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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and if you're on 24 heading to the bay bridge, you're certainly not alone. but i have a new incident that could slow folks traveling across that upper deck. more details coming up. live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog spraying on those lights, but not too bad. and yes, the weekend now coming into sight crystal clear thursday, may 17th, "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning, everybody. it is 6:00 on the nose, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. and new this morning, a man trying to escape an attacker plunges off a highway overpass. bob redell live near the scene in foster city this morning with details of what happened. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. we believe this man was a car-jacking victim trying to escape, not realizing that there was a dropoff when he jumped over the edge of the highway. this happened down there. looking maybe about 200 yards
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from us. that's eastbound 92 heading in our direction on the race portion there, it's just before mariners island boulevard exit. we're still trying to gather more details, but our general understanding is that a little bit before 2:00 this morning, this man who had been car-jacked ended up at that point on the road. he escaped his assailant, ran away, leaped over the edge of highway 92 thinking it'd be a short drop, turns out it was 30 feet to the ground. he was able to call chp while he was on the ground, they stayed on the line with him, were able t to locate him by listening in the sirens in the background. the area where he landed was so inaccessible that the fire department had to hoist him back on to the highway in a rescue stretcher for transport to the hospital. it's not clear what condition he is in right now. and also, as far as the whereabouts of this carjacker, that's known, but it is our understanding that the police department was able to locate that car in another location. reporting live here in foster city, "today in the bay."
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san jose police hoping to talk to a man this morning who -- this is a crazy story -- who survived seven days with no food and water. more than a week ago michael sanchez jr. lost control of his pickup truck. a witness saw the truck go down the embankment and crash, but then he saw sanchez get out of the car and literally walk away. chp and sheriff deputies searching but found no signs of him. now seven days later, san jose detectives returned to that scene and found sanchez there still alive. >> well, he actually was out there for seven days and, you know, he was found alive. i know that the investigators were elated to know that they essentially rescued. sanchez right now is still in the hospital recovering. detectives expecting to talk to him today. 6:02, just into our newsroom, a teenager is now dead after a shooting in san jose. doctors worked through the night to try to save the 18-year-old
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man, but he died early this morning of a gun shot wound. officers say they found him and the second man on walnut woods drive late wednesday night. the other man was assaulted and has serious injuries but he was not shot. so far, no word on a possible motive and police have not yet released the description of any possible suspects. well, this time tomorrow, do not be surprised if you hear the cha-ching sound all over the place. that's because the rich will be getting minutes away from getting a lot richer. but there are a few more things facebook does have to take care of before tomorrow's big-time and much anticipated ipo. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew with all the details. scott? >> they've got a price first. facebook's predicting it'll price shares between $34 and $38 a share, that's what early investors, which probably isn't you will pay the company directly for the shares. now after that, facebook will open up the nasdaq marketplace in a ceremony 6:30 our time tomorrow morning. that is purely ceremonial. the nasdaq's electronic, and it
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doesn't need anybody to open it, it's a computer. and facebook shares will not necessarily trade right away. there's often a delay. that's when you can start buying it yourself and you don't need anything more than a brokerage account. we often use the term ipo kind of loosely to mean the first sale of stock or to describe the opening of the market or describe the first trading of shares. if you want to be totally accurate, by the time mark does press that button on the nasdaq tomorrow, the ipo will be long over, but shortly thereafter, you'll be able to buy some shares if that's what you'd like to do. laura? >> yeah, no suggestions. it'll be interesting to see how it all works out, thank you very much. 6:04. expect a lot of static today from verizon customers. the cell phone giant says those unlimited data plans, they're going away, even for a long time loyal customer. "today in the bay" marla tellez live with reaction. those people grandfathered in not going to be happy about this
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one, marla. >> reporter: absolutely not, laura. verizon is the first major carrier to announce it will officially do away with the unlimited data plans. its competition such as sprint, at&t and t-mobile have already started to head into that direction. here is that big announcement from verizon. those grandfathered unlimited data plans will soon be gone. the idea is to migrate customers into the new faster 4g lte network. so if you currently have an unlimited data plan, when you want to upgrade, you will be required to sign on to a data share plan. it basically means you'll pay as you go and more money for verizon. now we spoke to a verizon customer and says he's not too happy about this news. >> i guess you have to switch companies or something. it already cost me $200 a month. >> now, verizon's cfo says the move will make it easier for families and small businesses to connect multiple devices.
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now, pricing for the data share plan has not been announced yet. so it's not clear how much this is going to cost customers. and verizon says it will -- this will take effect some time this summer. live in milpedas, "today in the bay." new details about the massive trading loss suffered by jpmorgan chase. those losses surged in recent days and have now grown by at least another $1 billion. so $2 billion moving towards $3 billion in losses. last week, jamie dimon said that could happen over the course of the next few months. and instead, has happened over four days of trading. the federal reserve right now looking into these major catastrophic losses. it is 6:06 right now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. going to feel like winter a little touch today. >> yeah, looks like winter out here. good morning to you. mostly cloudy start over the city by the bay and everywhere across the bay area. your in land cities waking up
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with a full deck of clouds. but temperatures running mild as that cloud cover tends to trap in the warmth from the day before. sunnyvale, 56 degrees this morning in san jose. and i wanted to point out one of the benefits of onshore flow. much lower pollen levels than we were dealing with a week ago. that's the good news for all of you allergy sufferers, much improvement as we head through this weekend in particular. now, by noon today, temperatures are going to climb to the low 70s inland. and then we'll reach 74 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in the heat of the day with limited sunshine. going to end about 10 degrees cooler overall than where we did just yesterday. but, we will warm back up just in time for the weekend. so many events happening here this weekend, stick around, your seven-day is moments away. 6:07. let's check your drive with mike. >> yeah, following the bay bridge, always a concern, but now a new incident reported, a disabled vehicle it sounds like as you're crossing over the span toward treasure island now getting slowly pushed over toward the san francisco side. we see slowing on the map. look at the toll plaza, see the
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backup forming in the cash lanes. the fast track lanes just fine. i keep refreshing because i'm waiting to see that reported. the earlier fog advisory has been canceled. watch for that to affect your drive, as well. back to the maps showing you also in the area traveling away from the bridge. reports of that tree in your second lane. a crew has yet to get there and probably blocked the lane for a period of time before they could pick up the tree and trash there, guys. back to you. here's good news if you're planning on flying out over the holidays. memorial day travelers will be able to bypass those long security lines at sfo. clear cards are back at san francisco international airports. fingerprint or eye scans in advance and paying a yearly fee. the company shut down the services at sfo back in 2009, but now says it's planning to relaunch clear lanes at every terminal starting on wednesday. clear says it will also honor
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all prior memberships. 6:08. a rare chance this morning to see a world class racing yacht up close. americas cup race organizers will display a full-size catamaran with wind sail in san francisco's union square. the 66-foot tall race boat will be there from 10:00 this morning until 1:00 in the afternoon. san francisco, you'll recall, will be the home of the city's 34th americas cup next year. all right. it's that time of the year. go ahead and lace up those running shoes and grab one of those crazy costumes, but you're being told to leave the alcohol at home. police laying down the law for this weekend's beta breakers race. the 101st annual race taking place and taking over the streets of san francisco sunday. last year, if you recall, alcohol was banned from the race after a lot of bad behavior in neighborhoods. police say, yes, they'll be keeping an eye out for alcohol around the route this year, as well. organizers say keep it cool. the goal is just to have a good time and a safe time. >> a lot of characters out there. that's for sure. 6:09 right now.
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controversy on the radio. an ad asking parents to keep kids out of school on harvey milk day. find out who's sponsoring it. and in-n-out burger levers you've got an new option opening up in contra costa county, but didn't come without a burger flap. coming up in a live report. >> sounds good right now, doesn't it? embarcadero, live shot over san francisco. we'll tell you about traffic and the weather coming up in a matter of minutes. hang in with us. >> crispy fries. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather, good conversation, find us on facebook at nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everyone. and a good thursday morning to you. look at that fog. really socked in at the golden
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gate bridge today. you may want to dress in layers, it's a cool one across the bay area. sun eventually burning things off. and not too late this afternoon. we'll check with christina on the forecast, 6:13. this one has a satisfying finale in one bay area city. in-n-out burger opening up in pleasant hill today after being turned away in neighboring walnut creek. christie smith live out there right now where i think we can hear the supply trucks rolling in. the onions, the buns, all the goodies, huh, christie? >> reporter: it sounds delicious, doesn't it? and i think they're expecting burger lovers to show up here soon. i spoke with a worker who says they put these cones up here in the parking lot because some people wanted to get here extra, extra early. i guess be the first to get their hands on that double-double meal. in-n-out is opening up in a few hours, the first here in central contra costa county. right on contra costa boulevard. in-n-out planned to open a
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second location along the border of walnut creek and pleasant hill, but that caused a burger backlash. not because people p didn't like the food, they do. it's because some people were worried about the potential traffic impact, there were parking restrictions and other concerns laid out from the city. this location, though, brings about 50 burger associate jobs. they make about $10.50 an hour, 98 seats, it has a drive-thru and i'm told they're opening up about 10:00 this morning. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, "today in the bay." more than 300 new jobs are up for grabs on the coast this morning. yes, target opening a new store coming this july. today the chain holding a job fair to hire more than 300 new employees. it's at the capitola career center at 8:00 a.m. 6:14 right now. a lesson plan that involves san francisco icon harvey milk is drawing criticism this morning. >> parents, your boys and girls are being targeted for immoral
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indoctrination at school on harvey milk day. >> that's a radio ad sponsored by the group save california. urging parents to keep kids out of school on may 22nd. they say teaching students about the openly gay supervisor is wrong. but members of the harvey milk democratic club say the ads are harmful. >> pure fear-based manipulation. and it's really sad because some of those children are gay. and the message that those children are getting is that they're not worthwhile. >> california lawmakers made harvey milk's birthday a day of significance in 2009. laura, to the ball yard now. and the giants getting an early start today. the game with the cardinals starts at 12:45, matt cain pitching for the giants. wednesday night, not a great night, the giants at the plate only managed to get one run, struck out a total of 11 times,
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that's a disaster. giants lose 4-1. meantime, we're sure missing brian wilson. that injury -- he's staying positive about that recovery. he's out for the season after surgery and certainly stayed out of the spotlight unless you follow him on twitter for now. but what has he been up to? here's an update from the bearded one himself. >> i kept myself busy with charting the games at home. and doing rehab every day, it's going really well. we're ahead of the schedule. not getting too crazy. but things have progressed exceptionally well so far. >> he's certainly not a little crazy there. a mellow wilson. but he says he's optimistic about his recovery, says he'll be ready by opening day next year. >> in the mean time it's the bobble head weekend for brian wilson, no, garden gnome. >> and you and marla tellez outside game on sunday. >> we'll have a clever sign to
6:17 am
hopefully get him near our seats, hopefully it works. good morning to you -- if it does, we'll bring that video to you monday morning. brian wilson bobble head day just one of the many events. excuse me, i take your word as final, laura. that's how much i trust you. so sorry about that. yeah, i'm going to get one of those garden gnomes and i'm going to dress it up. 52 degrees in livermore today, temperatures are on the mild side to start and winds are going to become more of a factor as we head through the second half of the day. this is what we're expecting. right now, you can see calm winds at this point, except for novato where the winds are coming out of the west. that's pushing that marine layer right over the bay area. we've got mostly cloudy conditions from the coast all the way through livermore, antioch, and some of that fog is going to creep through the delta. really strong onshore flow this morning. i wanted to point out it will become more breezy throughout the day. you see the red here, look to your key getting strong winds at about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. as a result, that's where we're going to start to see the clouds clear. we're not going to get a whole lot of sunshine, though.
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those winds will pick up between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 and that could make for gusty conditions as you commute home over your local bridges. fog will be a factor for today. that factor for tomorrow, as well, but dealing with half as much cloud cover to start as we're contending with this morning. fog and drizzle for today, clearing and mild. that limited sunshine last until about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and the sun will breakthrough. we're going to have to wait until 2:00 p.m. today. so may "today in the bay." 79 degrees in livermore, so comfortable through your inland cities where we will clear the quickest. nonetheless, temperatures running about eight degrees cooler for their seasonal averages today. saturday and sunday, 80s return, great beach weather come sunday. 6:18. how bad is it out there, mike? >> not so bad, but early warning for folks. this slow down on the bay bridge caused what we thought. the metering lights turned on just a couple of minutes early. the toll plaza itself shows the backup as folks are approaching the area. these cash lanes, the fast-track
6:19 am
lanes will fill in over the next 15 minutes. metering lights have been on for five minutes, though. so it's a slower build for a thursday. low clouds may be an issue, but so far, visibility reported okay over the water. back to the maps, we'll see there is some slowing again because of the early engineer stall that had been pushed over to the san francisco side with the metering lights on, we'll see this berkeley curve start to slow, as well. be now slowing on the maze or the approach. you do have your backup for antioch, highway 4 westbound coming into this area. bay point showing a little slowing as well as 680 down through concord and in toward walnut creek interchange. and of course, we're going to end with this map in livermore, 20-minute drive now and slowing in your typical pattern all the way through livermore, toward the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thank you very much. facebook announcing this week it's selling more shares than they first planned. some of the shares coming directly from facebook's first investors. >> good morning to you, jon. you have to wonder a bit what those regular investors should
6:20 am
think about this. why are the first investors getting out now? take, for instance, paypal's founder. quite famous for making an early investment in facebook. he's going to sell half his holdings. goldman sachs also selling half its holdings, as well. diversifying your portfolio, that's totally normal, but one does have to wonder if they know something that mom and pop investors don't. to be fair, some insiders aren't selling any shares at all. people often ask me, should i invest in facebook? and i don't give advice about buying or selling stock, i just try to tell you what's going on. that said, as we play up the enthusiasm of the facebook offering as an event, i do want you to keep in mind one rule. no one has ever figured out mobile. not google, not even apple. the stock market's very worried about the health of greek banks this morning over the last couple of days, the greek citizens have deposited their euros in german banks.
6:21 am
talking about replacing the euro with the drachma and greeks don't want drachmas. meanwhile, wall street keeping an eye on europe. the first time jobless claims just came in this morning, as well. unchanged at 370,000, that's higher than expected. really first-time jobless claims are not a huge data point, but we've been so desperate to find some kind of consistent data we kind of cling to it and, of course, facebook should price shares some time this afternoon or evening. back to you. >> we'll see what they're at. >> jerry brown happy about that ipo. money coming into the state. >> and the state needs it. whole other story there. 6:21 right now. coming up, president obama off the campaign trail. but v.p. joe biden will pick up the cause. and right now, our hot shots live over -- actually san jose. got the clouds kind of setting in there. a cool start to your day. christina loren will tell you how cool and if you need a jacket coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside. looks like traffic's moving smoothly through there. look at the cloud cover, though, really blanketing the bay area. cooler temperatures today. leaders join for nato's chicago summit this weekend, the focus on afghanistan. the united states and nato trying to build an afghan army that can defend the country after the international troops.
6:25 am
that will happen at the end of 2014. how to pay for the army and continued support will be a central topic of the summit hosted by president obama. republicans closing ranks around mitt romney as the presumptive nominee takes aim at president obama's track record on the economy. brian mooar following the latest campaign developments live from washington this morning. good morning, brian. >> reporter: hi, laura. mitt romney the presumptive republican nominee has a couple more riders on the bandwagon today. herman cain, his former campaign rival is officially endorsing romney now saying that he gets it and president obama doesn't. there was an event yesterday not only with herman cain but also with michele bachmann. important tools in getting tea party skeptics onboard and moving forward. well, president obama has his own not-so-secret weapon. joe biden reaching out to joe six pack, the vice president yesterday in the key battleground state of ohio. he's there again today.
6:26 am
both days in steel towns that have fallen on hard times. reaching out to voters saying that the romney campaign and the republicans just don't understand them just don't get it. a very similar message from the romney campaign incidentally. both the president and mitt romney reaching out to voters saying i'm the one that can create jobs and the other guy's going to kill them. >> the latest there from washington. it is 6:26 right now. we check in with meteorologist christina loren, going to need a jacket heading out to work? >> it depends on your threshold for the cold this morning. temperatures are actually rather mild in the south bay, in the mid to upper 50s, 56 degrees in sunnyvale, 56 in san jose. 40s up in the north bay this morning. by noon today, 70 degrees, rounding out the day with room temperature readings, which means you don't need that a.c. or the heater by 4:00 p.m. today. let's check your drive at 6:26 with mike. >> like we discussed, folks, all of the lanes on the bay bridge toll plaza have filled in.
6:27 am
back to the maps, we'll show you the slowing has cleared from the upper deck. now we have it at the berkeley curve. smooth drive through the maze. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 6:27 right now. still to come, unlimited data plans going the way of the dodo birds. reaction to verizon's latest effort to do away with them coming up in a live report. a man falling 30 feet trying to get away from a carjacker. a live report next. and a live look outside over san francisco, the transamerica building right there. yeah, looks like a lot of clouds, kind of gray for a thursday. back in minutes. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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i'm bob redell. live here in san mateo county. the victim of a carjacking is in the hospital after jumping 30 feet from the edge of the highway. not realizing there'd been such a high drop. that story coming up. and verizon makes a major announcement that's going to
6:30 am
affect thousands of customers. you could be one of them. i'm marla tellez with that story coming upme. >> and mostly cloudy and cool start will make for a cool day overall. we climb back up for friday. your full forecast is moments away. well, the low clouds and low speeds affecting your drive this morning. we'll show you key spots and a new incident reported for sunol. i'll sort out the details coming up. and a live look outside bay bridge. it does look kind of cold out there this morning. where's the sun? it'll be around by this weekend. right now it's just thursday, may 17th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody on this friday eve. happy you could join us, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. well, over the edge, the highway actually had here we had a crazy scene out there this morning in east bay. police were trying to check it out. we have bob redell on scene.
6:31 am
there was a man who jumped over a rail there trying to get away from a carjacker and all of a sudden found himself falling 30 feet. bob redell on scene with all the details. what happened out there? >> well, good morning, jon. we heard from san mateo police that confirm, yes, they do have the car. as far as the location of the carjacker that's not clear. we do know the victim is in the hospital because of what unfortunate happened overnight over here. if you look down there that elevated portion, the headlights coming toward us, that's eastbound 92 just before the mariners island boulevard exit. driving by that area at night, it was fairly dark. that might be one reason this man thought he could safely hop over the edge of that highway. not realizing, though, there was this 30-foot drop. it is our understanding he had just escaped this carjacker, was running away around 1:45 this morning. the man was able to call 911. they stayed on the line with him, were able to find him by listening to the sirens approaching in the background. the area where he landed was so
6:32 am
inaccessible, that they had to hoist him up on a stretcher. as far as the carjacker, it's not clear where he or she is, as well. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:32 right now. also new this morning, east bay police asking for help to find a serial attacker. officers say this man may be linked to a graffiti spree. if you recognize this person, call police. considering a new law targeting unruly occupy protesters. the law would make it a misdemeanor to bring homemade weapons to protest. that includes shields, fire accelerants, and pressurized paint sprayers that several protesters have used against police and private property. now, police say the law would allow them to arrest potential agitators even before these protests would start to get out of control. the city's public safety
6:33 am
commission will consider this proposal on tuesday. a vice principal in a south bay high school is facing felony charges for sexually assaulting a teenage girl. joseph rigito a 32-year-old assistant principal of activities at leland high is accused of having unlawful sexual contact with a minor who is a student. the alleged incident happened last september. he was charged yesterday with two felonies and one misdemeanor. he's been placed on paid administrative leave. questions and concerns unearthed along with bodies in a hidden grave at a san jose construction site. and now a new push to have the coffins removed. this is a story we first broke right here at nbc bay area. santa clara county planning to file a petition tomorrow asking the court to remove 100 of the coffins found at a valley medical center construction site. county leaders say these bodies were likely in a long, forgotten cemetery dating back to the 19th century. construction on a new parking center is now at a home.
6:34 am
halt. >> and a lot of people talking about that one and this one. it was once a reward to loyal customers. now verizon says it will pull the plug on those unlimited data plans. marla tellez live with reaction to the latest corporate attack on loyalty. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. i'm one of those loyal verizon customers. in fact, verizon has about 93 million customers. i'm sure many of them not very happy about this latest move. slo verizon announcing it's doing away with grandfathered unlimited data plans. this means when you want to upgrade your phone, you will be required to sign on to a data share plan. the move is designed to migrate customers into the new faster 4g lte network from the 3g network. i broke this news to a verizon customer this morning. he says he already pays $200 a month for his family.
6:35 am
>> $200 a month. it probably costs everybody on average $200 a month. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: so something like this were to increase that, would you consider switching? >> yeah, i'd go to at&t. >> well, here's the thing, at&t, t-mobile, and sprint do have unlimited data plans, but they are throttled plans, which means customers who have extremely high usage, they're actually punished with a slower network. so doing away with unlimited data plans could be the way of the future. now, verizon says it plans to roll out this new rule some time this summer. "today in the bay." sound waves will rock the water front in oakland. the second annual free concert series kicking off this evening at 5:30. on stage tonight, new orleans-style brass band called the brass mafia. now, these free concerts will be held each and every thursday
6:36 am
running through june 14th. >> you might have to bundle up tonight. cooler today, right? >> yeah, cooler today. now tomorrow will be really comfortable for outdoor activities. even more so as we head deeper into the weekend. but yeah, kind of a cool, cloudy start to your day and these clouds are expected to hang around just about all day long. so i'll show you when we're expecting clearing. i want to get your future cast moments away. 56 degrees in sunnyvale to start you out. in the 40s in novato. overall, running about 3 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and the reason why is those clouds. we're expecting clearing, you can see here. by about 2:00 p.m., but with limited sunshine coming in, your temperatures will end up about 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. yesterday, really nice day inland in particular. 78 degrees at noon, up to 74 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in livermore and san jose. by the bay and at the coast, only breaking into the 60s. but if you crave that warmer weather, just a couple days out from the return of the 80s.
6:37 am
maybe you've got that '80s music in your car heading to work. >> you've been listening to my play list. all right. we'll move up to the '90s soon. actually a live look at the sunol grade where a new report just in of injured eagle southbound 680 and washington boulevard. an injured eagle in one of your lanes. chp is heading out there, very unusual, could be tragic, but also very specific report coming in there. so we'll track that. meanwhile, no slowing past the scene. we do see further north, just off 680 in pleasanton, an accident involving a motorcycle there. so as you travel through pleasanton or get off at 680, this could be an issue. 580 through livermore shows the traditional slow through livermore and the dublin interchange, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:37 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," pleasant hill getting an in-n-out today, not where it was originally intended. why it moved locations coming
6:38 am
up. manny pacquiao gets banned from l.a.'s most popular mall for the comments he made on gay marriage. he says it was a big misunderstanding. details coming up next. and a live look at the south bay this morning. keeping things cool out there. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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and the easiest way to get the most savings. welcome back, everyone. good thursday morning to you.
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6:40 right now. popular restaurant owned by the late junior seau closed permanently. without seau, it was in question. seau died may 2nd from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. faulty information getting boxing star manny pacquiao banned from a california shopping center at the grove in l.a. they decided to ban the boxer because of reports the boxer cited scripture to suggest gay men should die. now, it turns out that statement is actually false. pacquiao says he never said anything close to that. the boxer clarifying his stance telling the "l.a. times" he is against gay marriage but does not condemn gay people. he says the only scripture he will quote to discuss the issue is "love your neighbor as you love yourself." 6:41. coming up, 15 minutes of non-stop news including the rescue of a man in the south bay who fell 30 feet trying to get away from a car jacker.
6:42 am
a live report coming up. and is one share of facebook too much to ask? we'll take a look at how people are trying to get that. and a live look outside at the bay bridge. again, clouds are around, you don't see the sun just yet kind of gray and crisp. we'll fill you in on all the details weather wise and traffic 6:42. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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and this is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. as we begin our 15 minutes of uninterrupted news to help you get out the door. well, the food fight in one community benefits another one. in-n-out will open up in pleasant hill this morning after being rejected by nearby walnut creek. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with the details out there as the burgers should
6:45 am
soon start grilling on those griddles. >> reporter: it is getting close to opening time. they're expecting cars to line up soon. i spoke with one worker and he says some people try to get here really early. so they had to put cones out just to let them know it wasn't quite ready to start. this has been a long time coming for pleasant hill. in-n-out had looked at another location, but that didn't work out. they faced opposition from residents, over potential traffic issues, concerns over parking restrictions, and other issues that the city was concerned about. now, this location is on contra costa boulevard a few miles away from that other location. it's right off of 680, and it's bringing at least 50 jobs, including burger associate to make about $10.50 an hour. seats 98 people and has a drive-thru like most of the other locations. and i think this may be wishful thinking. we've been out here all morning,
6:46 am
but we think we're starting to finally smell the grill and i have to tell you, it smells pretty good. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> i bet it does. thank you so much, christie. 6:46. the "today" show is coming up next. matt lauer shows us what they're working on. good morning. coming up on a thursday here on "today," a new tragedy for the kennedy family as the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. is found dead at her home. she's believed to have committed suicide. we'll have the latest on the investigation and hear what the kennedy family is saying this morning. also ahead, closing arguments set to begin today at the criminal trial of john edwards. did the defense make a mistake by not putting edwards, his daughter, or his former mistress on the stand? we'll talk about that. plus, more from ann live at the cannes film festival. she'll talk to alec baldwin about his new movie and fashion advice from a top french designer. and the youtube sensation turns into a friendly competition on our plaza. the stars of two of the hottest
6:47 am
videos out there, team smu and team harvard face off live on our show. as we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today." it's 6:47 right now. sad to bring a horrifying story out of florida this morning where four children are killed by their mother after being turned away from a neighbor's home where they actually went for help. the neighbor can be heard in the just released 911 call telling dispatchers a boy was bleeding in her yard and the others were trying to get inside her house. the neighbor says there was so much confusion she told the children to leave. she said the children went back into their home where their mother shot them before eventually turning the gun on herself. >> oh, my goodness. that is beyond heart wrenching. what a tragic scene there. well, police say and the fbi say they have more than 100 tips in their hunt for a groom accused of stabbing his brand new bride. 30-year-old arnoldo jimenez. police say he secretly married
6:48 am
carera in chicago and killed her hours after the ceremony. carera's body was found in her bathtub still wearing her wedding dress. police right now pleading with jimenez to turn himself in. this morning, dramatic video from an apartment building fire in portland, oregon, shows a firefighter actually plunges through the roof of a burning building. two other firefighters manage to grab him and pull him back out of that hole. luckily the fire not injured, but he was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. >> wow. >> they act so quickly on their team. >> and as the roof falls in. these guys are heroes. checking in with christina loren. good morning. >> police officers and firefighters are local heroes. good morning to you. we have really good-looking day for the second half of the day. we're going to have to wait for the sun to shine over the bay area. but if you were craving the cooler weather if you tried to use your ac over the past couple of days, we've got the natural coolant coming off the pacific. full-on cloud cover, though, all the way from san francisco to
6:49 am
concord. and livermore with a full deck of clouds. temperatures are nice and mild with the cloud cover, 56 degrees in sunnyvale and san jose at this point. and we've got a westerly wind, a rather strong westerly wind that's coming off the pacific and pushing all that cloud cover over your inland cities. it looks like we're going to be under those clouds at least until noon when the winds really start to pick up and your future cast tells that story. we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m., becoming breezy especially at the coast at that point. you look at your key getting some pretty strong gusts. between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 and that could make for a rather rough commute home if you drive a high-profile vehicle over our local bridges. put that in your back pocket for now. breezy conditions today. as we head through tomorrow, clearing you out, we're going to get more sunshine by about 9:00 a.m. your mid-morning hours starting to clear. 72 degrees for today with limited sun in san jose, 70 in fremont and holding on to the 60s in oakland and san francisco. tomorrow, that sun comes back out, i think by about 11:00 a.m., we'll have full-on sunshine over the greater bay
6:50 am
area. don't forget tomorrow night you can catch the a's and the giants right here on nbc bay area 7:15. the bay bridge series starts. the theme this year, oddly enough, golden gate bridge. 84 degrees on saturday, 86 on sunday. mike, maybe you can explain that better than me. >> welm, i heard the san mateo bridge is also warning the dumbarton bridge will be closed. they're all helping each other out. we look over here to highway 4. we do have a new issue. in the slowdown "a" street, an accident involving a motorcycle. the second incident involving a motorcycle for the morning. warmer weather, we typically see more of these smaller vehicles on the road. use extra caution, tougher to see them. there's more slowing there, no injuries reported just yet. we'll get more details. slowing through pittsburgh bay point, concord, highway 242 and 680 show the build for the morning commute. a smoother drive, the east shore freeway approaching 24 minutes, westbound your commute direction pretty smooth.
6:51 am
eastbound we'll end with a live shot of the bay bridge and we'll see that eastbound direction, lower deck moves smoothly, but there's an accident clearing toward the toll plaza heading out of san francisco. back to you. >> beautiful bay bridge. happy 75th soon to the golden gate. a bizarre story overnight on the peninsula. a man jumped from a highway overpass to escape an attacker unaware how far he's about to fall. bob redell live near the scene in foster city with the details of what happened. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. we believed he was a victim of a carjacking trying to escape. not realizing there was this dropoff when he dropped over the edge of the highway. you can see that elevated portion where the headlights were coming towards us, that's eastbound 92 just before the mariners island boulevard exit. we're still trying to gather more details. but our general understanding is that a little bit before 2:00 this morning, this man who had been carjacked was able to escape his assailant at that point on the road, was running
6:52 am
away, leaped over the edge of highway 92 thinking it would be a short drop, turns out it was 30 feet to the ground. he was able to call chp, they stayed on the line with him, were able to find him by listening to the sirens approaching in the background. the area where he landed was so inaccessible, the fire department had to hoist him back on to the highway using one of those rescue stretchers for transport to the hospital. his condition is unknown. so is the whereabout of the carjacker, but we have been able to confirm they did find the car at another location. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." and another wild road story here, san jose police hoping to talk to a crash victim this morning who managed to survive seven straight days with no food and no water. investigators say more than a week ago michael sanchez jr. lost control of his ford pickup on highway 101, a witness says he saw that truck go down an embankment and then crash. but then saw sanchez actually get out of the car and walk away.
6:53 am
chp and sheriff deputies did search but did not find him anywhere. then seven days later, san jose detectives returned to the scene and found sanchez still alive. this morning, he remains hospitalized still recovering. new this morning, a teenager dead after shooting in san jose. doctors worked through the night to try to save 18-year-old teenager but he died early this morning of a gun shot wound. officers say they found him and a second man on walnut woods drive, looks like it's close to mclaughlin avenue. the other man was not shot but had serious injuries. so far, no word on a possible motive and police have not yet released a description of any possible suspects. east bay police asking for help to track down a serial tagger. officers say the man may be linked to a graffiti spree that left several downtown businesses spray painted on may 6th. if you recognize this person, call police. well, first it was charging
6:54 am
for checked luggage, then fees for using your own debit card. now consumers under attack once again. marla tellez live outside of verizon store where loyal customers are soon to lose a very important perk out there. marla, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, jon. good morning. say it isn't so. no more unlimited data plans for verizon. i've enjoyed one for years now, so i'm going to be one of these customers forced into a data share plan. verizon not saying precisely when this will take effect other than some time this summer. the ceo making the announcement saying verizon is getting rid of grandfathered unlimited data plans. this means if you have one, you will be required to sign on to a data share plan when you want to upgrade your phone. new customers can also expect a data share plan, basically a pay as you go sort of deal. now, i just heard back from a company spokesperson who would not actually answer any questions on the phone. instead she sent me a statement
6:55 am
that reads in part, "customers have told us they want to share data similar to how they share minutes today." we are working on plans to provide customers with that option later this year. now verizon officials also saying the move is designed to migrate customers into the new faster 4g lte network from the 3g network. well, how much is this really going to cost you? unfortunately it's hard to say right now because pricing for these new data share plans has yet to be announced. marla tellez, today in the bay. a stockton man in jail this morning accused of being a public health threat. rodriguez has active put.b. he is wearing a protective mask. he's facing two misdemeanor counts for refusing to take his medication, missing doctors appointments and endangering public health. and this morning, we now know the name of the person
6:56 am
found dead inside a casto valro valley home. the victim is 29-year-old jordan vigil of hayward. his body was found monday night and investigators say he had an extensive criminal history and an autopsy has been performed, but a cause of death has not been released. 6:56, the man accused of beating a berkeley hills man to death is now accused of breaking a sheriff deputy's jaw. the deputy tried to restrain 23-year-old daniel dewitt to transport him to the napa state hospital wednesday morning. the sheriff department says dewitt swung at the deputy hitting him in the chin. the deputy will have to undergo surgery to have his jaw wired shut. dewitt whose family says he is mentally ill is accused of beating a 67-year-old berkeley hills homeowner to death with a ceramic pot in february. it is 6:56 right now. a stanford professor will not face charges after police found more than 40 teenagers partying at his house. the san mateo county district attorney says there isn't enough
6:57 am
proof that william burnett brought the alcohol into the house -- bought the alcohol or made it available to the teens. now officers arrested burnett back in november after neighbors complained about a loud party at the family's home in menlo park. burnett says he let his teenage son have a party after a high school football game. but burnett insists he is not aware of any of the kids drinking alcohol. occupy san francisco will migrate down the peninsula later today. they're planning to protest an appearance by former british prime minister tony blair. his speech prompted a scathing opinion piece in the stanford daily calling blair a war criminal and comparing him to cult killer charles manson. members of occupy san francisco say they will be on campus to greet him later today. well, if you're watching the clock and keeping track at home, just about 24 hours to go to that facebook ipo. and people wondering, hey, how can i get in on the action?
6:58 am
scott mcgrew found a woman with one request. >> she doesn't want to get rich. she wants one share of facebook $30 something with. she e-mailed a facebook friend. >> it didn't go that well. even though they say it's an initial public offering and i felt like a member of the public. >> reporter: undeterred, she called morgan stanley, one of facebook's big underwriters. >> hello? >> reporter: we suspect no one has ever called morgan stanley asking for just one share. >> the man was very, very nice and he gently told me that it was not in fact, possible for morgan stanley to sell me a share. >> reporter: then she heard etrade was offering shares to some investors. >> a very, very small investor. >> reporter: so one last try, filled out the forms, entered her net worth and- >> and i clicked a button and they were like, nope, sorry. >> living in san francisco you feel this tech wealth around you
6:59 am
and you get this feeling you don't have access to it and i think that, unfortunately, you kind of don't have access to it. you know? >> kind of a bummer moral of the story, isn't it? you can't. but starting tomorrow when they're traded on the open market, you can. there you go. >> that bell will ring at 6:30. we'll feature it live with extensive coverage, as well. >> the facebook onslaught. let's toss it over to christina loren. >> we have mostly cloudy conditions. we are going to get that sunshine, just have to wait for it. 70 degrees at noon inland, up to 74 at 4:00 p.m. temperatures 55 degrees. let's check your drive with mike. >> sounds like that motorcycle driver involved in the accident for highway 4 is okay. the accident to the shoulder. 680, down into walnut creek, 101, 85, and 87. >> go giants today at 12:45. we'll be back at 7:25 this morning for you and every half hour after th


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