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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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he says they're doing their best to tighten security, including monitoring visitors more closely, and reminding kids to use the buddy system when going to the restroom. >> it makes me question the safety for me leaving her here, you know, if something is going to happen to her. >> reporter: parents say they're highly concerned. >> it happened on tuesday, i'm being told, and the police were notified friday morning. that's unacceptable. i'm not happy at all. >> reporter: now, i had a chance to talk to the district superintendent today, who admits that police should have been notified sooner. the district plans to hold a parent meeting here at the school library on monday evening to answer any concerns. meanwhile, everybody is just feeling very relieved that this little boy knew what to do to get away and is okay. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. how about this, a front row seat for history. this rarely happens. people camps out for seats five
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days before a supreme court hearing. at issue, same-sex marriage. a polarizing national debate that's deeply rooted here in california. beginning next week, the future of prop 8 and the defense of marriage act will be decided in the supreme court. nbc's chief legal analyst, pete williams, joins us from our washington, d.c., newsroom with some insight. >> reporter: this will be the first time the u.s. supreme court has ever taken a serious look at the issue of marriage for gay couples. on tuesday the justices take up proposition 8, the voter initiative passed in 2008 that blocked same-sex marriage in california. two lower courts have found it unconstitutional. as for what might happen if the court strikes it down, it could issue a decision that would apply only to california, allowing marriage to resume. or it could do what it's being urged to do by the two couples in this case, one from berkeley, the other from l.a., and say that no state can block same-sex marriage, or the court could uphold prop 8. wednesday's case is a challenge to doma, the defense of marriage
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act. it blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in the states where they are legal. after first defending the law, the obama administration switched sides and now says it's unconstitutional. both these cases come to the court in a political climate that's very different from what it was just four years ago when prop 8 was passed. janelle, raj. >> thanks, pete. a bay area boy is now getting worldwide attention after preparing his own argument in favor of same-sex marriage and then sending it to the nation's highest court. 12-year-old daniel sent a letter to supreme court chief justice john roberts about next week's case. even though daniel and his sister have two dads, daniel feels he has a lot in common with the chief justice, who has two adopted children of his own. before mailing his letter to roberts, daniel read it on youtube with hopes of reaching all the justices. >> you and i both know that family goes deeper than blood. i was lucky to be adopted by two guys i can both call dad.
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>> it's never a good feeling to have your future in somebody else's hands. but we're nervous, you know, and we understand that it's an uncertain outcome, but we're also very hopeful. >> reporter: daniel also wrote to justice roberts about his family's, quote, as valuable and worthwhile as any other. that youtube video has been viewed more than 100,000 times. outspoken san francisco archbishop is reiterating his opposition to gay marriage. the archbishop says he believes it would cause, quote, enormous heart ache. he went on to say in an interview with "usa today," quote, of course i realize many people in san francisco disagree with the church's teachings on marriage and sex, but there is also a very deeply embedded catholic culture here with many people who understand and cherish the church's teachings. my job as an archbishop is to teach the truths of our faith and the truths of the natural moral law, and whatever challenges that entails i 'em
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abrasi -- embrace with enthusiasm. we can learn to respect each other across differences and even love one another. our coverage continues at 6:00. we sit down with the first and only openly gay executive in major team sports, the president of the golden state warriors talks about his personal journey and how his coming out impacted his career. that's ahead at 6:00. the search is on for the driver who left the scene of a deadly hit-and-run crash that shut down several lanes of highway 280 in san jose this morning. other drivers found the victim's body in the middle of the freeway around 3:15 this morning and called 911. the victim is identified as 39-year-old amanda vente of san jose. officers don't know why she was walking on the freeway and said all she had on her was a set of keys. the chp is asking for the help of anyone who might have witnessed this hit and run. south bay residents have another chance to turn in guns for cash this weekend. santa clara county is hosting its second gun buy-back event
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tomorrow morning in east san jose. the first one was held earlier this month and paid out over $100,000 to residents bringing in handguns, rifles and assault weapons. tomorrow's event will run from 8:00 a.m. to noon at reid-hillview airport in east san jose. guns should be brought unloaded in the trunk of a car or bed of a truck. event organizers are also inviting gang members to come down and turn in their gang colors. livermore wine makers are celebrating the start of spring but also keeping a close watch on the weather. like wine makers often do. this week vines started experiencing bud break. that's when the vines begin to bud, marking the start of the growing season. this year's dry start has wine makers irrigating earlier than usual. >> we've got one chance each year to deliver outstanding grapes so the wineries can make outstanding wines. it all starts right here this
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week. >> it's a critical time in our area. this weekend livermore will also celebrate the beginning of bud break with a barrel tasting. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. we're tracking this dry trend across the bay area to the south. numbers anywhere from 5 to 6 inches below average for 2013, one of the driest calendar years ever. today another dry day with the mid-70s. we'll let you know when rain returns coming up in a few minutes. also the source of your toddler's tummy troubles revealed. learn what doctors say is causing the upset stomach. and i'm scott budman with a look at the two sides of twitter. that's coming up after the break. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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take a look. this is video of the damage done after an suv was hit by a boulder on southbound 101 in sausalito today.
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it happened around 4:45 this morning. at least five other cars had their tires flattened by this rock slide. for a while the slide blocked the entire road and sent one driver to the hospital. tonight caltrans continues to examine the nearby mountain to ensure it is stable. in 140 characters, it can spur a revolution, bring down dictators and help you keep track of your friends. >> twitter is celebrating an anniversary this week. it has become a place for powerful innovation but also a place for controversy. today we found examples of both. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us live and he's been covering twitter since the beginning. scott, it's been quite a 48-hour stretch for them. >> reporter: it really has. in the space of two days, twitter, which turned seven yesterday, has shown itself to be a major agent of change and something we should approach with a bit of caution. it's the photo seen around the internet. send in a tweet by a silicon valley tech worker calling out
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another tech worker for an offensive comment made at a santa clara tech conference. he was fired. and after the ensuing storm of tweets, two raunchy for us to show you, hit the first tech worker's twitter feed, she too was let go by her employer. >> it factors for your relationships with people. >> reporter: elizabeth drescher has been warning her students about this kind of thing. twitter, in its seven years of existence, has become a double-edged sword because it makes it so easy to reach out and touch someone. >> so be a listener first, which doesn't mean be a creepy lurk e, because that you will back fire too. but pay attention to what other people are saying before you start saying anything. >> reporter: reaching out via twitter is also the goal of the mountain view police department. sergeant mike fisher let us
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tagalong as he kept his twitter audience up to date as part of a tweet-a-thon. >> we're able to interact on a much quicker level of as soon as we send information out and say there's a traffic accident, we can put that out right away and then it feeds off. we have close to 5500 followers, so we're hitting that many people instantaneously. >> reporter: community outreach also what twitter was made for, and in this case helping to keep things a little safer. also in the news today, twitter fined $50 million by a french court. the court claims twitter did not reveal the identity of users sending antisemitic tweets. no response from twitter to the fine. >> very interesting, thank you, scott. if you can travel and travel light, you'll be rewarded. united airlines is offering a perk, priority boarding. it allows coach customers who don't bring bags on to a plane,
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so no carry-ons, you can board before the rest of economy class. is it worth it for you? the program is being tested at airports in texas, maryland, virginia and florida. it's been a long time coming after a year and a half of anticipation. the blackberry z-10 hit stores today. the redesigned touch screen blackberry is available through at&t. verizon, t-mobile and sprint versions will be able in the coming weeks. it allows users to have multiple apps open just like a computer desktop. a new keyboard blackberry is coming in two to three months. in health matters, norovirus is now the biggest cause of severe stomach troubles for young kids. researchers at the centers for disease control reviewed data on more than 140,000 children under the age of 5 who visited a doctor for acute gastroenteritis. norovirus is highly contagious and spread through close contact with sick people and contaminated food.
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another reason to avoid sodium. harvard researchers have linked excess salt consumption to more than two million deaths worldwide in 2010. the doctors analyzed more than 200 studies looking at the sodium intake of adults and its effect on blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. nearly one million of the deaths they linked to high sodium diets were in people under the age of 70. 42% were caused by heart attacks and 41% by stroke. well, it's a step in the right direction. president obama surprised a lot of people by easing a source of tension in the middle east. he helped to restore normal diplomatic relations between israel and turkey. however, peace negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians is still another story. let's bring in nbc's steve handsman from washington. good evening, steve. >> reporter: raj, thanks. good evening. startling admission from president obama as he wrapped up his middle east trip, saying that middle east peace in essence would be tough. startling because he had gone there to tell the israelis and
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the palestinians that peace was possible if they compromised and worked harder. in jordan, the president and king abdullah discussed syria next door. mr. obama pledge $200 million in u.s. aid for syrian refugees. but the president sounded gloomy about the israeli/palestinian conflict west of jordan. >> we're just going to keep on plugging away. the window of opportunity still exists, but it's getting more and more difficult. >> reporter: earlier mr. obama met palestinian leader abbas in bethlehem at the church of the nativity. and in jerusalem, a visit to the holocaust memorial gave mr. obama a chance to correct what he had implied in 2009, upsetting many jews, that the holocaust alone justified the establishment of israel. >> but with the survival of a strong jewish state of israel, such a holocaust will never happen again. >> reporter: he visited the grave of theodore hertzel,
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father of zionism, and the president placed a stone from the martin luther king memorial on the grave of israeli prime minister rabin, who was assassinated for trying to make peace with palestinians. local media reports many israelis are moved by the visit. mr. obama using hebrew yesterday. [ speaking foreign language ] to reassure israelis. >> you are not alone. >> reporter: but will israelis join the president's call for peace talks? >> we need to decide which road we go and not the americans, not obama. >> reporter: still, this trip could build israeli trust in the u.s. president. his messages seemed crystal clear. the israelis and the palestinians make peace, but at the same time vowing to back israel against iran. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. raj, janelle, back to you. >> steve, thank you. let's get a check of our
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forecast. beautiful day, but a bit windy out there. >> yeah, blown overrunning errands today. >> this wind kicking up, especially at the coastline. 20 to 40 plus miles per hour there. even some dangerous wind whipped waves across the seas. livermore topping out at 29-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the other component is all this wind whipping around that pollen. everything maxed out on the charts here. mold, ash, mulberry and oak. those are some of the predominant allergens in the atmosphere this afternoon. what we have happening is high pressure building offshore and that is creating some of that high pressure we dealt with today. let's get a look at all of the sunshine we've got on this friday afternoon. you can see here in san jose it's starting to get a bit hazy. that air will become more stagnant, especially into saturday and sunday. that air quality will likely begin to suffer from emeryville looking to san francisco, no marine layer in sight. all of this wind is blowing from
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inland out to the pacific, helping to push all of this fog away from the coastline. you can also see in san francisco a very still and quiet picture here. that wind is still ramping up at times. the interesting thing to note about high pressure that's currently offshore is the jetstream is not too far away. so that's going to continue to ride right down northern california throughout saturday and also sunday. that will filter in a little cloud cover, keep us more on the mild side rather than warm to hot weather. so temperatures will be slightly above average but definitely not going to get record-setting heat by any means. we'll start off with 38 in santa rosa, 39 in napa, 42 in san jose and 43 in los gatos. some of this wind should also keep that fog away as he head into the morning. throughout saturday it looks good, temperatures right near what we experienced for today. 70 in san jose, 69 in los gatos, also 68 in santa krocruz. also looks really good back here toward the east bay. if you've got your kids with
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some sort of sport happening this weekend, great weather. just remember from spf, temperatures in the low 70s in walnut creek, danville and livermore. san francisco 65, 70 in santa rosa. remember your jacket if you've headed to the coastline. we're expecting 59 in bodega bay. santa cruz will be the one spot that gets a little bit warmer as we head throughout saturday. numbers in the upper 60s. santa cruz tucked back away and that's why they tend to get warmer. sunday and monday temperatures in the low 70s inland. then throughout next week we'll notice some changes. numbers cooling off and we'll get some rain back in throughout wednesday, thursday and friday. nothing big wednesday and thursday, just a slight chance of showers. then as we head throughout friday, that looks like a possible storm system for us that may produce about a half inch of rainfall. >> we need it. >> yes, we do. >> thanks so much, jeff. >> happy friday. >> you too. they're on strike over money. how their fight is costing other people money now. we're back in a moment.
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♪ >> sounds nice. musicians played a small concert near their symphony hall. they wanted to call attention to the economic impact the strike is having on local businesses in san francisco. after the show, the musicians visited the local businesses to talk about why they're on strike. concert goers, you might notice, often dine before and after the shows and several businesses in the area have noted a dropoff. the musicians have been on strike since march 13th, forcing the cancellation of several concerts in san francisco. runners from all over the country will converge on oakland this sunday for the city's annual running festival. this is the fourth year for the event which includes a 5k, half marathon and full marathon. 26 bands are lined up to be on the course and cheer on the runners. for the first time in the race's
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brief history, bad weather over the past three years forced many runners and musicians to pull out at the last minute. it took months to plan but only a few hours to build. hundreds of local kids have a new place to play in the east bay thanks to teamwork. today volunteers from shutterfly, the nonprofit kaboom and other volunteers built a playground in just about six hours. this is at the ymca in hayward. you know what's really cool about this playground? the design comes from children's drawings. >> very colorful, it looks great. >> we'll be right back.
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we made it to friday. >> we did. >> finally. i'm going to give the weather
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this weekend an 8 out of a 10. get out and enjoy it. >> "nightly news" is next. we'll see you at 6:00.
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on our friday night broadcast a new twist in a baffling murder mystery. the suspect has been tied to a
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notorious hate group. tonight, questions about a possible link to another assassination. towers closed. budget cuts in washington hitting airports across the country. late word of which cities' control towers are on the list. outrage over one of the largest hool shutdowns ever. parents are angry. kids are upset. some big cities take desperate measures to balance the books. and wake up call. how good is a smoke alarm if your kids are going to sleep right through it? a critical test that may expose fatal flaws. a critical test that may expose fatal flaws. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. the initial news was awful. a colorado state official, a member of the governor's cabinet as head of corrections assassinated when he came to the door of his own home. since then the story has gotten worse starting with initial word
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on the suspect. now tonight ties to a known hate group. they have been talked about and their actions have been tracked in recent years in this country, but they haven't been in the news like this for some time. it now includes a possible tie to another killing. it's all where we begin tonight. nbc's kristen dahlgren in colorado springs. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the suspect in yesterday's shootout in texas has now died from his injuries. we do now know his name as well as those alleged connections to a white supremacist group. tonight a search warrant obtained by nbc news seems to indicate growing evidence of links to two murders here in colorado. [ sirens ] it was a dramatic high speed chase and gun fight, captured on a cell phone. [ gunshots ] a driver firing wildly at texas deputies, striking one before a fiery crash and shootout. the wreckage was a black


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