounds through the night. >> not real soothing. but the weather outside, real soothing this weekend. looks like we might have rain first as you take a look at san francisco and the transamerica building. the 11:00 news starts right now.
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good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a gang sweep gone bad. three federal agents are recovering after being shot serving a warrant in petaluma. it happened about 4:00 a.m. at a home on mshg neil drive near south mcdowell boulevard where bob redell is standing by live for us with the latest. how are these agents doing now? >> reporter: they were hurt. good morning to you, marla. but all are expected to survive. her i.c.e. agents with the department of homeland security. they were executing a warrant in connection with a triple gang murder that happened a few years back. this morning's operation took place on mcneil in that home right there. this was one of several locations in the bay area taken down this morning as part of a broader operation.
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this particular operation went down around 4:10 this morning. neighbors said they heard loud shots fired, some of those bullets hitting the three agents. they're out front receiving medical treatment. one was hurt so bad, they hadai. all three have nonlife-threatening injuries. a neighborhood tells us a man lives in that home with a woman and two children. he always suspected something was up with his neighbor. >> a lot of traffic coming in and out of there. suspicious activity. people going in and out all the time. kind of suspected something was going on. i didn't think it was this big. a little scary. >> reporter: even though i.c.e. agents were involved, gang sweep was not related to immigration. it was part of a homeland security investigation.
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at least 12 locations were raided looking for people connected to the december 2010 murder in south san francisco of three rival gang members ages 18, 19 and 20. we expect to learn a little bit more this afternoon when the department of homeland security is expected to hold a news conference possibly in san francisco. reporting live here in petaluma, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a federal agent down in southern california has been killed allegedly shot by his teenaged son. he was shot in the head while watching tv last night at his home in carson, in l.a. county. investigators say the bullet came through the window from the back yard. the agent's 14-year-old son right now being held on suspicion of murder. investigators say he was the one who actually called 911. at this point, they're still working on a motive. a scary story from the east bay. a 7-year-old oakland boy
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receiving preventative treatment for hiv and hepatitis after he pretty quicked his finger on a syringe buried in the sand out on a playground. this was at the highland children's center when he was stuck in the finger. he showed the syringe later to his mother. she rushed him to the hospital where doctors prescribed two medications to hopefully prevent hiv, hepatitis b and c. the man charged with murdering five people inside a san francisco home was back in court today for a preliminary hearing. 35-year-old bin ty luc has pledded not guilty. police offered no motive for the killings but said it was a targeted killing. new this morning, our very first look at the san jose
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teenager who died after being brutally beaten in a downtown park. this photo of 14-year-old herberto reyes is from a facebook page. san jose police say the eighth-grader was jumped by suspected gang members at roosevelt park friday evening. he died monday. police are pleading with witnesses to come forward as they look for the suspects. >> it weighs heavily on those detectives. some of them have children that are teenagers. a lot of people in the community have 14-year-olds. the police department, we take that very seriously. >> although the attack happened off campus, his school district is providing counseling for students, teachers and parents. an alarming story out of san francisco this morning. a young research assistant has died possibly infected by a deadly bacteria strain in his lab. the 25-year-old was working at the veterans affairs medical center. investigators say he died of an
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infection after handling a strain of bacteria that can cause meningitis. the researcher began feeling ill on friday. he then died saturday morning at the v.a. hospital. in oakland, a hit-and-run crash causing a lot of damage to simpson's soul food at foothill and congress. that car slammed right into the corner of the building. that driver was able to exit the vehicle and run away before the police and firefighters arrived on the scene. arrests in a san francisco occupy protests where people from out of town. the group took over a building and had to be ejected by police early yesterday. more than two dozen people were arrested. police say 11 of the 26 people charged do not live in san francisco county. four others are from out of state. new at 11:00, faith leaders calling for peace in oakland after violent may day rallies.
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about an hour ago, the interfaith community group genesis holding a rally at the corner of 14th street and broadway, one of the intersections that saw a long list of damage. protesters there vandalized businesses and buildings along city streets on tuesday. police arresting more than two dozen people and the group genesis says it does not condone violence but feels the protests are the result of frustrations from people struggling financially while those in power keep the status quo. their main push, they say, is to get cuts to mass transit service restored for low income earners. in the south bay, morgan hill police will hold a community meeting to address the fears and concerns of residents in the disappearance of sierra lamar. a south bay martial arts school will hold a community-wide self-defense class. dozens of volunteers continue to search for the missing teenager last seen march 16th.
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the klaas kids foundation is leading the effort. rob davis has a brand-new job. davis joining hilliard heights, a high-end security and corporate investigations firm headquartered in chicago. he will be managing and directing its west coast operations that's based in san jose. davis retired from the san jose police department back in 2010 after 30 years on the force. creating jobs is on the agenda in the silicon valley where some power players will share their thoughts on trends affecting business and the economy. former president bill clinton and former secretary of state condoleezza rice are appearing at the annual bay area council's outlet conference in downtown san jose. they will join larry brown and ceos of some companies. it's helping to keep the spirit
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of innovation alive. christina loren is here. rain and then an almost perfect weekend? >> yeah, something to talk about. we've got a good-looking day out there. south of the golden gate bridge for now, i want to start here, san jose, beautiful, beautiful day. temperatures running mild. overcast conditions. not too bright out there. but ntoverall, really comfortab. let's show you the radar. those showers are coming in. right now, some pretty active weather all throughout marin county. starting to see mill valley getting heavier downpours. and san francisco, just about 56 minutes away now from the richmond district, you're ready for some moderate rainfall. heading throughout the day, we're not expecting much of anything. those showers will slowly but surely make their way into the east bay and south bay as we progress through the evening hours. for today, clouds arrive, breezy at times. cloudy start on friday. a big-time warm-up just in time for the weekend. it's going to be nice.
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>> you're beaming talking about that weekend. >> so close now. >> thank you very much. coming up, the latest developments out of china and how a dissident's plea for help. and while osama bin laden was frustrated and his hopes of targeting the u.s. leaders is next. and the popular grocery store items skyrocketing in price. plus the latest in business news, including some concern over jobs. we'll take a look at it coming up. a live look outside, a spanning shot over san francisco. you can see those clouds starting to settle in. christina loren says the rain is coming. get buthsun adeeis w.ndke t sun this weekend. every day potentially harmful germs
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standout junior seau sent text messages to his children and his ex-wife saying he loved them a day before he was found dead in an apparent suicide. the 43-year-old was discovered in his home in oceanside yesterday with a gunshot to the chest. the gun was found nearby. seau's former chargers teammate john parella says he is grieving and reflecting about one of the greatest linebackers ever to play the game. >> i just hope and pray that his boys and his daughter really understand what kind of dad they had. he really didn't care about himself. he cared about everybody else. >> police say seau did not leave a note behind, but the case is drawing parallels to another nfl suicide more than a year ago. he shot himself in the chest. in his last note to his family he asked his brain be sent to
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researchers to study possible head trauma from his nfl career. newly released documents seized from last year's raid on osama bin laden's home revealed dark days for al qaeda and its hunkered-down leader. in letters from his last hideout, bin laden worried about dysfunction in his terrorist network and the loss of trust from muslims he wanted to incite against the west. despite his concerns the notes indicate he remained focused on attacking america and its leaders. he especially wanted to target airplanes carrying general david petraeus and even president obama. he said that would put a, quote, utterly unprepared joe biden in charge, plunging the u.s. into crisis. the chinese dissident at the center of a diplomatic storm says he wants to leave china and do it aboard hillary clinton's plane. 40-year-old chen guangcheng escaped house arrest last week. he was holed up in the u.s. embassy for several days. he then left for treatment at a hospital under a deal brokered
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between beijing and washington. he initially said he wanted to stay in china but then changed his mind hours later, fearing for his safety and his family's. secretary of state clinton is in china for two days of meetings with the country's leaders and is now facing a very delicate balancing act in her political and economic talks. a bay area soldier now talking about this morning his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the commander in chief. captain eric offhammer talked with president obama. >> yes, i did. it was a very surreal experience. something i wasn't really expecting. it was really exciting for me after all the troops that were there. >> along with a little chat and face time, he says he also had the opportunity to have his picture snapped alongside the president. sticker stock at the supermarkets. your summer barbecue is going to
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cost you more. a new government report finds some cuts of beef have gone up more than 30%. several factors are contributing to the skyrocketing prices, including increased fuel and seed costs. this morning, good news, the first time jobless claims has fallen sharply, the biggest drop in over 12 months. scott mcgrew, feeling a little bit pessimistic. >> i am. today's initial jobless claims, a measure of how many people showed up to the unemployment office, came in at 365,000. economists like any number under 400,000. it's a good number. but keep in mind it measures the number of people who lost their jobs for any kind of reason or practically any kind of reason. and for that reason, it's not the greatest of illustrations about how the economy is doing. for instance, if a factory moves from one state to another, 1,000 lose their jobs in oregon but it ignores the fact that 1,000 people gained them in california. so initially jobless claims are not my favorite economic measurement.
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the granddaddy number is tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning. we get the total number of jobs added to the american economy. they look like they could be very bad indeed. a private estimate puts the job numbers gained last month slightly more than 100,000. now, past months, it had been as high as 250,000, which led people to feel better about the economy. and the disaster for the white house would be if more people started looking for jobs but then they couldn't find them because then you'd see not just a lousy jobs number but an increase in the unemployment rate as well. we'll be here for that, 5:30 tomorrow morning. marla? >> scott, thanks. in the market for a new set of wheels? you can buy the second coolest vehicle neil armstrong ever drove. it's a corvette given to him by a houston area car dealer after he returned from the moon. current bids put it about $250,000.
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armstrong turned the car back in after driving it for only a year. another nasa employee bought it then. >> when you're an astronaut and you're a legend, you don't have time to wash your car. >> looks like one of those moon vehicles. send it over to christina loren who will tell us about the sun vehicle you may need for this weekend. >> you'll need the windshield wipers on your vehicle right now. if you're just waking up with you, i envy you. as you can see from this live picture, san francisco, we have mostly cloudy conditions. showers just minutes away now, within the hour, expecting some showers over this picture. 11:18 is the time. you can see right now, san francisco starting get that action from daly city up through the sunset district. through the next hour, 60 minutes from moderate rain moving into oakland. 48 minutes away from west oakland and 10 minutes from ingleside. light, spotty showers today. but not expecting much.
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you can clearly see that very light, very spotty. throughout the next couple of hours, the activity ramps up. we're in the clear for showers as of about 11:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy conditions will make way to dry, warmer weather. we have a great-looking forecast shaping up. giants back at it. rain will likely come into play for the big game. catch the game on our sister station, comcast sports network bay area. i think winds will play a big factor taking the ball out to left center field. heading throughout the day, here are the highs. 68 in los gatos. 62 in redwood city and 61 in fremont. i want to show you your futurecast for tomorrow. all the cloud cover that we start the day out with will clear out before we meet back here at 11:00 a.m. it all works out like this heading into the upcoming weekend, so close now. 79 degrees on saturday.
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peak warmth on sunday, 84 degrees. that's your beach day for the weekend. we'll keep on climbing, for monday, 86 degrees. plentiful sunshine stays with us. >> we like the 80s. thank you, christina. finding the world's battle with an elite force. a superhero movie exciting comic book fans around the country. also, the san jose business that wants to more than double its size and why you might get a say in its expansion plan. and how about those annoying noises to chase the crowds away. why the bill graham civic center is blasting strange sounds through the night. to join this discussion and hopefully avoid the noises, check us out on facebook, just search nbc bay area. and this is traffic along 880. some overcast skies as christina says. rain is on the way. traffic moving just fine at this hour.
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front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. welcome back. a sort of new after-hours show at san francisco's bill graham civic auditorium is hardly music to anyone's ears. the auditorium's operator, another planet entertainment, is using blaring noise like screeching, jackhammers and motorcycles to keep the homeless away. the company says more homeless people are hanging out near the venue because of crackdowns in other parts of the city and this is a last resort. >> just another noise. noises all over the place. once you get used to it, you're just like, okay, when are they going to shut this thing off? >> the loudspeakers run nonstop between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
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san jose hoping to add more gambling tables to its club. bay 101 wants to increase gambling tables by more than 60%. but first it needs more than 19,000 signatures to make it onto that ballot. bay 101 says the move is aimed at cashing in on more of the gambling market it says is being lost to tribal casinos in the central valley. superheroes and super-sized popcorn unites. >> i like the sound of that. >> the big event going oneaterst thheears aund the bay area today. stay with us. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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expecting the most moisture to come through between 2:00 and 11:00. after that time, the skies will open up. and we're looking at a really nice warming weekend ahead. back to you guys. >> thanks, christina. comic book heroes will come to life tonight and movie fans are ready. >> one of the most anticipated films of the entire year opening across the country with a special midnight screening. "the avengers" uniting with some of the most exciting superheroes. the marvel movies have taken in more than $2 billion. >> several theaters around the bay area are holding marvel movie marathons today. this means you can sit in the theater for about 15 1/2 hours today if you so choose to. >> unconfirmed reports that marla tellez is going to show up dressed in black leather like the black widow. can't confirm that. just maybe. >> thanks for being with us.
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