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tv   Today  NBC  June 8, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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updates. have a great day and fantastic weekend. >> have a great weekend. good morning. wild weather. at least one person injured as tornadoes tore through parts of wyoming and colorado. this as a powerful thunderstorm produced this eerie-looking cloud, causing panicked moments at an outdoor graduation ceremony in new jersey. and there could be more severe weather today. "today" exclusive, former miss pennsylvania usa speaks out in her first interview since she claimed the miss usa competition was rigged. does she stand by her story? is she worried about donald trump's threat of a lawsuit? we'll ask her live. and how did he survive this? a skateborder rolls into the street and is hit by a truck. incredibly, he walked away with only cuts and bruises. he's even going to talk about this "today," friday, june 8th, he's even going to talk about this "today," friday, june 8th, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this beautiful and very exciting friday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm lester holt in for matt lauer this morning. we've got a big, big crowd. >> that's right. because superstar chris brown is going to be performing. -- already across the street lined up all the way back -- >> speaking of big crowds, millions will have their eyes on the belmont stakes this week as
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i'll have another tries to win the triple crown. natalie morales spent some time at the track. when she wasn't gambling, she met up with the trainer and the horse. >> or she was saying i'll have another. also this morning, we'll be talking about a story that's really interesting. the mother of four who essentially she had her stroller stolen. she decided to do something about it. she set up a sting operation and had the suspect arrested. in the process, she helped the police stop what they say was a million dollar crime wave. so we're going to hear from her coming up this morning. >> a lot to get to. let's check on the headlines of the morning. natalie morales inside at the news desk. >> good morning lester and ann. good morning, everyone. u.n. patrols are facing gunfire as they attempt to investigate reports of another vicious massacre in syria. we have more from cairo with the latest. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: good morning, natalie. the u.n. spent yesterday wrangling ear what to do about syria. kofi annan, the man who brokered the peace plan, conceded it is not working. he's trying to bring russia and china on board to try and negotiate a new solution. china for the first time indicating that he is growing frustrated with syria and is calling on the syrian government to halt violence. but as you mentioned the u.n. on the ground, trying to put an end to that massacre, have been unable to reach the village where that massacre took place. yesterday the syrian military denied them access. violence across the country continued as activists say the syrian military continues its assault on demonstrators, particularly on a day like this, friday, that sees large crowds take to the streets after friday prayers. >> thank you ayman. and startling new statistics today, the pentagon reports that nearly one service member commits suicide every day. 154 soldiers have committed suicide in the first 159 days of this year. that is 17% more than at the same time last year, and more
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than the total number killed in action in afghanistan so far this year. six members of a prominent kansas family were killed thursday when their plane crashed in a swamp. the businessman was flying with his wife and four children home from the bahamas when the plane went down. the basketball arena at kansas state university is named for the pilot's grandfather. thousands of former nfl players are banning together to suit league for allegedly selling the brutality of the game to fans while hiding the dangers of brain injury from players. on thursday, some 2,000 former football players filed suit, seeking compensation for fraud and misrepresentation about debilitating concussions. traumatic brain injury has become a hot topic for football following the recent sue sides of three former football players. a greek communist party leader and member of parliament says she will not press charges after the spokesman for a far right-wing party slapped her three times on television.
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the incident was touched off during a heated debate about the greek financial crisis. the alleged assailant escaped the studio before police arrived and prosecutors have issued a warrant for his arrest. a new york city train engi train engineer has been suspended after a passenger caught him on tape reading a newspaper while operating a rush hour train. the fta says all crew members are told reading anything at all while operating a train is not acceptable. and mrs. doubtfire has never looked scarier. check out what happens when the trailer for the comedy is recut as a horror film. >> hello? >> hello. i'm calling about the ad i saw in the paper. >> yes. would you tell me a little bit about yourself? >> oh, certainly, dear. >> well, the clip is going
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viral. but after seeing that it might be hard to watch mrs. doubtfire with the lights off ever again. not sure robin williams would like that version of it. it is 7:06 right now, let's go back outside to al with a huge crowd of your people. >> that's right. that video is terrific. all right, natalie, thanks so much. we've got some video to show you. starting off in wyoming, the video, go to the wyoming video, and you can see, we've got a storm system, funnel clouds, mini twisters, unfortunately one injured, five homes seriously damaged. imagine this if your high school graduation, new jersey, graduation, thunder lightning, high winds, a funnel cloud, they were about an hour in to the ceremony. and then they are running for cover. luckily, no serious injuries reported.
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now the map. and we'll show you we've got three areas of severe weather from the dakotas all through the upper mississippi river valley, northern new england and upstate new york. possibility of isolated tornadoes and our friends down in florida, moist flow of tropical air continues to pound them. they're going to be looking at anywhere from one to five inches of rain in northern and central florida. well, you made it to friday. we've got a good-looking weekend today, fantastic conditions. taking a live look over alcatraz island. camera has a little bit of a shake to it. you can see the ripples out on the water. winds will play a factor for today and they're going to pick up through this afternoon in particular, between 3:00 and 5:00, rather gusty has you commute home. 74 today in san jose, don't forget, those giants back at it tonight, catch the game right here on nbc bay area and winds will likely play a factor. taking that ball out to the cove. 89 degrees by sunday, warm-up
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continues on monday. >> and now here's lester. >> al, thanks. now to wall street, where investors hope the winning streak can last another day, after plunging 275 points a week ago, the dow has surged over the last three days. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." jim, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> week ago the sky was falling. bad unemployment number came out, we lost all the gains of the year. and then this. explain it. >> this is all about the idea that maybe we'll get a resolution of all the problems that we have in europe. europe is the focus, lester, not the united states. because they're falling apart right now. >> so the unemployment number we saw that reaction, that was really not a reaction so much to that, but europe? >> right. well, we have been one of the, i'd say a bastion of strength around the world. but no matter how hard we try to get things terrific in our country, they can pull us down. i know it sounds crazy, but spain is more powerful right now on our federal reserve. >> i keep hearing this mixed
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signals that american companies are doing well but they're sitting on their hands. they're not hiring and that's because of europe? >> they're cash rich. and confidence poor. and the lack of confidence comes from the belief that europe is going to have what we had in 2000 and 2009. yes, they are that weak and they can hurt us. >> what's the tipping point for problems there spilling over and driving our economy back down? >> if we see bankline, people try to pull their money out of spain, that will be the signal that europe has to act or else we're going to feel it here. our large international companies do huge amounts of business over there. and those people that might have to be laid off over there -- >> last week when we saw the dow plunge and those unemployment numbers people were talking double-dip recession again, that we might be on the cliff. are we teetering on the cliff again? >> no. i don't want to be that negative. i think that's what's happen way were starting to build a head of steam and europe has taken all the wind out of our sails. but we are too strong to be
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brought down. we just won't be able to keep hiring like we were last year. the big worry is hiring. and we don't want to hire. >> are companies sitting on the sidelines sitting on their hands in part because they're waiting to see the outcome of november, the presidential election? >> i wish it were that. because you would think that no matter who wins we'd get better. no, it's about europe. if we see a deal this weekend our market goes up. there is talk of a deal this weekend, but we should stop focusing on our federal reserve and our government and hope that angela merkel, who runs germany, comes to her senses, makes a deal, help the world. >> jim cramer, thanks very much. you can catch jim and "mad money" weeknights at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern time on c innocence. here's ann. >> all right, lester, thanks. now to the first federal survey to ask teenagers about how often they text while driving. according to the secretary of transportation, the results reveal a national epidemic. nbc's janet shamlian is in los angeles with more on this story. hey, janet, good morning. >> ann, good morning to you. we knew teen drivers were doing
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this but how widespread the practice was wasn't known until now. these are startling numbers from young people who are owning up to distracted driving. it's no secret that teens text and drive. but the statistics from the first federal study on the subject are alarming. more than half of high school juniors, 58%, admitted they've sent a text or e-mail from behind the wheel. >> i'll respond to a text or tell my friends, okay i'm five minutes away. >> reporter: it's the way teens talk to each other. sending and receiving an average of 100 messages a day. often while driving. despite years of public service messages designed to deliver a bone-crunching warning. the centers for disease control report did find teens are safer on the road in other ways. more seat belt use and less drinking and driving. but experts say texting can be even more dangerous. >> it's frustrating that while we're making great progress at increasing seat belt use and
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reducing the number of kids who are driving while drinking, other safety issues pop up in their place related to new technology. >> and now, new laws to deal with the consequences. an wednesday, a massachusetts teen was among the first convicted under a texting and driving law. the now-18-year-old will spend a year in jail for a fatal accident that happened while he was texting. >> the simple fact is people continue to be killed and injured despite the fact these deaths are 100% preventable. >> reporter: so why do teens do it? >> we think know things are going to happen. you hear about it all the time but you never really think that that could happen to you. >> reporter: now this texting data is part of a broader national report on risky behavior by teens. but, ann, this is the very first time that the teens were asked about their behavior in the car behind the wheel texting and driving. >> all right, janet shamlian. important information this morning for all parents and teenagers. it is now 7:12. here's lester.
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>> thanks. the city of rapid city, south dakota, is probably best known for its proximity to mount rushmore. but 40 years ago a flash flood put that city on the map for a very different reason. nbc's kevin tibbles is in rapid city this morning for us. kevin, good morning. >> lester on that day 40 years ago the panicked residents of rapid city would have been frantically searching for loved ones swept away by a wall of water that wiped out much of this town. today, they pause to remember but also celebrate what rapid city has now become. 40 years ago, in june of 1972, rapid city resembles a war zone. rather than the picturesque little city nestled beside mount rushmore, and the black hills of south dakota. >> we will begin this evening with the tragic flood story in south dakota. >> the property damage will be in the tens of millions of dollars. >> jim was 9 years old.
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>> when the lightning would flash you would get these black and white snapshots of hell. >> reporter: a mass pif flash flood roared out of the hills, sweeping away everything in its path. including stinson and his 18-year-old sister-in-law claudia. >> claudia went one direction and i went another, and i ended up in one of these trees. down here. a and -- >> never saw her again? >> never saw her again. >> reporter: claudia was among 238 people who died in the deluge brought on by 15 inches of rain in just six short hours. stinson clung to the tree until being rescued by the national guard. total devastation. more than 1300 homes and businesses swept away. along with 5,000 cars. >> no one knows precisely how many people were left homeless by these floods.
7:15 am
>> reporter: damages top $100 million, even 40 years ago. >> it looked just like a junk yard out here. and there was a cloud of death that just surrounded the entire rapid creek area through the city here. >> reporter: don barnett was the city's mayor back then. he was only 29 years old. he'd never been on national tv before. >> i sincerely hope that by the end of next week we can begin to do some construction to put these suffering people into homes. >> reporter: for survivors like this family, the muck and misery was overwhelming. mother, father, and all six children survived. >> i remember the sound. i remember the trees being down, the chaos, and then i remember the people. >> reporter: their home somehow remained standing. but was full of debris. still ken vowed to remain in rapid city. >> chances are it won't happen again in our lifetime.
7:16 am
>> reporter: today, he is 86 years old. you weren't going to let the flood chase you out? >> no. we could probably build right back on the creek if we could have. >> reporter: but no new homes would ever be built along rapid creek again. families were relocated to higher ground. instead, the city went about creating an elaborate and beautiful series of parks, bike paths, and golf courses. >> the scar that was the flood in '72 was the beauty that we have now. >> oh, i'm so proud of this city. i just can't believe it sometimes. new and wonderful things have happened in rapid city. it's one of the most pregresive and beautiful cities in the great plains. >> reporter: jim stinson will never forget that harrowing night spent clinging to a tree, and he is proud of what his city has become. >> there was an element of, from this, you had to basically get right back.
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>> reporter: rebuild your life? >> rebuilding your life. >> reporter: and while the people of rapid city will never forget that day, many here do agree the city is a better place as a result of that flood. as for that young 9-year-old boy, jim simpson who spent the night clinging to a tree, he's now the general manager here at the nbc affiliate in rapid city. lester, back to you. >> all right kevin tibbles this morning. thank you. it is now 7:17. once again here's ann. >> all right lester, thanks. history could be made tomorrow at the belmont stakes. i'll have another has a chance to become horse racing's first triple crown winner in 34 years. here's nbc's tom llamas. >> reporter: on thursday, i'll have another stretched his legs, and dug into the dirt here at belmont, on the path to racing immortality, which starts and ends on this mile and a half track. >> i'll have another! >> reporter: the 3-year-old chestnut colt has already won the kentucky derby, and the preakness. >> wins the preakness, and the triple crown will be on the line!
7:18 am
>> i'll have another really is an underdog story. at the derby he was 19-1 when he won. in the preakness he wasn't even the favorite when he won. >> reporter: now the belmont stakes. called the test of champions because of the three triple crown races, it's the last, and the longest. >> it's not an easy race. everybody's going out there to try to fight for the win and i'm going to do the same. >> reporter: behind every good horse there's a good team. and for i'll have another that includes his jockey mario gutierrez and trainer doug o'neil. >> wow. >> reporter: natalie got a chance to see the winning team up close. >> tell me how he got his name. i know there's a good story. >> his owner loves to eat, they have kind of a running joke at the house when he's out of cookies he'll yell out, i'll have another. >> a superstar now. >> oh, he's a rock star. >> reporter: but there's been drama for the team. o'neil is facing suspension in july for allegedly using performance enhancing techniques on another horse.
7:19 am
>> i'll have another has tested clean, and there will not be a tainted triple crown if he were to win on saturday. >> reporter: and to win, i'll have another will be racing against 11 other horses on the track, and against history. the last horse to reach racing's holy grail was affirmed in 1978. the last horse to attempt to capture the triple crown was big brown in 2008. >> 11 horses have tried. 11 horses have failed. some by a nose. and it's because it's been so difficult to win that makes this triple crown attempt so special. >> reporter: and a true test to see if this horse is truly special. and they're expecting 100,000 people here at belmont to watch in person. millions more watching on television. right now, i'll have another is the odds-on favorite to win with 4-5 odds in his favor. that he'll win belmont stakes, the triple crown and a spot alongside the sport's greatest
7:20 am
horses. >> that would be something. >> tom llamas, thank you so much. >> so much pressure. >> i love the title, the name, i'll have another. and it doesn't, we find it's about cookies, not about alcoholic beverages, which is what i assumed. >> alcohol would be fun, too. >> i know, i guess -- let's move off. natalie's actually going to have more on i'll have another a little bit later. >> the cookies. >> that's right. the horse, actually. and also coverage of belmont stakes kicks off tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern on the nbc sports network. with full race coverage at 4:30 p.m. eastern here on nbc. meantime, just ahead, an exclusive live interview with the former miss pennsylvania usa. her first since she claims the miss usa pageant was fixed.
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just ahead a skate border caught on tape. remarkably he walked away from this without a single broken bone. he's here to talk about this
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good morning to you. it is 7:26, i'm marla tellez. a cyclist who struck and killed a 92-year-old woman is apologizing. douglas herring says he came around a curve on arlington boulevard and saw the woman too late. jean smith died from her injuries. the cyclist tells nbc bay area he feels horrible about what happened. but the woman's family says they have no hard feelings. >> we have sympathy for him too. >> you do? you have sympathy for him? >> i would hate to live with that. and i know that he was hurt too. >> and smith's family and friends said they're happy knowing she lived each day to the fullest. there's no word yet if herring will face charges.
7:27 am
the weekend is here and so is christina loren. let's take a look at that forecast. good morning. >> the bearer of good news for the weekend. 52 degrees to start you out in san francisco, we're at 57, close to 60 just about everywhere across the south and east bay. and today because we're starting out so mild, even with the weak disturbance that will fall apart moving through the bay area coming through, this is going to keep your temperatures just about as warm as they were yesterday. keep them from soaring as we're expecting them to do so as we head through saturday and sunday. little patchy fog this morning, but not much of it. in fact, the bay is entirely clear at this point. highs today, just about as warm as yesterday, 74 in san jose, los gatos, and then we start the climb. up to 85 degrees, warming trend begins tomorrow and up to 89 degrees inland on sunday. record territory come monday. keeping you hot just about every single day next week. and we're also going to keep it hot when it comes to the u.s. open coverage on nbc. >> we'll keep with the theme of pleasant news. and the freeways are moving pretty smoothly as far as the
7:28 am
speed sensors go. 880 at oak street. the accident in oakland has cleared oak street off ramp reopens, but we have not reopened eastbound cesar chavez off southbound 101. the guardrail repair likely to continue until about noon today. an accident southbound 880 at marina and slowing around the castro valley y but not a big deal. similar pattern for livermore, similar to what we see on a typical friday. that's good news, marla, back to you. >> thank you, mike, for the latest updates, find us on facebook, search nbc bay area. we'll be back with our next news and weather update in 30. i'm a native californian.
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♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning. tgif, everybody. the crowd down on our plaza, a pretty large crowd. ♪ all the way across 4th street. a full half hour of music -- ♪ i'm ann curry alongside lester holt who is in for matt this morning. nice to have you here. >> thank you, ann. >> coming up we'll be talking about that frightening accident that was caught on tape. >> this is really hard to watch. it's a skate border performing a stunt. he goes into the street and he's hit by a truck. first time you see that you
7:31 am
assume he's a goner. in fact, no broken bones. he was banged up a bit but no serious injuries. coming up we'll talk to that lucky guy in an exclusive live interview. i think it will be fair to ask him, what was he thinking, too? >> exactly right. it's amazing that he survived that without any broken bones, also coming up we're going to talk to a mom who you really don't want to mess with. someone stole her baby stroller so she set up a sting to nab the suspect. she got her man and ended up, police say, busting a million dollar crime wave. you're going to hear from her coming up this morning. but we begin with the beauty queen who claimed the miss usa pageant was fixed. in a moment sheena monnin opens up in her first interview since resigning as miss pennsylvania usa. but first, nbc's mara schiavocampo is joining us with her story. >> ann, good morning. this time last week sheena monnin was preparing to represent pennsylvania in the biggest competition of her career. now she's battling it out with the miss universe organization and may face a lawsuit from donald trump.
7:32 am
she didn't win the miss usa title. she didn't even make the final round. >> the fun, the lights. >> reporter: but it's the now-former miss pennsylvania who is taking the spot light and the heat after claiming sunday's miss usa pageant was rigged. on her facebook page, sheena monnin says that another contestant spotted a list of the top five contestants before the show even started. >> congratulations to our top five! >> reporter: and that list, she claims, matched the top five who were later announced live on the air. monday night, monnin, who didn't make the top 16, resigneds amiss pennsylvania, writing on her facebook page, quote, i can this is an nbc news special report. here is lester holt. >> good morning, everyone. from new york, president obama is about to make a statement
7:33 am
from the white house briefing room. he's expected to comment on the state of the economy, urge congress to pass his jobs plan and also talk about the economic headwinds coming over from europe. let's bring in nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. look, they're doing this, they had a rough week politically on the campaign trail. they've had a rough week economically. it all started a week ago with that much worse jobs report than they expected when the economy showed only 69,000 new jobs were created. so this is an attempt to talk about a few things, number one, he wants to remind the public about where we started and where we are now and what we're facing. but then he's also going to use this as an opportunity to call on congress to do some things that he has been asking them to do, he'll say, for the last nine months, which is his series of jobs bill which they talk about under the umbrella, lester, the american jobs act. >> and we're also told he's going to talk about europe. that is largely out of his
7:34 am
control, but will he put much of the blame on the uncertainty across the pond? >> reporter: he has done that in the past. that is the biggest cloud hanging over our current economy. you talk to many analysts, and they'll say the same thing. a few things are coming up in the next few days. obviously, you have the greek elections. you have a meeting of the g-20, the 20 largest economies, the president's going to be going to that. that's going to take place in mexico. there's an expectation, lester, that we'll know in the next three weeks sort of the state of the euro. where's greece going to be? will they go or stay? all of that will impact our economy in the next three months. and i wouldn't be surprised if you see the president sort of lay out this time line of sort of how critical the next couple of weeks are to see what will the europeans do to sort of calm the markets and calm the economy. >> we are waiting for the president, again, to make a statement. he may take some questions. chuck, mitt romney has certainly staked his entire campaign on the economy, especially after those jobs numbers last week. only 69,000 jobs added.
7:35 am
are we going to hear more from the president on this topic? does he realize that this is what it's going to be all about between now and november? >> reporter: lester, there's been a lot of back seat driving, if you will, of his message. one of the biggest pieces has had to do with what is he running on? and the campaign actually tried to respond a little bit to that criticism. they have a new ad talking about his plan, his american jobs act, trying to get voters in swing states, if you will, to call congress. so i do think you're going to see that, he is feeling some pressure from other democrats. president clinton, among others, who are saying talk more about the economy, talk more forward looking, try to reassure voters. there's a lot of anxiety. but you're right about mitt romney. they believe this election year is going to look like 1992 and 1980, two years when incumbent presidents lost because of the way the country felt about the economy at the time of the election. >> and we also learned this week that mitt romney brought in more cash. >> reporter: he did. >> in this last go around. that has to be significant.
7:36 am
>> reporter: it's been a big week for romney. it's been a rough week politically for the democrats starting with the jobs report. then you throw in what happened in wisconsin which was certainly a battle organizationally between the two parties, if you will, then throw in the money pa parity. it shouldn't be a surprise that mitt romney in the first month should be doing well. it came on the heels of president obama's best fund-raising month of his campaign, and yet he was still topped by mitt romney. look, the expectation, you talk to a lot of experts about this, the president probably is going to be outspent. not by a lot. money's probably not going to be the decisive factor on a presidential level, but there is parity between the two parties organizationally, we learned, financially, and now it's all about the economic environment, and that's why the president's doing what he's doing today. >> and again, we're waiting for the president to come out in the press room in a few moments to make statements about the economy. chuck, we should note for our viewers right now on the west coast watching the first hour of "today," we just had a conversation with jim cramer
7:37 am
talking about the fact that american companies are largely in a good position, but they're sitting on their hands. they're not hiring because of so much uncertainty. and his outlook was that it wasn't so much because of uncertainty over the presidential election but really about europe. what can the president do to jump start jobs absent a resolution on that situation? >> reporter: well, about the only piece of actual legislation that is sitting in washington that could create -- that could sort of kick start jobs on a small scale, if you will, is a big transportation funding bill. and beyond that, though, and it's sort of basic government infrastructure jobs, beyond that, you're right. there's sort of -- the economy is being held hostage, if you will, by the euro crisis. you talk to ceos, it's a political football here, right? you have the two parties trying to blame each other. but the fact of the matter is, it's a much bigger issue than this. >> he's going to tweak republicans over this jobs act, if you will, but they come back and say, but you've got to cut
7:38 am
on the other end. isn't that really the argument? >> reporter: well, that's right. they're basically saying because you refuse to cut, that's why we have the fiscal cliff coming, about tax this, and that's why the economy has slowed. what they're trying to do is both sides are trying to blame the other for the fact that corporations are sitting on their hands for this issue of uncertainty. when the real issue of uncertainty and the real reason why so many corporations are sitting on their hands has to do with the uncertainty in one of the largest parts of the global economy, and that is the euro and europe. and until that's settled, then you will see some certainty on that front. again, it's the political football between the two parties, republicans talking about all the spending, health care, not enough cuts. democrats saying republicans are standing in the way of not passing various jobs bills. obviously the domestic politics that the two parties are fighting over matters there. but the facts are this thing is about europe. now, whether that gives -- helps the president at all in trying to convince anxious voters sitting in swing states, that's a whole other story.
7:39 am
>> we're under a minute until the president appears on the podium. we should note that there's also been an expectation of some weak data out of china, and that has kind of slowed things down on wall street. we've had three days of a rally after, of course, that big dropoff last week in response to the jobs numbers. big rally last three days, but they're down, i'm told, just a little bit right now, roughly unchanged over yesterday. so we'll continue to watch that as we all look for signs of the economy finding its footing. so again, the president's going to come out momentarily. he will speak about the economic situation. he will challenge congress once again to approve his jobs plan to get construction workers back on building projects as well as talking about the situation in europe. here's the president now. >> good morning. i just want to say a few words about the economy, and then i will take some of your questions. today we're fighting back from the deepest economic crisis since the great depression. after losing jobs for 25 months
7:40 am
in a row, our businesses have now created jobs for 27 months in a row. 4.3 million new jobs in all. the fact is, job growth in this recovery has been stronger than in the one following the last recession a decade ago. but the hole we have to fill is much deeper. and the global aftershocks are much greater. and that's why we've got to keep on pressing with actions that further strengthen the economy. right now one concern is europe, which faces a threat of renewed recession as countries deal with a financial crisis. obviously, this matters to us because europe is our largest economic trading partner. there's less demand for our products in places like paris or madrid, it could mean less businesses -- or less business for manufacturers in places like pittsburgh or milwaukee. the good news is there is a path out of this challenge. these decisions are fundamentally in the hands of europe's leaders, and fortunately, they understand the
7:41 am
seriousness of the situation and the urgent need to act. i've been in frequent contact with them over the past several weeks, and we know that there's specific steps they can take right now to prevent the situation there from getting worse. in the short term, they've got to stabilize their financial system. and part of that is taking clear action as soon as possible to inject capital into weak backs. just as important, leaders can lay out a framework and a vision for a stronger eurozone including deeper collaboration on budgets and banking policy. getting there is going to take some time, but showing the political commitment to share the benefits and responsibilities of an integrated europe will be a strong step. with respect to greece, which has important elections next weekend, we've said that it is in everybody's interests for greece to remain in the eurozone while respecting its commitments to reform. we recognize the sacrifices that the greek people have made, and
7:42 am
european leaders understand the need to provide support if the greek people choose to remain in the eurozone. but the greek people also need to recognize that their hardships will likely be worse if they choose to exit from the eurozone. over the longer term, even as european countries with large debt burdens carry out necessary fiscal reforms, they've also got to promote economic growth in job creation. as some countries have discovered, it's a lot harder to rein in deficits and debt if your economy isn't growing. so it's a positive thing that the conversation has moved in that direction, and leaders like angela merkel and francois hollande are working to put in place a growth agenda alongside responsible fiscal plans. the bottom line is, the solutions to these problems are hard, but there are solutions. the decisions required are tough, but europe has the capacity to make them. and they have america's support.
7:43 am
their success is good for us, and the sooner that they act and the more decisive and concrete their actions, the sooner people and markets will regain some confidence, and the cheaper the costs of cleanup will be down the road. in the meantime, given the signs of weakness in the world economy, not just in europe but also some softening in asia, it's critical that we take the actions we can to strengthen the american economy right now. last september, i sent congress a detailed jobs plan full of the kind of bipartisan ideas that woof put more americans back to work. it had broad support from the american people. it was fully paid for. if congress had passed it in full, we'd be on track to have a million more americans working this year. the unemployment rate would be lower. our economy would be stronger. of course, congress refused to pass this jobs plan in full.
7:44 am
they did act on a few parts of the bill, most significantly the payroll tax cut that's putting more money in every working person's paycheck right now, and i appreciate them taking that action. but they left most of the jobs plan just sitting there. and in light of the headwinds that we're facing right now, i urge them to reconsider because there's steps we can take right now to put more people back to work. they're not just my ideas. they're not just democratic ideas. they're ideas that independent, nonpartisan economists believe would make a real difference in our economy. keep in mind that the private sector has been hiring at a solid pace over the last 27 months. but one of the biggest weaknesses has been state and local governments which have laid off 450,000 americans. these are teachers and cops and firefighters. congress should pass a bill putting them back to work right now, giving help to the states so that those layoffs are not occurring.
7:45 am
in addition, since the housing bubble burst, we've got more than 1 million construction workers out of work. there's nothing fiscally responsible about waiting to fix your roof until it caves in. we've got a lot of deferred maintenance in this country. we could be putting a lot of people back to work rebuilding our roads, our bridges, some of our schools. there's work to be done. there are workers to do it. let's put them back to work right now. the housing market is stabilizing and beginning to come back in many parts of the country, but there are still millions of responsible homeowners who have done everything right but still struggle to make ends meet. so as i talked about just a few weeks ago, let's pass a bill that gives them a chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage and taking advantage of these historically low rates. that's something we can do right now. it would make a difference. instead of just talking a good game about job creators, congress should give the small business owners that actually
7:46 am
create most of the new jobs in america a tax breakkers. these are ideas that, again, have gotten strong validation from independent, nonpartisan economists. it would make a durcifference i our economy, and there's no excuse for not passing these ideas. we know they can work. now, if congress decides despite all that that they aren't going to do anything about this simply because it's an election year, then they should explain to the american people why. there's going to be plenty of time to debate our respective plans for the future. that's a debate i'm eager to have. but right now people in this town should be focused on doing everything we can to keep our recovery going and keeping our country strong. and that requires some action on the part of congress. so i would urge them to take another look at some of the ideas that have already been put forward. and with that, i'm going to take a couple of questions, and i'm
7:47 am
going to start with karen bowen who is with reuters, but as we all know, is about to go get a fancy job with "the national journal," and we're very proud of her. so congratulations to you, karen. you get the first crack at it. >> thank you very much, mr. president. could you tell the american people what role the united states is playing in the european debt crisis, and also, do you think european leaders have a handle on what's needed to stem the crisis? and finally, you talked about a number of ideas that you've already put forth to shield the american economy. do you plan to give a speech or lay out additional ideas now that the crisis is really escalating? >> well, a couple of things. first of all, the situation in europe is not simply a debt crisis. you've got some countries like greece that genuinely have spent more than they're bringing in. and they've got problems. there are other countries that actually were running a surplus
7:48 am
and had fairly responsible fiscal policies but had weaknesses similar to what happened here with respect to their housing market or their real estate markets, and that has weakened their financial system. so there are a bunch of different issues going on in europe. it's not simply a debt crisis. what is true is is that the markets getting nervous have started making it much more expensive for them to borrow. and that, then, gets them on a downward spiral. we have been in constant contact with europe over the last -- european leaders over the last two years. and we have consulted with them both at the head of government and head of state level. i frequently speak to the leaders not only in formal settings like the g-8 but also on the telephone or via
7:49 am
videoconference, and our economic teams have gone over there to consult. as i said in my opening remarks, the challenges they face are solvable. right now their focus has to be on strengthening their overall banking system, much in the same way that we did back in 2009 and 2010. making a series of decisive actions that give people confidence that the banking system is solid, that capital requirements are being met, that various stresses that may be out there can be absorbed by the system. and i think that european leaders are in discussions about that, and they're moving in the right direction. in addition, they're going to have to look at how do they achieve growth at the same time as they're carrying out structural reforms that may take
7:50 am
two or three or five years to fully accomplish. so countries like spain and italy, for example, have embarked on some smart, structural reforms that everybody thinks are necessary. everything from tax collection to labor markets to a whole host of different issues. but they've got to have the time and the space for those steps to succeed. and if they are just cutting and cutting and cutting and their unemployment rate is going up and up and up and people are pulling back further from spending money because they're feeling a lot of pressure, ironically, that can actually make it harder for them to carry out some of these reforms over the long term. so i think there's discussion now about in addition to sensible ways to deal with debt and government finances. there's a parallel discussion that's taking place among european leaders to figure out how do we also encourage growth
7:51 am
and show some flexibility to allow some of these reforms to really take root. now, keep in mind that this obviously can have a potential impact on us because europe's our largest trading partner. the good news is is that a lot of the work we did back in 2009 and 2010 have put our financial system on a much more solid footing. on assistance of increasing capital requirements for banks means that they can absorb some of the shocks that might come from across the atlantic. you know, folks in the financial sector have been monitoring this carefully, and i think are prepared for a range of contingencies. but even if we weren't directly hit in the sense that our financial system still stayed solid, if europe goes into a
7:52 am
recession, that means that we're selling fewer goods, fewer services, and that is going to have some impact on the pace of our recovery. so we want to do everything we can to make sure that we are supportive of what european leaders are talking about. ultimately, it is a decision that they've got to make in terms of how they move forward towards more integration, how they move forward in terms of accommodating the needs for both reform and growth. and the most important thing i think we can do is make sure that we continue to have a strong, robust recovery. so the steps that i've outlined are the ones that are needed. we've got a couple of sectors in our economy that are still weak. overall, the private sector has been doing a good job creating jobs. we've seen record profits in the corporate sector. the big challenge we have in our
7:53 am
economy right now is state and local government hiring has been going in the wrong direction. you've seen teacher layoffs, police officers, cops, firefighters being laid off. and the other sector that's still weak has been the construction industry. those two areas we've directly addressed with our jobs plan. the problem is that it requires congress to take action, and we're going to keep pushing them to see if they can move in that direction. jackie combs. where did jackie go? there she is. >> thank you, mr. president. i'd like to ask you a couple about what a couple other people said about europe. one is i'd like to know if you agree with former president bill clinton who said in the past week that the european policy that you've described here today are much like those of the republicans in this country. austerity that would take us in
7:54 am
the same direction as europe, if you agree with that. the republicans, for their part, have said that you're simply blaming the europeans for problems that have been caused by your own policies. so i'd like you to respond to both of those. and also, tell us precisely how much time you've personally spent on the european situation. >> any other aspects to the question? >> i could have more questions. >> first of all, in terms of the amount of time i spend, look. i think it's fair to say that over the last two years, i'm in consistent discussions with european leadership and consistent discussions with my economic team. this is one of the things that's changed in the world economy over the last two or three decades is that this is a global
7:55 am
economy now. and what happens anywhere in the world can have an impact here in the united states. certainly that's true after the kind of trauma that we saw in 2008 and 2009. you know, if you think about the situation in europe, they're going through a lot of the things that we went through back in 2009, 2010 where we took some very decisive action. the challenge they have is they've got 17 governments that have to coordinate. 27 if you count the entire european union, not just the eurozone. so imagine dealing with 17 congresses instead of just one. that makes things more challenging. but, you know, what we've tried to do is to be constructive, to not frame this as us scolding them or telling them what to do but to give them advice in part based on our experiences here in having stabilized the financial
7:56 am
situation effectively. you know, ultimately, though, they're going to have to make a lot of these decisions. and so what we can do is to prod, advise, suggest, but ultimately they're going to have to make these decisions. now, in terms of characterizing the situation over there, what is absolutely true -- this is true in europe, and it's true here in the united states -- is that we've got short-term problems and long-term problems. and the short-term problems are how do we put people back to work? how do we make the economy grow as rapidly as possible? how do we ensure that the recovery gains momentum?
7:57 am
because if we do those things, not only is it good for the people who find work, not only is it good for families who are able to pay the bills, but it actually is one of the most important things we can do to reduce deficits and debt. it's a lot easier to deal with deficits and debt if you're growing because you're bringing in more revenue, and you're not spending as much because people don't need unemployment insurance as much. they don't need other programs that are providing support to people in need because things are going pretty good. that's true here in the united states, and that's true in europe. so the problem i think president clinton identified is that if when an economy is still weak and a recovery is still fragile, that you resort to a strategy of
7:58 am
let's cut more so that you're seeing government layoffs, reductions in government spending, severe cutbacks in major investments that help the economy grow over the long term. if you're doing all those things at the same time as consumers are pulling back because they're still trying to pay off credit card debt and there's generally weak demand in the economy as a whole, then you can get on a downward spiral where everybody's pulling back at the same time. that weakens demand. and that further crimps the desire of companies to hire more people. and that's the pattern that europe is in danger of getting into. you know, some countries in europe right now have an unemployment rate of 15%, 20%.
7:59 am
if you are engaging in too much austerity too quickly and that unemployment rate goes up to 20% or 25%, then that actually makes it harder to then pay off your debts. and the markets, by the way, respond had they see this kind of downward spiral happening, they start making a calculation, well, if you're not growing at all, if you're contracting, you may end up having more trouble paying us off, so we're going to charge you even more. your interest rates will go up. and it makes it that much tougher. so you know, i think what we want both for ourselves but what we've advised in europe as well is a strategy that says, let's do everything we can to grow now even as we lock in a long-term plan to stabilize our debt and our deficits and start bringing them down in a steady, sensible
8:00 am
way. and by the way, that's what we proposed last year. that's what's proposed in my budget. what i've said is let's make long-term spending cuts. let's initiate long-term reforms. let's reduce our health care spending. let's make sure that we've got a pathway, a glide path, to fiscal responsibility. but at the same time, let's not underinvest in the things that we need to do right now to grow. and that recipe of short-term investments in growth and jobs with a long-term path of fiscal responsibility is the right approach to take for, i think, not only the united states but also for europe. okay. >> reporter: what about the republicans saying that you're
8:01 am
blaming the europeans for the failures of your own policies? >> the truth of the matter is that as i said, we created 4.3 million jobs over the last two -- 27 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector's doing fine. where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don't have the same kind of flexibility of the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in. and so, you know, if republicans want to be helpful, if they
8:02 am
really want to move forward and put people back to work, what they should be thinking about is how do we help state and local governments, and how do we help the construction industry? because the recipes that they're promoting are basically the kinds of policies that would add weakness to the economy, would result in further layoffs, would not provide relief in the housing market and would result, i think most economists estimate, in lower growth and fewer jobs, not more. all right? david jackson. >> reporter: thank you, sir. there are a couple books out that detail about national security issues. there are reports of terrorist lists -- >> you've been watching president obama in a news conference talking about the economy. some of our viewers on the east coast will leave us now for nbc sports coverage of the french open.
8:03 am
>> first of all, i'm not going to comment on the details of what are supposed to be classified items. second, as commander in chief, the issues that you've mentioned touch on our national security, touch on critical issues of war and peace, and they're classified for a reason. because they're sensitive and because the people involved may, in some cases, be in danger if they're carrying out some of these missions.
8:04 am
and when this information or reports, whether true or false, surface on the front page of newspapers, that makes the job of folks on the front lines tougher, and it makes my job tougher, which is why since i've been in office, my attitude has been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks and speculation. now, we have mechanisms in place where if we can root out folks who have leaked, they will suffer consequences. in some cases, it's criminal -- these are criminal contacts when they release information like this.
8:05 am
and we will conduct thorough investigations as we have in the past. the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong, and people, i think, need to have a better sense of how i approach this office and how the people around me here approach this office. we're dealing with issues that can touch on the safety and security of the american people, our families or our military personnel or our allies. and so we don't play with that. and it is a source of consistent
8:06 am
frustration not just from my administration but from previous administrations when this stuff happens. and we will continue to let everybody know in government or after they leave government that they have certain obligations that they should carry out. but as i think has been indicated from these articles, whether or not the information they've received is true, the writers of these articles have all stated unequivocally that they didn't come from this white house. and that's not how we operate. >> reporter: are there investigations going on now? is that what you're saying? >> what i'm saying is that we consistently, wherever there is classified information, that is put out into the public, we try to find out where that came
8:07 am
from. all right? okay. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> can we ask about wisconsin? >> president obama taking several questions after coming out making a statement about the economy, speaking in support of europe's capacity and ability to make tough choices with regard to its debt crisis which, in effect, affects the u.s. economy. he also talked about congress and their need, in his opinion, to pass his jobs plan that, as he says, would put americans back to work now rather than later. nbc's chuck todd, our chief white house correspondent, is in our washington bureau right now. any surprises you heard there, chuck? >> none at all other than this press conference appeared to be more an attempt to educate the public on europe, trying to, in this election year, let the public know that it's feeling this public anxiety to try to give them an explanation of why it is. and he spent a lot of time on europe. >> chuck todd, thanks very much.
8:08 am
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>> that's right. we've lined up three experts to share their knowledge. we're going to get things started with what's new in movies, music and tv, tim sack is the senior writer for "entertainment weekly." a lot going in entertainment this weekend including the big tony awards with neil patrick harris who is so fantastic hosting yet for a third time. >> -- won an emmy for hosting previously. he's going to sing. he's going to dance. he's going to do what he's famous for. they're going to do a big opening number with book of mormon and there's going to be lots of more surprises. hugh jackman just announced he's going to appear. everyone's hoping shale sort of do a little dance routine. >> another big thing happening this weekend sunday we've got the season premiere of true blood. >> yeah. >> about vampires. >> yeah. >> and it starts with a clip sort of the next step after a cliff-hanger. >> there was a major cliff-hanger where she was cradling her best friend in her arms. we're going to find out if tara is alive or not and there will be lots of vampires. >> big moving opening.
8:11 am
prometheus this weekend. >> yes. ridley scott's new movie. he directed blade runner and alien. this is a return to sci-fi. rumored to be an alien prequel but no one will say. highly anticipated. the geeks are geeking out. >> what do you know about jimmy fall fallon's highly anticipated -- >> yeah, his album is coming out. basically all his musical numbers from his show, including show jamming the news with brian williams. >> brian williams. whoo! >> he's fairly, jimmy told us he was very jealous of the slow jamming the news segment and asked to be part of it. >> oh, okay. >> it will be a great album. >> thank you so much. now here's lester. >> now to what's up in celebrity news. alicia quarrels is an enews correspondent. let's start off being a bit nostalgic. a lot of folks grew up watching the wonder years. >> winnie cooper. >> she's getting divorced from
8:12 am
her husband of three years. >> they have one son together. danica, we've all fallen in love with her. she's so smart. went to college. "new york times" best-seller for three books, genius mathematician and now she's getting divorced. but she said they're doing it amicably. >> she never had a lot of drama. >> this is a smart, smart woman. >> rihanna. is she sick? a lot of people are asking you know, she canceled her last trip to the uk. her upcoming commitment to her tv show and two performances. >> rihanna said she's not sick. she did cancel an upcoming tour she was supposed to do in the uk. a uk paper said oh, rihanna's sick. she's been partying too much. she said that's not it. i'm spending time with my family. leave me alone. >> kanye west and the sneakers he's wearing have become super hot. >> the air music two. >> are you ready for them, lester? >> i'm still thinking air jordans. >> right. these nike -- nike, people are waiting in line for them. they went on ebay. reportedly a pair sold for
8:13 am
$90,000. can you believe that? >> they're still tennis shoes. >> okay. these are collectors. so women may collect jewelry, people collect tennis shoes. >> alicia quarles, good to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. last but not least what's in. liliood an grning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about crochet. the hot trend right now. kind of going back to the '60s. >> not your grandmother's crochet. this is the modern interpretation. kourtney kardashian was just spotted in this dress available at sears for $63.99. and then this is my absolute favorite from victoria's secret dotcom, under $100. and if you don't want to do the crochet trend in the outfit you can do accessories. >> okay. over here. move over to david beckham. >> david beckham. >> line of underwear is finally out. >> it's finally out. so people love david beckham. he has a new collection starts at $12.95. boxers, briefs, tees and tanks, all for dad, just in time for father's day. and there's a promotion.
8:14 am
buy one, get one 50% off through june 17th. >> good deal. >> hair trends now. beach hair is in. easy way to get that look. >> this is the brand new remington wrap wave. it's a two-pronged curling iron. you wrap the hair in a figure eight and it gives you great waves instead of a curl. >> you've got to use a glove so you don't burn yourself. >> very important. >> now you're sporting this. >> i am. >> which is the chalk for the hair. gives you that cool highlights. >> exactly. >> a lot of celebrities are doing this as well. >> it's a temporary hair color so you don't have to actually keep it in your hair. washes out with sun shampoo. this is from hair color chalk dotcom. take a strand of your hair, pressing it into the pod and pull. >> wash it out? >> one shampoo. >> and the back pack is back. >> it is. >> which is great for our backs. >> it's great because it's in the summer. you want to be hands free. take it to the beach. take it on your next vacation. these start at $34.80 at forever
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i tell you what, let's call your pops. tell him you're thinking about corolla. ok... nope, this is how we do it at corolla, son. [ ringing ] [ dad ] hello? dad, i'm committing to corolla. [ excitement from mom and dad ] alright, let's take this puppy for a little spin alright madre, padre. we haven't seen a triple crown winner in 34 years. but that could change tomorrow afternoon in the 144th running of the belmont stakes. natalie caught up with the prize colt and his trainer at belmont park. natalie, good morning once again. >> good morning, ann. triple crown winners become legends in their sport. horses like seattle slew, secretariat and affirmed who was the last to win the coveted title back in 1978. and since then 11 horses have come close, but have fallen short at belmont. and tomorrow i'll have another makes his run at history. >> they're off in the kentucky
8:19 am
derby. >> reporter: a long shot at the derby. >> at the wire. i'll have another has won the kentucky derby! off in the preakness. >> reporter: and a photo finish at the preakness. >> here they come. there's the wire. i'll have another will have a chance at the triple crown will be on the line at belmont park. >> reporter: out of nowhere i'll have another has a shot at the elusive triple crown. owner paul reddam is still in shock. >> if you had said, in all seriousness, do you think this horse is going to have a shot at winning the triple crown, i would say, well don't have another, because you've been drinking. >> reporter: with a victory at the belmont stakes on saturday, i'll have another will be only the 12th horse in racing history to win the title. the last horse to do it, affirmed way back in 1978. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> i was going to give you a leg up. you've got it. >> it's been awhile.
8:20 am
>> a natural. >> the colt's trainer doug o'neill prefers to talk shop on horseback. and i was totally game to ride a horse named ricky. the horse of the moment right now, do you really think he can be a triple crown winner? >> i do, natalie. we're so excited about this guy. he's got the right mind. he's handled everything like a true professional. his energy, his stride, everything has been beautiful so far. >> reporter: one concern, the length of the track. the longest of the triple crown races. now, of course, you know belmont is 1.5 miles, and that's always the hardest for the horses to get through this last stretch. what's the strategy? >> you hear a lot about the belmont and the riders need to learn the oval, and you know it's important for the horses to learn the mile and a half oval, as well. and the plan is to have mario come in, ride a few races before the big one. so, so far so good. >> reporter: mario is mario gutierrez, i'll have another's jockey. >> mario gutierrez in his first try wins the kentucky derby. wow.
8:21 am
>> reporter: what a find mario gutierrez has been. only 25 years old and pretty much relatively unknown until this year. how did you find him? >> paul suggested, why don't you have mario come by, work i'll have another, give that kid a chance. it was kind of that simple. >> reporter: were they a magical combination, magical team? >> it's like you and ricky. >> reporter: there you go. me and ricky. we're bonding. >> exactly. >> reporter: i was ready to meet the man, or rather the horse, of the hour. that's gorgeous. >> isn't he gorgeous? >> reporter: chestnut. beautiful. hey. how are you? tell me how he got his name. >> his owner paul reddam loves cookies. they have an owner at the house when he's out of cookies he'll yell out, i'll have another. >> reporter: a superstar now. >> oh, he's a rock star. >> reporter: like the spot light? >> he loves it. >> reporter: but the spotlight hasn't been as kind to o'neill. his headlines most recently discuss his upcoming suspension from racing after an investigation into a performance enhancing technique he allegedly
8:22 am
used on another horse. starting after belmont, the california racing association has suspended you for 45 days because they found elevated levels of co2 in one of your horses. >> we play by the rules. and, you know, i contested those allegations vigorously. the decision was that there was no wrongdoing found. so i'm not really sure what the suspension is about. but it's all stuff i can't really talk about until after the belmont. >> reporter: for now, doug is focused on the task at hand. >> training horses is a privilege. it's not a right. so i take it very seriously. and i'm, you know -- >> reporter: focused on that right now. >> and just grateful. >> reporter: grateful and hopeful that i'll have another will, indeed, gallop into horse racing history. of course, it is a crowded field with a lot of contenders. all could spring an upset. but oddsmakers right now, 4-5
8:23 am
odds that we could have a triple crown winner in i'll have another. >> exactly right there. the race by the way want to mention to people 3:00 p.m. eastern on the nbc sports network. full coverage at 4:30 p.m. eastern here on nbc. meantime -- >> we want to say hello to andy sandler from "saturday night live." new movie "that's my boy." andy, good morning. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> all these people have come out to see the greatest rapper that ever lived. >> one of the greatest. i brought my whole family with me. >> we just heard lester say your name with adam sandler. you've had this big smile on your face. there's a reason for that. >> i called him a bunch yeah when i heard about this script i wanted to work with him. he's one of my heroes. and now we're on billboards together. >> how cool is that? >> it's the coolest.
8:24 am
great still of me there. >> he's supposed to play your father but it looks like you're not that far apart in age. >> we're not. it's the perfect script in that regard in that he had a child very, very young, as a result of inappropriate teacher/student relationship. >> oh, okay. >> we skim through that part pretty quickly to get to the fun stuff. >> and, and, of course, everybody, while they're looking forward to this movie, some said this is your last season on "saturday night live." why now? >> you know, seven seasons, we did over 100 shorts, both of my buddies have moved on. we did a lot of stuff together there. i don't know. nothing in particular i'm moving on to, i just sort of felt like it was time. >> tell me you'll come back and do some digitals shorts from time to time. >> i'll come back any time they'll have me i'm back. i hope it's true for me. >> given somebody else like mark zuckerberg?
8:25 am
what are you going to do? >> i don't know that anyone else -- they need another cast member with a "berg" in their name. i played at least three bergs on that show. >> we wish you great luck. >> thank you. >> andy sandberg great to have you here. "that's my boy" in theaters next friday. just ahead, chris brown live in concert for a full half hour.
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:25 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're getting new information butt a deadly shooting at a karaoke bar in san jose. a 25-year-old man was shot and killed outside the bar at center road before 3:00 a.m. police telling us the bar had closed, but people gathered outside got into an argument when the shots were fired. >> you mix guns and alcohol and people get mixed up in altercations, things like this happen, so it is a cautionary tale when you mix too much alcohol and guns. >> so far no arrests. police have some strong leads. let's look at the morning commute now with mike. >> all right. we'll look at the east bay. 880 slow, live look shows you the volume of traffic moving nicely approaching the coliseum.
8:27 am
facing south here, folks coming up from san leandro. east shore freeway about the same. looking at the off ramp, eastbound cesar chavez, closed for guardrail repair work that will continue through the midday hour probably. a smooth drive on the peninsula, both directions to mountain view and palo alto. slowing north from 237 west through 37 as a result of that backup on the ramp laura. back to you. >> thanks for the update, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. i'll have another local news update in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning. the 8th day of june, 2012. we've got a beautiful day, and a beautiful crowd, and these are the perfect can bes for a great concert. coming up we've got new look sensation chris brown performing for a sold out crowd, a crowd who's been waiting. the anticipation is really growing. meantime i'm ann curry.
8:31 am
we've got a lot more coming up. >> we have another guy you may have heard of by the name of justin bieber, two weeks from today, something for music fans. >> and in fact he wants you to pick one of the songs. summertime, beer in mexico or living in fast forward. can you vote on our website, then watch for the winner during the concert on june 22nd. even better, come on down, and find out for yourself when kenny chesney takes to our stage. >> we have a special hour-long edition of the professionals. star, dr. nancy and donny are going to be here to tackle a whole host of questions and controversies. looking forward to that. >> also want to mention that we have a huge week coming up next week. we've got larry hagman. patrick duffy.
8:32 am
and linda gray from the 1980s hit drama, "dallas." they're bringing their famous characters back to life on a new version of the show. and they'll be here along with the next generation of ewings to tell us all about that. monday, here on "today." >> j.r. is actually in a nursing home. he is. they find him in a nursing home. >> i'm sure he's got a lot to say. >> quick hello to u.s. olympic wrestler jordan burrows. the world champion freestyle wrestler. >> good morning. >> you're from new jersey, right? >> that's right. from new jersey. i love the fact that -- >> 13,000 followers. >> yes, trying to get a little bit more. >> apparently so. i got that impression. when you start off in your
8:33 am
field, at that time did you think about becoming someone who wanted to achieve a gold medal? >> never. you know, it was always my dream to be an olympian, win olympic gold medals throughout my life. starting off as a kid it's hard to realize as a young age. now i'm big, strong, and hoping to be a gold medalist. >> wrestled for nebraska. collegiate wrestling. a little different from the wrestling you're going to be doing at the olympics. did it take much to adjust? >> a little bit. like i said, i feel as good as i've ever felt in my career. >> meanwhile, the u.s. has won two gold medals in the last two olympics in wrestling. so are you worried about the prospects? >> i'm focused and really prepared right now. it's been a number of years -- lifestyle changes to winning a
8:34 am
gold medal. and right now i'm just hoping to go out there. >> -- great day to be able to see this concert before you get back into your training. we wish you so much luck. >> thank you. >> i'm super excited to be here. >> what's -- >> all right. >> much more coming up. >> we've got to do weather. >> oh, that's right. >> al, what about the weather? thanks for reminding me. >> no, no, no, i'm feeling the love. let's check it out, see what we've got for you. belmont stakes, of course, here you go. possibility of that triple crown. partly sunny, warm, humid, 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. saturday, risk of strong storms in the plains. a lot of wet weather down through the central gulf. sunday, sunday, looking at more rain down through the gulf coast of florida. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains on into the
8:35 am
central mississippi river valley. nobody puts al roker in the corner. good morning to you. we have a good-looking day. take a look at this beautiful start over the transamerica pyramid. you can see ten miles or better, crystal clear conditions. we are going to get treated with sunshine today, and temperatures will be downright perfect for afternoon lunch plans. 74 in los gatos, 78 in san jose today. going through tomorrow, getting a little warm inland, up to 85 degrees, and the 90s return sunday. staying hot monday and tuesday next week. your latest weather. a lot of chris brown fans. >> i know. maybe we should take a second and show them some love, to find out from them where they're from. go ahead, al. >> i'm from d.c. >> and when did you get here? >> we got here two days ago. >> two days ago? you've been hanging out -- all right. >> that's right. we have a little chris brown fan
8:36 am
who is also celebrating her birthday. how old are you today? >> 8. >> eight years old. are you the momma? >> yes. >> and you decided are you bringing her here today because of the concert? >> yes. >> getting ready to dance, a little dancing this morning? >> yeah, maybe. >> i think somebody got dragged out of bed this morning. anyway you guys have a lot of fun. natalie, has -- >> people come from all over, including norway to see chris brown, right? big fans here? big fan of his, right? >> yes. >> what does it mean for you to be here to see him today? >> a lot. >> well, have a great time here all right. where's al? >> i'm going to take it. chris brown is coming up next. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
8:37 am
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8:39 am
the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> we have had people lined up for this concert since thursday. so we don't want to keep them waiting anymore. performing one of his biggest hits, forever, ladies and gentlemen, chris brown. ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ one two three four ♪ everybody put your hands up everybody put your hands up ♪
8:40 am
♪ hey hey it's you and me ♪ ♪ moving at the speed of light into eternity ♪ ♪ tonight is the night to join me in the middle of ♪ ♪ feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you around you ♪ ♪ i'm take you there i'm gonna take you there ♪ ♪ so don't be scared i'm right here ready ♪ ♪ we can go anywhere go anywhere ♪ ♪ but first it's your chance take my hand come with me ♪ ♪ it's like i waited my whole life for this one night ♪ ♪ it's gonna be me you and the dance floor ♪ ♪ cause we got one night double your pleasure ♪ ♪ and dance forever ever ever
8:41 am
for ever ever ever ♪ ♪ for ever ever for ever ♪ ♪ forever ♪ forever ever ever feels like we're on another level now feels like our love's ♪ ♪ we can be two rebels breaking rules you and i ♪ ♪ all you gotta do is watch me baby feel the beat inside ♪ ♪ you could take the front seat girl girl it's like i waited my whole life ♪ ♪ for this one night it's gonna be me and you on the dance floor ♪ ♪ 'cause we got one night double your pleasure ♪
8:42 am
and dance forever ever ever forever forever forever on the dance floor ♪ ♪ it's a long way down we're so high off the ground ♪ ♪ sending for an angel to bring me your heart ♪ ♪ girl where did you come from got me so undone ♪ ♪ gaze in your eyes got me saying ♪ ♪ what a beautifully dadedy no ifs ands or maybes ♪ ♪ i'm releasing my heart and it feels amazing ♪ ♪ there's no one else that theers you love me ♪ ♪ i won't let you fall girl ♪ i finally found what i'm looking for ♪ ♪ it's like i waited my whole life whole life for this one night ♪
8:43 am
♪ it's gonna be me and you on the dance floor ♪ ♪ cause we got one night double your pleasure double your fun ♪ ♪ and dance forever ever ever ever ever ever ♪ ♪ ever ever ever >> ever ever ever ever ever ever ♪ ♪ forever on the dance floor >> chris brown. thanks. we'll have much more more music in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
way we should next in early july on july 3rd. he's got this crowd still screaming, and is about to perform once again. ladies and gentlemen, chris brown. >> how you feeling out there today? i know you all came out real early. so let's party, okay? i think we should turn it up, right? come on, let's go. get a hand clap. ♪ turn up the music ♪ turn up the music can i hear turn up the music turn it down ♪
8:47 am
♪ put your hands up if you're sexy and you know it ♪ ♪ up in the hair ♪ turn up the music turn it up louder ♪ ♪ ♪ turn it up louder turn up the music ♪ ♪ let's do it ♪ oh, oh, oh, turn it up baby ♪ ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up
8:48 am
turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn up the music ♪ ♪ i need you baby turn up the music ♪ ♪ turn it up turn up the music ♪ ♪ today turn it up ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, turn it up baby oh, oh, ♪ ♪ can you turn it up turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn up the music
8:49 am
>> and the music all the way there. we're back with more from chris brown straight ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
8:50 am
that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> you guys ready for some more? chris brown!
8:51 am
♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ move your body ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i hope that this will last awhile make it last awhile ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ people everywhere everybody put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah i want to see you tonight ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ girl i gotta i got to ♪ ♪ ♪ people everywhere everybody put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ just go let's hit it ♪ ♪ let's hit it
8:53 am
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ girl i want to see you tonight ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ do it tonight put your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ put your hands up in the air ♪ tonight is the night ♪ yeah >> chris brown, thanks. we're going to have much more music a little later. plus a full hour of "today's professionals." a lot more still ahead on a friday morning, right here on "today." after your local news and weather.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
breaking news to tell you this morning at 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. there will be no triple crown. our partners at comcast sportsnet confirm "i'll have another" will not run tomorrow. the trainer at a news conference in about an hour to make that official announcement. there's no word on why they're pulling the horse, but there are reports of a leg injury.
8:57 am
again, "i'll have another" scratched from the belmont. let's check the forecast. >> today another stunner. 70 degrees in san jose. by tomorrow, we go back to the mid-80s. have a fantastic and cool weekend. [grunting] (sir can-a-lot) whoa! hello, madame. sir can-a-lot. crusader of flavor.
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9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this concert friday morning, the 8th day of june, 2012. what a great way to kick off our weekend. you've been hearing the music from chris brown. and the crowd has actually become just absolutely wild. singing. in fact onean from the control room said this concert -- that -- anyway, the superstar has one more song coming up a little bit later. meantime i'm ann curry alongside lester holt who is in for matt this morning and al roker and savannah guthrie. >> everyone is checking out their video. >> i know. >> there you go, because all morning -- >> and as we were watching this concert, everyone's been having their iphones up taking all
9:01 am
kinds of -- >> you're up close. >> very good. very good. >> anyway, so we're all -- meantime, though, coming up in this half hour. we've got a big hour, because "today's professionals" for the full hour. >> we're devoting the whole hour to "today's professionals." we can't get enough of star, donny and dr. nancy. we're going to talk about the hot topics of the day. wluing a story whether miss pennsylvania was right to say that the miss universe contest or miss usa contest was rigged. also miley cyrus got engaged at just 19. is that too young? we'll talk about that. also hit the road to give a life tile makeover to a divorced mother and all i have to tell you is that donny is handing out dating advice. >> whoa. >> look out world. >> everything was fine -- >> all right. >> in charge -- >> all right. >> and also taking questions from our crowd. so it's a full hour of "today' " professional professionals". >> so you've got to get to the
9:02 am
top news stories of the morning. we've got natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. startling new statistics today as the pentagon reports that nearly one service member commits suicide every day. 154 soldiers have committed suicide in the first 159 days of this year. that's 17% more than at the same time last year and more than the total number killed in action in afghanistan so far this year. wild weather, including tornadoes, destroyed at least five homes thursday in southeastern wyoming. several people were treated for minor injuries. powerful storms also pounded parts of crowd dough with hail. and an ominous funnel cloud developed near an outdoor graduation ceremony in new jersey forcing the new graduates and their guests to run for cover from the high winds and rain. six members of a prominent kansas family were killed thursday when their small plane crashed into the central florida swamp. officials say businessman ron bromage was flying with his wife and four children home from the bahamas when the plane went
9:03 am
down. the basketball arena at kansas state university is named for his grandfather. federal health officials are racing to find the source of an e. coli outbreak in florida, georgia, louisiana and alabama. at least 11 cases have been linked to the outbreak, including the death of an infant in new orleans last week. however, officials are just beginning their investigation and they hope to identify the source of the contamination before the outbreak widens. another shot at a stolen dream for exonerated football hopeful brian banks. the 26-year-old had been jailed for years on a false rape conviction that was overturned last month. once a top college football prospect when he was back in high school, banks now has tryouts scheduled for six nfl teams, and an invite for the seattle seahawks mini camp. he says now he wants to earn enough money to support his mother, who sold her house and car to cover his legal expenses during his ordeal. and you can probably get away with wearing fabulous faux jewelry when you're married to the future king of england.
9:04 am
kate the duchess of cambridge was dazzling in what appeared to be diamond and pearl earrings she wore at buckingham palace for the queen's jubilee. well now we have since learned they are reportedly high quality fakes. that cost about $75. we love that about her. of course she has access to the real deal, as well. four minutes after the hour. let's go out to al. the cleanup has begun. >> yes, it has. the crowds are still hanging around for "today's professionals." let's first show you what we've got for today. strong storms on the plains, into the upper midwest, and the northeast in new england. isolated tornadoes, damaging wind and hail and our friends down in florida continue to get socked with a monsoonal moisture. looking at a lot of rain anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from daytona beach, orlando, just to the north of miami. 9:04 now. take a look at this spectacular start over the bay.
9:05 am
just beautiful conditions. you can see for miles. all across the coastline and inland cities, the sun is out. temperatures in the 60s headed to the 70s. 64 in san francisco, 74 in los gatos today. we keep warming up through the upcoming weekend. 85 degrees saturday, then the 90s return by sunday and we keep on climbing for the start of next week. hope you have a fantastic weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. now we are kicking off an hour, yes an hour, with our power players, "today's professionals." attorney and author star jones, ad executive donny deutsch and head and neck surgeon and nbc's chief medical editor, we may need a doctor, dr. nancy snyderman. >> speaking of doctors. the psychiatric team from bellevue is checking us out now. >> i've got a blood pressure cuff right over there. let's start with the hot topic. the miss usa controversy. miss pennsylvania was on our
9:06 am
show this morning, exclusively, talking about why she stepped down basically relinquished her title of miss pennsylvania because she thinks the contest was rigged. first of all i know you all watched the interview. did you believe her story? >> she seemed to be very credible. however i'm waiting to see some evidence. it's one thing to make a claim. it's another thing to say that she saw something from a friend, or she heard something from a friend. that friend now denies it. if there is no factual empirical evidence to back up her claim she's really going to be in trouble in a defamation kind of lawsuit. >> could be clear, she said that she heard another contestant said they knew the five finalists before they had really even done the last 16. >> but that alleged contestant has now said that did not happen. there was no list. and so i'm not sure if she's got really a claim. >> donny, what do you think? >> i found her to be very, very engaging. and i want to give trump some branding advice. donald and i go back a long way. he's starting to feel like a bully. whether she's right or wrong to go after coming off the birther
9:07 am
thing if i was donald i would just back away from this. >> he's threatening to sue her. >> he's been -- i've got to tell you donald and you hate me for this, you just gotta kind of move on from this thing. >> is her question -- >> are these things even relevant anymore? who gives a damn? it's a pageant? are they a relative of a bygone era? >> yes, yes, yes. >> -- really do get into pageants and girls use it for scholarship money. at least some pageants. i don't know about these particular pageants. it may be just beauty. >> by the way, i think -- >> it's not -- >> a lot of the -- >> a lot of elitism. >> a lot of the country likes this. >> that's what -- >> then guess what? then it's reality television and don't be surprised if it's rigged. >> by the way -- >> don't be surprised if it's rigged then if it's reality television. >> we've got a whole hour to get to. next topic, miley cyrus engaged. she's 19. she's going to marry her boyfriend of a few years liam hemsworth. nancy, is there any evidence
9:08 am
that people who get married as youngsters have less success rate in marriage than older couples? >> yes. but every once in awhile there is the romeo and juliet effect. and this may be the perfect one. he is young -- he is stunningly handsome. that's all i can say. >> but is that really your analysis? >> yes. >> just about his looks? >> do i have to turn to donny to get a serious response? >> first of all, 19-year-olds, you're not -- you don't know what you're going to be like as a grown adult. the chances are so small. but the thing you have to look at, there are so many celebrities out there, jessica simpson who has a baby, that their only reason they exist in the consciousness now is not for their talent but what they're doing personally. >> you think miley cyrus is an example of that? >> sure. >> i can barely commit to a hairdo at 19, i can still not commit to it now. are you kidding me? >> the hairdo is yesterday. >> the chances are stacked against her because she's young and because they're doing this in these very public way. >> smart business move. >> i love the next story. ladies day at the french open. okay. one decided it should be ladies
9:09 am
day there and let's show you how they celebrated. they turned the clay court pink for the occasion. they offered manicures, and massages. take a look. you know, one espn reporter, a female was aghast, she said, there were invitations for the fairer sex, and rsvps for women only. is this a nice gesture or is this kind of -- >> do see evert and navratilova on a pink court? >> however it's the color of breast cancer awareness. >> we do that here in this country. we always celebrate, or i should say highlight breast cancer awareness with pink. >> well we hijack october. >> i think there's a bigger issue here. it's interesting. the deutsch agency which is run by women now. they get offended, the ad agency came out with the 30 women in advertising. that keeps women in a box in a corner. every time we try to elevate women by saying the ten most powerful women in hollywood. aren't we keeping them down? >> do you think it's different because it's french? >> i'm just saying, obvious eu
9:10 am
pink is fine, but i think the larger fine is every time we try to elevate women are we actually setting them back and separating them? >> but if you did the top 50 people i'm only curious how many would be women? >> that's the point. that's what has to happen, that's their point. >> if it's going to be 50/50 in there then of course you don't need to separate. >> real quick, did it offend any of you to be referred to as ladies? >> i'd rather be called a broad. >> i was just going to say that. >> it doesn't bother me just don't call me the "b" word. the other word. >> right away. >> i got in trouble for using the word broad. >> i like being a broad. >> everyone wants to be a broad. >> genetic testing breakthrough. nancy, this one is probably for you. there's a new study that shows there could be a simple noninvasive test that is a blood sample from the pleg nantz mother, saliva from her man and would give a full genetic profile. what would you learn about the feetous? >> you might learn that i child has a severe genetic problem. it gives parents a chance do decide whether they're going to continue that pregnancy or not. this is the science of today. it is running fast into the
9:11 am
future. and i think the future will be such that you'll find out that your child may have a genetic hit. you can fix that genetic problem, and improve your chance a child -- >> when will you know about this? >> well, it's out there now. >> obviously, i'm a pro-choice guy but at the end of the day what's stopping people, oh, my son is going to be blonde. you've got to do it -- >> i get the genetic engineering issue. but the reality is we've already jumped out of that with amniocentesis. the science is there. the problem is science goes faster than we have these societal questions. that's exactly why we should have the societal questions. >> do you think it raises ethical issues? if you have information that your child is going to have a genetic problem and then you're posed with the question of going forward with the pregnancy? >> i'm pro-science. i believe this is a great way to prevent diseases. >> i agree. >> and my only question is, legally, at what point will the courts step in and say no, this is too late in the gestation process? >> they won't. they won't.
9:12 am
>> we'll see what's happening with the next presidency. >> not if you can save a life and prevent a disease. >> i agree. >> let's move on to somewhat interesting topic, cap and frown we're calling it. a mother was arrested at graduation because she cheered too loudly at her daughter's high school graduation. the woman, in south carolina, shannon cooper, says she was placed in handcuffs, walked through the middle of the ceremony in front of her daughter. >> i just have to tell you, i'm sorry that i didn't get arrested. because i could have. i was at three graduations over the past week. and we cheered as loudly as possible. the only reason why i didn't scream and hoot and holler in the last one, my nephew, because i was giving the commencement speech and it wouldn't have been appropriate. >> isn't that the point of graduation? >> yes. >> it's their day. >> at a time when we worry about kids not getting to college and not graduating. >> thank you. >> and not assimilating into society, you want to whoop it up, whoop it up. >> donny? >> it's ridiculous to arrest the woman. but i also do sometimes wonder, i was at a graduation and
9:13 am
certain kids get cheered louder because maybe the parents are louder. but clearly to arrest this woman. >> i mean enough already. >> and mess up that kid's graduation so forever she's got to tell people, you know my momma got arrested at my graduation. >> good story, though. >> all right. >> don't be arresting my momma at my graduation. >> why you got to move your head when you do that? >> you do it. >> i do not. >> you get to be together for the whole hour. >> two classy broads, star and nancy, thanks. all right the professionals are staying with us. they're going to go on the road and help one mom and give her a lifestyle makeover. donny is giving dating tips.
9:14 am
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cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares.™ back now with "today's professionals" and a much-deserved makeover for one busy mom. we turned to our pros to help one viewer in need of a lifestyle change. 33-year-old jennifer cobb is a working, single mom with two ages kids 6 and 7. divorced four years ago, she has been struggling to turn her life around. >> it's really been a whole-hearted effort for my children. because, you know, they're just the joys of my life. and i want to make sure that they have everything, so i put, you know, myself on the back burner. >> reporter: but putting herself on the back burner has left her feeling alone and underconfident. >> been a long road learning to be independent. i just haven't gotten back out there. i do miss companionship
9:17 am
completely. >> reporter: so we wanted to give jennifer a nudge and surprise her with a professionals pick me up. the professionals are here. >> hi. >> how are you? >> oh, my gosh, hi. >> first dr. nancy sat down with her to get a handle on her health, something jennifer acknowledges she's been neglecting for years. >> let's start with the basics. i'm a big believe that people should know their numbers like blood pressure. this is going to get tight on you for a second. listen to your heart for a second. okay? now i just want to see a pulse. one other number. this one -- >> oh, please. >> i'm going to measure your waist. >> oh, boy. >> nice thing is no high blood pressure. pulse is great. yes, your waist could lose a few inches. but this is actually the beginning of a new beginning. i say to women, putting yourself first is not selfish, it's self-preservational. >> next it was star's turn to discuss legal issues that have been holding jennifer back. >> so you are the one who is in total guardianship of these children and responsible for their care and well-being?
9:18 am
>> yes. >> you are someone who is a prime candidate for the things that everyone needs to have in their life. legally. a living will. an actual will. a powerful attorney. and a kids' protection plan. do you have any of these things? >> i don't. >> wow. we're going to need to have passports. we're going to need to have birth certificates and then you'll be legalny in a good place. >> okay. >> any questions? >> no. sounds good. >> and last, but certainly not least, donny stepped in with dating advice. are you concerned that you have two kids going out as a single mom? >> i am. i'm very guarded in that way. >> your kids don't think any differently. a mother is a beautiful, attractive thing. what are you look for? >> someone who wants to go out, who can talk, who shares the same interests as i do. i'm really big into sports. >> i'd like that you guess what, there's a place you can go that you can "a," still be with your
9:19 am
kids. "b," fish where the fish are. where there's tons of guys, 95% guys. and "c," do something you love. where would that be? >> yankee stadium. >> exactly. you should be going to sporting events all the time. because it's something you love. it's a family thing. and by the way a woman alone with two kids. you have a stadium full of 50,000 guys. let's go get them. >> let's go have dinner. >> right! >> well, star, donny and dr. danny are here along with jennifer. i know it's only been a couple of days since you had the pros come in and do an intervention. you feel like you're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? >> it's just starting to show. i followed each one of their advices in the last few days, and i already feel that there's a change going on. >> starting to take charge? >> yeah. you know, there was a long road ahead of me and now it seems as though -- >> what's different so far? >> i did take your advice. >> about? >> i got a new outfit today that accentuated different areas of my body. >> i love that color.
9:20 am
>> and you're drinkling. you're glowing. >> we talked about confidence. and you just have this air about you now that's very appealing. >> thank you. >> if i could have your hair and makeup come to my house -- >> that's what we talked about. i brought your labwork with you. because i think it's really important for people to hold on to these things, so i'm going to hand this to you. you have fabulous cholesterol. the top number i marked, blood sugar. it's hovering at a prediabetic state. >> oh. >> but you're still within normal limits but you're just hovering. >> you know what? >> that chart and she's already doing it. she's writing down everything that she's eating. >> and have you started working on some of those legal documents? >> yes. i have started to put together a will. i've looked into that, and what the living will will go with it. >> the documents -- >> four documents that are important. >> especially for a single mom. >> a living will, an actual will, a power of attorney, most importantly the kid's protection plan. god forbid something should happen to you we want to know
9:21 am
what you'd like to have. >> we like her to be medically and legally safe. >> okay -- >> now -- >> dating advice from donna? >> i'm going to do a 30 second voice over, deutsch commercial. camera on her. this is a gorgeous, passionate, amazing mom, with a cool son there who loves baseball, has got it going on. where are they going to find you? >> new york sports fan mom. >> okay, i am telling you, go, this is an incredible, incredible woman. >> i'm going to intervene here and just say, by the way, get you started off on the right foot we're going to do a little something for you. first we're going to send you for a little pampering at the spa in waldorf-astoria towers. you can pretty yourself up and get ready for that hot date at yankee stadium because you and the kids including little jack here are going to a game. >> come on in, jack. >> give your mom a big hug. >> absolutely big hug.
9:22 am
>> how cool is his guy? >> keep it up. let us know. >> thank you so much. >> let us know. coming up, your turn to ask the pros, if they let you. first these messages. flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you... why should i try it? my system gets out of sorts but that comes with age, right? wouldn't you like to feel great? just because we're in that over 50... what does that mean? are we done? activia helps regulate your digestive system when eaten daily. these could be our best years yet. activia
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9:25 am
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goodorning. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. there's a major problem in san francisco now. a water main break near fisherman's wharf shut off water for businesses near beach and embarcadero. among those, the radisson hotel and hundreds of guests. san francisco public works says an 8 inch cast iron pipe is leaking and spillinggo water in the streets and sidewalks. the area is closed to traffic while they make repairs. we are told that water won't be back on or drinkable until later this afternoon. no word on what caused this problem. again, a water main near fisherman's wharf in san francisco. let's get the latest on traffic impact from mike inouye. >> aside from road closures,
9:27 am
effects the local transit. none of the agencies confirming. warn folks, embarcadero near beach off pier 39, impacting local restaurants and eateries around the area. folks will arrive and have to leave. embarcadero around beach, effecting coming into the area out of business district as well. closure as well for eastbound cesar chavez off southbound 101 continuing with a guardrail repair from an early morning accident. northbound 880 jams up at 23rd, late problems. more after the break.
9:28 am
contra costa graduation will be overshadowed by controversy. 51 students suspended for what they say was harmless pranks at heritage high last week. the principal calls it
9:29 am
vandalism. it included painting messages around campus and washable red paint, tying a lamb to a light pole. it will keep some seniors from taking finals. without the finals, they won't get a diploma. they won't be allowed to walk in tomorrow's ceremony. big weekend ahead, lot of outdoor activities in the bay area. winds picking up through the afternoon and evening hours. high definition like this. 74 in los gatos. 79 in santa cruz. catch the giants on nbc bay area tonight at 7:00. 50 degrees. winds likely playing a factor. we keep warming up through the weekend. hope you have a great friday.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ for you i see >> get ready for racing pulses and beating hearts. >> that's lester. >> calm down. we're talking about bieber fever on the plaza. the 18-year-old global pop phenom justin bieber coming to the plaza one week from today. so come on down to the plaza, that is next friday, and become a believer. lester has long been a believer. >> oh, yeah are you kidding me? >> i thought -- >> this is just like, i think i want to but i'm in a suit. >> we're going to agree. >> wow.
9:31 am
>> wow. >> that's what i had to give up my card. >> all right. i'm natalie morales, along with lester holt. savannah guthrie, jenna wolfe. we need your help. >> some more than others. >> two weeks from today, country superstar kenny chesney is going to be playing on our plaza. he wants fans to help him decide on the set list. so head to cast your vote. i don't think lester can go on. the choices for the song are summertime, beer in mexico and living in fast forward. i guess we know what i'm voting for. he will play the song with the most votes live on our plaza. we're not done with today's concert. one more song from chris brown still ahead. >> all right. >> and well our special hour with "today's professionals" are going to take some viewer questions. but first lester and jenna are
9:32 am
here. with a weekend preview. >> this weekend, will he race into the record books? i'll have another tries to become the first thoroughbred in 34 years to complete the triple crown. we'll see if he lives up to his name. >> and celebrity family feud. ryan and tatum o'neal, tory and candy spelling, why so many families take their fights public. and summer travel tips from what to wear on a plane, what to pack, what to eat, where to go. we'll have some advice. all that and more when we see you this weekend on "today." >> and what will the weather be for that, al roker? >> let's show you. starting off with saturday, we got some sizzling weather for the belmont stakes, we're talking about. >> warm and humid. chance of afternoon showers and scattered thunderstorms. saturday heavy rain down through the central gulf. risk of strong storms. wet weather in the pafb northwest. sunday sunday nothing else.
9:33 am
we are getting a fantastic finish to the work week. we're going to get gorgeous weather over the weekend. a live look at the bay. look at the temperatures already. 9:30, 71 in sunnyvale. i brought temperatures up this afternoon. winds will play a factor. we'll see a breeze. picking up through the afternoon into the evening hours. 79 degrees in santa cruz, 78 in san jose. looking for warmer weather, we have it tomorrow. 85, 95 sunday. mid 90s for monday. from that's your latest weather. >> all right. coming up next, your burning questions answered when we ask the professionals. un, deux, trois, quatre! ♪ allez ouais...woo! ♪ crazy, crazy, sky so blue. ♪ ♪ hit the beat move my feet now. ♪ ♪ there's one thing that i want to feel, ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪
9:37 am nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at we are back with more of our special "today's professionals" hour. it's your turn to ask the experts. we're going to do a lightning round with these guys. al has some questions from the crowd. >> hey, savannah, guys. we've got sheila whose question, you're from houston, right? >> yes, sir. >> what's your question? >> my question is, a report just came out this week about men and women doing the same jobs, professional careers and the men are continuously being paid higher salaries. >> what a surprise. >> why is that? >> okay, nancy? >> we still make 77 cents to the dollar as men. it's ridiculous. in a country like saudi arabia where we question their rights it's against the law to pay women less than men. >> donny, plyou employ a lot of
9:38 am
people. >> we run my company. i want to challenge the women. my experience is women don't feel entitled enough to ask and demand what they -- no, no. >> what? so it's the woman's fault. >> the women are now empowered. once again women need to say i deserve this. i want this. and have some of those same stupid traits that men have as far as entitlements. >> absolutely. my bread does not cost 30 cents less than a man's bread when he goes into the grocery store. equal pay for equal work. that was one of the first thing that obama did. >> women demand it. demand it. >> al, another question. >> all right. we've got jennifer, jennifer, also from texas. okay. what's your question? >> mary-kate olsen is now dating oliver, who is 17 years older than her. what do you think is the appropriate age difference in dating? >> i think -- >> this could be great for donny. >> you're going to be -- i like age appropriate women. ity ten years is a good spread.
9:39 am
17. 54 and 37 isn't a problem. all of a sudden it's 70 and 53. >> there's no hard and fast rule. >> i think it looks good in the beginning. i think it looks very different in the end. >> the last thing you want to be doing is changing diapers on either end of the scale. >> when does for better for worse start? >> she has always been such a mature young woman. she's had a lot of responsibility as a young person. she's handled it beautifully. i say let her go ahead and do her thing. >> al you got another question? >> susan from madison. you got questions about adoption. >> i do. when it comes to adoption do you find open versus closed? is there a benefit of one way over another? >> i can tell you that i've been considering adopting and i know that i would want a closed adoption. i do not want to have to have the continuous interaction with the birth parents. >> let's define our terms. in open adoption? >> all parties know who is adopting and who is the birth mother. my eldest is adopted.
9:40 am
the biological mother does not know my identity. i have preferred it this way. my daughter has sought out her birth mother. i told her she absolutely has may blessing. but i told her it's a pandora's box. you never know what that's going to be. >> i might adopt some day, even as a single dad, and i wouldn't want to have to manage that. i would want it close. as a parent, control is not the right word, keep structure in your kid's life. >> all three of you think closed adoption? >> from my standpoint as a mother. but i respect every child's desire to know where they came from. >> and what i would do -- i would say, once they're an adult i would have a box of information on everything i have gathered about their birth mother and father so that they can go out if they'd like. >> and you know what, i did that with my daughter and i waited for her to come to me. >> okay. our last question comes from online on facebook from angela, she says long-term birth control for a woman, or vasectomy for a man? which is better? health risks with either? does one outweigh the other? >> there are no health risks
9:41 am
with a vasectomy. donny, i know you have -- >> as the father of girls i would say birth control should always be in your hands, number one. and number two, as a man, talking to older men, you never know what's going to happen in life. god forbid your spouse passes away, you don't think you wouldn't children, i wouldn't close up shop. >> tony randall. >> guys want the ability, now that they've got the little blue pills they want the ability to pro-create all the time. >> i guess there's no age gap. >> star is absolutely right. men love to pro-create. >> let's drag our knuckles on the ground. >> finally, finally, finally you're acting appropriate for who you are. >> thank you to al outside and the panel. stay with us. have hav me more knuckle dragging. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there.
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well, have you thought about the future? maybe corolla or camry. well, my mom says i need to keep my mpg up. [ laughing ] course she does... we got number 34. highway. and we got 43 over there. city. go on, check it out! i'll tell you what, checkers, you've impressed me before in the past, and you're impressing me even more now. coach is impressed. you did a good job and i like your shoes. oh, yeah, back now with our "today's" professional whip. i got the blues with a lowdown. >> i'm going to start things off with chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. let's begin with something which is being referred to as the party girl drip. >> so this is like the newest, hottest thing in hollywood apparently. if you become drunk the night before, you can hook yourself up to an i-very with minerals or
9:46 am
vitamins in it and people say it makes them feel better. so here's the straight on it. this is for the worried well. you don't have enough problems in your life, go looking for something that has no medical benefits. it will give you expensive urine and my advice to people simply is, if you need something to deal with the fact that you got drunk the night before, don't get drunk. >> exactly. that's the only cure there. >> waste of money. >> we'll talk about sheryl crow battled breast cancer six years now. now she's came out last week saying she has a benign brain tumor. >> she's an amazing woman. so she couldn't remember lyrics onstage and sort of laughed it off to being 50, then had a follow-up and incidental finding was that she has this brain timer. they do increase in number as women get older. but there is no evidence that this caused the problem. they are benign. a benign tumor in a bad spot can cause trouble. however, if it's a benign tumor just sitting there causing no problems, watchful waiting makes sense. and from all of her -- twitter
9:47 am
account that's what she's going to do. is watchful waiting. i think she's very smart. >> any link to breast cancer at all? >> no. none. benign tumor and i don't think any relationship. this was just an incidental finding. she's very smart. >> my mom had one. dr. nancy snyderman. now here's al. >> all right, thanks so much. we're all familiar with the age-old saying that of course sex sells. business buzz. our danny deutsche is going to talk about this one. two concepts, two ideas about sex selling. first of all, the animal rights group peta launching a website with adult content. why would they do this? >> first of all as far as sex sells. sex gets attention. it doesn't always sell. sex the wrong way can sell against you. i don't think by ever shocking you it's going to sell. their whole marketing has always been shock. we have such a noble cause to save animals. to me as a marketer, if they do
9:48 am
this xx thing and it draws people to your cause, as far as a cause anything goes. that's a smart idea. >> so you think this is going to work though? >> once again we're talking about it. so everything peta does is even if they get banned, even if they get looked down upon, they want to draw attention to their cause. so sex for attention, for their cause, works. >> new snickers ad they're using the fact you should eat chocolate before having a good time. >> it's not running here now. it's been talked about on a lot of websites. the ad, if you -- it will help you undo a woman's bra, now, that's of course ridiculous. what they're basically saying is hey, young guys, we get you. so they're not literally saying if people are oh, my god, what are they doing? no, everything they do, whether it's knocking down betty white in an ad or something like this, hey young 16-year-old dudes we get the way you think. it's called bonding with the consumer. sex is one way to do it. >> donny, thanks so much. >> you're a handsome man, by the way. >> thank you very much. i think you are, too. now here's a beautiful woman, savannah. >> oh, my goodness.
9:49 am
all right. the lillodown with attorney star jones. >> hey. >> talk about the george zimmerman case. he's obviously back in custody because a judge found that he had misled the court about his finances when the judge was setting bail. he's got another band hearing coming up. do you think he'll be let out? >> i actually think they're going to set a bail. i think it will prob i be much higher than the $150,000 initially set by the judge. there's going to be some testimony as to what they knew and when they knew it as it relates to him and his wife. i think one of the biggest issues is going to be the use of the website funds. what will they allow to be used? what will they allow to be used for the defense expenses or for bail? >> i want to talk about a case out in massachusetts. maybe one of 9 first of its kind. a teen texting and driving case. explain. >> it's the first time that there's been a conviction under this new vehicular manslaughter law that specifically speaks to texting and driving. he was 17 at the time, 18 now. he's now been sentenced to 2 2345e6 years.
9:50 am
he's got to actually do a year in prison with some community service. he's going to lose his driver's license for 15 years. what it says to me, savannah is, this and 389 other states, including the district of columbia, they're taking texting while driving very seriously. so we all should take it very seriously. >> you'll see more cases like this. star, thank you so much. coming up next, grammy winner chris brown on our plaza.
9:51 am
9:52 am
the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> he didn't like -- >> well before we hear from donny and the knuckle draggers, one more song from superstar chris brown. ♪
9:53 am
♪ ♪ too much light in this window don't wake me up ♪ ♪ only coffee no sugar. inside my cup ♪ ♪ if i wake give me a kiss ♪ ♪ i was dreaming don't wake me up ♪ ♪ up up up up up ♪ don't wake me up up up up up ♪ don't wake me up up up up up ♪ don't wake me up don't wake me ♪ don't wake me up
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9:55 am
♪ yeah don't wake me up don't wake me up ♪ ♪ don't wake me yeah. i love you.
9:56 am
good morning. i'm marla tellez. san jose police are investigating the city's 18th homicide of the year. it happened early this morning on center road near toll erode. a man was shot in a bar just
9:57 am
before 3:00 a.m. witnesses report hearing a fight outside before the shots were fired. police say they're still interviewing witnesses and haven't released any details on a suspect. the victim hasn't yet been identified. this is not the first time this year that karaoke night turned to chaos in san jose. back in january, one person was shot, two others were stabbed outside the creek side bar and grill. all three victims survived. it doesn't appear the january shooting was linked to this shooting on center road. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> you seem like you're happy about that weekend, marla. we're going to get some great weather to enjoy all across the bay area. already seeing another stunner shaping up. it is going to be comfortable today, hot by tomorrow inland. 64 in san jose, 63 in livermore heading through the afternoon. temperatures climb into the 70s across inland cities. by noon, round out the day with plenty of 80s, warming up more
9:58 am
for the weekend. let's check the drive with mike. >> look live past the coliseum. 880 past the coliseum, northbound direction past high street, construction on the right. slowing on the freeway itself, starting to jam up just after they cleared an accident north of here. i zoomed in because that's where could you see it the clearest. back to the maps, it is on the sensors. 23rd, earlier accident cleared after the last 20 minutes. that's better news. also north of 92 on 101, an accident cleared, and small fire 92 at 280. brush fire, no injuries. no lanes blocked. back to you. for the latest traffic and news updates, find us on facebook. search nbc bay area. we will be back with the next update in 30 minutes at 10:26. see you soon.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television you have made it to try day friday, everybody. just look around. it's june 8th. in case you didn't know it, it's national best friends day. >> it is. >> gosh, i wish our best friends were here. >> they're not. can't have everything. >> it is a day to enjoy and appreciate your best friend. gosh, i wish she was here. >> you know what? you're stuck with me. hi, karen. >> i've got mine over there. >> of course you do. >> she refuses to be seen.
10:01 am
>> i do consider you among my very best friends. >> i consider you, too. >> i know you don't consider me. >> i do. >> i know it's awkward. awkward. >> i do. >> karen, i want to wish you down in new orleans a very best friends day with hoda woman. >> that is totally mean what you just did. so here's a good thing. >> and jane but she's feeling down. you know, the ones who think they're your best friend -- this day can cause the end of friendship. >> we shouldn't even recognize it. here is the good thing about best friend. if you pick the right friends they can help you out in all kinds of times, obviously. if you have a very good friend they can bring the stress level down. you have to pick people who are healthy inside and out to be in your circle. >> no negative energy. no negativity. at one point i had to say to one years ago, if you cannot be a
10:02 am
blessing, i do not need any more burdens. not one more burden. that's not friendship. >> different times in your life, i think you attract what's within you. when you are feeling great and you feel healthy and happy, the friends you end up attracting are those people. >> like-minded people. >> when you're cranky and everything is critical and you get in that zone, those people who are with you then -- get rid of them. >> it's hard to though. i'm sure everybody -- i have some friends that are the one that come with a lot of baggage, but they're precious individuals, but they're hard work, you know? you know when you see they called it's because they've got another problem, but i think it's important to have friends like that, too. they are not going to be your best friends. you're not going to go on long week trips, anything like that. that's also part of bring a friend. >> we have a lot of people who
10:03 am
sent in their best friend pictures. jen from enfield, connecticut. these ladies have been best buds 25 years. >> bless you. bobbie, our other pal over there. bobbie wasn't mentioned as anybody's best friend. >> her segment is coming up. >> somebody loves bobbie. >> karen from florida, that was her and her husband steve. they've been best friends 23 years. >> that's lovely. i wasn't thinking about that. >> christine from portland, maine with her best friend heather of 13 years. kim from texas running a marathon with her best friend of 17 years. there it is. it's nice. >> you see the amount of years. i have new friends in my life within the last ten years that i just adore. >> me. >> you're one of them. they've been great friends. but it's those -- >> that have been with you on
10:04 am
the long haul. hi, chrissy. >> the summer dress code. what to wear to work in the summertime. etiquette experts are weighing in on this. >> you want to wear your beautiful summer clothes, but you freeze your tushy off. >> people always ask why do you wear sleeveless. you shouldn't wear flip-flops, mini skirts, strapless, those kinds of things you shouldn't be wearing to work. people do. they don't care. >> it's not only the dumbing down of our culture, but the disintegration. i used to go to broadway and people would dress up for broadway. now they wear everything you just described. get on a plane. oh, my gosh, would you think they came off the boardwalk and got on the plane. >> i know. >> now they have to because they come with their supersized drink and pizzas. >> here's the other thing. sometimes in office places and we know here at 30 rock, when
10:05 am
you walk in from outside on a nice summer day and you step into the building, it's freezing. a lot of people sit in offices and desks. guys are comfortable because they have to wear suit jackets or whatever and we are freezing all the time. >> we are all trying to save energy and all trying to save money. why are they keeping it freezing? i do not understand. i understand a little bit here with all the studios because you have machinery and you're under lights. what is it here? >> here is the temperature in our studio as we speak right now. it's 68ish. it changes because of the lights. >> if you go to david letterman's show, 55 degrees. >> freezing. i think it's one of those things i think men are more comfortable when it's cold. they say, according to this study, you do your best work when you're warmer. when you're not freezing. they said it's in the 70s, 76. that's too hot. >> we are about to get a lot
10:06 am
warmer. >> yes, we are. >> we are scared to open it. >> i am on the record that i am not for this idea. this is hoda and jo-ann la marka and amanda who loves this sort of thing. >> sometimes when you open "cosmopolitan," there is a sealed section where you can smell perfume. there is a sealed section that is called a guy, the red page, his hot package. you have to unseal it to know what's going on. so get in there. >> is this in my contract? >> rip it open, it says. you have to be 18 or older. okay. okay. >> oh. it's just fascinating penis facts, that's all. >> that's all we can say is just
10:07 am
one time. you used our whole allotment of it. >> tell the world the average -- >> say something else? >> standing at attention, i don't like the word erection. >> wait. we just have to show -- you're going to be surprised by this, by the way. the average erect male is -- >> say package. >> is the length of a sharpie. that's what they said a sharpie. >> not where i come from. >> well, well, well. no. no. no. >> that baby wouldn't put on to play, if you know what i mean. not going to happen. >> this is the concern of this segment. if you wonder what state you can find men with the largest packages. >> connecticut. >> here are the top five.
10:08 am
arizona is number five. >> probably true. >> indiana four. >> memories. >> new york is three. oregon is number two. >> lumberjacks. >> the number one state is new hampshire. >> why? >> one of those places that sells -- >> how did they measure this? >> one of the places that sells condoms online, they went -- >> do the body language. >> no. i'm not doing it any more. they looked at all the orders and found out what size people ordered from which states. then they rank them. isn't that crazy? >> is there anything more? >> are we allowed to talk -- i don't think there is much you can -- small hands. what does it say about that? that's what they say. hold on. get a look at his digits. >> oh, my gosh! >> it says -- listen, a dude whose index finger is shorter
10:09 am
than his ring finger, if his index finger is shorter than his ring finger, he's more likely to have a larger. okay, got it? index finger shorter than his ring finger. any way. i don't know -- >> they're going like this. >> not lou. lou was holding his hand up high. oh, lou. >> wow. >> i'm embarrassed and i apologize on behalf of nbc news for what hoda just did. to my mother who is going, what's a digit? >> all right. you know what it's time for? your friday funny. >> please, lord, let it be funny. somebody thinks it is. this was sent in on facebook from liane fisher. a little girl went to her grandpa's hospital room and says, grandpa, can you make a sound like a frog? grandfather goes why?
10:10 am
his granddaughter begs. just make a sound like a frog when mommy gets in the room. grandpa asks again, why? little girl says because mommy says as soon as you croak we're all going to disneyland. >> that is terrible. >> let's go back to "cosmo." it's time for bobbie's buzz. >> bobbie, i apologize to you because you had to listen to that. a new low. >> well, i think friends come out toe play today. i have father's day finds. this fires website will make your dad a superhero. if you send them two pictures, they will create a three-dimensional head. this is matt. and i have a special surprise. this is frank. >> oh, my gosh. it really is. >> frank is captain america. >> of course he is. >> closer to the camera. >> wow. i love that. >> if you want to spice things up for your dad, that sounds
10:11 am
weird, but you can get a jug of tobasco and personalize it. i have hoda's name on here because she likes things spicy. this is a cute idea. something i like. red has great personalized gifts. if you want to put a secret hidden message on a money clip or this sleek bottle opener that is the size of a credit card. >> how sweet. >> the message is great. it's hidden. last but not least would be the baseball fan. this is cool. michael's dad loves the nationals. this is a wallet from red envelope made with authenticated jerseys in the liner inside. is it okay for models to complain if they cannot find a
10:12 am
date? kathie lee says -- >> i don't get men hitting on me. she is one of the most beautiful women ever. i said even beautiful people have problems. look at hoda. >> is that a compliment or not exactly. >> you're a beautiful person. it doesn't mean you don't have some sort of problem in life. >> okay. i say it's not okay. i don't think anyone wants to hear how hard the life of a supermodel is. if you want to complain, choose your close friends. no one wants to hear elle mcpherson say she has troubles. >> we have troubles that are trouble that you don't know you have trouble until you're in trouble. >> andy samberg. >> jane fonda on her latest family affair. she is quite the granny. can lulu have some beef pasta, too?
10:13 am
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10:16 am
in adam sandler's upcoming movie "that's my boy" the boy is played by adam samberg. >> their father/son relationship is complicated. >> can't imagine why. >> in an effort to roll with it, they do have their bonding moments. take a look. >> you got it. it's in you, buddy. i ain't going to let you fall. >> don't let me go. >> i'm still with you. i'm still with you. let's pick up speed though. i'm with you guy. i'm with you. i'm not letting go. i'm with you, my boy. i'm with you, my boy. >> i'm doing it. >> he's with you all right. andy is with us right now. >> how you doing, andy. >> i'm good. >> how you doing? >> it's andy, yeah. >> i got it. you really wanted this role. this was a big one for you. you lobbied for it, right?
10:17 am
>> i did. me and tom cruise were the only two left. >> real men of cinema. >> i read the script and i was like, it's the guy who plays sandler son if sandler had a kid as a teenager. the age different was perfect. the nose similarity is perfect. names are almost identical as i keep finding doing press work. >> i'm sorry. it's a little andy/adam. >> my point is you're one of millions who get my name wrong. >> your character is strange. he carries around a spare pair of underwear. >> he does for emergency. >> he showers with them on. >> he showers in his bathing suit. >> tell us about this guy. >> basically, he's scarred. he had a strange upbringing. his father was so young when he had him. >> how old was he? >> he was 15 or 16 is what it is in the film. so he's like a kid raising a
10:18 am
kid. all that stuff results in a lot of, you know, problems for my guy. he got really fat because he would let him eat whatever he wanted. et cetera. never learned how to ride a bike, as we just saw. >> we noticed that. >> it cuts to present day in the film and he's looking for money and it's my wedding week. >> the father is looking for money from you. >> from me. i told everyone my parents exploded because i want nothing to do with them, but he shows up. >> okay. >> it sounds like a great idea for a movie. it really does. >> it is. i've never seen it before. i was excited to do something. >> you've seen the finish though? >> yeah. >> let's talk about "snl." because we knew at the finale this season kristen wiig had a big good-bye. news came out that you and jason
10:19 am
are leaving the show. >> i don't know if jason decided anything. i did decide to announcement. i hadn't had time to talk to lorne before the season ended. i didn't want to make any official announcement. i had a feeling i was going to, but he's the guy there. i owe him everything. i wanted to make sure before -- >> how many seasons were you there? >> seven. >> that sounds like the perfect number though. it means completion. >> yeah. it's the contract you sign before they let you audition. i fulfilled the contract. yeah, we did over 100 digital shorts, me and my buddies and we did the 100th short and the lazy sunday sequel and the finale. it was a nice book end. >> what are you going to miss the most? >> definitely going to miss all my friends. you're any place seven years you get very close to people. i'm hoping to stay in touch with everyone and hoping to come back in some capacity. >> and become a bigger movie star than any of them. >> that's what it's really all about. >> no.
10:20 am
i wouldn't be mad if that h happened. >> we wish you great luck with this movie. it's called "that's my boy" and opens fridays at theaters near you. there is reving up the crowd. >> we hate this. >> we get to ask jane fonda whatever we want.
10:21 am
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10:23 am
it is time for three, two, one live with sara haines hanging out with the crowd at the nbc experience store. >> did you do a good job with good folks? >> i think so. marisa has a question about high school. >> we just graduated eighth grade and are going to move on to high school next year. i wanted to know if you had advice about pressures and stuff like that. >> the pressures of high school. >> yeah, you know what, honey, just because everyone is doing it means you probably shouldn't. honestly. don't let the pressure of what other people -- don't go with
10:24 am
the mob. listen to your own heart and your own conscience. really try to remember the good stuff your mom and dad put into your heart and remember it. you can make mistakes that will stay with you for the rest of your life, honey. but have fun. >> enjoy. enjoy. don't drink. >> we also have nate from nebraska. >> my question is, if you girls were on "america's got talent," other than being beautiful, what would your talent be? >> you hula-hoop. >> i was a singer. >> i would spin a basketball on my finger. that's all we've got. >> i'd vote for you for sure. >> let's go out on that. >> jane fonda is here to tell us about what she is doing playing a granny. >> the sexiest grammy in the world. >> one dress four ways for four different occasions.
10:25 am
10:26 am
for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. and we are talkingren about activia. i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day. feeling regular to me was a new feeling... i came to find my 'new normal' and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia. good morning, 10:26. we are following breaking news. it is official. there will be no triple crown. the trainer of "i'll have another" confirming in a news conference that wrapped up five minutes ago says the derby and preakness winner will not run tomorrow in the belmont stakes,
10:27 am
and instead that horse will retire. in an emotional news conference, doug o'neal says the horse has tendonitis in the front right leg and will never race again. again, "i'll have another" scratched from the belmont due to injuries. so no triple crown. the belmont starts tomorrow here on nbc bay area at 1:30. a water main break near fisherman's wharf shut off water for businesses including the radisson hotel. people are told not to drink the water until repairs are completed on a broken 8 inchnc pipe. the repair expected later this afternoon. a look at the forecast and roads after the break. pi
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. 10:29. we will take you to the maps, showing the slowing through oakland, past the coliseum, an earlier accident northbound at 23rd cleared, another at 98th at the bottom of the screen cleared. back to the maps, it is slow entering oakland, passing the coliseum up to high street, then clearing up towards downtown. also slow, late for the commute, eastbound 580 towards dublin. chp says it is westbound. it slows into pleasanton, fine through livermore. a quick reminder, we do not have an 11:00 a.m. news cast because of coverage of the
10:30 am
french open. that gets started in 30 minutes at 11:00. be sure to join us tot,bc n bay area news at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. have a great weekend everybody. we are back on this try day friday with more of "today" and the legendary actress jane fonda. last time she was here she gave us quite the workout. we are still recovering. >> the two-time academy award winning actress stars in a film opening today called "peace, love, misunderstanding" about a hippie artist grandmother. and to learn about mother/daughter relationships being a grandma and the art of love. take a look. >> he has to have love. and you, my precious nightingale, if you are not open to the possibility of love, then you can never truly be a poet ever.
10:31 am
>> beautiful. >> that's elizabeth olsen, her first movie from the olsen girls. catherine keener is in it with me. >> it's a terrific cast and it's a lovely movie. you had a hoot. >> i had a good time. >> you made it to woodstock. did you go to woodstock? >> no. i never was a hippie, never wore tie-dye. during that period i lived in france and had a different kind of life with my daughter. this will make you laugh and make you cry. it's about love and forgiveness. we can't have enough of that. it's a movie you feel good when you come out of it, you know? >> you have a hippieish lifestyle but you have a little business going. >> do we talk about it? >> i don't want to give too much away i want people to see it. >> it's funny. i never played a character like this before. she is funny. >> she is an entrepreneur.
10:32 am
>> did you love my hair? >> the hair is the whole look. we saw all the shots a couple of week ago from cannes. >> looking at those shots, jane. you show up and you show them how it is done. they went crazy. >> i mean people are talking about you as a sex symbol at 74. what does that feel like to know that's what people are buzzing about? >> it's funny. i never imagined i would live this long let alone be called a sex symbol. it's fun to play older women who are juicy and have a robust life and have complicated relationships with their children like many of us do. >> who doesn't? >> in this movie, i have not seen my daughter in 20 years, never met my grandchildren. her husband says he wants a divorce. she comes to mama. >> and you welcome them beautifully. there are other people living with you. not people, but animals. i don't want to give anything
10:33 am
away. people say why chickens and you say, why humans? >> i have that in common with her though. i always have pet chickens. i had a chicken that followed me around. >> it's a lot of fun. i wish hollywood would make more of these kinds. nothing blows up. it's all -- javier -- >> no. it's jeffrey dean morgan star of "magic city" who everybody thinks is javier. >> my gosh he's got the best american accent. now i know why. what's his name? >> jeffrey dean morgan. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's uncanny. >> do you think there are more roles for mature women? "marigold hotel?" >> somebody said something great to me. meryl streep has become the new harrison ford. meaning she can open a movie in august and you know it's going to make money. god bless her. i think the success of her
10:34 am
movies help. older women are the fastest growing demographic in p the world. >> we still don't control the purse string. >> they have to get with us and they will, i'm sure. this one will do well. >> "peace, love and misunderstanding." >> we'll be right back. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning.. you can feel. introducing the all new cadillac xts, available with the patented safety alert seat. when there is danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward.
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10:37 am
now on "today's style," one dress four ways. it is june, the most popular times for weddings. >> whether you have a formal affair or a laidback beach wedding you can wear one sunny frock around the block. "lucky" magazine contributing editor. laurie, we love you. welcome back. >> thank you so much. it is wedding season, as you mentioned. 40% of all weddings happen between june and september. the average wedding guests spends $490. that's before the gifts.
10:38 am
attire is a huge part of it. we wanted to find a dress. we found one that is just $130. we are doing it four ways, it's $33 a wedding. >> we don't believe you, laurie. >> first a garden wedding. we have elizabeth. >> a lot of people have garden party/country club day weddings. let me talk about the dress. 136. it's a pencil skirt dress which is nipped in at the waist, high neck. what we did to make it appropriate for the garden party is throw a printed cardigan over it. $89.50 at talbots. that's how you make an evening dress appropriate for day with a cardigan. pick a printed one, look for a unified color. you're good to go. >> what about the purse? >> it's $34.50 from h&m. let's put glam and glitz. you see the gold woven through the straw there. the other thing are the shoes. when going to a wedding that is
10:39 am
going to be outside, please do not wear stilettos. you'll ruin them and look ridiculous. >> you'll look drunk. >> yes. these are comfortable, adorable, $99. >> thank you so much. next up, a formal wedding. it's hard to know what to wear to that. >> formal weddings, black tie optional. you don't need to go long. here is what we did. we wanted to dress this up. we started with the jewelry. we gave her that beautiful necklace that is under $36. that is the best tip. i love this. the bow wrapped around her waist, $4. go to a ribbon company. $4 a yard. we took that cue from the runway. designers do that to make things look sophisticated and lady-like. shoes are $77 at macy's. >> those are beautiful. >> you want to highlight the
10:40 am
little feminine details, the bow, the lace, open toe. we gave her the adorable clutch, $18 at jc penney. >> you want to move on to cocktail attire wedding. allison. >> i love this. i think i have envy of allison's life. >> yes. >> here is what we did on this dress and what you can do at home inexpensively. we hemmed it. you can use bond tape which is under $10 or go to your tailor and have them stitch it up. the shorter length makes it feel more sexy and feel like a cocktail dress. next thing we gave her that tuxedo blazer, that's $32.80 at forever 21. you can see the bib necklace is sparkly. that one is from bloomingdale's. the clutch i love is $39.98 express. i have to talk about the shoes. everyone was freaking out for
10:41 am
them. $29. $29.80. >> the beach wedding. we have meghan to show off that look. >> a beach wedding, the key is less is more. you don't want to show up at the beach with a ton of stuff. we kept it simple. gave her sunglasses, the cat eye is all the rage right now. those are $15 from fantasize. the necklace. nobody knows what to wear jewelriwise. you want to keep it earthy, textural. you're outside. that is kenneth j. lane, a little wristlet is all you need. shoes are from jc penney. don't wear heels to a beach. a sandal, a thong. $22 at jc penney. there you go. one dress, four ways. >> you know what laurie? you did it again. >> coming up next, lou
10:42 am
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10:46 am
the answers to all the home repair problems you have. >> lou manfredini is host of "house smarts" and is here to answer your e-mails. this was a popular segment last time around. >> thank you. >> people love you, lou, not just because of your digits. >> christy writes, ants in the timer time drive us crazy and no matter what we do they keep coming back. >> the mild winter means we have a huge ant problem across the country. >> the warmer the worse. >> right. when it comes to eliminating the ants, it's about eliminating the
10:47 am
queen. get rid of the queen in the population, the men don't know what to do. >> of course they don't. >> the metaphor for life. this is one product i really like. hoda take this thing there. take your scissors. you see that red thing there? slice that. here, i'll take it. come on. we don't have a lot of time. >> i don't know what you were saying. >> go like this and open this up. this is a bait trap. take that and spray it. this is a sweet ant bait. they are going to come to this like it's an old country buffet. they are going to be like, oh, my gosh, we've got to go to this party. they go back to the colony and eliminate the queen. the rest of them are gone. >> they murder the queen? >> they say look what i've got for you. she dies and i think, quite frankly, the rest of the ants
10:48 am
die of sadness. >> wow. they have feelings, too. >> what are we going to do without the queen? >> how i do fix a burn hole in my carpet as well as a red wine spill? >> when you can't get a spain out, no matter what you tried, your only aspect is this fix. take a dish that is larger than the stain. take a sharp utility knife and carefully cut around the stain. you actually lift this piece of carpeting out. now we go to an area in your room under a couch or in a closet where you still have the carpeting. take that same dish. cut that out. we switch. we put them inside here. many then you take little tack nails like this and nail it back. then blend this together. >> we actually did this at my house the other day. >> once you vacuum it, it's done. it's a fix only you will know about it. >> i like it. >> good, good. >> linda wans ts to know how ha
10:49 am
to replace a bathroom faucet. >> hold this up the two of you. >> please. you're bossy. >> please, i'm sorry. i love you girls. it's friendship day. >> who is your best friend, lou? >> my daughter carmen. it's her birthday. >> happy birthday. >> these are the supply lines. they have a shut-off valve that looks like this. turn this off. there is a cold and hot. loosen these shut-off valves. when this comes out, this particular one has one hoechlt many people have two. loosen this up, okay? am i too complicated? >> loving this. >> when you get this off. it's a long way to go. we'll get there. this all comes out. got that? >> your nuts are still on there,
10:50 am
lou. they are. >> okay. >> we get it. >> now we take this out. now you take this down to the hardware store. >> can we put this down? >> hold on. i've got to make the point. now you can put it down, gently two of you, please. nice and gently. take this down to the hardware store. >> ow. >> you say i need one of those. then you reverse it and do the thing over again. backwards. you're done. >> not going to happen. >> i would call someone first. >> chris wants to know what is a good inexpensive floor tile easy to put down? >> this is a new product called kearn dean loose flooring. stamp that in place. that's it. it goes together. say you have a basement and floods, okay? you can take this floor up and dry it and put it back down
10:51 am
again. >> we love you. thanks for coming. happy birthday to your daughter. up next, little plates with big flavor.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
now on "today's kitchen," what's cooking? we are throwing a tapas party. >> and the owner of tortullio and author of "small foods, how they can be delicious and make us feel taller." >> what's this? >> thank you. >> cheers. let's get started. this is sangria.
10:55 am
>> that's delicious. >> we are going to marinate lamb overnight. olive oil. i'm going to throw in mint. can you help me out here in lemon zest, garlic. these are turkish spices, fennell seed, mustard seed, cumin, parsley. we'll pour this over the lamb and marinate it over night. perfect. >> i pour but hoda dumps. >> then we grill quickly. takes about two minutes on each side. >> you can cook them outside? >> outside on the grill or in the kitchen. >> delicious. >> if you hit that with coarse sea salt. i'll finish it with good olive oil and a simple skewer. >> that looks delicious. >> and we want a veggie? >> we'll do root vegetables. typically people roast these.
10:56 am
the idea is to get the flavor from the spice and rub them in salt. we'll take all our spices here. rosemary, thyme, black pepper, corn, pink peppercorn, lemon zest. all that gets mixed in. mix it in. if you want you can throw sugar. >> if i'm not a fan of salty foods, this looks like a lot of salt. >> we'll skin these afterwards. you can rinse them. this seasons it nicely and makes it really tender. >> how long do these sit in that? >> we roast them in the oven at 350. it's a lot of salt, but you'll see over here. let them go. they are fine. >> no. they look delicious. >> this is what we have. all baked in the salt. we peel them. you take these guys out and peel them. you see how easily the skin comes off. and they are really, really tender. once they are peeled, we are just going to take them, dies
10:57 am
them up. >> this is so delicious. >> the lamb? okay. >> finish this with a simple vinaigrette and olive oil and sherry vinegar. >> the lamb is good. >> tell us about down there. >> this is summery. this is corn and crab salad on toast. a little bit of pickled shallot in there. fresh herbs, be more sangria, fresh ricotta with shaved peaches. >> it's so beautiful also. lovely. thanks so much. >> a terrific week next week, usher, josh turner and norah jones. >> have me back for that. >> some of your favorite stars come together here in our studio. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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