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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, the golden gate bridge turns 75. the celebration is in full swing with hundreds of thousands of people and more to come tonight. we have complete coverage from both land and water of the biggest festival of the memorial day weekend. good evening, i'm diane dwyer, it is one of the wonders of the modern world and one of the most recognized landmarks and celebrating a special birthday. it's the golden gate bridge, of course. it's unusual to find a structure
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that inspires so much emotion and so many people for so long a period of time. we have team coverage of the historic anniversary and we want to start with stephanie trong. hello. >> reporter: hi, diane, i tried to dress in style in honor of the bridge. this is as close to international orange as i could get. we had people trying to do the same out here. lighter crowds than i think was anticipated, but we still have much of the day and night to go. a lot of people came out to enjoy what has been a gorgeous day. now, out by the crissy field, a little bit of a walk from here, there's been live music and dance groups since the morning all day running from 11:00 in the morning to 11:00 tonight, people walking and biking around and living it up. we caught up with the family that came up from the vanden berg air force base, a special memorial day weekend here in the city. >> it's really great.
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the crowds have been fairly light and there's something to do all along the way. we've just done a four mile hike from way down the coast. it's been really beautiful. >> it really is really cool. it's amazing, like now our generation is stuck into phones and not looking at what's around. >> reporter: and one really popular attraction here at crissy field, the road trip through history. that's a show case of vintage cars and motorcycles from 1937 when the golden gate bridge opened. a lot to see out here. walking around here, we've seen a lot of people with special connections to the bridge and one of them is family ties. coming up at 6:00, we speak with one of the families, for now, live at crissy field, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news.
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the big story may be the massive crowds so far haven't really materialized. let's check in with george. you met a woman who has quite a story to tell. >> reporter: oh, she does. you will see her in a few seconds. we have locals here and people from out of town all here for this historic moment. the golden gate bridge has been a strong symbol of romance for many but most of all it is san francisco. all you have to do is ask 93-year-old doris hail, born in 1919 here in the ma rena district. she was in awe of the hard work and crafts manship put into it and in 1937 when the golden gate opened at the age of 18, she and scherr family walked across the bridge for the first time and had a picnic on the maren side. she's thrilled to be here.
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>> i feel i'm blessed to begin with because i'm able to be here physically and it's very excited and i'm excited because now i have members of my family that can do it with me. >> and doris says the bridge still looks as majestic now and it has stood the test of time. nbc bay area news. >> it looks beautiful out there, a little windy. if you want to get in on the celebration, here's what you need to know. there's basically no parking along the marina green and christy field. muny is busy and j church lines are shut down for maintenance and the golden gate bridge will be shut down from 9:00 to 10:00 tonight during the fireworks show. in other words, the best way to get there is to bike or walk. once you get into the city, we have real time traffic maps, to help you get around. plenty of slow traffic throughout san francisco.
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the question on everyone's mind, will the weather hold up for the fireworks show tonight? let's go to ron mayeda with a look. >> so far it's gorgeous. the traffic maps -- i think the boats on water may be moving faster than the cars heading into san francisco. we have a small craft advisory across the waters for 8:00 tonight and seen the winds pick up to 25 miles per hour. as you can also see, clear skies. as we look at the fireworks forecast, temperatures are going to be cool out here. we should see the wind back off as we get to fireworks time, just after 9:00 tonight. we're going to be watching low clouds coming back in towards 10:00 or 11:00 at night. i think fireworks viewing should be just fine. there's the good news in our forecast. if you like warmer weather, i think you'll like the 7-day forecast as well. we'll talk more about the full forecast when we come back in a few minutes from now. right now the crowd is starting to fill in and so far very sunny and pleasant weather for the
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fireworks viewing coming up. back to you. >> thank goodness. our coverage is not over yet. one way people are joining in the celebration of course is hopping on a boat as rob mentioned. coming up, cheryl hurd is out on one of those boats and she'll have that perspective, as well as how the coast guard is trying to keep things safe on the bay. stay with bay area for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. as the official media sponsors, we have great access all night long. >> there is another bridge that's getting plenty of attention this weekend as well but for a very different reason, the dun bart on bridge is closed for seismic upgrades, it is one third of the way done at this point. crews are working around the clock installing a new steel plate across the entire deck. the plate should allow the bridge to move and be more flexible during an earthquake. officials say they'll have a better idea tomorrow of when the bridge will reopen to the public as of right now the plan is to b
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dge open in time for the morning commute on tuesday. in san jose, police are investigating the shooting death of a teenager that just before midnight near the interchange of 101 and 680. police found two people wounded, including a 16-year-old boy who died at the scene. police are looking for the gunman and say the shooting appears to be gang related at this point. this is san jose's 16th homicide of the year. coming up next at 5:00, our coverage of the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge continues after the break. they are a tiny part of the bridge but together they make a big important part. we'll look at what it took to get those tiny rif ets in the golden gate bridge. we'll show you the other major celebration going on today in san francisco.
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blech it or not, there's another major celebration going on in san francisco, karn val,
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it made it way through the mission district where there was big festival. a celebration that's been going on for more than three decades in the city and organizers claim it is the largest celebration on the west coast. looks like they are having fun out there. back to that other celebration in the city, 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the span is about 220 feet above the water of the san francisco bay. and in the nbc bay area cheryl hurd is on water and you have the best location of all, you're on a boat. >> reporter: you should be jealous, i'm live at crissy field and to my right you can see the thousands of people lining up and getting ready for that spectacular fireworks show. and to my left and behind me, you can see the guest of honor, the golden gate bridge and for boaters, it's a top priority for safety. >> russ ham elhas been a boat
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enthusiast since he was a kid. safety on the bay is the number one priority, especially with the boats celebrating this 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> most of the boaters that go out on the bay take coast guard courses, so most of the skippers on the bay know what they are doing. and you have your handful that sometimes don't. >> rules on the bay are a little different than rules on the road. >> do you want to be aware of the other drivers around you. same thing holds true in mary time circle. >> reporter: even though they are out for a pleasure run, last month's deadly crash makes boaters think about safety even more. >> they just released a report last week and reopened offshore racing for san francisco and not much has changed. but what it certainly did do is made a lot of us very aware of our responsibilities. the need for safety equipment and the need for safe boating. >> grab this line right here. >> safety was on the minds of people loading up at the yacht club. >> there's plenty of coast guard
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around. they have a station over there. there's lots of help out there on the water if somebody gets in trouble. we personally, we're not going out today but if we were, we would be going through our checklist of all of the safety items. >> people go on the ferry boats, they are the smart ones, you have a good captain and big boat so if someone hits you, you don't worry about that one. >> reporter: from my vantage point, you can see the folks there lining up and they can see me waving. i can also see my colleague rob mayeda over there and well, i'm sorry, rob, i'm out here having fun and you're over there having fun, i guess we have both have a good job and probably best gig in town. a lot of folks remember what it was like out here 25 years ago. we talked to some of them and we'll talk to the former mayor, willie brown about what it was like 25 years ago. reporting live from the bay,
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cheryl hurd. >> 25 years ago i was graduating from cal on that very day while my family was out there and got stuck in traffic. let's go back to the bay. was it crazy today? i saw a couple of close calls yesterday when i was out there. >> reporter: it was a little crazy but because we were on the boat it wasn't that crazy. a lot of people are preparing to stay on land today because they remember what it was like 25 years ago and they say in the water it was just too many people so the folks i talked to are planning to stay on the shore and view the fireworks from land. but as the time goes on and we see a lot of folks coming on later on today, it's going to get crazy out here on the bay. >> fill up a little bit. have a good time out there. >> we also asked folks to send us their favorite picture of the golden gate bridge using indsta gram and boy did people pull through. you can see some here. you can go to and also still send us your
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pictures. use the hash tag ggb and we'll post them on the website. pretty shots there. stay with us, our coverage of the 75th anniversary continues after the break. >> reporter: live in marina green, we're seeing gorgeous conditions as we await the fireworks show and off in the difference, alcatraz, we'll have your full forecast and warm-up in the 7-day when we come right back. plus, recognizing veterans for their service, we'll show you how a bay area hospital is acknowledging vets this memorial day weekend and hoping it will encourage people to talk about their service.
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people will receive a special hon this people orrial day, all patients and employees who identify themselves as u.s. veterans will be given a red white and blue wrist band. they will publicly identify veterans giving people a chance to say thank you to those vets and perhaps even encouraging some conversatns between patients as well as visitors about their service. a stanford employee came up with that idea. back to the celebration at the golden gate bridge. 75 years ago, one of signature parts of the golden gate bridge was the tiny rif ets, there are approximately 600,000 rivets in
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each tower. the now obsolete technique that was used to build a bridge is on display at the bridge anniversary celebration today. here's how they did it. the rivets were heated up to 1900 degrees in a forge then tossed down a tube. after that, put in a hole where a pressurized hammer essentially sealed the rivets in. >> komg up with an idea that could revolutionize structural or metal just by walking across and studying. >> finally the rivets expanded why it cooled locking the steel together but the display is nothing compared to the real thing. imagine this, drilling the rivets, 220 feet above the san francisco bay. the celebration continues at the bridge. we're going to check in with ron at the ma rena green. it's gorgeous out there and windy as it always is there.
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>> reporter: yeah, you know, i thought my job was cool then i saw cheryl has a boat. she easily has the best job on the bay. that's awesome. we've had sunshine for most of the afternoon but during the day we woke up and had a lot of low clouds and drizzle. satellite view will show you that the skies across the west coast are trying to clear out. now we start to see high pressure starting to build in. as we get back to the workweek, one of the things we notice is a pattern shift. we start the weekend with cool temperatures, a trough across the west coast which kept us in the cool temperatures yesterday and today and now high pressure is going to build back towards the coast. high pressure starts to build back in. we start to see happen here mid week, temperatures in the 80s and 90s as early as wednesday. in the meantime, temperatures still fairly cool, we're also keeping an eye on the low clouds and fog, right around the seconds half of fireworks time,
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we'll see low clouds and plan for mist and drizzle tomorrow. morning temperatures should be mostly in the 40s and 50s as the low clouds come back inrs. not going to get too cold tonight. tomorrow's high should be warmer. we're going t finally see a few more 70s for parts of the south bay. san jose should be in the low 70s then on the way to 80s. to the north bay after morning clouds, 70s for memorial day on monday. wednesday through the middle part of the week, those temperatures start to climb up, 80s and 90s. if you've been wondering, this weekend the unofficial start to summer, it will feel like it come wednesday and thursday. what everyone wants to focus on out here out here live as folks are really starting to fill in here towards crissy field towards the golden gate bridge.
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of course it will continue to bring all of the best vantage point. >> all righrit,t,kac b tko you. >> sports is coming up next o
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i'm dave benz, cabrera isn't likely to be confuse theed with willmy maze, but he matched the record for the most hits through 48 games. the giants finished up against the marlins, top of the first with two outs, see ya. fourth home run of the season,
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he went 4 for 4 on day, 73 hits for 48 games, ties the most ever by a san francisco giant. willy mays set the record. 2-1 giants. double to center field, brian peterson can't krach it, cabrera scores to make it a 3-1 game. jose ray he is brings the marlins back and rbi single and matt cain 2 2/3. bottom of the ninth, giants win, 3-2. how about the a's finishing off the set with the yankees at the coliseum, looking to avoid being swept for the first time this season. andrew jones had other ideas. the solo home run, fifth of the year made it 1-0 new york, still 1-0. continue to hit and two doubles on the day, including this rbi in the seventh.
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granderson scores. 2-0 in the ninth but smith strikes out swinging and yankees do complete the three game sweep. diane we'll have highlights from the indy coming up at 6:00. >> we'll be right back with mort ♪
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we wants to take you back out to the 75th anniversary celebrations of the golden gate bridge right now. as you can see it's actually pretty interesting. in addition to not a lot of huge crowds at crissy field or ma rena green, look at the traffic on the golden gate bridge. that's got to be the latest it
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ever is on a sunday this hour on a long holiday weekend. it looks like a whole lot of folks took the warning and stayed out of the area unless they were coming in for the celebration. here's another picture, very pretty, from crissy field looking at the golden gate bridge. there are folks out there not nearly as crowded as 25 years ago. you'll remember that when about what, 300,000 people ended up on the bridge itself and they closed the bridge to traffic and the bridge actually flatten d out. there was some concern there. this year they decided to keep the bridge open and allow cars to continue on the bridge during the day and evening and then also keep the pedestrian walkways open. and then we at that point there are folks who can walk across it, drive across it but we don't have the masses we had 25 years ago. where are we going from here? okay, so we're going to give you a little background on what you need to do if you want to get out there for the fireworks
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show. here's what you need to know, there's basically no parking along the marina drive. shut down four maintenance as well. avoid those, the golden gate bridge will be shut down from 9:00 to 10:00 tonight. the best way to get there is to bike or walk once you get into the city. we also have real time traffic maps on the website, to help you get around. right now it's showing plenty of slow traffic throughout san francisco but not too bad once you get there. here's a look at not only do we have all of the information about traffic in san francisco right now, we also have all kinds of information about the 75th birthday celebration, some of our favorite stories and first folks who walked across it and who built it as well as beautiful pictures people have sent in of their favorite looks of the golden gate bridge. we've got all of that going on on


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