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tv   Today  NBC  March 7, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PST

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crunk music for all of you people who don't understand what hip is. >> it's a lot like rogers and hammerstein. >> lil john is on the apprentice. he has this huge brand of music in new orleans called crunk music. >> is it a combination between crazy and drunk? >> i think it is. we're going to get the definition from the man with the grills himself, lil john. we have lil joe in the house, lil joe hagen from new york magazine is joining us. >> makes me nervous when these guys show up. >> this is what we do, when we have guests in the studio, we like to liquor them up. joe, we did not forget you. cheers. >> i saw him five minutes ago looking for coffee. who gave him wine? >> yes, yes. >> he's not as bad as he seems. happy to have him here. now, there's a bit of a controversy. everybody felt like when they came out with these gel nail things it was an answer to
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prayer, because you don't have to go as often, they don't chip. they last a long time. >> manicure red alert. apparently there are problems with the gel manicures. >> because of the uv light you have to sit under. >> you have to sit there to bake the gel stuff on your nails, and we went to "good housekeeping." >> to the institute. >> one of the things they did tell us, one of the more dangerous treatments you can do on yourself are gel manicures. it's funny to be reading it in the paper these days. >> this was a month ago, they are saying there's some data we really, really need to look at about this. a couple of ladies that have had tumors breaking out on their fingers as a result. they say if you're going to do it, you have to put sun block. but they take off all that stuff or the nail stuff won't adhere. i don't understand. i do pedicures that way and they don't mention that at all. i guess it's the same concept.
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>> same concept. i think sometimes we know the risks and we do it anyway. >> like you with something called keratin. >> let me tell you. what's weird about keratin, when you sit in the chair for them to do it they offer you a kbas mask. >> that should be your first sign. >> looks like something from baghdad. >> what justin bieber's wearing now. >> they have two things that suck the air out of the room, big hoses, and they have open windows in the winter so the chemicals don't settle. however, given all that data, i still do it. >> i know. we've come a long way from going to the dentist and asking if you'd like gas. now you go to the hairdresser, would you like a gas mask? >> what do you guys think? there are a lot of things, we do, coloring your hair, there's problems with the dyes. there are chemicals going around your brain over and over and over again. >> seeping into your body through holes. >> don't say holes. we hate the word "hole."
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for obvious reasons. >> almost as much as moist. but anyway -- >> and ooze. ooze and moist, hole, all disgusting words. >> don't you love to watch commercials where they tell you how great a product is and spend the other 30 seconds that tell you if you actually don't die, you'll probably love this product, it will probably work for you because you're going to end up with greasy discharge -- >> don't say greasy discharge. >> but, your hemorrhoid is going to disappear. >> nasty. >> unbelievable to me. >> sorry you had to hear that, little joe. taylor swift, we seem to be hearing more about her personal life than we are her art. is that a good thing long-term for her career, hoda? >> tina fey and amy poehler told her to stay away from michael j. fox's 23-year-old son, advised her to quote take some me time.
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taylor i guess didn't think it was all that funny. >> i guess because it's been piling on, as they say. >> she went on "vanity fair" and said katie couric said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women. actually that line was -- >> that line was from madeleine albright. >> this is what she also said, for a female to write about her feelings and be portrayed as a clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend, i think that's taking something that should be celebrated, a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way and turning it into something that doesn't exist. >> think about it, jane austen did it, didn't she? so many of the poets. >> what's the problem? what do you think the issue is with taylor? . writers write about life experiences. >> i think the issue is, a lot of people think, and this isn't me saying it, but it's chronic. it seems to be chronic and it seems to be -- there's very little time in between boyfriends. where there's a time for thinking about it.
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maybe she's been writing her songs, but i think a lot of people think this is becoming chronic behavior, some sort of an addictive thing. >> i think every guy that goes out with her knows they may wind up in a song. it became kind of a joke, but it's true. amy poel pohler did respond, "i feel bad if she's upset, i'm a feminist, i do agree i am going to hell, but for other reasons, mostly boring tax stuff." tina fey also -- >> i don't think anything they did was mean spirited. one tina thought was going to get all the attention was what she said to james cameron about, if you're going to talk about torture, go to somebody who knows what they are talking about, meaning catherine bigelow. she's been married to james cameron. she thought that was a lot meaner. catherine bigelow took it fine. james cameron wasn't in the room, if i recall. >> you're right, he wasn't. tina fey, a shoutout, she has a
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movie out called "admissions" with paul rudd, it's funny, poignant, all those things. lily tomlin is in the movie. she steals it. it's a fun movie. there's lily. she looks great and plays this hippy dippy mom who goes to the beat of her own drum. anyway, fun night last night. congrats. >> there you are, hoda. >> don't even talk about the same dress. >> you know what, i'm running out of clothes. >> every time i see that dress, i admire it. >> people are over all my clothes. they are saying it on facebook. i shouldn't have read. enough, retire the black and white dress. i love that dress. >> don't wear it on the air then, wear it other places. >> where else is there to wear it? seriously. if not here, then where? this is big stuff and a lot of people are very upset about it. actually, small stuff. the tsa is going to allow small knives on flights. >> let's discuss that. what went into that whole decision? >> this is okay.
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>> these are the ones -- show the ones that are okay. little tiny six-inch -- >> six centimeter. >> always correcting everything. >> hoda, that's why we have this. show the difference between -- excuse me. i can't grip that thing. six inches. >> so to speak. no, there will be a joke, i'm not willing to play. >> what is six inches, show me. >> i'm not going to do it. you do it on your own. >> that's six inches, although we women have been told that it's that. >> six centimeters is over here. >> okay, this is acceptable on a flight. a lot of people apparently like to bring pocket knives on planes or corkscrews. this one makes more sense. >> got to clean your teeth sometimes. >> ones that are not okay. >> this one is not okay, hoda woman. >> careful. that's not okay. >> not because of the length of it, but did you hear it click? you can't lock it. be careful. >> you can apparently bring golf
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clubs on, which i didn't know were not allowed. >> where are you going to put your golf clubs? >> overhead where people put their canes. >> an entire -- >> i've flown back and forth to palm beach. >> who travels with one golf club? you take them in a group, in a bag. >> some people have a lucky club they want to carry along. >> baseball bats, those are important to have, as well. hoda for some reason -- >> this is an important piece of video tape we want you to watch. we're so sick of robbers and law breakers. a guy was going through a drive through, asked for change for $100 but he was really going to rob this dunkin' donuts clerk. watch what she did to him with hot coffee. >> okay, okay. he wants the money. >> you want my money, okay, big boy. >> in the car, in the car! >> yeah, baby! take it to the road!
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there you go. >> threw it in his face. we're going to watch it over and over again. >> here's the thought that we had, can he turn around, then, and sue her -- >> no. >> -- for burning him? that's the kind of stuff we hear about in the news today, hoda, which drives me crazy. there's no common sense anywhere. >> stop watching the news. >> we are the news! i know it's ridiculous, but we are the news. >> real quick, in the march 18th issue of "in touch," there's a photo of you and me. and the feud we've been having. this is what joan rivers had to say about it. kathie lee wants to do the "today" in l.a., hoda wants to be in new york city. why not compromise and tape it in a liquor store in kansas city. >> good idea. coming up, rapper, deejay lil jon! he's got zoom ba going at the same time. >> he's all worked up. >> come on. right after this. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
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what pool? [ female announcer ] k-y yours & mine. keep life sexy. rapper, producer, and internet sensation, lil jon bringing crunk music to the mainstream with his hit "get low." >> now he's created a hot new track called "work." he's also a contestant on nbc's "celebrity apprentice." take a look what's in store, shall we? >> i'm about to freak out, because you set me up if i can't get this done. >> with her being a frantic manager, somebody's going to get a little tongue lashing. >> from lil jon. we know who's going to give it to her. >> yes, yes! >> not going to be to me. >> no! >> first of all, we have to clear up the crunk thing. >> it's not crazy drunk. >> i thought that's what crunk is. . can i please say something? >> please, do not believe everything you see on wikipedia, ladies and gentlemen, it is not all facts.
2:18 am
>> it isn't? >> really? >> anybody can change it. >> tell us what it means, educate us. >> crunk means, you crank a car up. >> that's crank. >> when you crank it up, it's crunk. >> it's the past tense of crank. >> we started to use it in the south meaning high energy, getting crazy. lot of energy, getting crunk. >> so how's the "celebrity apprentice"? >> where's y'all wine at? you got me looking at like i am the alcoholic. that is not the case. they gave me this wine, ladies and gentlemen. >> we're forcing it down your face, aren't you? >> yes, you are. stop it! >> tell us about the apprentice. >> it's cray, cray, crazy, intense. >> tell us about amarosa. >> she wants to know about amarosa. this week's episode coming up this sunday, she's project manager and she's cracking the whip on everybody. >> we have a whole setup here. why don't you show us what you're doing.
2:19 am
how can we help? or not. >> you can give me some more wine actually. >> jerry! jerry! >> or, push a button. push a button. push some of those buttons. ♪ >> i love that song. >> what you can do is, yeah, those are cue points. you're on beat. >> i'm a musician, haven't you heard? >> i'm impressed. >> give him a 16-pack of my cd, please. ♪ i heard you were a wild one >> oh, that's awesome! >> go back. you're off, hoda. ♪ >> i love it! >> more important, we have a song here, this is lil jon's song coming up. >> scratched, awesome! ten extra points for you. >> your song "work," this is a zumba thing you've got going on. zumba's a hot craze. we have some dancers to help us out.
2:20 am
play us the song and tell us about it. >> it's called "work." >> well basically i did this song specifically for zoom ba. i noticed they don't have any songs telling you exactly what to do. i made a song and it tells you to move. roll, work, roll, work. roll, work, roll, work. so it's a bunch of -- >> what else? >> this is, like, a little hype part. hypes you up. if you didn't come to sweat, you need to leave. if you came to sweat and have a good time, put your hands up and get ready to break it down like this. >> left, right, move your body to the bass. >> we are going to be crunking. >> no, we're not. >> you can catch brand new "celebrity apprentice" sunday at 9:00/8:00 central right here on nbc. >> thank you, lil jon. see you in a little bit. coming up, all the hilarious photos that make you take a double take. we love this.
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>> what the what?
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it is wines day wednesday, and you know what that means. >> what the what? >> exactly. that's when we look at those whacky two or three photos. you send in. >> they are crazy. just crazy. >> sara tells us how funny they are. sara, what do we got? >> you're going to like this one. the first one is our caption winner from last week. this is the dog toby, and the winning caption is from denise, oh, you said sit. [ laughter ] >> good going, denise! >> good job, denise. >> you are one classy broad. >> we are going to show you the one we need a caption for at the end of the day. our first photo, energy conservation in progress, go ahead and use the elevator. that's going to take -- save it up, save it up. >> okay. >> next one, mike from delaware,
2:26 am
pennsylvania. spread eagle realty and below that is a little ob-gyn. >> oh, no. . one of them is spread eagle reality. yeah. >> that is a winning caption. next is from eileen from draper, utah. payne orthodontics. go with a different name. this one from orlando, florida. uncle joe's mint balls keep you all aglow. who's hungry? >> by the way, all these have innuendos. if you know what i'm saying. >> this is what we need a caption for. that horse is legit hugging. we want our viewers to write on and submit your caption. >> don't be weird when you write in. >> hey, sweet cheeks, new in town. we don't want that kind of thing.
2:27 am
>> nailed it. you said, sit. >> hers was good. >> you should see my chihuahuas when i do that. >> listen, i am deeply deeply grateful to hoda woman. she's about to walk over to nbc experience store because i'm injured. lola, precious dog -- >> hurt her kneecap. >> i'm going to be here. >> we're talking about the hottest songs. it's going to be a lot of fun. also, how about this -- >> bobby thomas has creative ideas to clear that clutter in style. ♪ >> look, looks like it's a joy fit party. and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol.
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even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! back now with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. time to play "who knew." we all get catchy tunes stuck in our heads, but do you know all the words or who the artists are, as well? to help us find out who it is and what they are talking about and mostly me, i know, struggling with the prompter today.
2:30 am
hoda's across the street at the nbc experience store. >> it's lively. >> anyway, she's going to hand out $100 to anyone who answers questions correctly and a copy of any one of my 16 fabulous cds. those who don't answer, but helping me out is leah, music editor at "entertainment weekly." all righty, are you ready, leah? >> i'm ready. >> hoda? >> lovely lady from oregon. >> portland, oregon, yeah. >> here's your question, get ready. this song flew to number one spot on the charts, along with its viral dance video. name this song. ♪ >> harlem shake! harlem shake! >> the harlem shake, you're genius. >> oh, my gosh!
2:31 am
>> what can i say? so, tell us about that. >> it's this little thing that started, it came out a year ago, didn't really go anywhere, then became this insane viral thing because of the -- oh, they are doing it, they want to do it back there because of the videos. you see those videos where there's one guy dancing while everyone around them ignores them. then the song gets to the halfway point and everyone goes bonkers. you've seen the norwegian army do it, miami heat. >> actually, i haven't. >> got to get on youtube. >> i got to go on youtube. i'm wasting my life. >> 200 million pages for these videos. >> our next lady from orlando. what's your name? >> julie. >> here's your question. i love this game. finish the lyrics to this song made popular by taylor swift. ♪ and he's long gone when he's next to me ♪ ♪ and i realize -- the joke is on me ♪ ♪ i knew you were trouble when
2:32 am
you walked in ♪ >> we are so good! >> all right. that one i actually had heard before. taylor swift. she's all over the place. >> no cds today. >> money, she got that right. >> hoda! >> nobody wants the cd. i gave her the money. >> go ahead, leah. >> taylor, you know that song, you know that it is about or not about harry stiles from one direction. >> how does she have time, barely breaks up with these guys and has a new album out. >> she needs material. she's got to date these guys. she's got to have someone to sing about. he's a good one. >> lasted like a week, a month. >> it was long enough for a hit song. >> you know what, she gets a lot of success. all right, hoda woman. i'm not speaking to you, by the way. >> let's try to squeeze two more in.
2:33 am
justin timberlake came back to the music scene releasing this new single with jay-z, name that song. >> suit and tie. >> tell me your name. >> evan jenison from wisconsin. >> evan jenison from wisconsin is so smart. we have three questions and we have three winners. >> okay. even i knew that one because it got so much press for it. >> he was gone for almost seven years. he's coming back this summer, going to be on tour with jay-z, a month-long tour doing a bunch of stadiums. he's also got three movies coming out this year. and got married. >> great to see you, leah. >> one more, one more. >> hoda! this is a good one. what's your name? >> chelsea. >> chelsea, are you ready? do the dance that's associated with this song. go. ♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> so fun.
2:34 am
all the winners, by the way. >> i know, all winners. absolutely. okay, nobody in the planet could miss gangnam style, right? >> can't not miss it, can't not know the invisible pony. >> didn't you think it was funny dennis rodman thought he was going to see him when he went to north korea? >> oh, no. >> very disappointed he didn't get to meet him. >> a lot of things probably disappoint dennis rodman at this point. >> hoda, you can officially go to the nbc experience store every week, hoda. it's all yours, baby. >> nice job, you guys. thank you, everybody over there. thanks, hoda. although i'm not speaking to her anymore. >> thank you, leah. all right, savvy style solutions for spring with bobby thomas right after this. every year we pick a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco.
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today's style is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to so good with tips from today's style expert.
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in today's style, it may be snowing outside for much of the country, but that means it's a good time to do a little spring cleaning on the inside. to get you organized for the new season, which is coming this weekend. >> from messy vanities to cluttered countertops, bobbie thomas has smart ways to streamline your daily beauty routine. this is smart. decluttering is important. especially for people like me. >> we all have a morning routine. sometimes we just get through it and don't think about how to make it faster or easier. i was really inspired to share some of these ideas. first up, container store, we know it's got a lot of great organizations but for your beauty routines these magna pods and pods are fantastic. >> what do you mean? >> inside your cabinet, all of those items you look for, the nail file, the tweezers, you can stick them right on the side. >> they don't get in the way of other things in there? >> you have to make sure you place it, but i have them in
2:40 am
mine with a full cabinet. they are just a couple dollars. another thing with women that do their hair, struggle with where to put the hair dryer, don't put it in the sink, this is called the hot iron holster. this is silicone so it's great, protects your countertop, but it sticks. it can take heat. you can lay it flat. this is one of the best investments to not ruin your vanity. >> what's it cost? >> this is around $30-ish dollar. this is a good investment. this is something that hangs over a door so when you're blow drying your hair, set it down and not have to put it in the sink, which is important. >> so much diy. what do you have over here? >> another style station, if you have a rack of towels, you can hang the style station over it. this is something i was really excited about. >> go ahead, i'm going to hang. >> i love pinterest. >> i know! >> i pin ideas like this, and i have to say, so many people had great ideas online.
2:41 am
we have a magnetized frame board, so your makeup, instead of digging through a bag or drawer, all your makeup is magnet. >> quit it. >> would you do it, hoda? >> no, but it's a great idea for someone else. i wouldn't. >> i know you wouldn't. >> if somebody did it for you would you? >> maybe, maybe. >> you canse this magnet idea not just on a frame, but if you take the bobby pins inside a drawer lienlt side of your -- line the side of your drawer so all the metal sticks to the side. >> hoda wouldn't do that either. >> all you have to do, literally, go to michael's. this is all you need, piece of sheet metal from home depot and this is how the magnet comes on a tape you can roll and snip. it's really easy. >> another favorite idea of mine is how to wrangle and repurpose items in your house. these are cake plates. i'm obsessed with these from etsy. they are about $40. if you can believe it. hand blown glass plates.
2:42 am
>> hand blown? >> yes. you can wrangle the stuff on your counter. another idea at bed, bath, and beyond, this only $10. a lazy susan under the counter. you don't have to be digging to get your products. >> adore, smart. these plates, $6.99 at t.j. max. this, pillow jammys. pillowjam you don't ruin your head, you go to bed with wet hair, it helps you with the conditioners overnight. this mom is so smart. she was so excited about this. this is a great way to save your sheets. >> couple seconds left. >> last but not least, mirror that hangs over a door, dorm room or small space. >> great idea. >> hangs over the door but has your jewelry inside. >> somebody paid you to do that. >> bobby, that's awesome. >> space saving idea. wall pops. go online, i have everything listed. >> you rock. way to go, bobster. excellent. >> girls are ready for their challenge!
2:43 am
>> our enjoy getting fit teams weigh in after this. >> come on, girls. show me what you've got. i like to stay connected with friends.
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but all that screen time can really dry me out. so i use visine®. ahhh. only visine® has hydroblend, a unique blend of 3 moisturizers... to keep me comfortable for up to 10 hours. visine® with hydroblend. visit us on facebook.
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♪ all right, gang, it's now week six of our en-joy getting fit series. today the girls are competing in a trivia challenge. you know them and you love them. here again is team hoda, yelena, jessica, and mindi! >> and team kathie lee is zakiya, heidi, and cathy, still via skype. she's on bedrest because of her broken ankle. i think i'm going to get in bed with her with my knee. through all the fun is our resident nutritionist and master of ceremonies, joy bauer! >> this segment has been great. >> we're only seven weeks in. when you hear how much weight these ladies lost, you won't believe it. >> tell us. >> first, yelena. yelena started at 145 pounds.
2:48 am
she's now 126. she's down 19 pounds! >> oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ] >> next -- >> that's amazing. >> can you believe it? >> no! >> next we have jessica. jessica started at 206, she's now 191, she's down 15 pounds. [ cheers and applause ] now we have mindi. mindi started at 198, she's now 176, down 22 pounds! >> fantastic! >> zakiya started at 235, she's now 224. she lost a total of 11 pounds. >> good job, zakiya. >> heidi started at 182, she's now 159, down a total of 23 pounds. >> that's awesome! >> that really is awesome. cathy, of course, will get back on the scale as soon as she's able to walk. >> she can't put weight on her foot. >> it's getting intense. they're tide right now. each team has two points. this is a tricky trivia contest. you're going to work with your team. >> okay. >> sorry.
2:49 am
>> i'm going to ask you questions. you have visuals in front of you. whichever team answers the most questions is going to score the point and get closer to the finish line for this particular challenge. >> we're ready. >> in front of you -- >> do we all answer at the same time? >> you're going to work together and i'm going to ask you for your answers. in front of you you have a 22-ounce fountain soda. how many packets of sugar, show me right here, are in this 22-ounce fountain soda. >> do we have to count them? >> yeah. >> go ahead, eight. >> okay. time up. hoda's team, what is your number? >> 22. what is your number? >> 17. >> the winning answer is 18. you score the point. 18 packets in that soda. >> it's okay. don't get down. we're ready. >> in front of you, you have a medium-sized buttered popcorn
2:50 am
from a movie theater. how many packs of butter represents the total amount of fat in that buttered popcorn? >> a lot. how much butter is on it? . how many pats of butter represents the total amount of fate, the oil that it's popped in and the butter. >> the oil and the butter together, they cake it on, it's soaked in it. >> kathie lee, your answer? >> they are saying go with 18 again. >> your answer? >> 17. >> the answer is 24. you guys win again. 24 pats of butter. by the way, over 1,200 calories in this. move down to the pasta. this regular-sized restaurant portion of pasta is like eating white bread. if you were to eat this entire bowl, how many slices of white bread would you be eating? >> do it. >> hoda, how many? >> ten? the answer is 11.
2:51 am
that one's a tie. tie breaker, last one -- >> it's not a tie breaker! >> they are winning so far. >> that tells you everything you need to know about hoda. >> everybody splurges from time to time. you have four goodies that are fattening in front of you, ice cream, muffin, blueberry muffin and a brownie. which is the least amount of calories? >> we're ready. >> both of them are right with the ice cream cone. wait, there's a second part. which is the most fattening with the ones left? >> muffin, doesn't matter. >> you're both right, the muffin is the most fattening, ice cream is least, but you guys win the whole challenge. they win the whole challenge. >> we got to go, you guys. first, this is "today" on nbc. all right that's a fifth-floor problem...
2:52 am
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2:55 am
as a parent you do everything you can to keep the kids entertained. a good way to do that is by making crafts. >> a slew of new craft toys to keep your little ones out of your hair for hours. >> sometimes we want to shut off the tv, shut down the devices and get creative. you can find great things around the house, but there's also great arts and craft kits. they are affordable, they are fun. remember home-ec? we used to do the knitting and sewing. kids are teaching that now. this is threads. kids can make a scarf, a beanie, a purse. they have this great accessory. >> isabella is hard at work. >> comes with everything they need, yarn, loom, needles. remember we used to put a quarter in the machine and get a super bouncy ball? you can make it now. it's all about this magical compound. you put it together, matter a,
2:56 am
matter b, put it in the mold, let it cure. you have bouncy balls. you can even make creepy crawlers. >> they are cute! >> really cool. >> what's ava working on? >> ava is making a scrapbook. i love scrap booking. have you ever done it? >> yeah. this is the eco-craft scrapbook. it's great, it comes with everything, the pages, frames, buttons, ribbons, glue. all you need to add is your own photos, ticket stubs, whatever you want, and you have this great memory book. >> let's go down to blake and sage. >> our t-shirt designers extraordinaire. they're using these fabric crayola markers. these work on fabric, hats, backpacks, all you need is an adult to heat set it before you put it in the washing machine, but now kids get to wear whatever they are creating. and stickers. kids love stickers. this is the gilardi art studio.
2:57 am
we have this turn table, kids are using the paint to color it in. >> cute. >> lil jon thinks he's the only one with a turn table. >> we have one over here. >> that's right, lil jon. >> these are removable and reusable. kids get to use them over and over again. your friends are going to think you're so cool when you make your own remote control car. this is small world toys. this comes with everything that kids need, gears, the chassis, the remote control, add batteries, you're good to go. >> look how cute she looks. >> only thing better than kids drawing on a chalkboard or sidewalk is when they get to make their own chalk. we have the plaster, we have the colors, everything, cups, and, of course, the glitter. >> you rock. >> makes up to 16 different pieces of cool chalk. >> thank you, laurie. >> thanks, kids! >> we want to thank our lil jon! >> by the way, zumba tour, nightclub tour, april 9th in boston. look at him. nice talking to you, everybody. have a great wines day
2:58 am
wednesday. >> tomorrow everyone has a story. >> see you. jeff: can i try it? from secret family recipes. i like it. to pain blockers. >> you do it for botox you put it up here. jeff: what makes you think i would have botox? moms with million dollar ideas. you now have a seven figure deal. >> my name is on two patents. jeff: cracking into the world of business. >> wouldn't it be cool if you could make a hard boiled egg without an egg shell? [ applause ] jeff: hello, hello! roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] jeff: all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended
2:59 am
family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show. have a seat, everybody. have a seat. very excited. we have four moms here today who had million dollar ideas. and it will leave you saying, why didn't i think of that? or hopefully, i could think of something like that. but first, looking so good. jillian michaels is here today! [ applause ] you clean up well, michaels. >> thank you so much. likewise, jeff. jeff: nice to have you back. you were here as a get. we started doing this co-hosting thing. we've been working around your schedule. >> i'm pretty excited. i got to say. i've been waiting for my turn. jeff: you are a little under the weather. >> i have a terrible flu but i did not want to miss the opportunity


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