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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and developing news out of richmond where firefighters are trying to put out a pallet fire that's burning and they think lightning may have started it. i'm christy smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> i think they can win tomorrow. i think we can win thursday. i can't talk. i'm going to start crying. >> i love it. staying alive. that's right. the a's fans and giant fanes are feeling the magic. we'll have live reports coming up. >> we're waking up with slick conditions as the first storm of the season moves on shore. we'll let you know how much more is on the way and when the rain will clear. >> we'll see how that storm affects your drive as well. now, a new accident to tell you about. those details coming up. >> take being a live look at the bay bridge. it's wednesday, october 10th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm 5:01. >> good morning. we continue following breaking muse. racing to put out huge flames. this one is on dire street. where we are live at that scene. he has just talked to witnesses. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that fire is now out. you can see how much water the fire department had to pour on this to put it out. they got a lake that has formed in this strip mall. located here in union city. we just spoke to the person who made the phone call to 911. he was doing late night work. i don't know if you can see that business. it was around 1:00 when he noticed something was wrong.
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>> then i smell like smoke so i thought something is wrong what i'm doing, you know, keeping my -- but the smell is very severe. so i try to go around. when i go out, i see the smoke. >> when he came out, he noticed there was smoke coming out of the corner unit of this strip mall. the fire department arrived shortly thereafter. it didn't appear to be much. there wasn't much in the way of flame. when they went inside, they went on the offense, they realized that pretty quickly above their head the fire had already entered the roof. from there, it spread to ten businesses. damaging or destroying those businesses. the fire department was able to peel off part of the roof. part of it collapsed. part of it was them peeling it off. another reason why this fire did not spread past the ten
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businesses, there are fire walls on either end. that prevented it from spreading. there was an apartment complex located in the rear that had to be evacuated. it has since been let back in. one firefighter did cut his hand. he was taken to the hospital. the firefighter at one point was so severe. they had to call for four alarms. you had union city, freemont and hayward. as you can see, that fire is now out. right now, it's just cleanup. there is spraying going on back there. just to make sure nothing were to flare back up. reporting live in union city. >> also, a massive fire is burning in richmond. it's happening at a manufacturing plant and it could burn for hours. joining us live at the scene with the details on that fire. >> reporter: when we last checked in with you, we were seeing more of an orange glow coming from this property where the pallets are burning.
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now we're seeing more smoke. it looks like some things have changed. here with me this morning is the battalion chief. what is it that's burning? it's more than just pallets. >> it's an industrial yard. five different businesses. so there's storage. there's hauling businesses, landscape businesses. it's kind of segmented. it goes back all the way. >> we were talking about earlier that you're look at lightning for what may have started this. >> that's a possibility. there was a lot of lightning strikes in the area. the fire's under investigation. that's one of the possibilities. >> again, it's not just pallets. you were saying there are vehicles, landscaping equipment and access is one of the problems that you're having here. >> there's only one hydrant in front. there's only one road coming in.
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that's why we called heavy equipment to come in and surround the fire and knock some of it down. also in the back, there's like large trucks and equipment in the back. there's containers of equipment. we arrived on scene. there was approximately two acres burning. >> we're seeing smoke. do you know how much longer this will be? >> we're here to investigate this fire as well. the fire is contained at this time. we want to make sure it doesn't spread or get out of control later on. >> the other good news is he says no injuries were reported. we'll keep on it and check back in with you. reporting live in relationship monday, christy smith, "today in the bay." we know giants fans love their baseball. their team taking torture to new levels. >> it took them ten innings to win game three and force a game
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four. live in cincinnati where pitcher barry zito will get his first playoff start. >> good morning. this was torturous circa 2010. they had one hit through nine innings last night, yet somehow managed to scratch out two in the tenth and they beat a stunned reds team. let's show you exactly what went down. reds fans expecting to sweep the giants right out of town but it didn't go down that way. in the first inning, vocal gave up two hits and a walk. this courtesy of jay bruce rbi single. the score and the reds have the early lead. the giants come back in the third inning. they do it without a base hit. and then a sacrifice fly from angel biccen. so the giants even without a hit to this point in the game had it tied 1-1. it went to the tenth tied. the sure-handed scott roland
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can't handle the ground ball by arias. the score on the error. it's 2-1 giants. sergio romo made it stick. the giants amazingly win this game 2-1 and they're starting to feel that momentum might finally be on their side. >> everyone came together. everyone was pulling as hard as we could. we love playing together. we want to play some more together. we're not just going to fold up and go home. we kept the game within striking distance. when we had a chance to strike, we did. and we won the game. >> well, game time will be 1:07 pacific time. broadcast beginning at 1:00. of course our coverage begins an
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hour prior to that at hi noon. you mentioned barry zito. more good news for the giants, they have won the last 11 barry zito starts trying to make it a dozen. >> just like the giants, the a's have been living on the edge. they also live to play another day. >> we are live outside where the a's just finished their best game of the postseason. good morning. >> good morning. it's amazing how quickly things can turn around in the postseason. think back to game two. coco chris was in the dog house after failing to make a catch in centerfield. this time, he's the hero after an unbelievable catch. take a look at these highlights from yesterday. 36,000 fans at the game. second inning. prince fielder with the shot to
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center field. coco crisp says "not on my turf." he went over the fence to make that catch. in the fifth inning. he's playing long ball. 414 feet for that. and the defense also stepped up big for the oakland a's. makes the diving catch. fielder had a chance to tie the game in the ninth. hit the grounder to steven drew for the double play. a's get the victory 2-0. there will be a game four. >> very easily could have had a big thing today. didn't happen. you know, another game. >> we have to go out there and give it everything we've got. now there is tomorrow and i'm going to focus on that.
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>> unbelievable for the oakland a's. the fun continues tonight. a rookie on the mound, a.j. griffin. we'll have complete highlights tonight on nbc bay area. >> such an exciting time. thank you very much. >> all kinds of drama. you said you love drama. you love the fact the giants and the a's. >> all is right this morning. still in the playoffs. back on the desk. watching a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity. really most of this is moving off shore. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we're going to be dealing with this system. just pecky showers. we need the rain as you know. we're running significant deficit last rain season. this rain season, we could see a nino setup. it's still not completely sure. when it companies to the timing of these showers, it's going to get more active before we have evening hours. we're going to see the
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temperatures really kind of comfortable today. showers creeping up from the south all the way to 5:00 p.m. best chance for the showers is around the western facing slopes of san jose so keep that in mind. southern california will receive about 2 to 3 times of rain. snowfall in yosemite when last week we had triple digit heat. yeah, got to love california. 70 degrees in freemont. 66 degrees in santa cruz. i'll let you know how much rain was received so far and how much more is on the way. they're hard to pinpoint. you might be waking up with some things acting funny. i know my computer wasn't working. lightning strikes were frequent overnight. count on more isolated lightning and thunderstorms. very hit or miss showers. let's check your drive. >> we definitely need all that rain and resources.
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we'll look to 101. northbound side looking really nice right here. underneath 680. overall, this volume not really causing any slowdown. the entire south bay looks really good right now. there's an accident reported. south 101. there was some slowing for a few minutes. it looks like it must have moved to the shoulder. the construction heading south. some mild slowdowns can be seen. the bridge, smooth drive to the peninsula, guys. it is 5:12 right now. coming up, we have the new documents released surrounding that controversial pepper spraying incident of the students at uc davis. and san francisco gets its sheriff back after ross mirkarimi is reinstated.
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we'll have reaction from mirkarimi. and how you can get into google or twitter. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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it has been a long road but embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi officially back on the job. the supervisosupervisors, board supervisors coming a few votes short for firing him. what are the city leaders saying about it? >> i cab can tell you the city's leader, mayor lee, is not happy about this decision. he suspended mirkarimi back in march. after the vote last night, the
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mayor issued this statement. saying, in part, the board's decision returns a convicted domestic batterer to lead the sheriff's office. that right there was from mayor ed lee. the 7-4 vote came down just before 11:00 last night. 7 out of the 11 voted to remove him from office. the mayor needed nine votes for that to happen. those dissenting four supervisors say what he did was wrong, the city charter is too narrow to support removing him from office for official misconduct. sheriff telling us he is relieved he can get back to work. that includes trying to make peace. >> but now, as sheriff, i return back to some of those policies. hoping through mending fences with the mayor, with the organizations, and anyone else for that matter, that we can continue to forge and foster
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that kind of collaboration i think we all want. >> it was back in march when mirkarimi entered a guilty plea in connection to that domestic violence incident that left his wife's arm bruised. coming up, we will hear from an emotional lopez and what she has to say about domestic violence. live at san francisco city hall, marla taez. ever wonder what it would be like to walk the halls of twitter? >> this is cool. entrepreneurs will be the focus. companies are going to open houses. ever wonder what goes on at twitter? you can find out. nzinga, go see the dogs. google participating too. only the city location of google. you do have to register first. i have the website there in the white on the screen. you see it,
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go out and take a look. alcoa always kicks it off. we'll hear from companies closer to home like apple. let's turn to courtney live at cnbc world headquarters this morning. >> hi, good morning. futures are a little lower after we saw stocks fall sharply yesterday. investors brace for earnings. alcoa did report better than expected results last night. the aluminum maker did cut demand forecasts, noting the slowdown in china. the dow fell 110 points to 13473. the nasdaq dropped 47 points to 3065. walmart is taking on amazon, promising same day delivery in some cities for items bought online. it cost $10 no matter what the size of the order. products will be shipped
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straight from walmart stores. the company will add the service in san jose and san francisco later this month after rolling it out last week in philadelphia and northern virginia as a test. the test will run through the holidays. scott. >> all right, courtney. a quick update. you've been talking about space x approaching the international space station. there you see the dragon capsule docked delivering of all things ice cream is the most important thing on that. what is it, rocky road? >> the astronaut kind? >> you want to make sure you've got ice cream. the cold kind, not the astronaut kind either. >> have you ever had astronaut ice cream, melts in your mouth. >> all right, let's check back in. we're getting -- look, moisture. >> yes, look at that. this is right outside our studios. it's a big area. we're getting into our rainey
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season. it's a little bit more dramatic than it looks like. it looks like you're getting heavy downpours but really we only had a couple of them it we're going to take you to our live radar. got a little bit of precipitation. especially over the higher elevations. the western facing slope surrounding san jose. that's our best chance of rain. we're noticing some pretty good thunderstorm cells. little bit embedded yellow within that green. that's a thunderstorm cell that just developed. we have had about 15 cloud to ground lightning strikes. richmond fire christy's on, yeah, could have been caused by lightning. we're going to see this pattern continue as we head through the next couple of days. we've got an area of low pressure that's going to bring significant rainfall. widespread rain to the bay area as we head through next week. this area of low pressure's been sitting and spinning just off
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shore. finally cut off low gets taken to the south. we'll see spotty showers. isolated thunderstorms throughout the day today. what does that mean for the a's game? i'll let you know coming up. 74 in san jose. fog and drizzle for you. we'll warm you up this weekend. back to the 80s. we'll check the drive with mike. >> south bay, nice easy drive for the most part. the yellow on these just about 60 miles per hour. nothing dramatic here. we have construction reported around tully on the northbound side of 101. focus here where there was an earlier accident. still reported but not in lanes. north 880 getting on to south 1301. no need for a detour. we see slowing there as you transition to south 101. also construction south 80 as you're coming past mon hue. they should be moving those crews as well. we'll see how things are shaping up along the peninsula.
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north 101, construction crews, as you approach university. lanes look clear now. it's just off to the shoulder. no dramatic slowing here. the other side the bay looks smooth as well. as you come over from the hayward side. the westbound tail light commune section starting to pick up. no slowing here. the area through oakland and approaching the maze, no slowing. there's the fire we're following in richmond. as the sun comes up, the smoke might be a distraction. 5:22. more news after this.
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welcome back, everyone. good wednesday morning to you. 5:24. new documents show what happened in the days following the controversial pepper spraying by police officers. the video triggered a worldwide response and caused thousands of angry e-mails to pour into the
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chancellor's office. more than 9,500 internal documents were released yesterday. the sacramento beat says some e-mails use the terms hitler and gestapo. the system has settled with the students involved giving them about $30,000 each. the man believed to be behind the anti-muslim film blamed for sparking violent riots in the islamic world is scheduled to be in court today. also known as nicoula bazi is accused of violating his probation. he has committed eight violations including lying to his probation officer and using aliases. if he is convicted, he could spend two years in prison. back to the negotiating table. representatives from the nhl and players association will resume their talks today. got a live look at hp pavilion. sharks game canceled there through october 24th because of the lockout. now, if a new contract is not reached by next week, odds are
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more games will be canceled. right now, the big issue is how to distribute the $3.3 billion in league revenue. you've said many times more money more problems. we're going to have more rain? >> yeah, we're going to have quite a bit more rain. finally, i get to use my handy dandy doppler radar. we've got this very interesting cell that developed. yeah, you're going to see some of these cells develop. they'll push on shore. that's what's happening here down through the south bay. let me show you as i zoom out for you and show you the overall bay area. we're not talking about a whole lot precipitation. in fact, that area of low pressure is just kind of sitting and spinning off shore. it's going to drive in these bands of rain with embedded thunderstorms as we head throughout the day today. the best chance to see that will be over the higher elevations and the mountains surrounding san jose. however, if you live close to those mountains in places you
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could get caught with a very strong thunderstorm overhead. we'll take you through the forecast. let's check your drive. >> a great morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are really light right now on the approach. so no problems down the east shore freeway. warning about possible -- maybe some drizzle in the south bay. so keep watch for wet pavement. south baund to 101. no problems for traction or visibility up there either. all the way down to the golden gate bridge with a clear view of all those lights. very smooth. >> thank you very much. it is 5:27 now. still to come, firefighters out batting a pair of fires in the east bay is rough going. we have live reports coming up next. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! ten businesses damaged or destroyed after an overnight fire. i'll take you live to the scene.
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they are staying alive. bay area ball club live to play another day. a lot of fans waking up this morning. we've got showers on the radar. want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your definition safely. we'll show you where they're headed and how much we're going to get. we'll show you what's going on for the east bay coming up. a good morning shot live over san jose. midweek heading to the weekend. it is wednesday october 10th. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:30 right now. good morning, everybody. always happy to have you join us. >> we begin with breaking news that we've been following in union city where a large fire at a strip mall has sent one
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firefighter to the hospital this morning. it start the at dire street. quickly spread to several businesses. "today in the bay" has been live this morning. it didn't look that bad at first. >> that was their first impression. as far as that firefighter that was hurt, he's doing just fine. back out here at the strip mall, you can see the fire is out. one thing you notice is how much water they used. it's formed a little lake in the corner of this strip mall. started in the corner business to the right of where you're looking at right now and spread from there, destroying or damaging a total of ten businesses in the strip mall in alvarado and dire street in union city. part of the reason the fire had it so easy is all these units share a common attic. the firefighters were able to peel open the roof, get inside, access the flames. there are also fire walls on the ends of these businesses. it was an employee doing some late-night work around 1:00. he smelled smoke, saw what was
5:32 am
going on, saw smoke coming out of the business next door. to the firefighters, it still didn't look like much. >> you see a little bit of fire at the front door, you're thinking, okay, no big deal. then you get inside, you make a better assessment. all of a sudden, the roof's coming down. you've got fire running the entire attic space. you can't get people here fast enough. >> part of the roof actually collapsed. that happened after the firefighters were able to pull out. they needed backup so badly they called for a fourth alarm. you got one on the top of this snorkel ladder track, just keeping an eye on hot. s. there's an apartment complex that was evacuated but all those people have been able to go back home. we can also tell you a massive fire is burning right now in richmond. this one happening at a pallet
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manufacturing plant. firefighters there, they say it could be burning for hours. christy smith, she's been on the scene all morning long. christy, what's the latest, what can you tell us? >> we're seeing a huge plume of white smoke going straight up. and heading south. i'm told that's a good thing because firefighters are still spraying water on this fire. i just took a walk back there and there are a number of spot fires burning all over this two-acre property. we have some pictures this morning from our chopper over the scene. there are actually five businesses here on the property. pallets, landscaping, container trucks. right now what firefighters are telling us is that it is contained. this started around 2:15 this morning and spread quickly. one ba tallon chief told me with the pallets it's sort of like stack up wood in a fireplace. perfect conditions to burn. this is on brookside near
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richmond parkway. they're looking at the possibility that lightning may have started this. firefighters describe their challenges. >> this is the biggest problem we had, getting water to the fire. there's only one hydrant in front and there's only one road, the road we're on now. it's difficult. that's why we called heavy equipment to come in and surround the fire and knock some of it down. >> now, again, right now, i'm seeing big cloud of white smoke heading up and south. since this is an industrial area, not a lot of homes here, what firefighters are saying is there is no need to put out an alert to residents around here. it's smoky but it doesn't smell bad. doesn't smell like chemicals or anything. back here live. what they tell me they're doing now is bringing in bowl doulldoo knock down some of the burned areas. but they'll be here for several hours. switching gears. everybody talking about you can't count these guys out. the a's coming up with a big win
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in front of the home crowd guaranteeing game four. >> we should start calling them the cardiac athletics. for this, we are live in oakland where fans, of course, they got to be riding high, feeling the magic after a big-time game three. how does it look out there? >> absolutely. i think he said it great when he said the cardiac athletics. at least last night it was a good heart attack. it was unbelievable. 36,000 fans. sellout crowd here at the oakland coliseum. they've got their money's worth for sure. coco crisp with a huge catch saving the oakland a's their opportunity to win the world series. people are talking about that steal. and then seth smith, he crushed the homer. to the deepest part of the park. the defense stepped up big. seventh inning. prince fielder at the plate. he's going to make a diving
5:36 am
catch. that's what it's all about in the playoffs. with the chance to tie the game in the ninth. hits a grounder to steven drew who takes care of it. all with a little bit of help. extremely happy. so the a's trail two games to one. and once again, we'll have game four tonight at the oakland coliseum. 6:37 is your first start. a.j. griffin will be your starting pitcher. all your highlights coming up tonight on nbc bay area. one other note you want to mention, it's about the pitcher. brett anderson was unbelievable last night. he hadn't pitched in 20 days. he pitched six shutout inning, allowing just two hits. i don't know about you but if i had 20 days off, i would be very rusty. >> yeah, i would have pulled a muscle. thrown out a rotator or something. >> i guess instead of rusty, he was rested, ready to go. thank you very much.
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>> oh, henry, thank you very much. >> the giants keeping playoff hopes alive as well. also tibing to torture those be fas. the extra inning, to avoid that ugly sweep. >> good to the last drop. took ten innings to finally win game three and force that game four. comcast sports net's scott reese. he is live in cincinnati. looking forward to another big day out there. what's happening? >> well, we got a few sprinkles happening. the weather here reflecting the mood of reds fans this morning after they were stunned last night. the giants with only three hits in ten innings. that force a game four today. let's show you how this happened it fans were expecting the sweep as well as the reds have played in games one and two. ryan vogelsong was vulnerable earlier on. this knock from jay bruce scores and gives the reds an early 1-0 lead. the giants tie it in the third inning without the benefit of a hit.
5:38 am
blanco was hit by a pitch and then comes around to score on a sacrifice fly. we've got a 1-1 game. it stayed that way all the way to the tenth inning. in the tenth, the ground ball, and scott roland, who has eight gold gloves to his credit, couldn't handle the grounder. scores the go-ahead run. sergio romo makes it stick. 1-2-3, six up, six down, all told, for romo. the giants get an improbable 2-1 victory. they did manage to pull out the "w." so game four today. barry zito on the hill. that is 1:07 back in california. broadcast time is 1:00. coverage on comcast sports net bay area begins at noon with october quest sports net central and then right back to comcast sports net for post game
5:39 am
activities. hopefully we'll be talking about a game five back here in cincinnati but still a lot work to be done. >> we're ready to watch. thank you, scott. >> time to check out the weather. 5:39. christina err christi christina loren. >> there's a 20% chance of showers. looks like the giants and cincinnati are going to be battling against strong wind. we'll talk about that coming up. i have both forecasts ready to go. want to talk about what's happening. step out of the way here for a second. look where the showers are coming down. not really on the valley shore so much. the foothills, mountains surrounding, getting wet. blowup of convection. so we are going to continue to see isolated thunderstorms as we head throughout the morning. best chance of that as i said before is going to be down south over the mountains. this area of low pressure is not moving quickly. we're on and off all day long. with these light spotty cells. however, you could get caught in
5:40 am
a very heavy downpour. also, could see pea-sized hail. we'll continue to see lightning. we'll update you how much we'll get today and when we'll get a break from the wet weather. sports for teams on both sides of the bay. we're be looking at the crossing of the bay here. karen la cash lane starting to show backup. we'll look at the approach in the maze. oakland still has construction reported for either side. no real major slowing there. nice easy drive over richmond as well. at the top of your screen is where christy follows that fire. that's near verder elementary. the smoke is rising up and out. we're tracking that issue as well. north bay has some construction getting over there on the richmond bridge. 101 northbound, no problems there past sir francis drake. palo alto picks up the volume but no slowing. back to you.
5:41 am
>> 5:40 right now. another bay area professor taking home a nobel prize. we'll tell you about it next. and waking up san francisco's newly reinstated sheriff. good morning. we're going to hear from the sheriff himself including what's on his to do list coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:43. the supreme court taking a look at affirmative action this morning. the question, whether it is constitutional to take grace into account when considering college admissions. "today in the bay's" tracie potts. >> reporter: abigail fisher's attorneys will argue if the university of texas had never asked if she's black or white, she's white, then she would have gotten in like her father, like her sister. the university says that's really only one thing they consider.
5:44 am
for the vast majority, students is based on whether or not they're in the top 8% of their class. those remaining spots, they use a number of different methods. they will tell the court today that they should and need to be able to use race to mix appropriately, make sure minorities are represented in their freshman class. it's not the first time the court has considered this back in 2003. the court said yes, race can be one factor that can be considered. the makeup of the court now is different. the person who has replaced justice sandra day o'connor who wrote that opinion is very much against this. so is swing justice kennedy. we're waiting to find out who the court may say this time around when the case is argued today. it's 5:44. a san francisco city leader getting aget ing getting a second chance. sheriff mirkarimi back on the job.
5:45 am
live in san francisco with a look. >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi has four supervisors to thank. they voted to reinstate the embattled sheriff. today is his first official day back on the job. that 7-4 vote came down just before 11:00 last night. the mayor needed just two more votes to have the sheriff permanently removed. lee suspended him in march after the sheriff entered a guilty plea for that domestic violence incident that left his wife's arm bruised. ileana lopez who has since stood by her husband all smiles but also cried after the vote came down. >> i think now the message is like to work in a healthy way to help the family to be together. to help my son have a better father, a better mother and have a better husband. i think tt is the best -- i think it's how we can eradicate
5:46 am
domestic violence of our society. >> reporter: mirkarimi says he has not collected a paycheck since march but accord to his attorneys he will receive back pay for the entire period he was suspended. >> i think the inspiration of so many friends, in particular, my wife. you know, we hung in there. >> reporter: mirkarimi tells us his first order of business today is to meet with the interim sheriff for a debriefing. he says he has plans to reach out to mayor ed lee to make amends. coming u, we will have reaction from the mayor. live in san francisco, marla taez, "today in the bay." stanford, the home of the newest nobel prize winner. >> early this morning, he received the nobel prize in chemistry. he teaches molecular and cellular physiology at stanford.
5:47 am
the royal swedish academy of sciences says he and fellow researcher robert leftcowiltz made groundbreaking discoveries on proteins that allows the body's cells to respond to signals from outside. >> it is our pleasure to be joined by brian kobilka. a big-time congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> can you put it in layman's terms, professor, what exactly do you do? so we can understand on a level so we can be even more impressed. >> okay. this is always a tough one. my research is on a large family of proteins that sit on the surface of cells, the membrane of cells. they recognize various hormones and neuro transmitters. i guess the simplest example is a beta receptor on a heart cell will respond to the hormone adrenaline by increasing the
5:48 am
strength of contraction or the rate of contraction. so it transmits these receptors. these receptors transmit this across cell membrane. >> what does that allow you to do? >> well, because these receptors regulate so many functions in the body, they're very important targets for a number of drugs. for a broad spectrum of diseases including different neuro psychiatric disorders, meta bolic disorder, even po tell chully, potentially they could be important in cancer therapies as well. they're a very large family of proteins. they're also important in preceding odors. we detect odors through receptors. you can see they're very important proteins. >> that all of us use every day.
5:49 am
i understand you've been working on this project since the early '80s. you got the phone call this moring you were the nobel prize winner. what was your reaction when that call rang? >> just, you know, being very, very happy and very grateful and it took a while to sink in. >> i would imagine. and now the media blitz as you've been doing interviews no doubt all morning long. all right. well, you should be greatly congratulated on the great honor that you have worked towards for quite some time. congratulations again. stanford professor winning the nobel prize in chemistry this morning. thank you for joining us. >> making stanford university very, very proud. >> once again. >> reminds us i'm an average guy trying to get by. all right. let's check in with meteorology christina loren. you've got an impress i foive
5:50 am
forecast for us. >> how awesome, just bringing more prestige to an already very prestigious area. let's talk about what's happening. it doesn't take a meteorologist to tell you it's raining. the radar vividly shows that. look at half-moon bay. look at all these thunderstorms headed your way. this area of low pressure is so hard to forecast. it's cut off from the jet stream. right now, it's moving back up to the north. so at one time, the past half hour, started pushing south now. it's moving back up to the north. you have a better chance of seeing showers now. most of the activity has been down south. you can see epbedded within the green you've got some yellow. those are active thunderstorm cells. we've had frequent lightning reported. you want to travel cautiously, give yourself some extra time this morning. as we head throughout most of the day. let me show you the picture here. we call it a cutoff low. it's cut off from the jet stream. coming up and around high pressure. this little guy has just been sitting and spinning.
5:51 am
finally getting that push to move inland. because it's cut off from the jet stream, has nothing to ride on like a conveyer belt. it's really hard to track where it's going to head. as we head throughout the next 48 hours, it will start to push south. it will clear out just a touch. we have so much instability in our atmosphere that these pop-up thunderstorms are going to continue as we head throughout this morning and into tonight. what does that mean for the a's game? we'll get to that in a minute. most of the activity has been confined to the south bay and the coastal mountains. for us, i think that system's going to bring about some shower activity between 7:00 and 8:00 out in oakland. you just want to keep that in mind. you cannot take an umbrella. so maybe bring a bag or something you can put on your hair to protect it if we do get any of these stray showers. by friday morning, we clear you out. a little bit shower activity on friday. saturday and sun, nice and warm. temperatures, the 80s return
5:52 am
monday to tuesday. let's check your drive. you know it's going to be busy this morning. >> around the coliseum as well because the game. maybe bring a cap to protect your head. we're looking over here at northbound 101. volume starting to build. your first burst you see. there's a slowing you see on the map. made worse because of an accident north of there. here's where the camera was. it's really going to start getting jammed up because of an accident still in lanes as you're approaching 880 on the northbound side. no slowing south 880 as you're coming down to the area as well. keep those two factors in mind. the rest of your south bay looking pretty good. we have seen a very tough north bay commute for monday, tuesday, wednesdays for the last few weeks. keep that in mind as well. toward the trivalley as well. altamoun pass, some slowing, but no big deal. freemont, the volume builds past the truck scales in tulsa. another live shot at the bridge
5:53 am
itself to the peninsula. 92 starts to build, the volume, but, again, no slowing here back to san mateo. a massive recall of millions cars overnight because they could catch on fire. details next. >> you know what else the nobel prize winner could get, a huge tax bill. we'll look at that coming up in business news. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
5:54 am
for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
5:55 am
a massive recall from toyota. the company recalling 7.43 million vehicles worldwide. 2.47 million of them are in north america. toyota says the power window switch can malfunction causing smoke and sometimes fire. now, here's a list of the affected cars. the yaris. rav 4. it unda, camry and camry hybrid.
5:56 am
the sion xd and xa models. as well as the sequoia, highlander and highlander hybrid. china angry this morning. responding to accusations its companies may be spying on the united states. on monday, the u.s. select committee on intelligence warning some chinese devices could be dangerous. scott mcgrew, a distinct possibility there's a trade war. >> there's a concern china will ban imports of american made devices most notably from cisco systems. saying flat-out companies should not buy equipment made by wawa and cte. canada this morning decided to ban waway equipment from its infrastructure. here's a sign of the times. we've been talking about the
5:57 am
nobel prize. we just talked to the standard professor. the prize foundation has cut the size of the cash prize from 10 million croner to 8 million croner. that's about $1 million. there's only one country in the world that taxes nobel prize money. i bet you you can guess who that is. it's america. it depends on your tax rate but it's going to be a lot. >> a pretty penny there. all right, thank you very much. more news ahead. >> absolutely, live report, stick around. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
5:58 am
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