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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the 70s. we have changes as of tomorrow, your forecast in moments. and still tracking an accident in fremont, and the fire crew has arrived. i'll let you know how it's affecting the drive coming up. and a live look outside for this monday, may 14th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. it's 5:00 right now, i'm laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we have developing news this morning at yahoo headquarters. today the troubled tech company ushering out another ceo. we have team coverage of the shake-up at yahoo. scott mcgrew in the newsroom. he'll break it down with the look at the dramatic changes. we start off with marla tellez live at company headquarters in sunnyvale. >> reporter: the former ceo
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scott thompson's resume is going to show he only worked at yahoo for just over four months. this very public departure is going to be hard to cover up you might say. now scott thompson was appointed ceo in january. he was hired to turn around the struggling web giant. and in early april, he executed a plan to reduce yahoo's 14,000 employees by 2,000. he's now become one of those casualties after his recent resume debacle. yahoo saying thompson will step down effective immediately after it came to light his resume was padded with two degrees. one in accounting, another in computer science. turns out thompson only has an accounting degree. one man said thompson had no other choice. >> back in the days when a ceo made 20 times the average working man salary, that's fine, but when he's making 400 or more times the average man's salary, that's just unreal. and to pad your resume to get
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that position is unconscionable. so, yeah, he should step down. >> reporter: in thompson's place, the board has appointed ross levinson interim ceo. until now he was the global media head. now beyond the ceo shake-up, five members of the board of directors have also resigned. so there's a whole lot more to this story. that's where our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us for the latest there. >> good morning, marla. i think you're absolutely right. the big shift is not even the ceo, it is the board of directors. that's the big deal. daniel loeb has won. he's on the board at yahoo. there you see him on the right along with two of his own men who also take board seats, ross levinson on the left. you have a new if possibly temporary ceo with levinson. this is all about loeb, though, he was the one pushing for changes at yahoo even before scott thompson got into trouble. he gets three board seats vacated by board members who had previously announced they were
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leaving. now they're leaving immediately. laura, we're going to continue to cover this throughout the morning including the latest bombshell that scott thompson has cancer as our news continues. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow. it is 5:03 right now. a foot pursuit leads to an officer-involved shooting in napa. we going to do that story or not? i'll read it to you. police say an officer caught up to a suspect in a backyard just before 11:00 last night. the officer fired one shot hitting the suspect, the officer is now said to be on leave pending an investigation. suspect being treated for his injuries at queen valley medical center. also new this morning, a woman is safe after san francisco police help her fend off an attack. two officers say they were heading back from an assignment just before 11:00 last night when they heard a woman screaming on mission near fremont street. when they turned the corner, they saw the woman break free from a man trying to steal her
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purse. >> and then actually ripped the purse off of her and threw her to the ground. so it was kind of a somewhat more violent robbery that they interrupted. >> police say one officer fired one shot when the officer says the suspect appeared to pull out a gun. no one was hit. and the suspect was taken into custody without incident. protests and pg & e. it's a familiar combination. and today will be no different as the utility shareholders gather in san francisco. more on the target of today's demonstrations. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. the same time the ceo for pg & e provide a mid-year update on how business is doing, a group of protesters plan to come here to the san francisco headquarters. they're going to be here outside but also want to present thousands of signatures they say to pg & e against smart meter opt out fees. they say they want to stop smart meters.
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they'll also be presenting a list of hundreds of people they say that actually refuse to go ahead and pay those fees. they're calling this a take back your power rally to greet pg & e shareholders at the san francisco headquarters this morning. they say the smart grid has hit people hard in the checkbooks. this comes at the same time that assemblyman jerry hill is unveiling the utility executives accountability legislation. and that's a bill that would require executives to return bonuses if they're fined for violations that occur under their watch. the hill district includes the site of the deadly san bruno explosion and information this morning so this comes a year after the former ceo left in the wake of that explosion with a multimillion dollar package. i do have calls into pg & e this morning for comment. as soon as i hear from them, i'll let you know what they had to say. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." san bruno rocked by pipeline explosion two years ago is welcoming home victims of the
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tragedy today. celebration is planned tonight to mark the progress that's been made to rebuild the devastated crestmore neighborhood. the blast in september of 2010 killed eight people, destroyed 38 homes. so far, two families have moved back in and several others are about to join them. governor jerry brown unveiling details of a revised state budget today. this coming after the announcement over the weekend. the state's budget deficit has ballooned to $16 billion. the revised budget relies heavily on a proposed tax hike that will be on that november ballot. the governor also wants to increase the income tax on people who make $250,000 or more. governor brown says raising taxes is the only way to avoid major cuts to public schools, colleges, and to public safety. all right. let's check other numbers. right now with meteorologist christina loren joining us from the nbc bay area weather center. >> good morning to you. i'm supposed to start on the wall here. 54 in livermore. we've got a good-looking day
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shaping up for you. good morning to you in oakland, 56 degrees this morning. really comfortable conditions considering we had to deal with the 90s last week. 3 out of the 5 workdays. this week, we're talking about the 70s and 80s still dealing with an unusually high pollen count. you want to keep that in mind, limit your outdoor activities today if you have been suffering from the allergies of the season. toward the midsection of this week, those levels come down from high to moderate. that's the good news. there is relief in the near future. today it works out like this, 53 degrees inland, 72 degrees at 4:00 p.m. temperatures running 10 degrees cooler than where we ended up saturday. it was a hot one around here. we are going to jump up in temperature tomorrow and hold on to that jump throughout your wednesday. so i'll let you know how hot it's expected to be in your city. peak warmth. back to work monday with mike. >> back to 880 for our report. we have that accident that was following southbound 880 just
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before you get to dakota road. that's fremont/newark border. we had one lane blocked by the fire crew arrived on scene, and now all lanes are cleared in the last few minutes. southbound 880 right around the transition. there's a little slowing there, but that should clear up because there are no more active incidents there. dumbarton bridge closes memorial day weekend. use san mateo or 237 freeways as alternate alternates. two issues here, first one active is waverly court at avalon. there's a car fire reported there, not from chp, but another local fire agency. that's been taken care of south san francisco, but then just about 40 minutes before, there was another fire nearby, king drive, that's in daly city, i wanted to point out that the two car fires were active as far as the scenes go and very close to one another and we're tracking that in the newsroom, as well. with that, a live look outside and see how things are shaping up for the south bay. light volume of traffic 280/17,
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an update on the construction in the next report, guys. back to you. there are some new toll lanes in the south bay certainly paying off. a new report finds new express lanes around the 237 and 880 exchange are performing better than expected. over a one-week period, vta found more than 9,000 solo drivers paid to use toll lanes. back in march, the vta converted a four-mile stretch into express lanes. it cost solo drivers 30 cents to $6. 5:09 right now on a monday morning. coming up, hockey without skates or without a puck. getting ready for a scrimmage with some kids coming up. and jon, here's another sport that fans here in the bay area will be focusing on today, bicycle racing, i'm bob redell, a live preview of stage 2. that story coming up. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather, check us
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traffic filling up a little bit there. live look at the 880 flowing through oakland. mike will break it down exactly how thick it is coming up in minutes. it is 5:12. drivers will be sharing the road with a lot more bicyclists today. elite athletes take to the streets for round two of the amgen tour of california. bob redell live in san francisco where the race will start in just a few hours. good morning, bob. >> yeah, i was just around 11:05 to be precise. six hours from now. fortunately not during your morning commute, but it might affect your travel if you've got business up and down the
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coastline. here's a map of stage two of the amgen tour of california. it'll go down the coastline, past ocean beach, highway 1, pacifica, san mateo county, it'll get down to santa cruz county, then up to highway 9 across the summit and then back into santa cruz. if you're a bicycling enthusiast, even if you're not and you haven't seen this before, it's quite fascinating for the layperson to watch. many 500 foot climbs, couple 2,000-foot climbs today and ending with a fast descent in santa cruz. now yesterday was stage one in santa rosa. peter sagan won that stage and was a dramatic finish about three miles from the finish line. he developed a flat tire, had to stop, put on a spare. he still won taking out the challengers with less than 100 yards to the finish. quite a finish. again, peter taking first stage yesterday.
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levi of santa rosa is in 46th place. this is an eight-stage race ending sunday in los angeles. tomorrow will be from san jose to livermore before it keeps heading on south. when it's all said and done, it'll be a 750-mile race with some of the best bicyclists in the world. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. a high-profile member of the cycling world set to rejoin the amgen circuit today amid rumored trouble with the feds. yohan bruneil. a spokesman for the team is not confirming reports that he was subpoenaed upon arriving at sfo for the start of that race. he was among armstrong's managers during the second tour de france wins. he was investigated for performance-enhancing drugs, but
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no charges filed. yahoo ceo scott thompson has been fired over false claims about his college degree. as we continue our coverage, scott mcgrew joins us now. you've talked extensively with yahoo insiders. >> we know friday we were talking about the head-hunting firm. scott thompson seen here saying the erroneous claims he graduated with a computer science degree came from a low-level staffer at that company. years ago, back before he was even an executive at paypal. thompson said the claims he had a computer science degree from there on came from that error, an error, he says he never noticed except they were able to show the resume that thompson had given them years ago and it was on it, his own claims that he had a computer science degree. the other news this morning, the "wall street journal" says mr. thompson told the yahoo board he has cancer. it's thyroid cancer and that's
5:16 am
all we know. our own research says thyroid cancer is very wide ranging. the there are types that are curable and types that are not. we will continue to follow that story, as well. now, executive summary. scott thompson out at yahoo, ross levinsohn, daniel loeb on the yahoo board along with two of his allies. roy bostock and others leaving immediately. believe it or not, the rest of the financial world continues to make news. let's go to jackie live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, scott. well, the futures down sharply this morning on fresh concerns over, you guessed it, europe's debt crisis. talks between greece's three main political parties broke off without a deal this weekend. and angela merkel suffering a setback as her party lost weakening her position. european markets in the red today.
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asian markets were mixed overnight as china changed lending rules for its banks. no economic data here in the u.s. today. but we do get reports this week on retail sales, consumer prices, housing, and minutes from last month's fed meeting. we saw the dow fall 34 points on friday to 12,820. the nasdaq edging up a fraction to 2,933. mean tile, the fallout from jpmorgan surprised $2 billion trading loss claiming the first victims. three executives including the bank's chief investment officer are set to resign as early as today. jpmorgan is also reportedly investigating whether the traders in london hid the extent of the losses. jamie dimon says the bank didn't react fast enough to the warning flags. jpmorgan stock falling 9% on friday and lower in european trading today. and what do you get for the person who will soon have enough money to buy everything? well, it's mark zuckerberg's 28th birthday today. the facebook founder could be a multibillionaire at the social networking site expected to price its ipo on thursday, begin
5:18 am
trading on friday. facebook executives are going to swing through chicago today to drum up more support from investors. back over to you. >> thank you much. we'll continue to cover this yahoo news throughout the day and marla tellez is out getting reaction on the street and we'll go to her soon. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. 5:18 right now. we check in with meteorologist christina loren for an in-depth look at the weather story ahead. >> not a whole lot to break down this morning, but i will do my best. that's good news, right? you want quiet weather. it's that time of year that we yearn for in the summer months and in the winter when we're getting slammed with storms. perfect conditions as we head throughout every single day of this week. 54, good morning to you, in sunnyvale, 57 to start you out in san francisco. just 3 degrees away from 60 here, you don't need that jacket in the city this morning. as we head throughout the afternoon, we've got a comfortable day shaping up. these temperatures will climb into the 60s. high pressure still in control, taking a little bit of a shift
5:19 am
to the east. that's enabled onshore flow. that cool marine air at the coast to keep things really mild. temperatures in the low 70s inland, 60s by the bay. and the low 60s at the coast todd. today. san francisco today, upper 50s for you. 68 in san rafael, and the forecasted high 72 degrees. not too hot, not too cold. you can open up those windows and breathe it in. if you've not been suffering from allergies. so basically, if you've been sniffling, sneezing, you want to limit your outdoor activities by thursday we're talking about moderate pollen levels. that's the good news. we'll see if there's any good news in the traffic department with mike. >> well, you know, the traffic department as far as allergies go, no, not good news. but the construction on the roadways, enough about me. we're looking at the 880/280
5:20 am
interchange. that's cleared for the rest of the south bay, looks nice, so does that interchange, 280 and 17, your northbound routes not showing any slowdowns, just a blip or two moving around through the area. maybe more cars hitting the roadway. that's about all that's going on right now. we have two incidents in fremont, the one 880 at dakota has cleared and no more slowing at the transition with 880 and highway 84. we still have on highway 84 at niles boulevard or east of there, a car that ran into the deer and traffic control likely as you get through that dark and winding roadway through that area. tesla road, not a major concern as far as the volume of traffic here. a car is on its side and no major injuries, but we do have one direction closed, one lane basically closed. 580 through your area, your westbound directions, 15 minutes, easy drive starting to build now. live look show you across the bay, as well. the bay bridge moves smoothly into san francisco with the headlights on the upper deck. camera trembles a bit, but breezes, no wind advisories.
5:21 am
back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:20 right now. no skates necessary at a hockey scrimmage in the south bay. joe thornton will hit the pavement in san jose to battle students in a game of street hockey. the school is near story road and capital expressway just resurfaced the street. hockey court. the scrimmage starts at 1:30 this afternoon. >> cool pictures from the yearbook after that one. it is 5:21 right now. coming up, a talent show with a twist. shock jock howard stern isn't always shocking. sometimes caring, giving, and warm. >> a live look outside golden gate bridge this morning. traffic picking up a tad through there. mike is keeping his eye on the morning commute. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. monday morning, a live look at san francisco's sfo. and yes, i'm sure a lot of people returning from mother's day. hopefully it was a spectacular one for all the mothers out there. we'll talk about what's happening with the weather and traffic coming up at 5:24. >> we'll need a check of the weather right now i understand with christina. >> immediate gratification this morning. temperatures all running mild to start. we'll see a gorgeous day, plenty of sunshine. and remember, you can always check my facebook page for updates. your full forecast seven-day outlook in moments. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you out to the east bay looking at antioch, highway 4. the early signs of that commute down into the 40s already toward el street, and hillcrest. the rest of the east bay moves
5:25 am
smoothly, the approach to the bay bridge and the toll plaza no problems right now and an easy flow down the east shore freeway as well as the caldecott, 880 past the coliseum, the volume kicks in, but just a little bit. no slowing, still under 15 minutes from 238 off the castro valley y up to the toll plaza. this summer's top-rated show "america's got talent" launches a new season with a new judge. howard stern will join the mix. and he's expected to bring a little edge. in the new season, you can expect to see the genuinely talented and those who think they're genuinely talented. and it will be stern's job to sort through it all. >> i got to stick to my guns. we've got to get the very best talent. i don't want to go crazy, but i'm going to be a strict judge. >> we will see. fellow judge sharon osborne says stern's behavior may surprise
5:26 am
you. she says he's a big softy and does more cuddling and caring for the contestants more than anyone else on the show. >> cuddling. all right. interesting twist to the show. 5:26. still ahead, not on their watch. a new plan to cut bonuses of top execs in charge during the disaster. plus, ei, e-i, uh-oh, you see berkeley trying to budge protesters from land. a new nonstop service kicking off at sfo. and a live look outside, sun coming up, hoping for a nice week, a little cooler this we c forecast with meteorologist christina loren. stick around.
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5:28 am
new this morning, san francisco woman thrown to the ground during an overnight attack. the tense standoff that landed the suspect behind bars just ahead. and there's going to be a whole lot of company this
5:29 am
morning as pg & e's annual shareholders meeting in san francisco. demonstrators plan to be outside, as well. i'll tell you what they want coming up. and a big-time shake-up at yahoo, a new ceo and new board members. i'm marla tellez with the latest coming up. meanwhile, we are taking your temperatures down this week. temperatures right where they should be for this time of year. 70s in the forecast. things start to change tomorrow. we'll start those out coming up. and an incident that was not an accident until a few minutes ago. fire crews are on the scene. we'll give you the update coming up. and to keep your monday flowing along, how about a live look out to the sunol grade on this monday, may 14th, "today in the bay." it is 5:29 right now, everybody. good morning, thank you very much for joining us. glad to see you, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
5:30 am
new this morning, the tables are turned on a suspected purse snatcher. san francisco police break up an attack in process. two officers say they heard a woman screaming on mission near fremont street and saw her trying to break free from a man about 11:00 last night. the officers say as they approached, the suspect pulled out a gun. police fired one shot but no one was hit. suspect dropped the gun and was taken into custody. and in napa overnight, police shot a man who ran from officers as they stopped to question him along parish road about 11:00 last night. suspect was hit one time and is being treated for his injuries at queen of the valley medical center. the officer's now on leave pending an investigation. pg & e shareholders gathering in san francisco this morning and so too will the protesters. the annual event expected to draw extra attention this year. "today in the bay's" christie smith live on what's attracting the protest this time. >> reporter: good morning, jon. they're upset with a number of things. in fact, more than one
5:31 am
demonstration or event happening outside of the annual shareholders meeting this morning in san francisco. but it's going to start with one group saying that they plan to try and present thousands of signatures against pg & e smart meter opt out fees and people who won't pay them. the new ceo will be holding a press conference this morning and then, of course, a presentation on business for pg & e, but this also comes as assemblyman jerry hill is expected to introduce a new bill that requires executives to return their bonuses if companies are fined for safety violations. his district includes san mateo county and trying to end practices of that like when the former ceo left with a multimillion dollar package in the wake of the deadly san bruno explosion. it would also stop rate-payer money from being tied to pay for executive bonuses based on corporate earnings. i do have calls into pg & e this morning for comment. and i'll let you know what they
5:32 am
had to say. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." we are following developing news out of sunnyvale where there's more turmoil, that is, for a silicon valley tech giant which is trying to stay relevant in the face of very stiff competition. marla tellez live at yahoo headquarters with an update on the resignation of its ceo. marla, good morning. jon, good morning, it is more than just a ceo shake-up here at yahoo. five members of the board have also resigned. now yahoo is saying that scott thompson's resignation is effective immediately in his place. interim ceo ross levinson until now was yahoo's global media head. thompson issued an apology saying, " we have all been working very hard to move the company forward and this has had the opposite effect for that i take full responsibility and i want to apologize to you." now, at issue, an inaccurate
5:33 am
resume that listed two degrees for thompson when, in fact, he has only one in accounting. we're hearing from the public this morning and all seem to think thompson had to step down. >> i don't know if it was him or somebody else that padded it, but if it was him, he needed to step down. in the first place in my opinion ceos are paid way, way, way, way too much in this society. >> reporter: the yahoo controversy has forced the immediate resignations of the chairman and four other directors who had previously said they would not stand for reelection. scott thompson was appointed ceo here at yahoo in january. so now one thing is for certain, his resume will show he worked for yahoo for only four months. live in sunnyvale, "today in the bay." 5:33. and this morning, the clock is ticking for 71-year-old woman who is supposed to lose her home on mother's day.
5:34 am
71-year-old chery pizan will have to turn her keys in this morning at 10:00. she's been living there for 40 years but cannot afford to make her ballooned $5,000 a month monthly mortgage payment. she admits she defaulted on the loan and lost her case in court. she was supposed to be out yesterday on mother's day, but the bank gave her a one-day reprieve. now planning on moving into a one-bedroom apartment. well, despite an agreement to pack up their tents, many occupy the farm protesters still camped out on a plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley. protesters refusing again to leave this weekend. campus researchers set to begin planting crops on that land this week. the university says it will, "do what needs to be done to use the land." protesters have been camped out at the farm since earth day three weeks ago and they planted their own crops in hopes the land will be used as a community garden. 5:34 right now. time to check out the forecast
5:35 am
with christina loren. >> we're at 56 degrees, comfortable in oakland, 57 degrees in san francisco. you don't need that jacket this morning, 54. meanwhile in sunnyvale, temperatures today are going to end up in the 70s. we're running cooler even than yesterday. same thing, we'll wake up with that full deck of clouds overhead becoming sunny as we head through this afternoon. in fact, by about noon today, temperatures already in the 60s by the bay and at the coast. we'll be at 60 degrees inland. at noon rounding out the day at 72 degrees. we do have changes on the way as of tomorrow, i'll sort through those for you. but as you get the little ones ready this morning, dress in layers. by noon today, they'll be peeling off their first layer. temperatures running mild all week. your seven-day in my next report. 5:35 first, check your drive with mike. >> we'll take it to the peninsula again, 280, an incident reported with a couple of cars on the shoulder. one of those cars reported over on its side. we do have injuries to somebody who was actually running around
5:36 am
on the freeway. they were running around and sounds like things are under control as a fire crew arrived on scene. we still have one lane considered blocked over there as you're heading northbound past farm hill boulevard and nearby for 101 at embarcadero road. jumping to the other side of the bay. there is actually an accident that popped into our reports, as well. westbound your commute direction, not greenville, grant line road is a closer indicator, and off the 580 as you're approaching 205, keep that in mind. out of our sensor range, but i want to report it to folks coming into the area. back to you. starting today, sfo getting a new nonstop cross-country flight. united airlines launching a direct flight from sfo to the reagan national airport. the airline will offer daily service. the first flight takes off at 1:00 this afternoon.
5:37 am
very good. 5:36 right now. coming up, a $2 billion blunder, the top execs that could be on their way out at jpmorgan chase. and a university janitor gets his college degree. how he went from sweeping the floors to wearing a cap and gown just ahead. and a sweeping look at san jose as the sun starts to peek above the clouds. and how about two for the price of one, another live look at sfo this morning. you can see some of that sun right there turning things blue illuminating the skies. doubling the pleasure, doubling the fun, hey, also lots to check out on facebook, search nbc bay area.
5:38 am
5:39 am
welcome back, everyone. sun coming up over the bay area. the cloud cover joining us this
5:40 am
morning, as well. cooler temperatures, we'll check the forecast with christina, 5:39. there is a war of words over a new ad campaign aimed at snuffing out a june ballot measure to raise the cigarette tax. says tobacco companies are being deceptive saying new funding will not go toward cancer treatment. while that is true, the money would go toward research and not treatment. backers of prop 29. letting taxpayer groups make the argument for them. >> when we have so many other things that are not being helped by health care in the state of california and education, if we are going to raise it in a tax increase. >> tobacco companies want to defeat proposition 29 so they can continue to kill californians to protect their profits. >> prop 29 would charge an additional $1 for a pack of
5:41 am
cigarettes raising more than $800 million annually for cancer research. if passed, this would be the first cigarette tax increase since 2000. this morning, more fallout from the jpmorgan chase's $2 billion blowout. today there's word that three top executives will resign. the latest on the $2 billion bet that certainly backfired. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. one of those executives is one of the highest ranking women on wall street plus two of the people who worked with her. essentially this was a failed hedging strategy. $100 bet by a trader with the nickname the london whale. the biggest bank out there in terms of assets. the one the taxpayers bailed out four years ago, now $2 billion in risky bets gone bad. bets that the ceo jamie dimon said on "meet the press"
5:42 am
should've missed the red flags. >> egregious mistake, almost no excuse for it. took far too much risk. the strategy we had was barely vetted. it was barely monitored, should never have happened. >> now this is raising questions about whether the washington watchdogs here were on their job. we put in new financial regulations few years ago. do they have enough teeth? are they using the authority they have? democrats want to look into that? republicans say too much regulation on wall street, not a good thing. laura? >> it is interesting to see how it all unfolds. thank you very much. developing news in nepal where the death toll rising after a plane crash near some of the highest mountains in the whole world. 15 people dead, 6 critically injured in nepal's northern himalayas. the plane was trying to land on a mountain airstrip when that crash happened. earlier reports suggest mechanical problems may be to blame. new details this morning in
5:43 am
a really gruesome discovery linked to mexico's drug war. it's really horrible to hear. 49 bodies with heads, hands, and feet chopped off were found by police on sunday. scattered along a highway near the border with the u.s. officers now say the killings are likely tit for tat. and the fighting between rival gangs. the bodies have been taken to monterey for dna testing to identify them. a marching band suspended in the wake of a deadly hazing scandal finding out today if it will ever perform again. the president of florida's a & m university will announce his decision at a special meeting today. stepped down under pressure after 40 years with that band. 13 people have been charged in the death of 26-year-old robert champion. champion was a drum major who died after being beaten during a hazing ritual on a band bus. 5:43, the defense in the john edwards criminal trial due
5:44 am
to begin presenting its side today. they tried to shred the credibility of the former presidential candidate, including presenting his 2008 interview in which he denied fathering a child with his mistress. edwards had pleaded not guilty to six criminal charges of campaign finance violations. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. a busy day ahead for president obama visiting new york city. the president delivering a keynote address at bernard college. and later today, president obama attending a lesbian and gay campaign event hosted by singer ricky martin. this coming after the president recently voiced his support for same-sex marriages. it's 5:44 right now. time to check the forecast again with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking for today? safe to watch the cash? >> yeah, you know, it is safe to wash the car. you're going to get comfortable conditions to wash the car. not too hot to spray yourself.
5:45 am
5:44 now taking a live look over sfo, beautiful start this morning. nice and clear for now. that's not going to last very long. we do have that marine layer forming and moving inland as we speak. between the hours of about 7:00 and 9:00, we'll get socked in over the golden gate bridge. no flight delays out of sfo, oakland, or san jose. 54 degrees in sunnyvale. 52 degrees in santa cruz. headed toward the 70s in the warmest cities across the bay. not quite as warm as it was yesterday as high pressure has taken a hike to the east for today. that means more of an onshore flow as we head throughout this afternoon. low 70s inland, mid-60s at the bay and the coast, the low 60s. not all that warm today. high pressure regains control tomorrow, that's going to jump your temperatures by about 10 degrees from today's highs. then wednesday, just a touch warmer, especially through your inland cities. it all works out like this for today, 71 degrees in los gatos,
5:46 am
and 66 degrees in santa cruz. done with that beach weather at least for a while. this weekend, though, we are right back up to the upper 80s. if you're trying to make the outdoor plans already thinking about the weekend, sunday is your day to do so. i can't tell you we do have some improvement in your pollen levels. not just yet, but if you can hold on for a few more days, we're going to see those levels significantly drop coming up later this week. we'll talk about that and what that means for your weekend forecast because it looks like the levels will creep back up. we're going to talk all about it coming up. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking forward to the change in that pollen count, christina. looking over here, no major changes as far as the flow goes. updates for 280 northbound at the farm hill road. all activity off to the shoulder, but an interesting report. someone running around at one point on the freeway. that person is over on the shoulder as well as the rest of the crews. someone has some complaints of pain after an earlier accident. nothing serious, just interesting for the early
5:47 am
morning. we're looking over here to northbound 101. your other peninsula freeway and looking at slowing now a . we know that chp is there and activity from an early engineer accident. no lanes blocked. sounds like the activity will be closer to the shoulder and possibly sticking out into the slow lane. a smooth drive over to the dumbarton bridge and that's closing on memorial day weekend. that will be an issue. use 237 as your alternates, that's coming through the south bay, east/west right here. smooth drive throughout the south bay freeways, the construction has cleared. good stuff. we'll take you from the south bay to the north bay. get a look at the road through san rafael. right here northbound coming off of lincoln avenue, a smooth, light drive as is usual. southbound side, slowing passing the curves and approaching lincoln avenue. a normal flow to traffic starting to bottle up right around there approaching the san rafael bridge, but no major concerns because look at the map. the speed sensors show you.
5:48 am
coming off the north bay route across over to the east bay, east shore freeway 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. no major slowing, but that volume is building now. i know the cars are coming because they're starting over here in antioch and highway 4 now shows 20, holding up to the limits through bay point. blips for 242 and 680. it was a tough week monday, tuesday, and wednesday last week through this area, expecting a similar pattern, but we'll watch this. back to you. well, a former nba all-star making an impressive move, going back to school to graduate today from cal berkeley. rahim graduating with a degree in sociology. entering the nba back in 1996 following his freshman year at cal. he continued to pursue that through 12 seasons in the nba, and right now the assistant general manager with the sacramento kings. so --
5:49 am
>> good for him. >> 16 years after leaving school, he gets the job done. for years this guy mopped floors, took out trash at columbia, university. but this weekend, the 52-year-old janitor put on a cap and gown to walk as a graduate. hugs and smiles all around as he accepted his bachelors degree in classics. he's a refugee from war-torn yugoslavia. he graduated with honors after balancing work with those studies for 12 years. >> i loved it and i like -- i like that i was able to graduate from columbia. one of the best universities in the united states and one of the best universities in the world. >> making sure that tassel stays on the right side now. you worked for it. now he says his ambition is to get a masters degree and maybe one day become a teacher. >> that's a great story. well, hopefully columbia
5:50 am
university, hopefully a bump in salary. >> he can show it on that resume. well, it is 5:49 right now. coming up, special kids with special needs. why job opportunities right now are so slim for young adults with autism. and we continue our coverage at the shake-up at yahoo. we'll have the latest in business news just ahead. let's take a live look outside, sun coming up over the bay area. all quiet near the hp pavilion. how are we looking at the golden gate bridge this morning? a live look as traffic's picking up. we'll continue to check that morning commute, all-important forecast, as well. a lot more ahead at 5:50. -[ sneezes ] -what are you waiting for? -my allergy medicine to work. -allegra is fast. [ female announcer ] only allegra combines fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief. -gotta go. - [ female announcer ] allegra. fast and non-drowsy relief.
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this is a live look outside in the south bay. you can see that cloud cover this morning. cooler temperatures to report, as well. safe to drive the car according to christina. >> hopefully it's safe to drive. >> it's 5:32 and monday. >> indeed. well, there's alarming new research on the limited opportunities for young adults with autism. a study published today in the journal of pediatrics finds 1 in 3 young duadults with autism ha no paid job or college schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation. those figures compare with about 26% of mentally disabled young adults in that same category. researchers say the next decade 500,000 adults with autism will reach adulthood. yahoo continue to have a ton of challenges. >> a ton of them. that's why they brought thompson in, right?
5:54 am
because the past ceos behind him weren't able to solve those problems. and shareholders will be watching carefully this morning. yahoo's shares open at $15.19. if you take all the shares out there and multiply them by the $15. you get a rough worth of the company, $18.6 billion. that sounds like a lot, except, that mark zuckerberg will be worth the same come friday after the ipo of facebook. mark is worth one yahoo. larry ellison's wealth about $36 billion, two yahoos and warren buffett, you can put him down for 2 1/2 yahoos. wall street will be distracted by europe to pay that much attention to yahoo. last week we saw what an unsteady europe means for the bay area when cisco systems talked about the sales with america's most important trading partner. still no government in greece. you think about the top interest rate you would pay if you had an absolute terrible credit score.
5:55 am
greece is paying 27% for a ten-year loan. that's a bad credit score. >> need to renegotiate that. i've got a guy. >> good luck on that. >> you've got a guy that knows a guy, right? 5:55 right now. we have a young lady who can check the weather for us. christina loren. >> good morning to you. what i can tell you is you don't need that heavy coat this morning. as you can see from this live look, downtown san jose, mostly clear start here. kind of overcast, dreary gray conditions. making way to full-on sunshine by noon today, 63 degrees inland, 60 by the bay, and at the coast at 60 degrees at noon rounding out the day in the 70s in the warmest spots across the bay. you might need that jacket if you are going to be staying at the coast. if you're headed inland from the coast today, you can peel it off by noon, rounding out the day at 72 degrees, 4:00 p.m. check your drive with mike. >> well, hello monday commute. highway 4 already dramatically changing over the last five minutes.
5:56 am
yeah, down into the tens now passing towards el street, all the way to love ridge holding relatively steady for pay bay point. seeing a dip to those speeds coming off the limit down toward concord. live look shows you crossing the bay. still okay at the toll plaza, but the cash lanes starting to stack up there. the fast track lanes are a big advantage, looking at another 20 minutes or so until they turn on the metering lights. back to you. thanks so much. another record-breaking weekend for "avengers." big overdose of testosterone. raked in another $103 million this weekend alone. that means the movie made more on its second weekend. beating the previous record of $75 million by "avatar" in 2009. that movie did pretty well too, right? the avengers passing a bigger milestone bringing in more than $1 billion internationally. movie's only been out 19 days.
5:57 am
already gone over the $1 billion mark. it's a big, you know, popcorn blockbuster, sit back and have a good time. >> how many yahoos, as well as some spandex sightings all over the bay area. the elite spackling competition that could tie up your commute. >> caught my attention on that. a live look over the golden gate bridge with the sun starting to pop up there, the traffic flowing along. we'll tell you what's happening all over the place coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
5:58 am
and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
5:59 am
police in the right place at the right time for a woman in san francisco. find out how they foiled the crime in progress. just ten days after irregularities were found on scott thompson's resume, he is out at yahoo. team coverage throughout the morning. and pg & enn


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