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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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streets larkin, leavenworth and hyde. a man is believed to be holed up inside one of those buildings. we want to go to jean elle, standing by live. what is the update now? >> reporter: the police chief arrived on the scene just shortly. post street is lined with police cars and police personnel. there's also a heavy firefighter presence here. this all started about 8:50 tonight, when police say a suspect started firing at police officers through apartment building walls. an apartment building here on post street, where the suspect has bare kated himself. police say this is related to a murder investigation. this suspect is connected to a
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homicide investigation there yesterday. police in rona park found a 66-year-old woman murdered inside her home yesterday. it looked like a violent act occurred in her home. and her truck was missing. investigators are following up on that homicide investigation. that led them here, to the apartment here on post street. and when police officers tried to speak to the suspect here in san francisco, that suspect apparently started firing at police officers. again, this started around 8:50 tonight. we're told the suspect had fired several shots at police officers and lit items on fire inside the apartment building. the apartment building has been evacuated. there's a lot of police officers right here. a fire truck coming in. this is an active scene, as police try to figure out what to do with this barricaded suspect. and to keep everyone here safe. we'll have an update as soon as the chief comes back down from the scene and lets us know what's happening right now. reporting live in san francisco,
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jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> you stay in place there. we'll come back to you in a little bit. president obama made history today, clearly stating his support for same-sex marriage. a position that will earn him new critics and some new supporters, as well. our jean elle found the story before she headed out to the city. >> reporter: members of the lesbian, gay, transsexual, transgender community, are celebrating president obama, showing his support for the community. he could not wait any longer to say they should be allowed to marry. >> members of my own staff who are in incredibly monogamous, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together. >> reporter: it's the first time a sitting president has voiced support for gay marriage. >> we no longer are second-class
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citizens anymore. >> reporter: presidential support won't change life for them right away. but they're hoping it will kick-start efforts to create equal treatment under the law. >> interested in getting married in north carolina in a couple of months. and god forbid something happens while we're there. they don't recognize us. >> reporter: while families wait for legal action, politicians say the president's critics won't wait to use his words against him. gavin newsom used gay marriage in 2004. he says the president's support of the glbt community is courageous and risky in an election year. >> that sent a very powerful message. >> reporter: a message they hope all americans will understand. >> when people know somebody who
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is gay or lesbian who has a family, they realize we're like everybody else. we're hearing from the opposing side of the president's position. randy thomason is with a group, >> he is betting he will gain more voters than use more voters. i'm surprised the president did it today because it's foolish. >> the group's website posted a response to president obama. they suggest that today's announcement will hurt the president in the swing states during the presidential election. it is set to be a huge blockbuster. president obama headed to los angeles for a fund-raiser. "the l.a. times" are saying people are paying more than $40,000 a ticket to dine at
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george clooney's house with the president tomorrow night. a huge chunk of the money has been raised, thanks to an online contest to win a ticket. president obama will be in the bay area later this month for several fund-raisers. video into our newsroom from santa clara. a reported five-alarm fire in santa clara. we believe it's a house or a town home or an apartment complex. it's happening as we speak. near the corner of el camino and scott boulevard. this is video coming in from one of our viewers. a five-alarm fire, between el el camino and scott boulevard.
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a bay area woman is scheduled to lose her home she shared with her husband and children. george kiriyama is there on the scene, where the mother will fight for her home. >> reporter: it has been a tough two years. her husband died after almost 50 years of marriage. and now, she's losing her home because she can't keep up with her house payments. and she has to say farewell to her home. all day, as you said, mother's day. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: it's tough for sherri to talk around her home, knowing in a few days, she's going to be forced out. >> it's going to end, sunday at 5:00, on mother's day. >> reporter: she is paying the ultimate price for a bad loan she and her late husband, jerry, could not afford. between jerry's medical issues and a fixed income, they could not meet the $5,000-a-month payment. >> i tried to reason for these
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people. and somehow they circumvented the bankruptcy court and went to superior court. and they decided they were going to kick us out. >> reporter: her daily planner reminds her, sunday is her last day. she sadly wrote, have to be out of house, in the box. >> i want to cry. my whole life has been in this house. >> reporter: her whole life in a home where she spent 39 years with her husband, a retired colonel in the marine corps. a home where they raised three children. now, she's putting price tags on precious memories and selling things off to make extra money. her long-time neighbors are sad to see sherri leave. >> it's horrible. i can't believe you would do that to someone in their home that long. >> reporter: barring an 11th-hour miracle, she's been ordered by the court to hand over the keys on mother's day.
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>> bad thing is, i can't even spend mother's day having dinner with my kids because i'm being locked out at 5:00. >> reporter: this entertainment center did not sell at the estate sale. here it sits for anybody who wants it. sherri has found a place to live. but she's had to say good-bye to her dog of seven years because she won't be allowed to have him in the next place. this sunday, mother's day at 5:00, will be one difficult moment for sherri and for her neighbors. >> such a huge loss for that woman. one of the state workers union tells our station in sacramento that deep cuts are looming. the course says pay cuts affecting workers would be 8% to 10%. the budget is likely to exceed
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$10 billion. cuts could in the form of layoffs, individual cuts or furloughs. the cuts could include asking state workers to contribute more to their health and pension benefits. nearly four years after a father and two sons were driving home from a barbecue, a jury found an alleged gang member guilty. the jury found edward ramos guilty of three counts of murder. ramos and another man opened fire on the family's car after the gunman confused them for members of a rival gang. the family said the verdict was just what they had hoped for. >> matthew was going to take care of me. when i got old. what am i supposed to do now. >> that was her husband and her children. and we were a very, very close family. i know she's going through it very, very hard, as well.
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>> still so emotional for that family. the jury found ramos guilty for one count of attempted murder for the sole survivor of that attack. andrew ramos will be sentenced on june 4th. searching with renewed hope. a day after police recovered what could be a major clue in the case of missing teenager sierra lamar, dozens of volunteers headed out for another day of searching. >> reporter: as investigators go over every inch of this vehicle they believe may be associated with sierra lamar's disapeerns, searchers are out on foot. >> sierra's out there. we're going to find her. >> reporter:er if hr volunteers, this is their routine.
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>> it touched my heart. i feel it's something i need to do for the family. >> it's right in our backyard. and i just can't sit there and not do anything about it. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office is also searching today, sending dive teams into small ponds and waterways. this as investigators continue to ask for public for more help. they want to talk to anyone who saw this car on march 15th. the red four-door volkswagen jetta with a black hood were spotted in several surveillance videos that morning. sierra's dad says he's happy police found the car. and is hopeful it will lead them to his daughter. >> it wasn't like i got some answers to the obvious questions. it was more the feeling i had when i walked out of there. >> that was kimberly terry
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reporting. a viewer just sent us this video from santa clara. a five-alarm fire between el el camino and scott boulevard. and for two hours now, a gunman holed up in an apartment building in san francisco, firing at police. our crew just got an update from the police chief. we'll bring you the latest. also ahead, inside one of the bay area's most iconic landmarks. what it comes with will make the buyer wishhey bought it two years ago. two new trends for drivers. and they are causing backups. we had numbers going down today. there's a 90-degree temperature in gilroy and south san jose at 87. we'll find temperatures near average for thursday.
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we have new information on the breaking news in san francisco. a barricaded man expected of a murder in boehner park. he's still on the scene. let's get things over to jean elle. i once you just got an update from the police. >> reporter: we did. he did say the suspect has been shot and killed by police. but as you can see, there's still a heavy police presence here. now, there will be a homicide investigation. the police chief did say this was linked to the roner park murder investigation. he says roner park police went to the apartment building at 800 block of post street and knocked on the door.
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the police chief said the suspect's girl answered the door. and the boyfriend, the suspect they were looking for, appeared with the gun. let's listen to the police chief. >> over the course of the next hour, the suspect fired multiple shots through walls and floors. the building had other people in it at some point in time. in the ballpark of 10:00, the suspect set fires within the apartment. >> reporter: the police chief explains that once the suspect had lit fires inside the apartment and fired several shots through the walls and floors through the building, it was determined he was a danger to the public. and the chief on the scene made the determination that that threat needed to be eliminated. so, police officers were given permission to shoot and kill that suspect when it was deemed to be safe. and that's exactly what happened. the suspect was shot from
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outside the building once it was deemed safe. again, a suspect that fired shots at police officers tonight, several shots through the floors and walls of this apartment building, that's what police tell us. and set items on fire inside that apartment building has been shot and killed by police. now, the investigation will begin into what happened here. >> two, quick questions for you. what about the woman in the apartment with that suspect? has she been taken into custody? is she suspected in the murder. and what was it from that murder scene that led them to this apartment? >> reporter: we do know that the girlfriend, the woman who answered the door is okay. we're told she was not injured. she is in police custody. as far as what exactly led police to this apartment building, we don't know that yet. we know that roner park police were following up on clues and ended up here in san francisco. that led to a shoot-out that has had a deadly ending.
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>> jean elle live for us from the scene in san francisco. we have heard some word there may have been a connection with a car that belonged to the woman in roner park. and the car may have been spotted in san francisco. we'll have full coverage for you tomorrow. our breaking news in san francisco, we want to go back to our breaking news in the south bay. in is in santa clara. around 10:15, about an hour ago, we had initial reports about a massive house fire or a condo or a town home. that fire you can see around 10:15. you can see video from one of our viewers on-site. this is at el camino and scott boulevard. at the intersection of el camino and scott. there's no injuries. that's the initial report on the scene. you may have noticed that the traffic is up on bay area bridges. but more drivers are saying good-bye to that car pool lane. what's inspiring them to make
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the lane change? >> reporter: there was a time when jasmine barbosa-carter would think nothing of a little car trip between her home in san pablo and san francisco. back then, she could count on the car pool lane, which was free. but that all changed in july of 2010. that's when the state began charging a $2.50 toll to use the car pool lanes. >> i stopped using it since the fees have gone up. there's a $2.50 lane. >> reporter: so, carter used the regular lanes to cross the bay bridge. and she noticed others were doing the same thing. >> i think more people are using the regular lanes. it's not worth it to use the car pool lanes when the traffic is constantly backed up. >> reporter: bay area traffic managers are seeing evidence that carter's experience isn't all that unusual. >> yeah. the number of car pool vehicles that are traveling through the car pool lanes during the peak hours, monday through friday,
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down through the first nine months of the fiscal rear. about 440,000 fewer vehicles. car pool usage dropped 26% in the year following the new fee. during the same period, overall traffic on the state's seven bridges was up about 1.4%, the largest increase since 2004. and while traffic planners can't say exactly what's causing the increase, they have a hunch it's economy-related. >> i think this is an indication of a more promising bay area employment picture. >> reporter: as for carter, the car pool fee has put ra chill to her jaunts to the city. >> i would rather not deal with the traffic and the fees. >> reporter: carter says she's more likely to stay local and to pick her travels wisely.
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let's check in with jeff. it's been a warm week. is it going to stay that way. >> we see warm numbers inland. but for several of us, we enjoy the ocean a.c. we had for part of today. 56 in livermore. and right now, 56 in san jose. we've updated our weather headlines. we are expecting some drizzle on the coastline. mainly here throughout the morning hours. and the sun will be hazy with relatively low air quality. but by this weekend, those numbers are expected to jump 5 to 10 degrees. when you have storm visibility, about 2,000 miles, the high pressure is going to build in just in time to deflect that. that's going to take the cooling breeze we enjoyed for a decent part of today. and that's going to knock it out of the way in the next 48 to 72 hours. for friday, saturday and sunday, that's when numbers will jump back into the 90s.
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at least for a lot of our interior locations. a little warming for our coastline. 47 in santa rosa to start. 50 in concord. low 50s here in san jose. 49 in gilroy. and starting off cool in santa cruz at 48. topping out tomorrow with mid-80s in san jose. 86 in morgan hill. 86 in gilroy. and 85 in los gatos. it's cooler than what we started off this week, it's average for this time of year 85 in danville. and 70s from alameda to fremont. 71 for san francisco. 79 in san rafael. and 60s from bodega bay to pacifica. on your three-day forecast, the first day of the weekend on saturday, temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. hopefully you like that. mother's day, upper 80s inland. at the bay, mid-80s and low 70s for the coastline. monday, tuesday and wednesday,
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it stays dry. it stays sunny. and it is, you know, status quo for this time of year. the one thing we could use is rain to get rid of the haze and pollen. it's not going to happen. a lot of you will be sniffling and sneezing the next couple days. >> thank you, jeff. a follow-up on a story we first reported last night. it was concerning the durham school buss. the person we identified as durham's regional manager, was not mr. moore. we apologize for that error. we'd like to talk t mr. moore. but he's not returned our phone we'd like to talk t mr. moore. but he's not returned our phone calls. . but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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thousands of people snap their photos every year. and now, lucky people get to go into san francisco's iconic painted ladies. one of the homes is for sale. views out front of alamo square. and downtown views out back. the listing agent says with the housing market picking up, she expects the historic home to sell quickly.
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>> how many single-family residences are there that you can show to anybody in the whole world and they know where it is and what it is. it's amazing. >> the home was built in 1894. it has a lot of original details and features and woodwork. the owner has an ad from a previous sale when the house was on the market for just $8,000. not anymore. back in a moment with sports. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah.
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bobby abreu. lincecum looks sharp. 2-0 giants in the third. but it all unravels for timmy and the giants in the bottom of the fourth inning. a 2-1 game. tony gwynn jr. with the bases loaded. that's highly troublesome. going to clear the bases. and 2-1 san francisco becomes 4-2, l.a. lincecum, five innings pitched, four earned. saying, yeah, i got the ball up here. that was not good. kenley jansen from curaco closes it out. >> not the ending we were hoping for. >> tha you, scott. we're back in a moment and update our breaking news in san francisco and santa clara. 'r
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an update on two breaking news stories we've been following. the first you see right here. viewer video shows a raging fire burning in santa clara. this is at el camino and scott boulevard. unclear if people were in the town homes right here. a breaking story out of san francisco. a wanted man is dead now after he reportedly began firing at police. jean elle is on the ground, covering this for us. >> reporter: jessica, san francisco police officers say an armed suspect who fired at police has been shot and killed by san francisco police officers. this is still a very active scene. that suspect was wanted in connection with a homicide in roner park. when roner park attempted to contact him at an apartment building on post street, they say he fired at officers. they also say that suspect fired through the walls and floors at roner park and san francisco
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police officers, sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. that officer involved in the shooting is under investigation. >> we'll continue to follow both of the stories on our morning show at 4:30 today in the bay. >> have a good night. bye-bye. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone
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