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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we did reach out to engel for a comment but so far no response. raj? >> okay, tony, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to theun theunit a rescue is happening as we speak. a stolen luxury yacht in pacifica has been run aground for the last hour or so. they have been trying to remove it with a tugboat with no success. three suspects were onboard. they've been arrested. the boat is worth more than $3 million. the tugboat is trying to pull that stolen yacht out. as for the people who were on the boat, nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. has more on how it all started. >> reporter: it was a strange sight as pacifica woke up this morning. a luxury sailboat stranded in the surf with several people onboard.
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>> the coast guard did talk to the people. they essentially do not want the coast guard's help at this point. >> reporter: but as the morning progressed, it became apparent why the people didn't want help. turns out the boat named "darling" was stolen from the yacht harbor. >> we just think somebody washed up but when we saw the cops drawing their guns, it was something else. >> reporter: police tried to persuade the suspects to give up, spectators lined the beach watching the unusual standoff unfold. >> there's four cops down here with handcuffs drawn. >> we've seen boats wash out but not with bad guys on them. they didn't sound like they were too nice either. >> reporter: with guns drawn from shore, police finally convinced the three suspects to surrender. rescuers on jet skis plucked two men and a woman, took them to shore where they were arrested.
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>> jumping off the boat and we could see that they were unarmed. up until that point it was questionable what their intentions were. >> reporter: inside the boat state park rangers discovered the potential makings of a party. >> it looked like they had been stuck in the surf line for about six hours and everything had fallen off the shelves. there's a pizza box, some beer bottles. >> reporter: the owner watched ashore as his vessel tossed in the surf. salvage crews were hoping to take it to sea as soon as the tide rose. >> as nice as this boat may be, it's not designed to have to be towed like this. this is a pleasure craft not a tugboat. >> reporter: but for now this pleasure craft was at the mercy of the surf. joe row sato jr., nbc bay area news. police have identified the suspects, all in their 50s and 60s. they face possible charges of
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grand theft and conspiracy. campbell police are investigating the city's first homicide in six years. an 18-year-old man shot and killed the family. police are searching for answers as the community prepares 0 to remember that young man. that shooting happening near the corner of west latimer and dunster drive, not far from the campbell shopping center. kris sanchez joins us with new details of what she learned. kris? >> reporter: hi there, jessica. people have stopped by to drop off flowers and mementoes, balloons for 18-year-old richard ve vega. tonight they will light candles in his honor at san a clara high school where he just graduated in june. his life full of promise, they say, and while they mourn him, campbell police are looking for clues and trying to track down the killer. the smile you see on richard vega's facebook profile picture is what his friends says he was known for. >> he was a funny guy. he always had a smile on his
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face. he was friends with everyone at his school. >> reporter: 18-year-old richard vega was shot near dunster drive not far from where he lived with his family in campbell. though he was rushed to the hospital for surgery, he did not survive. as friends dropped off flowers, the news made no more sense today than yesterday. >> i was shocked, actually. i didn't know -- i think -- i was shocked. >> reporter: these pictures posted on sports world showed he played football. he graduated in june and was a student at the end of college. one of vega's former teachers says he was trying it to do something with his life. >> i can't imagine him being into a gang of drugs or anything else and he was just a really big kid, really nice young man. >> reporter: campbell police don't know the motive or who the shooter was but they used surveillance video talking with witnesses and looking for a dark colored sedan seen leaving the area.
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they're hoping to solve vega's homicide, something they have not yet been able to do for the last homicide victim. in 2007 a gang member killed an innocent man, police say, he was mistaken for a rival gang member. the fact this was the first homicide since then does not take the sting off for 0 neighbo neighbors. >> as soon as the mom got the call. >> reporter: now the vigil honoring richard vega's life will get started at 7:30 tonight at santa clara high school just down the road. in the meantime campbell police say they want to talk to anyone who has information about how he died. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> kris, thank you. four people across the bay area shot and killed in just 24 hours -- excuse me, just 27 hours over the weekend. it wasn't a deadly crime wave with criminals pulling the trigger. instead, it was police killing suspects. the spike in shootings has some people worried the cops are on edge. jodi hernandez is in hayward
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this evening where one of the shootings took place. jodi? >> reporter: this is the latest officer involved shooting took place right here in this hayward parking lot. tonight police and civil rights attorneys agree the number of incidents has been unusually high but what they're at odds over is whether or not police officers are pulling their weapons unnecessarily. >> the police officers by and large don't want to use deadly force. they want to do anything but use deadly force. >> reporter: bay area police officers from four different cities use deadly force over the weekend, shooting and killing four suspects in a 27-hour period. attorney michael rain who represents all of the officers involved says each case was justified. >> we as lawyers have now looked at all of these shootings and we said legally speaking the officers were literally left with no alternative but to fire their weapons. >> i don't have memory of this many units in two days.
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that's a lot. >> reporter: john burris says he is deeply troubled by the rash of deadly officer involved shootings, on the heels of the ambush killings of two santa cruz police officers, he questions whether police on a heightened sense of alert are overreacting. >> i'm concerned that you could have a rash of unnecessary police shootings where people are killed who should not be killed. >> reporter: police say their officer was left with no choice but to pull his weapon and fire at a suspect's car early yesterday morning when the driver tried to run the officer and his passenger over. >> what happens when it's a situation like this where there was no option. the driver was driving at him and there's no other type of force that's going to stop that. >> reporter: and while police admit the rash of killings is unusually high, they say it's the criminals that are at fault. >> they refuse to give up.
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they refuse to surrender weapons. they refuse to stop their vehicles when ordered to do so and as a result people have died. officers are scarred by that. make no mistake about it. >> reporter: of course each of these cases will be closely scrutinized and reviewed by attorneys and internal affairs investigators, perhaps only then will we know if the number of incidents are a coincidence or part after growing trend. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the families of the two santa cruz police officers killed last week have released some family fphotos. loran "butch" baker and elizabeth bake wrer gunned down when they went to conduct a follow-up investigation at a home. this is baker with his family. his son part of the santa cruz police department. and this is butler seen here with her two young kids. she was a ten-year veteran police officer. a mick memorial for baker and butler will be held this thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose.
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a procession from santa cruz to san jose before the memorial. nbc bay area will be covering both events. a construction crew hit a two-inch gas line today happening near the great mall parkway and main street. apparently a backhoe cut into the line after 1:00 this afternoon. a firefighter shut down main street and ordered some evacuations. some pg&e crews shut off the gas. the line was quickly repaired and things went back to normal. >> okay. take a peek outside. a beautiful shot from our emoriville camera coming to you in high definition. a beautiful monday but changes are right around the corner. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking our first round of wet weather it seems like in eons, jeff. >> i know. we couldn't be more pleased in the weather department to be getting more rainfall. we have had one of the driest years on record at least when you look at the calendar year. that will be quickly changing by this time tomorrow. there's the cold front about 500 miles offshore. not only rain but quite a bit of wind that we'll be tracking as
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that storm system arrives on tuesday. cloud cover mainly there for your morning commute down to san jose. and then by the afternoon hours the north bay starts to get those rain drops first around 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. and here we go again. one of the driest calendar years on record with this storm system, we could pick up more rain in one day than we've had for all of 2013. we're going to track all of that throughout the show. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, gas prices are on the rise. california drivers are certainly feeling the pain. but are state lawmakers to blame for this? weigh take a look in our reality check. >> and is it a dangerous drive? what's under the new scrutiny and their oversight of the safety of bay area bridges? >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo. coming up, final inspection for an akcademy that is supposed to give sjpd a huge shot in the arm.
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getting ready to hit the streets for the first time in three years, san jose police department is about to graduate an academy of cadets. 43 recruits almost ready to be sworn in to help a depleted police force. it's a story only here. damian trujillo was the only reporter at the academy today where the chief and commander gave those recruits one final inspection, damian. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. san jose police are desperate for new police officers. crime is up. morale has been low, although getting better in recent weeks. the department admits these recruits are not the cure-all but commanders say they are a good first step. ♪ >> reporter: these are the men and women who want to help san jose get back on track, a department mired in internal strife, rank and file fighting
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city hall. ♪ >> very professional and, i'll tell you, we can't wait to get them out there. >> reporter: morale has improved. today the commander looked over every recruit making sure they have what it takes to wear the badge. the commander quizzed the would-be officers on the code of ethics and on when to use or not to use a gun. >> an officer may -- >> do you have handcuffs with you? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: 2012 was a violent year in san jose. fewer officers were responding to rising crime, a fact the chief wants these recruits to know in case they ever have to unholster their guns. >> it's a dangerous profession. we all know that getting into it. it's important that they keep themselves safe and get as much training as they can to be prepared in case that ever happens, god forbid it ever does for each individual, but be prepared in case it happens. >> reporter: these recruits are
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a boost to the force. they won't make up for the roughly 130 officers who retired or quit last year out of frustration over decreasing pay and benefits. >> this is a great start. it's only part of the equation. we need to retain the force that we have. we need to continue with our recruiting and with our academy graduates. >> reporter: if they pass inspection, in two weeks these recruits will be ready to hit the streets of san jose. these recruits will receive their badges on march 15th and then in the early fall a new academy helps san jose. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. okay, damian, thank you. in an area nope for creating tech jobs, the bay area just got some big hiring news today from a company known for its smoothies. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman with the job news. take it away, scott. >> reporter: no chips involved here, just drinks. it's java juice giving young job
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seekers a big boost announcing plans to hire 3,500 people around the country including somewhere around 500 of them here in the bay area, that's the ceo. his part of the president's summer jobs initiative to put young people to work. last year they hired close to 6,000 people. apple has at least for now lost the title of most valuable can company in the u.s. shares of apple stock dropping about 2.5% today sending market value below $400 billion for the first time since january of 2012. it also fell behind exxon which is for now the most valuable company. a bay area city known for cranking out tech companies is now turning to a neighbor for some technology of its own. here is how one build iing is turning into its own social network. it's already home to some of the world's best known technology companies but here inside palo alto city hall, a piece of
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technology is being used to bring people together and, no, it's not facebook. >> we have brought it to a more intimate level. >> reporter: it's chatter, a social network for individual organizations made by software giant sales force. now used by palo alto city employees. >> the leading edge tools can we adopt that would allow us to energize and integrate our staff and ultimately make what we do more efficient. >> reporter: so they're chatting here not about their food or family vacations but about how the 1,000 city employees can do a better job for palo alto residents. >> i have a need. i'm looking for an employee who speaks spanish to help us work through this issue, or i am looking for somebody who is a certified project planner because we have this big initiative going on.
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>> anything we can do to find the right information, connect the right people, and get back to the community whether by way of data or information or service, that's going to impact them directly. >> reporter: you already know about palo alto's technology. now the city's other movers and shakers have a little tech of their own. now the city of palo al it to rolled out chatter today. it is not new, yammer, linkedin offering similar ways to communicate within smaller groups. jessica? >> thank you, scott. check this out. not what you want to see on a freeway in the middle of the night, 1,200-pound animals. a couple of horses greeting drivers on an off ramp northbound 680 in martinez. a chp officer shut down the ramp to corral the horses and animal control rounded them up and reunited them with their opener. no word on how the horses escaped. they were fortunate no one ran
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into them. let's bring in jeff ranieri who is going to talk about -- he's smiling. that means there's some green on his radar. >> yes, yes. looking ahead to the rainfall coming our way this week. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. a lot gustier as we head throughout tuesday. once that storm gets here and no doubt bring your jacket tonight. temperatures already dropping into the 40s. right now 49 in san mateo. 46 in n 0 ovato. 52 in san jose. to san jose, our live sky camera network shows clear conditions up above but we do have plenty of haze as that sun sets for tonight but we're going to start to clear out that air quality with our storm as it arrives on tuesday. let's get a look tuesday, tomorrow morning, clouds in the north bay. down to the south bay and even back to the east bay. a dry start to the day. throughout the evening hours we'll get that rain advancing through the north bay first, 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00, novato and then that rain will be pushing down to the south bay where we could see a quarter to a half
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inch. also the sierra snow. some of the biggest snow we have seen this year arriving as we head throughout tuesday and also wednesday. most of that happening up above 4,000 feet where we could see a foot or more anywhere near blue canyon, also to king veil. so be prepared for those winter conditions as we head throughout tuesday's forecast. otherwise, as you mentioned, cloudy for most of your day tomorrow. i don't think you need the umbrella until after 4:00 p.m. make it a stray shower on the coastline by 4:00 p.m. on tuesday but otherwise for the n interior valleys, it's going to be clouding up throughout the day with some cooler weather and temperatures in the upper 50s and also low 60s. so the storm day is tuesday. as we head throughout wednesday, a chance here for some scattered showers and thunderstorms and a few showers lingering on thursday. you can get more on your forecast anytime at i'm back throughout the show with are more. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. stanford students are fighting back. the new school policy that has many undergrads outraged. >> a 911 operator's desperate
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plea to save an elderly woman a. central california police department is investigating that woman's death, plus -- >> i'm marianne favro. doctors say a baby born with hiv has now been kurpd of the virus. coming up, a closer look at the treatment.
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how safe are bay area bridges? the california department of transportation has released disturbing results from our bridge safety. the investigation was triggered by safety questions regarding the new span of the bay bridge. "the sacramento bee" is reporting the investigation revealed four state engineers changed or left out data or evidence of equipment failures on four freeway structures. one of those structures was the martinez bridge, two of the four engineers that are cited a still employed by caltrans. the director said the agency has changed its rules and policy to ensure integrity in the future. a bill was introduced last month
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that would require independent oversight. bakersfield police are conducting an investigation into the death of the retirement home. they're looking into whether there was any criminal wrongdoing in the way a nurse responded when a resident collapsed. that nurse refusing to perform cpr and her refusal captured on 911 tapes. >> i understand if your boss is telling you you can't do it, but, if there's any -- as a human being, i don't -- you know, is there anybody that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> it started when an 87-year-old woman, lorraine, suddenly collapsed at that nursing home, glenwood gardens. the nurse called 911 but since employees are not allowed to perform cpr the nurse refused to give cpr to her. an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the retirement home is defending the nurse saying she correctly followed protocol. however, the home says it will conduct a auththorough internal
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review. >> more than an issue for children, the potentially lifelong impact of a.d.d. >> massive government cuts are already being felt across the nation. now some relief on gas prices as california gears up for its next gas tax. we find out if it gas prices may not be the fault of gas companies or even traders for that matter. but their own legislators up next. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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okay. there are a few drivers that would design a california gas prices are simply maddening. >> what if california doesn't have to lead the nation in gas prices, even with our strict environmental standards and high taxes? in tonight's reality check sam brock looks into whether or not state lawmakers are contributing to the problem and not the solution. sam? >> reporter: raj, good evening. in a few months california's ex size tax on gasoline is set to rise by 3.5 cents. and, you know, that got us thinking between high taxes and
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these special blends here in california, is sacramento actually guilty of helping to create a price crisis in this state? and you might think it's the oil companies driving up our prices but our own legislators are partly to blame. in a perfect world we'd all drive one of these and gas prices wouldn't even enter into our consumer calculus. but as it stands california has the most expensive gasoline in the continental u.s. does it have to be this way? >> i don't see any logical reason why there should be higher prices in california than the rest of the nation. so my guess is some people make a lot of money off this. >> reporter: before you go blaming the oil industry for making money hand over foot, let's look at what role the state is play iing in your high prices. sure there's the whole tax argument as this chart demonstrates california is nearly tops in the country in gas taxes, and it could head the list by this summer. but that's not even the primary driver of our higher gas prices.
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>> this is a thin market where there's not a lot of competitors to supply the product and that is kind of endemic to the fact that we have this higher quality blend that not many other states have. >> reporter: california's unique gasoline blend required by law to emit fewer pollutants than burned in other states could only be produced in a limited number of refineries and according to stanford energy expert about four companies own nearly 70% of the refinding capacity in california. so they effectively control supply and price. but he says the state is not helpless to control prices if lawmakers would just make some adjustments. for example, letting gasoline retailers lock down lower prices months in advance instead of buying right before delivery. you might compare it to buying a
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ticket ahead of time. >> you don't show up and buy a ticket the day you fly. you may not be able to buy. that would be an infinite price for the ticket. future contracts is only one tool lawmakers have to lower prices lending strength to the idea california has manufactured or at least partly manufactured a price crisis. another option that the professor suggests, allow california to buy gas from other states if the price difference between gas in our state and a neighboring one gets too extreme. now, again, these are proposals but they suggest consumers in the state should not have to pinch pennies just to pay for gas. it's time for sacramento lawmakers to help out. i'm sam brock. that's today's reality check. just days into the sequestration, the obama a administration says the effect of spending cuts are already being felt at the airports. security lines are longer with fewer tsa and u.s. customs agents and overtime is all but
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eliminated. in the fall schools could suffer teacher layoffs. president obama hopes the sequester will pressure republicans into a tax hike on the rich with gop lawmakers say that's not likely. >> eventually a lot of people are going to feel some pain. that's why we've got to keep on working to reduce our deficit in a balanced way. >> i think the president miscalculated and thought sooner or later we would agree to revenues in this case and that's never been in the cards. >> a measure that would extend a pay freeze for federal employees including congress and would ensure undocumented immigrants are not released. it provides funding for embassy security. a pub llicity stunt, that's what the white house is calling dennis rodman's trip to north korea. they say north korea should focus on the well-being of its people instead of hosting celebrity basketball players.
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relations remain tense. the country launched a nuclear test today before president obama's state of the union address last month. rodman visited as part of an hbo basketball documentary. he dined with kim jung-un. >> we still don't know when the cardinals will begin the process of choosing the church's next pope. all 115 cardinal electors must be in rome for the conclave. about a dozen have yet to arrive. the vatican says it expects all of them to be there by tomorrow afternoon. he is staying put for now. the man accused of shooting and killing an oakland rapper and causing a fiery crash on the vegas strip faced a judge in los angeles for the first time today. 26-year-old mark harris was arrested in l.a. a week ago. this morning he was scheduled for an extradition hearing but that hearing was postponed. that's because harris exercised his right to an identity hearing
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that will require prosecutors to prove he's the person wanted by cops in nevada. harris will be back in court in ten days. among those who vowed to also be back, a brother of one of the victims. >> trying to understand how we are supposed to move on and how his grandson is going to cope with this loss. my brother, michael, was the best big brother anybody could have. he was our whole neighborhood big brother. >> police say harris, the self-professed pimp shot and killed cherry who was in a maserati, a sports car that slammed into a taxi sparking an explosion that killed a cabby and his passenger. the los gatos town council will vote on a moratorium about new gun stores. templar opened just a few days after the newtown school shoot ing in connecticut.
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many were upset that the store opened without a public debate. protests forced the town council to address the issue. if the emergency moratorium is a approved tonight, it will apply retroactively to templar sports. the meeting begins at 7:00 in the council chambers. tonight we're learning the identi identity of the triathlete who died in this weekend's escape from alcatraz race. the 46-year-old, an attorney from austin, texas, died just one minute after jumping into the san francisco bay right at the start of the race. officials say he had a heart attack. however, the medical examiner's office hasn't issued a cause of death. the water was 51 degrees sunday. cooler than normal because the race was held earlier than usual to accommodate america's cup races which take place in the summer when this race normally happens. the 63-year-old competitor died back in 2008 after the swimming portion of the race. an investigation is under way into the death of an inmate at the marin county jail.
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he was found unresponsive. cpr attempts by jail personnel and paramedics failed to revive him and he was then pronounced dead. his name has not yet been released or a cause of death. >> a fire has destroyed a south bay landmark overnight. the happy restaurant went up in flames. the family owned hot dog restaurant is a fixture that's been there for 42 years. the owner is very optimistic vowing to reopen within just a few months. the fire started an an outside utility closet. still ahead at 6:00, forcing major league baseball's hand to bring the a's to san jose. and something unusual is coming to the bay area at least lately. that is rainfall. we are tracking that next storm. it's dry right now on the satellite radar picture. this winter storm expected to be strong enough to produce this winter storm warning. details on how much snow we could pick up in the full forecast coming up.
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it's quite a sight to see. tomorrow is the big day or we should say the big night, the bay bridge lights project offici officially makes its debut. 25,000 l.e.d. lights will shimmer on the western span. unofficially happening the last couple of weeks he the lights will form patterns meant to mimic rain, the flow of water, traffic, lights, and a lot more. the bridge will light up every night beginning tomorrow from dusk until 2:00 a.m. for the next two years. well, there's a new plan to bring the a's to the south bay. san jose city councilmember wants to sue the san francisco giants. they continue to claim territorial rights to the south bay and have used that claim to
6:39 pm
block the a's move. the district includes most of the proposed downtown ballpark property says the suit would not cost taxpayers a dime. they will take on the case on a contingency basis. most classes at stanford are offered between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. sounds pretty good until you have some scheduling trouble. around 7,000 undergrads go to stanford. the university, the registrar says every quarter more than 1,000 have enrollment conflicts. stanford is considering spreading out class times which means some classes will start earlier than 8:30 a.m. which would be tough for many undergrads. 1,700 students are against the idea. they have signed an online petition saying the changes will negatively impact student life. >> oh, come on. >> they will discuss the proposal on march 7th. >> they don't party at stanford, do they? come on. >> i think i had classes at 6:00 a.m. >> you can't party at stanford. >> university of florida -- you're a good student.
6:40 pm
>> we got our work done. >> you just stayed up all night and went to class. >> exactly. exactly. all right. our weather forecast for tonight and the next couple of days, some huge changes coming our way. seems pretty split whether you want the rain or not. whether you do or not, it's on the way. we'll let you know when that arrives in a few minutes. all right, jeff. here is what we have coming up in sports. after a tough road trip, the r warriors returned home for a seven-game home stand. we'll have a live report from oracle arena plus who is coming and going in the land of the 49ers? the details next from the xfinity sports desk. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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in health matters tonight, it's not just the childhood behavioral problem. a new study shows kids with adhd could grow up to have serious psychological problems. researchers published their findings in the journal "pediatrics" and found 60% of young adhd patients had at least one psychiatric as an adult, the most common being alcohol or substance abuse, anxiety and depression compared to 35% of the people in a comparison group who did not have the disorder while growing up. researchers say the study confirms adhd is a chronic lifetime disorder for many people.
6:43 pm
doctors say a baby born with the hiv infection has been cured of the virus. it's the first documented case of a child being cured. tonight nbc bay area's marianne favro takes a closer look at the treatment that child received and what the development may mean to those now living with hiv. >> reporter: at children's hospital in jackson, mi mississippi, dr. hannah gate decided to treat a baby with three new hiv drugs three hours after she was born. and before official lab tests could confirm that the child was infected with hiv. dr. gates said she made a decision not to wait because the baby's hiv-infected mother had not received any prenatal care. then, a year and a half later, she learned the baby had been taken off what should have been long-term treatment. >> at that point the mom admitted that she had not been
6:44 pm
using the medicine for the past several months and i fully expected the baby to have gone back up. >> reporter: but the doctor said she was shocked when the baby had no signs of the virus. several more lab tests found no trace of hiv. experts are calling this a functional cure and suspect the early treatment left no time for the virus to hide out in the body. that early treatment hours after birth is now being considered for babies at high risk of being born with hiv. at silicon valley pediatricians in san jose, christine says while the approach may help the 130 babies born in the u.s. every year who have hiv passed on during pregnancy, the single case will not likely help people living with hiv now. >> but i would hesitate to say that anyone with hiv today can take news of one child in their infancy period could, therefore, become cleared of the virus. >> reporter: surprisingly the little girl's viral loads were still undetectable a year after
6:45 pm
treatment. a treatment that would normally be prescribed for years. however, despite this new development, doctors warn strongly against taking your child off any medication until you've consulted with your doctor. more study is needed but this case is sure to inspire more res research to help babies born with hiv. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we've needed the rain and it's about to arrive. >> i couldn't be happier. some of you on our facebook saying you don't want the rain because your flowers bloomed early. we're going to get the rain and wind tomorrow and there go some of the flowers. we'll see what we can do with that storm system tomorrow. the radar dry up across the sierra. we are looking at a winter storm warning out ahead of the system until 7:00 on wednesday morning where we could have upwards after foot of snow. there has not been this much snow in one storm, i think only but one other time in 2013.
6:46 pm
be prepared for the winter companies. winds can also gust as high as 40 miles per hour. if you're going outside right now, be prepared for drastically colder weather than what you experienced throughout this afternoon. already dropping into the 40s. a wind kicking on by and it's going to feel like the low 40s and low 50s right now in san jose. let's bring you outside to the live hd sky camera network and there it is, the bay bridge, the bay lights happening here soon. it will be lit up very beautifully. it does look quite fascinating. let's get you back to the weather boards. as we head to tomorrow morning, no major rainfall expected on the weather boards. we have cloud cover building across the north bay, all through the peninsula and down to the south bay. throughout the afternoon, though, that's when the rain will begin to start up into the north bay. you need the umbrella first into novato and long er here before you get the rain in the south bay for san jose and also for the east bay. may not be until 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 tomorrow night we think is the best chance for that rainfall to start pushing to the south. then as we head throughout
6:47 pm
wednesday morning, can't quite get rid of the rain just yet, hold on to lingering showers, maybe even a chance here of an isolated thunderstorm as we head throughout wednesday's forecast. so much uplift in the upper level atmosphere. we can't rule it out. highest totals for the north bay, looks like the hills up here will squeeze out a half inch to an inch, the same ske scenario down to the south bay. if you're heading across the north bay, that's where it's going to be the wettest. as far as the wind goes, this is the other component of this system. we haven't seen too many storms like this so far this year. so as we head throughout the day, be prepared for some gusty winds that will slow down the traffic and likely bring us some minor to moderate delays. you can see those colors really start to pop up throughout 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 on tuesday. that's where the wind will be the worst at the coastline. anywhere from 20 to 40 miles an hour. tomorrow morning 37 in napa. 36 in santa rosa. 40 in san jose.
6:48 pm
38 in gilroy and 38 in livermore. and daytime highs on tuesday will be cooler with the advancing cloud cover and also the showers beginning throughout the afternoon. 60 in fremont. 61 san jose. 59 in santa rosa and also 56 in san francisco. so rain begins for tomorrow. a chance of isolated thunderstorms on wednesday. a few lingering showers in here on thursday's forecast and then the good news, by this upcoming weekend we clear out and the sun comes back with temperatures warming into the upper 60s by sunday and also monday. the other good news i might be able to get the allergy medication like a lot of you the next couple of days, the rain is going to help us. you've had two weeks of high pollen so this is going to be some big relief. >> i've been sneezing for two weeks. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. to jim kozimor in sports. what should jim start with? >> i think the 49ers.
6:49 pm
you ask and i'll deliver, sunshine. i'm ready to do it. a fourth round pick in 2007 and has turned himself into one of if not the best free safeties in the game. now goldson's future with the 49ers is up in the air. why is that? here is why. elected not to use the franchise tag thus making him an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any team starting on march 12. goldson express add desire to set a long-term deal tweeting this, handle is, i'm very thankful i didn't get the franchise tag again but still hopeful this means something long term with the san francisco 49ers. promising for david akers, reporting that the 49ers will release the kicker before the start of free agency on march the 12th. akers struggled last season c converting 69% of his field goal
6:50 pm
attempts. on sunday silverman became the first woman ever to compete in an nfl regional scouting combine or tryout ended prematurely after reinjuring her quadriceps after two kicks. it was called a tremendous opportunity although many called it a publicity stunt. from that let's talk hoops. on the latest road trip, road warriors they were not. one win in five games on the trip. the good news they return home tonight against the toronto raptors. better news, they'll finish the year playing 16 of the final 22 games at oracle arena. we send it out now to oakland, our henry wofford has the latest. henry? >> reporter: yes, if jim, speak ing of the latest, breaking news. great news for the golden state warriors. bogut will start tonight. he's missed the last six games with back spasms. he did not travel on the most recent trip when they went 1-4.
6:51 pm
the horrible news for the warriors, they're struggling on the court. they've lost 10 of their last 13 games and coach marc jackson is not worried about the offense. he says it's the defense that needs to step up. >> we just haven't been good defensively. we haven't been as sharp individually or collectively. we'll get it back, but it's not going to come back just by talking about it. we've got to find a way to get back to who we were, get back to our primary identity to defend and rebound and take care of the basketball. we've gotten away from that and it's hurt. >> we can score with the best of them in this league. we have 100-plus points a game. we have to take, you know, the defensive end are more personally like we did earlier this year, and we will. the coaches have done a good job of staying on us and we'll get there. >> reporter: the warriors and raptors will tip off at 7:30. the raptors have not beaten the warriors at oracle arena since 2004. reporting from oracle arena,
6:52 pm
henry wofford, nbc bay area. henry, thank you very much. giants visiting the white sox. a little cactus league action. deep to left. bottom of the fifth, the giants down 5-2. the former giant, knocks an rbi single to right. up 6-2, that would be the final. how about the a's and the angels playing in the cactus league. a's down two, bases loaded. a three-run triple into the right field corner rattled around down there. take a 3-2 lead. runner on second. josh redick with a double. that is deep into the left center gap. a's win 13-5. and that will do it. we'll have warriors/raptors highlights at 11:00. new number one in college basketball, gonzaga. that will do it for sports. back to you guys. >> thank you, jeff.
6:53 pm
we'll see you at 11:00. for a full half hour you can watch sports net central at 10:30.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
are you on the list? the forbes billionaire list is out and it's bigger and richer than ever. in total the group is worth $5.4 trillion. in the top spot is mexico's carlos slim. bill gates checks in number two. spain's amancio ortega, a founder of? >> zara. >> warren buffett is fourth. checking into the five spot bay area resident and oracle boss
6:56 pm
larry ellison. number eight on the list was jeff ranieri, just missed it there. >> what do you know? weather pays big in san francisco. it pays big, you guys. >> what do we have? >> a lot of people would pay a lot of mop ymoney for this rain. temperatures in the upper 50s and a chance of showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon with a clearing forecast friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures also warming up to the upper 60s and don't forget those clocks. spring ahead on sunday. >> already? >> yes. double, triple, quadruple checked it and it's officially sunday. so can't blame your weather guy. >> 0 do we lose an hour sleep? >> spring forward. >> spring forward. >> let me figure this out. >> clearly his wife handles the clocks in the house. [ crickets chirping ]
6:57 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- new pics, ben affleck trying to kick a photographer? his little girl serphina in his arms. ben's move to defend his daughter. barbara walters' tv return. >> i'm on the set of "the view" for barbara's first day back. how do you feel? >> i feel very happy to be talking to you, a.j. >> which famous actor gave her the chicken pox? plus, breaking news about regis' new verse of "the view." crazy new video, bieber trapped in a chaotic mob in london. casey anthony out of hiding. >> get out of the way! get out of the way! >> we're in court at as casey shows her face for the first time in months. broke and on the hook for nearly a million dollars.
6:59 pm
mario's new a-list interview with halle. what she really thought of seth macfarlanes controversial oscars. >> much was made of the boob song. what did you make of this performance? >> from beverly hills to the ballroom. lisa vanderpump and new maks are here. >> you have to look at me like you love me. >> plus, "modern family's" stars trapped in an elevator. and jim carrey working his magic on renee. >> nice to see you too, and your legs. i'm sorry! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. ben affleck defending his daughter. his caught-on-camera altercation with photographers coming up. >> first, barbara walters back on work on "the view" after six weeks off. >> i know. a.j.'s in new york on the set where barbara came out with a jaw dropper about her illness. >> who's the mystery star who got her sick? >> who's the mystery star who got her sick? just how


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