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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hot flying number and our license plate as we drove in. now any time residents notice something suspicious, neighbors e-mail each other. then review the footage. >> since we put them in, we have not had a daytime break-in. we put them in about october. >> reporter: it is not just making a difference in this neighborhood but all over town. just monday, a lucky's camera helped police identify a man suspected of kidnapping a20d9 16-year-old girl. >> if you're going to come to fremont, it is likely you're going to be caught on camera and that video will come to us and it will be in our hands and we'll actively use it to find you. >> and we're back here live. you're looking at one of those high definition calras that this neighborhood has installed. again, their efforts have really paid off. the once monthly break-in that's used to take place here have completely stopped and fremont police hope that the success that folks have seen here will spread throughout this city. reporting live in fremont.
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you. he's gone. a san jose state instructor accused of sexually assaulting a female student is no longer working at the university. it was our investigative unit that first exposed university leaders' failure to discipline the professor who admitted to crossing theine with one of his stoontss behind closed doors. the chief investigative report he is here with the latest. and tony, your investigation prompting action tonight. >> here's what we know. we have known about this development for a week but wanted to wait first to inform the student at the center of our investigation before reporting it. we spoke with her this morning. but the story is far from over. she wants answers. we want answers from san jose state. in a letter, university president he let students know that this man, kin he's yolg lecturer jeffrey mathis is no longer employed by san jose state. we've requested interviews with the president for the past week about our requests have been decline. the university once again electing to ignore questions
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about why no action was taken against mr. mathis for more than ten months. mathis told police investigators that he believed the encounter in his office was consensual. he later wrote an e-mail to the student saying he made a mistake in how he handled the situation behind closed doors. in the coming days, you will hear reaction from that san hoers state student. we do intend to ask questions. it is an issue of public accountability. the student wants to know why it took so long for any action. >> good work. thanks. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. you can send us an e-mail to the largest gang case in santa clara history. 34 gang members indicted on selling drugs to murder were all in court. nbc bay area's marian favre joins us in san jose with the
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story. >> reporter: it was very intense this afternoon as 27 men and seven women filed into the same courtroom for their arraignment. the nuestra gang. they came in wearing chains on their arms. some wore ankle chains. the charges were from murder to robberies to assault. many of the defendants pled guilty and waived their rights to a speedy trial. but one defense attorney who represents one of the alleged gang members facing drug charges was very critical of how the district attorney's office is handling the indictment. >> a lot of these cases by themselves wouldn't make it to a jury. and take a look. how many of these cases are for sale of meth? and the witness? their witnesses are people trying to work off pretty serious crime of their own. >> reporter: today a spokesman with the d.a.'s office said
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prosecutors will be focusing on doing their job and not coming on specifics of the case. earlier this week, they called the case a significant blow to the gang which he says is engaged in drug trafficking and violent crimes in santa clara county. most of the defendants will be back in court here next thursday for their bail hearing and to be assign defense attorneys. reporting live in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> thanks. construction resumed today after an elevator mechanic was kill on tuesday. it was a somber morning. more than 1,000 workers gathered for a safety meeting that included a moment of silence for donald white. he died after being hit by an elevator counter weight. the stadium officials are planning a tree and creating a small memorial in his honor. workers as you see were given stickers with white's initials and an american flag to place on
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their hard hats and buckets were passed through the crowd to raise money for his family. >> it is great to be back. we need to build this place and get moving. at the same time, we're going to proceed with caution with everybody. safety is first. >> state health and safety officials were also at the stadium today reviewing safety procedures and continuing to investigate that accident. a team of archaeologists and bone experts swarmed a south bay construction site. they were carefully excavating coffins. literally in the dirt. the tents provided shade as they excavated the old coffins at what used to be san jose's potters field. from 1875 until the 1930s, those buried here were poor, unknown or unclaimed. since antibiotics weren't used then, infection was the leading
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cause of death. >> we've been able to identify age and sex in some diseases. we found evidence of syphilis and a number of remains that had been amputated and they were amputated right before they died. that leads to us believe they probably died of complications of diabetes. >> the removal of more than 600 coffins has turned up not just bones but also buttons, coins and a pipe. researchers should finish by the end of this year and then seismic upgrades at the hospital complex can resume. san jose police say they have very little to go on in the deadly stabbing of an east side resident. the stabbing happened just after midnight on checkers drive a few blocks from regional medical center. authorities found the 56-year-old victim lying outside his home and rushed him to the nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. while investigators don't have a motive for the attack. they say it does not appear to involve gang activity. it has been a violent year for
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san jose with the city on track to exceed last year's total of 46 which was a 20-year high. a fender bender car crash turned into a tragedy. a recent college graduate was shot and killed late last night. he is shown here in his recent graduation photo from the university of oregon. he would have been 23 years old today. from emeryville, he was shot in north oakland last night just before 11:00. investigators say he pulled over after being rear ended. he then exchanged words with people in the other car and then was shot to death. the suspect's vehicle is described as a neuromodel silver four door sedan with possible front end damage. >> some tense moments as nine protesters were arrested fortress passing. this was in san francisco. police used cherry pickers to pulled some of the protesters out of the trees at the former hayes valley farm. the protesters were in the trees in an effort to stop developers from building a $42 million,
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185-unit mixed use development. police say the protesters were warned to leave last friday. the willie brown bridge? it could happen. some california lawmakers are proposing the name for the western span of the bay bridge. san bernardino assembly woman sheri brown was one of the authors of the legislation. she said it is fitting to name the span after brown because he was able to bridge all kinds of people during his political career. she said when brown was mayor of san francisco, he had significant input on the seismic upgrade of the bay bridge. the measure needs a majority vote in the legislate tower take effect. vote. still ahead, waiting for the new decision. how bay area citizens are preparing for the possibility of legal same sex marriages. >> if you do the same thing the same way for the same people, we won't progress. >> he revolutionized medicine
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and then made his name in wine. now he is trying to give others the same chance of success that he had. also -- ♪ o say can you see >> a beautiful rendition turns into an ugly conversation online. how this little boy is sparq debate on bullying. weather center wall to wall sunshine from the coastline to the interior valleys and it continues to remain clear in emeryville. we'll let you know how long this will stick around.
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before the end of the month, the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule on california's same sex marriage ban and bay area cities have begun preparing. the highest court strikes down proposition 8. city hall is deputizing clerks to help with everything from officiating the wedding to entering the paperwork into the
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city's computers. the goal is to quickly train 50 clerks to join dozens of other volunteers. the county administrator expects hundreds, maybe thousands of same sex couples to begin filing for marriage licenses if the justices clear the way. >> we want to make sure anyone who wants to get married on that day can. we're extending business hours, streamlining the process so you can get your marriage license issued. >> san francisco's city attorney believes if the court strikes down california's same sex marriage ban, it will include a 30-day ruling. the city issued 5,300 marriage licenses during the 99 days same sex marriages were allowed. today the supreme court did rule unanimously that human dna cannot be patented. that could have a pro found effect on the medical and biotech industries. geneticett sifts say the ruling will allow more company to research with dna, without the fear of a lawsuit.
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that could mean more breakthroughs for patients. many say it will reduce costs and increase access to genetic testing being used to determine breast cancer risk. genetic testing is the same kind of testing that actress angelina jolie took to discover she was at high risk for ovarian cancer. for many, the name dan fogerty means one thing, wine. it has been a favorite tasting spot since it opened in the early 1980s. >> but not just the wine. he's made an impact in another field. it is a one of a kind. >> that's right. tucked inside thomas fogerty's very lengthy resume was a stint as a venture camdenist. that's important because it has to do with venture capital or the lack these days for medical start-ups. something fogerty believes is the result of excessive regulation by the fda. something he said that threatens to stifle invasion in this field. what he is doing about it.
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it is tonight's bay area proud. >> it was this view -- >> you can see the beginning of the sierras, actually. >> that sole him on this piece of than in the santa cruz mountains. it was his vision, however, that made it what it is today. more than 40 years after buying the property, the thomas fogarty property is home to hundreds of acres of wine. >> what you want to see is the even maturity. >> pretty good for a man who knew little of grape growing or wine making when he started. a man who knows something about transforming things. dr. thomas fogarty has been doing that to the feel of medicine for the past 50 years. dr. fogarty, a cardiovascular surgeon by profession, is the owner of more than 130 surgical patents, beginning with the balloon catheter in the 1960s.
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a device that has revolutionized the treatment of blood clots and saved thousands of lives. >> to me, there is no greater reward than improving patient care. and you only do that through innovation. if you're doing the same thing the same way and doing it with the same people, we won't progress. >> reporter: which is why he is looking to shake things up again. this time with his institute for innovation. the institute is an incubator for company with ideas on how to improve patient care. a goal dr. fogarty feels many in the medical profession have drifted away from. >> that's what aware here for. we're not here to get grants. we're not hear to write books. what we're focused on is in truly patient care for the process of innovation. >> the institute gives these start-up companies a place to grow, to plan, to tinker.
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without this chance, he says these companies might have nowhere else to turn. and the next great medical breakthrough might not get made. something a man who spend his career seeing what others didn't see couldn't bear to see happen. >> i've been fortunate enough to benefits from my field of efforts and it is nice to return something. >> when you did the interview, do you ever walk away after you've done your two or three minutes and say i didn't scratch the surface of what this person is all about. it is amazing. the list goes on. the more than 100 surgical pat enlts. the 30 companies, the medical companies that he was involved in starting. the teaching at stafford university, the head of the medical faculty. just ridiculous. his resume. this is the way, in a way he is obviously toward the latter part of his career by setting up this institute and continuing the innovation that was such a big
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part of his career. >> he's done such good work and made really good wine. we have a special program we want to tell you about. we've launched our annual grant program call 21st century solutions. nonprofits can enter to win three grants that could be worth as much as $100,000. submissions will be accepted now through the end of july. to apply, go to our website and look for the 21 century solutions link. let's bring in jeff ranieri. a tough day weatherwise. >> the fire danger continues to be increasing. top wind gusts at 28 miles an hour. gilroy at 22. the current winds are not overly gusty but they are coming more out of the north. humidity at 20 to 35%. so as we head throughout the summer months, our fire concerns will be with us for the three main factors. the first one is the fact that we haven't had very many huge fires over the past three years.
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plenty of fuel out there to burn. one of the triest calendar years on record and all of california currently under a drought. we'll be watching that very closely as we head into july, august and cement. we'll have a little cloud cover at the coastline. mental of clear skies for 11:00 a.m., even at our coastline. the temperature going a little warm he as we head throughout our friday. this interior valley, mid 70s. let's get you outside to our sky camera network. it is clear in san jose on this thursday. looking mighty fine down there in downtown. off to the north you can see fremont. the hills are currently brown. the grass fires can get started. we'll take you to the north. what you'll notice is no fog across the bay bridge and also currently, some relatively calm water conditions. what we have happening is the storm doors opening more now than a lot of january, february and march. you can see this trough of low pressure spinning out here.
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that will be getting very close to us by this weekend. that will set off a few changes for us. namely suppressing some of the warmer air that we'll deal with for tomorrow. the other huge change we'll undergo is by saturday. i do think fog will become a factor by saturday morning. all bay area counties expecting to see that cloud cover increase throughout 7:00 a.m. on saturday. and also, fog a factor by the afternoon hours. especially at the beaches. no major beach weather coming our way. at least if you're looking for sunny and warm weather. that onshore flow will do a lot to cool us down. we have one more day before that fog gets here. it will be pretty enjoyable on our friday. 84 in san jose. some of the warmest weather near gilroy. 82 in palo alto. for the east bay, widespread mid to upper 80s. it looks like livermore could be one of :rp?w hottest, 85 in caso valley and then back toward san
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francisco, 70 for you. not too bad in oakland. berkeley, 76, a little warmer into santa rosa. under the three-day forecast, the temperatures start to really plummet. temperatures in the upper 70s also. mid 70s by monday's forecast with the fog and the drizzle coming back in. so as we head throughout this upcoming weekend, we will have quite a few changes. what would you do without your local weather man? >> i would wear the wrong outfit every day. >> pay attention. >> the latest move from netflix design to help your movie making experience. especially if you're a family. >> if you thought san francisco home prices were outrageous, wait until you hear what someone is now paying for parking in this building.
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san francisco district attorney george gas con is demanding the creation of a kill switch that would make stolen smartphones inoperable. 30 to 40% robberies in the u.s. involve a mobile phone. sometimes these turn deadly. the coalition is meeting with representatives from major smartphone makers pressuring them to provide the kill switch. take a look. a new feet your netflix based in los gatos is designed for families. the family can have one account but several users can create their own list. you don't see what each other is watching. it will help with the movie recommendations. the service is expected to roll out later this summer.
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>> imagine getting a place in san francisco for $82,000. sounds like a bargain. exempt there's no kitchen, no bedroom and no bathroom. >> it is a parking spot. that's what it is. 8x12 in a parking garage. once the new owner writes the check for $82,000, there will be property taxes as well. sewer not getting away that easily. the realtor who sold it said you can consider it an investment. it can add $100,000 to the value. next, a little boy caught in the middle. for our families...
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it was a beautiful rendition of the national anthem but the aftermath was ugly. an 11-year-old boy who sang the anthem in the nba finals is caught in the middle. >> a flood of racist and hateful comments, largely because he was wearing a mariachi suit. ♪ o say can you see >> he sang the anthem with a booming voice. his mother would later say, a voice filled with american pride. ♪ what so proudly we hail >> and while sebastian de la cruz received a raucous ovation for his rent dig, the twitter world said, one person wrote how you sing in the national anthem
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looking like an illegal imdwranlt. another, why they got a mexican kid singing the national anthem. why is a foreigner singing the national anthem. >> dr. ellen lin is director of counseling at san jose state. she worries such hate speech can be crushing for such a young child. >> it could go in a completely different direction. that's where you hear some of the students attempting suicide and such at a very young age. unfortunately that could happen. >> instead sebastian tweeted to his followers, please do not pay attention to the negative people. i am an american living the american dream. this is part of the american life. >> he is handling it like a professional. >> raul antonio is preparing for his of the anthem at dodger statement next month along with his brother. ♪ >> they sing latino hip hop and are fans of the mexican band.
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>> it gives you that send of feeling, wow, if he can handle it, i can handle anything also. and it makes you feel proud to be a mexican-american. ♪ and the home of the brave >> damian trujillo. >> a great rendition. >> are there reports he may be singing the national anthem tonight? >> in fact he is. the game between the spurs and the heat he'll be singing again tonight. >> back by popular demand. and you're back because you have a popular forecast. >> well, i'll give that to you. let's take a look. you can see the temperature hot tomorrow. inland, upper 80s. cool at the coastline with the 60s. then as we head throughout saturday, the fog returns, the temperatures drop with a mill of upper 70s and low 80s for the interior valley. by next monday and tuesday we'll go to the mid 70s. no rain in the forecast. >> based on their pollen count,
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i'm adding to my allergy medicine. >> an extra dose. on the broadcast tonight, crossing the line. late word of a major move by the obama administration. the u.s. set to intervene in the crisis in syria. state of emergency. as a historic fire torches colorado, hundreds of homes are gone. tens of thousands are evacuating. also, a massive storm moving east. tornadoes on the ground and a wild night ahead. warning signs. doctors see a big rise in an unusual form of dementia, loved ones noticing changes in younger patients, well before signs of memory loss. what doctors say you should be looking for. and making a difference. by offering a free ride to every student in town. "nightly news" begins now.


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