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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tuesday, may 15th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. and we begin with developing news. crime scene tape blocking an east bay neighborhood. a body has been discovered in castro valley and what could be the city's first homicide of the year. "today in the bay's" christie smith live where deputies have been on the scene for 12 hours. good morning. >> good morning to you. this could be castro valley's first homicide of the year. i'll step aside so you can see what is going on here this morning. a dead body found at a home on the 4300 block of omega avenue. but the circumstances are still a mystery this morning. but an entire portion of the block is behind crime scene tape this morning. so neighbors will be waking up to quite a scene. i spoke with one deputy with the alameda county sheriff's department this morning who
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tells me this investigation started about 12 hours ago at 6:00 p.m. they wouldn't say exactly what brought them here but arrived and found a victim down. they're not saying if this is a male or female or if this started with a disturbance call, shots fired, that sort of thing. but they've got at least eight units here from the alameda county sheriff's department plus the mobile command center and homicide detectives also crime lab technicians here taking many pictures of the lawn. and one particular home, and they say they have quite a ways to go. i do have a call into a sheriff spokesperson this morning, and as soon as i hear from him, i'll let you know what he had to say. reporting live in castro valley, "today in the bay." the countdown continues this morning for facebook's initial public offering. and that expected to hit on friday. and already market pressures pushing that price upwards. we have team coverage this morning. marla tellez in menlo park outside facebook headquarters. and scott mcgrew in the newsroom with more details on facebook's
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plan. good morning, scott. >> facebook, jon, trying to take the temperature of investors to set the right priced ipo and thinks it can push the price up a bit. the company filed financial papers increasing the range at which it will offer shares by about $4. to between $34 and $38. clearly facebook thinks demand is there. and an exact price will be set right before the trading day on friday if everything goes to plan. now chances are, you won't be getting it at $34. that's because that's the price set for insiders and bankers. they're counting on you to offer more money to buy the shares from them on the open market, but is the enthusiasm there? for that, let's go to marla tellez. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. yeah, it's amazing, even at 4:00 in the morning, people are excited about facebook. bottom line, they are telling me that it has staying power and it is worth investing in. now, will they actually buy in when push comes to shove, here's what we found.
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okay. we don't have that sound for you. but i can tell you one woman tells me that she says maybe, maybe she'd buy into it. another guy says he's not one to invest, so he's not for it. another guy says, absolutely, he will put his money on it. now, the question is, will such popularity with facebook translate into a popular and worthy investment? soon we shall find out when facebook ipos this friday as scott mentioned, the new public price stock range between $34 and $38 a share. live in menlo park, marla tellez, "today in the bay." this should be the ride to watch. and throughout the week, we are teaming up with our colleagues at cnbc to cover facebook and that ipo up and down across the board. scott mcgrew among our team of five reporters covering the story and how it will impact everything right here in the bay area. 6:03, new this morning, british prosecutors just anou
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announcing they will charge rebecca brooks. brooks used to run news of the world, accused of trying to obstruct the police investigation by hiding computers and documents. five others are being charged with her, including her husband. 20,000 teachers across california receiving layoff notices in march. and this morning, they're learning if they will, in fact, lose their jobs. today's the day school districts had to notify ploys if their jobs are being eliminated. in san francisco alone, more than 200 teachers were given the pink slips. in san jose, more than 140. the good news here, many districts say the majority of layoff notices will be rescinded. the landscape will be changing. city council members voted to approve the construction at the site of a now defunct shell gas station at the corner. the building will house three stories of offices and retail space. and a quick reminder, you
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may want to think twice before you light up in mountain view. starting today, smokers being banned at outdoor public areas including outside dining and parks and you're not allowed to light up within 25 feet of smoke-free areas. now, if cut, violators face a $50 fine. business owners also responsible for educating its employees on this ban. 6:05, california's high-speed rail project will start moving in the state legislature. the hearing comes after the los angeles times reported the state would have to spend $3.5 million per day for the first phase of the project alone in order to qualify for federal funding. the project is expected to cost nearly $70 billion and be complete in 2029. it is 6:05 right now. and i don't want to give away all of her tricks, but the weather is so good, christina loren doing a little dance for us. >> you could never give away all my tricks, jon kelley.
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taking a live look. looks like someone pained the s painted the sky. a beautiful look coming over the bay area. gorgeous conditions. let's get to the temperature map. and i would like to keep that up longer. 51 degrees in san mateo, 51 in san francisco. comfortable 52 degrees in sunnyvale. as we head throughout the morning hours, we have some clouds hanging out bay side and at the coast. and that'll be the temperatures bay side. and then as we head through the next few days, we swing you right back down. we've got kind of a roller coaster. the best way to describe your future temperatures is on that seven-day forecast. stay tuned for that as we head through the next few minutes. we'll have that ready to go. 70 degrees at noon inland, 65 by the bay, and 60 degrees at the coast. now, with those low clouds settling in, our highway man got a lot busier. how's it looking out there, mike? >> it got a lot busier.
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you're right. better here, 680, i was very concerned about this accident car reported disabled first and then accident. i thought a car had hit it and spun it around. no major injuries and, in fact, just cleared from the incident report. but this is not cleared. highway 4, your standard tuesday build coming through antioch looks pretty severe, but folks local to the area know this is your standard flow and bay point to concord, okay as far as that flow. not the usual flow here in through livermore, north flynn road in the westbound commute direction. that's where there's a disabled semitruck in your second and maybe third lane. your two middle lanes may be blocked. a 14-minute travel time from the altamont pass, that means for the most part, anyone north of west flynn road bearing benefit off the disabled vehicle. holding things nicer over at the dublin interchange. we'll track this as well, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a lot of people waiting and holding their breath for the governor jerry brown's revised budget. now the governor says the state
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is nearly $16 billion in debt and cuts do need to be made. the governor's plan would reduce the following child care for mothers trying to get off welfare, in-home support for the needy and health care for the poor. and more cuts to schools and the your system. and looks like kind of a grim outlook for state workers. brown wants state employees to work four-day weeks. not sure that's a bad thing. also wants to make sure huge cuts are made to medicare and he is pushing in november a initiative for temporary tax increases. >> is that if we don't approve the temporary tax increases in november, the cuts will get a lot worse. schools could be forced to close up to 15 days per year. >> now back in january, brown estimated the budget shortfall would be $9 billion. that's since ballooned up to since we told you $6 million. 6:08, california casinos are
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trying to get state lawmakers to get all in for internet poker. supporters say legalizing poker online will put hundreds of millions of dollars into the state's pod. a co-author of the bill to try to make it happen. several other states looking at legalizing similar bills, but california is seen as the jackpot for online poker. casinos estimate about 2 million californians play online. >> very popular sport so to say. it's 6:09 right now. here's a question, who wants used stuff from guys running around in the dirt and grass? we'll see what the giants are putting up for sale next. and good morning, i'm bob redell. we'll take you for a live ride on the portion of stage 3 of the amgen tour of california bike race taking off this morning. more coming up. >> go, bob, go. >> he's got cards in his tires?
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hey, for the latest news, traffic, and weather, a live look outside hp pavilion this morning. pretty clear there. also join us on facebook. just search nbc bay we're all on. >> let's hope bob makes it to ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. with more choices and fewer calories, i stmy family,ne. my home... my boyfriend. i can't help it. i'm a fashion stylist! at t.j.maxx, i get designer clothes...
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sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney, it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving. let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. and this is a beautiful live look. sun coming up over the bay area this morning. camera capturing it there for you. good way to start your day. it's 6:12 right now. also this morning, an elite cycling competition rolling out of the south bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell who happens to be a world class cyclist himself is live in san jose this morning where crews are already busy setting up for stage three. how are you feeling? >> reporter: we actually --
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>> get him oxygen. >> reporter: from san jose -- what's that? oxygen? the first thing that goes is hearing. i'm learning that right now. we're actually on piedmont road, getting ready to approach calaveras, being the first climb of stage three. now, stage three's going to start at 11:15 this morning at the community center. we were just down, you can get a sense of these pictures we shot of what the set up is like. they have to start very early in the morning because i mentioned, they're expecting lots of fans and, of course, those bicyclists out there -- excuse me. for what will be stage three. now here's a map of stage 3. and the good thing, it's not going to affect your morning commute. between the hours of roughly 11:15, 4:00 in the afternoon. starting here in san jose heading into livermore for a final finish. but if you look at a map, it will be on some local roads. something you want to keep an eye out. three major climbs for riders.
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i think this level straight away is enough as it is. the first climb up calaveras, then up mt. diablo. and then a final climb at patterson pass and of course, mt. diablo, one of the tallest peaks here in the bay area. >> stage three's interesting, mt. diablo, we've never raced over it before. it's in the middle of the stage, not at the finish, so it could really make a difference or maybe not. so an interesting day to see. >> reporter: and peter sagan won stage one in santa rosa on sunday, stage two yesterday, san francisco to santa cruz. and what was a remarkable about his finish yesterday is that 20 seconds before -- excuse me, 4 1/2 miles before the end of the race, he was involved in a wreck, shaved 20 seconds off his time. in spite of that deficit with the help of his teammates, he
6:15 am
was able to come back and take that stage. can he do it again today? we shall see. stage three taking off at 11:15, ending at 3:54 downtown livermore. the entire race ends sunday. it'll be eight stages in all. and when it's all said and done, 750 miles. reporting live here along the beautiful hills off piedmont in milpedas. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, really quickly, where you at? hey, your wife just text me, wants to make sure your insurance policy's paid up. wow. >> oh. that's -- that's got to be the report of the year, right there. you saw it live. good for bob. 6:15 right now. lights back on at at&t park tonight. giants reach a significant landmark monday, though. 100th straight sellout at at&t park. the third straight win, the giants scored two runs in the
6:16 am
eighth. up 3-1, held on to win it 3-2. very nice, boys. very nice. >> buster posey getting down. now you can buy something new, something old, and something, i guess, used at at&t park. dirty stuff for sale. that's right, the giants now selling game-used merchandise. dirty game balls, broken bats, some are signed and some are merely stained. why is that not real attractive? the new from the clubhouse store is a big-time hit with fans. >> it has like a -- sportsy feel to it. >> you can see a certain spot on tv, on hdtv these days and it matches up to this helmet that you know was used in that specific game. >> i think whoever invented hdtv had that in mind. let's you see dirt on helmets. many of the used items more expensive than new ones because they're organic. the giants donating some of the
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proceeds to charity on designated games. >> ever get that feeling you're being watched? at some bay area bars and restaurants you will be thanks to a new app. the app scene tap will launch in 25 bars and restaurants in san francisco on friday. hidden sensors will record the age range and male to female ratio at venues and broadcast that information to scene tap users so they can decide whether to go there. technology uses facial detection, not recognition. and among the bars taking part, the fluid ultra lounge and south pa barbecue. >> does that detect body shapes and things? a lightning surge turned out extremely lucky for a couple of homeless brothers. they were struck by lightning last month while they were out camping after losing their oakland home to foreclosure. now since their story aired and the public got involved here, donors contributing about $10,000 to the brothers' cause.
6:18 am
the older brother, alfred, is right now still looking for work as an accountant. his younger brother george developmentally disabled. this week, the brothers get to move into an east oakland home and act as temporary care takers. >> who knew getting hit by lightning could be lucky? >> feels so good. 6:18 right now. christina loren here to tell us about sun in the forecast. >> we've got a lot of sunshine and a really comfortable day. one of those days you don't get the heater or the ac. we'll take you live and show you. yeah, i can't see very much here. not sure why we went with this live shot. but as you can see low clouds obstructing your view completely here. and this is probably san francisco i would guess. 6:18 this morning. i have then confirmed from my director, that is san francisco. 6:18 now, my producer, sorry about that, ken. as you can see, we have completely clear conditions
6:19 am
there. it's nice and foggy at the coast. as a result that natural ac coming off the pacific. it's going to be a little while before your temperatures make it into the 60s along the peninsula and in san francisco. you'll have to wait for that. but we've got a comfortable day shaping up. 52 degrees in sunnyvale, we are headed toward the 70s and 80s in t the warmest cities across the bay. 9:00 a.m., you can see at that point getting a nice break inland, a little bit of cloud cover hugging the coast at that point. by noon, full-on sunshine across the greater bay area. good-looking day also got some good news in the pollen count department. much lower levels here. we're back in the moderate range as we were in the high range all weekend long. and yesterday, as well, perfect example of those pollen levels coming down. mike, much clearer this morning. we noticed that. high pressure moving in for today. and we see that onshore flow. it's going to keep things nice and cool for the first part of the day. but, hey, we're expecting temperatures to jump by about 5
6:20 am
to 10 degrees later on this afternoon. and more 80s on the way for you tomorrow. an even warmer wednesday shaping up. temperatures in the 80s in the south bay. 82 in livermore and 68 degrees in san francisco. next three days, we warm you up on wednesday, then swing you right back down on thursday and friday. temperatures kind of hovering around the upper 70s, low 80s as we head into this weekend. and then we're going to climb sunday. your best day for outdoor plans right by the water. let's check your drive with mike. well, we're looking at -- congestion is kind of clearing, but this is not. over to the dublin interchange because of all the folks blocking one lane, lane number three, doesn't matter which one because it's causing this backup coming into livermore down to north flynn road. all these folks coming in west of there. if you're getting on north livermore and west, you're good, good, good. we'll follow this because chp did not give us an estimate on when they can clear that. we hope it's quickly.
6:21 am
no further updates just yet. a smooth drive over toward the maze for highway 24. the caldecott tunnel, the east shore freeway and the berkeley curve. a live look will show you, no major slowing there, metering lights that just turned on. we see some flashing lights, though, an earlier incident may need some paperwork done. >> thank you very much. also tracking yahoo who says scott thompson will not get any golden parachute on the way out. scott mcgrew joins us with more. >> egood morning, it is officia. he was fired for cause, so no money. the paperwork gave us a look inside. he does leave with about $7 million, but that's different. that's what we call make good. it's money he was guaranteed ahead of time in order to leave paypal to take the yahoo job. its value he would've left behind in the form of unvested stock options. that's normal. no extra money for thompson other than a last paycheck. now, shares of yahoo gained
6:22 am
about 2% on monday, the first day that wall street could react to the news of yet another ceo fired. side note at a company-wide meeting the chairman of yahoo's board gave strong indication he'd like ross levinsohn to keep the job permanently. france showed no growth in the previous quarter, as close to a recession as you possibly can get. second largest economy in europe. francois hollande, what's the very first thing he's going to do? he's going to go see the german chancellor. political talks continue in greece. here you see politicians from the far right, far left walking into meetings, other video of them walking into meetings. this was on saturday. this was on sunday. they're walking into meetings and then on monday they walked into meetings. they have not been able to form a government. one outgoing official who lost in recent elections said he feared greek's problems would be
6:23 am
solved with rifles. he said a short time ago, what will prevail are armed gangs -- >> wow. >> whether or not that's exaggeration, who knows, but this is the talk coming out of europe these days. >> and something to watch. thank you. 6:23 right now. coming up, could be a rough day for jpmorgan chase's ceo. he'll be facing shareholders for the very first time since the company's $2 billion meltdown. we'll have a live report from washington coming up next. and sunrise coming over the bay area this morning. beautiful morning. spring-like temperatures, 6:23.
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jpmorgan chase's ceo will face shareholders today. how risky hedging led to a $2 billion loss. why his job is probably secure despite that huge loss. good morning. >> laura, good morning, it's because some analysts say he's done such a good job leading the company thus far that the shareholders may not want to go through this crisis without him at the helm. today's the first time that jamie dimon meets his shareholders since announcing that $2 billion loss. he'll have to explain it, but he's also said and he said this publicly that the company is not in jeopardy. in fact, analysts say they'll probably make as much as $20 billion this year despite this loss. but what about his job? there's a proposal today to
6:27 am
split the chair and ceo both titles which he holds right now. meantime, elizabeth warren who set up the consumer financial protection bureau thinks he should step down from the board of the new york federal reserve. president obama on "the view" talking about the company's financial future. they lost 12% of their value in the past five days, but the president says at least this time, laura, taxpayers aren't left holding the bag. >> it's amazing to see those numbers. thank you very much, tracie. 6:27 right now. i think we're going to go to break. yes, we're going right to break. still to come on "today in the bay," ross mirkarimi's fight to keep his job. what could be used against him in a suspension hearing. we'll have that coming up. police have been at a house where someone found a body about 12 hours ago. we'll have the latest in a live report. ♪
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it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? neighbors waking up to quite
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the scene in castro valley this morning. what appears to be the city's first homicide. what neighbors are saying about this coming up in a live report. and another change for facebook stock ahead of the highly anticipated ipo. good morning, i'm marla tellez and the latest from menlo park coming up. and we're in the 50s to start, headed toward the 70s and 80s. we've got a full deck of clouds overhead. some parts of the bay area. i'll let you know when that's expected to clear coming up. bad news/good news, depends on which side of 580's incident you're on. the full impact of a semi truck coming up. >> i don't think i want to know the impact of a semi truck. but look at the golden gate bridge all fogged in. where is it? well, we know it is tuesday, may 15th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us at 6:30 right now, i'm laura gar a
6:31 am
garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. and we follow news in the east bay. right now investigators still on scene where a dead body was found more than 12 hours ago. "today in the bay's" christie smith live where the accident's happening and she can tell us what's happening so far. >> we know there was a body found in a home and investigators this morning are treating this as a homicide. the entire street is blocked off on omega avenue. i just spoke with a neighbor who tells me an mom and adult son live in the home and the last she knew the mom was on vacation for a couple of days. she said she had seen the son coming and going and three cars parked near the home she hadn't seen before. she said around 7:20 last night the street was already closed off when she got home. police came to question her and other neighbors. >> what did i see? have i noticed any cars? did i have any surveillance cameras around my property? >> and what do you think now that you see all this going on?
6:32 am
>> shocking, crazy, kind of disturbing. >> she says investigators told her that the victim did not live in the home. alameda sheriff detectives only saying this morning that this started around 6:00 last night and, again, this could be castro valley's first homicide of the year. as spokesperson for the sheriff's department is on the way here. as soon as i hear from him, i'll let you know what he had to say. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." and a warehouse gutted in southern california after an early-morning fire. you are looking live as the chopper flies over that scene in palmdale. firefighters trying to hose it down from up on the ladder and from the ground. this fire broke out at about 4:30 this morning. firefighters, yes, still on the scene trying to beat this one back. the good news so far, no word of any injuries. we'll, of course, keep you updated as more information
6:33 am
comes in. 6:32, and this morning, and a dozen of suspected criminals off the street after a massive sweep in oakland. 30 people behind bars after teams of officers raided multiple locations in a three-day sting operation. all 32 suspects wanted for serious crimes including murder and theft. several weapons were also recovered. no one was injured during that sweep. berkeley police will meet again with residents tonight to talk about training and procedures. a coalition of residents are concerned there's too much outside control of the department. and some are worried about the impact it's having on civil rights. they will hold a rally in support of changes before tonight's meeting. now to the hottest topic in silicon valley. we are calling this one -- no, we have one more story here. okay. we'll go on to the hottest topic right now. it is the hottest topic in silicon valley. it's the social offering, days away from facebook's ipo. marla tellez is live at facebook
6:34 am
headquarters in menlo park. i believe we have the newest target prices on all the shares out there. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning -- >> all right. you know what? we're having problems, obviously with your audio a little bit. let's move on a little bit. talk about talking. this time talking and texting while driving, well, certainly no it's not safe. but soon getting caught could be more expensive. the state senate approved a new fine to increase fines for drivers who don't go hands free. the fine is up to $20 to $30. but the actual cost could climb to nearly $200 once you factor in those court fees. the measure also bans bicyclists from talking or texting on cell phones. the bill now goes to the state assembly for approval. and this morning, a suspended sheriff's job hanging in the balance as a san francisco judge prepares to make a crucial decision in court. attorneys arguing whether a video of ross mirkarimi's wife
6:35 am
could be used in the official misconduct case against him. the video shows a bruise on ileana lopez' arm. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment to settle a domestic abuse charge. now, the mayor wants to use the video to make his case for removing mirkarimi from office permanently. and today is the deadline for applications to replace former alameda county supervisor nadia lockhear. he was not officially charged but she recently filed a restraining order against him. lockhear also recovering from drug addiction. the former supervisor is the wife of state treasurer bill lockhear. a south bay doctor facing charges this morning accused of running what investigators call a pill mill in los gatos. allegedly prescribed large amounts of prescription drugs without performing any medical examinations. she was arraigned on monday on at least 12 felony counts.
6:36 am
the one-year investigation revealed a number of her patients were also reselling drugs on the street. >> people don't recognize it because it's something prescribed from a doctor. but there's a huge case of overdose and it's tearing people apart. and it's a problem in california. >> the experts say this time of alleged crime is one of the fastest growing drug problems in the state. well, the same school traumatized by the mass shooting in the bay area now taking another hit. the nursing program at oakland's oikos university placed on probation. state regulators downgrading its approval of the nursing program a little more than at month after a gunman killed six students and a staff member at the school. regulators noting several deficiencies there in the schooling schoo schooling including chronically rates. the school could lose the state license unless it approves -- improves the grades in schooling over the next two years. checking the forecast with
6:37 am
christina loren. >> well, if you're looking for a warm-up, that's exactly what we've got in store for you today. 6:36 now. a live look earlier, showed you that fog creeping in over the golden gate bridge and over your coastal and bay side cities. what i can tell you is that onshore flow has made for good air quality. now we're back in the good air quality range and your pollen levels have dropped from the high range to the moderate range. we're getting much-needed improvement in both of those departments as we head throughout this afternoon. temperatures will climb from the 50s into the 70s and 80s. your hour-by-hour forecast explains it all inland. 70 degrees at noon today, 80 at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. 75 degrees at 4:00 and 68 degrees at the coast. your seven-day outlook is minutes away. we're going to swing your temperatures down before we climb yet again toward the weekend. interesting seven-day to show you. 6:37 first. let's check your drive with mike. >> interesting drive for the tri-valley. let's look over here. good news/bad news -- we'll
6:38 am
alternate. i talked about the impact of the big rig. there's no impact as far as accident. it's impacting your drive. this disabled big rig blocking your lane, lane number three causing all of that jam out of the altamont pass, likely forcing a lot of folks to the altamont pass road, one of little pleasant drives this morning, not likely, going to be crowded, as well. if you're west of there, a smooth drive north livermore avenue all the way to the dublin interchange. a smooth flow of traffic for 580 and northbound 101 and 87. typical pattern, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 6:38. coming up on "today in the bay," south san francisco police could have a string of arsons on their hands. all the details coming up. plus, today's leg of the amgen tour of california rolls from san jose to the east bay. we'll have a very fun guaranteed live report coming up. >> yeah, bob redell doing his thing. and this is our thing, a live shot from south san jose. a look over at the mountains
6:39 am
there, the sun coming up, nice day ahead, all about it coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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welcome back, everybody. we should be learning today how many people are planning on traveling to memorial day weekend. releasing the annual memorial day holiday weekend travel forecast. now, it's the organization's first forecast for the year and we should show how gas prices will impact travel for that holiday weekend. i'm guessing high.
6:42 am
well, if you are planning on catching a flight soon, good news. the nation's largest airlines, they've got passengers to their destinations on record time from january to march. it's according to data from the transportation department. the 15 carriers were on time 84% of the time the first three months of the year. it's the best on-time arrival performance by the airlines of any first quarter since the department began collecting all that data back in 1995. cost you more, but you're getting there on time. >> better get your money's worth. 6:42 right now. we're about to catch you up on the top stories in 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. including the next stage of the amgen tour of california. a live report. and we mean really live and active on the course. and how it could affect you. >> bob redell's on it. >> don't miss that one. also, facebook gets much closer to the ipo price, teatsm price, teacoveragem oming up. stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron.
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and this, ladies and gentlemen, is a live look over san jose. the day in full bloom out there. maybe you've already had a full day, maybe just getting started. heading out the door, crisp, it's going to get nice. 6:45. maybe you're ready for a bike ride. the cyclists getting ready for stage three of the amgen tour of california. bob redell actually riding the course this morning. >> my man. >> there you go, okay. picking up the pace a little bit. how you doing, buddy? >> reporter: all right, guys, we're going to try stage three, not all 115 miles, some of the 115 miles from san jose to livermore. like all stages, it's not going to be easy. it's going to have three major climbs. the first one, a short distance from the starting line.
6:46 am
it's 1,000 foot up calaveras road. i know you're thinking, boy, that looks easy. shocker, it's not. once you get over this hump, you're going to dip yourself, the riders, that is, into the tri-valley, through livermore, north up to mt. diablo, and that'll be an amgen tour first because that is over 2,200 feet. and then a third and final cl b climb, 1,500 feet over pass and pass before a final finish in livermore. now, these road closures going to take a look at the map are not going to affect your morning commute. business in the tri-valley -- >> oh, bob. >> you want to get a heads up on that. and -- holy cow. >> this is brilliant television. >> we should've picked a downhill route maybe for a live shot. >> no, i'm glad we have an uphill shot because he's a warrior. >> reporter: the race starts -- >> yeah, when it start, buddy?
6:47 am
>> reporter: at the community center 11:15 this morning, guys. >> is he walking right now? >> reporter: at 4:00 in the afternoon. and i can guarantee you none of them will look like this when they're done. >> not as good as that, buddy. good job. >> yes, bob redell. bay area. yes. nicely done. that's why we call him the notorious b.o.b. >> there you go. giving it to you leave there. nice. good morning for -- >> he'll survive. >> we'll go pick him up. >> someone's going to need to. >> oxygen in a hurry. a nice day if he's going to pass out on the side of the road, it's a good day to do it. >> he's doing that in jeans, it looks like. we want to thank him for not wearing spandex. we had a nice back shot there. we're looking good right there. natural a.c. cooling us down, onshore flow bringing that cloud cover in off the pacific. that's going to hang around for probably the first part of the day.
6:48 am
i'm thinking until about 9:00, 10:00, mid-morning. nonetheless, the sun will break out and you will see full-on sunshine by about noon today. a gorgeous-looking day shaping up, 52 degrees for sunnyvale. and 53 degrees right here in san jose. already have full sunshine in the east bay and that goes for the south bay, as well, but mostly cloudy from santa rosa down the peninsula. as we head throughout the day today, though, your future cast tells the story. start the clock at 10:00 a.m., just a little patch of low cloud cover up to san francisco. daly city still getting that fog until noon. lots of sunshine, vitamin d in plentiful vitamin d. as you can see here, at&t park forecast. the giants are back at it taking on the rockies. they are on a streak winning the past three games, 52 degrees, looks like winds will play a little bit of a factor throughout this afternoon and tonight. so we could see that ball carried out to center field. next 48 hours work out like this. temperatures on the mild side,
6:49 am
more 80s inland, but still, running a little bit below our seasonal averages right by the water with that onshore flow. so it works out like this. 68 in san francisco, 80 degrees in san jose. the next three days stay nice and warm, 83 degrees for wednesday. 76, a little bit more drizzle and fog on thursday, but we're going to creep back up into the 80s as we head into this weekend. we'll talk about your pollen levels tomorrow as well as your air quality forecast. expecting some changes in those departments when we meet back here tomorrow. let's check your drive with mike. >> seeing some changes here in the last ten minutes for the south bay. look at this, 101, just slow all over, 40s and 30s coming up from capital expressway up to the airport. we have highway 87 both directions as you're coming past, but really the northbound side is where things will sort out as well as northbound 85. it's a community where they're starting the amgen race not until after 11:00, and off of the major freeways.
6:50 am
it's not affecting your major commute routes right now. we'll watch for that, though, as it travels up through the tri-valley area and over around mt. diablo, as well. a slower drive down the east shore freeway. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza and the north bay when we have the slowing. we'll send it back to you with that. >> thank you very much. we are still following developing news in the east bay right now. investigators nearing 13 hours a the the scene where a dead body was found. christie smith live there with more on the city's first what possibly could be the first murder of the year. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. we're more than 12 hours into this investigation and the l.a. county coroner van ran on the scene just a couple of minutes ago. after a dead body was found at a home here on omega way. neighbors are waking up to all this crime scene tape on their street. emergency crews got here last night around 6:00 to start this investigation which could be castro valley's first homicide of the year.
6:51 am
neighbors tell us that a mom and adult son lived in the home and that the mom has been away on vacation, but something seems sort of out of place. >> when i left for work yesterday, there were three cars parked in front of the house. i don't remember the make or model of the car. >> cars that you don't recognize? >> no, not normal cars. >> reporter: she says that the investigators who questioned her said that the victim did not live in the home but so far deputies haven't said much to us about motive or who the victim might be. but a spokesperson for the sheriff's department is on the way. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:51, south san francisco police searching for a serial arsonist. they say a fire of a car in waverly court near 280 yesterday may be connected to several smaller fires. investigators say someone started the fire by stuffing something into a gas tank. another fire about the same time
6:52 am
could also be tied to the case. laura, a total of nine people right now facing charges this morning after a police raid on occupiers at a u.c.-ber berk owned farm. police moving out protesters at that site in albany where they've been refusing to leave for weeks. the squatters given ten minutes to get off the land before officers began making arrests. berkeley says it needs to regain access to the property so researchers can resume work on the site. the rebuilding for the future. it's been nearly two years since the pg & e pipeline explosion that devastated a quiet neighborhood and more than a dozen families completed repairs to their home. three families have completely rebuilt, but construction's still underway on dozens of others. the community celebrated the progress they made yesterday. jerry hill also proposed legislation to change the way pg & e executives are paid bonuses. hill says the goal is to hold them more accountable. california's high-speed rail
6:53 am
project starting to move through the state legislature. today, three senate committees will begin examining the rail's authority business plan. the hearing comes after the los angeles times reported the state will have to spend $3.5 million per day for the first phase of this project in order to qualify for federal funding. the project expected to cost nearly $70 billion. and is expected to be completed in 2029. 20,000 teachers across california received layoff notices in march and this morning, they're learning if they're going to lose their jobs. today is the day school districts have no notify employees if their jobs are being eliminated. in san francisco alone, more than 200 teachers were given pink slips, in san jose, more than 140. the good news is, many districts a i the majority of the layoff notices will be rescinded. social services and state employees among the targets this morning in the governor's new revised budget plan. governor brown's plan he
6:54 am
announces here saying california is $16 billion in debt. now to deal with this deficit he's opposing reductions in child care for mothers trying to get off of welfare as well as in-home support services for the needy and health care for the poor. also points out more cuts to schools and the court system could be on the way. now, he says another money saver could be a four-day workweek for state employees. slicing medicare and he's also pushing a november initiative for temporary tax increases. >> the message in the governor's budget is that if we don't approve the temporary tax increases in november, the cuts will get a lot worse, schools could be forced to close up to 15 days per year. >> if you recall back in january, brown estimated the budget shortfall to be about $9 billion. that has since ballooned to $16 billion. 6:54. thousands of undocumented workers in california may soon get state work permits. the bill moving through
6:55 am
california's legislature would give some immigrants who already have jobs state work permits. many of them are farm laborers, office cleaners, and fast food workers. supporters say immigration reform has been a nonstarter in congress and the bill would actually allow california to solve its immigration problem. critics, however, say state lawmakers should not be tinkering with the federal immigration system. we can tell you san francisco neighborhood looking to trash illegal dumpers. some people have been using the base of bernal heights park as a big-time illegal dumping ground. so far, crews have been removing several tons of construction debris and green waste. a community meeting addressing this issue will be held at the engelside police station starts tonight at 7:00. the long-anticipated, highly speculated initial public offering of facebook just days away. they're getting ready to go public. and marla tellez live with the newest target price for shares. good morning.
6:56 am
>> reporter: laura, good morning. the target price is now just a bit higher and a regulatory filing today, facebook says it expects to sell its stock for somewhere between $34 and $38 a share. the previous range was $28 to $35. now, to put this in perspective, at a value of $38 per share, the menlo park based company would generate almost $7 billion on its shares. existing stockholders would collectively make almost $6 billion. now, the increased range is really a sign of high demand from investors. now, what about us common folk? i polled people this morning and asked them, are you going to invest? >> maybe. maybe. if i have the opportunity, i guess. >> i will because everyone has to -- i think it's -- i will put my money on it. >> now, even after the ipo, mark zuckerberg will remain the single largest shareholder and
6:57 am
will control the company through 57% of its voting stock. not bad for the now 28-year-old zuckerberg celebrating his 28th birthday just yesterday. it is certainly fair to say his biggest birthday present is yet to come. his ipo expected to happen on friday. live in menlo park, marla tellez, "today in the bay." . >> and scott mcgrew all over this. >> soon i will type fb into my ipad there and we'll get it for you. but right now we can talk about zinga. zinga out of san francisco jumped better than 6%. also groupon up this morning, as well. the dow industrials about 22 points higher. that's surprising considering we just got word out of greece that they have once again quit with no government, and jon, we continue to watch europe very, very carefully. >> okay, scott. thank you very much. and throughout the week, we are, of course, teaming up with our colleagues at cnbc to cover that facebook ipo from each and every
6:58 am
angle. our man scott mcgrew leading the team covering the story inside and out and how it'll be impacting the bay area. the seventh season of "america's got talent" underway. new judge howard stern made his debut on monday night. dishing out more hugs, they said, than raunchiness. he even tried to hug his fellow judge and famous germaphobe howie mandel, not with a lot of luck. tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> wouldn't be howard stern if he didn't play it out. the "today" show is next, ann curry with a look at the top stories. >> good morning. coming up here on a tuesday morning on "today," should that $2 billion loss of jpmorgan chase lead to tougher regulations on wall street? we're going to tell you what the president is saying as the company's ceo prepares to face his shareholders today. also ahead, the bitter custody battle over a dog that's cost one man his life savings.
6:59 am
he said his ex-girlfriend kidnapped the pooch. and today's professionals tackling the top topics, including if sign can help you forget an embarrassing moment of your life, what would you choose? all that plus, betty white joins us in a live interview and we're going to ask her about her secret to success. now back to you two. >> thanks so much, ann. and time to check in with chris anyo tin that loren one last time. >> and thank you for being a friend. we've got a good-looking forecast shaping up for today. 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. overall, running about ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. let's check your drive with mike. >> good news, the big rig that was stalled in the middle lanes north flynn road for westbound 580 cleared in the backup another car stalled out, but still a tough drive out of the altamont pass. slow northbound, typical tuesday for the south bay, guys. >> thanks so much, mike. and thank you for joining us this morning.
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