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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we do have changes. in fact, cold, wet weather just around the corner. we'll break that down for you. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> we'll take you to oakland where i have a camera crew there. trucks on the roadway with overnight maintenance on the roadways as is typical. northbound side at the coliseum cleared of the activity. from here and 980 keep in mind there should be crews in both directions for the next hour southbound especially. bay bridge toll plaza, a crew just at the upper right of your screen. flashing lights coming off that 880 over crossing on the approach to the toll plaza but that's typical blocking one lane. not a lot of traffic. we'll track this and bring you the latest. back to you. >> thanks so much. we are following breaking news now at 4:32. hundreds of people are hurt this morning after a meteorite crashes to the ground in russia and it's all caught on tape. looks like straight out of the movie.
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the russian interior ministry says the fall caused sharp explosions that shattered windows and many calls for help were from people hurt by broken grass. it happened 900 miles east of moscow. a few hours from now, a large asteroid is set to streak by earth. it coming up at 5:00, we'll go live to the space and science center where bob redell will be to talk to astronomers there. two congressmen accusing scientists of sharing secret and sensitive technology with china. republican congress frank wolf of virginia and lamar smith of texas have both asked the federal government to investigate the research center. that investigation right now is being held up by some red tape. the congressmen say classified weapons and know how may have
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been illegally transferred to other countries including china. they also say the u.s. attorney's office in northern california wants to bring criminal charges but that investigation being blocked by the justice department. nasa is now commenting at this point saying it would be inappropriate to discuss any possible investigation. as we continue to following a developing story out of south africa this morning where olympian oscar pistorius learned he'll face a premeditated murder charge against his girlfriend. pistorius reportedly went openly as prosecutors announced their course of action against the athlete. this is video of pistorius leaving jail for the courtroom earlier this morning. his girlfriend seen here, reeva steenkamp was shot and killed at the olympian's home. she was a model and budding reality tv star. pistorius will remain in jail until his bail hearing early next week. after spending five wild
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days adrift out at sea, a lot of those passengers stranded aboard the carnival cruise ship had a chance to sleep in a hotel room. some stop and kissed the ground. the massive cruise ship was disabled by an engine fire that knocked out power and spilled sewage all over and stopped the heating and air conditioning systems onboard. >> it was the most challenging thing that i've ever done. it was literally like being in a floating port-o-potty. the crew was great. >> we're like a family. we went through hell. >> give them credit for laughing through a floating port-o-potty. carnival says they will get a
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full refund and $500 in compensation. coming up at 5:00, a live report from mobile, alabama, where the last of those passengers are making their way back to galveston, texas, this morning. closer to home, san francisco police are investigating a police shooting that ended in a crash where several people were hurt. police say it all started near the intersection of eddie and jones street. when a stolen towncar tried to get away from officers. after a short chase the driver of the towncar swerved on the sidewalk to avoid spike strips. one officer shot at the car. the car kept going and crashed into a texas and two other cars. the suspect was arrested and four people hurt in that crash. counselors will be available at a san leandro school today. we broke the story for you yesterday morning. hillside elementary school closed yesterday after alameda county sheriff's deputies found a young man dying on campus
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wednesday night. that school was shut down to investigators could search for any kind of evidence. they are also looking into whether he was shot over a game of dice. so far there have been no arrests. 4:36. the fremont man accused of a 2006 hit-and-run spree that killed one person and injured 18 others is now competent to stand trial. doctors say that he can now understand court proceedings. they say the trial must be speedy to ensure he remains mentally fit. he's accused of running over a man on fremont boulevard and then driving to san francisco where he targeted 18 pedestrians. he's scheduled to be in court next week. the man akuccused of killina vallejo police officer is back in court today. henry albert smith, jr., expected to reenter his play. in december a judge decided there was enough evidence for
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smith to stand trial. he was killed in november of 2011 after a high-speed pursuit and foot chase after a bank robbrob rob robby. edward basham is charged with making threats against a public official among other things. yee spoke about that threat saying he was told if he did not stop his efforts against gun violence, he would be killed in or around the capitol. chp officers say when they searched basham's home, they found dangerous materials used to make explosives. >> good morning to you. it's 4:38. it felt like spring yesterday. >> it was nice. basking and bathing in it. taking it in. >> meteorologist christina loren, you said 75 degrees? >> if i was jon kelly, i would do the same thing. good morning to you. a great looking day shaping up. temperatures are chilly to
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start. about five degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday and today we're going to be actually warmer in the afternoon as a result. high pressure is going to start to weaken over the weekend so you want to get it while it's warm around here. temperatures right now in the 40s and upper 30s. 39 degrees in napa. good friday morning to you, san francisco. 46 degrees there. 45 in san jose to start the day. as we head throughout the afternoon, we are going to see a little bit of cloud cover to start. it will be out of here by 10:00 a.m. and getting into the afternoon temperatures are going to be downright perfect. not one city on this map without the 70s. 71 in livermore. 75 for gilroy. your full forecast in just a few moments. things will change. i want to take you through those changes and make sure you're aware of how much different it will be next week. that's coming up in my next report. first, let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we look at emeryville. i was trying to get it to you yesterday morning but the commute had fog all over this area. this morning look at how clear
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it is. we can see into richmond. smooth flow of traffic here approaching the bay bridge on the maps. a smooth drive on the green chicklets just some typical overnight road crews blocking one lane or two at a time. off to the right you see slowing eastbound typical for sensors but no activity or incidents there. a smooth drive but this afternoon things may get more crowded. presidents day weekend. a lot of folks may take the north bay route interstate 80 or 580 east out of livermore and then joining up with interstate 80 toward the sierra. the commute 580 and 680 those arrows marking that direction easy drive as is over the san mateo bridge. there's the peninsula side approaching foster city. clear view and clear drive. back to you. >> okay. thanks so much. 4:40 now. this weekend construction crews will be busy making runways at sfo a little bit safer. the airport will be performing safety upgrades on one major runway mandated by the federal
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government. work will begin tonight at 10:00 and it will continue through next monday morning. sfo officials say flights could be reduced to just 30 aircraft per hour. travelers experienced flight delays last month when another runway was closed for similar work. right now it's 4:40. ladies, attention here. that ring finger and your fancy jewelry, you might want to check that because it might not be as fancy as you think. tiffany's suing costco. we'll tell you why. >> eventually i could see the gun. that was scary. every one of them i think had a gun on me. >> plus, a woman wakes up in the middle of the night to guns pointed right at her. the terrifying prank police say is becoming dangerously more common.
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that's a great shot. golden gate bridge off in the distance. another great day. we'll check the forecast all morning with christina. it's 4:44. airbus is taking action this morning to try to avoid the same problems plaguing boeing's new dreamliner airplanes. the aircraft manufacturer is now dropping the installation of lithium ion batteries on its new a-350 airplane.
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instead it will use nickel batteries. the a350 was designed to compete with the dreamliner last month the faa grounded all dreamliners because of problems with the lithium ion batteries. ladies, possible downer news following lovers day. you may want to check valentine's day gifts because they might not actually be from tiffany's. that retailer now suing costco for selling what it is calling counterfeit jewelry. that would be cold blooded the day after. for details on that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn things over to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. >> future as touch lower after stocks closed at the flat line yesterday. first back-to-back weekly loss of the year. we'll get data on consumer sentiment and earnings from campbell soup. dow dropping and the nasdaq up one point to 3198.
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tiffany's is suing costco claiming the wholesale club is selling counterfeit jewelry. tiffany's says hundreds if not thousands of consumers bought what they thought were authentic tiffany products. luxury chains sue to stop sale of imitation items that cut into their own sales and customer loyalty and the brand image. back to you. >> keep in mind if you got a fat engagement ring for $79, you might want to think that through. san jose sharks offering you an excuse to lace up your skates today. wear your favorite hockey jersey at sharks ice facilities in the bay area and you'll get half off admission. it's part of usa hockey's hockey weekend across america. sharks ice is where they practice. they're on the road and will play in chicago tonight. game time is 5:30.
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right now it is 4:46. let's get another check on that lovely forecast. christina loren is here to tell us about what's happening on friday. >> we've got such a good looking day shaping up. happy friday, everybody. we live in the beautiful bay area. i'm happy to bring in news to the table right off the bat. los angeles today, they're going to be in the 80s. we're talking about the low 80s. today and tomorrow. for us, the mid 70s on the way. wait until i show you the seven-day outlook in my next report. we do have fog in santa rosa this morning. that will be a factor for today. look at your highs. really comfortable for this time of year. like i said, things are going to change and they're going to change quickly. so stick around. we'll get to that seven-day outlook in just a bit. right now back to you, jon and marla. >> thank you very much. a peace corps volunteer from brentwood has unfortunately died. 23-year-old nicholas castle died last week from an unknown illness while working in china.
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the uc berkeley graduate was teaching university level english in a remote area of that country when he got sick. castle was scheduled to complete his service this cojuly of next. lawmakers are pushing for tougher laws regarding swatters. officers were responding to reports of shots fired and a possible hostage situation inside a woman's home around 2:00 yesterday morning. only the whole thing was a prank. it's called swatting because someone calls about a violent crime that requires a s.w.a.t. response or something similar. san mateo police are defending the response saying reports like these are taken seriously. but the woman says it's a prank that could get people seriously hurt or even killed. >> something very bad could have happened. i could have been injured. when there are so many guns on you, someone could have made a
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mistake and thought i was doing something that was threatening. it was frightening. >> so far no arrests have been made. as for tougher laws being talked about in sacramento, they include holding those convicted responsible for all costs linked to the response and more time in jail. school trustees say they are considering keeping san bruno's crestmore elementary school open if another parcel tax is placed on the next ballot. board members from the san bruno park school district voted to close that school wednesday because a parcel tax measure did not pass back in november. children who attend crestmoor can attend other schools within that district. the campus is located a half mile from the neighborhood that was caught in that deadly gas pipeline explosion back in 2010. it is 4:49. coming up, nature in action. the new addition at san diego sea world and of course it's all caught on tape.
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look over here. this is over the sea or the water at least. san mateo bridge, you can clearly see the high-rise. we'll take a look at the south bay coming up.
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welcome back. a nice way to illuminate your morning. the sun isn't up but the port of
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oakland beaming out there. a nice start to the day that christina loren will see a spectacular list of temperatures out there. it's 4:52 right now. seaworld in san diego celebrating a special valentine's day delivery. a 37-year-old killer whale went into labor and then after about an hour, yes, the miracle happened. this is not just your average bouncing baby. get a load of this. the newborn nearly seven feet long and weighs up to 350 pounds. now, don't rush just yet. not sure to send pink or blue. zookeepers not sure of the gender of the calf but very happy. baby and mom. she has given birth to three other calf at seaworld. something to see. golfers in australia are facing a new hazard on the fairway. look at this. more than a dozen kangaroos
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interrupted play yesterday during the australian women's open. i love it. they hopped around the fairways for a short time. >> they can move. >> grazing on the grass before exiting the course. they just wanted to be seen. >> the sound they make when they bounce your backswing just gets all screwed up. mike knows what i'm talking about. >> it's scary that we all knew that's a noise that kangaroos make. there's the southbound easy drive along nimitz and road crews through oakland. south bay with headlights into san jose not a problem as far as speeds go. 880 in the middle of your screen shows slowing and down to 60. no construction and no delays really expected through that portion. north 280 to south 85, that is your construction going on at that connector.
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the rest of the connector off 280 and 85 are open this morning. watch for those crews to be there for another 20 minutes. should be clearing soon on a friday. tend to do that earlier. palo alto, let's get a view of the peninsula here. well lit up is that parking lot by home depot. you see ikea. not a lot of cars to show you as far as flow goes northbound past university. southbound even lighter heading back into the south bay. let's check 101 for north bay. southbound direction through the curve at tara linda. no delays reported in through san rafael. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:55. new movies hitting theaters today including bruce willis back in action as officer john mcclain. >> new york. >> are you a cop?
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>> it's been 25 years since willis first took up the role. this time he's in russia where his son gets caught up in a mafia prison escape. >> good day. "die-hard" is rated r. also in theaters, the adaptation of the book series "beautiful creatures" following a southern gothic girl who must declare if she's good or evil. "beautiful creatures" is rated pg-13. and for you lovers out there. there's nicholas sparks novel "safe haven." in it a woman trades city life for a small north carolina town where she hits it off with a widower. "safe haven" is rated pg-13. >> isn't that ryan seacrest's
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girlfriend? >> it is. "escape from planet earth" needs his brother to help his escape and return home. "escape from planet earth" is rated pg. a little something for everyone. >> i like the lineup. give me buttered popcorn. i'm ready to go. >> "safe haven" all the way. coming up, we'll talk to local astronomers about that meteorite that crashed to earth in russia. >> we survived it. we're on land. thank god. >> back on solid ground. a live report from alabama where the stranded cruise line is back in port after four terrifying days at sea. >> that was a scene. speaking of that, how about a nice scene over san francisco. a little look at sfo there. you can see some traffic starting to fill up as the day progresses on your friday heading off to work. we're back in a matter of minutes.
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wow. that loud explosion you just heard was a meteorite slamming right into russia. we have new video this morning that continues to come into our newsroom. we'll show you the latest pictures coming up next. a huge asteroid about to fly extremely close to earth. we'll get a live report on how close coming up. we have moderate air quality but great looking temperatures for february. you might just be blown away when you see who could get close to 80 degrees today. plus, right around the bay bridge i see slowing and i'll also show you what i can just plain see coming up. and right now a live look for you. that's a shot over the south bay san jose for you with some lights twinkling on this friday. it is friday, february 15th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. it's 5:00. thanks for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. breaking news out of russia this morning where some 500 people right now are hurt after a meteorite crashes right to the ground early this morning. we have some pretty amazing video for you of that object streaking right across the sky. look at how huge that is. officials say that meteorite caused a large shock wave that shattered windows and damaged buildings throughout that region. most of those injuries were actually caused by broken glass and this all comes as an asteroid the size of a grocery store is expected to narrowly miss earth later on this morning. with that in mind, "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from the space center and science center in oakland with how astronomers are reacting to today's major fly by. good morning, bob. >> reporter: i'll go with the size ofn


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