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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PST

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plaza. hard to believe it, but it's try day friday because it's the last day of november already. >> is it, are you sure? >> yeah. you do it on your knuckles. >> january, february, march, april, may, june, july -- >> when it's lower, it's 30 or 29. ? or 28. >> if it's high enough, it's 31. good to know. >> here's some information that will not, in any way, bless or enlighten you or in any way change your life. >> you're killing our lead story. >> but we want to tell you about it. >> remember we told you about planking? >> yes, this is a pointless craze. >> it's a craze. you're in the plank position laying down and you take pictures. >> this is a little boy, he's adorable. >> they've done this all over. this plank position has been done everywhere. then came owling, which is another fun one, where you perch
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like an owl. then came breading, which is the one with the cat with bread on it. anyway, there's a new video out now all about milking. it's a trend. >> milking. >> so you walk out in a public area with a gallon of milk and dump it over your head and get it on videotape. then you do it again. >> then you do it again. with the price of milk these days -- >> they say they are doing it as a protest to the government in england they feel is milking them. >> oh! it has a political meaning. >> it should certainly take off here in america. >> watch. and go. okay, with his suit on. that is so nasty. you know how bad you smell after that? >> probably the type of person to do that to begin with doesn't care how they smell. >> i don't know i'm just saying. excellent point, i thought it through. i thought it was funny nameless didn't want her little boy to do that, because she didn't want to clean it up. >> she's done it in the tub. first lady michelle obama is
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showing off the christmas decorations at the white house to a bunch of war veterans and families and things, and it's always cool. they are showing off a 300-pound gingerbread replica of the white house, there's bo the dog. look at that. gingerbread likeness of the white house. >> so beautiful. >> amazing what they do. >> main attraction, of course, is the white house christmas tree. that thing is 18 1/2 feet high and is decorated by the children of military families. >> that's so nice. i would not want to be the first family during the christmas season. they have receptions every night and all they do is smile and shake hands and take pictures. >> everyone wants to get there to see them. >> it is beautiful if you get a chance to go, drop-dead gorgeous. with all the christmas parties and things coming up, which party character are you? pretend you're at an office party. this might be a good way to figure it out. are you the person, the peak too
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sooner? you're the one that helps round the troops up, promise so much fun, then half hour into the party, you're trashed. you're that one totally falling down. >> are you the flirt? the one everyone's suspicious of all year long, then comes the truth, because all the unwelcomed advances and things like that. >> i think your true character comes out when you're buzzed. i really do. are you the blabber mouth, the one that's, oh, my god, you can't believe what so and so said and get worse with the liquor. >> with the gossip and stuff. this is the one i love the most, the dark horse. you're the quiet one until the party hits. >> that's christine. >> then you're so insane, crazy on the dance floor, everyone goes, who is that person? >> gets liquored up and you can't believe it's the same human being. >> then there's just the dancer. they're the ones always a decade behind everything. they are on the dance floor. >> don't even try. just do your -- this thing and
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that and your twist and be you. you look ridiculous trying to do all those modern moves, right? >> then there's the gate crasher. you've seen the person at your party like who is that? who invited them? >> they heard party and showed up. they are usually a friend of a staff member. >> this last one is mrs. hoda. >> me too, i'm nicer than hoda. the houdini, makes an appearance and is off to home or somewhere else for an early night. while the rest of the workplace is still in full party mode. >> you go to the party, see every single person, hey, hey, go around, meet, dance, have a drink. in the middle of everything for 20 minutes. everyone has seen you. >> hoda does that. drive by. i'm coming right back, jimmy, then boom. you're out the door and gone. >> you basically lie. >> yes, i do, because you have to get out. if you have to say good-bye, why, nobody notices, you've had fun, they saw you. >> i thought this was charming until you did it at my house this last summer.
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>> the crab thing, yeah, i did. >> hoda was sitting out there having a wonderful time, gets up, i have to go to the bathroom, hoda went home. bye-bye. >> it's over sometimes it's just over. the parties that go on, yours did. >> how do you know? >> i don't know, i'm sure. >> a lot of people dread all this stuff. i don't know if it's a matter of getting so much older now. and having been to -- i say to myself now, if i never went to one more cocktail party as long as i lived, i wouldn't miss it. "consumer reports" came up with things people dread the most this time of year. the least to the end. >> 12% dread holiday tipping. >> i'm surprised that's not more. >> not sure if it's the tipping or not knowing what you should give part. >> like our new york apartment. i'm there so rarely, it's a little teeny, you live there full time.
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i think you should -- >> i have to. here's the thing which i didn't know in new york. you live in a doorman building. there are a lot of guys that work there all the time, the maintenance guys. they hand you a list of 15 people and say here's the list. i didn't know when i first moved here i was like, wow, thank you for the list. what is this for? that's so you know who to give to the people on the list. let's pretend you give $50 or whatever to each person, sometimes there are 15 or 20 people on the list. >> you can barely afford your rent. >> it's weird, but they do stuff for you all year long. >> they do? i'm never there. >> they do for me, not for you. >> 15% dread having to be nice to other people. >> who is that? >> they are the same people who hate attending holiday parties or events to begin with. >> a few more people than that, this is what i don't get, dread disappointing gifts. >> how do you dread something like that? it's a gift. >> 25% dread listening to the
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same ten christmas songs that start on the radio in the middle of november, makes the music feel not so special. yeah, they don't seem to ease into it. all of a sudden, boom. >> nonstop. >> slightly more of us hate gift shopping. you want to find the right gift for a friend or for somebody. the thing we hate the most of all these things are crowds and long lines. what do you think about that? >> yeah. i don't know, i think it's fun when people stampede over each other trying to get a tv or something. we have some stress relievers. >> yes, we need it. >> these are a way to recover and relax. it's a kit. basically, having a massage therapist wherever you go. >> what's inside yours? >> i have a ball inside mine. >> what's yours? >> oh! yours is a wine holder. >> it's a little joke. >> these you're supposed to roll it on your leg like that to work your leg out or on your behind.
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oh, lord, we have to get up? i have spanx on, there's always a whole issue. with the microphone. anyway, hello! oh, that does feel good. >> hi, hoda. >> my back just cracked. >> i don't know, i think you're supposed to take the wine out of there. it's a little -- is it supposed to improve circulation, stretch your muscles. the woman who designed it was in a car accident and was in pain, she created this and a portion of all the proceeds go to child help, which is an amazing organization. battling child abuse and neglect all over the world. it's $39.99 at >> it's really great. >> this is a stress ball that comes with it. how do you get off? >> hoda, careful. >> if you know what it's time for -- >> bobbie's buzz! >> no, kathie lee's friday
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funny. back off, barbie. >> what have you got, girl? from a facebook fan. good luck with this one. a funeral service, what's funnier than that? is being held for a woman that's just passed away. at the end of the service, they are carrying out the casket when they accidently bump into a wall, jarring the casket. immediately, they hear a faint moan and open up the casket and find the woman is actually alive. she lived for ten more years, then dies, you know, because that happens. once again, a ceremony is held. at the end of it, the pall bearers are carrying out the casket again. as they head toward the door with the casket the husband yells out "watch that wall! ." >> good one. now time for bobbie's buzz! >> that's a good one. >> thank you.
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>> zara. >> i do love this time of year. i like finding gifts for my girlfriends. i want to help everybody. fantastic time to get in on these beauty bags that are limited edition. this is a clutch that comes with brushes inside from sephora. >> that's a cool idea. you not only get the makeup, but you get the clutch. i love it. estee lauder has a great bag. ysl. you can get designer bags. another cute item, candles have a twist, diamond candles. inside when you melt down you'll find a ring valued between $10 and $5,000. >> wow! if you look inside and it says 14 karat, you know to take that to an appraiser. >> that's a clever, clever idea. >> when i popped into one of their stores, they had so many great girlfriend items. this coffee cozy with the
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leather that can come out. this you can use on your regular starbucks cup or this. wine bottle stoppers and hoda is helping me with a pair of headphones. >> look at these. look at your iphone cover. >> i don't have an iphone. i have an iphone cover. >> all of this is at >> thank you, doll baby. ralph macchio shows off acting in his new movie "hitchcock." >> what's he doing? >> i don't know but he, unlike ray liotta, loves to do teases. ♪ you can help othersink along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪
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ralph macchio is 51 years old, looks 15, but has the boyish good looks. he's starring in the new movie "hitchcock." >> he wants the screenwriter who wants to pen alfred hitchcock's movie "psycho." he confesses he was late for the interview because he was at his shrink, whom he sees every day. take a look. >> do you see a shrink, mr. hitchcock? >> i have to confess, it boggles my brain just trying to imagine what on earth you and your shrink could talk about every day. >> the usual, sex, rage, my mother. >> wow. cool, cool, cool. >> that's what i talk about too. >> dish it right out there.
2:21 am
>> how terrific was it acting opposite such a legend? >> it was spectacular. >> that was anthony hopkins. >> that was anthony hopkins. under all that. he was the most generous, genuine man i've ever worked with. >> in what way, what do you mean? >> he was so giving. the first week of shooting, he knew almost everybody's name on the set. respectfully, you know, generous with his time when it was time to do his coverage. we went a long 16-hour day, and often is the case, they send him home to get ready for tomorrow, and they asked him for that and he refused to leave the scene. he said, no, i want to -- exactly, he chose. >> that makes a huge difference in your performance. >> it also made me feel -- it was wonderful. >> so respectful. >> hard to believe the man in
2:22 am
"silence of the lambs" nicest guy in the world. >> tell us about your character. >> joe stefano, i think, was a favor from hitchcock's agent to this other agent, this young writer, who was sort of up and coming but hadn't had any of the credibility of the seasoned writers that were available to hitchcock, but it was just the fact that this, you know, cocky kind of neurotic guy came in the office and was late because he was too busy at his shrink talking about his own issues. the concept of the mommy issue, so importa in the movie "psycho." he takes a shot on this guy and they work hand-in-hand an awful lot together throughout the process. >> is that the only film they did together? >> i think so. i won't bet the house on that one. >> probably should have known that before you came on. >> my part, my part. i don't even know. i need to know i'm in the movie, need to know their names. now all of a sudden, deep
2:23 am
question marks. >> we have some burning questions. >> the interesting thing about "psycho," you don't actually see a lot of blood and guts back then. it was all in your brain. >> that was hitchcock's genius. when you listen to the spielberg and scorseses of the world, the master of suspense, letting your mind's eye paint the picture for you. we're so desensitized to all the violence and blood and gore. you look at a scene like this. it's cuts, you're just imagining what's going on. one of the most frightening scenes in film history, in its time, and still is. >> the blood going down the -- >> yeah, that's when you get it. >> you put it together by then. >> what else is cooking with you? >> just had a couple things.
2:24 am
just finished up, "unhappily divorced" i'm just unhappily separated right now. >> there was an internet thing ralph macchio had died in a snowboarding accident. we didn't expect you here today, i have to be honest. >> if i was on a snowboard, it might have ended that way. >> did you even hear about it? >> i heard about it, are you okay, doll? yeah, fine, going to the "today" show, awesome. >> crazy life of ralph macchio. >> thank you, sweetie. >> thanks very much. >> love it when you come visit. >> "hitchcock" is now playing in theaters nationwide. sara is rounding up fans to ask burning questions they can't wait for us to answer. >> i like the dance moves. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered.
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i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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it is time for 321 live with sara haines. she's hangening with the crowd right across the street at the nbc experience store. >> okay, sara, we hope you pulled together unbelievably difficult questions for us. >> first up, we have nancy from florida. >> how are you?
2:29 am
my question is for both kathie and hoda. what are some of your favorite holiday memories growing up? >> i just remember as kids we couldn't sleep the night before, my brother and sister and i. we were so eager waiting, our parents made us be very patient. i think it was just that anticipation the night before. i loved it, loved it. >> i've had a lot of great christmases. this will be my 60th. i remember once when cass and cody were young, i was doing a special for cbs at that time and billy graham was a guest. on our special. he'd never done a secular television show before. he was in our living room and i couldn't believe it. i said, billy, is there anything i can get you, anything you love, he said, really, anything? i said, yes, he said, can i have a big mac? i'll always remember having him sit at our fireplace reading the
2:30 am
christmas story from the book of luke and enjoying big macs with billy graham. >> love it. >> thank you, sara. thanks, guys. here's a question we have for you, why do kids lie? >> why do adults, hoda? tell us. >> we'll tell you how to address the problem without making it worse. >> why do they, hoda? >> we'll be back. 2@
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back on this try day friday with more of "today." they may be your little darlings most of the time but why do kids lie? it's the same reasons hoda does. >> why do you keep saying that? i say things to be nice to people. you look good in that dress, that's not lying. >> how do we address lying with our kids? >> we're going to talk about that. "today" mom's contributor and author of "if i have to tell you one more time" and jennifer is a child and adolescent psychologist. >> hi. good to have you back again.
2:33 am
>> do kids lie for the same reasons that adults do? you do, too. don't act like you've never lied. >> try not to on a daily basis. >> kids lie for the same reason adults do, avoid a punishment, unpleasant outcome, so people aren't disappointed or get attention. i can lift a car! >> what if it's like, hey, did you eat that brownie, no, i didn't, but they did. >> they probably know they shouldn't have eaten a brownie. they are going to avoid letting mom down, especially little kids, oh, well if you think i didn't do it, my magical thinking will kick in. you will believe i didn't do it and that's the problem. >> this is learned behavior, obviously. how soon should a parent start telling children how important truth is? >> stop looking at me! this is ridiculous. >> needing an intervention. >> lying intervention. >> when do they understand the concept?
2:34 am
i guess is what i'm saying. >> by the age of 4, 90% of kids lie. they are starting to understand it around that point, but it's not a huge deal at that point. it's a positive sign of them growing intellect and healthy imagination, but that's the time you need to start training. >> sometimes they are afraid of what the punishment is going to be, i crashed my bike, oh, my gosh, mom and dad are going to be mad at me. >> we need to talk about what it means to be honest. if they learn every time they are honest there's an automatic punishment, they are going to be better and more skilled liars, we're going to figure out how to hide it better. you want to make sure starting at 4, what are the consequences, the limitations, what are the expectations, and if i break them, what's the punishment? we want to make that clear. >> let's do a scenario. say you did eat the brownie and the kid's covered in crumbs, how do you deal with that, what do you say to them? >> if you catch them. >> don't ask the question, did you eat the brownie, that invites a lie.
2:35 am
no i didn't but of course the crumbs were all over them. but you can ask a different question of, oh, you were -- how was the brownie? looks like you had your dessert before dinner. >> if you've been told not to eat the brownie ahead of time. >> i noticed you ate the brownie, we had a discussion before about not eating the brownie, we need to talk about why you chose to eat the brownie. >> what if your child is telling lies a lot, i did my homework, i didn't. what's the best way to put the brakes on? how do you turn that beat around? >> think of lying as a flashing red light. it's telling you something. what it's telling you is that they don't feel safe coming to you with the truth. you have to deal with that first. you can get into the -- >> we're the problem! >> there's an element of wanting to save face. i want my parents to think that i'm the good child they think i am and don't want them to know i'm not doing as well in school as they think. or i can't understand the material. i'm going to cover my butt, essentially, to protect myself and protect you guys from
2:36 am
thinking i'm a disappointment. >> teenagers do that. was there any alcohol at the party, no, i didn't have any. didn't have any? nope, none. i think kids do that a lot with their parents. they are fine, they are home, don't want to start a big discussion about it. >> they don't want to be judged. we are judging each other, what's your moral value, what's my moral value. they don't like that anymore. they want to figure out how to be adults and independent. they don't want to follow the rules the say way as they were younger. >> just the way we respond, accept we're going to make mistakes and mess up, but if we immediately yell and punish, when they mess up, that doesn't help them. if we focus on solutions that help them make better choices in the future they'll be more likely -- >> the truth is, parents lie to their children too. >> punishment doesn't teach anything new. we have to remember that. >> okay. that was a great segment. >> thank you, ladies. >> it was awesome to be here. >> it was my favorite segment ever. all right whether you've
2:37 am
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and now on today's holiday gift guide, what to get the men in your life. maxim editors have done the work for us. >> here's a roundup of some of the best products for men. maxim's editor in chief. joe levy works for you? >> that's right. >> he said it wasn't that way, he said you work for him. just kidding. >> we switch. >> talk to us. >> we've put together a collection of some of the weirdest things out there you can get your guy, or guys, get it yourself. >> where do we start? >> we're going to start off very classy. well, what that says on it, poo-pourie. like i said, very classy. this is a gift for the whole family actually.
2:42 am
>> i can imagine. give the bowl a couple of squirts before business occurs and no one knows what happened. >> what's it smell like? >> it's functional. >> i thought it smelled like it. >> discreet thing called poo on the go. >> chicken wings! >> these are delicious, actually, don't eat them. they are actually soap. check it out. i had four on the way over, they are actually disgusting. i'm going to be burping bubbles all day long. this is aloe. >> that's cute. >> it's very cute. guys love wings. >> clever. >> there you go. >> this might be my favorite. >> you guys like the spice? >> depends what you're talking about. >> wasabi gumballs. >> it's going to be nasty. i'm going to try it. should i? >> yeah. >> don't worry. we have some booze, too, to wash it down.
2:43 am
>> what's next? >> nasty. >> you can spit it out. >> this is a grill. this is the fry cat mini grill. >> look how cute that is! >> it's a little r 2d 2 that gives you cholesterol. this is the ultimate thing. if you've got a steak lover in your life, favorite steak lover will love this. your favorite vegan will not love this so much. this is a triple pack. it's filet mignon strips, sirloin. it's delicious. >> can you use this indoors? >> absolutely not. >> this isn't electric, is it? >> put it out on a porch or something. >> that's a bad idea. >> okay! >> here we go. time to do some drinking. do you guys drink? >> occasionally. >> every now and then. this is great, what are guys? lazy, hate doing dishes. this is a combination beer glass and shot glass in the bottom. you want to join me?
2:44 am
>> hoda's a shot girl. >> we'll take a little sippy. >> i'll take a sippy of the beer. >> cheers. >> this is hysterical. love your sweater. now there's two of them. >> i have multiplied. this is denim -- sorry, the shot went straight to my head. this is denim and supply ralph lauren. >> this is a camoflauge sweater. it's lovely, great under 8 million degree tv lights. >> boy, are you sweating. >> $185. wow, okay. guys are easily distracted. we need toys all the time. guys are shaving their head more than ever. not everyone has a full head of hair like i do. the guys at head blade put this together. it's like a match box car with a razor on it.
2:45 am
i'm going to drive it over my glass friend's head here. if you have a daredevil in your life who maybe wants to kill himself, try these out, these are rocket skates. >> skates? >> you strap these on, press this button, straight into a wall. it's fantastic. they are about $700, but they are so fun. i drove them over to the studio. >> oh, my gosh. >> what touchdown do you have do you have at the end here? >> so, what holiday season would not be great without -- >> complete? >> thank you, without a battle. get together with the family, this is the ultimate nerf hell fire. shoots about 36 bullets, squeeze like that, and boom. you want to attract the crew a bit? >> look at mine. all right, kids. mine is broken. >> i'm not loaded, stop! >> i'm defenseless! >> coming up, guys, big cheers with small price.
2:46 am
foods that are perfect for parties right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egg erwith the weather channel and your forecast for the next seven days starting with saturday. majority of the country is going to be dry and mild, especially east of the rockies looking fantastic. if you have any shopping plans or tailgating, college football games, the western lakes will see a few scattered showers and up across the northeast mainly into new england we've got some high elevation snow in the forecast. and this is where all the action is. central and northern california looking at some of the heaviest rain saturday night. still rainy into seattle. high elevation snow, a lot of wind. and that cold front will eventually make its way east across the country getting into early next week. but ahead of it look at these numbers! 80 degrees in dallas. we're likely going to set records across the southern plains and upper midwest. then on sunday still mild ahead of this cold front. once you get behind it your temperatures are going to start
2:47 am
cooling. chicago if you're heading to magnificent mile, there may be a few showers for you on sunday. across the ohio valley the southeast still warming up into sunday where it's 68 degrees in atlanta, 51 in new york city. but dry for the second half of the weekend. monday here comes that cold front. rainshowers scattered across the upper midwest. that will make its move to the east and eventually change up this beautiful weather across the southeast. new orleans at 73 on tuesday, 70 in atlanta, 60 in louisville. chance of showers, a rumble of thunder. we haven't had a break in the northwest. back-to-back to back storms. the next one will be moving through by the middle of next week. we're not going to dry out until late next week. by thursday we start to see clearing in the northwest. and we'll dry out here. but temperatures will change thursday down to 60 in atlanta. remember you can get the latest forecast week day mornings. wake up with al and stephanie at 5:30 a.m. on the weather channel. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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now on today's holiday kitchen, small bites that are perfect for parties. the christmas tree is lit and that might happen to us if we down these snowball drinks. >> peter callahan is the big cheese of small bites. it's all straight from his book called "bite by bite: 100 stylish plates you can make for a party." >> these are adorable. so inventive, but it's delicious too. they are all great. >> tell us what's going on inside these snowballs. >> that's a white chocolate martini and that's a pear martini. >> what's in this one? >> that's ginger pear. >> i didn't try this one. >> that's white chocolate martini. >> how did you make that? >> take shaved ice or if there's snow outside, form it into a snow ball, shot glass inside,
2:51 am
it's a cinch. okay, over here we have a mango shrimp lollipop. shrimp, mango, then go down to your lumber shop, ask them to cut these boards, drill a little hole and you have a great tray to make lollipops. >> so adorable. >> cheers. >> so much more than regular cocktail shrimp. >> that's delicious and easy to make. >> we even have a little box here that you can -- because you're always wondering what do i do with a skewer, pops right in there. >> this is going to be kathie's favorite. >> chicken parmesan lollipops here. >> that's my favorite thing in the world, chicken parmesan. >> you can even buy chicken parmesan from your local super market. >> take a cookie cutter, pop a circle out, put it on the skewer, it's all in the presentation, it's a great look. >> what did you put on the
2:52 am
outside? >> cheese, you can't have it. i'll eat it for you. >> delicious? those are so cute. >> darling. >> do you remember when you did my book party? >> i do remember that. >> it was a beautiful job with all little french fries and cokes and grilled cheese sandwiches. >> so fun. >> great fun. >> so here we've got lamb lollipops. everyone loves a little round of lamb. rather than being left with a bone, we've put it on a wooden skewer. >> what's on top? >> mint pesto you can dollop on. >> you want to try the lamb? >> oh, my god. >> good? >> perfect size, i love it. bring us down here. >> last, we've got cotton candy lollipops. we wrapped a little roping around the skewer, and it's just regular white cotton candy.
2:53 am
you can rent a machine or get a home one. >> so cute. >> how do you come up with these ideas? i thought at the book party i'd seen everything. every time you come you have new additional things. where does it come from? >> pops in my head. >> when he's in the shower, tell the truth. >> it is in the shower, what is it about that? >> i don't know. >> this is terrific. thank you for coming. >> book "bite by bite." >> yes, it is. >> great to see you. >> you can find all these recipes on our website. >> we'll be back with more after this. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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the holiday spirit is alive and well here at "today." our 19th annual toy drive is under way. >> one of our generous contributors to our toy drive this year is the toy industry foundation itself. jean butler is here. so nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> brought along an aardvark. >> certainly did. we're donating more than 10,000 toys to the "today" show toy drive.
2:58 am
including the anteater. >> what do we have here? >> tell us about this guy. >> this is very cool. it vacuums up live bugs, but these, of course, are plastic. then kids pull out the stomach and look at them under the magnifying glass and release them back into the wild. >> no bugs are hurt in the playing of this thing. >> this is important. >> the sucking up part might surprise them a little. >> what you are doing and giving is important for a lot of kids that just need the basics, right? >> it is. we at the toy industry foundation believe every child deserves the opportunity to play. and our mission really is to provide the gift of toys and play to children in need. >> you have been doing this for a while, haven't you? >> we have, and we do it all year round, but our mission coincides with the "today" show toy drive. that's why it's so important for us to be here. >> we thank you very, very much. 10,000 gifts you're giving away. >> some will help military families as well.
2:59 am
>> absolutely, absolutely. we also provided about 40,000 toys to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> we forget how much they lost. >> thank you. we really appreciate it. you can also contribute to the toy drive in person here on the plaza or check our website and we'll give you more info. next monday, a couple of hunks will be here, michael buble and curtis stone. >> yes, yes, yes. >> and a performance by a british singer-songwriter. >> and another member to our joy fit club. so much fun happening. >> see you all at "scandalous." >> yes. you say that to my face. the comment went viral. the comments were about what? >> about my teeth. jeff: this blew my mind. you had messed with players like -- >> isiah thomas. >> jim: isiah thomas, everybody. a detroit p


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