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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> and just do whatever we can for them to help them deal with the grief that they have been dealing with with the loss of layla and now also the shock and sadness coming from the alleged assail lampbt being one of their classmates. >> reporter: after spending two weeks fearing a random killer was on the loose, children are dealing with a new twist in the stabbing death of 8-year-old layla fowler. now her 12-year-old brother is under arrest. >> it does put a real sad and tragic twist on what already is a sad story in helping the kids to get their heads around it and make some sense of it. we're all having a hard time making sense of it. >> it hurts. you got a 12-year-old kid that his life is ruined, plain and simple, over this. what made him snap? get into his head and find out. what happened. >> neighbors say they're heart broken at the latest turn of
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events. the boy had claimed he saw a man running from the house before finding his sister stabbed inside. this neighbor says the story never quite added up. >> did the kid come out and start hollering and screaming? no, we have had our suspicions this whole time. it's horrible. it's horrible to see something like this happen. >> tonight a community fund-raiser for the family has been cancelled. organizers say that people are confused and angry as they try to figure out how to move forward. >> people feel betrayed in the fact that they were asked to stay in their house, there was a report put out to say that they were looking for something, this man hunt went on for days and all of a sudden it comes back to the little boy. >> the family plans to speak to the media tomorrow, they have scheduled a press conference, meanwhile the 12-year-old boy remains behind bars.
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>> the controversy continues at the santa clara county district attorney's office. this time we have discovered a secret paper trail. it's a tracking system to monitor how much free time off was given to employees at the da's office. this comes on the heels of our investigation last month, exposing the d.a., jeff rosen who ordered certain time sheets be altered giving free time off to select employees. glena? >> these documents came from the da's office, but nobody knows who's handwriting is on there. we showed the paper work to santa clara county executive jeff smith said and he says that county payrolling didn't know any of this existed. >> it means i have a whole other department that i have to baby sit. >> that's because of these documents. >> i really can't trust the da
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with this type of payroll system. >> you're looking at what jeff smith calls, a separate set of books, a system that measures how much time is given off to top attorneys in the d.a.'s office. >> it's an in your face, i'm going to do whatever i want, without the realization that what he's dealing with is push lick money. >> crossing out vacation and sick time requests and changing them to administrative leave allowing attorneys to bank days off to use or cash out later. in april rosen told us it was to make up for a 5% bonus. >> if you look on my wall there, transparency, this is making clear and transparent to the public what we're doing. documents are changed to reflect that it's an administrative leave. and we're doing it openly and transparently. >> absolutely, it's not very
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transparent. >> handwritten notes that show crossed out numbers and math, tracking hours the d.a. gave as administrative leave, no one at county payroll knew that there was a second set of books. >> at this point i have to find ways of monitoring what he's doing to make sure that he's doing it correctly, because i simply can't trust him to make the right decisions. >> there is no second set of books or second payroll system. the attorney general's office is civilly reviewing the administrative leave issue. out of respect for the integrity of that process, we will defer further public comment at this time. >> i would just expect an a lot more from an elected da as the senior law enforcement official in the county. >> and smith says he is considering assigning payroll stats to other parts of the --
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again we did ask rosen's office about details rounding those documents, including who created them, but we are still waiting for those answers. back to you. >> many of our investigations begin from our tip line. if you have a tip for us, anyone in our investigative unit, please give us a call at 888-996 tips where you can send us an e-mail directly to the unit@nbc bay a new senate report released today shows at least 23 registered sex offenders are working as drug and alcohol counselors. lax oversight allows sex offenders to work with addicts. the department of alcohol and firearms does not track convictions after certification. instead it depends on employers to do that.
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a report is reck mechbding that lawmakers put a state agency in charge of credentialing. civic leaders in the south bays say they have had it with homeowners so they are taking the family to court. 55 criminal charges against an elderly couple and several family members for the way they run their home. including that they allow squatters to move in. that home is on north 12th street east of downtown. damian, part of the home is red tagged? >> reporter: it has actually the back of the home had been red tagged, jessica, but this is what the front looks like, this is what neighbors have been complaining for more than a year and now it's the homeowners who face criminal charges. >> people got to take responsibility for their own property and that's why we're here. >> san jose councilman sam lacardo met with family and a former tennant.
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>> a lot of people are coming in and out of this house. >> those aren't people that live here. we can't control it either. >> that's one of the main concerns at the home, squatters took up residence in the backyard. >> the situation is just utter neglect by the owners and if we didn't take criminal action, nothing would happen. >> this woman pushing her shopping cart into the backyard. >> where do you live now? >> right here. not where it's condemned. >> you live in a tent? >> no, i don't live in a tent. i live in a part of the house that's not condemned. >>. i was trying to keep the ones that didn't live here out and the ones that did move in, they stopped paying rent or they didn't bay rent. >> ricky boyington says the owners are eld --
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>> we filed a criminal complaint against the owners that we're moving forward to press charges. >> 55 criminal charges from bright to storied or accumulating solid waste to diverting water from a neighbor's property. offcamera. the owner told us she doesn't know what's going on and doesn't have or can't afford an attorney to defend her. >> i hope that we can use this as an example in other communities throughout san jose, that when we see utter neglect by owners, they're simply not caring about their property, we're going to come after them. >> in the last hour or so that we have en here we have seen at least eight different people coming in and out of this property. the homeowners now face either jail time or fines or both. >> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. the investigation is widening into the seismic safety of the new span of the bay bridge.
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the federal highway administration has now launched a probe into how caltrans responded to the discovery of those broken steel rods. they'll examine what caltrans says caused the problem and recommend it be fixed. the snag could push back the span's scheduled opening day which is on labor day. trouble on the water, the extent of the fallout is still not yet known, but late today we learn that a german team that qualifiesed for the youth america's cape. that killed a say lore on the swedish team. now the owner of italy's america's cup vote is quoted in an italian magazine that he'll let his crew decide whether or not to continue with the upcoming race. city officials are -- aware of the speculation and is anxiously awaiting to hear from america's cup officials. >> keeping very close tabs with
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all the teams. i want them to feel as safe as everybody. this is both a credible race but also -- >> we might find out a lot more tomorrow after america's cup news conference. the two-month event is scheduled to begin in july. more than 80 people searched today for a missing 9-year-old autistic girl. michaela lynch was last seen playing in her yard in clear lake. police say she was playing on a trampoline with her younger brother who went inside the house leaving her alone. some of michaela's clothing was found in the yard. the family says she likes to remove her clothing when she gets hot. tonight here at 6:00, a key state leader is stepping down after our investigation which spurred two state probes and thousands of letters to the governor calling for her ousting. >> i'm scott budman with the
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story that will change your life, or at least your health. coming up, how technology is helping you and me change the face of health care. plus a new way to shop online and you won't even need to open your wallet. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center, plenty of sunshine, but notice this, cooling at the coastline. we'll take you outside to our live hd camera network, and we'll track that for your compute coming up.
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it is $2.6 trillion industry almost every one of us has struggled with. we're talking about health care. now there's new hope thanks to bay area technology. business and tech reporter scott budman is tracking high-tech health care and he joins us with the good news. >> the good news is like with
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other problems facing society, the tech industry is working hard to come up with a solution, taking on health care with a combination of software, hardware and money. >> some of them do a better job of some things than others. >> if you're looking for the new face of health care, or maybe the new arms of health care, we found her, rachel calmar. >> i wear 11 of these. >> these being bands to track rachel's data, how much steps she takes, calories she consumed and how good a sleep she gets. >> we don't know as much about our health as we know about the state of our computer or our car. >> which is why an entire silicon valley conference is dedicated to use technology to help us learn more about our health, like the technology more of us are wearing. >> and there was a question in
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the room how many of you have three devices or more? almost everyone i know has some device that tracks their health care. >> and showing patients how doctors are net worked with specialists. this is using data to create an open map of the health care system, and we release this to the world so you can go on the internet and download this now because we gave it away. >> ways to track your own health from the inside. how silicon valley is helping us sift through the health care maze one person at a time. >> this is made by san francisco based job owner on the rise, they range from 75 prz to $150 and you can decide how much data you want to have tracked. send it back to you. >> if you use google, you might get a lot more electronic elbow room, in fact you are going to
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get it. the mountain view based company is making a big play in the lucrative storage business, think data here, tripling the amount of space users have, you'll now get 15 gigabits. how about this? another kind of currency, today online shopping giant amazon launched what it calls amazon coin. a virtual way to pay for things online, for now 500 amazon coins will cost you $5. you can use them to pie for apps and games in amazon's app store. will the bay area be hosting the super bowl in 2016? >> a live look at the construction of what do we call it now? >> levi's. >> so far everything's going well, but it's not just the stadium today the bay area super bowl bid just got sweeter.
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>> for all the talk, the lobbying and the fundraising, the bay area's bid for super bowl 50 comes down to roughly the quarter of a football game. >> if we fly to boston on sunday and we present on tuesday. so a week from tomorrow we'll know if we have one of the two super bowls. >> danlt lurie and the super bowl committee will meet with the 32 nfl owners next tuesday. they'll get just 15 minutes to make their pitch. >> there is no way this package isn't going to be approved. >> the committee will have a few weapons, where -- $1.2 million stadium in santa clara, having lined up 30 million dlrsz in commitments from bay area companies. >> we have raised funds from companies like apple, goog goog kbra hoo -- >> they realize it wasn't about any of them, it was about the
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greater good of doing something that is going to leave a lasting legacy in the bay area. >> landing the prestigious super bowl 50 is expected to generate half a billion dollars to the bay area economy, organizers recognize the super bowl as more than just a single game. >> this is a seven to ten-day deal. there's probably 200 events that are going to happen around the bay area. >> the bay area's bid recently got a boost when its chief skpet for florida failed to pass a funding measure. >> we know what's going on in miami, we are taking nothing for granted, they have hosted 10 super bowls, they know how to do it. >> on tuesday the nfl owners will make their decision for the 2016 and 2017 games in 15 minutes in hopes of landing the sporting world's biggest party. >> that decision comes next week and i think we can take on miami. >> got to get it. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, we certainly have
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the weather for it. it's too humid and too hot. >> i'm goes to put out an expected forecast for the super bowl dates, i'm going to give it a good premonition, i think it's going to happen. let's get a look at the temperatures here for today, those highs, not quite as hot as it was this saturday and sunday, where we did get into the 90s for the north bay and also the east bay. 85 in livermore and 896 in santa terisa. it has been so dry in 2013, we just updated these numbers coming in from the national weather service and we are still on track for the driest calendar year ever on record. in livermore only 2.31 inches, we should have over nine inches, also in san francisco, just three 3.32 inches. we take you outside of that, hz
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sky camera network, it just re-enforces the same picture we have been, clear skies, moderate -- we do have the marine layer, it's up to about 1,000 feet but it's starting to get pulled apart a little bit. so not a fog event as bad as we had this morning. so what will be happening for tomorrow? we are, yes, expecting the cloud cover to build by 8:00 a.m., by the coastline and also for the bay. even a little bit of colloid cover herein land. but by the noon hour, those clouds will be pushing back, widespread sunshine, temperatures in the upper 60s, also low to mid 70s, even by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, another day with some mid 80s. tomorrow, yes, you definitely want to get outside and enjoy. on that three-day forecast, note those inland temperatures, from those 90s this weekend, up to the low 70s, also at the coastline from 60s tomorrow to also upper 50s. so some big-time changes coming in that forecast and we'll be here to monitor it all for you
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guys. that seven-day forecast in a little bit. changing the way some women see themselves. how a former police sketch artist is helping to change perceptions about beauty. >> and is this the food of the future? why the united nations is encouraging people to eat bugs. plus if you have a teenager in your house who's driving, you may have to worry about a whole lot more than just texting while driving. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife.
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and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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occupied no more. police forced out a group of protesters who trieded to preoccupy a piece of land owned by uc berkeley. officers began clearing out this farm in albany about 2:00 in the morning. most of the people did leave peacefully. more than 100 occupiers moved into the area on friday protesting plans to build a senior housing facility and a
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grocery store on the ground. the boston mar -- the cycle lists are traveling through palm springs today. the chp is in charge of coordinating security for this event. no specific steps are being discussed except to emphasize that this spectator experience will not change. last year more than two million people lined the bike rout during this eight-day race. fans could still watch from the road side. nearly half of high school students do text while driving and new research finds teens who text while driving are also more likely to take other risks behind the wheel too. the 2011 sir va of more than 8,000 students found that texting while driving increases the risk of getting into fatal accidents. and teens who text and drive sometimes don't wear their seat
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belts as often an teens who text and drive. long before dr. phil, there was dr. joyce brothers. for decades, she was the most well known tv psychologist in the nation. she died today at the age of 85. brothers first gained fame as a winning contestant on the game show the $64,000 question. she was the only woman to win the show's top prize. nbc then capitalized on her fame giving her an advise show on the topics of love, marriage and child rearing. it took off as did magazine columns and many books. and the new breast feeding recommendation that -- six weeks after we reveal she's investing in companies her department regulates, a key state leader leaves her point.
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the surprise announcement and reaction from those inside the department. and our first glimpse of oj simpson in years, why he's back in court. and the gunman who opened fire at a mother's stay parade in new orleans. the shooting caught on camera, next.
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. a key leader at the department of toxic substances control has stepped down from her job after our investigation
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uncovered a stock portfolio full of investments in the company's department overseas. >> reporter: second in command at the dtsc, she held a powerful job at the state department charged with protecting us and the environment. we have just learned madriago is stepping down as chief managing director and plans to leave her department at the end of the year. >> that's why i have stayed with dtsc all those years. >> 28 years to be contact. >> i had financial responsibility. >> and her plans to be around for several more years. >> and i am now your current chief deputy director. >> but those plans have now changed. six weeks after our investigation prompted two separate state probes into the dtsc and madriago's investments, she has resigned.
6:30 pm
>> it's a real >> this long time employee first spoke out to nbc bay area to expose leadership putting -- >> sunlight is always the best disinfectant. >> dtsc leaders have grown too close to the companies they regulate. >> she was the symbol of dysfunction and of bias towards industry. she was the symbol of an agency in bed with polluters. and it's a very good thing that now she's gone. >> our investigation found madriago held up to a million dollars in stock regulated by her agency. it is with great sadness i write this, for the past two years i have worked closely with odette madriago to carry the heavyweight wave of several
6:31 pm
critic critical -- >> having something like this come out of a major network, really got their attention. actually drove change within the organization. >> now madriago did decline our request for comments today. rafael left for a business trip after making the announcement. no timeline has been set, meanwhile both state investigations into madriago are ongoing. >> we want to show you our tip line number now. your calls at 888-994-tips, or send it directly to the unit. >> the associated press says the government secretly collected phone records from its reporters and editors without going through the normal legal procedures. the justice department subpoenaed to receive phone records of reporters, editors
6:32 pm
and others of the ap for two months in 2012. doj won't say why, but an ap story about a stror plot in yemen contained classified information and news organizations normally are notified in advance if the government wants phone records. the government claims prior notification can be waved if it poses a substantial threat to the integrity of that investigation. he has been behind bars for four years but today we got to see oj simpson for the first time since she was convicted for robbery and kidnapping. >> he claims his lawyer who represented him in 2008 did such a bad job he deserves a new trial. the now 65-year-old simpson appears in good spirits, as he appears in a los angeles courtroom. he is serving two prison sentences for robbing sport s
6:33 pm
memorabilia dealer. >> the former prosecutor on -- >> if oj was willing to do 30 months in prison, we would have something to talk about. he came back the next day and said oj will take no more than 12 months. and i said okay, there's nothing more to talk about. >> simpson grew up in the projects of san francisco and later went on to play for the buffalo bills and the niners. he is expected to take the stand later this week. the gunman in the colorado theater ---holmes is accused of walking into the midnight showing of the dark knight rises last summer and killing 12 people. an insanity defense may be his own only chance of avoiding the death penalty. a judge is expected to decide later this month whether to accept that plea. and chilling surveillance video released today capturing
6:34 pm
one of the -- injured 19 people. police believe there are three gunmen still on the loose tonight. a motive is unknown. president obama spoke to the media today about several controversial world topics. he and british prime minister david cameron held a joyce news conference at the who is. they discussed the benghazi attack who killed four americans. republicans continue to blame the white house for not being more transparent. president obama called it a preliminary side show. >> the fact of the matter, these four americans, as i said right when it happened were people i sent into the field. and i have been very clear about taking responsibility for the fact that we were not able to prevent their deaths. >> the two also discussed the syrian civil war, prime minister cameron wants more support for opposition forces, but the white house remains hesitant. because several rebel groups have declared their support for
6:35 pm
al qaeda. and that is your world tonight. the president also joined a chorus of lawmakers denouncing the irs for targeting conservative political groups. mr. obama called the profiling outrageous. he told reporters that he didn't know until last friday that the irs targeted tea party groups for two years at the agency's center in cincinnati. the irs admits the agents focused on groups with tea party in their name. >> if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous, it is contrary to our traditions and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> all right, well, you heard there the president coming out with that critiqontribut critiq but its unclear why the irs would even take this approach.
6:36 pm
>> here's sam brock with the story. >> a lot of peop >> -- the president came out yesterday condemning -- no one thinks this is a good idea. the reality check is what exactly can you learn from the name of a social welfare group which is what they were trying to do, allegedly. according to the irs 2012 data, there's about 93,000 of these social network groups. the name we're about to tell you tell you very little about the spending beliefs or -- $300 million was spent last election cycle by these nonprofit groups not registered at political committees which means technically they're not supposed to try and influence the outcome of elections. nowhere among any of the top donors do you see the words --
6:37 pm
geo spatial mapping company. skip down a ways and you'll find a group, people for the american way. well it's hard to define what the american way might be. this is actually a group of advocates for liberal policies. the patriot majority usa which actually turns out to be comprised of labor unions and wealthy democratic donors. what do you conclude from all this? >> it doesn't matter what the name of these groups are. they could be calls americans for a better american and still be engaged in political activity. what you teed to do is find out what they are spending money in. >> dark money is that you just don't demo what the origin is. the tea party isn't spending any money, it seems unlikely, or they're not in any of those exempt groups, american tea party patriots, that doesn't --
6:38 pm
except maybe more congressional hearing. well sketching change, ahead the former police sketch artist inspiring women to take a new look at themselves. also are bugs good for you. why the u.n. says bugs should be on our men owe, daily. >> i'm jeff ranieri, not quite as hot as the weekend with 88 in gilroy, plenty of clear skies, but we'll talk about some major cooling in that seven-day forecast and if it has any rain in it in just a few minutes.
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it helps matters while most people agree that breast feeding is best. a new study says formula could be beneficial to newborns and their mothers. they found giving small amounts of formula to a newborn losing too much weight after birth increased the likelihood of breast feeding three months later. formula helps mom too by alleviating some of the stress associated with breast feeding and more of them stick with it. a new report out today says insects are healthy, nutritional terinive to main stream staples like chicken, pork, beef and fish. people, particularly westerners should get over their idea that bugs are gross and don't taste good. instead think of them as providing protein to millions of
6:42 pm
people around the world. >> live look out here in san rafael, we two have clear skies, but we're tracking fog. we'll have more in that forecast coming up.
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it's a remarkable story, a retired san jose police officer is now using its talents as a forensic artist to help women struggling to recognize their own beauty. >> he's given women a chance to see themselves the way others do. >> gill is abartist with a crime fighting edge. the retired san jose police officer has sketched more than 3,000 suspects. now his sketches are gaining worldwide recognition for a much different reason. >> i'm a forensic artist, worked
6:45 pm
for the san jose police department from 1995 to 2011. the forensic artist is helping women recognize their own beauty in a special online campaign by dove. in a loft in san francisco, he sketched seven women without anybody seeing them. he relied on their own descriptions of themselves. >> i kind of have a fat rounder face. >> he also sketched according to people who saw them. >> people get hung up on the little things and they're thinking about it. and yet most feel, when they meet them, they go right by it. they don't even see it. they're just dealing with you. >> gill says the women taught him how important it is to tell people how much they mean to you, don't assume they know. the message is taking off. in less than a month, this
6:46 pm
three-minute powerful online film has been viewed 100 million times worldwide. >> if it can help a young woman out there to kind of change the way she's perceiving herself, that would be fantastic. >> bringing a blank page to life and helping women see what they once thought were flaws what is truly makes themselves unique. >> it is catching on worldwide as marianne said. >> that is a beautiful story. let's turn things outside for our beautiful weather. >> it's going to be beautiful here as far as tomorrow's forecast, then we'll have some big changes. winds are anywhere from 20 to 40 miles an hour. so keep that fog machine going, but it does not look like we'll have as strong of a marine layer as we had this morning. you can already see part of it getting scoured out from a storm system that's off to the north.
6:47 pm
basically the spear's getting stirred up a little bit. for torrent, also into tomorrow morning, we will have some low cloud cover. we're going to start with that same scenario with temperatures in the mid to lower 50s. but then by 11:00 a.m., into the 70s. let's take you outside to the live high definition sky cam network. a lot of blue sky, that marine layer we had ushered in today has helped to clean out the atmosphere. so not quite as much hayes here across the bay area. and in palo alto, you'll see a bit of haze making things beautiful. what you're not seeing is that marine layer that we had last night that was pushing in visibilities down to about 500 feet around the coastline. let's get that fog forecast as we head into that tuesday. what you're going to neither, as
6:48 pm
we head into tomorrow morning, most of the consistent fog that we're highlights here. and also a little bit up here for parts of marin and also sonoma counties. we thought for fun we're going to highlight all the spots that are going to get widespread sunshine. those zones of yellow, all the way up through the immediate coastline for plenty of widespread sunshine coming in that thursday forecast. you may need that jacket as you're heading out on tuesday morning, if you're getting up early, 5:00, 6:00. down to napa, 54, in oakland, also mid 50s in san jose and the low 50s in gilroy. and for daytime highs on tuesday, it will still be mild to warm in the south bay, conditions right near average for this time of the year. 78 in palo alto, 79 in san jose. don't forget the spf, 895 in
6:49 pm
gilroy, also 84 in morgan hill. the east bay hills, that's going to help you to stay a little bit warmer. any kind of onshore flow is going to get this warted here by these 4i8s. if you go back beyond these hills, closer to the coast, you'll see 70s here from alameda back to fremont. upper 70s in santa rosa and then chilly at the coastline. on your three-day forecast, you will notice no rainfall here as we head into wednesday and also thursday, but look at these temperatures dropping quite a bit from those 80s tomorrow to low 70s by thursday and also at the coastline from 70s to temperatures that will be dropping into the 50s. on your seven-day, you'll also see temperatures will gradually warm up just in time for the upcoming weekend, upper 70s saturday and also sunday. it's safe to say you can wash the car on sunday and if you have got a three-day weekend
6:50 pm
this upcoming saturday, sunday and monday, it looks pretty awesome into the weekend. >> let's get to sports. >> did you see the mothers day gift the warriors gave to all the motherings. >> it was fantastic. >> all right, gang, thanks very much, those warriors, big overtime win on sunday, in their playoff series with the spurs at two apiece. th >> before the season, expectations were to put it mildly low for this warriors team. yet here they are. they have a best of three series now left with the spurs to decide who goes to the western conference finals. >> i don't think i could have scripted this like this during
6:51 pm
this season. >> last year at this time we was already on our way to chicago for the free draft. it's unbelievable to realize we're still playing basketball. >> as -- on his bad ankle, coach jackson talked about how his star is feeling. >> he's going to get a treatment today, and tomorrow, obviously get a treatment. we'll see how he feels but it's good to have all day today and pretty much all day tomorrow to recoup and recover. >> who has the momentum going into game five, as far as this series, who knows? >> every game is a new game and i thought we did a great job on game 2 coming out. game 3 we had a set back. game four we come out and now we have to build on that. >> john henry smith for nbc bay area news. >> meanwhile to the ice, the sharks start their second roushd in a playoff series against the
6:52 pm
l.a. kings on tuesday. these teams don't like one another. both teams winning on their own home ice. he has more from shark's ice in san jose. >> the sharks are all done practicing here in san jose, now it's on to los angeles for round two of the stanley cup playoffs. san jose and los angeles met four times this regular season, but the sharks players told me, all of those results mean nothing. >> i don't remember how the games went, all i remember is we lost the last one. we split both games so it should be evenly matched. >> all the games in the regular season, and now it's a new season, last game against them wasn't very good, but we'll live. >> it starts all over again. and there are moments from each game that you'll use. there are some systematic differences, you know, now and then type thing that we'll use. but we have to have our team prepared to compete, first of
6:53 pm
all, it's been a while since we have done that. >> the one thing that we do know about this sharks-kings series, it will produce a california team in the western conference finals for the eight time in the last ten years. sharks captain joe thornton told me that's a very cool thing to have happen for the state of hockey in our state. in san jose, gordy brazil, nbc bay area sports. >> that gets started on tuesday, that does it from the xfinity sports desk at 11:00. we're in the golden age bay yir sports, the giants win a world series. we're back in a moment. look at 'em.
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it's been called the island's dirty little secret. we're talking about the number of drownings that happened in kauai. investigative reporter elise church never traveled -- >> downings are the leading cause of death for viz skit fors to hawaii and have long been a problem in the state. but community leaders say more are dying there because visitors are being directed to once unknown locations. the investigative unit also discovered that in the last decade, 74% of those who devin browned there were visiting. she says she never realized how dangerous that lava pool was. >> if there is something that can actually prevent this from happening to more people, then i
6:57 pm
feel like the information needs to be meaningful, you know. not just giving a nod to the danger. >> do you think that these guide book authors are responsible for guiding people to their deaths? >> the way they're written, yes, because they're specific. they tell you to go to private profit, how to get there, to jump over fences. >> authorities are going through extreme measures to keep people from going to those beautiful but deadly locations on the island. >> very interesting report. we'll see you at 11:00, elise. thank you. >> and that's going to do it for us, we hope to see you at 11:00. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra," is beyonce pregnant again? new clues today, the suspicious belly shots, the rumors of a clever cover-up at the met gala. >> i'm here with barbara walters. she is officially retiring. >> next year. >> that's right. away.going to run >> a.j. on the set of "the view" today. what is next for walters and who she wants for her final interview. >> i wouldn't mind if my last one were -- >> then -- >> and the "extra" special event with the stars of "the voice." blake, usher and shakira, all four coaches -- >> do you know how drunk i am right now? >> carson and christina. ♪ loca, loca >> from shakira's new baby to blake's baby plans. >> you and miranda working on babies, are you starting on that soon? >> we have been working on that for a while.


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