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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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kept them in the school district. there were a lot of inconsist t inconsistencie inconsistencies. >> kids that are following all of the residency rules are being moved. lee alleges the problem has less to do with where students live and more with performance. >> it just seems like grade inflation and i think it's a temporary measure, it's a misguided policy. we have got to do it the right way. we have to have good curriculum, and good students. >> the associate superintendent denies any discrimination. >> we don't try to game the system based on the kids. >> reporter: black says students are moved if there are concerns about the validity of residency and only under careful consideration.
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>> we give them the benefit of the doubt and if they fall into our policy that a care giver shares -- the north or the south, which is our lowest enrollment school. >> that means cappuccino high school. >> regardless of what is the underlying motive, there ought to be better information out to parents as to, you know, how do you get your kid in a particular school, the rules and regulations and governance of that particular activity. >> reporter: the district says it is fully cooperating with the u.s. department of education, they say officials from washington, d.c. were out here last move and they're hoping to get a final report from the u.s. department of education very soon. live in san mateo, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. well for students attending for profit colleges in california, paying tuition and fees just got a lot harder. the state student commission identified 150 colleges where
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student also no longer qualify for cal grants. some of the well known schools include the university of phoenix, devie university, hill college and the itt text kl institute. more than 6,000 students who are already in their second, third or fourth year will still be able to get cal grants, but they'll receive 20% less than they used to. overall about 4% of the 350,000 california students eligible for cal grants will be affected. new tonight at 6:00, the price of a presidential visit. bay area cities that hosted president obama last week are still counting up the costs surrounding his visit. and as they do, some people are raising questions should cities be stuck with the tab at all. >> reporter: now the east bay got national attention when the president came to town, city leaders rolled out the welcome
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mat and spent a lot of money to bring on extra police during the visit, but some say cities should not have to bear the cost of a campaign stop. >> hello, oakland! >> reporter: president barack obama's visit to the east bay last week generated a lot of excitement. but it came at a price. while the cities of oakland and piedmont are still tallying up the tab for extra police shifts required to keep the president safe, it won't be cheap and some are raising eyebrows. >> shouldn't they be spending their money on law and order and education, not the presidents trips? >> reporter: head of the state republican party says he doesn't believe taxpayers should have to shoulder the cost of the president's fundraising visits, especially at a time cities are strapped for cash. >> if you have high crime like they do in oakland, where education suffers and what's
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higher priority, having barack obama visit or making the best choice for your citizens. >> reporter: major jean quan says the president has brought in a lot of federal resources including grant money to oakland. she agrees hosting the commander in chief is worth every penny. >> people were out in the streets and there was a great community spirit in getting to see the leader of our country come through our town. >> reporter: but the president's recent visit to new port beach has city leaders there refusing to pay the bill. elizabeth bergman says she's not at all surprised it's become an interest during election season. >> republican leaning cities might want to ask the president's campaign for reimbursement and other cities that mht be democrat, partisan leaning cities like oakland might not ask for
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reimbursements. >> reporter: no squabbles from oakland. again oakland and piedmont are still tabulating the cost of the visit, but i can tell you recent presidential visits to redwood city and san jose cost those cities about 100 grand each. i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. the oakland pd is being warned it's still dangerously close to being taken over by the federal government. a federal judge and independent monitor have spent a decade watching the police department. new a new report finds the department is still not up to par. mayor kwan says she thinks the city is close, though, to making the cut because they're hiring new officers and getting software upgrades. there is one very troubling finding in this latest report.
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the feds also found what they call racially tinged photos of mayor jean quan. later this year, it could be judge henderson who decides whether to place the department under federal control. right now, san jose police are investigating the stabbing at a popular park in the downtown area. this afternoon a man was found wounded in st. jails park on east st. jails street. investigators say the victim is hospitalized with nonthrive threatening wounds, they have also identified the suspect as a woman and they still don't know what caused it. the new attack happened on the same block as a deadly stabbing last tuesday night in which a man was found lying facedown on the sidewalk in front of a church. that was san jose's 23rd homicide of the year. supporters of pop 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage have officially asked the u.s. supreme court to step in.
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the coalition of religious conservative groups want the high court to overrule a federal appeals court which struck it down as unconstitutional. this is the latest move in the four-year legal battle over the same-sex marriage ban. if the supreme court justices decline to take this case? fall, the appeal lat court ruling would stand and same-sex marriages will resume in california. well, she's got the moves and she's got the medal and who says bronze can't be a girl's best friend. marty malloy is triumphantly wearing her medal, won in judo all around the olympic village. she doesn't leave home without. >> reporter: good evening from london, we're just kind of walking around, and we bumped into someone very notable and she she's wearing a bronze medal. first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. >> can we see the medal?
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>> there it is, i've been wearing it all day, rubbing it with my thumbs so it's getting worn out already, think. >> reporter: so many people in the bay area have seen your dreams come true. >> last night was overwhelming the amount of support and congratulations i got from people i grew up with in high school and known since i was kids all the way to everyone in my judo family in san jose. >> reporter: and it is a big family. a lot of people don't know, but san jose is state is like a judo hot bed around the world. how proud are you of that university and the program you went through? >> when i first got to san jose, i was accepted like i was there my whole life. just being able to bring home the medal for san jose state and show how all the hard work and dedication from the whole judo world and san jose is exciting for me. >> reporter: back home in the bay area, in san jose, there was
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a big viewing party, a lot of your friends and your associated were there, they stayed up late in the night to watch you. >> i couldn't believe it. i woke up this morning, is this really a video of them watching me fight and then i watched it and i got goose bumps all over again. i was ready to cry just like i did the first time, just seeing their happiness over it. they helped me get there. it was awesome. >> historically for you and this was a big event for team usa. you're only the second woman to win a medal for the americans, that's really nice. >> i'm hoping we can do something amazing, the olympic judo team here, the guy that fought yesterday, he placed seventh and at the olympics that's amazing and travis stephens is in the semifinals and he just beat the world number one and is going to face the current olympic champion. so we have the possibility to make judo a really popular sport i think by the result of this olympics. >> reporter: you walk around, you're very attractive, very sweet, but on that mat, you're a different person.
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>> everyone says that, they say you look so mean with when you fight. but you have to stay focused when you're in the match and i hone in on everything i have practiced and trained and what i'm doing in the match. but when i win i smile, so it's 50/50. >> why don't you flash that bronze medal to everyone in the san jose area. >> we're so happy for you, thanks, marty. if you're wondering where and when you can watch your favorite events, just head to our website,, click on the olympics tab and click on the viewing guide. you can look up by event or by viewing times. that looks good on her. okay, we have more olympic coverage coming up at 6:30 and a look at the impact that female events are having. >> also ahead, the investigative unit dig into the condition of
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bay area roads and how much it could be costing you. and then what forced a popular bay area restaurant to suddenly close its doors. and do you think sharks and penguins don't belong together? think again, the new exhibit here in the bay area. all right, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, the nbc bay area weather center. plenty of upper 90s inland for today, but we're starting to see it cool off, 60s from san francisco to san mateo, we'll keep some hot weather in the forecast until wednesday, but we'll tell you when the numbers will go back down a little bit coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these.
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. a south bay judge today postponed a hearing for a man accused of murdering a san jose teen. the judge continued the hearing until next month of the the 15-year-old sierra lamar
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disappeared back in march. police believe she was murdered but her body has not been found. a fire destroyed a house in east oakland. firefighters say when they arrived, flames were shooting out of all three floors, everyone got out safely, fortunately, but the house is completely gutted. fire officials are still investigating the cause. two of san franciscos biggest medical marijuana clubs closed their doors today. they were evicted by their landlords after pressure from the government. what the closure means for the future of medicinal marijuana. >> reporter: the sign on the door read hopenet. the san francisco medical marijuana dispensary that was to turn ten years old next month. but inside today, hope was hard to find. >> i don't have much hope right now. >> on its last day of business,
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founder katherine smith shared a last smoke with long-time customers. >> the justice department sent our landlord one of our latheir letters. >> smith devoted more than a decade to the medical marijuana industry. in the end, pressure from the justice department forced to her to close the doors. >> hard to believe that we did all these things in and accomplished all these things in the city and they're shutting us down. >> hopenet's demise follows closures across the state under federal pressure. >> we have an employee that we had to let go or at least layoff two weeks ago since the harbor side forfeiture letter and the
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vapor room. >> finding another location will be a challenge. >> the word is out about the justice department sending the land lord letters out. to the real estate people don't want to deal with you anymore. >> reporter: so the doors will close, leading the battle for medical marijuana's future for others to fight. in other news tonight, a well known vietnamese restaurant just off market street at 6th forced to shut its doors once again. it closed for the fourth time in the past year and a half. health department inspectors found mice and cockroaches in the kitchen areas. the owners will appear at a hearing on august 8. sharks can be fearsome deadly creatures unless they have a name like the pajama shark. they couldn't possibly be taken seriously and they aren't by the penguins at golden gate park.
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the african penguins completely ignored the newcomers. somehow the penguins know they aren't shark bait. >> we haven't been training our penguins but we have been training our sharks so we're able to feed them in our exhibit. we'll be feeding them in a location that we'll be able to monitor them to make sure they're feeding and their health is good. >> buy add sharks to a penguin exhibit? it turns out that the two species co-exist in their native environment. very nice, very color coordinated. lets turn things over to jeff rather than near nieri. >> we did have 95 in livermore, also 96 in livermore, you didn't have to go too far to also find the cool weather.
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just here across the east bay in san jose, 74 in oakland, 68 in san francisco. what we have right now is a slight onshore wind with us at the coastline, so that's dropping temperatures dramatically in oakland, also in sun any veil, also down to 79 in san jose, but it's going to be a mild night back in the east bay with upper 80s to also low 90s. let's take you out to hd sky camera network. and lots of blue sky out in the south bay. not the hottest spot in the south bay, but it was a little bit above average by about 5 to 7 degrees. what we're tracking is the marine layer and fog. we have a hold just offshore. not too much developing, but then you can see some fog developing offshore in santa cruz and monster raterrey. a lot of that is going to continue to dissipate here in the next 12 to 18 hours. we have high pressure sitting offshore. that's going to have that hot weather and that warming trend
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staying in that seven-day forecast. so what is this going to mean at least for our allergy forecast, our temperature's going down and then back up and then back down and then back up over the last couple of weeks. we are seeing that pollen spike in the mold and grass category. if your allergies have been bugging you, things are going to start pollen ate more than it has recently. 50s and the fog for the afternoon, and the bayside numbers. for your olympic forecast, we had some showers in the last 24 hours. here's some good news for the competitors. more of those typical showers returning for thursday and also for friday. stay tuned 7:30 p.m. tonight, we're going to take you prehind the scenes and right up on the finish line, i'm going to be hosting that right after this show and at 7:30. still ahead here at 6:00, a
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new treatment that could signal the break through for spinal cord zprir injuries. b.a.r.t. with your bike any time. coming to a station near you this week. they call it the patent trial of the century, $2.5 billion on the line and while it's early, it looks like apple's ahead, we'll tell you why after the break.
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the $2.5 billion battle between apple and it's biggest competitor samsung wrapped up it's first day in court just a short time ago. apple says samsung copied the iphone and the ipad so closely it's nearly impossible to tell the two products apart at first
6:23 pm
glance. the facts in the case are pretty straight forward at this point. >> theyeally are. samsung phones and tablets do look a lot like apples. the question is jury face is why are they so similar. apple contends it's because samsung tried to rip them off. apple says people shouldn't be able to use what we invented. samsung in turn will likely try to convince the jury the look of its phone and tablets, the glass rectangle with the glass front is simply the way the devices have evolved. apple wasn't even the first to sell a phone that looked like an iphone, lg had a similar phone years ago. so what is samsung trying to do? well, it's not necessarily a patent violation if your product looks like someone else's. a good example of that is a car. they have four tires, there's a round steering wheel, just the best way to make a car, it's a question of function, mercedes
6:24 pm
isn't going to sue -- they have to act as certain way. and look the same. samsung's also counter suing, claiming that apple iphones have some components inside them that infringe on samsung patents. i watched their lawyers make that argument and perhaps we have almost a month to go in this trial, at least at first janell, that argument came across as weak and apple handled it very easily. rush hour might look a whole lot different on friday that's because for the first time b.a.r.t. is allowing bicycles on trains in the morning and evening commutes. the new pilot program is aimed to test the impact on train operations. the program will run every friday through august. talk about a dog day afternoon on the peninsula. prison inmates training animals to better behave.
6:25 pm
graduation day for several homeless dogs along the peninsula who have been socialized by inmates. today several dogs and their handlers graduated from the program. the humane society teamed up with the san mateo correctional department. it's the third year of the program which has produced 42 canine graduates. all of the dogs are in need of a loving home and are available for adoption if you're looking. >> that one is really cute. still ahead t major changes in women's health care that will take effects tomorrow and have critics riled out up. plus the republican presidential candidate plap plans to announce his choice for vice presidential running mate. an nbc bay area investigation. are bumps putting a dent in your wallet.
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how much you' ee're paying and you can get some of that money back. we're live in london where team usa gets a ready for a huge night on prime time. we'll have an update on our competitors fared today next. these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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♪ there it is, a live look at the olympic caldron burning bright tonight at the 2012 olympic london games. >> nbc bay area's phil rogers joins us at just about 2:00 in the morning for a look at today's bay area olympians. let's start with scott welch. >> he swam the 200 meter breaststroke today and he's doing very, very well. scott's from san jose, this is his first olympics and first major international competition, the final in that will be tomorrow. now over in the women's light weight skulls. julie nicholls was out rowing today, julie didn't even start rowing until her freshman here at cal.
6:29 pm
she and her partner trained in oakland and now they are in the final. and fencer alexander mosalis was in the arena today, he's a first-time olympian and the son of a three-time olympian, made the quarterfinal today, but lost to a russian opponent later in the afternoon. janell and jessica, don't forget a buyiig night coming up here o nbc tonight, women's gymnastic's going for the gold medal, it's going to be a great evening here on the bay area home of nbc. >> can't wait, phil, look forward to it. as he said, there is a lot of olympic action in the pool as well to look forward to right after tonight's newscast. the top eight of swimmings signatures wil make it to the top finals. on sunday, adrian swam the first leg of the relay final, his teammates included michael phelps and ryan lofty.
6:30 pm
and swimmer michael phelps has a chance to make more olympic history by becoming the most decorated olympian in history. the record is currently held by a former russian gymnast. if he medals in both of his races tonight, he makes history. this is going to be a very exciting evening for the women's u.s. gymnastic's team as they gore to the team gold medal. usa hasn't won a team gold medal since 1996 in gymnastics. but that could be a huge change tonight. and jordan weber has a chance to bounce back after that disappointing performance on wednesday. the soccer team placed a first place ranking today. the women's team defeated north korea, one of the top ten teams
6:31 pm
in the world. abby wombach stored today. that was the only goal of the game and the ladies partied. the u.s. now has top ranking to go into that next round. carrie walsh is battling pink eye. the two-time olympic gold medalist in volleyball has said that it's not affecting her game. since pink eye is so contagious, walsh is not shaking hands with her opponents. instead she's offering them a quick apology and an explanation. as her high-fiving her partner misty may trenor, they tried to avoid it at first. here's more on how olympic girl power is impacting bay area women of all ages. >> reporter: well, here at airborne gymnastics at santa
6:32 pm
clara, many of these young athletes are pursuing their olympics dreams. i want to show you how talented these girls are. many of them trained very, very hard to reach this level and these young athletes say after watching u.s. women compete in london, they're going to train even harder. u.s. women are in the spotlight, like never before at the summer olympics in london, from stanford grad carrie walsh spiking toward goal with misty may trenor--an don't forget maggie stephens, the soon to be stanford freshman who stored a record certain gold in water polo. here at airborne gymnastics, girl power is fueling olympic dreemgs. >> now they're allowing women to do whatever they want and women have proving themselves to be just as good and better possibly than expected. and basically it's motivation for me that i can be better than
6:33 pm
i think i can. >> reporter: this year the u.s. has sent more female athletes to the olympics than ever before, many excelling in nontraditional sports. >> i think what's also really important is the fact that women are doing nontraditional sports. and every time a woman does something a little above and bond societal expectations, that opens doors for all of us. and i they's fantastic. >> these girls also recognize the emotional and physical strength it takes for female olympic athletes to succeed. >> they are so tough, like some of these sports, it's a guy sport, but the girls are definitely owning it. it's really good. >> reporter: it truly is the year of the woman at the olympics this summer, for those willing to break molds and create new ones and inspire all of us on the way. some women studies experts say that watching the olympics can actually boost confidence in young girls because the competition is based on skills
6:34 pm
and not on looks. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. as we have been showing you, the bay area's home to dozens of olympic athletes that are in london going for gold. soon you'll get a chance to see them in a larger than most setting. today mayor jerry brown -- is city also announced two big viewing parties at civic's center plaza, the first is on tuesday august 7 and the other is thursday august 11. >> any chance to expose kids to what's going on with the olympics and they get to see these athletes competing the way they do, succeeding the way they do, is just fantastic. >> so if you want to check it out. there will be two giant screens showing the games live from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and there's room for about 10,000 people at civic center plaza. a spoiler alert now, we are
6:35 pm
about to reveal how team usa is doing in london. this is the gig, when the music begins, we're going to show you the current medal count, if you don't want to see it, turn away or get a little bite to eat. when the music stops, it will be safe to watch again. >> it's going to be an exciting night. when it comes to nonstop olympics reporting on the web, nothing is more comprehensive than our nbc digital coverage. as for tracking the pulse of the top stories coming out of london, lawrence scott is here to show us how you can also grab the torch. >> with the games in london now in full stride, so many games have been emerging and we are tracking them all from the pool to the courts and everywhere in between. it's the day's most talked about olympic stories and they're being featured on our website
6:36 pm
called the torch. and to get to the torch, go to scroll down to the subsection 2012. you'll go to a break out page and a link to the torch on the far right side of the page, click on the torch and you'll be inside the day's most talked about stories and the back stories as the games in london unfold and remember to keep checking back because the torch is continually being updated with the latest news and notes. so from misty the missile to gymnastic's gold, to the buzz in london, we are breaking it all down at the torch. >> thank you, what are rens. still ahead, mitt romney turns to technology to announce his vp running mate. plus a new era in health care for women. the major insurance changes taking effect tomorrow. >> and good evening, i'm jeff
6:37 pm
ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, close to 100, but not quite there yet. concord at 95, and as we take a look at our wednesday forecast, it will stay warm in the south bay and we'll have details on when things may cool down a bit coming up.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
some very good news for women and health care. eight provisions of the new affordable health care act go into effect tomorrow. every one of them deals with preventative care for women. starting tomorrow insurance companies will be required to cover screenings like mammograms and pap smears. the new laws also require insurance companies to cover the price of contraception except for some religious institutions.
6:40 pm
a los gatos obgyn says the new law will have a remarkable impact. >> if we can find cervical cancers at the very earliest stages, we can have a better chance to cure them. while the mandates go into effect tomorrow, many people won't see a change until after their insurance plans next open enrollment period. a first of it's kind medical trial will start in -- plan to begin lookinging at the -- the cells could help reinsulate the damaged spinal nerves and reverse paralysis. the study at the miami center to cure paralysis. if the trials are successful doctors hope to expand the study to include those who have been
6:41 pm
dealing with paralysis for years. >> jeff ranieri with the forecast. >> sunny, going for the gold and hot. i'm like on olympic overload here. in the south bay, we have plenty of blue sky, we will talk bay area and temperatures and how hot it will get for wednesday in just a few minutes. and i'm david feltman, coming up in sports, it came down to the wire, but the giants made a big move before the mlb trading deadline. and that moves including a guy who grew up in the bay area. the future of --
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
we all know that driving on some bay area roads will be just a little bit bumpy. some of the worst roads are right here in the bay area. >> poor road quality the costing drivers. how much more are we paying to maintain our crashes? >> we found out bay area drivers are shelling out hundreds of dollars more a year. so we looked at local roadways to find out where you are most likely to damage your car and how you can get some of that money back. >> four tires and two rims. because of this one pothole. >> how much were you required to pay in order to fix your car?
6:44 pm
>> it was $2,100. >> reporter: those rough roads are now costing bay area drivers around $700 in additional repairs annually. according to a transportation research center, that's more than double the national average. so. >> reporter: so as a driver, how do you protect your car and your wallet? >> you pretty much can't, you're pretty such set to the roads and what condition they're in. >> we have the poorest roads because of the high volume of traffic. >> our roads are so poor that the american society of civil engineers give the roadways in california a grade of a d-plus. >> if you came home with that kind of a grade, your dad would take a dim view of that, we should take a kim view as well. >> later this evening in our full investigation, you will hear from the state agency, again, jessica, that's tonight
6:45 pm
after the olympics. >> thank you very much elise, we'll see you then. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, you can call 888-996-tips. well, do you want to be among the first to know who mitt romney picks for a running mate? there's an apf for that. romney's campaign rolled outs an iphone app for mitt romney's vice presidential choice. our four years ago mr. obama also collected thousands of supporters cell phone numbers with the promise he would share his vp news by text message, but word that he had selected joe biden leaked before obama's team sent out that text. the lights are back on after more than a half a million people endured what may be the largest power outage in history. here's a little her speckive to explain how big it was.
6:46 pm
the total number of people affected by the india out an is larger than the combined population of united states and canada, both of those. half of india's antiquated power grid is coal generated and a state monopoly on coal is leading to shortages. >> i know a lot of people are using their air conditioners in the east bay. it's hot out there. >> a lot of the meters are spinning around quite a bit in that east bay where we did have some mid to upper 90s for today. it was a stark contrast for tonight. 70s by the bay, with a high of 74 in oakland, 78 in fremont, and 70 miles inland, 95 in concord, 95 in willamette value. all depending on how of course the wind moved today and we did also have some marine layer up against the immediate coastline that provided a little bit of a
6:47 pm
cooling wind throughout san francisco all the way down to half moon bay. it is cooler this hour, it's been dropping off since about 4:00 p.m. it's going to be a mild might back into livermore, walnut creek. we think it's going to be real comfortable for you who have some dinner plans. let's take you to that live sky camera network. if you want to go to san francisco but you couldn't, here's our free pass. cloud cover over the golden gate bridge and also plenty of sunshine mixed into downtown. now let's take you to london, and there is the caldron at the stadium and the flame was actually reintroduced into the summer olympics back in 1928 in amsterdam, in some respects helping to signify the struggle for victory, and it's been pretty victorious in staying lit even though there's been some rain in the past 24 hours. some slightly offshore winds, it's not too strong, at least to
6:48 pm
this point, that's buy we're not going to have a heat event from the coastline to the interior valleys. 60s and 70s to the coastline, also some fog to start and back here into the east and also the south bay and 840s to 90s. the hot weather is really going to start to peak out as we head into thursday and gradually our numbers go down in our seven-day forecast. debate overnight recoveries back in the east bay, 56 in concord and 57 in livermore. and our numbers are going to play out like this, upper 80s in san jose, we know it says tuesday here, but here are our wednesday forecasts. 95 in walnut creek, 72 in san francisco, 75 in san rafael and 95 in santa rosa. and if you look at the london olympics coverage for wednesday, the canoe and slalom, also known as kayaking to many people. some sun and also low 70s and as we look at this forecast, we'll
6:49 pm
reintroduce those -- it will stay on the cooler side and here's the other thing, if you have seen that slalom and kayaking there on the olympics, that water really gets raging and gets going and here's the thing, there is 3,434 gallons of water powered down the canoe slalom every single second. mid 90s wednesday and thursday, then this upcoming weekend those numbers are going to drop on down. it's not going to get overly cold, but we're going to see things moderate for the upcoming weekend. then for next monday, we'll already be in day 11 of the olympics. but we're not going to rush it. day four of competition, yes. five since the opening ceremony. >> a lot more to go. let's get to sports. >> let's hand it over to dave felt mdm
6:50 pm
feldman, the comcast -- >> the giants general manager, finally got his man, after what sabian calls a 16 solid days they got hunter pence from the phillies. at age 29 is in his first major league season. at at&t, he boasted a career average. fans get one -- penn says the trade did come as a surprise. >> i didn't hear any rumors, i talked to them maybe one time. so really just kind of happened. and now i'm on to play at the san fran and hopefully be in a playoff race. >> and for every take there is a give, outfielder nature sherholtz, there's no doubt that danville wanted to prayed.
6:51 pm
cher holtz has drafted, tommy joseph was the number two prospect in the phillies system. >> hunter pence and not yet at the ballpark, in fact his flight is delayed from the east coast. the giants not sure if he'll even be here at all for the game. but he will be out there tomorrow and pretty much every stay at right field. the manager saying the pens will bat fifth at least until pablo sandoval comes back. >> to bring presenence over her it's going to make our lineup a lot better and it gives that offensive threat that we have been lacking through most of the season. >> he will bring a lot of energy and excitement to the ball club, he's been one of the best outfitters of the game ever since he got to the big leagues. >> i'm trying to watch, fans are going to love him. he's all out all the time and as far as the way he plays and he
6:52 pm
just loves, you know t game and it shows. with the style that he plays. >> two of the fingers on his left hand while apparently hitting something with his bat in frustration. he is out of the lineup today and possibly again tomorrow. reporting from at&t park, i'm jay my sigher reporting from nbc bay area news. another nate leaves the bay area heading to the chicago bulls after spending most of the season with the warriors as a free agent. and the warriors made it official, they're resigning the -- $8 million over two years. well have highlights tonight of the giants after the olympics. janell and jessica, i'm dave feldman, let's go back to you guys. >> for a full half hour of bay
6:53 pm
area sports coverage you can watch comcast sports net bay area tonight at 11:00.
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6:55 pm
she's stuck at u.s. gymnast is a rising star, but she's had to share the spotlight with her parents. >> stick it! stick it! yeah! >> perfect. those are the rise marine's parents during alley's bar performance on sunday night. they basically acted out alle yes,'s entire routine from the stands. >> listen, it all comes down to
6:56 pm
her, i mean she did all the hard work and we have always been there for her and whether she needed a ride or just emotional support or anything, we're just there for her. >> 18-year-old alley risner will compete in prime time and then again on thursday for the original all around. >> coming up tonight, a clayton native will dive into prime time in london, tomorrow we'll show you how he and another stanford diver trained for london along with another palo alto diver. >> i'm really geared up for the gymnastics. coming up at 7:00 on comcast 186, brent cannon will have for nbc bay area news. and the olympic zone with our own jeff ranieri. >> na's going to do it for us.
6:57 pm
good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> lights, camera, olympics. >> here we go. >> gold? yes. >> to see my parents. >> i don't know what's greater for missy. >> i miss you so much. >> the gold medal or tweet from justin bieber. >> no kidding. >> daring to dream beyond the gold. i'm billy bush in london making sure missy gets her moment with justin. >> biebs, i'm with missy frank's parents. >> meet the family of ladies man lochte. are his younger brothers benefiting in. >> are you catching


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