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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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past the coliseum. right now no more slowing northbound with the taillights south of here a crash looks like it's cleared to the shoulder. we'll look at the peninsula. what we can see the peninsula. this is our camera over 101 at university. you can't even see the lights at the top of the screen is the ikea parking lot across the freeway. limited visibility as you come up. i'll show you a wider view on the maps coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:32. we're following breaking news this morning. an investigation is under way into a deadly shooting overnight. it involved the sonoma county sheriff's department. it started in santa rosa where a suspect led police on a pursuit that ended in guernville. there was reports the man may have been holding a woman hostage during the pursuit and that woman was able to lead investigators to her. "today in the bay's" christie smith is talking to sheriffs
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this morning about the incident to find out what happened. a live report coming up at 5:00. a federal lawsuit will be filed this morning against the oakland unified school district police department. the lawsuit is on behalf of a district police sergeant who claims he's being retaliated against for telling the truth about corruption within the department. nbc bay area's investigative unit spoke exclusive with the sergeant about what he says happened the night 20-year-old brown was shot and killed back in january of 2011. his partner fired seven shots at brown after brown allegedly tried to stab him with a screwdriver. he says the investigation into that shooting was not handled properly. his attorney says police protocol is to question officers separately. instead school official its tried to pressure him into matching his story of what happened that night to the other story. the lawsuit points to a second round of shots fired at brown that he felt were necessary.
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he did not fire his own gun because the first round of shots incapacitated the suspect. >> do you consider yourself a whistle-blower? >> yes, i do. >> how been repaid for that? >> with hell. >> belusa says he reported officers drinking while on duty and stealing from merchants in east oakland. he claims each time he's raised concerns about officer conduct he's faced retaliation. sergeant belusa is on paid administrative leave. the department is not commenting until they see the claim. santa cruz police officers will return to patrol today after taking time to mourn the loss of their colleagues. the memorial continues to grow this morning. we're learning new details about exactly how they were killed. police say the officers went to a home to talk about a sexual
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assault. they spoke to him for about 20 minutes before he stepped away for a moment. when he returned, he had two guns and shot butler and baker. there will be a memorial for these fallen officers on thursday, rch 7th. it will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz. because a large crowd is expected, overflow seating with a live video stream will be available at the santa cruz civic auditorium. in the wake of a deadly shooting last month, oakland is making changes to the first friday street festival. tonight's festival will include a peace concert in honor of campbell who was shot and killed on february 1st. three others were hurt. tonight's festival will end at 9:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 and size will be reduced by half taking up only five city blocks. there will be more police officers and security to cutdown on public drinking. firefighters in southern
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california say they are gaining ground on a ferocious fire burning right now in riverside county about 60 miles east of l.a. take a look at the flames. crews say calm winds are allowing them to keep the fire from spreading to nearby homes. right now, however, voluntary evacuations are in place for two residential streets in this area. the fire has charred more than 150 acres and is about 20% contained. a little bit of good news, as of now there are no reports of injuries. the woman known as chili finger lady will be back in court this morning. anna ayala is accused of lying to authorities to protect her son who shot himself in the ankle last october. the family tried to blame someone else because he's a convicted felon and is not supposed to have a gun. ayala spent four years in prison after lying about finding a
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severed finger in a bowl of wendy's chili in 2005. an investigation surrounding the st. mary's basketball program. the program is under investigation for possible violations relating to the recruitment of players from australia that includes a current star. the team has had 11 players from that country. as of now it's not known if the program will face any punishment. the gales are 25-12 on the season and gearing up for a run at the ncaa tournament later this month. that's what we call march madness. >> it is march madness. my dad's alma mater. hope things turn out well for them. >> i hope so too. meteorologist christina loren, we hope to have a nice weekend in store. >> it's also laura garcia-cannon's alma mater. we wish them well. we're doing good this morning. temperatures mostly in the 40s. a couple 30s out there in novato. 32 to start the day in livermore. 43 in san jose.
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a live picture of how clear it is over san francisco right now. what i can tell you is we do have some patchy fog out there. this is a live look from high atop our san bruno cam. you can see the bay bridge off there in the distance. there's patchy fog at the 500-foot level this morning and so if you are traveling through the east bay hills, higher elevations, just travel cautiously and watch out for that. 48 degrees in san jose. let's take you through our warm day. by noon 71 degrees at lunchtime in san jose. 68 degrees as you break for lunch in santa rosa. and you will be at 69 degrees in fairfield. already blowing past our seasonal averages by 10:00 a.m. today. and then when our highs come in at 3:30, we're talking about a return of the 80s. gilroy today, 80 degrees. 75 in livermore. 70 degrees in san francisco. widespread 70s on the way. this is the peak of our warming trend. we'll stay just about as nice over the course of the weekend. stick around. those numbers coming up. 4:38. let's check the drive. good morning, mike.
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>> good morning. take a look at the golden gate bridge what we can see of the roadway. it disappears into mist there as fog and low clouds touch the roadway itself. you can see the roadway lights as they travel through the north bay and flashing lights approach as crews get ready to move those cones. let me show you the map on san francisco the area here we're looking at a smooth drive for freeways and no delays for sensors. traffic and weather systems integrated together and that's north bay with orange highlighted on the map is areas where you may find thicker fog and an issue for visibility. no slowing for 101 right now through the north bay. we'll track that and meanwhile the peninsula palo alto 101 and that stretch by university where there is slowing. looks like thicker patch there. south 101 approaching woodside a crash over on the shoulder now. earlier crash with flashing lights could be a distraction entering low clouds. the south bay a quick look at 101. it moves nicely here. light volume of traffic 101 at 680. i'll give you a wider look and
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see if the fog is coming down here. back to you. >> mike is always talking about how you should take public transportation, it will soon cost more to ride b.a.r.t. the board of directors adopted a new plan yesterday to boost fees based on demand. an average one-way fare will go up 19 cents starting in january. parking rates will increase by 50 cents when lots are nearly full. one of nature's deadliest predators is now under the protection of the state. the great white shark is now officially a candidate for the endangered species list. the move protects the animal until a final decision is made next year. anyone who catches a great white without a permit even unintentionally will face penalties. researchers say the number of great whites has dropped below 220,000 worldwide. the wildfire center of silicon valley is set to release an injured owl it's been caring for for weeks. it got caught in a barbed wire
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fence at the santa theresa county park in south san jose a few weeks ago. it was taken to the wildlife center. doctors nursed it back to health. it will be released this evening. >> great horned owl is gorgeous. >> going to be free again this afternoon. they will line up by the thousands. we're going to tell you about a big event coming to the south bay this weekend that can put $100 in your pocket. the unusual meeting overnight between dennis rodman and the leader of north korea. >> we're hearing about an 11th hour meeting to stave off billions in cuts. details next.
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like more traffic than i would assume at 4:44 on a friday morning. we'll check the commute with mike in just a bit. president obama will meet with congressional leaders later this morning to try to hash out a last-minute compromise to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set to kick in today. the president will meet with house speaker john boehner, house minority leader nancy pelosi, senate majority leader harry reid and senate minority
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leader mitch mcconnell at the white house. the cuts will be split between defense and nondefense spending. the president has until 11:59 tonight east coast time to sign off on those cuts. how would sequester cuts affect the irs at tax time? the agency is talking about how offices might be affected. brian shactman is live at cnbc headquarters with a look at that and futures. if are fewer irs agents, maybe someone will find something good about the sequester. >> there's a surprise there. i'll talk about the impact on the irs in just a second. thank you very much. we'll start with stock futures lower at this hour after stocks faded late yesterday. interesting day of trading. the dow has been within 16 points of the all-time high before dropping like a stone in the final hour of trading. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 managed to close higher for the month of february. today we get data on personal income and spending, consumer
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sentiment, manufacturing and construction spending. the dow lost 20 points in the end to finish at 14,354. nasdaq slipped two points. to the irs, don't expect to get a break on filing your taxes. i don't know if that's good or bad for you just because of that so-called sequester. we're tired of that term so we're talking about spending cuts. the irs says it will not furlough any employees until after the end of tax season. irs workers like most federal employees must be given 30 days notice before a furlough. the agency says workers should expect to be furloughed to five to seven days or no more than one pay period before the end of the fiscal year. whether there will be delays in getting refunds out, i don't know but clearly business as usual at the irs. >> all right. thanks very much for that. now we're here to talk about how lovely the forecast is with christina loren. >> it's going to be so nice.
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it's going to be really nice. things are going to change so much next week. this may be your last hurrah of the 70s in winter. winter returns next week and it will come on strong. we have three to four consecutive days of rainfall on the way starting on tuesday. between now and then, we're going to see some beautiful days here in the bay area starting with the warmest day of the year. live picture of san jose. you can see nice and clear there. we do have patchy fog at 500-foot level. not too bad. mostly clear. good looking day shaping up because of the clear start. 39 degrees to start the day in novato. and napa. those are only two cities reporting the 30s right now as we head throughout the afternoon temperatures are going to be comfortable enough to hit the beach in santa cruz. 72 degrees at 4:00 p.m. perfect weather for hitting the beach and of course you're going to get a lot of that beach to yourself as our tourism season hasn't started yet.
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i went to half moon bay yesterday, had it all to myself. 76 in santa rosa. old record was 71. we'll shatter that record. this is unusual to be this warm so early in the season. the first day of march, you know, they say march comes in like a lion, that will be the case. warming trend. 75 degrees on the way for san jose. you might be driving around with your ac on in the heat of the day. tomorrow we're going to hold onto 70s. and then things start to change on sunday. we'll be waking up with fog and drizzle. and in fact the north bay may get showers on sunday morning. we'll time that out for you c e coming up. tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. rain moves in. temperatures drop from mid to upper 70s to the low 50s. weather whiplash on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you, terry and marla. >> we'll put our seat belts on. thank you so much. 4:48. santa clara county is holding a gun buyback event this weekend.
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the sheriff's department will collect guns at the santa clara county fire grounds between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. there will be 100 for every handgun, rifle and shotgun. 200 for assault weapons. the guns will be exchanged with no questions asked. if you wonder what happens to guns turned in, san mateo sheriff's deputies piled up these guns and then a giant crane picked them up, dropped them on a conveyer belt and melted them down. they'll be turned into pipes eventually. >> wow. the catholic church's operations are being run by committee this morning. pope emeritus has stepped down. the cardinals willing summoned to rome today. the conclave to choose a new pope is expected to take place in two weeks to allow the new
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pope to be installed before palm sunday. the number of catholics worldwide is on the decline. many we spoke to in the south bay say an hispanic pope would open doors and bring people both old and new back to the church. >> i think if it does, more hispanic people will be proud of it and they're going to come to church. >> it can help the culture to grow. >> a wide range of names have been thrown out for who will be the next hope. candidates range from folks from nigeria to candidate, honduras to new york. yesterday north korean state run television showed pictures of dennis rodman meeting with the country's leader. the pair were sitting next to each other at an exhibition basketball game featuring members of the harlem
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globetrotters and the north korean team. rodman said he had a friend for life. rodman and the harlem globetrotters are shooting an hbo documentary airing in april. >> i wonder what they talk about. >> they talk about the time dennis rodman posed in that wedding dress. that would have been something he could have worn to get a conversation started in north korea. 4:51. wait until you here about mike tyson's unlikely coming back next. bad enough being punished by the league, see what parents of one player did after this brawl tuesday night. looking toward fremont and mission overpass and we also see some low clouds. we'll talk about the weather and the traffic coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. 4:54. we're looking at a shot of the bay bridge and things are moving nicely. i don't mean to take mike's job. i want to mention that traffic is moving nicely on a friday. gorgeous day on the way. enjoy it while you can. rain in the forecast. more from christina in a little bit. >> from boxing ring to center stage, mike tyson is in the bay area this weekend with a one-man show. >> tyson describes himself as a
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starving actor trying to get a break. he has no shortage of material for the show touching on everything from the infamous bite on evander holyfield's ear and his show runs through tomorrow. no matter how old you are, your parents can always lay down the law if you don't believe it ask 23-year-old clay thompson of the golden state warriors. thompson was fined $35,000 by the nba for his part in this fight tuesday night. his dad, a former nba player, wasn't happy telling clay's mom look what our idiot son did. clay's parents manage his money and decided to punish him by docking his allowance. he usually gets $300 a week walking around money as they call it. $300. >> clay, if you're watching,
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i'll take care of this. i'll give you $1,000 a week out of your hundreds of thousands worth of salary. that's crazy. >> absurd. >> i think mike agrees with that. >> i do but it's also good to note because my kids are 7, 4 1/2, parents work is apparently never done. it just keeps going. good job for managing money as well. looking here where you have to manage your money, cash or fastrak. marla and terry showed you a backup at the toll plaza. that was unusual for a friday. typically what happens between 5:00 and 6:00, we have toll lanes opening shifting staff there so that's what happened. they are all open again. smooth drive. no problems on the span. good stuff. over here, this is fremont. tougher to see the roadway. turned the camera from mission to folks coming from north this is southbound 880 at the truck scales and auto mall park sign which we can barely see. sensors as far as traffic and weather index not showing a
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problem. san jose is okay. look toward the peninsula where we do have fog kicking in. we'll end here and send it back to you. >> very good. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. one person is dead and deputies are still sorting out what actually happened. we'll have a live report with new details from sonoma county coming up. the new details this morning about human remains found in a remote part of the peninsula. why investigators need your help.
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breaking news out of sonoma county this morning where there's been anne officer-invold shooting. welcome to the warmest day of the year. near record warmth. don't get used to it. weather whiplash. a return of cold and rain. winter on the way for next week. we'll give you the time line. a foggy shot of the roadway. you'll be surprised where this
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camera is located. we'll show you that coming up. step outside right now at 4:59. a nice day on the way. don't worry about the fog. sunshine. temperatures real nice as we kick off march. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney in for jon kelley this morning. >> i'm marla tellez. good morning to you. in for laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news this morning. right now we are learning new details about reports of a shooting overnight involving sheriff's deputies in sonoma county. "today in the bay's" christie smith just arrived at the sheriff's office in santa rosa. what do we know so far? >> reporter: good morning to you. i can tell that you we're at the sheriff's department. there's been a little bit of activity within the last five minutes. a number of officers coming and going quickly from the parking lot. trying to confirm a lot of
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detamd detai details. there was an officer involved shooting overnight and this may be tied to some kidnapping as well involving a woman. now our photographer on scene is telling us that it appears a male suspect may have been killed in this interaction. this started around 11:00 last night is what we're hearing around santa rosa and added near odd fellows park road. the kidnapping this morning is on the sheriff's incident page and reports are coming in that a woman may have been taken and put into a car. there was some sort of police pursuit and shooting. i'm trying to get information on status update on the officer this morning but again an officer-involved shooting. a dispatcher is telling me this morning that sheriff's department should be releasing more information soon and that santa rosa police are helping this morning in their investigation. so that's what we know from here. reporting live from sonoma county, i'm christie smith, "today in the bay." the suspect wanted in the deadly shooting


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