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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> reporter: a possible break this morning in the case of michaela garecht kidnapped from hayward 24 years ago. now the wait is on for dna test results. we'll have reaction from her mother coming up. it's time for a face-off. final preparations under way for tonight's vice presidential debate. how the candidates are getting ready and what the voters are looking for. sent into right field. a base hit. smith is coming around. the oakland a's will live another day. >> and what an incredible finish from the team that just won't quit. the a's come from behind to force game five in their divisional series against the tigers and giants are staying alive too. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, everybody. there are new developments in the disappearance of michaela garecht to hetell you about. police giving us an update on the wrong running cold case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i spoke with police this morning and also michaela garecht's mother. she told us she had a feeling in recent weeks that something would break in her daughter's case but it may take weeks to get dna test results back on a bone fragment that she tells us she can't stop thinking about all of the possibilities. >> i have said that after november 19th, 1988, it's probably impossible to have a really happy ending. >> reporter: that was the day michaela garecht was kidnapped in hayward and her mother
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reacting to news that a bone fragment is being tested to see if it's her. >> if this is michaela's it breaks my heart she's laying in that place for all this time and i just want to find her and bring her home. whether she's alive or whether she's not. >> reporter: hayward police say it's that of a child between 5 and 14 years old. michaela was 9. >> we've been in contact with the head of the fbi regarding this bone and the other bones that we have in our custody. we're going to work in partnership with the fbi to determine the next steps of the investigation. >> reporter: he says the fragment came from a well believed to hold victims of the so-called speed freak killers. the discovery came after the family of victim joanne hopson got her bones tested. remains of two others were mixed in. the excavation was careless.
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>> instead of having one bone to identify, they have dozens of fragments of bones to identify. and that seems to me that it's a huge job. >> reporter: she says she's been let down by leads before but this feels different. she had a talk with her other daughter about what they would do if it's michaela and she told her mom this. >> i think that if michaela had been alone in that place for all this time that we should bring her home and keep her at home with the family. >> reporter: now the sheriff steve moore said he was initially taken aback by word of mix-up with the remains. he said the sheriff's department relied on the california department of justice and an anthropologist to take care of this. his arheart goes out to the famy and is open to talking with them about concerns they may have. >> also in the east bay, hercules police are bound for
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washington state this morning to interview a married couple caught driving a car belonging to a murdered east bay teacher. the car was owned by 55-year-old suzie ko who was found stabbed to death last week at her hercules home. police in washington arrested the couple yesterday after a pursuit. investigators are trying to figure out how the couple got ko's car and if the pair is responsible for her death. ko's neighbors are relieved. >> i'm glad they caught them. they finally caught somebody. that's just awesome. >> here's a look at the couple. darnell and tania washington on the run since late august. darnell recently escaped from a southern california prison and that his wife helped him escape. a search is under way this morning for a getaway car after a man was shot overnight in morganhill. this happened near the intersection of peebles avenue and monterey.
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a 45-year-old man was shot and a 25-year-old man was attacked with a hammer. both men fortunately suffered minor injuries and they are expected to survive. the suspect has been identified as 33-year-old mario caldaron. he now has a shaved head compared to that picture. officers believe he's driving a '90s model white acura with california license played number of gvdl974. police believe that he may be heading to mexico. holding pg&e accountable in public. victims of the pipeline explosion are still fighting for full disclosure this morning. assemblyman jerry hill and residents will appear before the california public utilities commission today. they are demanding public hearings to determine pg&e fines for the deadly blast and how much rate payers will be charged to fix the pipeline system. right now pg&e is holding closed door meetings to negotiate
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settlements. it's sentencing day for a former school attendant accused of embezzling more than $100,000 to remodel his home. he's pleading no contest to embezzling charges resolving around money taken from the portola valley school district. in exchange the judge will not sentence him to more than four years in state prison. following the $100,000 scheme, that school district still trying to recover financially but on a broadigger note, a foundation is making a donation to cover this year's budget. giants are under way in game five in the series against the reds in cincinnati. giants fans are on the edge of their seats at home. this is video taken just moments ago at pete's tavern in san francisco. that's right outside the ballpark. right now there's no score in the game. i believe we're in the fourth.
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matt kaine is on the mound trying to keep the season alive. >> let's go, g-men. in oakland, high stakes and high drama as a's also advance to game five after last night's ninth inning stunner. euphoria, good vibrations, keeping the dream alive. henry has been at the coliseum all morning long working hard for us out there and has a look at the win last night and what it will take to advance to that next round. i think you're ready to get in the ball game. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, jon, marla, this is going to be an unbelievable game. any time you mix drama with a little bit of sports, you can expect the very exciting game and that's what the teams are hoping for today for their fans. the guys from motown taking on the guys from oak town.
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if the game is similar to yesterday, we expect a very huge game. seth smith doubled to deep right center in bottom of the ninth. josh redick and josh donaldson score to tie the game at three and co-cco crisp knocked it in. fans yelling game five and that's what they'll get tonight. >> we've heard we're not smart enough to know we're supposed to lose a game. we never have given up all of the way to the last out. that showed tonight. just got to keep doing what we've been doing all year. >> there's no quit. it's the way it should be. >> reporter: i tell you what, it will be a huge game at oakland coliseum and it will rock for
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game five between the a's and tigers. parker, the rookie, will start for the oakland a's. the green and gold will try to beat justin verlander, arguably the best pitcher in the game and reigning american league most valuable player and cy young winner. complete highlights tonight on nbc bay area and pre and post game show on comcast sports california. i know you guys work in the morning, you better set that alarm clock and watch every inning of this game and in fact, i want to see both of you do the bernie if that's okay. >> i have a bad back. marla will do the bernie. you were so spot on this morning. can you do more rocky theme for us to get these a's pumped up. >> reporter: how can you not think about rocky every time they hit the canvas they get up swinging. >> i don't think you know that "rocky" is my favorite movie.
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>> adrian! adrian! >> henry is worth the price of admission. a's have to be inspired after that, young man. thank you very much. good stuff. take them to the championship. >> bay area baseball is front page news on our website, click on the sports tab on our homepage and more in-depth coverage all day long. that's where you can find all the information. >> open it up. giving love on the "rocky" movie and now love on the weather front. >> i think we'll say rain delays. i'm looking at rain delays tonight. i have been studying this forecast. very, very closely. everybody wants to know it's a very important game. let's start with what we're dealing with right here right now. temperatures are crisp. we have a full deck of clouds overhead. as we head throughout this afternoon, that will be the case. i don't think we'll break out of the 50s. in san francisco today. let's talk about that rain when it comes to the oakland coliseum it here's our thunderstorm maker. area of low pressure just shooting up bands of rain into
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the bay area. they're coming from the south creeping up from the north and look at what happens at 2:00 p.m. same deal as yesterday. waves of moisture with embedded thunderstorms within. stop that clock for you just before game time. it's going to start to get active. the game starts at 6:40. stop the clock at 7:00 p.m. look at that. you have a cell situated right over oakland. we continue that future cast. we stop it again for you at 9:00 p.m. look at that. it continues to rain. if we see a strong thunderstorm roll over oakland coliseum, heavy downpours, i don't want to call it a rainout but it's actually possible. we'll talk more about that coming up and what this means for the rest of the bay area as well. >> i'm not sure if a's fans in their hearts can take the delay. >> add to the drama. we love it. thank you very much. still ahead, no holds barred. we're just a few hours away from the vice presidential debate as the nominees for second in command take the spotlight. we'll let you know what they might be saying tonight. also, we've told you about
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discrimination against a local boy scout who happens to be gay. now see what he has to say to ellen before he goes on this afternoon's show. more loans to tesla. we'll look in business news.
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straight to decision 2012, joe biden and paul ryan face off tonight in kentucky and the only vice presidential debates. after last week's strong showing by mitt romney in the presidential debate, ryan is looking to continue that momentum. ron mott reports. >> reporter: after one final cram debate session in florida, paul ryan emerged wednesday sporting a sweet tooth. and an appetite for a fight with the vice president. he even flexed his muscles for "time" magazine. a photo shoot from last year headed back to newsstands. >> he's one of the most extreme
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debaters we have in politics but the achilles' heel he has is president obama's record. >> he walked into a rock star welcome in kentucky in kentucky. his opponent, vice president, joe biden, is scheduled to arrive later today having prepped by battle by consuming all things ryan. his speeches, his budget, his book. >> i just want to make sure that when i say these things that i don't have the congressman say, no, i don't have that position or that's not the governor's position. >> reporter: many expect tonight's debate to feature the fireworks largely absent last week in denver. ryan says he's ready for mr. biden to come at him "like a cannon ball" in an effort to even the score. >> governor romney had a good night. >> reporter: the president's debate performance was panned and said he was too polite with mitt romney. he criticized the former massachusetts govern's in round
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one in an interview with nbc news. >> he tried to hide what his positions are because ideas will be rejected and won't worked and if he makes a honest presentation about what he proposes, he'll lose. >> reporter: considering the big winner in that first debate, mr. romney is playing to larger crowds ever since campaigning wednesday in the critical battleground state of ohio trailing in the polls but narrowing the gap. >> the key thing i want people across ohio to understand and to ask themselves as you go into the voting booth, as you vote, can we really afford the cost of barack obama. the answer is no. >> reporter: ron mott, nbc news. from a campaign debate to one in court in that long running battle between samsung apple. a victory for samsung. sco scott, tell us about it. >> reporter: a federal court
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prohibited samsung from selling galaxy nexus cell phone after a jury decided that phone violated patents. an appeals court says it should not have been done before a full hearing and will let samsung sell the phone at least for now. the california energy commission will send 10 million dollars to tesla to help the car company build the model x assembly line. this is state money gathered from your vehicle registration and smog checks. nearly 2 million was sent to zero motorcycles out in santa cruz. tesla won't build the model x for at least a year and a half. right now it's model s that you saw in that video moving ahead more slowly than expected. >> okay. thanks so much. wacky weather caught people by surprise in gilroy. take a look at this. a thunderstorm moved through the city yesterday afternoon dumping buckets of hail on this
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neighborhood. in a matter of minutes it looked like snow had fallen on the lawns and rooftops. >> it sounded like boulders hitting. a bunch of rocks hitting the ground. >> tiny and they got increasingly larger. >> and just think, last week gilroy was setting with record breaking temps. 107 degrees or something like that. >> bananas out there. the real fear right now, christina loren, you are talking rain possibly tonight. >> i think we'll see a delay. i won't think it will be a rainout by any means but the wind is going to come into play. we'll get right to that forecast. lots of people very interested on the weather in oakland. 56 degrees in sonoma. 57 in novato. it's cool out there in san jose we're still at 56 degrees. as we head throughout the day, look at what's headed our way. you can see an approaching band of moisture that will push in through the next couple hours. we stop that clock for you at 2:00 p.m., we're not just
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talking light to moderate showers but embedded thunderstorms mostly on the western facing slopes surrounding san jose but we could see another round of severe weather like we did yesterday. you want to make sure you stay tuned to nbc bay area and we'll have the latest for you throughout the day. i stop the clock between the course of 7:00 and 10:00 is when we expect showers over the oakland coliseum. you cannot bring an umbrella out there if you do have tickets to that game. keep that in mind. you want to bring your rain gear. when we meet back here tomorrow morning, still dealing with showers on radar. finally getting a break as we head through the second half of your friday. highs today are not going to be all that warm. feeling like fall around here. 70 degrees in livermore and gilroy at 69 degrees. winds will come into play. they could carry that ball straight out to center field. that's what we expect with gusts up to 20 to 25 miles per hour from time to time. as i said before, the best chance of a shower will be between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. and temperatures will be cool out tlp as well.
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next three days work out like this. 69 inland today. 67 bayside. 63 at the coast. we'll jump up. another warmup on the way. we just can't stay consistent when it comes to our bay area weather. a little bit of something for everybody. like i said before, we'll keep close tabs on your oakland forecast for tonight. back to you two. >> we're keeping close tabs on the giants. top of the fifth, still 0-0. blanco is up. >> let's go g-men. the cd celebrating a birthday. congratulations. the question is can you guess how long the cd has been around? the bay area teen at the center of an eagles scout controversy shares his story on national tv. his appearance on "the ellen degeneres show" coming up.
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welcome back. a former east bay math teacher set to appear in court today. marie johnson face charges of sexual assault. she'll be attending a preliminary hearing. investigators say the 41 year old carried on a relationship with a former student while teaching at livermore's grenada high school. she has pleaded not guilty to these charges. san jose police on the hunt this morning for a serial arsonist who targets trash bins. investigators say the suspect struck again just after 8:00 last night. this is the second time this week. a bin was set on fire in a neighborhood not too far away from santa clara valley medical center. police say good samaritans put this one out before firefighters finally arrived. more good news, nobody was hurt. in total, there have been nine trash bin fires in that area since last september. a number of bay area cities could soon see their credit
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ratings downgraded. this week moody's announced that several cities in california could have their scores loaded. other affected cities include danville, oakland, petaluma, san leandro, santa clara, santa rosa, and sunnyvale. it's looking at california cities after stockton, san bernardino and mammoth lakes declared bankruptcy just months ago. a bay area teenager at the center of a controversial boy scout decision will be having the pleasure of joining ellen degeneres on her show today. his name is ryan andresen in boy scouts for the past 12 years until he was denied his eagle scout award simply because he's gay. ironically, his final scout project focused on tolerance. >> i have gone through a lot of bullying in my life so i went to my middle school and created a wall of tiles and show that we
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love everyone. >> in a middle school? >> we'll look forward to seeing him on the show. for more on ryan's story and how his fellow boy scouts are showing their support, check out "ellen" today. when we come back, how fast time flies. we'll show you how listening to music changed 30 years ago today. >> getting old fast. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom!
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welcome back. the way we listened to music changed forever three decades ago. >> today it's happy 30th birthday to the cd. sony introducing the compact disk 30 years ago this month. the sound much cleaner than vinyl although i prefer the old vinyl. cds seem old school because most people download music to iphones and ipods. >> that's the truth. here's more truth for you. giants are up now 2-0 top of the fifth. go g-men and go oakland a's. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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