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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 4, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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treatment for leukemia involving the restruction of his immune system. the demolition of a florida house over a sinkhole will be finished today. the search for the man who was inside is over. most of the structure was taken down by officials need to see the entire sinkhole before they proceed. jeff bush disappeared after the giant hole opened beneath his bedroom. he is assumed dead. homes have been evacuated. >> both sides are still betting on when americans will feel the force across the board spending cuts. the white house and congress playing a game of chicken. those cuts will be phased in over the next month. pots joins us from washington. many asking could these cuts be here to stay? >> reporter: that is the concern, that's the fear if they can't work something out. this morning there's no sign of compromise as we begin week one of this tighter federal budget.
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as the reality of $85 billion in cuts washington still in a stalemate. >> i haven't heard a single senate republican say they are willing to raise taxes. >> reporter: the white house is banking on pressure from taxpayers feeling the pinch. >> our hope is that as more republicans start to see this pain in their own districts that they will choose bipartisan compromise. >> reporter: behind-the-scenes president obama is calling republicans he thinks may be willing to raise taxes if he can get democrats to cut medicare and social security. >> if we're going to increase revenue again it has to go to the debt. >> i'm not is going to raise taxes. >> reporter: on the street some see this lack of compromise childish. >> somebody took their ball away so nobody wants to play. >> had my budget gets tight i stop spending.
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>> reporter: congress will extend temporary funding through the end the year. that means no government shutdown. that's assuming they can work that out. no government shutdown also means we've got no timetable right now for rolling back these use. and this morning, the president will nominate sylvia mathews burwell as his next budget chief. queen elizabeth ii is in a london hospital after a stomach infection. him ma -- jim maceda is in london. >> reporter: the queen is here at london's king edward hospital, driven in by private car, and now receiving treatment for gastroenteritis. or more simply put a stomach bug. the monarch is in good spirits. those who know her best are feeling somewhat annoyed about all of the fuse. this is uncharted territory for
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the queen. despite turning 87 next month. she hasn't been admitted to a hospital for herself since she had surgery on her knees ten years ago. it's a measure of how important the queen is here that so many britains say they were stunned she had to cancel all her events over the next week while doctors figured out what bug she has. is it viral or back terrifyal. bacterial based gastro yntir rg can be serious in the very young and the very old. she's a strong one. people know she will be back here soon. >> bill karins is here and track
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agnew winter storm. who will it hit? >> a lot of people from the northern plains the east coast. this one avoid the west coast. if you're traveling across the country in the next couple of days for any reason or family and friends that live this this storm will mean business. here we are in the beginning of march and everyone wants to get into spring. it's located in the northern plains. blizzard conditions in northeast montana, snowing hard there towards fargo and minneapolis and a swath of snow on this one will come back down here through minnesota into wisconsin, milwaukee, then into chicago could get six to ten inches of snow and through the ohio valley and could be a big snowstorm for areas in the mountains especially outside of washington, d.c. so get about six to ten will be the highest totals and watch the d.c. forecast calling for three to sings our nation's capital. much of the west coast remains calm. next storm is off the coast. one pretty nice day and then we'll watch the front kicking through with some showers and some wet weather in the northwest. that cold front also cooled us off over the weekend. temperatures are almost on the frigid side. in the 30s in many areas of
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oregon, washington and stayed in the 20s in the higher elevations of idaho. so, going to be a cool day today but at least today will be the dry day in the west. plenty of sunshine. phoenix holds on to the warmth. onshore flow in san diego, california, l.a. has cooled you off. that's a day. temperatures comfortable after a chilly start. good thing about the march sun. even if you get a cold morning as long as it's sunny you should warm up nicely. >> up like those. because of those in the west those in east there's concern about flight delays. >> especially chicago tomorrow and big cities in the east. how exercise could affect your sleep, why a nurse refused to perform cpr on a patient who
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died. we have the tape of the 911 call. sports highlights and why gun makers are posting big profits in business. we're back in two.
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good morning and welcome back. some stories making news this morning, president obama will nominate silvia matthews burwell. she's president of the walmart foundation and served in a number of economic policy roles. catholic cardinals meet today in rome to sit in conclave to elect the next pope. the 116 are expected to put a new pope in place before easter. cardinal o'brien says at times he's fallen below the standards of the priesthood. he stepped down as scotland's archbishop last week and will will not vote. >> in new york a funeral for a young couple killed in a car crash on the way to deliver their first baby. they were in a cab when a bmw sideswiped them saturday.
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the baby boy is okay ever being delivered by c section. the driver fled on foot and remains at large. a nurse in california is under fire for refusing to perform cpr on an elderly woman at an assisted living home. the 87-year-old later died. the nurse says she was only following policy. >> we need to get cpr started. that's not enough, okay? >> we can't do cpr at this -- >> hand the phone to the passerby. if you can't do it, i need -- hand it to the passerby. i'll have her do it. or if you have any citizens there, i'll them -- >> no, no. >> anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone, please. i understand if your facility is not willing to do that. give the phone to that passerby or that stranger that hasn't -- this woman's not breathing enough, she's going die if we don't get this started. do you understand? >> a statement released by the director of the home extends their sympathies to the woman's family and says that a review is underway. nasa spacex dragon capsule has docked with the international space station. carries food, supplies, and cargo to astronauts on board.
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>> in health news, you may want to get some exercise before hitting the hay. according to a new poll by the national sleep foundation, people who exercise are almost twice as likely to have a good night's sleep as those who don't. more than 2/3 of those who worked out said they rarely have symptoms associated with insomnia. on the flip side, one half of non-exercisers said they wake up during the night while nearly a quarter said that they had difficulty falling asleep. >> in business, looking ahead the government releases its monthly job reports on friday. are employers tightening purse strings in february ahead of the march 1st sequester deadline. profits at gunmaker smith and wesson are expected to triple on soaring demand. sales of cars were driven to
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3.7% and had single percentage gains over 2012. closer to home, billionaire sheldon adelson's las vegas sands is disputing numerous reports that its recent securities and exchange commission commission filing suggested an admission to bribing foreign officials. this morning, "new york times" reports the biggest banks wrongfully foreclosed on more than 700 military members during the housing crisis. far more than originally thought. it looks like we and a lot of other people have been duped. nbc news has learned that a story that we told you about last week of a woman selling the right to name her baby was a hoax to drum up publicity for a baby-naming web site. finally, it's been four decades since his death, but rock legend jimi hendrix is still rolling out records. "people, hell, and angels," a collection of previously unreleased tracks will be released tomorrow and is all but guaranteed to be a real money maker. up next, sports highlights and the latest headlines. >> plus bobby rogers has died.
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rogers, smokey robinson and the other members are responsible for great hits like "shop around," "tracks of my tears," and "second that emotion." rogers died sunday at his detroit home. ♪
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now to some stories that caught our eye this morning -- we start today in washington state where a troop of girl
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scouts are left empty-handed. $2,500 worth of signature cookies destroyed when vandals poured house paint and oil on 52 cases waiting to be sold. police say the suspects are most likely kids. in boston, an infamous revolutionary event was brought to life. the scene of the boston massacre played out once more, 243 years after the historical turning point. crowds gathered to watch as some 100 participants marched the streets with their muskets in hand. in denver, a marine returning home couldn't wait any longer, greeting his girlfriend at the airport. lance corporal mark tate was eager to whisk her into his arms. in the blink of an eye, he dropped to one knee. despite the shock she was just as quick to say yes. at the university of iowa, these girls seem a little young to scrub in for surgery, but that's just the idea at this event for girls in science. through this program, mini m.d.s, ages 9 through 12, are able to explore their passion for medicine at a young age. in pennsylvania, a former race horse is not ready to retire.
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with his paintbrush at the ready, metro gets down to work on his latest masterpiece, an abstract swirl of yellow and red and blue and -- you know what's impressive is the price for paintings. small pieces run $60. larger pieces start at $350. in sports now, a big college ball rivalry to tell you about. number-four michigan leading near the end of the second half against michigan state. with seconds left on the clock, the spartans cut it to a one-point margin. they turned it over and got the victory. purdue built the second half lead and upset wisconsin 59-54. in the nba, late in the fourth quarter, lebron james steals a pass from the knicks and takes it all the way to the hoop for the score. the heat win their 14th game in a row 99-93 over new york. the iditarod sled dog race is underway. 66 teams started off on the grueling 1,000-mile trek across alaska in the winter. the winner will get a new truck
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and over $50,000. former soccer player lauren silverman was the first woman to participate in an nfl tryout at the scouting combine sunday as a kicker. she injured her leg and could not kick properly. she had to cut it short. here is a hole in one that you may not have seen before into a spectator's knapsack. charles howell iii could not hit it out of the bag, so he took a drop and would made a good recovery shot. an amazing ending to a high school game. the half-court shot as time runs out went in for three points. new rochelle wins the division championship game to advance in the state playoffs. congratulations. >> just ahead stars of "modern family" gets trapped in a real life drama. heidi klum proves "america's got talent". you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. today will be a decent day in the west. cooler than a lot of people like. definitely need the winter clothes from northern california, northern nevada back up through washington and oregon. highs in the low to mid-40s in the mountainous areas. down in the valleys should be upper 40s. cooler in l.a. and southern california with onshore flow. that compared to the gusty winds and warm weather you had last week. tuesday, a weak storm will move towards the coast. we'll see that cold front bringing showers in numerous areas out there. doesn't look like anything too major. we keep it dry in southern
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california. not too bad in the west. >> fresh snow one montana. >> yeah. if you can get there. >> thanks, bill. now for entertainment news. "jack the giant slayer" took the top spots at the box office with $28 million in ticket sales. over $2 hundred million budget, the 3d flick fell short of expectations. peter jackson's "the hobbit" had better news joining the ranks of films breaking the $1 billion mark in sales. bret michaels was the first to feel the heat during the donald's premiere of "the apprentice." michael won in 2010. our entertainment station e-online reports supermodel heidi klum joins howard stern, howie mandel, and spice girl mel b. good addition. and charlie sheen has taken on a new role -- mentor to lindsay lohan. >> he would have been better to put him on the show. >> that would have been a win.
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>> the actor told tmz she clearly needs a mentor whether she would wants one or not. last, if you're going to be stuck in an elevator, who better to be stuck with than the "modern family" cast. julia bowen, jesse tyler ferguson, and eric stonestreet, they were stuck for nearly an hour but did have fun with it. take a listen. >> get us out! >> get us out. >> get us out! >> whole room -- >> get us out! >> you know what's funny i got caught in the elevator right before this show for about three or four minute. zmu? >> dropped about a foot. >> have to put my anchor pants on. >> i'm richard lui. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day on your nbc station.
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these cuts will affect our military, our civil servants, federal construction projects, even grants to native americans. [ laughter ] >> and i'm the one who has to tell these folks, young men, there's no need to feel down. young man, pick yourself off the ground. young man, just 'cuz your funding is down, there's no need to be unhappy. a fire ritual in japan's ancient capital is signaling the arrival of spring. in a ceremony dating back to the eighth century, buddhist monks climbed the steps of a temple
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while praying for peace and stability while a massive torch showers spectators below. it's believed the rain of fire will bring a safe coming year. maybe a little bit of a tan too. winter's chill didn't stop a fluffy debut. a 3-month-old polar bear cub was debuted at the buffalo zoo. she will be the face of the fundraising campaign to build a new arctic exhibit. fans can help name her through a vote on line. name? >> i don't know. i'm not good with name things. if they want to raise money how much money would you pay to bottle feed a polar bear cub. >> time for what's happening this monday. casey anthony, the florida mother acquitted of killing her daughter, has come out of hiding. a federal judge ordered her to appear at a bankruptcy hearing. she claims to have $792,000 in liabilities. first lady michelle obama will continue her dialogue about healthy families through her
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first google+ hangout. mrs. obama will take part in a virtual conversation from the blue room of the white house speaking with families across the country. all day long, you can stay on top of the latest developments in those stories and others and the best political analyses on msnbc. tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." finally, a look at what's coming up on the "today" show -- matt goes one on one with former governor jeb bush on the budget battle. his famous family and a possible presidential run. hear what dennis rodman had to say about his trip to north korea. now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm richard lui. along with bill karins. thank you very much for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a great monday.
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a deadly shooting and a suspect on the run in a quiet south bay neighborhood. this one is still an active scene this morning. we're live with the latest. three days, five deaths, all linked to law enforcement. what people in the bay area are saying about a recent spike in officer involved shooting. also a touching tribute to two santa cruz officers killed in the line of duty. a live look outside. that's the city by the bay. plenty of cloud cover. we'll check the forecast with rob mayeda today on this monday, march 4th. this is "today in the bay."
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we're not going to get fog get us down on a monday morning. good to see you. i'm jon kelley. >> monday is the new friday. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren is off. we have rob mayeda in place for her. hello. >> good morning to you. low clouds this morning. temperatures 40s and some low 50s right now. we'll see clouds break up around lunchtime today. mostly sunny skies. not a bad day today. our temperatures not quite as warm as what we had over the weekend. we're looking at highs upper 50s to near 60. a dry day today. we'll see changes coming up tomorrow. a look at that in your forecast in a few minutes. for a check of your monday morning commute, here's mike. >> looking toward the golden gate bridge which looks nice right now and also the view with those lights across the span moving the cones in half an hour. we'll talk about something a little farther north. you see the construction marked on north side of the bridge but


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