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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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name, he's pointing us toward renewal. >> a decline in active parishioners, speaking for the first time as francis, the faithful gathered in st. peter's square for a moment of silence to pray for him. >> he knelt down, we saw him pray along with the crowd. it was a sign of humility. >> he showed that same humility as a cardinal, living in a sparse apartment instead of an official residence, refusing a chauffeur, riding the city bus instead. as he left st. peter's as the new pope. cardinals say he stayed true to the tenets that marked a life of service. >> as the bus pulls off, guess who pulls off, pope francis. i guess he just told the driver i'll go with the guys on the bus. he's a wonderfully simple man. >> with a very difficult job
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ahe ahead. >> there will be another incredible moment thursday morning, when pope francis travels to gondolfo to spend some time with pope ameritus benedict. it's been nearly 600 years since there's been an opportunity for pope's meet face to face about. >> while we still have you, a pivotal time for pope francis across the world. very in touch with people. how can he reinspire catholics across the world? >> a lot of those who follow the vatican here and who know pope francis say that's exactly one of the strong suits and why he may be indeed the next pope. it's -- he's known as a man who's of the people. who's spent time inspiring the faithful and growing the faithful. growing the number of people who
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show up in the pews on sunday. he's humble, known as a champion of the poor. all the quality they say they need in their church right now. >> very interesting time ahead. jay gray reporting live from rome. >> the first pope in history to choose the name francis, in this case, reference to st. francis of assisi. he was born wealthy, but dedicated his life to the poor. he sent a signal the new pope was planning to walk. many hope it is a progressive approach. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco. named after st. francis of assisi as well, terry. >> here in san francisco, as progressive a city as you're going to find. there's concern about pope francis. in the past he's taken a strong anti-gay marriage stance. never shown any interest in having women as priests. still, those with concerns are takes heart in the fact that he took the name francis, named after st. francis.
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catholicism's most beloved and passionate saint. >> hail mary, full of grace -- >> for the first time, the wednesday evening rosary was said with the namesake as pope. >> by choosing the name francis, the new pope may be signalling to us that he wants to see the church return to a more simple -- a more pristine understanding of the gospel. >> susan fox is a lifelong catholic and member of the women's order nation conference. which for decades has worked to bring some of the 600 million catholic women into the churches of power. priests, bishops, cardinals, she like many others are hoping for a more progressive spiritual leader. >> women are the backbone of the church, really. 60% of mass goers are women. >> fox reveers the law of god, it's the law of man she has trouble with. >> cannon 1024 is the cannon that doesn't allow women to be
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ordained. and it's a man-made law. you have to remember that, it's not god given. >> reporter: paul is co chair of dignity san francisco. calls for all lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgendered catholics, their families and friends to be able to participate in all aspects of church life. it's a message the church has been advocating for many years. >> our love and sexuality are gifts from god. god blesses our relationships, inherently. i'm not talking about a ritual, i'm talking about god loves us unconditionally and he created us as we are. >> they may not see a track record in the new pope. >> the holy spirit has done it before with john xxiii and she
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could do it again. >> there was a pope who came t the vatican. most thought he would be a caretaker pope, he really shook things up. they're hoping pope francis follows in his footsteps. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> not just in rome, but in the streets of buenos aires, a massive crowd celebrating the election of pope francis, born in argentina, the son of italian immigrants. a francis can fryar called the new pope a gift for all of latin america. that sense of pride spreads all the way to the bay area, both culturally and academically, let's bring in george kiriyama who was more. >> reporter: the church announced they would hold a special mass, and i have to tell you, the atmosphere inside was electric. catholics at our lady of guadeloupe parish in san jose,
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could not contain their excitement. >> i'm very happy. i'm happy that one it's the first jesuit pope. secondly, it's from latin america. it can identify with some of the life we all live here. with latinos in our community. >> for the first time in the church's history, a pope from argentina. 42% of the world's catholic population lives in south america. many the hispanic community in san jose, say they already feel the connection, one based on language and culture. >> more importantly, that he does know our language and he identifies with us is a huge plus for us. >> students at the jesuit santa clara university erupted with joy when they heard pope francis had been elected. >> i think he's doing quite well to find his humility and sfs, i don't think papacy is going to change that. >> some feel pope francis will
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help bring back people to the catholic church. >> come back to the church to find out that we have somebody who we can actually have something in common with by either language, their culture. even if he is from south america, doesn't matter, the fact that he's latin. >> and some are hoping they will be able to connect with pope francis in person. maybe a visit to the bay area, one day soon. the last pope to visit the bay area, was pope john paul, ii back in 1987. live in san jose tonight, george kiriyama, bay area news. >> 1987 was quite the sight to see in the streets of san francisco. the coverage of the new pope continues on line. we've created a special section on our website that includes photos, people around the world celebrating this historic day. can you find it at why does it take so long to report and how could it have
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happened. angry parents met with administrators at a preschool. a staff member was arrested for allegedly trying to drug toddlers. the meeting just ended. >> reporter: the meeting lasted for over an hour, parents say the day care explained the situation and how everything unfolded. but it seems that nothing was said that could put at least most of these parents at ease. dozens of mothers and fathers were visibly upset after tonight's meeting with kiddie academy administrators. most of them refused to speak on camera, one said it's been a really hard night. >> nobody got crazy and had a fight or -- >> what would you characterize the parents as being, most of them? all of them if not very angry is it. >> they know they messed up. and notifying the parents. >> last friday morning, 59-year-old debra gratz was
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caught putting sominex into the sippy cups of the children. the kids did not drink from the cups and the woman was fired. the day care didn't notify police until monday and some parents say they didn't find out until tuesday. >> how could they sleep and how could they go through the weekend knowing what's happening. not notifying the parents. the parents -- the kids that were in there, could have been tested, but waiting until monday probably would have been out of their systems. >> when i first heard about it was 7:30 in the morning from the morgan hill police department. i knew nothing on friday, i knew nothing on monday. and i knew nothing over the weekend. that is my biggest frustration. >> police investigators are also frustrated with kiddie academy's timing, because valuable evidence was lost. it's entirely possible that this wasn't the first time gratz allegedly drugged kids at the day care. >> the investigation is continuing into that, and we're looking into that to see if she
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in fact has done it for a longer period of time than just the one time. >> now, according to the parents we talked to, kiddie academy told them the day care would be implementing new policies and procedures, but no specifics were given. the day care itself declined to comment to us on camera. debra faces charges of felony child endangerment. live in morgan hill, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. they found there were violations of the law. >> your money, your airport, your government. tonight the investigative unit digging into a conflict between the faa and the city of san jose. what happens seconds before an earthquake in southern california that could help predict the next big one. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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government wastes your money, and a critical audit that has lang wished for three years. back in 2010, the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds from the san jose airport. what's happened since then? our chief investigative reporter has reviewed hundreds of documents. it's a paper trail that exposes dysfunction and hundreds of tax dollars. >> a series of breakdowns by the city, the faa and the san jose airport, the city manages the airport, federal rules prevent it from cashing in on the airport's success. it's a snapshot of your government at work. or maybe not at work. >> welcome to san jose international airport. >> it's an airport funded by your airfare.
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your travel dollars, and it's this draft audit, raising questions about where your money went. it's written by the federal aviation administration. it's critical of the city of san jose, and it's funded by your tax dollars. >> what they found was, there were violations of the law. >> gabe bruno is the executive director of the faa whistle blower alliance, and a former high ranking executive in the faa. the draft audit accuses the city of san jose of improperly using airport profits in three different areas. >> one of the red flags that that raises with me is why nobody's really asking questions about this. >> specifically, the audit accuses the city of san jose of unlawfully diverting millions of dollars of airport revenue and government grantses into the city's fund. >> it means taxpayer money was taken and not used for the intention that it was supposed to be used for. >> the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting
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funds. that's a serious accusation, agreed? >> well, of course those terms are serious. >> san jose city manager responded to an audit that accuses the city of charging the airport $11.5 million in unnecessary rental costs for these 52 acres of city owned land west of the airport. it also accuses the city of overcharging the airport for basic services. faa auditors caughted it unlawfully diverted airport revenue. >> san jose has nothing to hide. we're not afraid of answering tough questions. >> although the city says it's done nothing wrong, within the last year, city leaders decided to return nearly $6 million, a payment for overcharging the airport for services. >> the faa pointed out something that we felt we should take a look at. so we did that. >> the audit also raises serious questions about the faa. take a look. the first sentence reads. the city of san diego has
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unlawfully diverted airport revenue by renting property to the san diego international airport. >> the fa certainly should be embarrassed about the fact they started a report with the wrong name and the wrong city, identifying the wrong airport. >> their initial draft report has the wrong city and the wrong airport? >> what does that say? >> it makes you wonder. >> his title reads aviation director. bill sherry is the man in charge of san jose's airport. >> i think we have to keep it in context that it is a very early draft that requires a lot more thought, a lot more collaborative involvement from both the faa and the city. >> three years after taxpayers funded a two-week audit by faa staff. that so-called collaborative process remains stalled. the highly critical audit remains incomplete. >> it's not acceptable to not finalize an audit after three years. >> our review of hundreds of pages of e-mails and
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communications exposes and explains some of the government breakdowns. a june 2010 e-mail from the faa auditor reads, our office is under staff. >> those excuses are totally invalid and they are unacceptable. there's no reason for that. three years is more than enough time to resolve the issues that were found during that draft audit. >> and there's this e-mail from airport director bill cherry, talking about the faa, he wrote, no communication either written or oral occurred until february 2011. it exposed seven months of no action. a seven-month delay. >> help the taxpayers help the people that fly in and out of your airport understand how three years later this isn't finished. >> well, i don't think that's one of the finer aspects of government, surely we would have all liked to have gotten it done sooner. >> the faa declined multiple
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requests by nbc bay area to explain that 3-year delay to you in front of our camera, choosing instead to issue a written statement. the faa's written response included the time it takes to complete an audit is not really relevant. if we determine that money needs to be repaid we will ensure all of the improperly diverted revenue is repaid. >> baggage for southwest flight 3132. >> the faa has absolutely dropped the ball here. >> may be picked up at claim b-2. >> there's room to improve here, hopefully future audits won't go on for three years. >> san jose international airport. >> the city of san jose and the faa have not reached an agreement. that's three years of your tax dollars funding a government audit and dozens of city and federal employees reviewing and responding with no conclusion. the faa has not backed down from this aggressive position, and the city continues to say it's done nothing wrong undoubtedly,
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more information ahead. >> if you have a question for tony or anyone on our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, talking about sunshine and maybe some rain on the way? >> yeah, we still have that in our seven-day forecast. the warmest temperatures in the south bay, with upper 70s, even upper 80s with the warmest in gilroy, 87 los gatos. 87 in gilroy, good enough for a record today, shattering the old of 83, again, the warmest day in history for gilroy today. let's get you outside of that camera. fog quickly approaching the coastline and also for the peninsula, yes, we will wake up with the fog for tomorrow. could be dense in some 1309s especially as you get closer to the coastline. tomorrow, high pressure that produced all of the heat, that's going to be pushing off to the south, we're going to find the storm track, the jet stream, the
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conveyer belt of storm activity getting close to us. mainly for us, we're not expecting any rainfall, just an increase of cloud cover and the onshore flow continuing, that will keep it cooler for tomorrow. looks like we're going to be out of that 80 degree category as we head throughout the forecast for thursday. we will start off on the cool side with areas of patchy dense fog. 39 in napa, 43 in san rafael, 48 in san jose, and 45 in the alma den valley. daytime highs will be topping out above average. it's going to be mild, it will be really nice by the afternoon. plenty of filtered sunshine, 74 in san jose, 71 in palo alto. you'll notice again, 5 to 6 degrees cooler with that increasing cloud cover. back in the east bay, 71 in castro valley, 73 in president anton. a little cooler back by the bay, 73 in freemont. even 63 in alameda. a sign of that onshore flow. 73 in santa rosa, and 79 in san
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francisco. we will have increasing cloud cover in the sierra, our toyota tahoe ski report is showing upper 50s thursday and friday. sun and temperatures near 58. alpine meadows with packed powder and a groomed surface. three-day forecast, it stays dry friday and saturday, but much welcomed changes coming in that seven-day forecast. it's been a while since we've seen anything like this, by next tuesday, we'll have the san francisco giants right here on nbc's air at 7:00 p.m., and we'll be getting ready for spring activity, a quarter inch of rainfall by next wednesday both the european model and the gfs model is lining up for some rain on wednesday. not a huge storm, but we'll take anything we can get, we've only seen two inches so far this year, it's going to be a fejer in our cap for sure. >> technical. >> we study those charts, you guys. we'll be back in a moment. for your first day?
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news, but something good could come from them. the quake that struck in riverside county monday gave them a chance to test an early warning system. seismologists got a 35 second warning, that's enough time for ains to stop. utilities to shut off and people to take cover. the warning system is in the early testing process, and not yet available to the public. >> we're back in a moment with a big night in sports. stay with us. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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i'm dave feldman in our comcast sportsnet studios. good and bad news involving local teams tonight. since we're a glass is half full operation we'll start with the good news. that is the golden state warriors hosting the pistons. warriors, winners of 4 of 5 in the last meetings between these two. david lee and harrison barnes, that's an easy alley-oop, game tied at 52. seth curry for three.
11:26 pm
he had 30 points. he was 5 of 7 from beyond the arc. football news, the 49ers signed glenn dorsey to a two-year deal. he was the fifth overall pick in the 2008 draft. averaged about 41 tackles in the five seasons in kansas city. missed 12 games last year, due to two separate calf injuries. >> farewell to sean golson who's heading to sunny florida to join the tampa bay bucs. 22 million guaranteed, two-time pro bowler, he played last season under the franchise tag, he was the fourth pick of the niners in 2007. college hoops, the pac-12 tournament versus stanford. the late second half. aaron wright gets the three. he makes a free throw, we're tied. go to o.t. in overtime. johnny carson knocks down a three. he had a game high 34. just picture the video still rolling, because arizona state
11:27 pm
wins it 89-88. alex smith officially introduced in kansas city and the giants defeat the reds 9-5. i'm dave feldman, more of the news right after this. hello?
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was it a divine sign. the sistine see gull is captivating the world. within an hour of the white smoke, the bird landed on the chimney. the bird has its own twitter account and it has thousands of fans. the seagull flew off after some time. it even live tweeted the selection of the new pope. >> you can follow the seagull on twitter. >> we wake up tomorrow morning. >> we're going to see some fog in the morning hours, right up against coastline. by the afternoon, will be mild for this time of the year, but not as hot as it was today.
11:30 pm
mid-70s inland. by this upcoming weekend, temperatures in the low 70s, and throughout the week, instead of spring temperatures, when spring arrives, we'll see they drop off into the low 60s. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> we'll see you, bye-bye. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- jerry seinfeld, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, the music of jose james, and "fun with fake surveys."
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and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: yes, all righty. welcome. yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. pope and change. pope and change. pope and change. we have a new pope, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] yes, he is -- he is cardinal
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jorge mario bergoglio. he is from argentina. and tens of millions -- yes. tens of millions hispanics celebrated the new pope, and that was just here in l.a., okay? that's not even counting -- [ laughter ] no, people all over the world, of course, celebrate differently. in rome, they prayed. in dublin, they sang. in new york, they chugged super sized mountain dews, you know? the big -- [ laughter ] actually, it's pretty exciting. it was a great ceremony. the pope went out on the balcony, and beyonce lip-synched the vatican anthem. did you see that, when she lip -- [ laughter ] thought that was fantastic. oh, boy. [ cheers and applause ] and man, all those -- did you see all the followers at st. peter's square? i haven't seen that many people praying together since that carnival cruise. [ laughter ] my god. you know, i was surprised at how media savvy this new pope is. he immediately changed his facebook status to "your holiness." did you notice that? [ laughter ] just minutes afterwards, he did that. after the election was completed, they unlocked the do


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