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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening i'm terry mcsweeney, diane dwyer is off tonight. the breaking news is out of oakland where the clock is ticking on bart officials and union leaders. they have an hour to avoid a strike. if a settlement is not reached the commute could come to a grinding halt tomorrow morning. kimberly tere has the latest tonight. are they evening talking right now? >> reporter: right now, they are not. talks broke down at about 8:30 tonight, and there are no signs of any negotiations going on before midnight. that is when the current contract expires. >> we came here as a last-ditch effort, as requested by the
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governor's office to try and sit down with this employer to see if they would present us with a proposal that we could work with. unfortunately we were just told they have nothing more to give us this evening. >> reporter: it appears that a last-ditch effort to come to a contract agreement in order to avoid a strike didn't work. >> we regret that we made no progress today. >> reporter: the major sticking points are workers contribution to benefit and pension and a wake increase. >> we sweeten the deal and doubled our proposal an they came down half a percent. that it's where we stand right now. we are clearly on difficult planets. >> their proposal amounted to a $1 per year increase for each of the next four years. >> reporter: another beef with bart is with safety proposals. >> we have received no responses on safety and the deep concerns we have both for our workers and
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the riding public about safety. >> reporter: with the strike looming, bart wants to deal with labor negotiations first and discuss the safety proposals soon after. but there isn't much talking going on. >> we take our responsibilities and our jobs very seriously and we apologize for the actions we have been forced to take. >> we apologize for these inconvenience and you have been brought into this labor negotiation mess. >> reporter: 400,000 passengers rely on bart to get where they need to go. but by all appearances, tomorrow's commute is on track to be derailed. right now the unions are back at their union halls. the decision on whether they will strike will not be made until midnight. but if you rely on bart at this point it might be a good idea to make alternative plans just in case. kimberly tere, nbc bay area
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news. >> we'll get back to you in a half hour for another report. ed lee is erurging them to find common ground. a strike would negatively impact our entire regional economy. you may remember the last time bart went on strike in september 1997. these are the results. but back then, 225,000 riders used bart on weekdays. today, there are about 175,000 more people using that system. transportation officials are warning residents to have a plan ready now in case of a strike tomorrow. check and the 511 hot line for commute alternatives. ask your employer if you can
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telecommute or commute during nonpeak hours. use the carpool lanes. carpool lanes 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and use the extra bus and ferry services in the bay area. commuters looking for alternative transportation might find themselves with one less option. a.c. transit might also go on strike. the meeting was cancelled but negotiations did continue. slight progress has been made and they are hoping to avoid the strike. the union's contract expires a at midnight and negotiations are set to resume tomorrow night. stay with us for continuing coverage of these tense negotiations. we'll have coverage on air and online. we'll have a live report from nbc bay area kimberly tere again at 11:30 and coverage will
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resume tomorrow at 4:30 on today in the bay. turning now to breaking news out of arizona. a shocking story unraveling there. 19 firefighters have died battling a fast-moving wildfire. they were members of the granite mountain hot shots team. this happened in central arizona about 85 miles northwest of phoenix. officials expect about half of their 500 homes to be destroyed by this fire. the wildfire continues to burn tonight and has burned about 2,000 acres and prompted the closure of state route 89 and the evacuation of 50 homes. lightning sparked that fire and blowing winds are blowing it to populated areas. 19 firefighter are dead in that blaze. smoke is drifting into the bay area.
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the skies look hazy and orange. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. how is the hot weather playing a role in this. >> it's a ridge of high pressure from the desert southwest and the clockwise flow of air around it pulling the smoke from the south and southeast up to the bay area. you'll also notice powerful thunderstorms firing up across arizona and southern california. some of that mid-level moisture could drift to the bay area which could increase fire danger here with the risk of lightning-sparked fires. that's one of the things we are watching. the excessive heat warning continues. 90s and 100s and a flex alert as power reserves get uncomfortably close. you are asked to cut back on appliance use from 6:00 tomorrow evening and an extension of the hot temperatures and
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increasingly hot temperatures as we head to the middle of the workweek. we'll have a look at the seven-day forecast and what to expect for your neighborhood in a few minutes. fire crews contained a brush fire that sent a lot of smoke over san jose and south bay cities this evening. that fire broke out at 5:00. the fire involved a homeless encampment and one person had to be rescued but was not injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. there is no end in sight. same-sex marriage licenses will be issued undeterred. an emergency petition to stop them has been denied. this year's celebration like no other and still going on right now. nbc bay area's jean elliot is live. >> there are a lot of people here in san francisco who don't
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want to pride celebration to end and many are celebrating. and police are trying to keep things orderly. the pride celebration continues in the castro. officers are pouring out alcohol and trying to keep the party on the sidewalks and the streets open. san francisco police say 1.5 million people attended pride. the largest crowd arrived at an historic pride. >> first pride since getting married. >> chris and sandy got married on friday. the plaintiffs in the prop 8 case say that the u.s. supreme court's decision to strike down california's ban on same-sex marriage and repeal doma makes it a one of a kind celebration. >> this is the best pride parade. a fantastic day. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his family heard loud
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cheers. newsom allowed same sex couples to marry in 2004, setting the stage for the legal battle. couples say that victory feels great. >> i've been marching in the hopes that some day i could legally get married and marry the person i love. >> reporter: marriages continued inside city hall while the celebration raged outside. city hall is open all weekend long for special same-sex marriage ceremonies. the county clerk is directing same sex couples to the website to make an appointment just like everyone else. since friday the city of san francisco has been busy issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. office were open until 5:00 this evening and at that time, a total of 563 licenses were issued.
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city officials say 479 of those licenses have been recorded. that process will resume again tomorrow. supporters of prop 8 were dealt a setback this morning when anthony kennedy denied the request to stop the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses. they are allowed 25 days to ask for a rehearing. >> essentially the court has dragged we the people from behind the wheel of this republic and carjacked the nation. >> prop 8 supporters could continue their efforts to halt gay marriage by filing their request with another justice. new at 11:00, a shooting at the pride event sent people running for safety. people fired shots into the crowd at 6:30 this evening near a row of vendor booths. two men were shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. one witness described the scene. >> we heard gunshots and we're
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like that's so real. when dropped and took cover under our tables and waited it out. >> investigators say at this point they don't know if the victims were intended targets and they were asking people anyone with pictures or video of the incident to contact police. a tragedy on a santa cruz county beach this afternoon. two women are dead after being swept off the beach at 33:this afternoon on bonny doon beach just north of santa cruz. four people were swept away after a wave crashed on shore. two men reached nearby rocks. but the women didn't make it. there was no surf advisory today anywhere in santa cruz county. but waters were unusually rough today. a thrilling show comes to a horrific end. still to come the tragedy at a cirque du soleil show right in front of an audience in las
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vegas. i'm calling for america to up our game. >> the big announcement that president obama made during a keynote speech at a south africa university. and a million people took to the streets of cairo. and hours of tense talks break down in oakland. any minute we'll learn if the bart workers will strike.
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in video tonight from massive protests in egypt. an estimated 1 million protesters are filling the streets of cairo calling for muhammad morsi to resign. it was scheduled on the one year anniversary of morsi's inauguration. eight people have been killed. morsi is saying he won't step down. president obama continued this his africa trip with a stop in south africa speaking at a university. he challenged the
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next-generation to move their country forward. the u.s. will partner with six african nations to double access to electrical power in the next decade. >> i'm calling for america to up our game when it comes to africa. we're bringing together business leader from america and africa to deepen our engagement. >> the president wants to see the u.s. relationship with africa based on one based on aide to one that is mutually beneficial. the last stop for the president is in tanzania. a san francisco firefighter is under arrest after a collision involving a fire truck and a motorcyclist. the collision occurred at 11:30 near fifth and howard streets. the police are not saying anything other than criminal conduct. the fire department spokesperson says that the firefighter is off duty. the criminal case has been
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referred to the san francisco district attorney's office. tomorrow is decision day for the pilot of an oil tanker that struck the bay bridge earlier this year. the board of commissioners will make a disciplinary decision for the man who was piloting the tanker when it struck the bridge. it caused about $1.5 million to the ship and the bridge fanner. 1500 oakland city workers are going on strike tonight at midnight. they are upset over a 10% pay cut. they called a one-day general strike. police, fire and service workers will not be affected but it will impact parking enforcement, animal control, senior centers and more. some of the services will be available online. los angeles now has a new mayor. >> congratulations.
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>> eric garcetti accepting the oath of office. jimmy kimmel and moby were part of the celebration. garcetti replaces antonio villaraigosa. santa clara county is offering a suppress marriage ceremony service. you can go to the san jose office and purchase a license to have a marriage at the service window. it will cost about $120 for the services. everyone had the same idea today. a lot of people did. a great day for the beach but a lot of people headed to the beach. so much traffic and so crowded the golden gate national recreation area tweeted that the parking lot was full and to go
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to ocean beach in san francisco crowded too. rob mayeda is here to tell us about the weather. >> the temperatures will be climbing a few degrees tomorrow after a reprieve from the warm up today thanks to a slightly stronger sea breeze. concord, 75 degrees. 59 cool degrees in san francisco. all areas for the most part running cooler than 24 hours ago. the highs came down by five to eight degrees cooler as the ocean air-conditioning as we like to say deepened up to 5,000 feet. fairfield with southwest winds at 23 miles an hour. tomorrow we will see the temperatures turning hotter. an excessive heat warning through at least tuesday and will be extended to about wednesday of this week for inland valley locations 90 to
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100 degrees. and if you voluntarily reduce power use through 6:00 tomorrow evening and we'll see thee hot temperatures and heat issues through the middle of next week. a few patches of low clouds for the morning and as the high pressure strengthens we will see the temperatures climbing. but this time tomorrow night we are seeing moisture coming out of the south that may increase the risk for fire danger if we manage any dry lightning. at the surface the air is dry. so that will be something extra to watch for on tuesday. now in terms of how long the heat is going to stick around. this ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere through fourth of july thursday. then friday it starts to weaken and we get a stronger sea breeze and next weekend the temperatures slowly start to come down inland. the temperatures will be warm,
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50s and 60s tomorrow morning. today we saw upper 80s around san jose and downtown. mid- to upper-90s tomorrow. over 100 in morgan hill. in the tri-valley over 100 degrees. 100 near santa rosa. san francisco warming out of the 70s into the low 80s tomorrow. so the temperatures will continue to climb up. tuesday could be hotter than that. we are accounting for high clouds shielding us from the sun. but stay tuned the numbers could be hotter for tuesday. and fourth of july looks toasty. but by friday and saturday, finally cooling down. low 90s will seem cool by the time we get through this week. >> all right. thanks very much. let's check in with henry
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wofford. >> we have good news for everyone. the sharks with a busy draft day. the a's mount a comeback against a top nl team. but first the giants looking to snap a six-game skid wrapping up a weekend set in denver. highlights as the orange and black try to get back on the winning track. we'll see you in a second. ♪
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welcome back to nbc bay area. things have been rocky in colorado for the champs. a six-game losing streak wake up the giants? let's get to the action at rocky mountain high. the g men trying to get back on the winning track. buster posey kiss this baby good-bye. solo homer. gives the giants the first lead in 23 innings. posey is out at first but pacheco tries to go back to second and throws it away. torres scores. it's 2-0 champs. hunt hunt hunter pence, kiss this baby
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good-bye. the giants win 5-2. over to the a's hosting the cardinals. rubber match. top of the first, 2-0 cards. matt holliday, coco crisp. are you kidding me? he looks like superman out there. but he had to leave the game because of back spasms. a's down 5-4. jed lowrie playing long ball. he has a nine-game hit streak. the a's up 6-5. the seventh inning the guy who could be an all-star, josh donaldson, number 13 for him. the a's win 7-5 taking two out of three in this series. >> you you don't play for world series in the summer time. you play for it in october rein november. so you know, we're just trying to win games right now. and you know, we're doing a good job right now. >> we play pretty good baseball against national league teams. the reds and the cardinals, you
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know, obviously really good. you know, so it feels good to get series wins again. >> let's move right along. sharks making moves on nhl draft day trading up two spots to select mueller with the 18th pick of the first round and they send a second round pick to the penguins for tyler kennedy. a 26-year-old canadian with a wealth of playoff experience in pittsburg. and nascar, quaker state 400 in kentucky, lap 48, kurt busch bumped hard into brad keselowski takes out seven cars, greg biffle's car burst into flames. no one is hurt. but matt kenseth wins his fourth game of the season. in soccer, the federations cup final. a gi by the name of fred on the
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ground kick. he only goes by fred. so i'm going to say his last name is yeah baa -- yabadabadoo after that goal. and there is barney and betty cheering for him. fred, record fourth confederations cup. yes the first for the country to win three straight. breaking news, big time stuff, yahoo sports is reporting that the golden state warriors are exploring trade option for david lee. he has three years and $44 million remaining on his contract. he is coming off hip surgery which he received surgery in late may. we will keep you updated on that story. >> i was laughing outloud with
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fred doing his thing. >> that was my favorite cartoon. >> that is my favorite comment by any sportscaster in recent memory. a san jose state university professor no longer teaching after an investigative unit report. the student at the heart of the story speaks out. a tragedy rocked a cirque du soleil show in las vegas. and the deadline is 30 minutes away. will bart workers strike? a live report from oakland coming up.
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it appears a bart strike is imminent with the two sides far apart on a number of key issues and no one is talking. kimberly tere is live where the official decision will be
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announced in a few minutes. i'm thinking no one has talked in the last half hour? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, terry. today negotiations were held at this caltrans building which is neutral territory for both sides. the talks lasted for about five hours until they fell apart at 8:30 this evening. as it stands there is no deal between bart and the labor unions and no signs of one happening in the next half hour. the contract is expected to expire at midnight. and that's when they will make a decision on whether to strike. the major sticking points are the workers contributions to benefits and pensions and a wage increase. >> we sweetened the deal to $6 million and doubled the wage proposal and they came down half a percent. we're clearly on different planets. >> their proposal amounted to a one dollar per year increase for each of the next four years.
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>> both sides are apologizing for inconvenience the dispute will cause riders. some 400,000 passengers rely on bart. but by all appearances tomorrow's commute is on track to be derailed. if you use bart to commute it might be a good idea to make alternative plans just in case. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much and stay with us for continuing coverage of the negotiations that are not actually going on right now. but we will tell you what is going on with bart. we are here until midnight and at midnight we'll tell you what the decision is. we'll resume tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. on today at the bay. and we are back in a moment.
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a cirque du soleil performer died during a show in las vegas. the first fatal accident in their 30-year history. the victim was a 31-year-old. she was a performer on cirque du soleil's show ka. the victim was suspended by a wire when something went wrong. she fell 50 feet to the floor below and died. she accused her professor of crossing the line during a private meeting in his office and the administrator failed to hold him accountable. and the professor no longer works for san jose state. for the first time, the student sits down with chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski.
11:35 pm
she is talking about san jose state. >> jeffrey mathis is out, no longer teaching on campus. what we don't know is why he left and why his employment ended nine months after san jose questioned his decisions with his student in his office. are you surprised mr. mathis is no longer teaching at san jose state? >> yes, i'm very surprised. >> reporter: she's a student at san jose state. she asked us to disguise her identity. she wanted her teacher held accountable. >> why i do you think he is no longer at san jose state? >> because he knows and the school knows what he did was wrong. >> reporter: that wrong happened behind this office door in may she told the story of an after hours meeting to discuss her grade from the prior semester. >> he looked at me and touched
11:36 pm
me and said -- how do you want to better your grade? and i told him no. i don't want to do it this way. i'm not this type of person. >> i want to hear your side of the story. what happened that night? did you make a mistake. >> unfortunately because of what i was told by both hr and sj, the p.d. here i'm not allowed to talk about it. >> reporter: jeffrey mathis declined our request for explanation but talked to us after class on campus. >> this is your name and reputation. i'm giving you a chance to defend that. do you want to explain it to us. >> reporter: in september the university invested the student's complaint. this report included he admitted to kissing and touching the complainant but thought it was
11:37 pm
consensual. san jose state found whether or not their actions were consensual his decision is power over the student and he has the duty not to allow situations to develop. >> we got what we asked for. >> reporter: after watching our investigation a campus group formed. it demanded action by top administrators at san jose state. >> change is -- >> reporter: the university president responded sending this e-mail saying after the incident, san jose state investigated and took action. but three weeks after our investigation aired that same e-mail announced because this is a personnel matter the specific details of the actions taken are confidential. however, mr. mathis is no longer employed by sjsu. >> it's concerning that the university didn't act until we
11:38 pm
applied pressure. >> even that they announced he is no longer here, there's no real -- was it guilt? was it pressure? what was the basis of the decision? >> reporter: and that is the unanswered question. yes, the teacher is no longer employed by san jose state but the students want to know why it came nine months following an internal review and followed a television investigation and petition. san jose's president has declined and deflected multiple requests to answer questions in front of cameras. >> i feel he needs to express what happened and what took place and admit they were wrong. it's just really upsetting because i wanted to personally graduate from san jose state. and i feel that i don't feel comfortable still at that school.
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>> our calls and e-mails have not been returned. so officially we still don't know why professor mathis is no longer employed at san jose state. neither the university or mathis have offered explanations for his departure. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail. police in antioch are investigating the second homicide of the weekend. a 54-year-old man was stabbed to death at a home on rodeo circle. it happened at 3:00 this morning. police found him dead with multiple stab wounds. police are working on a shooting that happened yesterday where a man was shot twice in two incidents within 24 hours. he died after being shot in the head at 9:30 saturday morning on
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the porch of his shot in the san in the leg and back on friday morning at 11:00 and would not cooperate with the officers to figure out who shot him. investigators are looking at the cause of a fire in a south bay apartment complex today. it affected a four-unit complex in south san jose. two apartments were unoccupied. the fire started by a barbecue at 4:00. it is important when it's hot to be careful with any heat sources. a total of eight people were displaced. no one was hurt. a city on the peninsula is set to join the ban on plastic bags. san carlos shoppers will have to bring their own bags. the city council adopted the ban in february on most businesses except restaurants. retailers can offer paper bags
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but have to charge a minimum of 10 cents per bag. and several cities across the country today celebrations of gay pride and same-sex marriage, we have seen a lot of the video from the castro district. parades from coast to coast have taken on a different cast today. both sides are turning to the 37 states where same-sex marriage is not legal. brian mooar has is story. >> reporter: from the streets of san francisco to midtown manhattan, gay pride parades turned into celebrations of two supreme court victories and the future of same-sex marriage. edie windsor whose case overturned the federal defense of merge act was welcomed as a conquering hero in new york. the supreme court refused to at the resumption of same-sex
11:42 pm
marriages in california. >> what the court has done is dragged we the people from behind the wheel of this republic and carjacked the nation. >> but opponents say it wasn't a total defeat. >> this court rejected what the plaintiffs argued in this case. which was there is a 14th amendment equal protection right to be married as gays and lesbians. >> reporter: the debate is shifting to legislatures in 37 states where same-sex marriage is not legal. >> our goal is for marriage equality that is guaranteed by the united states constitution. >> reporter: and on this issue both sides agree on at least one thing, the fight over same-sex marriage is far from over. the supreme court rulings were limited and that leaves little doubt that the issue will be headed back to the high court.
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we are continuing to monitor that breaking news out of oakland. the bart strike that appears to be almost certain to happen. the midnight deadline is approaching and no one is talking. also 100 stories and counting. garvin thomas looks back at a few stories that will make you bay area proud.
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back in january of 2012 we
11:46 pm
broke ground on something new at nbc bay area, a regular series of the positive stories of people making a difference in our community. we have reached a milestone, 100 stories. and garvin thomas gives us an update. >> reporter: it started with a single, solid but gentle tap on the shoulder. and i knew it was too solid to be human. >> reporter: that was bryant austin describing his first and close encounter with a humpback whale. >> i have to lighten it. >> reporter: to create life sized portrait of them. he hoped it could move people to be more protective of the whale's has bebitat.
11:47 pm
he has printed his first book of photographs and the museum of monterey is hosting the first ever north american exhibit of brian's work through september 2nd. it gelled into one weird sort of project. >> reporter: project is stephanie's we first met her last year taking a detour from a stressful unfulfilling career to walk the california mission trail from sonoma to san diego. her goal is to write a guide so others may follow in her footsteps and that's what she has done. it took her less time to walk the 800 miles than why write the guide but he has heard from others who have been inspired to tackle the journey on their own. if you can bring a smile, why wouldn't you. >> reporter: we have done a number of updates on barbara
11:48 pm
because her passion continues to grow. recently barbara and her friends got together to sew capes for children impacted by the oklahoma tornados and barbara went to moore, oklahoma herself to deliver them in person. spiritua spiritual journey. he gave up a career covering murder and mayhem to start a non-profit covering stories of inspiration. he just finished raising $35,000 to start a 50 in 50 campaign finding stories of inspiration in every state. we are in the middle of a heat wave.
11:49 pm
>> we are in the middle of it and the temperatures will increase a little bit more before things cool off for the second half of the week. 50s and 60s except in the inland valleys we are still in the 70s right now. after a day that is running cooler than 24 hours ago. the sea breeze is stronger and southwest at 34 into fairfield on a west wind but the sea breeze will shut down through the day tomorrow. and sunshine all along the coast as high pressure strengthens during the day. but things get interesting this time tomorrow night. now you are seeing high clouds, mid level moisture out of the south. and with this could come the risk of mid level moisture increasing the risk of dry lightning where the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. lightning sparked fires around the sierra and around the coastal mountains too. heat sticking around through thursday now. this high is really not budging
11:50 pm
anywhere. friday and saturday we will see the high weaken just enough to issue up a sea breeze. so kind of like we had today but more strongly picking up saturday and sunday. we'll see the temperatures dropping off. but in the meantime you will see the numbers climbing. excessive heat warning through tuesday afternoon, very likely through wednesday. san jose and areas south warmer tomorrow. mid- to upper-90s and low 100 degree temperatures there in morgan hill and gi gilroy. tomorrow's highs look like we saw on saturday, some of the hottest places in the bay area got close to 105 degrees. in the north bay, 90s, 70s and 80s in san francisco. 90s in the inland valleys getting up to the ross valley area. and tuesday looks to be a little bit hotter. if we don't see as much cloud
11:51 pm
cover for the afternoon could be closer to 110 degrees inland. temperatures staying hot into fourth of july but a little bit cooler come friday. you're starting to see the numbers come down for next weekend but at least four or five more days of inland valley heat. we are back in a moment.
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a fireworks warehouse in austin, texas went up in flames today. an employee heard fireworks going off in the warehouse and smoke began to pour out of the building. the fireworks tried to bring it under control before they got out of there and let it burn itself out. >> i have been in the business 45 years and have never had a fire like this. as long as no one is harmed the rest of this i can fix. >> the cause of the fire is
11:54 pm
under investigation. it sounds unpatriotic cutting out fourth of july displays at military bases. they will be replaced by pool parties and band concerts to save money. last year's fireworks display at north carolina's camp lejeune cost $100,000 when you add up the materials and personnel. that money saved will address over financial challenges for military personnel and services. we'll be back after this.
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there's nothing unusual about a lost pet except in this case when a texas man found an animal native to australia on his front porch. the wallaby.
11:57 pm
he contacted police who called animal control. it is not only a wallaby but it is a wallaby named wally who belongs to a family in the neighborhood. their fence was ripped open. the animal control was happy to locate the owner. no laws were broken. >> as far as we know we don't have anything in the city ordnance that says you can't have one. >> one of the animal control officers says he learned how to rescue the wallaby from watching animal planet. wally is now back home with the family safe and sound. right now we want to go out to a live picture for you from oakland where the s.c.i.u. one of the striking unions in oakland is about to come out at midnight. you see the podium set up. they are supposed to announce whether there will be a strike
11:58 pm
tomorrow. all indications are there will be a strike tomorrow. no talks have taken place. different planets is the way one bart spokeswoman put it. thanks for watching the nbc bay area news. we'll let you know about that bart strike as soon as we know. see you then. ♪
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