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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we'll see. we've got a live report coming up. and i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures in the 50s, nice and sunny inland. but we're getting pretty thick fog at the coast. we'll let you know when that's expected to clear and what cities are going to get the best of the weather today. >> the effects on your drive. the early slowing and new incident at the bay bridge. we'll bring that to you coming up. and a live look outside at 880 running through oakland. and the sun slowly coming up. we're getting that blue hue as the traffic's flowing in. monday, may 21st, "today in the bay." >> good monday morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us, happy to see you, it's 6:00, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. only on nbc bay area, bird's eye view from atop of an icon. bob redell, the only reporter allowed up on the south tower
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today of the golden gate bridge ahead of the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. you're all bundled up. is it cold? >> it's very cold, windy, wet, we've been getting bursts of wind in here and, of course, you've got the fog. right now we're looking south. if it wasn't fogged in, you'd be able to see the deck with traffic, the southbound commute. about 500 feet below, the water's another 200 feet. we're essentially up 746 feet in the air. and because of these extreme conditions, because you've got salt from the ocean is one of the reasons why this bridge is constantly being painted the international orange. and you can see there's corrosion, a lot of wear out here. it's not ideal conditions for the structure of steel this size. they didn't have a choice, they needed to connect san francisco to marin somehow. you have this continuous painting operation going on constantly and that's why tim hanson has a job because you've been doing this 23 years now. i think first of all, people
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probably don't realize getting up here, you're not actually climbing up the south tower. getting up is quite a cozy ride in itself, which i enjoyed, by the way. >> there is an elevator. there is a cozy ride. but there are days we actually do hike up the main cable. >> but for us getting up this morning, i just want to give people a sense of how tight this phone booth is. back in the day when they built this, people must have been much smaller. >> i believe they were, absolutely. that was back in the depression days, so they didn't eat as much food as we do today. >> right. unfortunately for us we're not as trim as we used to be. and the ride is up about six minutes and of you got a couple of ladders to climb up. takes about 20 minutes to come up here. my question is, what's your favorite part of the job? >> favorite part of the job is showing up, make a good pot of coffee for the fellas we work with and get something during the day to protect the structure and we go home to our families.
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>> reporter: i know you harness yourself in especially out there on the main cable. is there one place that scares yo uh when you're up here? >> i think probably maybe the first step going down the back span. you might think you look down it and go whoa, okay. but once you clip in it kind of goes away. it depends if you've been out there. if i haven't been on the main cable in quite some time, the first step on to it, the back span is a little bit -- >> reporter: all right, thank you very much. 746 feet above the main floor of the water below. don't forget, the 75th anniversary this sunday, festivities run from 11:00 until 11:00, go to for more information. reporting live, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob redell. great stuff. i like that. i'm sure that woo-woo sound they made in that elevator, as well. that's the uss iowa will be
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staying in the san francisco bay right now. that historic battleship scheduled to move to southern california. it was supposed to start with the trip today, but experts say the conditions out on the ocean between here and southern california just too rough at this point for the ship. and now the departure will probably happen some time later on this week. the "uss iowa" was restored in richmond. the ship is expected to become a floating museum down in l.a. new this morning, man is in the hospital following another beating outside dodgers stadium. police say two cars were involved in a minor collision in the parking lot and that led to a fight between drivers eventually three more people joined in holding the victim down. the victim's wife who was eight months pregnant witnessed that attack. she also went to the hospital as a precaution. now this attack happens 14 months after two men beat bryan stowe in the parking lot. two men have pleaded not guilty to charges related to that attack.
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laura, we can tell you this plan is not a slam dunk just yet, be uh the warriors are planning to run a little fast break from oakland to san francisco. mayor ed lee got the ball rolling last week and this morning, more details coming in on a plan that's coming to light. live at the oracle arena in oakland right now. she has all of the reaction. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. the golden state warriors team itself, they're not saying much about this possible move from oakland to san francisco, but certainly the fans and the bloggers are talking about it this morning. we've been speaking with fans here in oakland. if you're from oakland, what we're hearing, this is very disappointing understandably. but for folks outside of oakland, the buzz is all about the possibilities and what a move to san francisco might bring for the team. they may be close to a deal with san francisco according to and a blogger on bay area news group saying the team may build a privately funded arena along the embarcadero, or
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the team could end up near at&t park. all signs seem to point to a financially lucrative san francisco move. and that's what one fan told us this morning. it makes sense, but he prefers oakland. >> people go where the money is. and that's where the business is. and they have a right for free enterprise and so forth. and so they going to go wherever they feel like they can make money. >> reporter: now, there would still be five seasons to go at oracle arena here in oakland. and mayor ed lee recently sent a letter saying the city would work with the team to bring them to san francisco for the 2017/2018 season. i was checking out the website, the website before i came on and it kind of makes you wonder what the team might be called if they go back to san francisco because
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in 1962, they were called the san francisco warriors. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. and the 49ers made their move out of san francisco. today the team celebrating the first construction milestone down in santa clara. we'll tell you what's happening today in a live report. >> exciting time. time to check the forecast, 6:07. how are we looking, christina? >> a great day shaping up. good morning to you. temperatures are going to climb from the 50s where we are right now into the upper 70s and 80s. not looking nearly as good as that desk was. that's why we kept that shot up. 56 in san jose, we're at -- oh, little magic trick for you. harry potter in the building this morning, ladies and gentlemen. 52 degrees in san jose, and as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures are going to be so, so nice. really holding on to comfortable conditions all week long. we do have a very slight chance for some showers as of friday, but i think in the north bay, if
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you're waking up with us in sonoma county, maybe a stray shower. overall, though, a comfortable week with spring-like weather. not too hot, not too cold all week long. up to 79 at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. by the bay, you're going to deal with that cloud cover at least until about noon, but looks like between noon and 5:00, you will get some stellar sunshine even in san francisco. so temperatures will climb into the 60s. 69 degrees as you make your way home. your seven-dave forecast is just moments away. stay tuned for that, first, let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll go to the bay bridge toll plaza. where we have reports of a minor accident there. sounds like a tire fell off the back of a truck. a brown crown victoria. we're looking at no injuries, and that has moved to the shoulder, as well, folks. and that should be better news as the crowds build in the toll plaza lanes. back to the maps, you do see
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slowing right at the berkeley curve, but none of the a approaches showing speeds in the 50s. and a smooth drive approaching oakland, as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, from nuptials to numbers, it was a nonstop adventure for facebook. today, back to business for mark zuckerberg who happened to marry his long time girlfriend over the weekend, as well, today marking the first full day of trading for the now public company. on friday, facebook stock coming dangerously close to sinking below its offering price. today could end up, well, being nothing short of an embarrassment. details coming up at 6:30. >> what a week for that guy. 6:09. the run for the white house will make its way through the bay area later this week. president obama will hit up the deep pockets of donors. he's coming to the south bay. in redwood city, signs posted downtown, warning of heavy traffic and scarce parking. presidential motorcade will roll through town on wednesday.
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he'll headline a reception at the fox theater after a high-priced dinner in atherton. president obama is not the first commander in chief to visit the peninsula city of redwood city. local historians say the last time it happened was way back in 1932. when herbert hoover came to town. >> hoover didn't want people to know he was here. you know, obama does. and that says a lot. i don't think that the economy as bad as it is is anything like what hoover went through in the depression. >> different time. republican presidential candidate mitt romney also expected to make a fund-raising trip to the bay area on may 30th. he is expected to attend a private fundraiser in hillsboro. of course, stay with nbc bay area and for continuing coverage of the president's visit. we'll also have information on projected road closures during that visit. 6:10 right now.
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coming up on "today in the bay," taking one on the chin in more ways than one, little timmy taking a beating out there. how he's doing coming up. and it is a big day for the san francisco 49ers and their new stadium. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll explain today's construction milestone coming up. we'll take a look at facebook, as well and look ahead to the next big ipo. and for the latest news, traffic, weather, good conversation, find us on facebook at nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. this is how fogged in it is. same thing up on top. but you're going to get a view
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you're going to see nowhere else. bob redell actually on top of the golden gate bridge this morning. we're helping to celebrate the bridge's 75th anniversary. more coming up in a live report. 6:14 now. time for a quick sports question. are you ready for some football? the way the giants and a's are stumbling through the first quarter of the season, you may be jonesing for the pig skins. the 49ers with a construction milestone for the brand new stadium down in santa clara. marla tellez live at the new stadium site with all that's new and shiny. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning, construction crews arrived about 30 minutes ago. and the very first truck to arrive this morning carrying some very important equipment. i stopped the drive and i said what's your role out here? and he said i'm bringing the barbecue. they work up an appetite, no doubt, so the barbecue is on-site already. well, today it is all about installing one of some 3,000 piles and the piles actually
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hold up the stadium. and you see these yellow rigs. if you stay back live. i want to show you these yellow rigs out here. these are five of them and they're the high-torque drilling rigs that would drill about 55 feet into the ground. those holes will hold the piles with the help of serious grout. they will pour some 25,000 of cubic feet of concrete for the piles alone. we have an animated look of the stadium to give you an idea of the finished product. crews just broke ground about a month ago at the ceremony. jim harbaugh made it clear he believes this new home is sacred territory. >> everyone that desires to be part of a team, they can be part of our team. and this football cathedral's going to be a great testament to that. >> back here live over the next 25 days, a crew of about 50 workers out here will install 120 piles a day.
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you remember they have more than 3,000 piles to install. they will drill the very first one in a few hours at 11:00 this morning. you can expect all sorts of camera crews out here. we will have one, nbc bay area will have a camera out here and the latest throughout the day during our newscast. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> you grab the barbecue, we'll grab the napkins. deal? >> deal. 6:16, right now, giants' pitcher not expected to miss any time. take a look at what it looked like on sunday afternoon. the a's slid into home head first. smacking right into him. he popped right up to his feet, though, but he did leave the game following the inning. the manager says it's because he already threw 90 pitches, but we hope he's doing okay this
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morning. the a's went on to win 6-2, giants get the bragging rights for this year's bay bridge series. they won the first two games friday and saturday. well, it's a uniquely bay area tradition. they call it wild and crazy. it's the beta breakers and it's wrapping up. actually wrapped up yesterday without any major problems this year. more than 4,000 people ran and walked the race this year. 19 were arrested, eight for open containers and marijuana. now that's down from 25 arrested last year. this marks the second year in a row drinking and floats were banned not allowed on the route. >> gorgeous day for the beta breakers. >> it was a little bit warmer yesterday than we were expecting today. we have the best weather by the bay. today your inland cities are going to be treated with really comfortable conditions. and here's a start, taking a live look over san jose. lots of sunshine coming in here, not the case by the bay, and the coast this morning, we are socked in with fog and we will
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be, looks like for the first part of the day. 6:17, and the sun is up and temperatures are at the coolest point. just after sunrise is the coolest point of the day. our highs usually come in at about 4:00 this time of year, between 4:00 and 5:00. as you can see here, just a few high cirrus clouds comprised of ice crystals. 52 degrees in san francisco. we're at 52 in san mateo to start. headed toward a really comfortable afternoon. once we get rid of this fog. and we did have good visibility until just about half an hour ago. and now your visibilities are starting to drop off in santa rosa, for instance, down to 1 1/2 miles today. we stop the clock on your future cast, the low clouds, and you can still see a little bit of cloud cover hugging the coastline at 9:00 a.m., but we continue that future cast. down to north bay, a weak disturbance is coming through. and keeping temperatures on the mild side this afternoon. 6:18 you can see, 71 degrees in oakland, 77 for napa, and 82
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degrees in concord. your seven-day outlook tells a story. the sun stays with us. maybe a few showers up in the north bay early friday morning. we'll talk more about that coming up. want to get you out that front door on time, here's mike. >> we're watching for the low clouds, but not causing a problem. as far as chp is concerned not yet. a little slowing because of a stall blocking part of one lane as you're coming across that carquinez bridge in your westbound commute direction. i'll track that, they should clear that from the roadway very quickly. you're close to the limit as you come through san pablo and richmond. slowing at the berkeley curve, the metering lights turning on any second now. the earlier accident and debris clearing from the toll plaza. down to the south bay, we're looking at the northbound routes. north of san jose you're okay. but coming through san jose, slowing for 880, to 17, as well as 101 coming off that 680 interchange.
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getting reports of lanes, as well. saturday i was at the walk now for autism walk fundraiser and awareness raiser for autism speaks throughout the bay area chapter. we had a great time out here. 7,000 people showed up. we had over 400, almost $500,000 raised all going to awareness and getting more funding for this research on this growing epidemic. 1 out of 88 kids are diagnosed with autism throughout the area and a lot of families getting together to share their resources and a general sense of community. there's team polly. great shirts out there. great guys, autism speaks, thanks for having me out there. >> great effort out there, mike. checking you on facebook. and company shares are a bit like an oil painting. scott mcgrew, explain yourself. >> walk with me. imagine you are an artist, you see your oil painting that you sold at auction for thousands of dollars sitting at the garage sale for $5, what do you do? you buy it, right? that's a good analogy for what
6:21 am
happened to facebook friday, may happen again today. they fell back to their own offering price on friday, $38 a share, never lower on friday because underwriters swooped in and bought them back up. it's a bit like an artist buying up his paintings at a garage sale. now this may happen again today but this cannot last forever. this repurchasing. so where facebook shares go from here will be fascinating to watch. a number of smart people last week spent a lot of time reminding you about facebook's head winds, the problems facing the company, low advertising rates, problems in mobile, even worries in europe would cause all kinds of trouble, they said. those were really smart people. officials at the nasdaq met over the weekend to discuss the delay we saw friday morning. it took a while for facebook shares to trade. that's normal, but took a long time for people buying or selling to get confirmation leading some to cancel and that caused further confusion. yahoo early this morning announced it was selling half of the interest in the chinese
6:22 am
company ali baba back to this man. the new board of directors at yahoo has been able to do in a couple of days what no board's been able to do and that is get the deal done. $7 billion in cash for yahoo. they need the money. and finally, here's an interesting ipo for you, formula one often described as the second most popular sport in the world has gotten approval for an upcoming public offering of stock in singapore. it should raise about $2.5 million. formula one driver michael schumacher has been ranked as the second highest paid athlete in history behind at the time tiger woods. >> how interesting. >> very cool. thank you, scott. it's the final day for the nato summit in chicago. and today, the focus is expected to be on afghanistan. a live report is next. ♪
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welcome back, everybody, on a monday morning. it is 6:25 out there. look at that traffic lining up at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're still in bed or heading out the door, be happy you're not in that. if you're heading towards it, might want to find another way. protests outside the nato summit in chicago stretched into the night. today marks the last day of the nato summit and the focus is on afghanistan. brian mooar live in washington, d.c. this morning with a look at the president's request for more money and manpower.
6:26 am
good morning, brian. >> reporter: laura, that ten-year war in afghanistan, america's longest, is going to reach a milestone today on paper, at least, the president is getting the nato allies to sign off on his plan for a troop withdrawal. one of the major milestones here will be the middle of next year. that's when the afghan forces start to stand up on their own, start to take responsibility, but it won't be cheap. the president is asking the nato allies to not only contribute manpower, but money after 2014. the time at which president obama wants all troops out. the president met with hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan who says he understands the responsibilities and his people will be ready, the american in charge of the nato forces in afghanistan says he does believe the fighting will continue right up to the end, right up until the last troops are pulled out at the end of 2014. laura? >> it'll be interesting to see when it all finally happens.
6:27 am
thank you. >> 6:26 right now. let's check in with christina loren to find out about your monday forecast and beyond. >> good morning to you. really good-looking day shaping up. you can go ahead and just leave that jacket at home as you're waking up in san jose. temperatures at 56 degrees right now. might need a light coat. santa rosa 48 degrees, in the 60s by noon, rounding out the day in the 70s and 80s. let's check your drive with mike. >> new accident for the east shore freeway. the car accident in your second lane, so that's causing a problem folks are having to go around it. look at the slow down that has kicked in coming out of san pablo down into richmond. the backup has kicked off there, as well, more updates coming up, guys. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:27 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," are the warriors making plans to travel across the bay to san francisco's water front. the talks heating up. first, we're minutes away from facebook's first full trading day.
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new this morning, the opening bell ringing on facebook's first full day of trading. oh, yeah, you hear it right there. scott mcgrew coming up with a look at why today is so very vital. and could the golden state warriors be trading oakland for san francisco? i'm christie smith, i'll have fan reaction coming up in a live report. and it's a comfortable start to the workweek with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we're headed towards the 70s and 80s, and we've got a spring-like forecast all week. your seven-day in moments. and in the north bay, chp letting us know there may be a deadly accident. and of course, what happened at the scene coming up. and a beautiful foggy live look outside at the bottom of the golden gate bridge. we're also going to take you to the top of that span like no
6:31 am
other station this morning. we're there live. it is monday, may 21st, "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, it's 6:31, i'm laura garc garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. new this morning, the nasdaq trading officially underway. and let's get to business and tech reporter scott mcgrew in our newsroom to tell us why today is so vitally important to facebook. >> on friday we saw facebook dip right to its offering price of $38. now we're seeing facebook just getting crushed. facebook is down almost 7%, $2.50 to $35.50. well under its ipo price. this is an embarrassment for the company, it's an embarrassment for the underwriters, it's not an embarrassment for the bankers because they certainly eked out every dollar they could out of early investors and got facebook a lot of money. but this is not the way you want to see your first full day of
6:32 am
trading to begin. mark zuckerberg now the head of a publicly traded company just absolutely disappointing investors now down 7% with facebook in its early trading. back to you. happening right now, sentencing day in an emotionally charged case centering on privacy and bullying. these are live pictures this morning where 20-year-old dharun ravi is being sentenced for bias intimidation. the former rutgers student was convicted of using a web cam to see his roommate kiss another man. clementi eventually committed suicide days after the spying. ravi faces up to ten years in prison, also faces deportation to his native india. looks like they're making arguments to the judge this morning. we will closely follow that sentencing as it is expected this morning. 6:32 right now. follow the bouncing ball and the money. this morning the sports world
6:33 am
buzzing. the golden state warriors may be moving, and san francisco making a play for that team. christie smith live in oakland near the oracle arena with how soon the move could actually happen. good morning to you. >> reporter: well, i tell you, the team isn't saying a whole lot officially about a possible move from oakland to san francisco, but certainly the bloggers are and the fans here in oakland saying wait a minute, weren't the oakland a's talking about pulling up stakes and the warriors? and they also understand a decision like this would be largely financial. bloggers, espn, all reporting the golden state warriors are close to making a deal to go to the city. but ed lee sent a letter saying he would work with the team trying to get them there in time for the 2017/2018 season. there are reports they would build an arena along the embarcadero or at&t park. it's not like they're moving out of the bay area, still people in oakland want them to stay in
6:34 am
oakland. outside of oakland it's a different story. i asked one fan this side of the bridge or that side? >> that side of the bay. it'd be better. >> why? >> because i'd be there. >> but oakland's been their home for a long time. >> just like the 9ers, they're moving. >> it's all good? >> it's a bay area team. >> espn also reports that oakland mayor jean quan sent the team a letter of her own that certainly oakland is committed to keeping the golden state warriors here in the east bay. i just checked the city's website and the city still has a letter of saying they're also committed to keeping the oakland a's here in oakland. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." a state lawmaker who authored a bill on dui punishment is now set to enter a plea today on charges of dui. assemblyman roger hernandez arrested for drunk driving back in march in concord. about a month before his arrest,
6:35 am
hernandez actually introduced a bill that would expand the kind of work dui offenders can be eligible to do for early release from jail. among them, looking for employment or getting approval to return to regular work. hernandez set to be in court in walnut creek at 1:30. 6:35, it wasn't the bull in the china shop but rather a mercedes in a glass shop. police say the driver of mercedes hit the gas at full speed instead of the brakes and crashed into ken's glass and mirror company in south san jose. the car went about 60 feet in the building taking out, of course, mirrors, pool table, furniture and support beams. the shop owner was sitting at his desk on the other side of the building. >> i heard one bang, another bang, another bang. and i thought it was another earthquake because we had earthquake in '89 that destroyed all my glass. so i ran out the front and then
6:36 am
i realized it was not an earthquake. so when i come around, this is what we saw. >> what a mess. when the car finally stopped, buried under metal, glass, wood, amazingly the great news no one was hurt, not even the people in the car. >> and laura, another wild story from the peninsula. an out of control driver recovering from injuries after being beaten and threatened by several bikers after a weekend crash. the chp says this man was shooting cell phone video of the bikers on sunday on highway 101 in belmont when he lost control and slammed into two riders. officers say some of the angry riders then hit the man in the head and threatened him with a knife. both bikers and the driver have been released from the hospital. suffering minor injuries. none of the bikers involved have been arrested. want to check the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren coming off a really nice weekend. >> beautiful weekend out there. >> yeah, for baseball, for all the festivals. it's festival season here in the bay area and we've got such a good-looking forecast.
6:37 am
not just today, all week long holding on to seasonal conditions. let's go ahead and take it right to your temperatures this morning. show you where those are right now. temperatures are comfortable. and your fog shows that, yeah, we do have a little bit of reduced visibility out there this morning. ten miles or better from napa along the peninsula looking pretty good for now. but we are expecting your peninsula readings to drop off, as well as we head through about 7:30, 8:00. but by 9:00 a.m., things start to change a little bit. that sun will start to come out, start to warm up the top layer and we should see it clear by 2:00 p.m., getting full sunshine about everywhere. you can see a weak disturbance draped over the south bay at that point. that is going to keep our conditions a little bit cooler than where we ended up yesterday. and tomorrow we'll be waking up with more cloud cover as a result of the onshore flow strengthening with the trough moving in. your full forecast is just moments away. stay tuned for that. first, let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you to the north bay where an earlier report of a
6:38 am
car just off of the roadway here northbound 101 at the bridge onramp. now updated from chp reporting a fatality. a dead body there at the scene. we have traffic control -- we have an investigation. we're following this in the newsroom. the onramp, though, has reopened. so this is kind of a curious set of information coming on through the area. 101 and the onramp, that is open from northbound 101. meanwhile, the accident westbound 80 at san pablo dam road has moved over to the shoulder. undoubtedly some traffic break adding to the slowdown. that's what we see here, but things should smooth out a bit. the morning commute is on heading toward the bay bridge. 27 minutes off the carquinez bridge. 25 out of the altamont pass, typical slowing from the tri-valley to the dublin interchange. but no major accidents or incidents. that's a smooth drive, back to you. 6:38 right now, coming up on "today in the bay," risking life
6:39 am
and limb in this name of science. why a man volunteered to cover himself in 30,000 bees. video you've got to see just ahead. wait until you see this. and also this, a live look from atop the golden gate bridge. yeah it's foggy. our bob redell is up there. >> vertigo setting in. >> hopefully not. ♪
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it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? a final good-bye today to
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the queen of disco. a private funeral will be held in nashville for donna summer. she died thursday morning at her home in florida after battling breast and lung cancer. the five-time grammy award winning singer started in the 1970s with several hits including "last dance," just to name a few, boy, donna summer, she was 63 years old. her funeral comes as the music community is remembering robin gibb this morning, one of the founding members of the legendary singing group the bee gees. gibb also performed as a solo artist, as well. >> so many classics -- >> so much more life to live. >> absolutely. so, so young. 6:42. coming up, 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. >> including a look at the changing landscape of the bay area's pro sports teams. >> we had a floor facebook at ough t5,hat
6:43 am
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only on nbc bay area. a spectacular view of the bay for more than 700 feet above sea level. look at that fog at the golden gate bridge. bob redell braved the heights and the elevator ride to get on top of the south tower of the golden gate ahead of the 75th anniversary celebration. we can hear the fog horns. for good reason, bob. >> for good reason. too bad we don't have the view this morning. we are fogged in. if you were to look at the suspender ropes, they're about 50 feet apart. go 50, 100, we go about 150, 175 feet of visibility, it's then very windy up here. you can see it's very wet. and of course, you've got the
6:46 am
fog and there's probably salt in the air because we're by the ocean and because of that, that's why the bridge needs to be constantly painted over and over because of the corrosive effects. tim hanson is the crew chief, been on this bridge 23 years. what is it like working up here? here we've got a handrail. out there on the main lines, you and the air, it seems like. >> it is absolutely true. once you get out on to, say, for example, the main cable, we do wear harnesses. once the harness is there, we always wear our harnesses. now, there's other areas of the bridge that are quite as vicarious as this one. now, you get underneath the structure, there's a lot of it. and there are some areas that are down below roadway that we don't see that are obviously, you know, you're walking smaller steel and various -- this is a nice, big, open platform. >> reporter: it's very nice, great view when there's no fog. definitely a dangerous job, but very necessary to keep for that
6:47 am
international orange color. thanks for having us up here. and you know, they paint year round. it's not like they start on one end and go to the other. >> that's a big myth. that's one of the top myths of the golden gate that they start at one end and go to the other every year. no way. >> reporter: mary with the golden gate bridge. 75th anniversary celebration this sunday. are you ready? >> yes, we're ready. we just need to get rid of this fog, which we're working on. there'll be an event down at chrissy field, all sorts of things happening. 11:00 to 11:00. don't drive, take public transit. >> reporter:fi fireworks? >> fire works off of the bridge and a barge coming underneath the bridge. >> reporter: and when do you start doing the tours up here? oh, this isn't open to the public? >> no, this is a special occasion for our friends at nbc. >> reporter: mary, i appreciate it. go to golden gate if you want more information on the 75th anniversary, which, of
6:48 am
course, may 27th this sunday. 746 feet above sea level from the south tower, bob redell. >> you're making me nervous with your lean there, i've got to be nervous. >> bob's cool, he's smooth like that. >> that is cool, though. what a view. but you know, you see how the fog really socks things in up there. >> we're working on this fog. are you going to get a jumbo fan and blow it out? >> we've got the same view at the bottom of the bridge right now. we've got quite a view for you this morning. you will drive over a socked in golden gate. but only as we head through your mid-morning hours. i think by about 11:00, maybe into noon today, we should see a nice blue sky from top to bottom on the golden gate. 6:48, temperatures are warming nicely, we still have some fog. but visibility's not all that bad except for right over the open water bridges this morning. we're still reporting 10 miles or better.
6:49 am
as we head throughout this afternoon, warm day on tap, not quite as warm as it was yesterday with the additional cloud cover. that patchy fog is mostly hugging the coastline. this afternoon, lots of sunshine, few 80s inland, the warmest cities across the bay. and spring stays with us all week long. so temperatures are going to work out like this. here's your hour-by-hour forecast, 56 degrees in san jose. by noon, temperatures climbing into the 60s and low 70s. 71 degrees in napa as you break for lunch. and then we'll round out the day in the upper 70s, 82 degrees in fairfield and the warmest cities, we'll touch on the low 80s. only for today, as for tomorrow, little bit of cloud cover, the disturbance comes through for the second half of the day today. that's going to keep your temperatures comfortable, though, in the 70s as we head through thursday and friday, we do have a little hiccup in our perfect forecast. another disturbance is going to come through, this one's going to slide further south. so maybe a few north bay showers. right now, let's see if that fog is impacting your drive with mike. >> not so much of a hiccup because of the fog, it's because of this earlier accident coming
6:50 am
down the east shore freeway. san pablo dam road, it was over on the shoulder, but it was in the middle of the lanes for about ten minutes. so now we have over half an hour from right here off the carquinez bridge down past the scene and continuing into the 50s as you're traveling through berkeley and emeryville and the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. all lanes are cleared, but folks held back here at richmond because of the earlier accidents. and here, there's an accident involving a big rig. should be clearing from the toll plaza, but it does involve a big rig. it'll be an issue out of the area. still, moving okay there. back to a live shot and how things are moving for the fast track lanes, cash lanes starting to stack up. but not bad for a monday. further south, looking at the castro valley y. typical slowing in both directions there and we'll show you the south bay coming up, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. how does this sound? warriors on the water front. bay area's basketball team reportedly looking to move right across the bay. christie smith live in oakland where the team currently plays.
6:51 am
san francisco wants to steal the team away. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. officially the team isn't saying a whole lot about a possible move from oakland to san francisco. certainly the fans are buzzing about it. we've been talking with fans this morning, and i have to tell you, there's a real sense of disappointment, even about the possibility, but for those outside of oakland, the talk really is about the new possibilities this could bring for the team. the warriors' basketball team may be close to a deal with san francisco, that according to and a blogger in the bay area news group saying the team may build a privately funded arena along the embarcadero, or the team could end up near the at&t park. but that project wouldn't break ground for three more years. all signs point to a lucrative san francisco move. and that's what one fan told us this morning, it makes sense, but he still likes oakland. >> people go where the money is. and that's where the teams and businesses, and they have the
6:52 am
right for free enterprise and so forth. they're going to go wherever they feel like they can make money. >> now, a san francisco move wouldn't happen overnight. there would still be five seasons to go at oracle arena. and according to espn, san francisco mayor ed lee recently sent a letter saying the city would work with the team to bring them to san francisco for the 2017/2018 season. but also oakland, mayor jean quan apparently sent a letter saying she is also committed to keeping the team here in oakland. of course for the 9ers, the question no longer if, just a when, and marla tellez has an update on the stadium. marla? >> reporter: good morning. you know it's been a long time coming for the san francisco 49ers. today they are marking a construction milestone of sorts. they open the stadium gates out here just about an hour ago, construction crews are out here bright and early. what they're going to be doing.
6:53 am
you see the high-torque drilling rigs out here. one of the yellow rigs will install the first of some 3,000 piles today. what's the big deal about this? well, the piles will hold up the stadium so no piles, no stadium. and it is no easy feat. it is going to take about 50 workers working ten-hour days for 25 days to drill 120 piles every day. now if you delay them out from point "a" to point "b," the 3,000 piles would stretch more than 31 miles. here's an interesting fact about that. that is just about the distance between the new stadium and the stick, candle stick park, soon to be the former home of the san francisco 49ers. now, the first pile will be installed out here at 11:00 this morning, so we're about four hours away. you can expect all sorts of stadium dignitaries out here. when all is said and done, the cost of this project is estimated $1.2 billion. expected to be ready for the
6:54 am
2014 football season. live in santa clara. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> can really hear the construction going on. new this morning, four people in police custody after a beating outside dodgers stadium. police say it appears to be a case of road rage after the game. two cars were in a minor collision in the parking lot, eventually four people started beating a driver. the victim went to the hospital along with his wife who was eight months pregnant. she went as a precaution. this attack happens 14 months after two men beat bryan stowe in the stadium parking lot. stowe is still undergoing rehab for his injuries from that beating. two men pleaded not guilty relating to charges to the attack. governor brown asking for help to balance the deep budget. he's now demanding a 5% pay cut under the governor's proposal, most state workers would move to a four-day 9 1/2-hour workweek losing two hours each week or 5% of their pay.
6:55 am
he's also taking away cell phones from state workers and offered a proposal to roll back health and pension benefits. some say his labor cuts are his strategy to show voters the state can tighten its belt and persuade them to pass his tax hikes in the fall. if someone says to you coming soon, what are your expectations? a few days, a couple of weeks? maybe a month. santa clara county's light rail provider has promised credit card readers on ticket machines for more than two years. tonight, an exclusive nbc bay area investigation asking why vta has spent more than $6 million of your tax money with nothing to show for it. internal failures of a program that has been anything but coming soon. >> no credit card, no debit card. >> that's the only option if you try to buy a ticket at one of santa clara county's light rail stations. >> it didn't take my credit card. >> no. >> it hasn't for 22 years.
6:56 am
i would not hold my breath -- they promised it would be active three years ago. we're still waiting. >> when do you think it'll start working? >> they said they were going to start it, you know, last year, but i have no idea. >> reporter: the truth is, vta has promised credit card service for more than two years, these coming soon signs have been in place since 2010. >> taxpayer money has paid vendors to produce a system that would take credit cards. >> yes. >> and it's still not working. >> that's correct. >> reporter: tonight, our investigation will show you memo after memo, missed deadline after missed deadline. a coming soon program that hasn't come soon enough. >> what does coming soon mean to you? >> coming soon? >> a month? two months? >> soon. whatever soon is. so if you're saying that it was probably a mistake to put those coming soon signs up, i would
6:57 am
say you are right. we shouldn't have done that. we should've waited until we were totally sure that it would be coming soon. >> one thing i know is coming soon, tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit will take you inside that paper trail. how vta's general manager explains why after spending 6 million of your tax dollars, the credit card machines are still not working. >> there are some stories that make you think why. and ladies and gentlemen, this is one of them. take a look at this beekeeper in poland. yeah, he's partly covered in bees, going to be completely covered soon. he decided to do an experiment on himself to see if he could survive with bees on his body with just his boxer shorts. well, apparently he can. the guy walked away with a mere two bee stings. but we highly recommend you not try this at home. yes, this man, well, he claims he's worked with bees for a very long time. we've got to hang on to this shot, though. watch him get rid of these bees,
6:58 am
please show us, lean over, my man. watch him. wait for it. >> yeah. >> why would you -- here it is. that's the money shot. all right. beautiful. well worth the wait. thank you very much. mark zuckerberg will go to work this morning if he isn't already there. the head of a publicly traded company. scott mcgrew says facing a tough day. >> yeah, you think you got problems? look at me. we had an interview on friday where he gave mark zuckerberg one bit of advice, sell your facebook stock. first few minutes of trading, we're seeing this facebook has been down as much as 11%, 12% now, $4.42 to $33.50. this is way below the ipo price. we had been seen some holding at $35, didn't last. current bid now $33.50. the underwriters have their knives out this morning. blaming much of the problem on
6:59 am
nasdaq. carl quintanilla of the cnbc team there calling facebooking a nightclub, everybody's streaming out telling people on the sidewalk, do not pay the cover. other news over the weekend, the fellas at space x made an attempt at history, the first private rocket to head to the special space station. take a look. >> five, four, three, two, one, zero -- and liftoff -- we've had a cutoff. >> not so much. they're going to try again tomorrow. technically early tuesday morning. this is historic. it's really cool. a trip to the international space station. there you go. >> and liftoff -- we will take that look at the forecast, though. here's christina loren. >> good morning to you. temperatures are already comfortable out there. and we'll be in the 70s at noon inland, 79 degrees at 4:00 as you make your way home from work. we do have some fog out there. let's find out if that's interrupting your drive with mike. >> fog's not the


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