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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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start with the share price. you can see right there opened at $38 a share. it closed at $38.23. the closing price lacked sizzle but don't be fooled. facebook off to a solid start. cheryl hurd joins from us san francisco tonight. presumably, many of the employees are having a fight on the town. >> that's right, raj. many of the talks you're talking about probably out and about tonight and probably picking up the tab. facebook is now a public company. the big question is, what's next? the workday is over for many in many san francisco's financial district. but money was on the mind of some dining tonight along the embarcadero. the facebook ipo brought up a lot of emotion. >> i think it's a little overinflated. i mean, it's kind of crazy. >> it's going to be one of those things i'm going to go, darn it, i wish i'd have done it be.
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>> so let's do this. >> 28-year-old ceo mark zuckerberg made it official. he virtually hit the opening bell at the company's headquarters in menlo park at 6:30 this morning. but because of all the hype and volume, trading was delayed. >> facebook ipo was the biggest. it was enormous volume. nasdaq tested all week long but obviously it still overwhelmed the system. >> the first trade was at $42.05, up nearly 11% from the ipo price. >> there are larger issues that are going to drives the economy i this i. >> gary schlossberg is the senior economist for wells capital management. >> certainly a great company. no doubt about it, great opportunities down the road. a lot of cash to acquire companies that could be a good compliment. >> facebook recently bought san francisco's instagraham photo sharing ap. that shows its financial muscle. but some analysts compare the ipo to louis sent when it went
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public in 1996. carly fiorina was ceo then. it was the largest ipo in history at the time. fiorina says it's up to facebook from here. facebook is not slowing down. in fact, it's picking up steam. on the first day of a public company, it bought yet another company called karma, a gift giving ap based right here in the bay area. in fact, facebook is looking into buying more companies. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now for the lawsuit. it's not from the winklevoss twins. less than 24 hours after going public, facebook is being called out in a class action suit that demands $15 billion from facebooking from violating federal wiretap laws. the complaint was filed yesterday any federal court in san jose before the company even went public. the plaintiffs say facebook
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improperly tracked users even after they logged it out. it combines 21 separate cases across the country. a spokesmcaor f facebook says the company will contest the claim. >> keeping a promise made decades ago to a loved one buried in a pauper's grave. a san jose woman is vowing to give her grandmother a proper burial and she believes she's one of the more than 1400 bodies buried under medical dmaer san jose. this time she's promising to get it done. george kitayama joins with us their story. >> we do know 100 bodies will be removed from this construction site. tonight the question gloria would like to know, is her grandmother one of them? >> this is my granted mother who is dean nas. >> gloria sfrls absolutely convinced her grandmother is buried under the medical center. >> i turned the television up
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and said i just knew it. mom was right. i knew it. >> she grew up hearing storieso about her grandmother's death in 19159. she was buried at county hospital. her mother vowed to bury her in a catholic cemetery when he she got enough money. in 1970, gloria and her mother went to county hospital to keep their promise. >> went to a clerk who took us to administrator and then to another one. and it was all the same answer. we don't know what you're talking about. there's never been a cemetery here. >> we obtained this county map published in 1932 that shows a cemetery on county hospital's property. for some unknown reason on a map published in 1958, that is no longer documented. earlier this year, construction crews uncovered 15th pine cof n coffins. the discover could confirmed her gut instinct. >> to know these people were under this all this time that will sends chills up my spine.
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>> there could be up to 1600 cough fips underneath the parking lot and buildings. a judge gave crews the green light toyota remove 100 of them to make room for a parking lot. >> are we that inhume we figure oh, well, there they are and cover them over like they never existed. >> she hopes to give her grandmother a proper burial and to keep her mother's promise. >> the one last thing if i could rebury my grandmother is kind of the one last thing i could do for my mother that she wanted so badly to have done. >> now, if the county can't identify the bodies they will be cremated. as for the other 1400, they will remain underneath this parking lot and building. live at valley medical center tonight, george kitayama. >> fascinating story. thank you. a high powered san francisco lawyer has to figure out his own defense. spencer smith is facing felony hit and run charges in connection with the death of a
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dublin bicyclist. he is a partner with the smith paten firm in san francisco. is he accused of striking the cyclist tuesday night. he allegedly fled the season. dublin police found biowhop lying at fall creek road. smith has twos prior convictions for the past year. >> some bagged salads may make you sick. river ranch fresh foods has recalled its salad products packaged under various names including river ranch, high vee, marketside and sure pressure fresh. the company issued the voluntary recall after a routine sampling. a bacteria can cause a serious infection was in twos packages of iceberg lettuce sold in california and colorado. so far no illnesses have been reported. the caps and gowns are being donned at campuses all across
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the area. while graduation is supposed to be a time full of hope, the slow economy has grads worried about their future. new numbers paint an improving picture. will it be enough? we have more on graduates and how they're trying to move forward. >> usf grads are excited to have their diplomas tonight. many will now start looking for a job, but with the market so tight, they also say they have a backup plan. more school. hundreds of university of san francisco graduates cheer their accomplishment. >> it happened so quick, i don't remember being up there. >> with a masters in asian pacific studies she is fulfilling a family dream. >> you the refugee from laos wherever in my country, only the -- only the men can go to school. >> it's a proud moment. you can see the hope on the faces of students and parents.
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>> douglas dwa rp. >> with dip plo mas in hand graduates are walking into an uncertain future. jobs are hard to come by. the state development employment company says unemployment in california dropped to 10.9% in april. in the bay area, 8.9% in alameda county, 8.2 in santa clara county and 7.4 in san francisco. tao is considering a p.h.d. >> it's either go back to school or try and find a job. >> reporter: on a photo perfect day, graduates are feeling squeezed. >> the pressure of what's next and finding a full-time job and being able to take that on and go to the next step. >> looking for work in sports management, matt woodward is hoping investment in his education pays off in the form i've paycheck. >> it's not easy, but i have some interviews coming up. so we'll see what happens. >> more than 2,000 usf graduates
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are now officially on the job market job ready. one xensment speaker had this advice. don't be too picky about the job you get. be happy and keep climbing. jean elle, bay area stores. >> he open the first weed superstore in the country and now accused of taking a different kind of green from the city of oakland. >> for giants fans, owning this would be the ultimate prize. there you see it. why the gear used by your favorite player is now yours for the taking. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> tense moments at sea. a woman's camera keeps rolling as a boat makes an unexpected stop. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the "weather center." that weekend's going to get warmer, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for the south bay. warmer, temperatures in the thr quality. we'll talk about how hot it's going to get coming up in that
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seven-day forecast.
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>> the founder of the so-called walmart of weed is feeling heat from the city of oakland tonight. dar mann is facing 13 counts including fraud, forgery. he is the founder of the we grow marijuana superstore and now accused of pocketing $44,000 of grant money he received for upgrades to his oakland properties. city auditor courtney ruby tells us he submitted copies of phony checks for reimbursement and then redeposited the money into his own account. >> if you are knowingly performing fraud, you are defrauding the city, are you
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performing a criminal act. that is why it was referred to the district attorney. >> dar mann sent us a text message today. he writes every development project was completed and every contractor paid on every project, much more spent than what was required. the city is claiming $44,000 in losses whereas the total dollar figure involved is more like 4,000. >> as the new eastern span of the bay bridge speeds towards completion, the western span could be getting a new look. local businessman ben davis is the one who had the bright idea to illuminate the western span in a unique way. appropriate for the bay area. he created the bay lights project. so davis enlisted new york artist to come up with a way to light the bridge with energy efficient eds. he says the bridge is the perfect canvas for the artist's work. >> imagine the eiffel tower but seven times larger than the tower and in my opinion, a much morel gant interpretation of a
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light sculpture. >> it could be beautiful and elegant but going to take a lot of money. the group needs to raise $3 million within the next six weeks. >> a tranquil boat ride rocked whether he a ferry slammed into a building in alaska. look. >> oh, my gosh! oh my gosh. >> she's right. a stuns passenger caught the aftermath on her camera. the state ferry she was riding on t-boned a seafood processing plant. the ferry itself suffered only minor daniel but it idled the plant and it still has numerous repairs to make. miraculously no one was hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. transportation officials believe a very strong current may have played a role. >> in the sports world, there are good coaches, great coaches and then there are legendary coaches, think john wooden and pro football's bill walsh. >> there's coaching right now in the south bay. garvin thomas introduces us to
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the coach whose greatness is patched only by his longevity. >> to survive in judo and come out on top, you're going to need a well practiced combination of balance, quickness, and strength. >> come on, move, move, move. >> of course, if you're a joe die coach is ochida, you're going to need a thick skin as well. >> you got to do it right. come on. you got to start using your head. you don't know anything. don't stay there. try it again. >> reporter: coach uchida his athletes will tell you is tough. and tough things we all know last. in this case, 66 years as san jose state's judo coach. in fact, you can't tell the story of judo in the united states without mentioning yosha's name more than a few times. >> this is the first olympic judo team.
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>> he was not only the coach on america's very first olympic judo squad in 1964, he spearheaded changes to the very rules of competitive judo that paved the way for it to become an olympic sport in the first place. >> i changed the whole structure. of course, i was not the most popular guy but once we started that, that's how it went. >> meanwhile at san jose state, yosh was busy building a judo juggernaut, more than 40 national titles to their credit. for the past half century, if you are serious about judo in america, you seriously consider being koched by yosh. >> they want to make the olympic team. >> and many of them have. although if there is one hole in yosh's lengthy resume, it's olympic gold. no american judo athlete has brought one of those home. at least not yet.
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and for not much longer, if marty malloy has a say. >> you'll getedly. >> for the past five years, yosh has taught her, guided her and criticized her on her way to the 2012 olympic games in london. >> his mantra if you can't put up with what i have to give you, you're not going to put up with what life throws you. >> marty says she thinks about her coach whether she's there or not and will definitely be thinking about him in london. >> a gold medal under him would be like the greatest thing ever, for the school, for him, for me. >> garvin thomas. >> now that is impressive. >> he is a worldwide legend. let's bringing in jeff ranieri out at the ballpark earlier this evening. did you get dirty? >> i was going to say my shoes still had clay on them but not these. i switched them. i looked down, why are my shoes orange?
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i was walking on the field at at&t park for the bay bridge series. the forecast for tomorrow in a few minutes. 52 in san mateo, 56 in san jose and right now in san francisco home of the world series champions the san francisco giants right now the 52. we'll take you it to our sky cam network. downtown we are fog free as the city lights are shining bright. the giants were commemorating international original day at the park. everybody out in orange. it ties into the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary coming up this month as players will be you know adorning this special patch on their uniforms as we continue throughout this series. let's bring you back to our weather headlines and what you'll find for tomorrow morning is mainly the fog at the coastline. not expect too long much inland. friday, sunshine staying with us with plenty of '80s coming back. the seven-day forecast has too many swings coming our way as this area of high pressure moves
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in saturday and sunday, it's going to stay parked out here for the next three days. the weekend will be comfortable. a lot more enjoyable than we had throughout the week with all the fog. temperatures in the 80s. a little bit warmer. we'll turn it up slightly here as we head into sunday. this is going to play with the allergy forecast. while it has been quite a bit bet they are past week, it's going into the moderate levels in all categories. you may have to startofçp r(t&hc that allergy medicine once again as that wind will kick around that pollen. the morning, 50 in fremont. 51 in concord. 40s in the valley. 49 in santa cruz and mid 40s in santa rosa. daytime highs expected to top out on saturday. yes, the weekend is now here. 81 in san jose, 82 in los gatos. 73 in santa cruz. tucked back into the tri-valley, low to mid 80s from walnut creek into concord, pleasant toon.
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84 in livermore. alameda to fremont, temperatures holding strong in the 70s. san francisco 69 degrees. 81 in santa rosa and bodega bay 60s. if you are leaded to the beach, it's still going to provide a cool breeze. that bay bridge series continue tomorrow. we are expecting weather to stay sunny with conditions in the mid 60s. on your 3 day forecast, you'll find numbers going up this weekend. as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday, it goes down but not like it's going to get overly cold or anything. we don't have any 60s on here. you'll see a little bit of cloud cover into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. however, we have held off just because we can. we have the power to hold off on putting those rain drops on there. >> you have the power. >> you're the meteorologist. we don't have that power. >> i've left them off there for the both of you. >> earlier, jeff took barry zito's jersey. coming up, you can take the
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>> okay. for you giants fans, this is the ultimate hand me down as jeff showed us earlier this evening, i hope jeff didn't walk away with this thing. tonight was international orange day at at&t park. the orange jerseys the players wore on the field will be on sale tomorrow. they feature a special patch that commemorates the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. you see it right there. of course, after tonight's game those jerseys are sweaty, sticky and dirt the dirty but they'll be flying off the shelves. game used gear is now on sale at the ballpark. here's nbc bay area's jean elle. >> orange and black is a game night requirement for fans. now the faithful will have a new way to stand out. or gear. >> this gear was used by the players. there are dirty game balls and tarred broken bats. scuffed up bases and worn
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jerseys. some are signed, some are just stained. >> it has a sporty feel to it but you're like they wore it in the game. >> diana wants to cuddle a well worn matt kaine jersey. >> i might hold it for a little wall or put it on the wall. >> like any good second hand store, merchandise is always changing. during monday night's fourth inning, staff delivered game night goods including a broken joaquin arias bat. >> when you see a certain spot on hdtv these days and it matches up to this helmet, you know it was used in that specific game. >> bobby likes to link his soof anywhere to specific plays. >> sweat marks, whatever. >> why would you want a shirt with sweat marks. >> i know, i got a lot in the laundry at home. >> it's part of history. >> the store is a hit with fans of all ages. 8-year-old aiden is eyeing a
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used bat. >> i would ho it off to all my friends. >> jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> so cool to have that in your room. >> he would show it off to his whole school, love it. >> let's turn things over to brodie brazil in the newsroom. you don't have any giants gear on. >> jessica, the guess the question is how much does a raj ma thil news worn suit go for? i need a new wardrobe. i'm guessing $500 to 700 bucks. >> you want to smell it? >> actually, i think i'm cool with that. hey, guys, lots of games, highlights and sports to choose from tonight. we have the only thing that you actually care about, the bay bridge series going down in san francisco where the giants had an 8-1 lead early but with trouble hanging on, rn hctioig nbc bay area. n
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>> and welcome back. tonight was the 87th time the giants and a's ended up in regular season. the battle of the bay this year made interesting by an oakland team on the rise and a san francisco club with a sub .500 record. out at at&t park it, buster posey is concerned with kate. that is josh reddick behind you. you don't want him to make you television history. no harm done though. bottom of the first scoreless. brandon, the base hit to center. angel pagen flies into home safely. 1-0 san francisco. barry zito is on the mound for the giants. top of the third, this is josh donaldson going yard for the first time this season. donaldson wasn't necessarily even supposed to be in the lineup tonight. that cuts the leads to 2-1, san francisco still with the advantage. bottom of the third. giants up five on bases loaded. barry zito at the plate walking. that would make it a 6-1 giants lead. a's down eight. bases loaded.
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donaldson finding the gap in left center that would clear the bases. a's down. top of the ninth, santiago on. ja while ground out to emmanuel burriss at second. just like that, san francisco your winner, 8-6. >> our guys did a great job especially the middle of the order. mel can i good day, pagen, what did he have three walks, belt good day, three rbis, sanchez. you know they all did some good things there early in the game to give us that cushion which we needed. but good at-bats. they kept things moving and quality of bats and we held on. >> of they were putting up very gooda good at-bats. donaldson had a great game, good approach at the plate. happens that he drove in five runs. we did the same. we battled back and posted runs early in the game.
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that was the difference. >> i bad times for oakland. the a's have now lost their ten consecutive games, ten straight games at at&t park. game two of the series is tomorrow. the detroit tigers pitcher justin verlander took a no hitter through eight innings this afternoon but could notnto. t
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nowadays you can't drink and you've got to keep your clothes on. still a wacky race and uniquely bay area. the 101st running of the bay to breakers keeping the people on their best behavior is always a challenge. sfpd will be out in full force during the race. their job is to "enforce fun but also to enforce two bans adopted last year a zero tolerance policy on alcohol and a ban on floats. san francisco is expecting close to 50,000 runners to take part in this year's race in the
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streets of san francisco. >> i say we all dress up as yef ranieri and run together. >> well, i have my clothes on. how exciting -- we're not going to go there. >> we should cut it right there. >> have a great weekend. >> go naked? >> hello. bye-bye.
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